Panel Discussion on PSM/OPC Effects - UCSD VLSI CAD Laboratory
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Panel Discussion on PSM/OPC Effects - UCSD VLSI CAD Laboratory

Narrow the Focus&Current discussion only addresseslibrary development at the cell level– Intracell routing must be considered&Constraints on P&R a separate issue– Intercell routing outside focus of thispresentation© 1999 Synopsys, Inc. (KVR-ong>Panelong>.2)

Correct by Construction&Combinatorics of cell adjacency quicklybecome unwieldy during the placement phase– Problem becomes even more difficult once routing isadded– Internal cell geometry cannot necessitate fixes outsidecell boundary" “Rule of Containment”– Geometry at edge of cell must be compatible with allpotential neighboring cells" “Rule of Neighborliness”– Phase assignment can’t conflict– Poly routing at cell edge would probably be bad© 1999 Synopsys, Inc. (KVR-ong>Panelong>.5)

Implications & Wild Extrapolations&OPC/PSM constraints need to beembedded in design rules– Not a great option, but better than the alternative&Std cell design is more constrainedmore difficult higher value-add & cost&Std cell design becomes incrementallymore closely linked to a particularfoundry/process– Pointer in direction of foundry-specific librarieswith royalty model?!&Loss of area efficiency around cell edgeslarger silicon© 1999 Synopsys, Inc. (KVR-ong>Panelong>.6)

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