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Walsham le Willows - Mid Suffolk District Council

Walsham le Willows - Mid Suffolk District Council

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Topographical FrameworkWalsham le Willows is a large village incentral Suffolk, about twelve miles northeastof Bury St. Edmunds and ten milesnorth-west of Stowmarket, just inside theMid Suffolk District boundary.Its main street runs east to west, parallelto a stream to its south that is a tributaryof the Black Bourn that eventually drainsnorthwards to the WashIt is slightly north of, but still on thegreat watershed of East Anglia, the HighSuffolk area of deep clays depositedduring the ice ages over the underlyingchalk.The main village street settlement issupplemented by four outlying hamlets inthe parish: West Street to the west, FourAshes to the immediate south, Crownlandsouth-east and Cranmer Green to theeast.Between The Street and Four Ashes liesan area of parkland, containing the river,and surrounding the Grove, Walsham'sbig house.The village has no transportationconnections by water or rail, andaccessed only by minor roads remainsdistant from main road connections, thenearest being the A143, passing by abouttwo miles north of the village, along theroute of the former Bury St Edmunds toScole turnpike.

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