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News2 the horizonWeek of Sept. 26, 2011New system to help students graduateBy JENNIFER HARRINGTONStaffjeharrin@umail.iu.eduIndiana University has developed a system whichis currently being tested in the First-Year Seminarclasses.The Fostering Learning, Achievement and Graduationearly alert system was developed to helpmake communication easier between instructorsand students.“It provides a way for faculty to give feedback tostudents and to refer them or suggest actions thatstudents can take to improve their performance inthe class,” Gilbert Atnip, vice chancellor of AcademicAffairs, said.The system’s ultimate goal is to help student retentionand graduation rates.“The idea behind the system is more communicationfrom faculty and students having a better ideaof if they’re having problems how we might addressthem, [which] will help students be more successful,”Atnip said.Students can access their feedback through Oncourseand find out how they are performing in theclass. There are also various options professors cancheck off instead of having to write an e-mail to students.The different information included within theFLAG system includes a student’s attendance forthe course, recommendations for improvement andthe referral to campus resources.“There’s a field for suggested actions,” Atnipsaid. “So, a faculty member recommends a studentshould go to the Writing Help Center — that’s oneof the things they could check.”Greg Roberts, academic adviser for the School ofArts and Letters, said the feedback received throughthe system allows for quick and intentional interventionwith those students who may need assistance.“The system with the participation from the facultywill allow us to intervene with students that areillnesses. Therefore allwater used for cookingand drinking must beboiled to decontaminatethe water.“About a year ago, Imet with the IU Southeastmaintenance staffto discuss recurringproblems they had torepair regularly,” Wolfesaid. “Some of the biggestproblems discussedwere sanitary sewerproblems at UniversityCenter North, South andthe northern housinglodges. I engaged IU engineersto look at each ofthese issues.”Shiel Sexton, theoriginal housing generalstruggling earlier and allow faculty and advisersto contact students with the resources available tothem on campus that might improve their grades,”Roberts said.While the system is not yet completely developed,other campuses are also slowly rolling out thesystem.“We haven’t really tried to push widespread usage,”Atnip said. “We thought it was better to try iton a small scale just to see kind of how it was working.”The FLAG system is expected to become fullycontractor, corrected thehousing sewer issue.However, a separatecontractor was broughtin to correct the remainingissues. All projectsand repair were completedduring summer2011.Maintenance at IUSoutheast also encounteredanother problemin spring 2010.“We noticed that flowdown the drains in UniversityCenter Southhad become slow andthat the floor drains inthe lower level mechanicalroom had startedto back up, so we ran acamera down the drainand found roots thathad gotten stuck,” Wolfeimplemented in fall 2012.IU Southeast is also awaiting feedback concerningany improvements that could be implementedto the system before having other professors use it.Although it is still uncertain what kind of impactthe FLAG system will have and how it will workfor the students and the instructors, Atnip said thesystem could be a useful utility for both groups.“I think it has a lot of potential to be a good, usefultool for faculty to communicate more frequentlyand maybe with more details with students thanthey do now,” Atnip said.said.Maintenance ran adrain clean-out snakeinto the pipe to pull outthe root.“What they pulledout was a large rootabout 10 feet in length,”Wolfe said.The camera from thesnake also showed thesanitary sewer pipe wasPhoto by Jennifer HarringtonLynn Slaughter, First-Year Seminar instructor, helps a student with their work during her Elementary Composition I class.Plumbingater main break during summer causes campus boil orderCONTINUED FROM page 1cracked near the building,with smaller cracksfurther down the line tothe main pipe.The pipe from UniversityCenter Southconnecting was replacedduring summer 2011.The main pipe was alsoinserted with a liningto stop root entry in thefuture.Suspicious personin woods not foundBy CLAIRE MUNNSenior Editorclamunn@umail.iu.eduSept. 