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!TLANTA - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity


14 x 2 = 28352 - 1 = 3511. 60,000 families live in substandard housing in the cityof Atlanta. One-sixth are affected by affordability issues.How many families are potential Atlanta Habitat homebuyercandidates?10,000. Providing the opportunity for affordablehomeownership – a chance at the AmericanDream – to Atlanta’s low-income families iswhat Atlanta Habitat is all about.14 x 2 = 28212 - 1 =2. Five years ago, a parcel of land in the city of Atlantacost $3,000. Since then, the price has increased fivefold.How much does it cost to buy a city lot today?$15,000. And sometimes more. Atlanta Habitatcompetes in the open market with for-profitdevelopers when it comes to land acquisition,which makes land donations or reducedsales prices ever more critical to the organization’sfuture.52 - 1 = 513. Atlanta Habitat’s goal is to build 50 houses each year. Each houseis built in seven volunteer workdays, with 35 volunteers on siteeach day. How many volunteers will Atlanta Habitat engage inconstruction programs this year?12,250. Atlanta Habitat succeeds because of itsdedicated volunteers, many of whom come to supportour program through House Sponsor organizations.You can help by encouraging your church, synagogue,employer or civic group to become involved.14 x 2 = 282x12=21

VocabularyWhat Is Another Word ForHOME?Pride: “Pride of ownership” can be anempowering motivation. Suddenly the dailygrind of earning a living is transformedinto purposeful steps towards success anda tremendous feeling of accomplishment.Simply being able to say ‘our home’ ratherthan ‘where we live’ can alter a family’sentire perspective about themselves andabout the future.Responsibility: It feels good when yourhard work has gotten you somewhere. Ourfamilies have a record of steady income andgood credit. And they contribute 250 hoursof sweat equity building their own housesand others. For them, homeownership isa responsibility they gladly embrace.Security: Atlanta Habitat’s homeownereducation programs help our families findfinancial security by teaching them vitalsavings and budget strategies. By puttingthese lessons to work, along with sweatequity, real estate appreciation and therepayment of their mortgages, families buildup long-term security while they enjoy theeveryday benefits of homeownership.2

Creative WritingWrite AboutWHOM YOUADMIRE MOSTI admire my sister, Shareese, because shehas made a big difference in my life. She hasshown me that hard work and determinationcan bring on good things.Three years ago, Shareese did somethingthat I know wasn’t easy. She became an AtlantaHabitat homeowner. You have to meet certaincriteria for Atlanta Habitat and actually helpbuild the house. She put in a lot of sweatequity to provide a better place for us to live.She did it for our family, which includesmy sister Shareese and her kids, Chantell andDemarcus, and me. Shareese adopted mewhen I was 12 years old; she was only 24.People might have thought she was too young,or that she already had her hands full as asingle mom with two young kids, but she wasdetermined to succeed and that made a realimpression on me. I saw first hand that if youreally want something and work for it, you canget it. Being together as a family is really great.But, in the beginning, we shared a smalltwo-bedroom apartment in a bad neighborhood.Because of my surroundings, I hada hard time in school. I cut classes and mygrades suffered. Things changed, though,when Shareese qualified for Atlanta Habitat.We moved to a new neighborhood. I hadmy own room. Almost immediately, I felt apositive improvement in my life. I joined thefootball team at my new school. I made newfriends. I even got an A in English. Shareeseteased me and said it was a miracle, but shealso said she was really proud of me.I just graduated from high school and I haveplans to go to college this fall. If someone hadtold me that a few years ago, I might not havebelieved them. I’ll miss our house and ourneighborhood and, most of all, I’ll miss mysister. But I want to show her that she’s taughtme a lot and that she’s set a great example.I admire her for all that she’s done to makesure that I am set up to have a bright future.Shareese and Jesse, her brother, along withher children, Chantell and Demarcus, movedinto their Atlanta Habitat home in August 2002.3

ArtESIGN AN ATLANTAABITAT HOME(Use The New Architectural Standards)With every Atlanta Habitat home we build, werestore a family’s confidence and a neighborhood’svacant lots. Weed-choked, abandonedproperties turn into tidy lawns borderingfreshly painted houses, bringing new vitalityto sometimes weary communities.You would think we would be content.But we continue to expand our homedesign portfolio, adding interesting rooflinesand ornamental details that add character andindividuality. We also want our homes toblend well with other homes in the neighborhood.This new architectural programearned us recognition for Superior Designin 2004 from the Georgia Department ofCommunity Affairs.4

