Our 2011 Buyers Guide - The Community Transportation ...

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Our 2011 Buyers Guide - The Community Transportation ...

Illuminating Choices for Transit:Our 2011 Buyers Guide

Twenty five years after it was launched as the foremost gatheringof community transportation professionals, the CommunityTransportation EXPO returns to Indianapolis, Ind., for its silveranniversary. EXPO returns to its original home to celebrate twentyfive years through a series of outstanding workshops, trainingsessions, social events and, of course, the National CommunityTransportation Roadeo competition. All this takes place inIndianapolis, June 5-9, 2011.More than just a location to recall the roots of EXPO, Indianapolisis an exciting gathering point in many ways. Its visitor-friendlydowntown is ideally structured to allow EXPO attendees the fullrange of attractions. Moreover, for the first time, our EXPO hotelswill be co-located on the same block and directly connected to theIndiana Convention Center, allowing for attendees easy access toEXPO events and activities. Indianapolis is often referred to as theCrossroads of America, due to its ideal location as a transportationmeeting point. In that sense, the Crossroads of America is a fittingsetting not only to celebrate twenty five years of EXPO, but alsocontinue our ongoing and important discussion of how to betterconnect our communities and improve mobility for all.REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!CONFERENCE INFORMATION AND SCHEDULES ARE AVAILABLE!VISIT WWW.CTAA.ORG/EXPO FOR FULL DETAILS3 Community Transportation Community Transportation

PublisherDale J. Marsico, CCTMEditor-In-ChiefScott BogrenEditorRich SampsonContributorsCharles DicksonAnthony FrederickCirculationPlease direct circulation questionsto circulation@ctaa.orgFinanceDon BrownerEditorial Offices1341 G Street, N.W., 10th FloorWashington, DC 20005E-Mail: cteditor@ctaa.orgWeb: http://www.ctaa.org/ctAdvertising SalesBill Shoemaker, A.H.I.118 Church Street, P.O. Box 519Selbyville, DE 19975Phone: 302.436.4375Fax: 302.436.1911E-Mail: Convene@aol.comCommunity Transportation magazine (ISSN0895-4437) is published by the CommunityTransportation Association of America, a nationalprofessional membership associationof organizations and individuals committedto removing barriers to isolation and to improvemobility for all people. Subscriptionsto Community Transportation are $50 forone year or $90 for two years. Foreign subscribersadd $12 for postage. Postmaster:Send address changes to 1341 G Street,NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC 20005.From the EditorCapturing InnovationEach year, as we add new companies andlistings to our ever-growing CommunityTransportation Buyers Guide magazine, thetechnological evolution of the communityand public transportation field moves clearlyinto focus. Indeed, one can look no furtherthan the Buyers Guide to understand thekey transit issues of the day, as they revealthemselves in the products and services —and the manufacturers and consultants thatprovide these products and services — that fillthis magazine’s pages. This 2011 CommunityTransportation Buyers Guide is no different.Having now edited two-dozen of these Buyers Guide editions, I can recall that thepublication was initially almost entirely devoted to vehicle manufacturers. As drugand alcohol testing became part of the industry, collection sites, medical reviewofficers and testing equipment manufacturers entered the guide. The Americanswith Disabilities Act (ADA) brought us accessibility equipment like tie-downs,converted vans as well as ADA planning consultants. Over time, the Buyers Guidechronicles the initial development and subsequent specialization of routing andscheduling software — particularly as transit moved into the on-line realm withthe full adoption of the internet and its capabilities. Today’s Buyers Guide addsmany new vendors in the passenger-notification fields as more riders seek to takeadvantage of the smart phones they carry with them. It also features new entriesin the safety and security categories, as well as facility construction and management.In addition to the more than 200 new entries in the Guide this year, you’ll alsofind a significantly expanded Index section that, too, represents the innovationsmaking their way into transit. From bicycle lockers to mobile data terminals, obstacledetection systems to commuter tax benefit experts, we know that this is themost inclusive and wide-ranging collection of manufacturers, vendors and consultantsthat we have ever assembled and indexed for your ease of use.In keeping with our new digital emphasis, this also will be the first edition of ourBuyers Guide to include an on-line component featuring live-linked entries anda new digital Index. Just point your way over to the Community Transportationmagazine website at www.ctaa.org/ct and click on the Digital Buyers Guide link totake advantage of this powerful addition to this publication.The ideal companion to the Buyers Guide is the Community TransportationEXPO Trade Fair. CTAA will be celebrating its 25th EXPO this coming June 5-10in Indianapolis, Ind., and we’re planning one of our largest Trade Fairs ever. Don’tmiss your chance to see first-hand the innovations and speak directly with the expertsthat comprise the pages of our Buyers Guide, and get your chance to previewwhere our community and public transportation industry is headed.6 Community Transportation

Section 1 – Vehicles andEquipmentGENERAL EQUIPMENT FOR VEHICLES &OPERATIONS2011Buyers Guide IndexThe Buyers Guide Index section organizes the listings that follow into categories thatreaders can use to plan the development of their systems. This year, we’ve morethan tripled the number of categories in the Index to give readers a better idea of thediversity and growth of the Buyers Guide listings. These index listings will be at theheart of the new Digital Buyers Guide that you can access at www.ctaa.org/ct. Asalways, if you have any additions, corrections or suggestions about anything you seein this publication, please email them to cteditor@ctaa.org.The 2011 Community Transportation Buyers Guide is brought to you by the CommunityTransportation Association’s Community Transportation Assistance Programfunded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This Guideis intended to help Community Transportation systems across the United Statesprovide much needed mobility to the riders they serve. Individual copies of this publicationcan be obtained free of charge by contacting the Community TransportationAssociation’s National Transit Resource Center at 800.527.82799 Community TransportationA&A Industrial Products 20ABT Products and Services 21A.C.C. International, Inc. 20Adaptive Micro Systems LLC 21AESYS, Inc 22Allison Transmission 22American Bus Products 23American Carrier Systems, Inc. 23American Power Systems 23Ametek Technical & Industrial Products 23Amtech RollGard 23Ansul Incorporated 23ARI-HETRA 24ASA Electronics 24ASC Industries 24Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison 24Atwood Mobile Products 25Ayers Electronic Systems, LLC 25Azure Dynamics Corporation 25B & R Manufacturing, Inc. 25Bandag, Inc. 25Baultar 26BayNets Safety Systems 26Bennett Controls 26Bike Lokr 26BikeLid 26Bitzer US 27Body Rite Repair Company 27Brasco International 27Braun Corporation 27Breeze Clamp Products 27Brush Industries Inc. 27Bus Stuf Inc. 28Cableform, Inc. 28Carmanah Technologies 29Cattco 29CEMUSA, Inc. 29Central Tools, Inc. 29Centramatic 29Century Chemical Corp. 29Chemold Products 29Clements National Company 30Cole Hersee Co. 31Columbia Equipment Company 31Command Electronics 31Commercial Vehicle Group 31Couch & Philippi 32Cummins Filtration 32Cycle-Safe, Inc. 33Daytech Ltd. 33Dero Bike Rack Co. 34Design Dimensions 34Designovations, Inc. 34

Detroit Diesel Corporation 34Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering 34Doron Precision Systems, Inc. 34DPF Regeneration 35DriverCheck, Inc. 35ECOM America, Ltd. 36Gillespie Graphics 39Graber Products, Inc. 39Gray Manufacturing Company 39Hadley Products Corp. 40Hamilton Kent 40Hansen Int. 40Harting, Inc. of North America 40HeartSine 40Hehr Intl., Inc. 40Hehr Power Systems 41Heritage-Crystal Clean 41Hoppecke Batteries, Inc. 41Hunter Engineering Company 41Hydraulic Electric, Inc. (HECS, Inc.) 41I/O Controls Corporation 41IMPulse NC, INC. 42Infodev EDI 42Ingersoll-Rand 42Intellitec Products 42Intermotive Products 43International Name Plate Supplies Ltd. 43ISE Corporation 43ITW Plexus 43J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. 43Jasper Engines and Transmissions 43Jomarr Products, Inc. 44Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co. 45KONE Inc. 45KONI North America 45Kimberly-Clark Professional 45Kustom Fit Manufacturing 45Lacor/Streetscape 46LADD Industries 46Lincoln Industrial 47Lucerix International Corporation 48LUMINATOR 48Mandrell Solutions, Inc. 48Mentor Engineering 49Michelin North America, Inc. 49Mico, Inc. 49Microphor, Inc. 49Mile-X Equipment, Inc 50Milwaukee Composites, Inc. 50Mirror Lite Company 50MITO Corporation 50Mohawk Manufacturing 51Mohawk Resources Ltd. 51MOR/Ryde International 51Mountain Mfg. & Marketing, Inc. 51MTE Hydraulics 51Multina, Inc. 52Muncie Transit Supply 52Mustang Dynamometer 52National Guard Products, Inc. 5210 Community TransportationNationwide Bus Parts 52NATSCO(North American Transit SupplyCorporation) 52NAVTEQ 52Neopart 53NEWMAR 53North American Specialty Glass 53Oetiker, Inc 54Onspot Automatic Tire Chains 54Pacor, Inc. 55PCTEL 55PEI-Genesis 56Penn Machine Company 56PennTex Indistries, Inc. 56PPG Industries, Inc. 56Priority Manufacturing, Inc. 56Puradyn Filter Technologies 57Railquip, Inc. 57Reelcraft Industries, Inc. 58Reyco/Granning Air Suspensions 58Ridewell Suspensions 58Rigidized Metals Corporation 58Roadmaster Active Suspension 58Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corporation 59Reomeo R.I.M. Inc. 59Rotary Lift 59S1 Gard 59Safeguard Technology 59Safety Vision 60Saris Cycling Group 60Schneller LLC 60SEFAC, Inc. 60Send Word Now 60Seon Design Inc. 60Sherwood Electromotion Inc. 61SMI Group 61Solar Outdoor Lighting 61SoundOff Signal 61Southland Printing Company, Inc. 61Spartan Transit Supply Corp. 62Sportworks Northwest Inc. 62Stertil-Koni USA, Inc. 62Sumitomo Corporation of America 62Sure Power Industries, Inc. 63Swiger Coil Systems, Inc. 63Swing Frame Display 63T&T Transit Products 63Talk-A-Phone Co. 63Talking Signs, Inc. 63TDG Transit Design Group Inc. 63The KIC Group 64T-Ji Inc. Talfourd-Jones Inc. 64Tolar Manufacturing Company, Inc. 65Transign LLC 66Transit Auto Body, Inc. 66Transit Fittings of North America 66Transpo Industries, Inc. 66Transport Products Inc. 66Trolley Illusions 67Turbo Images 67TwinVision na, Inc. 67United Engines LLC 68Universal Coach Parts, Inc. 68Vansco Electronics, LP 68Vapor Bus International 69Velvac, Inc. 69Visual Marking Systems, Inc. 69Voith Turbo Inc. 69W. S. Sign Design Corp. 69W. W. Williams 69WAYGO Corp. 69Weldon 70ACCESSIBILITY EQUIPMENT AND PRODUCTSAccess Unlimited 21Ace Mobility LLC 21ADAride.com 21Advanced Wheels of Technology 22Alliance Data Systems 22All-Tech 22American Bus and Accessories, Inc. 23American Seating 23Amramp 23Amsafe Commercial Products 23Ancra International 23Arboc Mobility LLC 24Beams Industries 26Besi Inc. 26Braun Corporation 27Bruno Independent Living Aids 27CDA-Safety Chairs 29Creative Controls, Inc. 32DLD Truck Straps 34Garaventa 38Gresham Driving Aids, Inc. 39Ibis Tek, LLC 41Ilderton Conversion Company 42Lift-U 46Maxon Mobility 49Mobility Masters 50Mobility Products & Design 50Mobility Transportation Services 50Ortho Safe Systems International, Inc. 54Passenger Lift Service, Inc. 55Q’Straint 57Ricon Corporation 58Safe Haven 59Sendero Group 60Sure-Lok, Inc. 63T&T Transit Products 63Tie Tech, Inc. 64TRANSIT-TILE 66United Access, LLC 68Vanguard ADA Systems of America 68BICYCLE RACKS, LOCKERS & SYSTEMSAmerican Bicycle Security, Co. 22Bike Lokr 26

Bike Lid 26BikeStation 26Creative Pipe, Inc. 32Cycle-Safe 33Dero Bike Rack Co. 34Grabber Products 39Saris Cycling Group 60Sportworks Northwest Inc. 62BRAKING SYSTEMSAffinia 22Bendix 26Brake Alert 27Brake Pro, Ltd. 27Brake Right 27Faiveley Transport 37Gooch Brake and Equipment 39Gunite Corporation 39Haldex Brake Products Corp. 40Indian Head Industries, Inc. 42KLAM America Corp. 45Knorr Brake Corporation 45MAN Engines & Components, Inc. 48Marathon Brake Systems 48MGM Brakes 49Mico, Inc. 49Midland Brake, Inc. 49Railquip, Inc. 57Safety Systems & Controls 60Star Machine & Tool Company 62Telma Retarder, Inc. 63ELECTRONICS & ELECTRICAL SWITCHESCole Hersee 31Command Electronics 31Harting, Inc. of North America 40I/O Controls Corporation 41IMPulse NC, INC. 42LADD Industries 46NEWMAR 53PEI-Genesis 56PennTex Industries, Inc. 56Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corp. 59Sherwood Electromotion Inc. 61Vansco Electronics, LP 68WAGO Corporation 69EMISSIONS TESTING EQUIPMENTECOM America, Ltd. 36ENGINE SYSTEMS, SUPPLIES & TOOLSA&A Industrial Products 20ACTIA 21Allison Transmissions 22American Power Systems 23Ametek, Inc. 2311 Community TransportationAtlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison 24Azure Dynamics Corp. 25BAE Systems 25Ballard Power Systems 25Biofriendly Corp. 26Breeze Clamp Products 27Caterpillar 29Deere Power Systems Group 34Detroit Diesel 34Diesel Exchange 34Eaton 36Electric Vehicles Int. 36Electronic Micro Systems, Inc. 36Enova Systems 37Hehr Power Systems 41Ingersoll-Rand 42ISE Corp. 43Jasper Engines and Transmissions 43Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co. 45Swiger Coil Systems, Inc. 63United Engines LLC 68Voith Turbo Inc. 69W. W. Williams 69FARE COLLECTION & MEDIAAlliance Data Systems 22Ascom Transport 24Auriga Corporation 25BEA Transit Solutions, Inc. 26Brush Industries 27CAPTech, Inc. 28CashCode 29Cubic Transportation Systems 32Denominator Co. 34Diamond Mfg. 34Digital Printing Systems, Inc. 34Doyle Argosy 35Fare Logistics 37Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. 38GFI Genfare 38Infodev EDI 42INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. 42Magnetic Ticket & Label Corporation 48Main Fare Box/Euclid Products Co. Inc. 48MEI Sodeco 49Productive Solutions 56Scheidt and Bachman USA 60The Gooderham Group 64Toledo Ticket Company 65TransCore 65Westport Corporation 70FIRE SUPRESSION & PROTECTIONAnsul Incorporated 23Firetrace, Int. 37Jomarr Products, Inc. 44Kidde Aerospace and Defense 45FLOORING & SURFACES FOR VEHICLESAce Rubber Products 21ACTIVA Rubber 21Altro Transflor 22Baultar 26Cote-L Industries 32D&W Inc. 33Gerflor 39Koroseal Floor Systems 45Marley Flexco 48Milwaukee Composites, Inc. 50RCA Rubber Company 58FUEL (ALTERNATIVE AND REGULAR)SUPPLIERS & PRODUCTSAdvanced Energy 21ANGI International, LLC 23Applied LNG Technologies/FleetStar 24APPI 24Argo-Tech Corp./Carter Cryogenic Products 24Assetworks 24Ballard Power Systems Inc. 25BayNets Safety Systems 26Biofriendly Corporation 26BP US Fuels 27Centex 29Chart Industries, Inc./NexGen Fueling 29Chevron Products 30CITGO Petroleum 30Clean Energy 30Demand Pooling Global Services 34Dynatek Industries, Ltd. 35Electric Vehicles International 36FAB Industries, LLC 37Fleet Cards, USA 37Fuelmaster 38Hythane Company, LLC 41ISE Corporation 43Jomarr Products, Inc. 44Linwood Capital, LLC 47Mansfield Oil Company 48Millennium Technologies 50Mirenco Technologies 50National Renewable Energy Laboratory 52S&A Systems 59Sprague Energy 62The Southern California Gas Company 64Titan Oil Analysis c/o Siegel Oil Co. 64Trak Engineering, Inc. 65Trillium USA 67GLASS, WINDOWS & WINDSHIELDSClean Seal 30Coach Glass 31Hehr Int. 40Madico, Inc. 48NATSCO (North American Transit Supply

Corporation) 52North American Specialty Glass 53Saint-Gobain Sully N.A., Inc. 60Translite Enterprises 66HEATING & AIR CONDITIONINGACC Climate Control 21Air International 22American Cooling Technology 23Carrier Traniscold A/C 29Electric Fan Engineering 36Espar Heater Systems 37Omega Environmental 54ProAir, LLC 56Rifled Air Conditioning, Inc. 58Sartin Services, Inc. 60Sutrak Corporation 63Thermo King 64Trans/Air Manufacturing 65Webasto Thermosystems, Inc. 70Werther International 70HEAVY-DUTY LIFTS & HOISTSAlimak Hek 22ARI-HETRA 24BayNets Safety Systems 26Gray Mfg. Co. 39Hunter Engineering Company 41Ingersoll-Rand 42LPI Lift Systems 47Mohawk Resources Ltd. 51Railquip, Inc. 57Rotary Lift 59SEFAC, Inc. 60Stertil-Koni USA, Inc. 62Whiting Corporation 70LIGHTING & SIGNAGEA.L. LIGHTech 21Adaptive Micro Systems 21Aesys, Inc. 22Alpine Systems, Inc. 22Carmanah Technologies 29Clements National Company 30Com-Net Software Inc. 32Couch & Philippi 32Data Display USA 33Dialight Corp. 34Enseicom Inc. 37HiTech Electronic Displays 41LEDTronics 46LNI Custom Manufacturing 47LUMINATOR 48Peterson Mfg. Co. 56Skyline Products 61Solar Outdoor Lighting 61Sunrise Systems, Inc. 6212 Community TransportationTalking Signs, Inc. 63TDG Transit Design Group Inc. 63Transign LLC 66Transportation Tech 67TwinVision na, Inc. 67Vernon & Maz Inc. 69Visual Marking Systems, Inc. 69W. S. Sign Design Corp. 69Weldon 70MAPSCHK America 30NAVTEQ 52Tele Atlas 63Towill Inc. 65MASS NOTIFICATION SYSTEMSMackenzie Laboratories, Inc. 48MIS Sciences Corporation 50Send Word Now 60Talk-A-Phone Co. 63MIRRORSB&R Mfg. 25Hadley Products Corp. 40Hehr Int. 40Lucerix International Corporation 48Mirror Lite Company 50Ramco Engineering, Inc. 58Rosco, Inc. 59MOBILE DATA TERMINALS & PROCESSING4P Mobile Data Processing 20Cadec Systems, Inc. 28Mentor Engineering 49Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc. 57OBSTACLE DETECTION SYSTEMSAckton, Inc. 21Echovision Division of Armatron 36INTEC Video Systems, Inc. 42Kingston Mobile Electronics 45Mobile Awareness 50Sonar Safety Systems 61ViewPoint Mobility 69SAFETY PRODUCTS AND VEHICLESIMULATORSA & A Industrial Products 20Altro Transflor 22Ansul Incorporated 23CDA-Safety Chairs 29Corys Inc. 32Cote-L Industries 32DATTCO, Inc. 33Designovations, Inc. 34DriveCam 35DriverCheck, Inc. 35FAAC Inc. 37Firetrace, Int. 37Garaventa 38HeartSine 40InThinc 43Kimberly-Clark Professional 45Mobile Awareness 50Onspot Automatic Tire Chains 54Robotronics, Inc. 59Romeo R.I.M. Inc. 59S1 Gard 59Safe-Crossings 59Safeguard Technology 59SmartDrive Systems, Inc. 61SMI Group 61SoundOff Signal 61TRANSIT-TILE 66Vanguard ADA Systems of America 68Vigil Systems 69Waypoint Research 70Your Safety Place 71SEATING, UPHOLSTERY & VEHICLEINTERIORSAltro Transflor 22American Seating Company 23Athol Corporation 24Baultar Composite, Inc. 26Beams Industries 26Bentech, Inc. 26Bergen Auto Upholstery Co., Inc. 26Besi, Inc. 26Bostrom Seating 27Braun Seating Inc. 27BusTex Corp. 28The C.E. White Company 28Chestnut Ridge Foam 30CMI Enterprises 30Fabric Services 37Fellfab 37Freedman Seating Company 38Grammer, Inc. 39Haartz Corporation 40Hamilton Kent 40IMMI 42Irwin Seating Company 43Isringhausen, Inc. 43John Holdsworth & Co. 44Koroseal Floor Systems 45KPS N.A., Inc 45Kustom Fit Mfg. 45Kustom Seating 46La France Industries 46Lantal Textiles, Inc. 46MobilityWorks 51

