on perfectly practical items for your business. - Ussco.com

on perfectly practical items for your business. - Ussco.com

on perfectly practical items for your business. - Ussco.com

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pQHigh-Quality Supplies With Universal Appeal!Antiglare, Antistatic, Antiradiation Monitor Filter• Reduces VLF/ELF radiation by up to 99.5%• Eliminates static, reduces 95% of unwanted glare• Full vertical adjustability• Made in U.S.A.No. Fits CRT Color Your Price Each8P-UNV-26400 13"-15" Gray 44.998P-UNV-26401 17" Gray 69.998P-UNV-26411 17" Black 69.998P-UNV-26402 19"-21" Gray 99.008P-UNV-26412 19"-21" Black 99.00Screen Cleaning Kit• Antistatic, non-streaking formulais specially designed for screensand monitor surfaces• Includes one 4-oz. pump spraybottle, one 4-oz. refill and four12 x 14 reusable lint-free wipes• Made in U.S.A.8P-UNV-26005 Each Your Price 9.99DVD Recordable Discs• Single-sided, 4.7GB• Silver; spindle packaging*• 10 discs per packNo. Quantity Your Price PackDVD-R8P-UNV-46810 10 12.298P-UNV-46825 25 27.998P-UNV-46850 50 53.50DVD+R8P-UNV-46811 10 12.298P-UNV-46826 25 27.998P-UNV-46851 50 53.50*Spindle product packaged in a plastic container—does not include jewel case or insertsComputer-Grade Eight-Outlet Surge Protector• $75,000 connected equipment guarantee with1800 joule rating• Four standard outlets and four transformerspaced outlets• One in/two out phone/fax/modem protection• Sliding child-safe outlet covers; 6-ft. cord• Charcoal Black8P-UNV-71646 Each Your Price 19.99Eight-Outlet Strip with Coax Protection—(Not shown.)$125,000 connected equipment guarantee with 2950joule rating. Black.8P-UNV-71647 Each Your Price 21.99CD-RW Rewritable Discs• Blank silver surface for customprinting, silk screening or labelingwith CD labels• Data/audio capacity 700MB/80 minutes• Slim jewel case packaging*• Five discs per packNo. Max Rewrite Speed Your Price Pack8P-UNV-85875 4x 5.998P-UNV-78854 12x 9.49*Jewel case packaging includes jewel case and inserts06-UF-L1-J/M#10 Envelopes• Business weight 24-lb.• White wove paper stock• 4 1 ⁄8 x 9 1 ⁄2• 500 envelopes per boxNo. Description Your Price Box8P-UNV-35210 Plain CALL8P-UNV-35211 With 1 1 ⁄8 x 4 1 ⁄2Clear Poly Window 9.73Manila Interior File Folders• Subdivide papers inside hangingfile folders• 1 ⁄3 cut tabs• 100 folders per boxNo. Size Your Price Box8P-UNV-12213 Letter 10.298P-UNV-15213 Legal 8.99Gregg Steno Books• Pages ruled into two3" wide columns• 6 x 9, 80 sheets per bookYourPriceNo. Color Each8P-UNV-86920 Green 1.098P-UNV-96920 White 1.09#2 Pencils8P-UNV-55400 DozenYour Price 49¢For a Complete Selection of DVD Discs, See Our Full-Line Catalog5

