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Kayaks designed by Tim Niemier:World renowned founder and former owner of “Ocean Kayak””


Transforming the Water Sports IndustryWith unique features and designs, Dragonfly Innovation kayaks have beensuccessfully tested worldwide. By joining Lifetime Products in 2010, thecompany is positioned to provide the everyday consumer with innovative,affordable, quality kayaks and accessories. Our number one goal is to safelyintroduce new persons and families to recreational paddle sports. We inviteyou to enjoy the adventure with us.

lbs.WaveThe 6 ft Wave Kayak was specifically designedfor kids ages 5 and up, or up to 130 lbs. The widestance provides a stable paddling platform to keepyour child safely in the kayak. It’s sloped back andswim-up step allows the rider to easily re-enter thekayak from the water. The Wave is available in pink,blue and yellow.Wave6’x 24”Max weight 140

Easy to CarryUltra StableSwim-Up StepSurfing Capability•Molded finger handles on each side of the kayak•Scupper holes drain the cockpit area•Ergonomic cockpit design enhances balanceand motor skills•Multiple foot rest positions for different size riders•Molded paddle cradles•Swim-up Step•Reverse Chine for enhanced stability•Twin fin design assists in tracking and surf ridingKayak SpecificationsDimensions 6’ x 24”Kayak Weight 18 lbsMax Capacity 130 lbsDraft 1.5”Hull and design patent pending

CalypsoThe 8 ft Calypso Kayak is the perfect adult length, providingconvenient transportation and storage options. Its compactdesign easily fits inside the average apartment or homecloset, and the back end allows the kayak to standupright. Optional add-on items transform the standardCalypso into the “do it all” kayak. From paddling andfishing to surfing and even sailing, the Calypso is perfect foryour outdoor adventure. The Calypso is available in blue.Calypso

Easy Carry HandleUltra StableFishing Pole HolderPaddle Cradle•Multiple footrest positions for different size riders•Scupper holes drain cockpit area•Molded paddle cradle•Optional backrests (see accessories)•Ditty trays and shock cord straps to secure loose items•Easy Carry Handle•Hull design provides ultra stability and great tracking•Lightweight, 38 lb. designKayak SpecificationsDimensions 8’ x 30”Kayak Weight 38 lbsMax Capacity 250 lbsDraft 3”

DayliteDayliteThe 8 ft Daylite Kayak has a comfortable blow-moldedbackrest perfect for long kayaking adventures.Its compact design easily fits inside the averageapartment or home closet, and the back end allows thekayak to stand upright. Optional add-on items transformthe standard Daylite into the “do it all” kayak.From paddling and fishing to surfing and even sailing,the Daylite is perfect for your outdoor adventure.The Daylite is available in yellow.

Built-in Folding BackrestEasy Carry HandleUltra StableFishing Pole Holder•Multiple footrest positions for different size riders•Scupper holes drain cockpit area•Molded Paddle cradle•Blow-molded backrest with built-in, water tight storage•Ditty trays and shock cord straps to secure loose items•Easy carry handle•Hull design provides ultra stability and great tracking•Lightweight, 40 lb. designKayak SpecificationsWatertight Storage in BackrestDimensions 8’ x 30”Kayak Weight 40 lbsMax Capacity 250 lbsDraft 3”

Each Kayak has a carry handle foreasy transportation to and from thewaterfront. The lightweight designmakes it convenient and possible foranyone to maneuver.asy CarryEasyCarry

Lifetime Kayaks were specificallydesigned for convenient storageand transportation. They can fitin most standard closets or hangon the wall in a garage. For easytransportation, they can fit in theusual places like roof racks, truckbeds, or in the back of an SUV.asy StoraEasyStorage

Designed to seat up to three people,the 10 ft Manta Kayak is the perfectmulti-purpose recreational kayak.It provides comfortable, balancedseating for solo, tandem or familyfun. With a 500 lb. capacity and thetunnel hull design, the Manta Kayakprovides ultimate stability, makingit almost impossible to tip over.So paddle, fish, surf or sail, theManta Kayak is designed to provideplenty of fun for the whole family.MantaManta

Solo,Tandem, or FamilyFits up to 3 PeopleFishing Pole HolderUltra StableFoward Cargo Area•Multiple footrest positions for different size riders•Ditty trays and shock cord straps to secure loose items•Scupper holes drain cockpit area•Optional backrests (see accessories)•Molded front and rear carry handles•Hull design provides ultra stability and great tracking•“High and dry” seating keeps riders off the floor of the kayak•Lightweight, 60 lb. designKayak SpecificationsDimensions 10’ x 36”Kayak Weight 60 lbsMax Capacity 500 lbsDraft 6”

SportFisherThe Sport Fisher is the ultimate fishingkayak. The tunnel hull design makes itpossible to stand up and fish, or to sitside-saddle without tipping over.It seats up to three people, providingcomfortable, balanced seating for solo,tandem or family fun. An optionalaccessory mount makes it possibleto add a rudder or electric motor toyour kayak.Sport Fisher

Fits up to 3 RidersFishing Pole HoldersUltra StableErgonomic Seating•Multiple footrest positions for different size riders•Molded front and rear carry handles•Scupper holes drain cockpit area•Four Fishing Pole Holders•Ditty trays and shock cord straps to secure loose items•“High and dry” seating keeps riders off the floor of the kayak•Storage hatch•Front and rear molded paddle cradle, paddle clips on both sides•Hull design provides ultra stability•Lightweight, 60 lb. designKayak SpecificationsDimensions 10’ x 36”Kayak Weight 60 lbsMax Capacity 500 lbsDraft 6”

