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vinyl shutters - Custom Shutter Company

VINYL SHUTTERSBoard & Batten Raised Panel Raised Panel True Louver True Louver/Raised Panel2 Equal Sections 3 Equal Sections CombinationStandard LengthsLouver Styles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18” - 144”Raised Panel Style (Single) . . . . . . . 18” - 55”Raised Panel Style (Double) . . . . . . 22” - 110”Raised Panel Style (Triple) . . . . . . . 33” - 144”Board & Batten Style . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18” - 144”InstallationTo be installed in a fixed condition in accordancewith manufacturers recommendations.Nominal ThicknessAll Shutters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1” thick on all sidesStandard WidthsLouver Styles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 3/4”, 8 1/2”, 9 1/4”,11”, 12”, 13”14 1/2”,16 1/2”, 18”Raised Panel Styles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12”, 14 1/2”, 16 1/2”, 18”Board & Batten (Joined) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 3/4”, 10 1/2”, 14”, 17 1/2”Board & Batten (Spaced) . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 3/4”, 12”, 16 1/4”, 20 1/2”MaterialMaintenance-free UV-Stabilizedpolypropylene copolymer.Finish Molded through color.Colors 20 colors available.HardwareTapcon screws. Decorative hardware optional.See page 12-13 for hardware selection.Warranty40 year warranty against cracking,splitting or • 1.800.470.0675 CUSTOM SHUTTER COMPANY 11

EXTERIOR SHUTTER MOUNTING HARDWAREProper hardwareCAST ALUMINUM8” Decorative ScrollShutter BoltFloral Ring PullFlat Rat Tail StayFORGED STEELAdjustable Lag PintelProtruding Rat Tail StayRounded Plate PintelClassic “S” StayLeaf Pintelselection is importantto ensure properBahama Staysinstallation andfunctionality of yourBahama Shutter Hookshutter. Plus, the widevariety of styles andmaterials offered byCustom ShutterNew York Strap Shutter HingeCompany allows youto individualize yourshutter presentationto meet your personalSuffolk Style“L” HingeSquare PlatePintelsatisfaction.NY Style Hinge Set12 CUSTOM SHUTTER COMPANY 1.800.470.0675 •

STAINLESS STEELLag Pintel6" L HingeFlat HingeSTANDARD STEELPull RingNY Style Hinge Set10" Strap Hinge12" Shutter Slide BoltPlate Pintel6 7/8" Shutter BoltPropellorShutter DogS-Holdback6" Surface BoltHidden StayRat-TailHoldbackEXTERIOR SHUTTER MOUNTING HARDWAREReversible Shutter Hinge12” Shutter Slide BoltDECORATIVE HARDWARESuffolk StyleHinge FrontColonial StyleHinge Front4” L StyleHinge FrontAspen StyleHinge Front12” L Style Hinge FrontFleur De Lis StyleHinge • 1.800.470.0675 CUSTOM SHUTTER COMPANY 13

HOW TO MEASUREIt is important to determine what hardware will be used beforemeasuring for the exterior shutter installation if the shutters willbe functioning. Understanding the shutter hardware mountinglocation is essential to getting accurate measurements.The diagrams at the right and instructions below show the mostcommon exterior shutter installations.Examples of Common Installation Options• Projected - The exterior shutters are going to function so thatin the closed position they will cover the opening. Notice thatthe pintel offset is greater than the other examples. This createsdepth and allows the shutter to close without binding withthe edge of the structure. The projected installation exampleis the easiest for measuring because there is no trimor structure to dictate the measurements.• Recessed - The exterior shutters are going to functionso that in the closed position the shutters are goingto be between the trim around the windows. Thus themeasurements must be made from inside trim to inside trimfor width and height. It is important to recognize the depthcreated by the trim as the depth of the shutter might begreater than that of the trim. If this problem exists, thencombining pintel and hinge offsets can create more depthas in the projected example.• Flush - The exterior shutters are going to function so that inthe closed position the outside edge of the shutters is flush withthe surface of the structure. Thus the measurement must be madebetween the inside edges of the opening of the structure for widthand height. It is important to recognize the depth of the openingas the depth of the shutter might be greater than that of theopening. If this problem exists, then combining pintel and hingeoffsets can create more depth as in the projected example.RECESSEDOpen PositionHingePROJECTEDOpen PositionStructureOpen PositionFLUSHStructureHingeStructureHingeTrimsPintelHingeClosed PositionPintelPintelHingeHingeGlassWindow FrameBrick MoldClosed PositionWindowGlassWindow FrameClosed PositionGlassOnce the installation method has been determined, the width and heightof the installation area is known. Traditionally, the method for determining shutter width is as follows:Exterior Shutter Width = Opening Width - clearances (if any) / (# of windows * 2)If the shutters are going to function, it is important to allow for hinges and spacing between shutters by subtractingclearances from opening width before calculating for exterior shutter width. Also, the exterior shutter must be the exactwidth or must be trimmed at the time of installation in order to function properly. For installations involving more thanone window where the shutters must function, bi-folding hinges will be needed and in the open position the shutterswill fold back behind each other so that only one shutter is visible.Please Note:This is just a guide intended to explain the principles involved in measuring for exterior shutter installations.Accuracy depends on the accuracy of measuring and properly choosing your installation method.Installations options are available that may not be listed in this guideline but if the principles of thisguide are understood clearly, then creativity will allow installers to expand on these principles to delivera wide range of opportunities. Just remember, take several measurements of each opening since they arenot always square and be safe.14 CUSTOM SHUTTER COMPANY 1.800.470.0675 •

General Guidelines for Installing Traditional Shutters1. Pick shutters to fit window andput next to each window on topof saw horses to make sure shuttersare paired properly. Lay twoshutters face down next to eachand prepare to install hinges.2. Install hinges after determiningoffset. Hinges are to be set at topand bottom even with outside.Drill holes with 1/8th pilot bit.Be careful not to drill all the waythrough shutter.screws. Shutters are now readyfor installation.5. Position shutter in openingallowing equal amounts of spacebetween shutter and wall (A & B),and between shutters (C) to allowfor smooth operation (see diagrambelow).When attaching the pintel to thestructure you may have to drillinto mortar and brick–use appropriatemollys in mortar and brick.6. Install acorn clip. Swing shutteropen and mark center of holdbackclip and install acorn clip into brick.7. Install “S” Holdback*. Shutter is nowheld open by acorn anchor. Positionshutter dog in correct locationand mark for screws and fastento wall–1 1/2" down from shutterand 13/4" from outside edge.INSTALLING TRADITIONAL SHUTTERS3. Position and install upperholdback clips 1" from top andcenter edge of stile. Shutters over58" require 2 sets of acorns;install similarly at top.* The acorn clip is better suited forholding the shutters in place, andas such, the “S” Holdback is recommendedmore for a decorative useas opposed to a functional one.4. Install slide bolt. Turn shuttersover and line-up slide bolt edgewith shutter edge (see diagramabove). Pre-drill 1/8 slot hole(careful not to drill all the waythrough). Install slide bolt withNote: To deflect rain away fromthe structure. Louvered shuttersshould be installed so the louversface AWAY from the structurewhen shutters are closed(see diagram above) • 1.800.470.0675 CUSTOM SHUTTER COMPANY 15

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