19 at 10:20 a.m.An officer responded to a call about a suspiciousperson walking through the woodsbehind the IUS Library. Officer was unable tolocate the subject.Sept. 20 at 6:35 p.m.An officer was dispatched on a report ofa woman with a medical emergency in thewomen’s restrooms in Physical Science. Thesubject was taken to the hospital to be checkedout.Sept. 22 at 3:43 p.m.A theft report was taken for a Bursar staffmember. She reported $1,430 worth of universityequipment was not returned after ScrubCentral went out of business.SGA moves bill to emergency statusBy BRYAN JONESStaffjonesbry@umail.iu.eduThe Student Government Association startedtheir meeting on Sept. 15 by deciding on a new secretary.Dulguun Otgonsuren, undecided sophomore,was nominated for the position and voted in as theSGA secretary.“I looked over the description, and it’s somethingI could do,” Otgonsuren said. “I just wanted to stepup.”Candice Boudreaux, business senior and formersecretary for the SGA, held the position for a fewmonths but had to give it up.“I have too much going on right now to handle aposition,” Boudreaux said.The attire resolution requiring all members towear a minimum standard uniform was discussed.This would involve collared shirts and dark, unrippedjeans for men and a dress blouse for women.However Jen Crompton, assistant director forResidence Life and adviser for the SGA, said thesenators should revise it to make it friendlier.“You may be excluding certain transgender, gay,lesbian or bisexual students who don’t fit the gendertransgression,” Crompton said.Josh Sesar, math senior and SGA senator, said hewas worried about the affordability.“I understand looking professional,” Sesar said.“However, we’re a student government, and what ifa senator can’t afford it?”The SGA took a vote, but it failed unanimously.Another proposal involved a bill that would setaside $250 for a hotel, rental car and gas for threemembers of the SGA — Josh Kornberg, communicationsjunior and SGA president, Matt Owen, politicalscience junior and SGA senate chair, and StephenPrather, radiology junior and SGA senate pro-tempore— to attend the Indiana Campus Compact FallRegional Networking Council Meeting on Sept. 30.The conference is a workshop for student governmentorganizations.“It will help us learn how to be a better organization,”Prather said.Owen said they have funds set aside to cover thecost if anyone else was interested.“In order to get everything set up we need a decisionon this tonight,” Owen said.The senators voted to move the decision to emergencystatus, and the motion and bill passed.Kornberg also talked about helping students getinvolved on campus to improve student retention.“I’d like for all of you to help out the First YearSeminar students who come to get their stamp,” Kornbergsaid.Owen also talked about what he would like topush to the senate this year.“The one thing I am going to drive to our senate isinvolvement,” he said. “Help students get involvedon campus, find out what organizations their interestedin and give them people to contact about thatorganization.”the horizonSENIOR EDITORClaire Munnclamunn@umail.iu.eduSPORTS EDITORSolie Stonestonejl@umail.iu.edueah Tatelmtate@iumail.iu.eduEATURES EDITORourtney McKinleycomckinl@imail.iu.eduROFILES EDITORSichele Hopmhop@ius.eduAnnie Malkaamalka@umail.iu.eduADVISERRon Allmanrallman@ius.eduSTAFFStephen AllenClare BowyerNicole BrandumAmanda ChiamuleraJohn DiDomenicoTaylor FergusonSamantha FrazierJennifer HarringtonBryan JonesPhilip LawrenceKat MillerStephon MooreSondra MorrisSteven NicholsBrittany PowellSam WeberJosh WilsonHanna WoodsThe Horizon is a studentproducednewspaper, publishedweekly during thefall and spring semesters.Editors must be enrolled inat least three credit hoursand are paid.To report a story idea orto obtain information, call941-2253 or Horizon is not anoffi cial publication ofIndiana UniversitySoutheast, and thereforedoes not necessarily refl ectits views.The Horizon welcomescontributions on allsubjects. Send them to thisaddress:The HorizonIU Southeast4201 Grant Line RoadNew Albany, IN 47150or e-mail us athorizon@ius.eduThe Horizon is a memberof the Indiana CollegiatePress Association,Hoosier State PressAssociation, and theAssociated CollegiatePress.The Horizon is partiallyfunded by StudentActivity Fees.Your fi rst issue of TheHorizon is free. Allsubsequent copies cost$2 each.Letters to the editorsmust be signed, includestudent’s major and classstanding and be fewer than300 words. The Horizonreserves the right to editfor brevity, grammar,and style and may limitfrequent letter writers.