Scienceabel TheARTHCRAFTATERIALSTree-saving construction. Increased insulation.Recycled materials. Properly sealed ductworkplus efficient appliances to conserve energy.These are just some of the standards of anEarthCraft House, a program founded in1999. Atlanta Habitat is the first non-profitbuilder to make an all-out commitmentto this green initiative. Beginning in 2004,every one of our new homes was builtto the program’s certification standards,maximizing resources and minimizingwaste. The bottom line is healthier, morecomfortable homes with reduced utilitybills and building practices that protectour environment. It is a proverbial win-winsituation for homebuyers, Atlanta Habitatand the community.5

A LETTER FROM THECHAIR ANDPRESIDENTATLANTA HABITAT FOR HUMANITYFinancial HighlightsSummary of Operations 2004SOURCES OF CASHDonations $ 776,500House Sponsors-Corporate $ 1,827,000House Sponsors-Faith Based/Civic $ 797,500Foundations & Other Grants $ 648,500Special Events/Merchandise $ 33,000Homeowner Mortgage & Escrow Payments $ 1,836,000Homeowner Loan Payoffs $ 94,000ReStore Net Income $ 67,000Net Proceeds from Notes Payable $ 0Other $ 91,500Total Cash Receipts $ 6,171,000EXPENDITURESConstruction Program $ 3,124,500Property Acquisition $ 1,089,000Program Services $ 631,000Administrative Services $ 503,000Development/Communications $ 371,000Net Repayments of Notes Payable $ 0Total Expenditures $ 5,718,500Increase in Operating Cash $ 452,5006These financials are prepared on a cash basis.Financial information is unaudited. Audited financials are availableby calling (404) 223-5180, ext. 128.

Homework. The very word conjures up the subjects illustrated in this annual report, which correlate readily to theactivities of Atlanta Habitat. We work to assist Atlanta’s low-income families in building beautiful and efficienthomes while instilling the pride of homeownership and improving the neighborhoods where they live.Atlanta Habitat for Humanity continues to do its homework, with many behind-the-scenes tasks happeningevery day. Yes, we are a construction company. But did you know that we are also a mortgage banker, an educator,the operator of a retail store, a real estate acquisition group, and an advocate for better housing?Over 100 House Sponsor groups from the corporate, civic and faith communities provided $2.6 millionin funding and nearly 100,000 hours of volunteer labor to build 45 new houses and renovate seven Habitat IIhomes in 2004. True to our mission, 46% of these homes were built in partnership with congregations frommetro Atlanta’s churches, mosques and synagogues.Creative partnerships characterize these efforts. For example, six of last year’s new homes were builtthrough a unique partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Pittsburgh Community ImprovementAssociation. The Casey Foundation challenged Atlanta Habitat to secure gifts totaling $220,000 to augmentits commitment of $200,000.In 2004, we focused on enhancements to house design and construction and expanded our homebuyeroutreach strategy and education programs.Our efforts to build quality homes that are attractive as well as affordable were recognized by specialawards. We received a Special Achievement Award for Superior Design from the Georgia Department ofCommunity Affairs. And, Southface honored Atlanta Habitat with its Nonprofit Builder of the Year Award forour commitment to EarthCraft certification and our leadership in the green building community.Outreach to potential homebuyer applicants was significantly expanded in 2004 through a grantearmarked to reach Atlanta’s growing Hispanic population. Eleven percent of last year’s homebuyerscame from the Hispanic community, deeming this outreach initiative a huge success. Atlanta Habitat hasalso established strong relationships with the Latin American Association, the Hispanic Health Coalitionof Georgia and the Consumer Credit Counseling Service, which will serve us well as we continue to spreadthe word about homeownership opportunities.Atlanta Habitat is unique among Habitat affiliates nationwide in requiring all new homebuyer families toparticipate in a year-long education program. During their first year, homebuyers must attend monthly workshopson topics such as budgeting and financial planning, home maintenance and repair, and civic involvement.Two recently created partnerships are allowing Atlanta Habitat to better serve our homebuyer families.Money Smart, an FDIC financial education program for adults, is now offered to all of our homeowners throughthe DeKalb County Extension Service. Additionally, King & Spalding LLP offers pro bono estate planning servicesto all Atlanta Habitat homeowners to assist them in preparing for their families’ futures.If you ever wondered how our homebuyer families feel about our organization, we have some excitingnews to share. In a survey of families spanning all of Atlanta Habitat’s homebuilding, 92% reported a positiveeffect on their overall quality of life, 98% had a positive experience building their home, and 99% have or wouldrecommend Atlanta Habitat to other prospective homebuyers. These statistics motivate us to continue doingour homework, and we hope they inspire you, too.We at Atlanta Habitat continue to be grateful to the caring spirit of our donors, sponsors, and volunteersfor supporting responsible, working families and, in turn, strengthening the fabric of our community. Thank you.Linda Arnold ParrishChair, Board of DirectorsLarrie D. MartinPresident and Executive Director7