pQLaser Toner Cartridges• Remanufactured cartridges meet OEM (Original EquipmentManufacturer) specifications; guaranteed to work with yourmachine and will not affect your printer’s manufacturer warrantyDescription/OriginalYour PriceNo. OEM Part No. EachFor HP LaserJet 4, 4+, 4M, 4M+, 5, 5M, 5N, 5Se8P-UNV-83098 Toner (HP 92298A) 79.99For HP LaserJet 4L, 4ML, 4MP, 4P (PX)8P-UNV-83074 Toner (HP 92274A) 93.50For HP LaserJet 5L, 6LXI, 6LSF, 3100, 3150 (AX)8P-UNV-83006 Toner (HP C3906A) 63.95For HP LaserJet 5P, 5MP, 6P, 6MP, 6PXI, 6PSE, 6RE (VX)8P-UNV-83003 Toner (HP C3903A) 82.99For HP LaserJet 5si, 8000, 80508P-UNV-83009 Toner (HP C3909A) 179.95For HP LaserJet 1000, 1200, 1220, 33008P-UNV-83015 Toner with chip (HP C7115A) 79.958P-UNV-83016 High-Yield Toner with chip (HP C7115X) 89.00For HP LaserJet 1100, 1100A, 32008P-UNV-83092 Toner (HP C4092A) 64.25For HP LaserJet 13008P-UNV-83013 Toner with chip (HP Q2613A) 72.50For HP LaserJet 2100, 22008P-UNV-83096 Toner (HP C4096A) 107.99For HP LaserJet 23008P-UNV-83010 Toner with chip (HP Q2610A) 119.99For HP LaserJet 4000, 40508P-UNV-83027 High-Yield Toner (HP C4127X) 129.75For HP LaserJet 41008P-UNV-83061 High-Yield Toner with chip (HP C8061X) 135.00For HP LaserJet 42008P-UNV-83038 High-Yield Toner with chip (HP Q1338A) 169.00For HP LaserJet 5000, 5000N, 5000GN, 51008P-UNV-83029 Toner (HP C4129X) 169.99For HP LaserJet 8100, 81508P-UNV-83082 High-Yield Toner (HP C4182X) 193.99Replacement Ink CartridgesNo. Original OEM Part No. Color Your Price Each8P-UNV-14DN HP C6614DN (14) Black 21.958P-UNV-15DN HP C6615DN (15) Black 17.998P-UNV-1823D HP C1823D (23) Color 33.958P-UNV-26A HP 51626A (26) Black 21.958P-UNV-29A HP 51629A (29) Black 20.498P-UNV-45A HP 51645A (45) Black 18.208P-UNV-49A HP 51649A (49) Color 21.998P-UNV-56A HP C6656AN (56) Black 17.398P-UNV-57A HP C6657AN (57) Color 19.798P-UNV-78DN HP C6578DN (78) Color 21.998P-UNV-C6062BK Epson T028201/T040120 Black 18.508P-UNV-C6062CLR Epson T029201/T041020 Color 19.508P-UNV-44120 Epson T044120 Black 19.998P-UNV-44220 Epson T044220 Cyan 10.398P-UNV-44320 Epson T044320 Magenta 10.398P-UNV-44420 Epson T044420 Yellow 10.398P-UNV-C8082BK Epson T032120 Black 11.998P-UNV-C8082C Epson T032220/T042220 Cyan 11.998P-UNV-C8082M Epson T032320/T042320 Magenta 11.998P-UNV-C8082Y Epson T032420/T042420 Yellow 11.998P-UNV-6556K Epson S020093/S020187/S187093/T013201 Black 12.998P-UNV-6558A Epson S020089/S020191/T014201/T020201 Color 16.998P-UNV-6557K Epson S020108/S020189/S189108/T019201 Black 15.998P-UNV-17201 Epson T017201 Black 22.958P-UNV-18201 Epson T018201 Color 26.958P-UNV-26201 Epson T026201 Black 21.958P-UNV-27201 Epson T027201 Color 17.95Half Strip Economy Desk Stapler• Top loads 105 half strip staples• 2 1 ⁄2" throat depth• Plastic/metal• Black8P-UNV-43114 Each Your Price 7.69Correction FluidsBinder ClipsYourPriceNo . Width Capacity Dozen8P-UNV-10200 3⁄4" 3⁄8" CALL8P-UNV-10210 1 1 ⁄4" 5⁄8" CALL8P-UNV-10220 2" 1" CALL4Standard Staples• 210 staples per strip, 5,000chisel point staples per box8P-UNV-79000 Box Your Price 00.00For a Complete Selection of Ink Jet Cartridges, See Our Full-Line Catalog• .68 fl. oz. bottleWhite—For bond originals.8P-UNV-75401 DozenYour Price 8.79All-Purpose White—For allapplications.8P-UNV-75407 EachYour Price 79¢Invisible Tape Six-Pack• Matte finish acceptsballpoint pen• 1" core; six 3 ⁄4" x 1,000" rollsper pack8P-UNV-83410 PackYour Price 00.0006-UF-L1-J/M