Morbern USA, Inc. 51Multina Inc. 52N&F Upholstery, Inc. 52North American Fabrics, Inc. 53Otaco Seating Company, Ltd. 54Pretoria Transit Interiors 56R.A.M.E. 57Recaro North America, Inc. 58Sardo Bus and Coach Upholstery 60Sedia, Inc. 60Specialty Textile Interiors 62STI/Kings Plush Products 62USSC LLC/4ONE LLC 68SHELTERS & BUS STOPSBrasco International 27Cemusa 29Columbia Equipment Co. 31Creative Pipe, Inc. 32Daytech Ltd. 33Design Dimensions 34Enseicom Inc. 37Lacor/Streetcape 46Leisure Craft 46LNI Custom Manufacturing 47Mountain Manufacturing & Marketing, Inc. 51One Stop Bus Stop, Inc. 54Tolar Manufacturing Company, Inc. 65Victor Stanley, Inc. 69SUSPENSION SYSTEMSAmtech Corp. 23E-Z Ride Corp. 37Reyco/Granning Air Suspensions 58Ridewell Suspensions 58Roadmaster Active Suspension 58TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS3M 20Fortran Traffic Systems 38Global Traffic Technologies 39International Road Dynamics 43KLD 45Novax 54UNIFORMS & APPARELAramark Work Apparel 24Elbeco Uniform Co. 36Howard Uniform Company 41Quartermaster Uniform Company 57Superior Uniforms 63VF Corporation 69Workrite Uniform Co. 7013 Community TransportationVEHICLE CLEANING AND WASHINGACC International 20Belanger, Inc. 26Bitimec Int. 27C.E. Niehoff & Company 28Caravelle Industries 28Century Chemical Corp. 29Certol International 29ChassiJet USA 29Green Power Chemical 39Hallcon Cleaning Ltd. 40Heritage Crystal Clean 41Interclean Equipment 43JEM Sales, Inc. 44Kimberly-Clark Professional 45N/S Vehicle Wash Systems 52Pseco Inc. 57Ross & White 59Ryko Mfg. Co. 59TBW, Inc. 63Washtronics, Ltd. 70Whiting Systems, Inc. 70VEHICLE CONVERSIONSAccubuilt, Inc. 21AdaptaVAn LLC/Main Mobility Inc. 21Advanced Weels of Technology 22AMS Vans 23Atwood Mobile Products 25Braun Corp. 27Bus Body Builders 28Coach Crafters, Inc. 31CommTrans 31Complete Mobility Systems 32Creative Carriage 32Cummings Mobility Conversions & Supply 32Custom Craft Vehicles 33Double K, Inc. 35Eastern Mobility Company 35Eclipse Mobility 36FMI (Freedom Motors USA Inc) 38Ilderton Conversion Company 42Independent Mobility Systems, Inc. 42Interfleet Technology Inc. 43Liberty Motors Company, Inc. 46M.I.T.S. Corporation 48MC Mobility Systems 49Midwest Bus Corporation 50Mobility Connections 50MobilityWorks 51Motor Coach Industries Inc. 51NEST Vehicles 53New England Wheels 53NorCal Mobility 53Ride-Away Bus Sales 58Rollx Vans 59SD Enterprises 60Turtle Top 67Tuscany, Inc. 67Universal Motion 68US Coach Works, Inc. 68Van Conversions, Inc. 68VEHICLE DEALERS & DISTRIBUTORS422 School Bus Auctions 20Ambassador Bus Sales 22Arizona Bus Sales 24ATEL Bus & Truck 24A-Z Bus Sales 25Boyer Ford Bus and Coach Division 27Busforsale.com 28Buzz Equipment Co. 28Carolina Thomas 29Carpenter Bus Sales 29Central States Bus Sales, Inc. 29Colonial Equipment Company 31Commercial Bus Sales, Inc. 31CommTrans 31Complete Coach Works 32Complete Mobility Systems 32Creative Bus Sales, Inc. 32Gorman Bus Sales 39IMED Mobility 42Intermountain Coach 43i-Transit Inc. 43Lasseter Bus & Mobility 46Leeds Transit 46Midwest Bus Corporation 50Midwest Bus Sales 50Midwest Transit Equipment, Inc 50MV Sales and Leasing, Inc. 52Myers Equipment Corporation 52National Van Sales, Inc 52Northern Bus Sales, Inc. 53Northwest Bus Sales, Inc. 53Palmetto Bus Sales 55Quality Van Sales Inc 57Ride-Away Bus Sales 58Rohrer Bus Sales, Inc. 59Sonny Merryman 61Southern Bus & Mobility, Inc. 61TESCO Transportation Equipment 63Transit Plus, Inc. 66Transit Sales International 66Transportation South, Inc. 67W.C. Cressey and Son, Inc. 69Whitman Ford Company 70Zia Bus Sales 71VEHICLE DECALS & GRAPHICS3M 20Gillespie Graphics 39International Name Plate Supplies Ltd. 43Trolley Illusions 67Turbo Images 67Vernon & Maz Inc. 69

VEHICLE HANDRAILS & RACKSBentech 26Chemold Products 29Transit Fittings of North America 66VEHICLE MANUFACTURERSABC Company, Inc. 21Aerobus International, Inc. 22American Emergency Vehicles/Interfleet 23Ameritrans by TMC Group, Inc. 23Ansaldobreda, Inc. 23Arboc Mobility 24Autovan LLC 25A-Z Bus Sales 25Blue Bird Coachworks 27Boyertown Trolley 27Bus and Coach Int. 28Cable Car Concepts 28Champion Bus, Inc. 29Classic Coach, Inc. 30Classic Trolley, Inc. 30Coach & Equipment Manufacturing Corp. 31Coach Crafters, Inc. 31Cobus Industries 31Collins Bus Corp. 31DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses 33Dallas Smith Corp. 33DesignLine USA 34Diamond Coach Corp. 34Double K, Inc. 35DuponTrolley Industries 35Ebus, Inc. 36ElDorado National 36Fisher Coachworks 37Ford Commercial Truck 38Foton America Bus Co., Inc. 38Freightliner Custom Chassis 38Gateway Coachworks, Inc. 38General Motors 38Gillig Corporation 39Girardin Minibus, Inc. 39Glaval Bus 39Goshen Coach-Thor Ind. Comm. Bus Div. 39Great American Trolley Company 39Heartland Wheels, Inc. 40Hoglund Bus Co., Inc. 41IC Corp. Bus 42Ilderton Conversion Company 42Krystal Enterprises 45M.I.T.S. Corporation 48Mark IV Transportation Products Corp. 48MEI 49Millennium Transit Services 50Mobility Transportation Services 50MobilityWorks 51Molly Trolly 51Motor Coach Industries Inc. 51NEST Vehicles 5314 Community TransportationNew England Wheels 53New Flyer of America, Inc. 53Nimco Bus Division 53NorCal Mobility 53North American Bus Industries, Inc 53Nova Bus 53Optima Bus Corporation 54Orion Bus Industries, Inc. 54Overland Custom Coach, Inc. 54Prevost Car Inc. 56Proterra, LLC 57Rollx Vans 59SETRA of North America, Inc. 60Shepard Brothers, Inc. 61Spartan Motors, Inc. 62Specialty Vehicles, Inc. 62Stallion Bus Industries 62Starcraft Bus 62Sumitomo Corp. of America 62Sunset Vans 63Supreme Corp. 63The Vehicle Production Group 64Tiffany Coach 64Trams International 65Transit Auto Body, Inc. 66Trident Industries 67Trolley Enterprises Inc. 67Turtle Top 67Tuscany, Inc. 67USA Medcoach 68US Coach Works, Inc. 68Van Conversions, Inc. 68Wolfington Body Company, Inc. 70Workhorse Custom Chassis 70VEHICLE REPAIR & REFURBISHMENTBig Rig Collision 26Body Rite Repair Company 27Bus Body Builders 28Coach Crafters 31DATTCO, Inc. 33Transit Auto Body, Inc. 66VIDEO SURVEILLANCE24/7 Security Inc. 20Angeltrax 23Apollo Video Technology 24Custom Radio Company 33Fortress Systems Int. 38Gatekeeper Systems, Inc. 38Henry Brothers Electronics 41Honeywell Video Systems 41Innovative Electronic Designs, Inc. 42Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc. 48Panasonic Security Systems 55Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. 57Robotics Technologies, Inc. 58RTI Bus-Cam 59Safety Vision 60Seon Design Inc. 60Transit Surveillance Systems 66Transit Video Security Systems 66VerifEye Technologies Inc. 69Verint Video Intelligence Solutions 69Viscom 69Zepco Sales & Services, Inc. 71WHEELS & TIRESArvinmeritor 24Bandag 25Centramatic 29Continental Tire Company 32Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. 39Hankook Tire America Corp. 40McCourt Industries 49Michelin North America, Inc. 49Onspot of North America, Inc. 54Penn Machine Company 56Yokohama Commercial Tires 71SEATBELTSBeams Industries 26Besi Inc. 26Section 2 – Software andTechnologyGENERAL SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY4P MOBILE DATA PROCESSING 20ACS 21Altair Engineering, Inc. 22AlterNetWays 22AngelTrax Bus Video 23Apollo Video Technology 24Automated Business Solutions 25Avail Technologies 25Axiom Corp. 25Ayers Electronic Systems, Inc. 25Base Technologies, Inc. 25bd Systems 26Cadec Systems, Inc. 28Caliper Corporation 28CapitalSoft, Inc. 28CI2, Incorporated 30Cisco Systems 30Clear View Strategies, Inc. 30Clever Devices Ltd. 30Com-Net Software Inc. 32Coordinated Transportation Solutions 32Cori Inc. 32CTS Software Inc 32Data 911 33Data Display USA 33

Dedicated Micros Inc. 33Digital Dispatch Systems 34Digital Recorders, Inc. 34DriveCam 35EasyBus, Inc. 36Echovision 36Ecolane 36Ecology and Environment, Inc. 36EIGER TechSystems, Inc. 36Emdeon Business Services 36EnGraph 36ESRI 37Firetide 37FleetMax, Inc. 37Gai-Tronics 38Giro, Inc. 39Global Transportation Technologies 39Grampion Software 39Grants Management Systems, Inc. 39GreenRide (Ecology & Environment, Inc.) 39GreyHawk Technologies, Inc. 39HB Software Solutions 40Henry Brothers Electronics 41Infodev EDI 42INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. 42Innovative Transportation Concepts 42Inova Solutions 42INTEC Video Systems, Inc. 42Interfleet Technology Inc. 43International Display Systems, Inc 43Kennebec, Inc. 45Kingston Mobile Electronics 45KLD 45Logic Tree Corp. 47Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc. 48Megadyne Information Systems 49Meister Electronics, LC 49Mentor Engineering 49Mincom, Inc. 50MIS Sciences Corporation 50MJM Innovations 50Mobilitat 50Motorola 51NAVTRAK, Inc. 53NextBus Information Systems, Inc. 53Northrup Grumman 53Novalog Informatique Inc. 54OTI America 54Paratransit, Inc. 55Penta Corporation 56Pi Star Data Solutions 56Power Resources International, Inc. 56Productive Solutions 56PTV America 57Quester Tangent Corporation 57Radio Engineering Industries, inc. 57Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc. 57RAM Systems, Inc. 58Robotics Technologies, Inc. 58Route Logic, Inc. 5915 Community TransportationRouteMatch Software 59RTI Bus-Cam 59Safety Vision 60SAP Public Services, Inc. 60Schedule Masters, Inc. 60Seon Design 60Shah Software 61Software AG, Inc. 61Sony Corporation 61Spear Technologies 62StarTran Software 62Stratagen Systems, Inc. 62Technology Solution Providers 63Thoreb North America, LLC 64TranSched Systems/Ontira Communications 65TransTrack Systems, Inc 67TranWare, Inc. 67Trapeze Group 67TwinVision na, Inc. 67Ultramain Systems Inc. 68Unified Dispatch 68VerifEye Tech 69Verint Video Intelligence Solutions 69ViewPoint Mobility 69Viscom 69You-R-Here 71Zepco Sales & Service 71ADA ELIGIBILITY PROCESSING & SOFTWAREADAride.com 21C.A.R.E. Evaluators 28CALL CENTER EQUIPMENT & SOFTWAREAlcatel Canada Inc. 22American Loop Systems 23Cisco Systems 30Inova Solutions 42Logic Tree Corp.Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc.MotorolaFLEET MONITORING & TRACKING/GPS/VEHICLE LOCATINGAbbott Enterprises 21ACS Transportation Management Solutions 21ALK Technologies 22Arsenault Associates 24Assetworks 24Avail Technologies 25Avego 25Cab Connect 28Cadec Systems, Inc. 28Caliper Corp. 28Chevin Fleet Solutions, LLC 30Clear Creek Computer 30Clever Devices 30Collective Data 31Digital Dispatch 34Digital Recorders, Inc. 34E.J. Ward 35Ecology and Environment, Inc. 36Fleet Management Solutions 37Fleetronix 37Global Transportation Technologies 39HB Software Solutions 40InThinc 43ISR Transit 43Macro Corporation 48NAVTRAK, Inc. 53NextBus Information Systems, Inc. 53Norse Systems, Inc. 53OmniStar USA 54Pi Star Data Solutions 56Quester Tangent Corporation 57Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc. 57RouteMatch Software 59SmartDrive Systems, Inc. 61StarTran Software, LLC 62Strategic Mapping, Inc. 62TMW Systems 65Trapeze Group 67Unified Dispatch 68You-R-Here 71Zonar Systems 71MOBILITY MANAGEMENTGreenRide (Ecology & Environment, Inc.) 39PAGING & AUDIO SYSTEMSAlcatel Canada Inc. 22American Loop Systems 23Cisco Systems 30Custom Radio Corp. 33Innovative Electronic Designs, Inc. 42Meister Electronics, LC 49ROUTING & SCHEDULING SOFTWAREAutomated Business Solutions 25CTS Software, Inc. 32Ecology and Environment, Inc. 36EnGraph 36Giro, Inc. 39HB Software Solutions 40Mobilitat 50Route Logic, Inc. 59RouteMatch Software 59Schedule Masters, Inc. 60Shah Software 61Stratagen Systems, Inc. 62TranSched Systems/Ontira Communications 65TransitWare, LLC 66Trapeze Group 67

Section 3 – Consultants andExpertsGENERAL CONSULTANTS & EXPERTSA Test Consultants 20A-M-M-A Transit Planning 21ACS 21Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. 21AECOM Enterprises 22AHI 22Akerman Senterfitt Wickwire Gavin 22Alan Samostie 22American Loop Systems 23AON Risk Services 23Arthur N. Gaudet & Associates 24ATS Consulting 25Atwell Consulting Group 25Axiom Corporation 25Barton Transportation Services 25Base Technologies, Inc. 25Basile Baumann Prost & Associates, Inc. 26Bechtel 26Benefit Resource, Inc. 26Bergeron Marketing LLC 26BGW Associates, LLC 26Blakeslee Group 27Booz Allen Hamilton 27Bourne Transit Consulting 27Brooks & Associates 27Burns Engineering, Inc. 28Bus Solutions 28C.A.R.E. Evaluators, LLC 28Cadec Systems, Inc. 28Cambridge Systematics, Inc. 28CapitalSoft 28CAPtech, Inc. 28Carmen Group 29Carter & Burgess, Inc 29CH2M HILL 29Cherry Consulting of the Carolinas, Inc. 30CHG & Associates 30Chiang, Patel & Yerby, Inc. 30CHK AMERICA 30CHS Consulting Group 30Clear View Strategies 30CMA Consulting, Inc. 30CodeRed Business Solutions 31Community Mobility Solutions 31Community Spec, Inc. 31Commuter Check Services Corp./ OramAssociates 32Contract Compliance, Inc. 32Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc. 32CRA International 32Current Transportation Solutions 33Cyra, ETTC. 33Dan Dirks, LLC 33David Evans and Associates, Inc. 3316 Community TransportationDCM, Inc. 33DJ Cross Transportation Consulting 34DMJM + HARRIS an AECOM Company 34DS Safety Consulting Services 35EARTH TECH 35Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP 36EIGER TechSystems, Inc. 36Employment Background, Inc. 36Eng-Wong, Taub & Associates 36ENTRA Consultants, Int. 37Facility and Resource Marketing Group 37Frances Kernodle Associates 38Gannett Fleming, Inc. 38Halsey King Associates, Inc. 40HAP International, LLC 40Hardwick Transit Associates 40Harkins Cunningham, LLP 40Harman Consulting, LLC 40Harrier Lines, Inc. 40Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. 40Hidalgo & De Vries, Inc. 41Hill International 41Holland & Knight LLP 41Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc. 41I.Q. Inc. 41IBI Group 41Ilium Associates, Inc. 42IntelliCorp Records 42Interactive Elements Incorporated 43International Road Dynamics 43Isaacs & Associates 43J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc. 43Jacobs Civil Inc. 43Jay Evans Consulting LLC 44Jensen & Cooper, Inc. 44Jill Kollmann & Associates 44JJM Transportation Consultants 44JKL Solutions, Inc. 44JMA Transit Company 44JNJ Transportation 44Jo Ann Hutchinson Consulting 44Joe Boscia Resources 44John A. Dash & Associates 44JOHN REILLY Associates International, Ltd.44John Schiavone Consulting 44Jones & Stokes Associates, Inc. 44Jordan & Associates, Inc. 44Jordan, Jones & Goulding 44K & L Gates 44Karen Antion Consulting 44Kay Nordstrom Engineering, Inc. 44Kerr Consulting LLC 45Keville Enterprises, Inc. 45KFH Group, Inc. 45Kidde Aerospace and Defense 45Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. 45KKO and Associates, L.L.C. 45KLD Associates, Inc. 45Kopke & Associates, Inc. 45KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP 45Krauthamer & Associates, Inc. 45L.A.W. Consulting 46Lavelle Consulting Group 46Lazaro & Noel 46Lincoln and Associates 46LKC Consulting Services, Inc. 47LM Communications 47Lobron Consultancy, Ltd. 47Lonnie E. Blaydes, Consulting 47LS Gallegos & Associates Inc. 47LSA Design, Inc. 47M.J. Bradly & Associates, Inc. 48Macro Corporation 48Maintenance Design Group, LLC 48MAJIC Consulting Group 48Marion C. Pulsifer Consulting LLC 48Marvin Advertising Company 48MBI GluckShaw 49McCormick, Taylor & Associates, Inc. 49McGlothin Davis, Inc. 49McGuire Management Consultancy 49McLary Management 49McLeod, Watkinson & Miller 49Milligan & Co., LLC 50Mincom, Inc. 50MJM Innovations 50Mobis Transportation Alternatives 51Moore & Associates, Inc. 51Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG) 51Mundle & Associates, Inc. 52Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Assoc., Inc. 53Nextek 53Niles Bolton Associates 53Noble Erickson, Inc. 53Nossaman 53Oak Square Resources, LLC 54Odyssey/CA Public Transp. Alliance 54Ostrander Consulting, Inc. 54PACO Technologies, Inc. 55Palisades Consulting Group, Inc 55Paratransit Services 55Paul N. Bay, PE, Transportation Consultant 55Periscope 56Perteet Inc 56Peter Schauer Associates 56Planners Collaborative 56PS Consulting 57PT Consulting LLC 57PTV America 57Qwic Inc 57R.L. Banks & Associates, Inc. 57RAE Consultants, Inc. 57Rapoza & Associates 58RCC Consultants, Inc. 58Reba Malone and Associates 58Reed Smith LLP 58Reichman Frankle Inc. 58Reno, Cavanaugh 58RLS & Associates, Inc. 58Robin Stevens Consulting, Ltd. 58