Acquisition of buildable land is key toHabitat’s future. Researching neighborhoodsand communicating with ownersto solicit property donations or negotiatelot purchases is an ongoing activity Donnaundertakes with a great, go-getter attitude.Donna RisteenReal Estate ManagerHouseleaders, like our very talentedJason, are the on-site coordinatorswho oversee the delivery of materials,monitor subcontractors and takeresponsibility for organizing sponsorgroups, volunteers and homeownersinto successful teams.Jason OwensHouseleaderThe most obvious aspect of Atlanta Habitat’s work is homebuilding. But there aremany lesser-known pieces necessary to continue building with and for Atlanta’slow-income working families. These areas are highlighted here, along with profilesof some of Atlanta Habitat’s dedicated staff members. Their hard work, combinedwith that of hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, donors, and community leaders,will ensure Atlanta Habitat’s success for many years to come.Atlanta Habitat for HumanityCLASSMATESKeeping track of hundreds of homeowneraccounts is no small task, but Taliah takes iton with a big smile. She regularly counselshomeowners on budgeting and financialplanning and processes dozens of homemaintenance requests … all with a helpfuland friendly manner.8Taliah ReedHomeowner Financial Assistant

The development coordinator keeps thedonor database accurate and up-to-date,while also overseeing the myriad activitiesrelated to individual giving programsincluding direct mail, major gifts andplanned giving. Melissa is central to thedevelopment team’s success.Melissa BowmanDevelopment CoordinatorBefore we hammer in one nail, Jeff hasspent numerous hours arranging andpermitting pre-construction activity.Government approvals must be securedon all site plan drawings and documentsbefore he says, “It’s good to go.”Jeff ErwinSite Development ManagerFinding the right homeowner applicantsand fostering good neighborhood relationstakes a proactive approach. Geneva is thatquiet, but effective force who continuallyreaches out to the community and identifiesqualified families.Geneva Hall-SheltonHomeowner Outreach CoordinatorOur ReStore division generates revenue tosupport construction and homebuyer programsby selling new and nearly new donatedbuilding materials and home improvementsupplies. 2004 marked the ReStore’s thirdyear of profitability, thanks in no small part toJoe, a dedicated jack-of-all-trades.Joe SchaitbergerReStore Manager9

