2013 north queensland festival of one-act plays - Townsville City ...


2013 north queensland festival of one-act plays - Townsville City ...


2013 NORTH QUEENSLAND FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYSFESTIVAL DATESSaturday 4 May to Sunday 5 May, 2013IMPORTANT DATES Applications Close Friday 22 March, 2013 Copy of Script due Friday 22 March, 2013 Entry Fee Friday 22 March, 2013 Technical Requirements due Friday 5 April, 2013 Cast details & Synopsis due Friday 5 April, 2013FESTIVAL ADMINISTRATIONEmail Festival AdministrationEmail Technical Co-ordinatorfooap@townsville.qld.gov.autechnical@townsville.qld.gov.auPhone 07 4727 9013Fax 07 4727 9066Mailing AddressVENUETownsville Civic TheatreAWARDSTownsville Civic TheatrePO BOX 5181TOWNSVILLE QLD 481041 Boundary StreetSOUTH TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810BEST PERFORMANCE BY A MALE ACTOR Open SectionBEST PERFORMANCE BY A FEMALE ACTOR Open SectionBEST PERFORMANCE BY A MALE ACTOR Junior SectionBEST PERFORMANCE BY A FEMALE ACTOR Junior SectionBEST PRODUCTION Open SectionBEST PRODUCTION Open Section second placeBEST PRODUCTION Open Section third placeBEST PRODUCTION Junior SectionBEST PRODUCTION Junior Section second placeBEST PRODUCTION Junior Section third placeBEST DIRECTOR Open SectionBEST DIRECTOR Junior SectionBEST UNPUBLISHED PLAYBEST CREW [to be made on the judgement of the Townsville Civic Theatre’s technical team]ADJUDICATOR’S AWARDTHE STAN NEWMAN MEMORIAL BURSARY Presented by Friends of the TheatreKAREN VANE MEMORIAL BURSARY Presented to a Pimlico SHS Student by Friends of the TheatreBEST 10 MINUTE PRODUCTION

2013 NORTH QUEENSLAND FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYSRULES AND CONDITIONSVENUE:Townsville Civic TheatreDATES: Saturday 4 May to Sunday 5 May, 2013AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTo foster interest, innovation and excellence in theatre in the region.ELIGIBILITYOpen to all amateur theatre groups, secondary schools, youth theatre groups, drama studios and other organisationswith an interest in theatre on condition that the performers from these organisations receive no payment for theirparticipation in the production being performed.SECTIONSJUNIOR SECTION 18 years and under as at time of performanceOPEN SECTION All other entrants10 MINUTE PLAY All entrantsNumbers of groups allowed in each section may be limited.ADJUDICATIONThe Festival will be competitive although groups are encouraged to view the Festival primarily as an exchange ofideas, skills and friendship between people with a common interest in theatre.TO PARTICIPATE1. The competition is for one-act plays and any theatre piece other than excerpts, published or unpublished. Allgroups must submit a full script.2. Plays must have at least two individual on-stage characters.3. The Festival reserves the right to reject or disqualify any play.4. While every endeavour will be made to schedule performances in accordance with any requests received for apreferred or non-preferred session, this may not always be possible in the interests of balanced programmingor because of other factors.5. The Townsville Civic Theatre’s Staff and Technical crew will be in complete charge of all facilities.6. The decision of the Adjudicator is final.DUPLICATIONIf two groups nominate the same play, both groups will be informed that there are two entries and that each can chooseto either continue with their nominated play or choose a second piece.LICENCES AND COPYRIGHTGroups are required to submit with the Technical Requirement Form a copy of the appropriate licences or at leastproof that application has been sought. Companies are also responsible for paying applicable royalties.

TIME LIMITPerformance times are -OPEN SECTION Not less than 20 minutes and no more than 45 minutes.JUNIOR SECTION- Not less than 15 minutes and no more than 45 minutes.Time allowed for – SET-UP - 7 minutes maximumSTRIKE - 3 minutes maximumEach company will be expected to observe these time limits and, further, abide by their nominated running time.PENALITIES WILL BE APPLICABLE FOR TIME BREACHESFINANCIALEntry Fee:$66.00 (inclusive of GST)Companies must pay their own travelling expenses.TECHNICAL RULES – STAGING AND PROPSPROPS AND SCENERYOnly properties, simple furniture and scenery that can pass easily through the Townsville Civic Theatre dock doorwill be permitted. (This door is just under 2 metres high and 3 metres wide)Hanging of simple properties that form an integral part of the performance is at the sole discretion of the TownsvilleCivic Theatre Technical Manager. Full details of any proposed hanging must be submitted on the attached form andreceived on or before Friday 5 April 2013, and written approval will be given by Friday 19 April 2013.Scenery that would normally be self-standing ie: doorways, walls etc will not be given permission to be hung.Naked flames, large amounts of liquids, confetti, glitter, streamers and flour are not permitted to be used.Due to the nature of the Festival, any hung scenery will not be flown in or out during the performance. It isonly permissible for hung scenery to stay stationary.2 x General power outlets for properties (e.g. desk lamp) will be provided US/P & US/OPAny electrical items brought into Townsville Civic Theatre must have a current safety test tag.Remember there are time constraints so keep your ideas simple.If required, some bulky properties such as double bed, dinning suite etc may be supplied by the Townsville CivicTheatre. Any such requests should be made to Technical Services by Friday 5 April, 2013; confirmation ofavailability of such properties will be confirmed in writing by Friday 19 April, 2013.STAGE DIMENSIONSThere is one stage size as follows.10 metres wide by 6 metres deep.All measurements for depth of stage are taken from the setting line. There is an additional 1.8 metre of stage infront of the setting line.