Roemer Industries, Inc. 59Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc. 59Sasaki Associates, Inc. 60Selena Barlow 60Simon and Simon Resources, Inc. 61SR Concept 62SRF Consulting Group, Inc. 62Stan Clauson Associates, Inc. 62Strategic Transportation Initiatives 62STV/Ralph Whitehead Associates 62System Improvements, Inc. 63SYSTRA Consulting, Inc 63T.Y. Lin International, Inc. 63The Allen Group, LLC 63The Goodman Corporation 64The Karol Group, Inc. 64The Louis Berger Group, Inc. 64The Nevison Group Inc. 64The Tinklenberg Group 64Thomas Group 64Thomas J. McGean 64Thompson Coburn LLP 64Three Points Consulting Inc. 64TKDA 64TMS Management Group 65Total Contract Solutions, Inc. 65Towill Inc. 65Trammco, LLC 65Transit Access 66Transit Associates, Inc. 66Transit Marketing Group 66Transit Realty Advisors, LLC 66TransNuevo, LLC 66Transportation Alternatives 66Transportation Management & Design, Inc. 67Transportation Marketing Strategies, LLC 67Transportation Resource Associates Inc. 67TransTrack Systems, Inc 67Transystems Corp. 67Trauner Consulting Services, Inc. 67Urbitran Associates Incorporated 68Van Scoyoc Associates, Inc. 68Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. 68VANIR Construction Management, Inc. 68VDA 69VHB 69Walker Parking Consultants 70Westat 70Williams and Jensen 70Wilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc. 70ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING FIRMSAcumen 21Ammann & Whitney 23Applied Technology Research 24Arup 24AZTEC Engineering 25Bechtel 26Boulderscape 2717 Community TransportationBurgess & Niple, Limited 28Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. 28Chiang, Patel and Yerby, Inc. 30Clough, Harbour & Associates LLP 30Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. 32Creighton Manning, Inc. 32DHK Architects 34EARTH Tech 35Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc. 37Gannett Flemming 38Hatch Mott MacDonald, Inc. 40HDR Engineering, Inc. 40Heery International, Inc. 40HNTB Corporation 41Huitt-Zollars, Inc. 41Jacobs Associates 43Lea + Elliott, Inc. 46Lockwood, Andrews & Newman 47LSA Design, Inc. 47LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. 47Manuel Padron & Associates 48McCormick Rankin International 49Niles Bolton Associates 53Otak 54Owen Group 55Parsons Brinckerhoff 55Parsons Transportation Group 55Sasaki Associates, Inc. 60SBA Architects 60Stan Clauson Associates, Inc. 62Stantec Consulting Inc. 62STV Inc. 62T.Y. Lin International, Inc. 63The HNTB Companies 64TKDA 64TPG Consulting, Inc. 65Transit Performance 66Transmetrics, Inc. 66Transportation Engineering International 67TranSystems Corporation 67Urban Engineers, Inc. 68URS Corporation 68VHB 69Wendel 70Wilbur Smith Associates 70Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, LLP 71ASSOCIATIONS, PUBLICATIONS & RESEARCHApplied Technology Research 24ATTI/Advanced Transportation Tech. Inst. 25BGW Associates 26CHK America 30Communique USA 31Community Transportation Association ofAmerica 31Community Transportation Magazine 31Commuter Associates 31Easter Seals Project ACTION 35Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 36GAM Printers, Inc. 38Harris Interactive 40Institute for International Research 42J.D. Franz Research 43National Clearinghouse forAlcohol & Drug Info 52National Research Council of Canada 52National Transit Institute 52Northwest Research Group, Inc. 53NuStats LLC 54O’Neil & Associates 54Rail Magazine 57Schulman, Ronca & Bucuvalas, Inc.(SRBI) 60Ticket to Work/SSA 64Transit Wireless Communications JointCouncil 66Transportation Safety Technology 67Transportation Technology Center, Inc. 67Univ. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 68Westat 70COMMUTER TAX BENEFIT MANAGEMENTBenefit Resource, Inc. 26Commuter Check Services Corp. 32Transit Center, Inc. 66Wage Works 69CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENTBurns Engineering, Inc. 28Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. 28EARTH TECH 35Gannett Fleming, Inc. 38Hill International 41HNTB Corporation 41Keville Enterprises, Inc. 45Qwic Inc. 57The Goodman Corporation 64VANIR Construction Management, Inc. 68DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTINGA Test Consultants, Inc. 20Allied Clinical Laboratories 22Austin Medical Clinic-East 25Clinical Reference Laboratory 30Drugtech Toxicology Services, LLC 35Employment Background, Inc. 36First Lab 37Laboratory Corporation of America 46Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. 46National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc. 52Oregon Medical Laboratories 54Quest Diagnostic Laboratories 57S.E.D. Medical Laboratories 59Scanlon Associates 60South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc. 61Toxicology Testing Services, Inc. 65WPCI 70

FINANCEAdvantage Funding 22APPI 24Astralease Associates, Inc. 24A-Z Resources, LLC 25Citigroup Global Markets 30Commerical Fleet Financing 31Community TransportationLending Services 31Demand Pooling Global Services 34Infrastructure Management Group, Inc. 42Jeffrey A. Parker & Associates, Inc. 44Key Equipment Finance 45Leasing Associates 46Linwood Capital, LLC 47Midwest Transportation & Devlpmt. Corp 50Municipal Services Group, Inc. 52Penske Truck Leasing Co. LP 56Shuttle Bus Leasing 62Transit Capital Support Services, LLC 66UBS Securities 68United States Warranty Corporation 68INSURANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT5-Star Specialty Programs, Div. of CrumpInsurance 20American Business Insurance Svcs. 23Arthur J. Gallagher and Company 24Baldwin Resource Group 25Boyles Moak Insurance Services 27Care Providers Insurance Services 29Compass Insurance-Mueller Division 32Eastern States Insurance Group 36Gateway Insurance Company 38The Insurance Store at CTAA 42Integrated Transportation Resources, Inc 42John F. Throne and Company Insurance 44KEL Insurance Services, LLC 44Lancer Insurance Company 46Lighthouse Insurance 46McGriff, Seibels and Williams 49Meadowbrook Insurance Group 49Moody Insurance Agency 51Mueller & Associates, Inc. 51National Insurance Consultants, Inc. 52National Interstate Insurance Company 52National Transportation Insurance Solutions 52Non-Profits United, Vehicle Insurance Pool 53NSM Insurance 54Pacific Shore Insurance Services 55Professional Ins. Center, Inc. 56Progressive Automobile Insurance Co. 57Research Underwriters 58RLI Transportation 58Rodes Roper Love Insurance Agency 59Service Insurance Agency, Inc. 60Shriver Insurance Agency 61The Insurance Professionals 6418 Community TransportationTIB Transportation Insurance Brokers 64Victor O. Schinnerer & Co. Inc. 69LEGAL/GOVERNMENT AFFAIRSAkerman Senterfitt Wickwire Gavin 22Best & Flanagan LLP 26Best Best & Krieger LLP 26The Carmen Group 29Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP 36Harkins Cunningham, LLP 40Holland & Knight, LLP 41K & L Gates 44Kerr Consulting LLC 45MBI GluckShaw 49McLeod, Watkinson & Miller 49Nossaman 53Rapoza & Associates 58Reed Smith LLP 58Reno, Cavanaugh LLP 58The Karol Group, Inc. 64Thompson Coburn LLP 64Transportation Defense Lawyers Network 66Van Scoyoc Associates, Inc. 68Williams and Jensen 70MARKETING/ADVERTISING CONSULTANTSBergeron Marketing LLC 26Blakeslee Group 27Brooks & Associates 27Facility and Resource Marketing Group 37Frances Kernodle Associates 38Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin LopezRinehart, Inc. 39Harris Interactive 40Ilium Associates, Inc. 42Kopke & Associates 45Lavelle Consulting Group 46MAJIC Consulting Group 48Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. 51Noble Erickson, Inc. 53Northwest Research Group, Inc. 53Odyssey/CA Public Transp. Alliance 54Periscope 56Peter Schauer Associates 56R & R Partners, Inc. 57Reed Smith LLP 58Reichman Frankle Inc. 58Selena Barlow Transit Marketing, LLC 60SideTrack Technologies Inc. 61SR Concepts 62Transit Marketing Group 66Transportation Marketing Strategies, LLC 67Vocus 69MEDICAL TRANSPORTATIONMANAGEMENTAccess2Care 21American Medical Response 23Coordinated Transportation Solutions 32Digitech 34LeFleur Transportation 46LogistiCare, Inc. 47Medical Transportation Management, Inc. 49TMS Management Group, Inc. 65NOISE & VIBRATIONATS Consulting 25Dynamic Engineering 35Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. 40Wilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc. 70PLANNINGA-M-M-A Transit Planning 21Brooks & Associates 27Cambridge Systematics 28Charlier & Associates 29CHS Consulting 30Commuter Associates 31Contract Compliance 32ENTRA Consultants 37Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc. 37Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin LopezRinehart, Inc. 39KFH Group, Inc. 45Kopke & Associates, Inc. 45LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. 47McCormick, Taylor & Associates, Inc. 49Moore & Associates, Inc. 51Niles Bolton Associates 53Oak Square Resources, LLC 54Ostrander Consulting, Inc. 54RAE Consultants, Inc. 57RLS & Associates, Inc. 58SRF Consulting Group, Inc. 62TPG Consulting, Inc. 65TransNuevo, LLC 66Transportation Management & Design, Inc. 67Urbitran Associates Incorporated 68PARKING & ACCESSAccess Control Technologies 21Parkeon, Inc. 55Walker Parking Consultants 70SECURITY & SAFETY CONSULTANTSBattelle 26Cherry Consulting of the Carolinas 30Communique USA 31DS Safety Consulting 35

J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc. 43JJM Transportation Consultants 44Lazaro & Noel 46System Improvements, Inc. 63Transportation Resource Associates Inc. 67TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENTSERVICESAECOM 22American Logistics Co., LLC 23American Medical Response 22Around Town Transportation Products, LLC 24Atlantic Express Transportation Group, Inc 25CH2M HILL 29Coach USA Transit Services 31Commuter Associates 31Coordinated Transportation Solutions 32DATTCO, Inc. 33Diversified Transit 34First Transit, Inc. 37Flexcar 38Greyhound Lines, Inc. 39Harrier Lines, Inc. 40Home Safe Card 41Infrastructure Management Group, Inc. 42Kelley Transit Company 44Krapf’s Coaches Inc 45LeFleur Transportation 46LKC Consulting Services, Inc. 47LogistiCare, Inc. 47McDonald Transit Associates, Inc 49Medical Transportation Management, Inc. 49Mincom, Inc. 50MJM Innovations 50MV Transportation Inc 52Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Assoc., Inc. 53Paratransit Services 55Peter Pan Bus Line 56Professional Transit Management 56Silk Road Transport 61Southland Transit 61Techtrans, Inc. 63Top Hat, Inc. 65Transportation Management, Inc. 67Veolia Transportation 69VPSI, Inc. 69Yellow Transportation 70Section 4 – Passenger RailProducts and ServicesACB RailTech Services, Inc. 21Advanced Structures Corporation 21Advanced Track Products, LLC 22Aerobus International, Inc. 22Alan Samostie 22Alcatel Canada Inc. 22Alimak Hek 22ALSTOM Transport 2219 Community TransportationAnsaldobreda, Inc. 23ARINC 24ASC Industries 24B & R Manufacturing, Inc. 25Battelle 26Bechtel 26Bombardier Transit Corp. 27Booz Allen Hamilton 27Brush Industries Inc. 27Cableform, Inc. 28CAF USA, Inc. 28Canac Railway Services, Inc. 28Carter & Burgess 29Cattco 29CH2M HILL 29Clements National Company 30Construction Technology Labs, Inc. 32Corys, Inc. 32Cubic Transportation Systems 32Diesel Electrical Equipment, Inc. 34DS Safety Consulting Services 35Dynamic Engineering 35Electro-Motive Diesel 36Ellcon-National Inc. 36ENSCO, Inc. 37Faiveley Transport 37Fellfab 37Georgetown Rail Equipment Co. 38Hall Industries 40Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. 40HDR Engineering, Inc. 40Hehr Intl., Inc. 40Herzog Transit Services, Inc. 41HNTB Corporation 41IMPulse NC, INC. 42Insul-8 Corporation 42iRail, LLC 43Iron Horse Engineering Co. 43Jacobs Civil Inc. 43Jakes Associates, Inc. 43JMA Transit Company 44Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc. 44KONE Inc. 45KPS N.A., Inc 45L.B. Foster Company, Inc. 46LM Communications 47Lomarado Group 47Loran Maintenance of Way, Inc. 47LTK Engineering Services 48MAC Products, Inc 48Mark IV Transportation Products Corp. 48Matrix Railway Corporation 48Microphor, Inc. 49Midwest Transportation & Devlpmt. Corp. 50Miller Edge 50Miller Felpax Corp. 50Milwaukee Composites, Inc. 50Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. 50Mors Smit Relais 51MultiModal Applied Systems, Inc. 52ORX 54Otaco Seating Company, Ltd. 54Otak 54Owen Group 55Pacor, Inc. 55Performance Polymers, Inc. 56Plasser American Corp. 56Power Resources International, Inc. 56Progress Rail Services 56Quester Tangent Corp. 57R.B. Whalen 57R.H. Dunn & Associates, Inc. 57RAIL Magazine 57RailComm Inc. 57RailPlan International 57Railroad Controls L.L.C. 58Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc. 59Safe-Crossing 59Safetran Systems 59Safety Systems and Control 60Saft 60Saint-Gobain Sully N.A., Inc. 60SBA Architects 60SideTrack Technologies, Inc. 61Siemens Transportation Sytems, Inc. 61Soule Corp. 61Spacecraft Components Corp. 61TALGO 63Thales Rail Signaling Solutions, Inc. 63Transystems Corp. 67TTA Systems 67Union Switch & Signal, Inc. 68US Railcar 68UTC Rail & Airsources, Inc. 68Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. 68Voith Turbo, Inc. 69Wabtec Corporation 69Weidmuller 70Western Sierra’s Inc. 70Wilbur Smith Associates 70World Wide Rail, Inc. 70

24/7 Security Inc.Video/surveillance systems4400 North Point Pkwy., #158Alpharetta, GA 30022Tel: 866.693.7492Web: www.247securityinc.com3MGraphics and traffic pre-emption3M CenterBuilding 225-55-08St. Paul, MN 55144Tel: 612.733.3711Web: solutions.3m.com422 School Bus AuctionsUsed school and transit bus auctions190-192 Fisher RoadSlippery Rock, PA 16057Tel: 724. 368.8885Web: www.422sales.com4P MOBILE DATA PROCESSINGMobile processing software and equipmentViale della Regione Veneto 26Padova, Italy 35127Tel: 39.049.806.9811Web: www.4p-online.com5-Star Specialty Programs – A Division ofCrump Insurance Services, Inc.Paratransit Insurance Brokers444 Beach 129 th StreetBelle Harbor, NY 11694Tel: 877.247.9772Web: www.5starsp.com2011Buyers Guide ListingsThese comprehensive listings are our most diverse collection ever –and illustrate the ever-changing technology, consulting and equipmentneeds of the community and public transit industry. As community andpublic transportation changes, so does the supplier community, andeach year we add to this list to esnure our readers have access tobusiness partners they need. Each listing includes the company name,a brief product description, address, phone and web address. Pleasesend any changes to cteditor@ctaa.org.AA & A Industrial ProductsSafety supplies, hydraulic hoses, hardware792R Main StreetTewksbury, MA 01876Tel: 877.4ALBECOWeb: www.spilkit.comA Test Consultants, Inc.Employee drug testing management425 West BroadwayNorth Little Rock, AR 72114Tel: 501.376.9776Web: www.atestconsultants.comA.C.C. International Inc.Vehicle wash systems4640 Falletta Ct.Beamsville, Ontario, Canada L0R 1B4Tel: 905.563.1444Web: www.accecopowerbrush.com20 Community Transportation