2004 CONTRIBUTORSAtlanta Habitat gratefully acknowledges the many individuals and organizations whose contributionssupport homebuyer outreach and education, land acquisition, site development, home construction andoperational expenses.HOUSE SPONSORSThe following organizations builtone or more houses:All Saints Catholic ChurchAtlanta Board of REALTORS ®BellSouth – ABILITY HouseCascade United Methodist ChurchCathedral of Christ the KingDunwoody United MethodistChurchGE Consumer FinanceGE EnergyGeorgia-Pacific CorporationThe Home Depot (2)Clark HowardRev. Nancy F. Noblin FoundationMarist Women BuildMcKenna Long & Aldridge LLPPeachtree Presbyterian Church (2)Peachtree Road United MethodistChurchUnion PrivilegeWachoviaThe following organizationspartnered together to build houses:The Atlanta Masjid of Al-IslamBuckhead Community FellowshipCentral Presbyterian ChurchChurch of the EpiphanyHillside Presbyterian ChurchOakhurst Baptist ChurchRadcliffe Presbyterian ChurchThe TempleTemple SinaiUnitarian Universalist CongregationCascade United Methodist ChurchGlenn Memorial United MethodistChurchBig Bethel AME ChurchCathedral of St. PhilipDodd-Sterling United MethodistChurchSt. Luke’s Presbyterian ChurchPricewaterhouseCoopersSunTrust Bank, AtlantaHoosier Memorial UnitedMethodist ChurchPeachtree Road United MethodistChurchAGL ResourcesEquifaxCovenant Presbyterian ChurchMt. Zion United Methodist ChurchOglethorpe Presbyterian ChurchSt. James United Methodist ChurchWelcome All Baptist ChurchWest Mitchell CME ChurchThe Coca-Cola Company –Legal DivisionKing & Spalding LLPDeloitteSAP AmericaCitigroup FoundationHavertys Furniture CompaniesSmithBarneyAtlanta Legal Aid SocietyBoston Consulting GroupDrew Eckl & Farnham LLPHartman, Simons,Spielman & Wood, LLPLathem TimeNelson MullinsRiley & Scarborough LLPOgletree, Deakins, Nash,Smoak & Stewart, P.C.Weissman, Nowack,Curry & Wilco P.C.The Dial CorporationPublix SupermarketsFirst Christian Church of AtlantaFirst Presbyterian ChurchMt. Moriah MissionaryBaptist Church – TuckerOur Lady of Lourdes CatholicChurchSacred Heart Catholic ChurchEmmanuel Lutheran ChurchFirst Congregational ChurchThe Genesis CommunityCongregationLutheran Church of the RedeemerSt. Mark United Methodist ChurchEmory University – Habitat CampusChapterThe Mead Family FoundationWieuca Road Baptist ChurchAhavath Achim SynagogueAll Saints Christ’s Church UnitedAtlanta Union Mission –Carpenter’s HouseCollins Memorial United MethodistChurchGreater Springfield Baptist ChurchMarcus Jewish Community Centerof AtlantaNorthside Drive Baptist ChurchSt. Anne’s Episcopal ChurchTrinity Presbyterian ChurchThe Lovett SchoolMarist SchoolPace AcademySt. Pius X Catholic High SchoolThe Westminster SchoolsAmerican International Group, Inc.Atlanta Industry Liaison GroupFord & Harrison, LLPHRworksAlcoaArchstone-SmithFamily Law Section of the AtlantaBar AssociationFirst Franklin Financial Corp.Regency CentersThe Annie E. Casey FoundationCisco SystemsS1 CorporationWorthwhile MagazineNationwideSouthwest Atlanta Real EstateFocus GroupWells Fargo Housing FoundationThe following organizationssponsored Habitat II projects:Buckhead Rotary ClubMidtown Rotary ClubGRANTSThe following foundations andorganizations provided supportthrough grants:$100,000 AND ABOVECity of Atlanta/U.S. Department ofHousing and Urban DevelopmentFederal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta$25,000 TO $99,999The Forrest C. LattnerFoundation, Inc.John and Mary FranklinFoundation, Inc.$10,000 TO $24,999Atlanta FoundationThe Dobbs FundThe Philip and Irene Toll GageFoundationImlay Foundation, Inc.Richard C. Munroe FoundationThe David, Helen, and MarianWoodward Fund10