pQYour Best Choice For Quality And Value!Storage boxes on this page are basic strength for light-duty stackingand storing.00 00UNV-14115Quick Set-UpLift-Off Lid Boxes• Letter/legal size• White/Black• 12w x 10h x 15d• 12 boxes per carton8P-UNV-95224 CartonYour Price 28.99new!Hanging File Folders• Index tabs and inserts included• 25 folders per boxTabYour PriceNo. Size Cut BoxStandard Green8P-UNV-14115 Letter 1⁄5 4.998P-UNV-14113 Letter 1⁄3 4.998P-UNV-14215 Legal 1⁄5 6.498P-UNV-14213 Legal 1⁄3 7.79Assorted Colors*8P-UNV-14121 Letter 1⁄5 6.99*Five each: blue, bright green, red, violet and yellowEconomy Storage FilesNeed scan from OPMUNV-95221 1st Qtr2006 Retention Catalog page 34• Lift-off lid• White/Black• 12 files per cartonInside Dimensions Your PriceNo. Size (W x H x D) Carton8P-UNV-95220 Letter 12 x 10 x 24 39.998P-UNV-95221 Legal 15 x 10 x 24 44.998P-UNV-95223 Letter/Legal 12 x 10 x 15 CALLScrew-TogetherHanging FolderFrames• 27" long frames• Notched side rails snap off to fitshorter drawers (minimum 24")• Frames assemble with four screws• 6 frames per boxNo. Size Your Price Box8P-UNV-67000 Letter 9.998P-UNV-68000 Legal 11.99Economy Storage Files• String and button tie closure lid• White/Black• 12 files per cartonInsideYourDimensionsPriceNo. Size (W x H x D) Carton8P-UNV-75120 Letter 12 x 10 1 ⁄4 x 24 59.998P-UNV-75130 Legal 15 x 10 1 ⁄4 x 24 69.99Hanging File Pockets• Reinforced gussets• 3 1 ⁄2" expansion• Standard green, letter size*• 10 file pockets per box8P-UNV-14160 Box Your Price 18.99*Adjustable plastic tab and insert not included06-UF-L1-J/MDrawer Files• Thicker drawer panelsfor enhanced strength• White/Black• 6 files per cartonInside Dimensions Your PriceNo. Size (W x H x D) Carton8P-UNV-85120 Letter 12 1 ⁄4 x 10 1 ⁄4 x 23 1 ⁄2 59.998P-UNV-85220 Legal 15 1 ⁄4 x 10 1 ⁄4 x 23 1 ⁄2 71.99Redrope Expanding File Pockets• Fold down front• Manila-lined back, straight cut tabsNo. Size Expansion Box Qty. Your Price Box8P-UNV-15343 Letter 3 1 ⁄2" 25 32.998P-UNV-15262 Letter 5 1 ⁄4" 10 13.998P-UNV-15161 Legal 3 1 ⁄2" 25 37.998P-UNV-15363 Legal 5 1 ⁄4" 10 18.99For a Complete Selection of File Folders, See Our Full-Line Catalog3