A.L. LIGHTechHigh quality digital LED lightingtechnology1525-B West Orange Grove Ave.Orange, CA 92868Tel: 714.634.1000Web: www.allightech.comAbbott EnterprisesFleet monitoring and tracking901 West 4 th Ave.Pine Bluff, AR 71601Tel: 870.535.4973Web: www.atrol.comA-M-M-A Transit PlanningPublic transit planning393 Two Trees RoadRiverside, CA 92507Tel: 951.784.1333Web: www.ammatransitplanning.comABC Company, Inc.Sale and finance of bus equipment1506 30th Street, NWFaribault, MN 55021Tel: 507.334.1871Web: www.abc-companies.comABT Products and Services, Ltd.Selling a variety of vehicle and operationalequipment790 New York Ave., #116Huntington, NY 11743Tel: 631.421.1500Web: www.abt-products.comACB RailTech Services, Inc.Consulting for OEMs in rail industry2580 Corvette DriveErie, PA 16510Tel: 814.825.5558ACC Climate ControlManufacturer of mobile AC products22428 Elkhart East Blvd.PO Box 1905Elkhart, IN 46515Tel: 574.264.2190Web: www.accclimatecontrol.comAccess2CareMedical transportation2500 Abbott PlaceSt. Louis, MO 63143Tel: 314.678.4102Web: www.access2care.netAccess Control Technologies, Inc.Parking control systems101 TDK Blvd , #EPeachtree City, GA 30269Tel: 800.269.0188Web: www.act-ga.netAccess UnlimitedThe power of choice in mobility42 Skipping Water DriveSpring Lake, NC 28390Tel: 910.893.0000Web: www.accessunlimited.comAccubuilt, Inc.Commercial mobility and shuttle vans2811 Tuscany DriveElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 888-242-4782Web: www.AccubuiltMobility.comAce Mobility, LLCCutting edge mobility systems2444 Production DriveIndianapolis, IN 46421Tel: 800.ACE.5301Web: www.acemobility.usAce Rubber ProductsManufacturer of rubber transit flooring100 Beech StreetAkron, OH 44308Tel: 216.376.3125Web: www.acerubber.comAckton, Inc.Obstacle-detection systems11829 South Street, Ste. 102Cerritos, CA 90703Tel: 949.770.8899Web: www.ackton.comACSOutsourcing IT solutions2828 N. HaskellDallas, TX 75204Tel: 214.841.6111Web: www.acs-inc.comACS Transportation ManagementSolutionsFleet management7160 Riverwood DriveColumbia, MD 21046Tel: 888.672.8722Web: www.orbitaltms.comACTIAVehicle electronics and diagnostics52765 Bridger CourtElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 574.266.2641Web: www.actiaus.comACTIVA Rubber FlooringRubber floor covering for transit570 Taxter RoadElmsford, NY 10523Tel: 914.935.3393Web: www.rubberflooring.caAcumenImproving the nation’s transportationinfrastructure1853 MacArthur Blvd.Oakland, CA 94602-1715Tel: 510.530.3029Web: www.acumentransit.comAdaptaVan LLC/Main Mobility Inc.Driven by safety, quality and reliability9580 Main StreetClarence, NY 14031Tel: 716.759.9100Web: www.adaptavan.comAdaptive Micro Systems LLCManufacture LED signs7840 N. 86th St.Milwaukee, WI 53224Tel: 414.357.2020Web: www.adaptivedisplays.comADAride.comWeb-based ADA eligibility6151 W. Century Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90045Tel: 800.ADA.RIDEWeb: www.adaride.comAdvanced EnergyElectric motors and plug-in applications909 Capability Drive, #2100Raleigh, NC 27606Tel: 800.869.8001Web: www.advancedenergy.orgAdvanced Structures CorporationRailcar doors and panels235 W. Industry Ct.Deer Park, NY 11729Tel: 631.667.5000Web: www.advancedstructurescorporation.com21 Community Transportation

American Bus and Accessories, Inc.Mobility equipment for people withdisabilities123 Citycentre DriveCincinnati, OH 45216Tel: 513.821.3220Web: www.american-bus-inc.comAmerican Bus ProductsBuilders of the Friendly Bus25 Indiana StreetGreencastle, IN 46135Tel: 866.569.8059Web: www.americanbusproducts.comAmerican Business InsuranceCommercial transportation insurancespecialists32107 W. Lindero Canyon Road, # 120Westlake Village, CA 91361Tel: 800.980.1950Web: www.abiweb.comAmerican Carrier Systems, Inc.Custom trailer body builders2285 East Date Ave.Fresno, CA 93706Tel: 800.344.2174info@trailer1.comAmerican Cooling Technology, Inc.Air conditioning for buses715 Willow Spring LaneYork, PA 17406Tel: 717.767.2775Web: www.americancoolingtechnology.comAmerican Emergency Vehicles/InterfleetBuild, sell and service ambulance,stretcher vehicles and wheelchair cars165 American WayJefferson, NC 28640Tel: 800.374.9749Web: www.aev.comAmerican Logistics Co., LLCA new standard for paratransittransportation1141 W. Silicon Way, Suite BSt. George, UT 84770Tel: 866.999.3371Web: www.amlogco.comAmerican Loop SystemsADA consulting services29 Silver Hill Road, Suite 100Milford, MA 01757Tel: 508.634.020023 Community TransportationAmerican Medical ResponseMedical transportation service provider6200 S. Syracuse Way, #200Greenwood Village, CO 80111Tel: 303.495.1212Web: www.amr.netAmerican Power Systems, Inc.High performance alternators3750 W. River DriveDavenport, IA 52802Tel: 630.529.1875Web: www.americanarmature.comAmerican Seating CompanyLeader in transportation seating: city, rail,motorcoach and demand-response401 American Seating CenterGrand Rapids, MI 49504Tel: 800.748.0353Web: www.americanseating.comAmeritrans by TMC Group, Inc.Shuttle buses, mid-size buses, specialtyvehicles53387 ADA DriveElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 574.262.8935Web: www.tmcgroupinc.comAmetek Technical and Industrial ProductsBrush and brushless DC motors, pumps, etc.627 Lake St.Kent, OH 44240-2660Tel: 330.673.3452Web: www.ametektip.comAmmann & WhitneyEngineering and architecture96 Morton St.New York, NY 10014Tel: 212.462.8500Web: www.ammann-whitney.comAmrampQuality wheelchair ramps installed locally202 W. First StreetSouth Boston, MA 02127Tel: 800.649.5215Web: www.amramp.comAmSafe Commercial ProductsPassenger and material restraint systems22937 Gallatin WayElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 574.266.8330Web: www.amsafecp.comAMS VansWheelchair vans and conversions5555 Oakbrook Pkwy., #555Norcross, GA 30093Tel: 770.729.9400Web: www.amsvans.comAmtech RollGardSuspension systems3120 Venture DriveLas Vegas, NV 89101Tel: 915.637.5339Web: www.amtechsprings.comANCRA International CorporationComplete line of wheelchair securementproducts507 Northwest 39th RoadSuite 315Gainesville, FL 32607Tel: 800.347.2627Web: www.ancra-llc.comAngelTrax Bus VideoMobile DVR experts9540 U.S. Highway 84 WestNewton, AL 36352Tel: 334.692.4600Web: www.angeltrax.comANGI International, LLCTurnkey natural gas refueling solutions15 Plumb St.Milton, WI 53545Tel: 608.868.4626Web: www.angiinternational.comAnsaldobreda, Inc.Leading supplier of passenger trains forintercity, regional/commuter, and transit/metro applications101 The Embarcadero, Suite 210San Francisco, CA 94105Tel: 415.568.2712Web: www.ansaldobredainc.comAnsul IncorporatedInnovative fire suppression solutions222 Pennbright, #104Houston, TX 77090Tel: 281.876.1731Web: www.ansul.comAON Risk ServicesHuman resources and risk servicesconsultants200 E. Randolph St., #900Chicago, IL 60601Tel: 312.381.4800Web: www.aon.com

Apollo Video TechnologyRoadRunner video surveilance camerasystems for public transit and rail applications14148 NE 190th St.Woodinville, WA 98072Tel: 888.288.8721Web: www.avt-usa.comApplied LNG TechnologiesProvide fuel, operation, and maintenancefor LNG/LCNG facilities for the transit,industrial and municipal marketsP.O. Box 51166Amarillo, TX 79159Tel: 806.355.5679Web: www.altlngusa.comApplied Power Purchasers International (APPI)Providing energy and utility audits toensure integrity and savings224 Phillip Morris DriveSalisbury, MD 21804Tel: 800.520.6685Web: www.appienergy.comApplied Technology ResearchSurveying727 Spain St.Baton Rouge, LA 70802Tel: 225.383.4622Aramark Work ApparelWork apparel and uniform services141 Longwater DriveNorwell, MA 02061Tel: 800.677.7070Web: www.aramark-uniform.comArboc Mobility LLCNo-lift, no-stairs cutaway bus51165 Greenfield ParkwayMiddlebury, IN 46540Tel: 248.931.2446Web: www.arbocmobility.comArgo-Tech Corp./Carter Cryogenic ProductsDivisionLiquid natural gas refueling systems671 W. 17th StreetCosta Mesa, CA 92627Tel: 949.548.3421Web: www.argo-tech.comARI-HETRAHeavy- duty maintenance equipment12775 Randolf Ridge Ln.Manassas, VA 20109Tel: 703.359.6265Web: www.ari-hetra.comARINCTransit and rail control, communicationsand security2551 Riva RoadAnnapolis, MD 21401Tel: 410.266.4000Web: www.arinc.comArizona Bus SalesWe can steer you in the right directionP.O. Box 60038Phoenix, AZ 85082Tel: 602.437.2255Web: www.arizonabussales.comAround Town Transportation Products, LLCNon-emergency wheelchair transportation307 Dividend DrivePeachtree City, GA 30269Tel: 678.364.1323Web: www.aroundtowntp.comArsenault AssociatesReal-time fleet information6 Terri Lane, #700Burlington, NJ 08016Tel: 609.747.8800Web: www.arsenault.bizArthur J. Gallagher and CompanyInsurance broker2 Summit Park Drive, #235Independence, OH 44131Tel: 630.773.3800Web: www.ajg.comArthur N. Gaudet & AssociatesTransit consulting firm3053 Ravine TrailCarrollton, TX 75007-3438Tel: 972.466.4611Web: www.runcutter.comArupDesigners, engineers, planners andconsultants155 Ave of the AmericasNew York, NY 10013Tel: 212.229.2669Web: www.arup.comArvinMeritor, Inc.Commercial vehicle axles2135 W Maple Rd.Troy, MI 48084Tel: 248.435.1000Web: www.arvinmeritor.comASA ElectronicsMobile electronics2602 Marina DriveElkhart, IN 46515Tel: 574.264.3135Web: www.asaelectronics.comASC IndustriesSteel fabricatorsPO Box 1801Elkhart, IN 46515Tel: 574.264.1987Web: www.ascind.comAscom Transport Systems, Inc.Revenue collection systems for transit3100 Medlock Bridge RoadSuite 370Norcross, GA 30071Tel: 770.368.2003 ex 232Web: www.ascom-usa.comAssetWorksFleet and fuel management software998 Old Eagle School Road, # 1215Wayne, PA 19087Tel: 610.687.9202Web: www.assetworks.comAstralease Associates, Inc.Vehicle leasing and financing200 Motor ParkwaySuite D-21Hauppauge, NY 11788Tel: 800.390.5251Web: www.astralease.comATEL Bus & TruckSell and repair buses and trucks3421 Pennsy DriveLandover, MD 20785Tel: 800.457.2835Web: www.atelbus.comAthol CorporationVinyl upholstery for transit intercity busesP.O. Box 2447New York, NY 10009Tel: 212.982.2160Atlantic Detroit Diesel-AllisonSells and service engines and automatictransmissions180 Route 17, SouthP.O. Box 950Lodi, NJ 7644Tel: 201.489.5800Web: www.atlanticdda.com24 Community Transportation

Atlantic Express Transportation Group, IncSchool, coach & paratransittransportationSeven North St.Staten Island, NY 10302Tel: 718.442.7000Web: www.atlanticexpress.comATS ConsultingNoise and vibration control consulting801 South Grand Ave., #575Los Angeles, CA 90017Tel: 213.488.7770Web: www.atsconsulting.comATTI/Advanced Transportation Tech. Inst.Transportation research programsDept. 2522, 214 EMCS Bldg.615 McCallie Ave.Chattanooga, TN 37403Tel: 423.425.5454Web: www.atti-info.orgAtwell Consulting GroupTransportation and environmentalplanning for passenger rail2030 N. Poinsettia StreetSanta Ana, CA 92706Tel: 714.550.1267Atwood Mobile ProductsDesigners and manufacturers of mobileproducts1120 North Main St.Elkhart, IN 46514Tel: 800.348.7418Web: www.atwoodmobile.comAuriga CorporationConsulting services for fare collectionsystems890 Hillview Court, Suite 130Milpitas, CA 95035Tel: 408.946.5400Web: www.aurigacorp.comAustin Medical Clinic-EastDrug and alcohol testing3232 E. Martin Luther KingAustin, TX 78721Tel: 512.477.7076Automated Business Solutions, Inc.Developers of innovative softwareproducts for paratransit providers andbrokersPO Box 457Media, PA 19063Tel: 610.565.2800Web: www.abs-pa.com25 Community TransportationAutovan LLCLowered-floor minivans12022 Delta St.Taylor, MI 48180Tel: 866-947-9119Web: www.autovan.comAvail TechnologiesSoftware and technology2026 Sandy DriveState College, PA 16803Tel: 814.234.3394Web: www.availtec.comAvegoReal-time scheduling technology for transit5669 Snell Ave.San Jose, CA 95123Tel: 408.540.9942Web: www.avego.comAxiom CorporationInformation technology consulting firmTwo Piedmont Center3490 Piedmont Rd, #100Atlanta, GA 30305Tel: 404.995.8880Web: www.axiom-corp.comAyer Electronic SystemsNext generation products for the transitindustry4508 Inca DriveRichmond, VA 23237Tel: 804.307.5060Web: www.ayerselectronicsystems.comA-Z Bus SalesComplete line of commercial and transitvehicles, parts, service and financing1900 S. Riverside Ave.Colton, CA 92324Tel: 800.862.8220Web: www.a-znewbus.comA-Z Resources, LLCYour complete finance company20370 Hemet Street, #350Riverside, CA 92503Tel: 800.421.3660Web: www.a-zresources.comAZTEC EngineeringEngineering and transportation consulting4561 E McDowell Rd.Phoenix, AZ 85005-4505Tel: 602.454.0402Web: www.aztec.usAzure Dynamics CorporationCommercial hybrid and electric drive systems9 Forbes Rd.Woburn, MA 01801Tel: 781-932-9009Web: www.azuredynamics.comBB & R Manufacturing, Inc.Mirrors for buses and rail transit4600 Wyland DriveElkhart, IN 46516Tel: 219.294.7216Web: www.brmfg.comBAE SystemsEfficient, low-emission hybrid electricpropulsion600 Main St., O41Johnson City, NY 13790Tel: 919.361.8046Web: www.hybridrive.comBaldwin Resource GroupInsurance, consulting and risk management14332 SE Eastgate Way, #400Bellvue, WA 98007Tel: 877.455.5640Web: www.BaldwinRGI.comBallard Power Systems Inc.Fuel cell technology9000 Glenlyon ParkwayBurnaby, BC Canada V5J 5J8Tel: 604.454.0900Web: www.ballard.comBandag, Inc.New and retreaded tires2905 N. Highway 61Muscatine, IA 52761Tel: 800.523.6366Web: www.bandag.comBarton Transportation ServicesSecurity services for transit3511 W. Commercial Blvd., Suite 302Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309Tel: 954.485.3800Web: www.bartonsolutions.comBase Technologies, Inc.Transportation demand management andcarbon measurement software1749 Old Meadow Rd., #500McLean, VA 22102Tel: 800.284.1355Web: www.basetech.com

Basile Baumann Prost & Associates, Inc.Public/private development advisors177 Defense Hwy., #10Annapolis, MD 21401Tel: 410.266.7800Web: www.bbpa.comBattelleSecurity and safety planning and oversightfor bus and rail transit505 King AvenueColumbus, OH 43201Tel: 800.742.6585Web: www.battelle.orgBaultarDurable flooring and seating solutions101 rue Principale SudWindsor, Quebec, Canada J1S 2M2Tel: 819.845.7110Web: www.baultar.comBayNets Safety SystemsSafety nets for service bays226 Upton Rd.Colchester, CT 06415Tel: 800.331.0731Web: www.baynets.combd Systems, Inc.Intelligent transportation systems385 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 200Richmond, WA 98053Tel: 310.618.8798Web: www.bdspatial.comBEA Transit Solutions, Inc.Automatic fare collection and surveyequipment107-65 Times AvenueThornhill, Ontario Canada L3T 7X9Tel: 416.317.4258Web: www.beatransit.comBeams IndustriesSeatbelt manufacturers6420 S. Air DepotOklahoma City, OK 73135Tel: 405.793.0505Web: www.seatbelts.netBechtelEngineering construction firm1015 15th St., NW, #700Washington, DC 20005Tel: 202.828.7379Web: www.bechtel.com26 Community TransportationBelanger, Inc.Large vehicles washes, includng touchless,friction and hybrid options1001 Doheny CourtNorthville, MI 48167Tel: 866.488.6635Web: www.belangerinc.comBendixComprehensive air brake systems andcomponents901 Cleveland St.Elyria, OH 44035Tel: 800.247.2725Web: www.bendix.comBenefit Resource, Inc.Commuter tax benefit programmanagement2320 Brighton-Henrietta TL Rd.Rochester, NY 14623-2782Tel: 866.996.5200Web: www.ibenefitresource.comBennett ControlsTransmission controls for Allisontransmissions45225 Polaris CourtPlymouth, MI 48107Tel: 817.741.0058Web: www.stonebennett.comBentech, Inc.Bus and rail car interiors4135-4165 North 5th St.P.O. Box 46128Philadelphia, PA 19140Tel: 800.523.0182Web: www.bentechinc.comBergen Auto Upholstery Co., Inc.Transportation vehicle seating375 North St., Suite UTeterboro, NJ 7608Tel: 201.457.9100Bergeron Marketing LLCCommunications, public affairs andmarketing for the transportation industry2064 Law LaneEugene, OR 97401Tel: 541.517.8165Web: www.bergeronmarketing.comBesi, Inc.Upholstery, seat covers, seatbelts9445 Sutton PlaceHamilton, OH 45011Tel: 800.543.8222Web: www.besi-inc.comBest & Flanagan LLPLaw firm225 S Sixth St., #4000Minneapolis, MN 55402-4690Tel: 612.341.9722Web: www.bestlaw.comBest Best & Krieger LLPLaw firm655 W Broadway 15th Fl.San Diego, CA 92101Tel: 619.525.1300Web: www.bbklaw.comBGW Associates, LLCEthnographic data collection,environmental justice, social impact13705 Lazy Oak DriveTampa, FL 33613-4923Tel: 813.971.6712Web: www.bgwassocs.comBig Rig CollisionMotor coach and transit bus repair andrefurbishment6865 84 th Street, SECalgary, Alberta Canada T2C 4T6Tel: 888.848.8686Web: www.bigrigcollision.comBike LokrBicycle storage unitsP.O. Box 720005Norman, OK 73070Tel: 800.245.3565BikeLidBicycle storage units10434 Northeast 17th StreetBellevue, WA 98004Tel: 425.455.9014Web: www.bikelid.comBikeStationPlans, designs and operates bike transitcenters110 W. Ocean Blvd., #19Long Beach, CA 90802Tel: 562.733.0106Web: www.bikestation.orgBiofriendly CorporationCombustion catalyst that enables dieseland gasoline to combust more efficiently158 Sawpit LaneBradbury, CA 91010Tel: 626.303.6000Web: www.biofriendly.com