$1,000 TO $9,999Warrick Dunn FoundationEDM Schachner Foundation, Inc.Frances Hollis Brain FoundationThe Weber Family FoundationFOUNDATION 1000The following individuals andorganizations provided unrestrictedgifts of $1,000 or more:$10,000 AND ABOVEMartha N. CaldwellThe Edward Colston Foundation, Inc.Edwina Faulk CoxCatherine Faulk DornH. Les FaulkJohn Hughey FaulkJan Faulk RogersJoen FaganNorman and Adrienne FindleyThe Hammill Family FoundationLewis and Faye MandersonCharlotte Montague andTom ShieldsMr. and Mrs. William Vogel$5,000 TO $9,999Atlanta CapitalManagement Co., LLCDan and Virginia Boone, IIIJohn and Susan BurchThe Eugene and Martha CaldwellFoundationHoly Spirit Catholic ChurchIowa Annual Conference of theUnited Methodist ChurchKey Professional Media, Inc.Marstrand Foundation$2,500 TO $4,999Gaby and Genevieve AjramAnonymous (1)Dave and Tammy ArtoskyDecatur Presbyterian ChurchDavid and Catherine DixonThe Robert S. Elster FoundationGeorgia Association of Family,Career & Community Leadersof AmericaCathy Harper and Phillip BradleyJ & T Management, Inc./Environmentally Beneficial Corp.McMaster-Carr Supply CompanyNational Air Traffic ControllersAssociation Charitable FoundationRandy PirklePaul B. and Mildred SeydelFoundation, Inc.The Weber Family FoundationWeissman, Nowack, Curry andWilco, P.C.Sue and John WielandDavid Wilson andMelody Wilder Wilson$1,000 TO $2,499Brian and Lauren AdamsAGL, Inc.Joan and Frank AlexanderAnonymous (1)Alan and Susan ArnoldAT&TGlenn and Sherri AustinRhea BarrettJane C. BarwickEllen and Duncan BeardBrad and Mary BentonMary and Terrell BentonJames and Christine BirdJudith BodnerDanny BranchBuffington Family FoundationDianne and Ken CannestraDena and Michael CastellonMarguerite M. CatoJohn R. ClevelandCecil and Amy ConleeJames and Celest DallasMr. and Mrs. F. Tread Davis, Jr.John and Maria DoukasFoundation, Inc.Duluth High School Habitat forHumanityBill and Eve EarnestDurward FincherPatrick FlemingFlohr Family FoundationMichael and Pamela GilesKatherine and Michael GillinJacquelyn L. GoodmanThe Graves FoundationRichard and Debbie GriffithsHedgewood PropertiesHarvey and Alice HensonMichael and Nancy HensonWilliam HippThe Hollingsworth Family FundNancy and David HudakDonna and James HulingDrs. Donald and Sandra JewellJewish Federation ofGreater AtlantaMr. and Mrs. Charles A. JohnsonRobert and Rebecca KennedyThe Kibler FoundationMarianna and M. Todd KingVera M. KouderKurt Salmon AssociatesMartha M. LangThomas H. Lanier FoundationWilliam and Eleanor LawrenceThe Ledlie GroupScott and Emilie LongDan and Deborah MaddoxDan and Joann MaddoxJere and Jane MartinBob and Joan MathewsJohn and Lee McCollThomas McGowan andMalinda TeelMatthew and Laura McKennaThomas McMahonBill and Marnie McMurryMcNeight Family FoundationLynn and Alan MerrillMoon Bros., Inc.Chris and Jill MooreRichard G. Murphy TrustAnna M. NagyNehemiah Corporation of AmericaMr. and Mrs. Mark A. NormanBo and Kirsta OglesbySteve and Lee OlsenDaniel and Nancy O’NeillLinda and Trey ParrishSolon and Marianna PattersonDan and Joan PattilloPeachtree RoadUnited Methodist ChurchBill and Brooke PendletonJeffrey N. PennellMelanie PlattPolysius CorporationDon and Karen RamonBarbara and Ron ReidRobert and Laura RosenKevin and Joan SalwenSawHorse, Inc.Virginia SchwatelRichard and Anne SchweitzerThe Seattle FoundationJack and Trisha SenterfittBill and Carolyn SilzleS.J. Matrangos Construction, Inc.Michael and Michelle SobelDante StephensenMr. and Mrs. Alex R. Stickney, Jr.Raymond and Theresa StuermerTaylor & Mathis, Inc.Christine ThompsonMarilyn ThompsonBob and Nancy TrustyBill TylerMarnie WalskiRonald and Lavone WichmanVirginia Wohlford11