Events4 the horizonWeek of Sept. 26, 2011TOP EVENTSTuesdaySaturdaySundayBanned Books Read OutWhere: Library, 3rd floorWhen: 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.Students and faculty will be reading excerptsfrom frequently challenged books in celebrationof our freedom of expression through readingand writing.MONDAYLost and Found10 a.m. – 2 p.m.University Center North,Hoosier RoomThe IUS Police are hostingheir annual Lost and Foundale. Any items that have noteen claimed by those whoost them are now fair gameor a good price.TUESDAYDeaf Awareness12:20 – 1:10 p.m.University Center North,room 127In conjuncture with theCommon Experience, therewill be a free session on whatlife is like for the deaf on Sept.27. This session is part of DeafAwareness Week.WEDNESDAYPsych Professors12:20 –1:10 p.m.Crestview Hall,room 109Sept. 26Turbo Kick5:30 – 6:30 p.m.Woodland Lodge,Great RoomAs part of the year-longGet in Shape series, studentscan head toward a healthylifestyle kicking and screamingbut having fun the wholetime.Sept. 27Volleyball7 – 9 p.m.Activities Building,Grenadiers vs. AsburyThe IUS volleyball teamwill be facing off againstAsbury in the ActivitiesBuilding. Students are invitedto cheer on the Grenadiers.Sept. 28Tennis4:30 – 8:30 p.m.Activities Building,Grenadiers vs. CumberlandHarvest HomecomingWhere: Seventh and Spring Streets, New AlbanyWhen: 10:30 a.m.The beginning of New Albany’s annual HarvestHomecoming Festival will kick-off with music fromthe band 64 West in the morning, fiesta rides anda parade will follow throughout the day.SUBMISSIONSTo submit materialto The Horizon for theEvents page, call TheHorizon at 812-941-2253 or e-mail us should besubmitted oneweek in advance.Socialist Forum8 p.m.University Center North,room 122The Youth for SocialistAction are hosting a forumon socialism and Marxism.Students interested in socialismor a civil discussion aboutit are welcome to attend.Zumba5:30 – 6:30 p.m.Woodland Lodge,Great RoomFall FestivalShake Your Tail FeathersWhere: Activities Building, Evergreen West LotWhen: 4 – 8 p.m.A balloon launch, games and prizes, fall foods,and an entertainment stage are only a part of themany activities offered at the annual IU SoutheastFall Festival.The professors fromthe psychology departmentwill be discussing thedifferent specializationsof study in their field andpaths students can choose.THURSDAYSAAB12:30 –1:30 p.m.University Center North,room 123The IUS men’s andwomen’s tennis teams will beplaying against Universityof Cumberland at the TennisCourts. Students are invitedto cheer on the Grenadiers.Sept. 29SGA4:30 – 6 p.m.University Center North,room 127Try moving to the beatand beating the Freshman 15with a Zumba workout classfor students. This session ispart of a year-long Get inShape series.Tennis4:30 – 7:30 p.m.Activities Building,Grenadiers vs. OaklandThe Student African-American Brotherhood willhave their weekly meetingto discuss the mission of thegroup. Contact Trevor Martinfor more at treamart@ius.eduWEEKENDGolf Scramble8 a.m. – 2 p.m.Sept. 30Valley View Golf ClubThe Student GovernmentAssociation will be havingtheir weekly meeting. All studentsare welcome to attendand bring concerns or ideasto the SGA.Sept. 30 - Oct. 2Plagiarism10 – 11 a.m.Knobview HallThe Writing CenterThe IUS women’s tennisteam will be playing againstOakland City at the TennisCourts. Students are invitedto cheer on the Grenadiers.