Bitimec International Inc.Bus washing equipment and extremeservice 48-volt battery vehicles15 E. Putnam Ave.Greenwich, CT 06830Tel: 877.637.1900Web: www.bitimec.comBitzer USCompressors4031 Chamblee RoadOakwood, GA 30566Tel: 770.718.2911Web: www.bitzerus.comBlakeslee GroupAdvertising, marketing, public relations916 N. Charles St.Baltimore, MD 21201Tel: 410.727.8800Web: www.blakesleeadv.comBlue Bird CoachworksSchool bus-type vehiclesOne Wanderlodge WayFort Valley, GA 31030Tel: 478.822.2754Web: www.blue-bird.comBody Rite Repair CompanyBus repair57 County Ave.Secaucus, NJ 7094Tel: 800.442.1339Web: www.academybus.comBombardier Transit Corp.Global leader in rail equipment,manufacturing and servicing industry1101 Route ParentSt. Bruno, Quebec Canada J3V 6E6Tel: 450.441.2020Web: www.transportation.bombardier.comBooz Allen HamiltonTransportation consulting8283 Greensboro DriveMcLean, VA 22102Tel: 703.902.5000Web: www.boozallen.comBostrom SeatingDriver suspension and static seatingmanufacturer1070 Waveland RoadLake Forest, IL 60045Tel: 256.447.9051Web: www.bostromseating.comBoulderscapeGeological and architectural finishes33081 Calle Perfector, Bldg. ASan Juan Capistrano, CA 92675Tel: 949.661.5087Web: www.boulderscape.comBourne Transit ConsultingSpecializing in small-urban, rural anduniversity transit724 Brookridge AvenueAmes, IA 50010Tel: 515.233.2232Web: www.bournetransit.comBoyer Ford Bus and Coach DivisionBus sales2425 Broadway Street, N.E.Minneapolis, MN 55413-1789Tel: 612.627.5502Boyertown TrolleyTrolleys for lease or sale3811 W. Nine Mile RoadPensacola, FL 32526Tel: 850.941.2876Web: www.boyertown-trolley.comBoyles Moak Insurance ServicesInsurance services1062 Highland Colony Pkwy., #125Ridgeland, MS 39157Tel: 601.605.3080Web: www.boylesmoak.comBP US FuelsOil and natural gas producer28100 Torch Pkwy.Warrenville, IL 60555Tel: 630.836.5951Web: www.bp.comBrake AlertColor-coded brake lining wear indicator8738 E. Hwy. 103Lufkin, TX 75901Tel: 936.634.0599Web: www.officialbrakealert.comBrake Pro, Ltd.Integrablock, brake block, disc brakes, andnew-lined brake shoes1000 Cobb International Drive, NWKennesaw, GA 30152-4355Tel: 770.422.1650Web: www.brakepro.comBrake Right, Inc.Brake and tire systems7716 South Ranch Rd.El Reno, OK 73036Tel: 800.687.7399Web: www.brakeright.comBrasco InternationalOutdoor protection shelters1000 Mt. ElliottDetroit, MI 48207Tel: 800.893.3665Web: www.brasco.comBraun CorporationWheelchair lifts, ramps and transitvehicles631 West 11th St., PO Box 310Winamac, IN 46996Tel: 574.946.6153Web: www.braunlift.comBraun Seating Inc.Manufacturer of paratransit seating7346 W. 400 North, PO Box 1Leiters Ford, IN 46945Tel: 574.542.2001Web: www.braunseating.comBreeze Clamp ProductsWorm-drive hose clamps3582 Tunnelton Rd.Saltsburg, PA 15681-9594Tel: 724.639.3571Web: www.breezeclamps.comBrooks & AssociatesTransportation planning, publicinvolvement and information1704 Bannister RoadAnchorage, AK 99508Tel: 907.272.1877Bruno Independent Living AidsIndependent living aids1780 Executive Dr., PO Box 84Oconomowoc, WI 53066Tel: 262.953.5317Web: www.bruno.comBrush Industries Inc.Magnetic head assemblies and cardreaders301 Reagan St., P.O. Box 638Sunbury, PA 17801Tel: 570.286.5611Web: www.brushindustries.com27 Community Transportation

Burgess & Niple, LimitedArchitectural, planning, engineering5085 Reed Rd.Columbus, OH 43220Tel: 614.459.2050Web: www.burgessniple.comBurns Engineering, Inc.Design, construction management andbuild services11 Penn Center1835 Market St, Suite 300Philadelphia, PA 19103Tel:215.563.9270Web: www.burns-group.comBus Body BuildersVehicle rebuilders19 Sparta Stanhope RoadStanhope, NH 07074Tel: 201.398.5500Bus and Coach InternationalMotorcoach parts, technical service andwarranty work307 S. Pennsylvania Ave.Jennings, KS 67643Tel: 866.714.4235Web: www.bcibus.comBus SolutionsBus valuations and appraisal servicesPO Box 635McMinnville, OR 97128Tel: 503.883.7000Web: www.bussolutions.comBusforsale.comA leader in used bus sales813 Louisville Hwy.Goodlettsville, TN 37072Tel: 615.859.1998Web: www.busforsale.comBus Stuf Inc.Manufacturer of bus parts800 N Valley Hill RoadWoodstock, IL 60098Tel: 815.338.8880BusTex Corp.Seating and sidewall fabric suppliers3010 W 111th Dr.Westminster, CO 80031Tel: 303.474.4266Web: www.bustex.com28 Community TransportationBuzz Equipment Co.The Northeast’s leading source foralternative fueled vehicles3399 Route 97, PO Box 185Barryville, NY 12719Tel: 845.798.5407Web: www.buzz-equipment.comCC.A.R.E. Evaluators, LLCParatransit eligibility certification services1509 South Rio Vista AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90023Tel: 323.780.3291Web: www.CareEvaluators.comC.E. Niehoff & Co.Brushless attachments2021 Lee St.Evanston, IL 60202Tel: 847-866-5960Web: www.ceniehoff.comThe C.E. White CompanyDriver and passenger transit seating417 N. Kibler St., P.O. Box 308New Washington, OH 44854Tel: 419.492.2157Web: www.cewhite.comCab ConnectSoftware that improves operations forground transportation companies4118 W. Lawrence Ave., #206Chicago, IL 60630Tel: 773.282.3565Web: www.cabconnect.comCable Car ConceptsTrackless trolleys and trams821 Shunpike RdCape May, NJ 8204Tel: 800.422.8366Web: www.trolley.comCableform, Inc.DC and solid-state contactors8845 Three Notch Rd.Troy, VA 22974Tel: 434.589.8224Web: www.cableform.comCadec Systems, Inc.Mobile technology services and solutions645 Harvey Rd.Manchester, NH 03103Tel: 603.668.1010Web: www.cadec.comCAF USA, Inc.Light-rail train manufacturer1401 K St., NW, #803Washington, DC 20005Tel: 202.898.4848Web: www.caf.netCaliper CorporationGIS for transportation1172 Beacon St.Newton, MA 02161Tel: 617.527.4700Web: www.caliper.comCambridge Systematics, Inc.Transportation leadership you can trust100 Cambridge Park Dr., #400Cambridge, MA 02140Tel: 617.354.0167Web: www.camsys.comCamp Dresser & McKee Inc.Consulting, engineering, construction, andoperations services to the transportationindustry330 E. Kilbourn Ave., Suite 1219Milwaukee, WI 53202Tel: 414.291.5100Web: www.cdm.comCanac Railway Services, Inc.Computer-based rail training3950 Hickmore Ave.St. Laurent, Quebec Canada H4T 1K2Tel: 514.734.4700Web: www.canac.comCapitalSoft, Inc.Capital program management solutions1702 N. Collins Blvd., #211Richardson, TX 75080Tel: 214.576.9852Web: www.capitalsoft.comCAPtech, Inc.Fare collection systems services10 Cottage PlaceNew Rochelle, NY 10801Tel: 914.633.0570Web: www.CAPtechFCS.comCaravelle Industries, Inc.Bus wash equipment60 Sycolin Road, S.E.P.O. Box 3008Leesburg, VA 20177Tel: 703.777.2904Web: www.caravellewash.com

Care Providers Insurance ServicesInsurance for transportation providers307 N. Louise St., Suite HAtlanta, TX 75551Tel: 800.761.7072Web: www.ins-cps.comCarmanah TechnologiesVehicle lighting# 4 203 Harbour Rd.Victoria, BC Canada V9A 3S2Tel:877.722.8877Web: www.carmanah.comCarmen GroupLobbying1301 K St. NW 8th Fl., East TowerWashington, DC 20005Tel: 202.785.0500Web: www.carmengroup.comCarolina ThomasThe premier bus dealer in the Carolinas6327 Burnt Poplar Rd.Greensboro, SC 27409Tel: 336.851.1718Web: www.carolinathomas.comCarpenter Bus SalesBus dealership132 Royal Oaks Blvd.Franklin, TN 37067Tel: 615.376.2287Web: www.carpenterbus.comCarrier Transport A/CComplete bus air conditioning systems50 Grumbacher Rd.York, PA 17406Tel: 800.673.2431Web: www.transportaircon.carrier.comCarter & Burgess, IncRail and transit project consultants777 Main St.Fort Worth, TX 76102Tel: 817.735.6000Web: www.c-b.comCashCodeCash handling products for tickets/fares553 Basaltic RoadConcord, Ontario, Canada L4K 4W8Tel: 800.584.2633Web: www.cashcode.comCaterpillarBus and motorcoach engines100 NE Adams StreetPeoria, IL 61629Tel: 309.675.1000Web: www.cat.comCattcoTransit panels, including doors, floors,ceilings and moreRoute 353Cattaraugus, NY 14749Tel: 716.257.3475Web: www.cattcousa.comCDA-Safety ChairsSafe evacuation chairs1375 Central Ave.Santa Rosa, CA 95401Tel: 877.760.0868Web: www.safetychairs.netCEMUSA, Inc.Design and manufacturer of streetfurniture645 N Michigan Ave., Suite 800Chicago, IL 60611Tel: 312.867.5425Web: www.cemusa.comCentexFuelP.O. Box 5258Tallahassee, FL 32314Tel: 800.888.9136Central States Bus Sales, Inc.The bus experts2450 Cassens DriveSt. Louis, MO 63026Tel: 636.343.6050Web: www.centralstatesbus.comCentral Tools, Inc.Manufacturers of precision measuringtools456 Wellington Ave.Cranston, RI 02910Tel: 800.866.5287Web: www.centraltools.comCentramaticWheel balancing equipment5345 South Interstate 35 WAlvarado, TX 76009Tel: 817.783.6396Web: www.centramatic.comCentury Chemical Corp.Lavatory deodorants28790 CR 20 W, P.O. Box 1442Elkhart, IN 46515Tel: 800.348.3505Web: www.centurychemical.comCertol International, LLCGrafitti remover, hydraulic fluids and buswash products6120 East 58th Ave.Commerce City, CO 80022-3971Tel: 303.799.9401Web: www.certol.comCH2M HILLTransit and rail solutions9191 S Jamaica St.Englewood, CO 80112Tel: 720.286.2075Web: www.ch2m.comChampion Bus, Inc.A leader in bus innovation331 Graham Rd., P.O. Box 158Imlay City, MI 48444Tel: 800.776.4943Web: www.championbus.comCharlier & AssociatesMulti-modal transportation planning firm2511 31 st StreetBoulder, CO 80301Tel: 303.543.7277Web: www.charlier.comChart Industries, Inc.Permanent, temporary and mobile fuelstations for LNG-fueled vehicles.407 7th Street BWNew Prague, MN 56071-0234Tel: 952.758.8258Web: www.nexgenfueling.comChassijetAutomatic chassis washing systems19431 Business Center Drive, #29Northridge, CA 91324Tel: 818.349.3926Web: www.chassijetusa.comChemold ProductsPolyurethan safety tubing1401 Fairfax Trafficway, #B113Kansas City, KS 66115Tel: 913.321.9407Web: www.chemold.com29 Community Transportation

Cherry Consulting of the Carolinas, Inc.Saftey and loss consulting services6227 Gothic CourtCharlotte, NC 28210-7009Tel: 704.556.1415Web: www.cheryconsultingnc.comChestnut Ridge FoamFire-resistant seat cushioning. FTAcompliant. Specifications for new vehiclesavailablePO Box 781Latrobe, PA 15650Tel: 800.234.2734Web: www.chestnutridgefoam.comChevin Fleet Solutions, LLCFleet management softwareP.O. Box 2192Fitchburg, MA 01420Tel: 781.793.0788Web: www.chevinfleet.comChevron ProductsFuel supplier6001 Bollinger Canyon RoadSan Ramon, CA 94583Tel: 925.790.6908Web: www.chevron.com/products/prodserv/fuels/CHG & AssociatesTechnical advice and helps clients securefederal funds for the planning, engineeringand construction of transportation projects1050 17th Street NW, Suite 510Washington, DC 20036Tel: 202.969.2090Chiang, Patel & Yerby, Inc.Multi-discipline engineering services1820 Regal Row, #200Dallas, TX 75235Tel: 214.638.0500Web: www.cpyi.comCHK AmericaLeading suppliers of maps and passengerinformation solutions for public transit115 S. La Cumbre Lane, #201Santa Barbara, CA 93105Tel: 805.682.8900Web: www.mapsusa.comCHS Consulting GroupTransportation planning and engineering500 Sutter St., #468San Francisco, CA 94104Tel: 415.392.9688Web: www.chsconsulting.net30 Community TransportationCI2, IncorporatedTelecommunications and technologysolution1642 Powers Ferry Rd, Bldg. 12, #300Marietta, GA 30067Tel: 770.425.2267Web: www.ci2.comCisco SystemsNetwork solutions for publictransportation13600 Dulles Technology DriveHerndon, VA 20171Tel: 703.484.5724Web: www.cisco.comCITGO PetroleumFuel supplierP.O. Box 4689Houston, TX 77210Tel: 832.486.1489Web: www.citgo.comCitigroup Global MarketsFinance390 Greenwich St., 2nd Fl.New York, NY 10013Tel: 212.723.5636Web: www.citigroup.comClassic Coach, Inc.Bus dealership205 Jones RoadSpartanburg, SC 29307Tel: 864.599.9099Classic Trolley, Inc.Manufacturer of motorized trolleysworldwide836 Mason WayMedford, OR 97501Tel: 800.460.3934Web: www.classictrolley.comClean EnergyNatural gas provider for transportation3020 Old Ranch Pkwy., #200Seal Beach, CA 90740Tel: 562.493.2804Web: www.cleanenergyfuels.comClean SealExtruded rubber products, gaskets and seals20900 W. Ireland RoadSouth Bend, IN 46680Tel: 574.299.1888Web: www.cleanseal.comClear Creek ComputerSpecializing in custom software for theparatransit industry2900 Cortez StreetFt. Collins, CO 80525Tel: 970.223.9061Web: www.clearcreekcomputer.comClear View Strategies, LLCManaging projects for small-urban andrural transit158 48 th StreetPittsburgh, PA 15201Tel: 412.683.3635Web: www.clearviewstrategies.comClements National CompanyConnectors, lighting, vacuum systems6650 S. Narragansett Ave.Chicago, IL 60638Tel: 708.594.5890Web: www.cadillacproducts.comClever Devices Ltd.Fleet management and efficiencytechnology137 Commercial St.Plainview, NY 11803Tel: 800.872.6129Web: www.cleverdevices.comClinical Reference LaboratoryTesting services8433 Quivira Rd.Lenexa, KS 66215Tel: 800.445.6917Web: www.crlcorp.comClough, Harbour & Associates LLPEngineering and planning firmIII Winners CircleP.O. Box 5269Albany, NY 12205-0269Tel: 518.453.4500Web: www.cloughharbour.comCMA Consulting, Inc.Technology management consulting1331 Hawthorne Ave.Smyrna, GA 30080Tel: 770.435.7440Web: www.cmaus.comCMI EnterprisesPremier supplier of soft trim upholstery forthe transportation industry5590 NW 163 rd StreetMiami, FL 33014Tel: 305.685.9651Web: www.cmi-enterprises.com

Coach & Equipment Manufacturing Corp.Paratransit and shuttle buses130 Horizon Park Dr., PO Box 36Penn Yan, NY 14526Tel: 315.536.2321Web: www.coach-equipment.comCoach Crafters, Inc.Bus rehabilitation and repair450 Armstrong RoadNorthfield, MN 55057Tel: 507.645.1640Web: www.coachcrafters.comCoach GlassWindshields90 N. PolkEugene, OR 97402Tel: 541.684.7868Web: www.coachglass.comCoach USA Transit ServicesManage and/or operate public transitsystemsOne Progressive DriveHorseheads, NY 14845Tel: 607.796.0238Web: www.coachusa.comCobus IndustriesThe ultimate people mover solution40 Robinwood RoadTrumbull, CT 06611Tel: 203.380.9575Web: www.cobus.usCodeRed Business SolutionsAdvanced analytics and government DODlogistics consulting966 Wescott LaneAtlanta, GA 30319Tel: 678.296.4217Web: www.coderedbs.comCole Hersee Co.Manufacturer of electrical and electronicswitches20 Old Colony Ave.Boston, MA 02127Tel: 617.268.2100Web: www.colehersee.comCollective DataIndustry-leading fleet managementsoftware655 Liberty Way, #3N. Liberty, IA 52317Tel: 319.362.1993Web: www.collectivedata.comCollins Bus CorporationMid-sized bus manufacturer415 W. 6 th Street, P.O. Box 2946South Hutchinson, KS 67504-2946Tel: 620.662.9000Web: www.collinsbus.comColonial Equipment CompanySpecialized transportation products1310 Bailes LaneFrederick, MD 21701Tel: 301.698.5100Web: www.thebusplace.comColumbia Equipment Co, Inc.Prefabricated shelter systems180-10 93rd Ave.Jamaica, NY 11433Tel: 800.742.1297Web: www.columbiaequipment.comCommand ElectronicsInterior/exterior LED incandescent lighting15670 Morris Industrial Dr.Schoolcraft, MI 49087Tel: 269.679.4011Web: www.commandelectronics.comCommercial Bus SalesMidwest’s premier commercial busdealership25968 Waltz RoadNew Boston, MI 48164Tel: 800.510.0522Web: www.commercialbussales.comCommercial Fleet FinancingGreat rates available12751 Poway Road, #103Poway, CA 92046Tel: 888.320.4233Web: www.commercialfleetfinancing.comCommercial Vehicle GroupFully integrated commercial vehiclemarket solutions200 National DriveVonroe, TN 37885Tel: 800.222.7328Web: www.cvgrp.comCommTransCommercial built vans and buses792 South Cooper St.Memphis, TN 38104Tel: 800.737.9394Web: www.CommTrans.comCommunique USATransit emergency management training77 Fabi Loop, P.O. Box 1625Aspen, CO 81612Tel: 970.948.7680Web: www.disasterprep.infoCommunity Mobility SolutionsMedical, human service and rural transportation2311 SE 58 th AvenuePortland, OR 97215Tel: 503.235.7840draphael@comcast.netCommunity Spec, Inc.Grant writingP.O. Box 1547Athens, GA 30603-1547Tel: 706.369.9400Web: www.communityspec.comCommunity Transportation Associationof AmericaAdvocacy, training, information services,resources and much more1341 G Street, N.W., Tenth FloorWashington, DC 20005Tel: 202.628.1480Web: www.ctaa.orgCommunity Transportation LendingServicesFunding Resources in Transportation1341 G Street, N.W., Tenth FloorWashington, DC 20005Tel: 202.628.1480Web: www.ctaa.orgCommunity Transportation MagazinePublication1341 G Street, N.W., Tenth FloorWashington, DC 20005Tel: 202.247.1921Web: www.ctaa.org/ctCommuter AssociatesTransportation planning assistance,with specialization in transportationdemand management and ITS projectmanagementP.O. Box 5293Pleasanton, CA 94566Tel: 925.895.555931 Community Transportation