Elizabeth WolfGregory WorthyGIFTS-IN-KINDThe following organizationsprovided gifts-in-kind valuedat $1,000 or more:Alcan Aluminum Corp-AlcanCable DivisionCalla Cove Nursery Co., Inc.The Coca-Cola CompanyConklin Metal IndustriesCorporate Reports Inc.Dagasa Fixtures & Displays, Inc.The Dow Chemical CompanyEaton Electrical Inc.Hunter Douglas, Inc.OSI SealantsPelosi & ChambersPit StopSmithville Industries, Inc.Super-SodValspar CorporationWhirpool CorporationWilliams Printing CompanyYale Residential Security ProductsRESTOREThe following individuals andorganizations made productdonations to the ReStore valuedat $1,000 or more:Accessories Worldwide Ltd.Ace HardwareAirgas SafetyAtlantic Investment CompanyBlack & DeckerEd BoydBuffalo Tool CompanyColonial Lighting SupplyDrexel HeritageE.A. LangenfeldEuropean American RealtyCompanyHomeBanc Mortgage CorporationThe Home DepotIlluminationsJohn Wieland Homes &NeighborhoodsE. Sam JonesLowe’sMillennium Lighting CompanyPioneer Lighting, Inc.Plumbing Distributors, Inc.Edgar ReevesStock Building SupplySunbelt Marketing Inc.Toto USA, Inc.Villa SonomaWaterford HomesYale Residential Security ProductsMATCHING GIFT/EMPLOYEE GIVINGPROGRAMSThe following organizations matchemployees’ gifts and/or administeremployee giving programs:Aetna FoundationAllstateAltria Group, Inc.American ExpressAmerican Security GroupArthur M. Blank Family FoundationAT&TBank of AmericaBellSouthBP FoundationThe Chase Manhattan FoundationChoicePoint Inc.The Chubb CorporationCingular WirelessCitigroup FoundationClorox Combined FoundationThe Club of Hearts, Inc.The Coca-Cola FoundationCommunity Health Charities ofCaliforniaComputer Sciences CorporationWorkplace CampaignEquifaxExxon Mobil FoundationFannie Mae FoundationFederal Home Loan Bank of AtlantaCharitable TrustFleet Boston Financial FoundationGAP FoundationGE FoundationGeorgia-PacificGlaxoSmithKlineGoldman Sachs CompanyThe Home DepotHP Employee Charitable GivingProgramIBM CorporationIllinois Tool WorksING FoundationInstitute of Paper Science andTechnologyIntercontinental Hotels GroupKimberly-Clark FoundationKPMG Involve CommunityCampaignLouisiana-Pacific CorporationLubrizol FoundationMcCormick & Company, Inc.MDC HomesMerck Partnership for GivingMetlife FoundationMetropolitan Atlanta CombinedFederal CampaignMicrosoftMorgan Stanley Annual AppealNordson CorporationOracle Matching GiftsPrudential FoundationRLI InsuranceRockdale FoundationRussell Corporation Matching GiftsSafeco InsuranceSAP Matching Gifts ProgramSiemensStarbucks Coffee CompanyStevens Graphics, Inc.SunTrust Bank One Pledge Plan, Inc.Tenet Healthcare FoundationUnilever Bestfoods North AmericaUnited TechnologiesVerizon FoundationWachoviaWellpoint Associate GivingWells FargoYahoo!FIRM FOUNDATIONSThe following individualshave named Atlanta Habitatfor Humanity as a beneficiaryin their estate plans:Jeanette AllenAnonymous (2)Hattie P. CarrollSharon ColemanRobert and Iris EskewLewis and Faye MandersonRev. Nancy NoblinDr. Waltraut J.H. SteinVirginia WohlfordAtlanta Habitat for Humanitywas recipient of a bequestfrom the following:The Estate of Hattie P. CarrollDRIVE IT HOMEGOLF CHALLENGEThe following organizationssupported Atlanta Habitat’sannual fundraising event:Alston & Bird LLPCallaway PartnersCarterFederal Home Loan Bank of AtlantaGeorgia-PacificKaiser PermanenteWorthwhile Magazine12