pQBulk White Copy Paper• 92 GE brightness rating,20-lb. paper• Acid-free• 500 sheets per reamReams/Your PriceNo. Size Carton Carton8P-UNV-21200 8 1 ⁄2 x 11 10 CALL8P-UNV-24200 8 1 ⁄2 x 14 10 34.998P-UNV-28110 11 x 17 5 29.79Three-Hole Punched8P-UNV-28230 8 1 ⁄2 x 11 10 30.49Bright WhiteMultipurpose Paper• 95 GE brightness rating, 20-lb. paper• Acid-free• 500 sheets per reamReams/Your PriceNo. Size Carton Carton8P-UNV-95200 8 1 ⁄2 x 11 10 29.798P-UNV-95400 8 1 ⁄2 x 14 10 47.998P-UNV-95210 11 x 17 5 29.99Three-Hole Punched8P-UNV-95230 8 1 ⁄2 x 11 10 38.49Brilliant WhiteMultipurpose Paper• 98 GE brightness rating, 20-lb. paper• 100% chlorine-free• Acid-free• 8 1 ⁄2 x 11• 500 sheets per ream, 10 reamsper carton8P-UNV-98200 Carton Your Price 120.00Strip-Cut Shredders• Personal—Heavy-Duty• Shreds at 6 1 ⁄2 ft. per minuteinto 3 ⁄8" strips• Separate slot for creditcards and CDs/DVDs• Auto start/stop• Silver/Black• 15 5 ⁄8w x 10 3 ⁄8d x 25 1 ⁄8hConfetti-Cut Shredders• Office—Medium-Duty• Shreds at 7 1 ⁄4 ft. per minuteinto 3 ⁄8" x 2 1 ⁄8" confetti particles• Separate slot for credit cards• Auto start/stop• Silver/Black• 14w x 9 7 ⁄8d x 23 7 ⁄8h• Shpg. wt. 18 lbs.new!No. Maximum Sheets Shpg. Wt. Your Price Each8P-UNV-38016 16 26 lbs. 209.998P-UNV-38024 24 28 lbs. 499.99Recommended Shredder Bags• Three-ply 100% recyclable bags• 15w x 11d x 30h• 100 bags per carton8P-UNV-35945 Carton Your Price 17.25new!No. Maximum Sheets Your Price Each8P-UNV-38010 10 149.998P-UNV-38012 12 329.99Recommended Shredder Bags• Three-ply 100% recyclable bags• 15w x 11d x 30h• 100 bags per carton8P-UNV-35945 Carton Your Price 17.25Premium Multi-UseColored Paper• For use in copiersand laser printers• Acid-free, 20-lb. paper• 8 1 ⁄2 x 11• 500 sheets per reamNo. Color Your Price Ream8P-UNV-11202 Blue 5.398P-UNV-11201 Canary 5.398P-UNV-11205 Goldenrod 5.398P-UNV-11203 Green 5.398P-UNV-11204 Pink 5.392For a Complete Selection of Paper, See Our Full-Line CatalogShredder Lubricant Sheets• Feed directly into the paper entry• 8 1 ⁄2 x 11• 36 sheets per pack8P-UNV-38036 Pack Your Price 24.99Indicates that the product is made with recycled material.new!Indicates that the product is made with at least 30% post-consumerrecycled content.06-UF-L1-J/M

pQUniversal —High Quality At A Low Cost!00 00UNV-31402Pen Style Permanent Markersnew!• Fine bullet point• Low odor• ACMI Certified nontoxicNo. Color Unit Your PriceMinimum Order 12 Each8P-UNV-07071 Black Each 1.098P-UNV-07072 Red Each 1.098P-UNV-07073 Blue Each 1.098P-UNV-07074 Green Each 1.09Four-Color Set—Black, red, blue and green.8P-UNV-07070 Set 4.35Round Ring Binders• Suede finish vinyl covers• 3" binders include sheet lifterNo. Color Capacity Your Price EachWithout Label Holder8P-UNV-31401 Black 1" CALL8P-UNV-31402 Royal Blue 1" .998P-UNV-34401 Black 2" 3.498P-UNV-34402 Royal Blue 2" 3.49With Label Holder8P-UNV-31411 Black 1" 1.398P-UNV-35411 Black 3" 5.458P-UNV-35412 Royal Blue 3" 5.45CD-R Recordable Discs• Silver surface• Maximum recording speed 52x• Data/audio capacity 700MB/80 minutesYour PriceNo. Packaging* Quantity Pack8P-UNV-85885 Slim Jewel Cases 5 3.998P-UNV-77825 Spindle 25 9.298P-UNV-77850 Spindle 50 14.978P-UNV-77802 Spindle 100 42.00*Jewel case packaging includes jewel case and insert. Spindleproduct is packaged in a plastic container—does not include jewelcase or insertClasp Envelopes• Heavyweight brown Kraft; 28-lb.paper stock• 100 envelopes per boxNo. Size Your Price Box8P-UNV-35260 6 x 9 6.298P-UNV-35264 9 x 12 CALL8P-UNV-35267 10 x 13 8.998P-UNV-35270 12 x 15 1 ⁄2* 15.29*Accommodates printout sheets, 14 7 ⁄8 x 11File Folders• 11 pt. stock, 1 ⁄3 cut tabs• 100 folders per boxNo. Color Size Your Price Box8P-UNV-12113 Manila Letter 4.498P-UNV-15113 Manila Legal CALL8P-UNV-10506 Assorted* Letter 10.99*20 each: blue, bright green, red, yellow and violetWe reserve the right to correct pricing or copy errors. Due to the current volatility in the price of paper, toner and other commodityproducts, it may be necessary to confirm prices when placing your order. Since individual items are subject to availability from oursuppliers, we reserve the right to limit quantities. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars.© USSCO 2005—Printed in U.S.A.06-UF-L1-J/M

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