Commuter Check Services Corp./Oram AssociatesInternationally recognized expertise in transitrevenue marketing research and ridershipmaximization401 S. Van Brunt Street, Suite 403Englewood, NJ 7631Tel: 201.833.9700Web: www.commutercheck.comCom-Net Software Inc.Public digital information display3728 Benner Rd.Miamisburg, OH 45342Tel: 800.899.2638Web: www.comnetsoftware.comCompass Insurance DivisionInsurance products and services5285 E. Williams Circle, Suite 4500Tucson, AZ 85711Tel: 520.784.7652Web: www.compassinsurance.comComplete Coach WorksAll phases of transit bus and coachremanufacturing1863 Service CourtRiverside, CA 92507Tel: 909.684.9585Web: www.completecoach.comComplete Mobility SystemsWheelchairs accessible vehicles1915 West County Road, CRoseville, MN 55113Tel: 651.635.0655Web: www.completemobilty.comConstruction Technology Laboratories, Inc.Engineering and testing company servingthe railroad, rapid transit and transportationindustry5400 Old Orchard RoadSkokie, IL 60077Tel: 847.965.7500Web: www.ctlgroup.comContinental Tire CompanyCommercial and bus tires1800 Continental Blvd.Charlotte, NC 28273Tel: 704.583.8554Web: www.conti-na.com32 Community TransportationContract Compliance, Inc.Transit planning, analysis, design andstrategic planning3624 Market Street, Suite 1 SouthPhiladelphia, PA 19104Tel: 215.222.1600Web: www.contractcompliance.comCoordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc.Non-emergency medical transportationmanagement and consulting services;transportation safety and meeting clients’needs are high priorities.200 Main Street, 2nd FloorAnsonia, CT 06401Tel: 203.736.8810Web: www.ctstransit.comCori Inc.Software solutions for core improvementsP.O. Box 765Cedar Bluff, VA 24609Tel: 866.411.2674Web: www.cori.comCorys Inc.Leading supplier of train simulators4701 Midlothian Turnpike, #8Crestwood, IL 60445Tel: 708.597.8015Web: www.corysusa.comCote-L IndustriesSafety coatings for bus and railcar floors1542 Jefferson StreetTeaneck, NJ 17666Tel: 201.836.0733Web: www.cotelind.comCouch & PhilippiDesigners of POP and POS signage fortransit10680 Fern Ave.Stanton, CA 90680Tel: 800.854.3360Web: www.couchandphilippi.comCRA InternationalConsulting and litigation support200 Clarendon St., T-33Boston, MA 02116-5092Tel: 617.425.3000Web: www.crai.comCreative Bus Sales, Inc.Bus Dealership13501 Benson AveChino, CA 91710Tel: 909.465.5528Web: www.creativebussales.comCreative CarriageSpecializing in accessible vehicleconversions330 Sheldon DriveCambridge, ON, Canada N1T 1A9Tel: 519.740.4801Web: www.creativecarriage.comCreative Controls, Inc.Wheelchair/occupant restraint systems1470 SouterTroy, MI 48083Tel: 248.577.9800Web: www.CreativeControlsInc.comCreative Pipe, Inc.The finest outdoor furniture, bike racksand lockersP.O. Box 2458Rancho Mirage, CA 92270Tel: 800.644.8467Web: www.creativepipe.comCreighton Manning, Inc.Where quality is contagious!17 Computer Drive, WestAlbany, NY 12205Tel: 518.446.0396Web: www.cmellp.comCTS Software IncTransit software722 Cedar Point Blvd., Box 14Cedar Point, NC 28584Tel: 800.704.0064Web: www.cts-software.comCubic Transportation SystemsTurnkey supplier of fare collection systems5650 Kearny Mesa RoadSan Diego, CA 92111Tel: 858.268.3100Web: www.cubic.comCummings Mobility Conversions &SupplyVehicle mobility equipment installer/dealer11238 River Rd., N.E.Hanover, MN 55341Tel: 763.498.7887Web: ww.cummingsmobility.comCummins FiltrationAir filtration solutions2931 Elm Hill Pike RoadNashville, TN 37214Tel: 615.367.0040Web: www.cummins.com

Current Transportation SolutionsFull service transit consultancy10 Sweetgrass Ave.Bozeman, MT 59718Tel: 406.581.4601Web: www.currenttransportation.comCustom Craft VehiclesVan conversion960 West Armour AvenueMilwaukee, WI 53221Tel: 414.744.8118Custom Radio Corp.Audio, video and surveillance systems4012 Merchant RoadFort Wayne, IN 46818Tel: 800.659.8093Web: www.customradio.netCycle Safe, Inc.Bicycle storage lockers974 Forest Hill Ave., Ste. CGrand Rapids, MI 49546Tel: 616.954.9977Web: www.cyclesafe.comCyra, ETTC.Consultant services for operationalimprovementsW313 S7767 Edna Ct.Mukwonago, WI 53149-9220Tel: 262.363.4497DD & W IncorporatedHeat vents, AC vents, flexible ducting andrubber flooring941 Oak StreetElkhart, IN 46517Tel: 800.255.0829Web: www.dwincorp.comDaimlerChrysler Commercial BusesTransit vehicles6012 High Point Rd.Greensboro, NC 27407Tel: 800.882.8054Web: www.dcbusna.comDallas Smith Corp.Low-floor transit buses25 S. Indiana St.Greencastle, IN 46135Tel: 765.653.1715Web: www.dallassmithcorp.comDan Dirks, LLCTransit Consulting39358 Timberline DriveSterling Heights, MI 48310Tel: 202.280.4904Data 911In-vehicle computer systems2010 Challenger DriveAlameda, CA 94501Tel: 510.865.9100Web: www.data911.comData Display U.S.A., Inc.Electronic information display systems5004 Veterans Memorial HighwayHolbrook, NY 11741Tel: 631.218.2130Web: www.data-display.comDATTCO, Inc.Commercial Bus Sales583 South StreetNew Britain, CT 06051Tel: 860.229.4878 ext 779Web: www.dattco.comDavid Evans and Associates, Inc.Transportation, land development2100 SW River Pkwy.Portland, OR 97201Tel: 503.223.6663Web: www.deainc.comDaytech LimitedTransit shelters and furniture70 Disco Road, Suite 101Toronto, ON Canada M9W 1L9Tel: 416.675.1195Web: www.daytechlimited.comDCM, Inc.Transit bus specification, maintenanceplanning and procedures5667 Stone Road, #465Centerville, VA 20120Tel: 703.803.7917Web: www.dcm-va.comDedicated Micros, Inc.Specializing in CCTV installs andequipment14434 Albemarle Point Place, #100Chantilly, VA 20151Tel: 703.904.7738Web: www.dedicatedmicros.com33 Community Transportation

Deere Power Systems GroupIndustrial diesel engines and transmissions3801 Ridgeway Ave.Waterloo, IA 50704Tel: 319.292.5220Web: www.deere.comDemand Pooling Global ServicesPooling process to save on capital andcommodity product purchases12720 Hillcrest Road, #1045Dallas, TX 75230Tel: 877.989.3376Web: www.depo.orgDenominator Co., Inc.Multi-tally denominator counters fortraffic counting and bus unit fares744 Main Street SouthP.O. Box Drawer DWaterbury, CT 06798Tel: 203.263.3210Web: www.DenominatorCompany.comDero Bike Rack Co.Bicycle racks, lockers and storage systems2657 32nd Ave. S.Minneapolis, MN 55406Tel: 612.359.0689Web: www.dero.comDesignLine USACleaner, more fuel-efficient transit buses2309 Nevada Blvd.Charlotte, NC 28273Tel: 704.716.1020Web: www.designlinecorporation.comDesign DimensionsShelters and display cases7208 McNeil Rd., #104Austin, TX 78729Tel: 512.258.8596Web: www.designdimensions.comDesignovations, Inc.Break-away sign-post couplers7339 Wildwood RoadStillman Valley, IL 61084Tel: 888.868.6588Web: www.designovations.comDetroit Diesel CorporationManufacturer of diesel, as well asalternative fuel engines for buses andother heavy-duty applications13400 Outer Drive, WestDetroit, MI 48239Tel: 313.592.5000Web: www.detroitdiesel.com34 Community TransportationDHK ArchitectsKnown for its practice in thetransportation field155 Massachusetts Ave.Boston, MA 02115Tel: 617.267.6408Web: www.dhkinc.comDialight Corp.LED lighting technology1501 Route 34, SFarmingdale, NJ 17727Tel: 732.919.3119Web: www.dialight.comDiamond Coach Corp.Award-winning honeycomb/compositeunibody buses2300 W. Fourth St., P.O. Box 489Oswego, KS 67356Tel: 620.795.2191Web: www.diamondcoach.comDiamond Manufacturing, Inc.Fare collection systems for transit2330 Burlington Ave.N. Kansas City, MO 64116Tel: 816.421.8363Web: www.diamondmfg.comDiesel Electrical Equipment, Inc.Electrical components used in passenger rail139 N Griffith BoulevardGriffith, IN 46319Tel: 219.922.1848Web: www.dieselelectricalequipment.comDiesel Exchange, Inc.Diesel engine remanufacturing3811 E. KearneySpringfield, MO 65803Tel: 417.831.5600Web: www.dieselexchange.comDieselcraft Fluid EngineeringDiesel performance productsP.O. Box 7670Auburn, CA 95603Tel: 530.823.7075Web: www.dieselcraft.comDigital Dispatch SystemsIn-vehicle computing and real-timecommunications11920 Forge PlRichmond, BC Canada V7A 4V9Tel: 604.241.1441Web: www.digital-dispatch.comDigital Printing Systems, Inc.Advanced ticket printing services777 N. Georgia Ave.Azusa, CA 91702Tel: 626.334.1244Web: www.dpstickets.comDigital Recorders, Inc.ITS system provider4018 Patriot Dr., One Park Center, #100Durham, NC 27703Tel: 800.222.9583Web: www.digrecorders.comDigitechEMS, ambulance and NEMT billingsoftware555 Pleasantville Road, #110 NBriarcliff Manor, NY 10510Tel: 914.741.1919Web: www.digitechcomputer.comDiversified TransitA professional transit managementcompany6053 West Century Blvd., Ninth FloorLos Angeles, CA 90045Tel: 310.981.9500Web: www.divtrans.comDJ Cross Transportation ConsultingTransit and paratransit accessibilityconsultingP.O. Box 10268Oakland, CA 94610Tel: 510.530.7198Web: www.douglasjcross.comDLD Truck StrapsWheelchair and occupant securement3118 North 30th AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85017Tel: 800.266.6786Web: www.dldtruckstraps.comDMJM + HARRIS an AECOM CompanyTransportation consulting firm605 Third Ave.New York, NY 10158Tel: 212.973.2900Web: www.dmjmhn.aecom.comDoron Precision Systems, Inc.Vehicle simulatorsP.O. Box 400Binghamton, NY 13902-0400Tel: 607.772.1610Web: www.doronprecision.com

Double K, Inc.Rubber tired trolley buses, parts andaccessories such as benches, shelters,trailers701 North Railroad AvenueCrandon, WI 54520Tel: 715.478.5090Web: www.hometowntrolley.comDoyle Argosy Innovators, Ltd.Electronic fare cards3 1010 Yates StreetVictoria, BC Canada V8V 3M6Tel: 250.360.0012DPF RegenerationYour source for cleaning and regeneratingdiesel particulate filters425 Harding Ave., Bldg. 2Stratford, CT 06615Tel: 203.549.8606Web: www.dpfregeneration.comDriveCamDriver risk management program3954 Murphy Canyon Rd., #D205San Diego, CA 92123Tel: 858.430.4000Web: www.drivecam.comDriverCheck, Inc.Identify unsafe drivers and correct theirbehavior2100 Powers Ferry RoadAtlanta, GA 30339Tel: 770.916.6721Web: www.drivercheck.comDrugtech Toxicology Services, LLCDrug and alcohol testing servicesP.O. Box 156Ahwahnee, CA 93601Tel: 209.966.6454DS Safety Consulting ServicesProvide safety management consultingservices to bus, rapid transit, andcommuter rail systems15 Samsondale Ave., Suite 222West Haverstraw, NY 10993Tel: 914.806.4663Dupon Trolley IndustriesTrolley buses240 3rd St.Quebec City, Quebec Canada G1L 2S8Tel: 418.529.0619Web: www.dupontrolley.comDynamic EngineeringNoise and vibration mitigation3466 Bridgeland DriveBridgeton, MO 63044Tel: 314.770.2900Dynatek Industries, Ltd.Fuel storage systems4410 46th Avenue, S.E.Calgary, Alberta Canada T2B 3N7Tel: 403.720.0262Web: www.dynatek.comEE. J. WardComprehensive fleet asset management3230 Fall Creek Hwy., # 210Granbury, TX 76049Tel: 210.824.7383Web: www.ejward.comEARTH TECHProject management, planning,environmental permitting, design,procurement management, constructionmanagement, start-up, and qualityassurance services2101 Webster St., Suite 1000Oakland, CA 94612Tel: 510.419.6000Web: www.earthtech.comEaster Seals Project ACTIONTransit education and training1425 K Street, NW, Suite 200Washington, DC 20005Tel: 202.347.3066Web: www.projectaction.orgEastern Mobility CompanyAdaptive vehicle modifications to trucks,vans and cars for people with disabilities4 Council DriveWoodsboro, MD 21798Tel: 888.845.0533Web: www.easternmobility.com35 Community Transportation

Eastern States Insurance GroupInsurance and risk managementconsulting50 Prospect St.Waltham, MA 02453Tel: 781.642.9000Web: www.esia.comEasyBus, Inc.Easy-to-use software that addresses thechallenges facing transit providers313 Ushers RoadBallston Lake, NY 12019Tel: 888.327.9571Web: www.easybus.comEatonHybrid power systems for buses1111 Superior Ave.Cleveland, OH 44114Tel: 269.342.3000Web: hwww.eaton.com/EatonCom/ProductsServices/Hybrid/Applications/CityTransitBus/index.htmEbus, Inc.Manufacturer of electric and hybridelectricbuses9250 Washburn RoadDowney, CA 90242Tel: 562.904.3474Web: www.ebus.comEchovision Division of ArmatronInternational, IncUltrasonic obstacle detection systems15 Highland Ave.Malden, MA 02148Tel: 781.321.2300Web: www.echovision.netEclipse Mobility VehiclesMobility and commercial transportationspecialists2901 Dexter LaneElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 248.770.4666Web: www. eclipsemobility.comEcolaneAutomated paratransit software4130 Main StreetElk Horn, IA 51331Tel: 712.764.9101Web: www.ecolane.comEcology and Environment, Inc.Software and consulting for vehiclelocation, dispatching, fleet management,ridesharing and routing/scheduling368 Pleasant ViewLancaster, NY 14086Tel: 616855.0571Web: www.ene.comECOM America, Ltd.Emission testing equipment1628 Oakbrook DriveGainesville, GA 30507Tel: 877.326.6411Web: www.ecomusa.comEdwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLPLaw Firm111 Huntington Ave.Boston, MA 07613-2199Tel: 617.239.0100Web: www.eapdlaw.comEIGER TechSystems, Inc.Engineering consulting services621 Strand St., Suite 005Santa Monica, CA 90405Tel: 310.396.2959Web: www.eigertech.comElbeco Uniform Co.Celebrating a century of excellenceP.O. Box 31099Reading, PA 19612Tel: 610.921.0651Web: www.elbeco.comElDorado NationalCommercial bus and mobility vanmanufacturer9670 Galena St.Riverside, CA 92509Tel: 800.850.1287Web: www.enconline.comElectric Fan EngineeringCooling products for buses8 Crown Plaza #105Hazlet, NJ 07730Tel: 732.203.0320Web: www.electricfanengineering.comElectric Vehicles InternationalElectric drive trains1627 Army Court, #1Stockton, CA 95206Tel: 209.939.0405Web: www.evi-usa.comElectro-Motive DieselManufacturer of diesel electriclocomotives9301 W 55th StreetLa Grange, IL 60525Tel: 708.387.6544Web: www.emdiesels.comElectronic Micro Systems, Inc.Engine control systems125 Ricefield LaneHauppauge, NY 11788Tel: 800.527.9156Web: www.gvtc.comEllcon-National Inc.Railcar systems for the 21 st Century50 Beachtree Blvd.Greenville, SC 29605Tel: 864.527.1021Web: www.ellcon-national.comEmbry Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDegrees in transportation600 Clyde Morris Blvd.Daytona Beach, FL 32114Tel: 386.323.8668Web: www.erau.eduEmdeon Business ServicesRevenue cycle and clinical communicationsolutionsP.O. Box 290037Nashville, TN 37229Tel: 800.444.4336Web: www.emdeon.comEmployment Background Inc.Background screening and drug testingP.O. Box 79007Pittsburgh, PA 15216Tel: 412.264.4020Web: www.ebiinc.comEnGraphParatransit management and routingsoftware11323 Strang Line Rd.Lenexa, KS 66215Tel: 785.838.3603Web: www.engraph.comEng-Wong, Taub & AssociatesTraffic and transportation consulting firm2 Penn Plaza, #2630New York, NY 10121Tel: 212.695.5858Web: www.eng-wongtaub.com36 Community Transportation