A stage plan is provided, with 1 metre gridlines, to assist you in assessing your staging requirements.This grid will enable you to block your action in relation to your proposed staging requirements prior to theperformance dayIf you require further information/explanation or there is something missing from the kit, please do not hesitate tocontact Technical Services.LIGHTINGTwo washes of stage colour available for both sizes of stages.1.Cool2.WarmNo more than two (2) SPECIALS (spots, gobos, coloured areas or pools of light, floor lights or dimmed lightingfixtures) will be permitted. Details of any special lighting requirements must be submitted by Friday 5 April, 2013.Followspots are not permitted.Any electrical items brought into Townsville Civic Theatre must have a current safety test tag.Participants are recommended to keep lighting requests to a minimum as the lack of theatre rehearsal time maydisadvantage performances with high technical requirements.SOUNDA basic sound system is available and will consist of the following.Vocal MicCD PlayerMini-Disc PlayerIt will be positioned on the prompt side of stage and a representative of the performing company will be required tooperate the sound system.Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Technical Services by email at technical@townsville.qld.gov.au or byphone 4727 9605 or fax 4727 9065.TECH TIMESEach entry is entitled to 15 minutes production time that will be allocated prior to your session. This is not a rehearsal,it is the time when technical requirements and instructions are discussed with the Theatre's technical team. It ismandatory that at least one technical / backstage representative be present.This time is allocated for -Plotting of lightingTesting of sound effectsSetting up, marking and striking setHanging scenery

2013 NORTH QUEENSLAND FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYSAPPLICATION FORMOpen Section Junior Section 10 Minute Play GROUP NAMEPOSTAL ADDRESS_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________P/Code __________CONTACT PERSONPHONEMOBILEEMAILTITLE OF PLAYPLAYWRIGHTPUBLISHER______________________________________________(H) _______________________(WK) __________________________________________FAX_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Is this an unpublished play? YES NO If so, Address of Playwright or Name and Address of Agent_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________P/Code_______Is this a Play-build or group created play? YES NO Type of Play (Drama/Comedy/Melodrama etc)____________________________Does the Play contain Adult Themes and/or strong language YES NO DurationPlease state accurately the times for -To set-up (7 minutes maximum) ____To perform (45 minutes maximum) ____To strike (3 minutes maximum) ____Total Duration____

Company DetailsNumber of performers FemalesMalesNumber of Crew (excluding Director)Name of DirectorAge of Director if under 18_____________________________________________________________________________________Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________P/Code_________________Phone(h) _____________________________ (wk) ___________________________Method of Payment – PLEASE ENCLOSE ENTRY FEE OF SIXTY SIX DOLLARS ($66) WITH EACH APPLICATIONEnclosed is my cheque made payable to the Townsville Civic TheatrePlease charge the following credit cardCard Type Visa MasterCard Expiry Date ___/___Name as specified on card______________________________________________________Signature Card Holder______________________________________________________Direct DepositThe entry fee of $66.00 can be paid by direct deposit but we request that a copy of thepayment slip be sent by facsimile to the Theatre. Bank details as follows –Townsville City CouncilCommonwealth BankFlinders Mall, TownsvilleBSB 064 817Account Number 000 038Send Applications toORTownsville Civic TheatrePO BOX 5181TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810fooap@townsville.qld.gov.auApplications Close Friday 22 March, 2013Please noteIf your entry is accepted you will be notified within ten days of the close of Applications. If the Festival is unable toaccommodate your Application your entry fee will be refunded otherwise your fee becomes non-refundable. A complete copy ofthe script must be received with your Application on or before Friday 22 March, 2013. Full cast details and synopsis are requiredon or before Friday 5 April, 2013. Technical requirements are also due on or before Friday 5 April, 2013.

2013 NORTH QUEENSLAND FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYSTECHNICAL FORMTITLE OF PLAYGROUP NAMEPOSTAL ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________P/Code__________CONTACT PERSONPHONEFAXEMAIL_____________________________________________(H)___________________(WK) ______________________________________ MOBILE _____________________________________________________________Lighting and Properties RequirementsStandard lighting areas D/S OP, D/S C, D/S PS. D/S OP, D/S PS.U/S OP, U/S C, U/S PS. U/S OP, U/S PS.The Theatre will have two standard washes rigged 1. Cool. 2. Warm. You are also allowed to have two specials/poolsof light. Please list your needs below; if the theatre technicians have any concerns they will contact you.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Theatre will assist where possible in procuring bulky properties such as double bed, dinning suites etc. Please listany such requirements below; the Theatre will confirm in writing._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please return to Technical ServicesPost to 2011 PO BOX 5181 TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810 or email technical@townsville.qld.gov.au orFax 4727 9066To be submitted on or before Friday 22 March, 2013.The Townsville Civic Theatre Technical Manager’s decision is final.

2013 NORTH QUEENSLAND FESTIVAL OF ONE-ACT PLAYSHANGING REQUIREMENTSTITLE OF PLAYGROUP NAMEPOSTAL ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________P/Code__________CONTACT PERSONPHONEFAXEMAIL_____________________________________________(H)___________________(WK) ______________________________________ MOBILE _____________________________________________________________Do you intend to hang any properties from the fly battens? Yes NoIf yes, please supply full details including materials used, construction, and method you intend to use to hang property.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If you have any extra-ordinary requests please list so that we can advise you of any perceived problems.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please return to Technical ServicesPost to PO BOX 5181 TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810 or emailtechnical@townsville.qld.gov.au or Fax 4727 9066To be submitted on or before Friday 5 April, 2013

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