“Megamind”6 – 8 p.m.University Center North,room 127Margaret Rauck, 57, dances with the Chick-fil-A cow at the third annual CelebrateOur Capabilities Walk on Sept. 17.Volleyball10 a.m. – 4 p.m.Activities Building,Grenadiers vs. BereaTennis11 a.m. – 6 p.m.Activities Building,Grenadiers vs. HuntingtonPhoto by Bryan JonesVentriloquist4 – 5:30 p.m.Activities Building,GymThe School of Businesss hosting its annual golfcramble. All proceeds gooward scholarships and opertingfunds for the school.e cost is $100 per person.On Sept. 30, a workshopon avoiding plagiarism isavailable to students wantingclarity on the issue. Studentslearn how to give authorsproper credit in their papers.For an evening of fun withfamily and friends, studentscan attend a free screening ofthe cartoon “Megamind” onSept. 30. There will be snacksand a costume contest.On Oct 1, IU Southeastis hosting a tri-match withthe Grenadiers playingBerea, and then Union.Berea and Union will alsoface-off.On Oct. 1, the IUS men’sand women’s tennis teams willbe playing against Huntington.Women’s tennis willalso play St. Louis College ofPharmacy at 3 p.m.Ventriloquist and comedianRyan Bomgardner willbe performing for the IUSFamily and Parent Day rightafter the women’s volleyballgame on Oct. 1.LOCALUPCOMINGNOTICESLatin FilmNoonSept. 14 – Oct. 2U of L LibraryBike to WorkNoonSept. 304th Street LiveCoupons12:15 – 1:15 p.m.University Center South,Adult Student CenterDiversity12:30 – 1:15 p.m.University Center North,room 127Writing ContestMidnightKnobview Hall,Writing CenterEducation MA5 – 6 p.m.University Center North,room 127The Reel Guate Film Festivalshows 10 full-length andfive short films shot and producedin Guatemala. Go tothe University of Louisville’swebsite for the schedule.The City of Louisville ishosting a Bike to Work Day,encouraging residents to meetup and bike together. At noonthere will be a celebration anda drawing for a free bike.Spend your lunch hourlearning how to bring in thesavings. The Adult StudentCenter is hosting an ExtremeCouponing session on Oct. 2for any interested students.Students are invited to jointhe leaders of student groupson campus in a town hallmeeting on Oct. 4. Studentswill candidly discuss diversityat IU Southeast.Sept. 26 is the last dayfor students to enter the IUSWriting Contest. Students canenter fiction, poetry, research,creative non-fiction or flashfictionfor a $50 first prize.A required group advisingsession for licensed teachersinterested in obtaininga masters in elementary orsecondary education will beheld on Sept. 27.»»»««« »»»««« »»»««« »»»««« »»»««« »»»«««F.A.T. Trolley6 – 10:30 p.m.Sept. 30Frankfort Ave.Explore the shopping anddining district of FrankfortAvenue on the F.A.T. FridayTrolley Hop. Participants canpark in free lots and boardany of various trolleys.Jazz Fest2-7 p.m.Oct. 2Cherokee ParkThe Highlands-DouglassNeighborhood Associationwill be hosting a jazz festivalin the Big-Rock area ofCherokee Park. The event isfree and open to the public.Parenting Skills6 – 7:30 p.m.University Center North,room 122The IUS Children’s Centerand Personal Counseling Serviceswill be hosting a sessioncalled Parenting 101 on Oct.5. They will be giving studentstips for successful parenting.Safe Zone9 a.m. – 1 p.m.University Center North,room 122Students are invited toattend Safe Zone trainingon Oct. 7. Lessons on makingLGBT students feelincluded will be offered.Lunch will be provided.Fine Arts5 p.m.Library,Reference DeskSept. 30 is the last day tosubmit entries for the IUSLibrary Fine Arts Competition.Students may enter in anopen category, or a thematiccategory celebrating literature.Last WithdrawMidnightUniversity Center South,RegistrarOct. 3 is the last day forstudents to withdraw from thefirst 7 week classes. Studentsshould contact the Office ofthe Registrar and the Office ofFinanical Aid with questions.

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