Enova SystemsOn the way to zero emissions1560 W. 190 th StreetTorrance, CA 90501Tel: 310.527.2800Web: www.enovasystems.comEnseicom Inc.A leader in outdoor sign and furniturefabrication225 NormanLachine, Quebec, Canada H8R 1A3Tel: 514.486.2626Web: www.ensei.comENSCO, Inc.Railway and metro track inspection5400 Port Royal RoadSpringfield, VA 22151Tel: 703.321.9000Web: www.ensco.comENTRA Consultants Inc.Transportation planning635 W. Seventh Street, Ste. 107Cincinnati, OH 45203Tel: 800.959.6788Web: www.entraconsultants.comEspar Heater SystemsHeating systems6099 A Vipond DriveMississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 2B2Tel: 800.387.4800Web: www.espar.comESRIGIS software that gives you the advantage380 New York StreetRedlands, CA 92372Tel: 909.793.2853Web: www.esri.comE-Z Ride Corp.A safer, more comfortable rideP.O. Box 510Milford, IN 46567Tel: 574.658.9461Web: www.e-zridecorp.comFFAAC Inc.Total simulation training systems1229 Oak Valley DriveAnn Arbor, MI 48108Tel: 734.761.5836Web: www.faac.comFAB Industries, LLCCompressed natural gas, liquid naturalgas, and hydrogen on-board fuel storagesystems in North America5409 Maryland Way, Suite 215Brentwood, TN 37027Tel: 615.301.5304Web: www.fabind.comFabric ServicesFabrics, leathers, vinyls and polyurethanes103 Hinsdale Farms RoadBristol, IN 46507Tel: 574.848.5100Web: www.fabserv.comFacility and Resource Marketing GroupRural transportation innovations1 South 198 Eliot LaneOakbrook Terrace, IL 60181Tel: 630.629.7930Faiveley TransportBrakes, couplers, HVAC, pantographics213 Welsh Pool Rd.Exton, PA 19341Tel: 610.524.9110Web: www.faiveley.comFare Logistics Corp.Electronic fare collection systems with fullsoftware suites#10 – 4223 Commerce CircleVictoria, British Columbia Canada V8Z 6N6Tel: 800.264.6227Web: www.farelogistics.comFay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc.Engineers, planners, scientists5 Burlington WoodsBurlington, MA 01803Tel: 800.835.8666Web: www.fstinc.comFellfabCushions, covers and other interior itemsfor rail and bus12009 N Ridgeway AvenueMequon, WI 53097Tel: 262.238.9160Web: www.fellfab.comFiretideSecurity, operations, communications —wireless mesh networks16795 Lark Ave., #200Los Gatos, CA 95032Tel: 408.355.7210Web: www.firetide.comFiretrace, Int.Protecting critical equipment and facilities15690 N. 83 rd Way, Suite BScottsdale, AZ 85260Tel: 866.607.1218Web: www.firetrace.comFirst LabEmployment screening1364 Welsh Road., Ste. C-2North Wales, PA 19454Tel: 215.540.1651Web: www.firstlab.comFirst Transit, Inc.Professional transit management,operations, consulting705 Central Ave #300Cincinnati, OH 45202Tel: 513.241.2200Web: www.firsttransit.comFisher CoachworksGame-changing hybrid-electriccommercial vehicles1150 Stephenson Hwy.Troy, MI 48083Tel: 313.483.3700Web: www.fishercoachworks.comFleetcards USAFuel management service655 Engineering Drive, #300Norcross, GA 30092Tel: 800.877.9019Web: www.fleetcor.comFleet Management SolutionsGPS fleet tracking3426 Empresa Drive, #100San Luis Obispo, CA 93401Tel: 805.787.0508Web: www.fmsgps.comFleetMax, Inc.Maintenance management softwareP.O. BOX 401Gloucester, MA 01930Tel: 866.998.1900Web: www.fleetmaxsoftware.comFleetronixEasy-to-use fleet management solution2350 East Germann Road, Suite 37Chandler, AZ 85286Tel: 585.506.6444Web: www.fleetronix.com37 Community Transportation

FlexcarCar-sharing company307 Third Ave S., #220Seattle, WA 98104Tel: 206.332.0330Web: www.flexcar.comFMI (Freedom Motors USA Inc)Safe, reliable vehicle conversions923 E Michigan Ave.Battle Creek, MI 49014Tel: 888.625.6335Web: www.fminow.comFord Commercial TruckTransit vehicles16800 Executive Plaza Dr.Dearborn, MI 48126Tel: 313.323.1572Web: www.commtruck.ford.comFortran Traffic SystemsMoving traffic and people470 Midwest RoadToronto, Ontario, Canada M1P 4YSTel: 416.288.1320Web: www.fortrantraffic.comFortress Systems Int.Mobile video surveillance for fleets3801 Rose Lake DriveCharlotte, NC 28217Tel: 800.437.3920Web: www.fsiinc.comFoton America Bus Co., Inc.Alternatively fueled transit buses3085 Fountainside Drive, #105Germantown, TN 38139Tel: 901.347.0412Web: www.foton-america.comFrances Kernodle AssociatesTransportation research, marketing andcommunication113 N Alfred St.Alexandria, VA 22314Tel: 703.519.3950Web: www.fkassociates.comFreedman Seating CompanyTransit seating4545 W. Augusta Blvd.Chicago, IL 60651Tel: 800.443.4540Web: www.freedmanseating.comFreightliner Custom Chassis CorporationBus chassis552 Hyatt St.Gaffney, SC 29341Tel: 864.487.1700Web: www.freightliner.comFuelmaster/Syn-tech Systems, Inc.Fuel Management systems100 Four Point WayTallahassee, FL 32305Tel: 800.888.9136Web: www.syntech-fuelmaster.comGGai-TronicsRadio dispatch and RF equipment125 Mallard Street, Ste. FSt. Rose, LA 70087Tel: 800.452.7666Web: www.gai-tronics.comGAM Printers, Inc.Transit brochures, timetables, reports andmore45969 Nokes Blvd., Ste. 130Sterling, VA 20166Tel: 571.283.7141Web: www.gamprinters.comGannett Fleming, Inc.Planning, design and constructionmanagement of bus maintenance andstorage facilities, transportation centers,parking facilities and traffic studiesWest Bldg #600, PO Box 67100Harrisburg, PA 17106Tel: 800.233.1055Web: www.gannettfleming.comGaraventaWheelchair lifts, evacuation chairs,accessibility equipmentP.O. Box 1769Baline, WA 98231Tel: 866.824.8314Web: www.garaventalift.comGatekeeper Systems, Inc.Precision-engineered mobile digital videosystems4 ChristinaMarie DriveClifton Park, NY 12065Tel: 518.357.3645Web: www.gatekeeper-systems.comGateway Coachworks, Inc.New and used shuttle buses12165-17B Metro ParkwayFort Myers, FL 33912-8303Tel: 239.561.4116Web: www.GatewayCoachworks.comGateway Insurance CompanyInsurance1401 South Brentwood Blvd., Suite 1000,10th FloorSaint Louis, MO 63144Tel: 800.779.3600Web: www.gicauto.comGateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.Ticketing, admissions and revenuemanagement315 E Second St.Boyertown, PA 19512Tel: 610.987.4000Web: www.gatewayticketing.comGator Moto Utility VehiclesLow speed electric cars and shuttles54 W. 10th St.Atlantic Beach, FL 32233Tel: 904.247.1818Web: www.gatormotouv.comGeneral MotorsBus chassis and vehicles100 Rennaissance CenterDetroit, MI 48307Tel: 313.667.1136Web: www.gmfleet.comGeorgetown Rail Equipment Co.Maintenance-of-way services andproducts111 Cooperative Way, Suite 100Georgetown, TX 78628Tel: 512.869.1542Web: www.georgetownrail.comGerflor/Industrial Rubber SupplyTransit flooring55 Dunlop Ave.Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2X 2V2Tel: 204.694.4444Web: www.indrub.comGFI GenfareFare collection equipment751 Pratt Blvd.Elk Grove Village, IL 60007Tel: 847-593-8855Web: www.gfigenfare.com38 Community Transportation

Gillespie GraphicsTransit decals and graphic manufacturer27676 SW Parkway Ave.Wilsonville, OR 97070Tel: 503.682.1122Web: www.gillespeie-graphics.comGillig CorporationManufacturer of transit and airport busesPO Box 3008Hayward, CA 94545Tel: 510.785.1500Web: www.gillig.comGirardin Minibus, Inc.Transit vehiclesTrans Canada HighwayDrummondville, Quebec, Canada J2B6V4Tel: 819.477.8222Web: www.girardin.comGiro, Inc.HASTUS scheduling & operations softwareLynn Gauthier75 Port-Royal St E. #500Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3L 3T1Tel: 514.383.0404Web: www.giro.caGlatting Jackson Kercher Anglin LopezRinehart, Inc.Transportation planning, publicinvolvement and information33 E Pine StreetOrlando, FL 32801Tel: 407.843.6552Web: www.glatting.comGlaval BusManufacturer of shuttle, transit and tourcoaches914 C.R. #1NElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 800.445.2825Web: www.glavalbus.comGlobal Traffic TechnologiesBuilding critical traffic connections7800 Third Street, NSt. Paul, MN 55128Tel: 651.789.7330Web: www.gtt.comGlobal Transportation TechnologiesUnsurpassed ITS knowledge4414 Moleton DriveMt. Airy, MD 21771Tel: 240.235.1537Web: www.gtranstech.comGoodyear Tire and Rubber Co.Tires1144 Market Street, Dept. 750Akron, OH 44316Tel: 330.796.2121Web: www.goodyear.comGooch Brake and EquipmentBus brakes506-512 Grand Blvd.Kansas City, MO 64106Tel: 800.444.3216Web: www.goochbrake.comGorman Bus SalesDealership691 Bullis RoadElma, NY 14059-9669Tel:: 716.675.3859Web: www.gormanent.comGoshen CoachManufacturer of medium duty transitbuses25161 Leer Dr.Elkhart, IN 46746Tel: 574.970.6300Web: www.goshencoach.comGraber Products, Inc.Bicycle lockers5253 Verona Rd.Madison, WI 53711Tel: 800.783.7257Web: www.graberproducts.comGrammer, Inc.Seating for transit vehicles2700 Harvey StreetHudson, WI 54016Tel: 800.367.7328Web: www.grammer.comGrampian Software, IncDepot operations softwareOne Memorial Drive, Suite 1220Cambridge, UK 2142Tel: 44.1224.627606Web: www.grampian-software.comGrants Management Systems, Inc.Accounting and financial systems fornonprofits10559 Metropolitan Ave.Kensington MD 20895Tel: 301.933.3500Web: www.gmsactg.comGray Manufacturing CompanyVehicle lifting equipment and stands3501 S. Leonard Rd.Saint Joseph, MO 64503Tel: 800.821.7320Web: www.grayusa.comGreat American Trolley CompanyTrolley manufacturer821 Shunpike RoadCape May, NJ 8204Tel: 800.422.8366Web: www.gatrolley.comGreen Power ChemicalEnvironmentally friendly cleaners and degreasers60 River RoadStanhope, NJ 07874Tel: 800.932.9371Web: www.greenpowerchemical.comGreenRide (Ecology & Environment, Inc.)Integrated mobility management solutions368 Pleasant ViewLancaster, NY 10486Tel: 716.684.8060Web: www.greenride.comGresham Driving Aids, Inc.Driving aids for people with disabilities30800 Wixom Rd., P.O. Box 405Wixom, MI 48393Tel: 800.521.8930Web: www.greshamdrivingaids.comGreyHawk Technologies, Inc.The latest in touch screen technology atyour fingertips12406 NE 60 th Way, Bldg. AAVancouver, WA 98682Tel: 360.891.1951Web: www.greyhawktech.comGreyhound Lines, Inc.Transit services contractors15110 North Dallas ParkwayDallas, TX 75248Tel: 972.789.7042Web: www.greyhound.comGunite CorporationGunite designs and manufactures heavy-dutycast brake drums for the transit bus industry302 Peoples AvenueRockford, IL 61104Tel: 815.490.6207Web: www.gunite.com39 Community Transportation

HHaartz CorporationSeating87 Hayward RoadActon, MA 01720Tel: 508.263.2741Web: www.haartz.com/en/Hadley Products Corp.Interior lighting, mirrors, air ride4600 Wyland Dr.Elkhart, IN 46516Tel: 574.293.5669Web: www.hadley-products.comHaldex Brake Products CorporationManufacturer and marketer of air brake systems10930 N Pomona AvenueKansas City, MO 64153Tel: 816.891.2470Web: www.haldex.comHallcon Cleaning Ltd.Transportation cleaning and maintenance45 Charles St., East #300Toronto, Ontario Canada M4Y 1S2Tel: 416.964.9191Web: www.hallconcorp.comHall IndustriesPassenger rail solutions514 Mecklem LaneEllwood City, PA 16117Tel: 724.752.2000Web: www.hallind.comHalsey King Associates, Inc.Consultants specializing in vehiclemaintenance2731 Greenock Ct.Carlsbad, CA 92008Tel: 760.809.2142Web: www.halseyking.comHankook Tire America Corp.Tires7101 Vorden ParkwaySouth Bend, IN 46628Tel: 800.426.5665Web: www.hankooktireusa.comHamilton KentManufacturer specializing in customengineered rubber seals for bus and rail77 Carlingview DriveToronto, Ontario Canada M9W 5E6Tel: 416.675.9873Web: www.hamiltonkent.com40 Community TransportationHansen Int.Vehicle components, assemblies and parts130 Zenker RoadColumbia, SC 29072Tel: 803.695.1500Web: www.hansen-online.comHAP International, LLCUrban transit consulting315 Steinmetz DriveManchester, NH 03104Tel: 603.624.1287Hardwick Transit AssociatesTransit consultants7 Machipscat TrailVineyard Haven, MA 02568Tel: 877.477.2482Web: www.hardwicktransit.comHarkins Cunningham, LLPLaw Firm1700 K St., NW, #400Washington, DC 20006Tel: 202.973.7600Web: www.harkinscunningham.comHarman Consulting, LLCTransit technology consulting13 Beckler Ave., #2South Boston, MA 02127Tel: 508.531.6144Harrier Lines, Inc.Contract management, passengertransportation, and transportationconsulting services321 Woodhill RoadNewtown, PA 18940Tel: 215.860.4703Harris InteractiveMarket research1920 Association Dr., #500Reston, VA 20191Tel: 703.480.1900Web: www.harrisinteractive.comHarris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.Noise and vibration consulting77 S. Bedford St.Burlington, MA 01803Tel: 781.229.0707Web: www.hmmh.comHarting, Inc. of North AmericaManufacturer of connectors and wires fortransportation1370 Bowes Rd.Elgin, IL 60123Tel: 847.741.1500Web: www.harting.comHatch Mott MacDonald, Inc.Transportation engineering consultant3825 Hopyard Rd., #240Pleasanton, CA 94588Tel: 925.469.8010Web: www.hatchmott.comHB Software Solutions (HBSS)Realizing your transit vision1600 Osgood St.North Andover, MA 01845Tel: 978.379.0010www.hbssonline.comHDR Engineering, Inc.Engineering, architectural consulting firm8404 Indian Hills Dr.Omaha, NE 68114Tel: 402.399.1000Web: www.hdrinc.comHeartland Wheels, Inc.We specialize in wheelchair vans and busesP.O. Box 545Mt. Vernon, IL 62864Tel: 888.494.8267Web: www.heartlandwheels.comHeartSineDesigning and manufacturing automateddefibrillatorsEllis Woods RoadPottstown, PA 19465Tel: 215.860.8100Web: www.heartsine.comHeery International, Inc.Architectural design firm999 Peachtree St. NEAtlanta, GA 30309Tel: 404.881.9880Web: www.heery.comHehr Intl., Inc.Transit windows, glass, powerlinealternators, railcar windows and securityglazing3333 Casitas AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90039Tel: 800.662.4347

Hehr Power SystemsManufacturer of alternators4616 Fairlane Ave.Fort Worth, TX 76119Tel: 817.535.0284Web: www.hehrintl.comHenry Brothers ElectronicsCCTV, access control, wireless communication17-01Pollitt Dr.Fair Lawn, NJ 7410Tel: 201.794.6500Web: www.hbe-inc.comHeritage Crystal CleanParts cleaners, drum waste management2175 Point Blvd., #375Elgin, IL 60123Tel: 877.938.7948Web: www.crystal-clean.comHerzog Transit Services, Inc.Full-service contract operator formanagement and operations of commuterrail systems1100 Park Central Boulevard SouthSuite 1400Pompano Beach, FL 33064Tel: 954.970.9370Web: wwww.herzogcompanies.comHidalgo & De Vries, Inc.Strategic consultancy560 Fifth St. NW #401Grand Rapids, MI 49504Tel: 616.493.5000Web: www.hidalgodevries.comHill InternationalConstruction consultants500 108th Ave. NE #1000Bellevue, WA 98004Tel: 425.451.3881Web: www.hillintl.comHiTech Electronic DisplaysLED displays13900 U.S. 19 NClearwater, FL 33764Tel: 727.531.4800Web: www.hitechled.comHNTB CorporationPlanning, design, engineering andconstruction of rail and publictransportation systemsOne Burlington WoodsBurlington, MA 01803Tel: 781.565.5900Web: www.hntb.com41 Community TransportationHoglund Bus Co., Inc.Small and medium transit busesP.O. Box 249/I-94 & S. Hwy 25Monticello, MN 55362Tel: 800.866.3105Web: www.hoglundbus.comHolland & Knight LLPLaw Firm195 BroadwayNew York, NY 10007Tel: 212.513.3200Web: www.hklaw.comHome Safe CardPre-paid transportation service14107 Hollingfare PlaceTampa, FL 33624Tel: 813.380.5700Web: www.homesafecard.comHoneywell Video SystemsDigital video and CCTV systems2700 Blanken Baker Parkway, #150Louisville, KY 40299Tel: 502.297.5700Web: www.honeywellvideo.comHoppecke Batteries, Inc.Fiber nickel cadmium battery systems1960 Old Cuthbert Rd. #130Cherry Hill, NJ 8034Tel: 856.616.0032Web: www.hoppecke-us.comHoward/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc.Transportation consultant517 West 35th St., 7th Fl.New York, NY 10001Tel: 917.339.0488Web: www.hshassoc.comHoward Uniform CompanyTransit uniforms1915 Annapolis RoadBaltimore, MD 21230Tel: 410.727.3086Web: www.howarduniform.comHuitt-Zollars, Inc.Engineering426 N. 44th St. #300Phoenix, AZ 85008Tel: 602.952.9123Web: www.huitt-zollars.comHunter Engineering CompanyUndercar automotive service equipmentmanufacturer11250 Hunter Dr.Bridgeton, MO 63044Tel: 314.731.0000Web: www.hunter.comHydraulic Electric, Inc.Manufacturer and distributor forautomotive parts for transit9938 Prospect Ave., #145Santee, CA 92071Tel: 619.258.7377Web: www.hecsbusparts.comHythane Company, LLCHythane bridges the gap between naturalgas and hydrogen1242 N. Dumont WayLittleton, CO 80125Tel: 303.468.1705Web: www.hythane.comI.Q. Inc.Technical consulting4530 William Penn Hwy., #1460Murrysville, PA 15668Tel: 724.327.3441Web: www.iq-inc.comII/O Controls CorporationLeading electronic control and monitoringdevice provider1359 W Foothill Blvd.Azusa, CA 91702Tel: 626.812.5353Web: www.iocontrols.comIBI GroupUrban land, facilities, transportation andsystems230 Richmond St., W. 5th Fl.Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 1V6Tel: 416.596.1930Web: www.ibigroup.comIbis Tek, LLCSecuring of wheelchairs and scooters intransit vehicles912 Pittsburgh RoadButler, PA 16002Tel: 724.586.6005Web: www.ibistek.com