Power MateThe Power Mate motor mount enablesyou to attach virtually any trollingmotor to your Sport Fisher,making it the ultimate poweredfishing kayak. The Power Mate mount ismade of heavy gauge aluminum andattaches to the kayak easily withoutinstallation hardware.A Self-Contained Motor Mountwith Battery Case

No Installation HardwareBattery Case IncludedWire Free Kayak


BackrestsStandardThe high-density cushion with rigidinternal support provides excellentbackrest comfort for long-termpaddling. The fully-adjustable nylonstraps with plated alloy snaps will fitany standard kayak with attach points.The backrest is made of heavy-dutycoated denier nylon fabric, and has ahandy Velcro “ditty” pouch to help keeppersonal items secure and dry.Backrest

DeluxeThe contour cushion seat pad provides addedcomfort and insulation from heat or cold.The high-density cushion with rigid internalsupport provides excellent backrest comfortfor long-term paddling. With fully-adjustablenylon straps and plated alloy snaps, thebackrest will fit any standard kayak withattach points. It includes a handy Velcro“ditty” pouch to help keep personal itemssecure and dry. Made with heavy-duty coateddenier nylon fabric.Backrestwith seat pad

cupper PlugScupper PlugsOne size fits all. Each plug is designedto fit any size kayak scupper drain.Simply compress the plug and push it intothe drain hole with your thumb. It will thenexpand to form a watertight seal.6 pack

PaddlesPaddlesECO SPORT/ECO SPORT ELITEThe four-piece beginner paddle assemblesto 220 cm. The aluminum shaft withpolypropylene spoon blades and moldedtwist connectors provide excellent durabilityat a great value.DAYLITE SPORT/DAYLITE SPORT ELITEThe two-piece beginner to intermediate paddleassembles to 220 cm. The paddle has aluminumshafts with vinyl covered hand grip positions anddrip cups. It also features foam flotation collarsinside. Standard push button 90 degree and twoposition feather adjustments. Symmetrical“Dihedral Tip” ABS molded blades.

ECO SPORT220 cm 1.7 lbsECO SPORT ELITE220 cm 1.7 lbsDAYLITE SPORT220 cm 3.1 lbsDAYLITE SPORT ELITE220 cm 3.1 lbsADVENTURE EXCEL220-230 cm 2.8 lbsNRG POWER STROKE220-230 cm 2.1 lbsADVENTURE EXCELThe two-piece intermediate to advancedpaddle adjusts from to 220-230 cm.Asymmetrical, nylon fiberglass,reinforced spoon cup blades foradvanced power stroke. Aluminum shaftwith reversible oval covered hand grips forfeather position stroke. Aluminum shaftshave foam flotation inside. The twist lockcenter connector allows infinite bladefeather and paddle length adjustmentfrom 220-230 cm.NRG POWER STROKEThe advanced paddle adjusts from220-230 cm. The Carbon Fiber shaftprovides lightweight control withexcellent durability. Adjustable securelock center connector providesvariable paddle length from 220 to230 cm and infinite blade featherpositions. The asymmetrical “supercup” power stroke wing blades aremolded from high strengthpolypropylene.This paddle is notacceptable for bracing

Sail Away KitSailSoloAway Kit

The Sail Away Kit includes the complete sailwith all rigging and required accessories.The main sail mast simply slides into themast receiver on the kayak, and the riggingis secured with left and right deck cleatsincluded in the package. The sail is fullyadjustable and can be completely closedor opened from the seated position.TandemRudder TillerSail Dagger Boards

Easy-CarryKayakEasy-CarryThe Kayak Easy-Carry strap lets youeasily transport your kayak all byyourself. Just position the strapsaround the kayak, and place thestrap over your shoulder. The uniquegrip bar has a telescoping metal tubethat extends inside the sturdy sleeve.Adjust strap to suit your shoulderheight with a convenient nylonbuckle.Quick-release nylon bucklesmake it easy to adjust strapsaround any size kayak.Unique grip bar has atelescoping metal tube thatextends from a compact 20 into a full 30 in handle.Strap folds to fit inside theincluded nylon bag and takesup only 20” x 3” of space.Fits comfortably in kayakcockpit or stow compartment.Store on Ceiling Store on WallIncludes hooks for wall and ceiling storage

PackagingPackagingWaveTruckload CapacityPallet Load- 12Pallet Dimensions- 40” x 48”Truckload48 ft- 264 53 ft- 312DaylitePallet Load- 8Pallet Dimensions- 48” x 48”Truckload48 ft- 176 53 ft- 192CalypsoPallet Load- 8Pallet Dimensions- 48” x 48”Truckload48 ft- 198 53 ft- 221

LIFETIME PRODUCTS, INC.Lifetime makes the practical products you need into the lifestyle products you’ll love. Our products enable you to get the most out of yourtime and are made to help you work and play the way you want to.With innovative designs and unique materials, we make everyday products better. Lifetime will continue to bring innovation home to you.Lifetime strives to make products that stand up to the wear and tear of your active lifestyle. You can trust Lifetime products because ofthe way we design, build, and test them. Our products are easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to own. This all adds up to unmatchedvalue on products you can count on, time after time.So where can you find Lifetime products? Everywhere! Lifetime products are available in more than 45 countries. You will find ourproducts in more and more stores every day. Whether you find yourself shopping in a membership warehouse, a discount store, a homeimprovement warehouse or a sporting goods store, Lifetime’s products are readily available.

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