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ENJOY The perfect family holidays - Losinj Hotels


The perfect

family holidays

Welcome to fragrant


Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Pino and I'll be

your host. I'll tell you a tale about my island, Lošinj, which

I love so much. The island has two towns named Lošinj: the

bigger one is called little (Mali Lošinj), while the smaller one

is called big (Veli Lošinj) - rather amusing, isn't it?

The island has a rich history, featuring sailing vessels and

brave captains and sailors who have travelled the world.

From those voyages they brought back a diversity of exotic

plants, such as lemons, sequoias and Indian figs. Today, over

1,100 aromatic plants can be found on Lošinj. So, don’t forget

to breath deeply! The air is always fragrant on Lošinj!

But, my dear friends, you will be most delighted by the

bottle nose dolphins. There are currently over 200 dolphins

living around Lošinj, thanks to its crystal-clear water and

abundance of fish. If you take a stroll along the beach, you

may see their terrific leaps, especially in the spring or


Visit me on Lošinj, I have so many more tales to tell!

Yours, Pino.

Pino wishes you all the best and

a wonderful rest!

I'm so happy and fortunate to live in Lošinj’s loveliest inlet, Sunny Bay.

Here, under the shade of old pine trees, you can find the Family Hotel

VESPERA. This is where we will get to know each other.

I spend every day with my little guests, and we always become good

friends. Nicely furnished playrooms, an outdoor playground and the

Family Aqua Fun pools are all at our disposal for many sporting and

leisure activities. While we play, mum and dad can relax at the beach, the

nearby wellness centre, or the restaurant.

So many of my good friends, and their parents, come back to Lošinj every

summer! Enjoy a perfect family holiday!

A deep, restful slumber and then

a day to remember!

When I was just a little sapling, kids came to Lošinj to grow! Today, I'm

a big tree, but the kids still come because of Lošinj’s healthy climate.

The Family Hotel VESPERA and I have prepared spacious and comfortable

family rooms where you can enjoy a pleasant rest and sleep for hours on.

After a good night sleep, you will be filled with energy and ready to play,

sing and dance with me and my friends...

Once you return home, you’ll see how much you grew! So, remember how

tall you were before coming to Lošinj - and when you get back home,

write to tell me how much you’ve grown !

How happy Pino feels when the kids

eat healthy meals!

My little friends have to be healthy, with their tummies full. So I

prepared tasty meals for them. Healthy food tastes great, with plenty of

cheerful and vivid colours! Just like my Hotel and nature itself on Lošinj!

I’ve made sure that there’s a special ‘Mums Corner’ where your favourite

meal can be prepared. I'm sure you'll like my restaurant, because I'm the

happiest pine tree when I see my little friends enjoying their food to the


A fortified meal will give you enough energy to nimbly enjoy the many

surprises I've prepared for you!

All day in the sun at Family Aqua Fun!

Besides the sea and sun at the wonderful rocky and sandy beaches just

below our Hotel, you can also enjoy the big family water world that we

call Family Aqua Fun. Here we can spend all day frolicking in pools filled

with seawater, playing hide-and-seek below big water mushrooms,

taking pictures with water-spraying clowns, sliding down to the pools

and sunbathing on the large terrace fashioned to look like a ship’s deck.

All my little friends and their parents adore Family Aqua Fun. It’s the most

joyful place until dusk, when the fun moves to the Hotel's terrace .

Rub-a-dub-dub, we love the Pino club!

My colleagues, trained children’s activity coordinators, moderate the

Baby, Mini and Teen Pino Clubs. They make sure each day is filled with

play and entertainment in an engaging, creative and educational manner.

We teach our little friends from all over the world about bottlenose

dolphins, sea captains and pirates. The playrooms are equipped with the

highest-quality toys, while we have a special PlayStation competition

room for teens.

The Pino Club is a small, creative, multi-lingual workshop, which

produces veritable masterpieces every year.

Join the Pino Club!

An explosion of joyous activity!

After a nice dinner, it’s time for more singing and dancing before bedtime.

The kids and activity coordinators present their choreographies,

and I often see genuine little superstars. Sometimes my friends,

professional singers, dancers and actors, gladly join us. The terrace of

The Family Hotel VESPERA bursts with a bustle of joyous activity.

It is very important to me that my little friends have fun all day long.

This is why we have specially-devised programmes of activities, sports

and entertainment: so each child can find what he or she likes.

When kids are happy and simply can’t wait for the next day, Pino is the

biggest pine tree on Lošinj !

Who’s still afraid of fish?

Just a reminder to all those little curiosity-seekers who want to explore

the undersea world: DON'T FORGET your snorkelling equipment! After all,

you have to meet all of the island’s residents if you want to boast that

you’ve spent a summer on Lošinj.

For those who have an adventurous spirit, I'll gladly show where you can

ride a bike, rollerblade, play tennis, beach volleyball or some other sport,

or enjoy a game of outdoor chess.

I love to sway my branches in the afternoon breeze with my old friends,

my fellow pine tress - it's a good exercise for me .

Sunčana uvala

Lošinj is an island with a unique restorative climate and

untouched natural beauty. It is an ideal destination for a

perfect vacation year-round, especially in the spring and

autumn, when Lošinj’s salubrious environment is most

conducive to the health and development of children.

Lošinj is also ideal for brief, weekend outings, when you and

your family want to get away from the crowds, stress and

pollution of city life. All it takes to get to Lošinj is a pleasant

three to four hour drive from Zagreb, Trieste or Ljubljana.

Lošinj’s inspiring environment creates an ambient for total

relaxation, body and soul.

Recently renovated, the Family Hotel VESPERA**** is a

member of the KINDERHOTELS Europe Network and is the only

Adriatic hotel with this prestigious license, which stands for

quality accommodations and services. The vicinity of the sea

and centuries-old pine forests offers the best environment

for cheerful play, tranquil strolls and many sporting


The Family Hotel VESPERA offers:

· accommodation in spacious, comfortable family rooms

(connected double bedrooms) adapted to children

· bunk beds (upon request)

· umbrella strollers, bottle heaters, baby-phone, bath

tubs, changing mats, etc. (upon request, with payment of


· the ‘Mums Corner’ to prepare meals (in the Hotel's


· organized day-time and evening activities (Baby, Mini and

Teen Pino Clubs)

· a nursery

· individual baby-sitting (upon request)

· the Family Aqua Fun swimming pool complex with seawater

(over 3,000 m2 )

· sports facilities

· excursions

The Family Hotel VESPERA is an ideal destination for the

perfect family holiday. Take the advantage of our 3-in-1

vacations, because Lošinj's healing climate has beneficial

effects on children's health, while our professional activity

coordinators and the Hotel's mascot, Pino, will make sure

your children are actively involved in educational workshops





and activity groups, while you, the parents, can relax

and enjoy the luxury of autochthonous aromatic herbal

treatments in the [ comfort zone ] spa & wellness

at the nearby Hotel Aurora.

A stay on Lošinj, at the Family Hotel VESPERA is a holiday

that the entire family will never forget.

Hotel VESPERA, Sunčana uvala bb, 51550 Mali Lošinj

tel. +385 (0)51 667 300

fax +385 (0)51 667 324














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Dražica 1, 51550 Mali Lošinj, Croatia

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