Precision Flow brochure
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Precision Flow brochure

Introducing The Next Generation of High Flow Oxygen TherapyTakes The Technology of High Flow OxygenTherapy To The Highest Level of SophisticationVapotherm, the leading innovator of high flowoxygen therapy takes the science of heatingand humidifying breathing gases to a dramaticnew level with the creation of PRECISION FLOW.Innovative TechnologyPRECISION FLOW is a high flow heat and humidificationdevice for the non-invasive delivery of inspiredgas flows from 1 to 40 liters per minute.The technology delivers a perfectsynchronization of flow, temperature,humidity and oxygen percentage withoutdiscomfort via nasal cannula.CONTROL THE FACTORS THAT MATTERPRECISION FLOW moves beyond conventionalhumidification, giving the clinician the ability to manage thekey factors in gas conditioning to achieve desired outcomes.Maximum Safety, Minimal InvasivenessPRECISION FLOW helps clinicians reach their goalto deliver the maximum respiratory assistance safelyand comfortably. More invasive techniques can result iniatrogenic effects and increased costs. 1 No other HighFlow device incorporates these safety features:• Precise measurement of temperature and flow• Built-in oxygen blender and oxygen sensor• Disposable patient circuit• Battery backupAccuracymatters

Designed for ease of useWorking with the respiratory community, PRECISIONFLOW was designed with the clinician in mind, providingeasy set up, operation and maintenance including:• Rapid set up and circuit priming• Single button control for flow, oxygen percentageand temperature values• Color–coded, uncluttered display for alarms andindicators• Engineered for reliability and streamlinedmaintenanceKey componentsDisposable Patient CircuitNo disinfection necessary: the patientcircuit is detachable and disposable.WORKS TO PRECISION IN ANY SETTINGPRECISION FLOW allows for the delivery of a broadrange of flows at up to 100% relative humidity, providingeffective, well-tolerated treatment for a variety ofconditions via nasal cannula.Care Settings• Adult Intensive Care• Pediatric Intensive Care• Neonatal Intensive Care• Emergency• Burn Centers• PulmonaryRehabilitation• Post Operative Care• Palliative CareApplicationsOxygenation andHumidification• Used in Neonatal,Pediatric and AdultApplications(1) Jorge Rojas, The use of Vapotherm in an NICU. Effects on respiratory supportand cost. Respiratory Care 2006; Vol 50 No 11.Patient Delivery TubePatented triple lumen design, air issurrounded by two water filled channels.Vapor Transfer CartridgeCore humidification technologyallows molecular water vaporto pass into the gas stream,preventing contact betweenwater source and breathing gas.Oxygen BlenderCan be used with air or oxygenindependently. Does not requirea 50 psi source.matters

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSProducts and AccessoriesPrecision Flow DeviceThe Precision Flow is a highflow device designed to heat,humidify and blend medicalbreathing gases for delivery to thepatient. This includes an AccessoryKit which contains the following:oxygen sensor, air and oxygen hosesand gas inlet traps, electrical cord,Operating Instruction Manual andQuick Reference Guide.DisposableSDisposable Patient CircuitThe disposable patient circuit iscomprised of the disposable waterpath, vapor transfer cartridge anddelivery tube. The entire disposablepatient circuit is available in eitherHigh Flow or Low Flow versions.The Vapotherm Low Flow Cartridgeis generally used for neonates andthe High Flow Cartridge is used foradult and pediatric applications.CannulasA series of specially designedcannulas are available forattachment to the DisposablePatient Circuit. Sizes include:Premature, Neonatal, Infant,Intermediate Infant, Pediatric,and Adult.AccessoriesPrecision Flow StandThe Precision Flow device can beattached to the Vapotherm ® IV pole.• Built-in oxygen blender. Oxygen percentageis fully adjustable from 21 to 100% whentwo 40 psi (276 kPa) gas sources are used.• Inlet gas pressure range is 4-70 psi(28-482 kPa). At low gas inlet pressures,maximum flow rate and oxygen percentagesettings are auto matically reduced to matchthe inlet pressure.• Two alarm levels indicate low and mediumpriority alarm conditions. IEC60601-1-8compliant.• Internal battery backup maintains flowand oxygen percentage for 15 minutes ifAC power is cut off. Battery rechargesin 1-2 hrs.KEY BENEFITS• No disinfection necessary. The patientcircuit is detachable and disposable.• Temperature, flow and oxygen percentageare adjusted via a single setting controlknob on the front panel.• Automatically senses cartridge type —maximum flow setting is automaticallyreduced if low-flow cartridge is installed.• Easy connection between the delivery tubeand disposable water path by a simplepress and click fitting.• All values and alarms displayed in a singlelarge color-coded panel.• Scheduled maintenance for internalcomponents at 3 year intervals, externalgas filters replaced at 6-month intervals,external oxygen sensor replaced annually.• Universal power requirements allowuse anywhere with only a change ofpower cord.Vapotherm, Inc. • 198 Log Canoe Circle • Stevensville, MD 21666 • 866.827.6843 • PF USBR 1/08

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