2004 BOARD OFDIRECTORSAlan Arnold, SecretaryDelta Air Lines, Inc.Mary T. BentonAlston & Bird LLPDaniel W. Boone, III, CFAAtlanta Capital ManagementPhillip A. Bradley, General CounselMcKenna Long & Aldridge, LLPDanny BranchAtlanta FalconsAdrienne FindleyCommunity VolunteerMary N. LongCommunity VolunteerDan Maddox, Jr., Chair-ElectGeorgia-Pacific CorporationArt McClungGeorgia PowerJohn S. McCollCousins Properties, Inc.Thomas J. McMahonKaiser Permanente GeorgiaLinda A. Parrish, ChairKing & Spalding LLPDaniel B. Pattillo, Jr., TreasurerJohn W. Rooker andAssociates, Inc.Melanie PlattAGL ResourcesDonald R. RamonHomeBanc Mortgage CorporationKevin SalwenWorthwhile MagazineRuby SwannHomeBanc Mortgage CorporationSue WielandCommunity VolunteerGregory WorthyPowell Goldstein Frazer &Murphy LLP2004 ADVISORY COUNCILSaleemah AbdulghafurHands On AtlantaFrank AlexanderEmory University School of LawTom ChapelCenters for Disease ControlH. James DallasGeorgia-Pacific CorporationWilliam M. (Bill) EarnestCommunity VolunteerKathy HarberSouthern CompanyDarryl HicksAGL ResourcesCarol JacksonCommunity VolunteerKatharine KelleyGreen Street PropertiesCharlie KingKing Industrial RealtyCharlie McDonaldCrisis Management InternationalBarbara Reid, ChairCommunity VolunteerJames O. Rodgers, ChairJ.O. Rodgers & Associates, Inc.Alexis ScottAtlanta Daily WorldJim SibleyThe Westminster Group, Inc.Polly SimpsonCommunity VolunteerSteve SmithTurner Broadcasting System, Inc.J. Ron TerwilligerTrammell-Crow ResidentialDonna C. WilliamsLive Urban Marketing2005 STAFFLarrie Del MartinPresident & Executive DirectorZoe FlowersReceptionistChris MartinProject ConsultantJudy ParkExecutive AdministratorCONSTRUCTIONRay MaynardConstruction DirectorGloria AlamaresHouseleaderJ. D. BlackstoneAssistant Construction DirectorDenise ChildsHouseleader II & Skilled SupervisorCoordinatorSamuel ColeHouseleaderJeff ErwinSite Development Manager“Jack” JacksonAssistant Warehouse ManagerJake MyersHouseleaderJason OwensHouseleader IISteve PiperSenior HouseleaderJason SchaferAssistant Site DevelopmentManagerAngela SealsHouseleader IIValarie SmithHouseleaderWesley VaughnWarehouse ManagerDale WallaceHouseleaderBryan WigginsHouseleaderDEVELOPMENTAmy MacklinDirector of Development &CommunicationsMelissa BowmanDevelopment CoordinatorJustine BrantleyCommunications CoordinatorJill RedmanSponsorship ManagerTiffany ScaparottiVolunteer & Special Events ManagerFINANCEJohn SeymourDirector of Finance & AdministrationJennifer ChisholmHomeowner Financial ServicesManagerNary DamBusiness ManagerSheer FieldsAssistant Business ManagerWanda TimmAccounting ConsultantTaliah ReedHomeowner Financial ServicesCounselorFAMILY SERVICESSteven JenkinsHomeowner Selection ManagerGeneva Hall-SheltonHomeowner Outreach CoordinatorLEGALJane C. BarwickIn-House CounselSabrina ScottParalegalREAL ESTATEJudi BoardmanProperty Tax ConsultantTommy BranchReal Estate ConsultantSarah LewisReal Estate VISTADonna RisteenReal Estate ManagerDenise RogersCommunity LiaisonRESTOREJoe SchaitbergerReStore ManagerJimmy CraddockAssistant ReStore Manager13

Approximately 85 cents of every dollar contributed goesdirectly into home construction and homeowner programsand services.SPONSOR A HOMEYou can be the sole sponsor of a home – providing all the funds and volunteer labor –or you can share the sponsorship with another organization. A group of mothersjoined together to build a home. Interfaith partnerships, student groups and teamsof professionals from many different businesses and service organizations haveall committed to sponsor home builds. Sponsorship opportunities vary, withfinancial commitments beginning at $5,000 and volunteer groups as small as 20.BECOME A DONOR$1,000 will buy siding to completely cover a house.$500 will buy the shingles for an entire roof.$250 will buy the 2”x4” studs to frame a new house.$50 will buy enough nails for a whole house.VOLUNTEERUse your talents for a good cause. Atlanta Habitat needs help with specialevents, house construction, administrative tasks, stocking shelves in ourReStore, and much more.MAKE AN IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONBy providing items, merchandise or services – from lumber to legal pads tolunch – you can keep Atlanta Habitat running smoothly.BUILD A LASTING LEGACYWhen you remember Atlanta Habitat in your will, you leave a lasting reminderof your commitment to Atlanta’s future.o YourOMEWORKCall 404-223-5180, ext. 128Fax 404-223-5103E-mail amy.macklin@atlantahabitat.orgClick www.atlantahabitat.orgWrite 519 Memorial Drive, SE Atlanta, Georgia 30312-2218Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandardhousing and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Atlanta Habitathas an open-door policy: all who desire to be a part of this work are welcome, regardless of religion, race,sex, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, marital status, age or veteran status as protectedby law. This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, financial supporters and homebuyer applicants.Designed and produced by Corporate Reports Inc./Atlanta www.corporatereport.comPhotography by Flip Chalfant www.flipchalfant.comPaper provided by Sappi Fine Paper and UnisourcePrinting by Williams Printing, an RR Donnelly Company

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