IC Corp. Bus, LLCIndustry-leading integrated commercialbus manufacturer4201 Winfield Rd.Warrenville, IL 60555Tel: 630.753.3229Web: www.ic-corp.comIlderton Conversion CompanySales and rental of wheelchair accessible vans701 South Main St.High Point, NC 27261Tel: 336.841.2020Web: www.ilderton.comIlium Associates, Inc.Marketing consultant600 108th Ave. N.E., #660Bellevue, WA 98004Tel: 800.874.6525Web: www.ilium.comIMED MobilitySales, service, rentals of wheelchairaccessible vehicles1915 W. County Road CRoseville, MN 55113Tel: 800.788.7479Web: www.imedmobility.comIMMITransit seating18881 US 31 NorthWestfield, IN 46074-0408Tel: 317.896.9531Web: www.imminet.comIMPulse NC, INC.Transit electrification component supplier100 IMpulse WayP.O.Box 889Mount Olive, NC 28365Tel: 919.658.2200Web: www.impulsenc.comIndependent Mobility Systems, Inc.Chrysler and Ford authorized loweredfloorconverter of minivans1010 Carleton StreetBerkeley, CA 94710Tel: 510.540.0295Web: www.mobilitysystems.com/ims.htmIndian Head Industries, Inc.A recognized leader in the heavy vehicleair brake industry8530 Cliff Cameron DriveCharlotte, NC 28269Tel: 704.547.7411Web: www.indianheadindustries.com42 Community TransportationInfodev EDICounting sensorsCP. 1222 HVQuebec, QC Canada G1R 5A7Tel: 866.590.1965Web: www.infodev.caInfrastructure Management Group, Inc.Management, finance, technology anddevelopment4733 Bethesda Ave., #600Bethesda, MD 20814Tel: 310.907.2900Web: www.imggroup.comIngersoll-RandTools, starters, lifts, etc.1467 Route 31 S, P.O. Box 970Annandale, NJ 8801Tel: 800.376.TOOLWeb: www.irtools.comINIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc.Full-solution ITS and fare collection systems1400 Kristina Way, #101Chesapeake, VA 23320Tel: 757.413.9100Web: www.initusa.comInnovative Electronic Designs, Inc.Paging, audio and video informationsystems9701 Taylorsville RoadLouisville, KY 40299Tel: 502.267.7436Web: www.iedaudio.comInnovative Transportation Concepts, Inc.Transportation consultants and sellers oftransit modeling, planning and simulationsoftware1128 NE Second St., Suite 204Corvallis, OR 97330Tel: 541.754.6836Web: www.itc-world.comInova SolutionsCall center equipment and real-time datacollection and presentation110 Avon St.Charlottesville, VA 22902Tel: 434.817.8000Web: www.inovasolutions.comInstitute for International ResearchResearch708 Third Ave.New York, NY 10017Tel: 212.661.3500Web: www.irusa.comInsul-8 CorporationManufacturer of mobile electrificationproducts for the transit system, includingaluminum for the transit system, includingaluminum stainless steel conductor rails10102 F StreetOmaha, NE 68127Tel: 402.952.9301Web: www.insul-8.comThe Insurance Store at CTAACTAA’s one-stop storefront for insuranceinformation, resources and productsA partnership with Arthur J. Gallagher1341 G Street, NW, 10 th FloorWashington, DC 20005Tel: 216.654.9384Web: www.ctaa.org/insurancestoreINTEC Video Systems, Inc.Camera systems23301 Vista GrandeLaguna Hills, CA 92653Tel: 800.468.3254Web: www.intecvideo.comIntegrated Transportation Resources, Inc.Non-emergency medical transportationinsurance16 Hawk Ridge Dr., #125Lake St. Louis, MO 63367Tel: 636.561.0048Web: www.itr-inc.netIntelliCorp RecordsBackground checks and employment screeningproducts300 Auburn Dr., #410Beachwood, OH 44122Tel: 216.450.5240Web: www.intellicorp.netIntellitec ProductsBattery run-down protection131 Eisenhower Lane, NorthLombard, IL 60148Tel: 630.268.0010Web: www.intellitec.com

Interactive Elements IncorporatedTransportation consulting firm60 East 42nd St.New York, NY 10165Tel: 212.490.9090Web: www.ieitransit.comInterclean EquipmentHeavy-duty, high-pressure vehicle cleaningsystems3939 Bestech Drive, Suite BYpsilanti, MI 48197Tel: 734.975.2967Web: www.interclean.comInterfleet Technology Inc.Vehicle engineering1600 Market St., #1720Philadelphia, PA 19103Tel: 215.399.5480Web: www.interfleet-technology.comIntermotive ProductsVehicle control systems13395 New Airport Road, Ste. AAuburn, CA 95602Tel: 530.346.1801Web: www.intermotive.netIntermountain CoachBus dealership7720 Electronic DriveColorado Springs, CO 80132Tel: 719.570.1122Web: www.intermountaincoach.comInternational Display Systems, Inc.Information scheduling systems3131 S Dixie Dr., #505Dayton, OH 45439Tel: 937.293.3118Web: www.idsfids.comInternational Name Plate Supplies Ltd.Signs, nameplates and decals1420 Crumlin Rd., NLondon, Ontario Canada N5V 1S1Tel: 519.455.7647Web: www.inps.on.caInternational Road DynamicsHighway traffic management702 43rd St., EastSaskatoon, Sask. Canada S7K 3T9Tel: 306.653.6600Web: www.irdinc.com43 Community TransportationInThincFleet solutions and safety systems1515 W. 2200 S., Suite ESalt Lake City, UT 84119Tel: 866.294.8637Web: www.inthinc.comiRail, LLCTechnology solutions for public transit andOEMs27 Bank St.Hornell, NY 14843Tel: 973.763.1400Web: www.irail.comIron Horse Engineering Co.Embedded-track applications for transitsystems15567 Main Market Rd., US 422P.O. Box 775Parkman, OH 44080Tel: 440.548.2005Web: www.ironhorseeng.comIrwin Seating CompanySeating manufacturerP.O. Box 2429Grand Rapids, MI 49501Tel: 616.574.7400Web: www.irwintransportationseating.comIsaacs & AssociatesTransit consultants361 West Main St.Hendersonville, TN 37075Tel: 615.338.0847ISE CorporationHybrid drive systems12302 Kerran St.Poway, CA 92064-6884Tel: 858.413.1720Web: www.isecorp.comISR TransitOperations and fleet tracking1502 Joh Ave., #170Baltimore, MD 21227Tel: 410.536.9989Web: www.isrtransit.comIsringhausen, Inc.Seats5450 West Dickman RoadBattle Creek, MI 49015Tel: 616.968.5333Web: www.isriusa.com/i-Transit Inc.Pre-owned bus and motorcoach sales,procurement and service200 East Robinson Street, Ste. 1150Orlando, FL 32801Tel: 407.545.2880Web: www.i-transit.comITW PlexusStructural Adhesives30 Endicott St.Danvers, MA 01923Tel: 978.777.1100Web: www.itwplexus.comJJ. J. Keller and Associates, Inc.Safety and compliance products and services3003 W. Breezewood Lane, P.O. Box 368Neenah, WI 54957-0368Tel: 877.564.2333Web: www.jjkeller.comJ.D. Franz ResearchPublic opinion and marketing research1900 Point West Way, #276Sacramento, CA 95815Tel: 800.224.6540Web: www.jdfranz.comJacobs AssociatesCivil engineering consulting services465 California St., #1000San Francisco, CA 94104Tel: 415.434.1822Web: www.jacobssf.comJacobs Civil Inc.Complete project planning andimplementation for rail and bus transit1100 N Glebe Road, Suite 500Arlington, VA 22201Tel: 571.218.1000Web: www.jacobs.comJakes Associates, Inc.Innovative transportation solutions1940 The Alamameda, Ste. 200San Jose, CA 95126Tel: 408.249.7200Web: www.jakesassociates.comJasper Engines and TransmissionsRemanufacturer engines and transmissionsP.O. Box 650Jasper, IN 47547-0650Tel: 800.827.7455Web: www.jasperengines.com

Jay Evans Consulting LLCStrategic decision support1526 17th St., NW #310Washington, DC 20036Tel: 202.521.7313Web: www.jayevansconsulting.comJeffrey A. Parker & Associates, Inc.Transit finance advisors27 Hewing FieldChilmark, MA 02535Tel: 508.645.8095Web: www.japarker.comJEM Sales, Inc.Cleaning products430 Lavender Dr.Rome, GA 30165Tel: 706.232.1709Web: www.jemsalesinc.comJensen & Cooper, Inc.Executive search firm411 108th Ave., N.E., #250Bellevue, WA 98004Tel: 425.637.5656Web: www.jensencooper.comJill Kollmann & AssociatesAdministration, planning and operations support11157 McGee River CircleFountain Valley, CA 92708Tel: 714.531.1196JJM Transportation ConsultantsWe will train your employees or run yourcompany44 Danforth CourtHaverhill, MA 01832-1194Tel: 888.801.1401JKL Solutions, Inc.Mass transit consultingP.O. Box 1945North Falmouth, MA 02556Tel: 508.563.7330JMA Transit CompanyRailroad supply105 West 2nd St., #203Seymour, IL 47274Tel: 812.522.7200Web: www.jmarail.comJNJ TransportationTransportation logistics managementP.O. Box 2034Lawrenceville, GA 30046Tel: 678.442.0140Web: www.jnjserves.com44 Community TransportationJo Ann Hutchinson Consulting ServicesConsulting services in the areas of humanservice transportation401 Gould RoadQuincy, FL 32351Tel: 850.627.9262Web: www.joannhutchinson.comJoe Boscia ResourcesManagement/supervisory, operationaltraining/safety558 Arlington Ave.Westfield, NJ 7090Tel: 908.233.8038John A. Dash & AssociatesLabor relations consulting services121 N. Eagle Rd.Havertown, PA 19083Tel: 610.446.4700John F. Throne and Company InsuranceInsurance2 Union Bldg 4551Seattle, WA 98101-2341Tel: 206.622.3636John Holdsworth & Co.Seating and transit fabrics2840 Fortune Circle E., Suite FIndianapolis, IN 46241Tel: 919-552-4466Web: www.holdsworthfabrics.comJOHN REILLY Associates International, Ltd.Transportation consulting1101 Worcester Rd.Framingham, MA 01701Tel: 508.879.3434Web: www.johnreillyassociates.comJohn Schiavone ConsultingBus maintenance and technology consulting32 State St.Guilford, CT 06437Tel: 203.453.2728Jomarr Products, Inc.Automatic vehicle fire suppression systems1000 Meade Street Plaza, P.O. Box 309Dunmore, PA 18512Tel: 570.346.5330www.jomarrproducts.comJones & Stokes Associates, Inc.Innovative environmental solutions2600 V St.Sacramento, CA 95818Tel: 916.737.3000Web: www.jonesandstokes.comJordan & Associates, Inc.Advancing interest of public agencies2111 Wilson Blvd #600Arlington, VA 22201Tel: 703.351.5020Web: www.pjordanassoc.comJordan, Jones & GouldingClient-focused consulting firm6801 Governors Lake Pkwy., #200Norcross, GA 30071Tel: 770.455.8555Web: www.jjg.comKK & L GatesLegal services1601 K St, NWWashington, DC 20006-1600Tel: 202.778.9000Web: www.klgates.comKaren Antion ConsultingExtensive experience helping transportationinvest in technology will improve operations61 Seaview Avenue, #58Stamford, CT 06902Tel: 203.961.0079Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.Passenger rail cars29 Wells Ave., Bldg. 4Yonkers, NY 10701Tel: 914.376.4700Web: www.kawasakirailcar.comKay Nordstrom Engineering, Inc.Transit operations management, projectmanagement, management training andvalue engineering11 Hathorne Street, #2Salem, MA 01970Tel: 978.594.5086KEL Insurance Services, LLCSpecializing in commercial linesP.O. Box 411Solebury, PA 18963Tel: 215.862.0822Web: www.kelinsurance.comKelley Transit CompanyCommuter, fixed route and paratransitmanagement services30 Railroad SquareTorrington, CT 06790Tel: 860.489.9243Web: www.kelleytransit.com

Kennebec, Inc.Software development for transit systems2140 Greentree Rd., #APittsburgh, PA 15220-1405Tel: 412.278.2040Web: www.kennebec-inc.comKerr Consulting LLCGovernment relations consultant625 Sherwood ForestAnnapolis, MD 21405Tel: 410.849.2242Keville Enterprises, Inc.Construction management and inspectionfirm475 School St., Ste 11Marshfield, MA 02050Tel: 781.837.3884Web: www.keville.comKey Equipment FinanceThe right financing at the right time1000 South McCashlin Blvd.Superior, CO 80027Tel: 888.301.6238Web: www.kefonline.comKFH Group, Inc.Transit consultants4920 Elm St., #350Bethesda, MD 20814Tel: 301.951.8660Web: www.kfhgroup.comKidde Aerospace and DefenseFire Protection and gas leak detection3401 Tyson RoadNewton Square, PA 19073Tel: 252.281.3186Web: www.safebus.comKimberly-Clark ProfessionalSolutions for away-from-homewashrooms, manufacturing environmentsand DIY settings14400 Holcomb Bridge Rd.Roswell, GA 30076Tel: 888.346.4652Web: www.kcprofessional.comKim Hotstart Mfg. Co.Diesel engine block heaters5723 E. AlkiSpokane, WA 99212Tel: 509.536.8660Web: www.kimhotstart.comKimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.Public and private consulting services333 Fayetteville St., #600Raleigh, NC 27601Tel: 919.835.1494Web: www.kimley-horn.comKingston Mobile ElectronicsElectronics and AV equipment6402 Corporate DriveIndianapolis, IN 46278Tel: 866.733.2820Web: www.kingstonmobile.comKKO and Associates, L.L.C.Information systems support andmanagement consultingFive Vine St.Andover, MA 01810Tel: 978.475.4079Web: www.kko.comKLAM America Corp.KLAM electromagnetic brake retarders5502 Pearl St.Denver, CO 80216Tel: 303.297.3939Web: www.klamamerica.comKLDComputer simulation models fortransportation47 Mall Dr., #8Commack, NY 11725-5717Tel: 800.324.8964Web: www.kldcompanies.comKnorr Brake CorporationCustomized braking systems861 Baltimore BlvdWestminster, MD 21157-7021Tel: 410.875.1440Web: www.knorrbrakecorp.comKONE Inc.Elevator, escalators and power walks1080 Parkview Blvd.Lombard, IL 60148Tel: 630.629.3100Web: www.kone.comKONI North AmericaMultinational shock absorber specialist1961 International WayHebron, KY 41048Tel: 859.586.4100Web: www.koni-na.comKopke & Associates, Inc.Consulting for planning, design, dispatch,scheduling, operations, producrement andoperations13780 Hummingbird RoadFayetteville, AR 72701Tel: 479.409.0416Web: www.kopke.netKoroseal Floor SystemsFlooring and step tread manufacturer3875 Embassy ParkwayFairlawn, OH 44333Tel: 800.938.2858Web: www.korosealmatting.comKPMG Peat Marwick, LLPConsultants1676 International Drive, 7th FloorMcLean, VA 22102Tel: 703.442.0030KPS N.A., IncPassenger seating and safety for railcars415 W. Golf Road, #27Arlington Heights, IL 60005Tel: 847.439.8021Web: www.kpsna.comKrapf’s Coaches IncTransportation contractor1060 Saunders LaneWest Chester, PA 19380Tel: 610.431.1500Web: www.krapfbus.comKrauthamer & Associates, Inc.Executive recruitment5530 Wisconsin Ave., #1202Chevy Chase, MD 20815Tel: 301.654.7533Web: www.krauthamerinc.comKrystal EnterprisesVehicle manufacturer2701 E. Imperial HighwayBrea, CA 92821Tel: 800.845.4883Web: www.krystal.ccKustom Fit ManufacturingOEM seating product supplier8990 Atlantic Ave.South Gate, CA 90280-3004Tel: 213.564.4481Web: www.kustomfit.com45 Community Transportation

Kustom Seating UnlimitedDesigner and manufacturer of seats andrelated products for the mass transitmarket3000-3003 Madison StreetBellwood, IL 60104Tel: 708.547.7000Web: www.kustomseating.comLL.A.W. ConsultingCommunity transportationRoute 1, Box 470-BAfton, VA 22920Tel: 540.942.3880L.B. Foster Company, Inc.Rail construction and products415 Holiday DrivePittsburgh, PA 15220Tel: 412.928.3400Web: www.lbfoster.comLa France IndustriesProducers of bus upholstery fabrics3536 Raymar Blvd.Cincinnati, OH 45208Tel: 513.871.5954Web: www.mvmills.com/lafranceindustriesLaboratory Corporation of AmericaMedical testing69 First Ave.Raritan, NJ 8869Tel: 800.437.4986Web: www.labcorp.comLacor/StreetcapeTransit shelters and furniture8837 N. Central AvePhoenix, AZ 85020Tel: 602.371.3310Web: www.lacorss.comLADD IndustriesEnvironmentally sealed electricalconnectors4849 Hempstead Station Dr.Kettering, OH 45429Tel: 800.223.1236Web: www.laddinc.com46 Community TransportationLancer Insurance CompanyCommercial auto and physical damageinsuranceP.O. Box 9004370 West Park Ave.Long Beach, NY 11561Tel: 516.431.4441Web: www.lancerinsurance.comLantal Textiles, Inc.Interior textiles for the transit industryP.O. Box 965Rural Hall, NC 27045Tel: 336.969.0700Web: www.lantaltextiles.comLasseter Bus & MobilityBuses and vans820 Office Park CircleLewisville, TX 75057Tel: 800.880.5620Web: www.lasseter.comLavelle Consulting GroupProven marketing strategies and proposalwriting5000 W. 2 nd StreetGreeley, CO 80634Web: www.lavellecg.comLazaro & NoelManagement, safety, security, training,consulting136 Berkey Dr. #101Johnstown, PA 15904Tel: 814.262.7535Web: www.lazaro-noel.comLea + Elliott, Inc.Planning and engineering consultingservices44965 Aviation Dr., #290Dulles, VA 20166Tel: 703.537.7416Web: www.leaelliott.comLeasing AssociatesA fleet management company12600 North Featherwood DriveSuite 400Houston, TX 77034Tel: 800.449.4807Web: www.theleasingcompany.comLEDTronicsThe future of light975 Channing Ave.Palo Alto, CA 94301Tel: 800.579.4875Web: www.ledtronics.comLeeds TransitA leader in security and performanceBox 70, RR#2Elgin, Ontario, Canada K0G 1E0Tel: 613.359.5344Web: www.leedstransit.comLeFleur TransportationThe right ride. The right price219 Industrial DriveRidgeland, MS 39157Tel: 601.853.1823Web: www.lefleur.comLeisure CraftOutdoor furnishingsP.O. Box 1700Hendersonville, NC 28793Tel: 800.633.8241Web: www.leisurecraftinc.comLiberty Motors USAVehicle conversions341 N. Helmer Rd., NSpringfield, MI 49037Tel: 269.962.2555Web: www.libertymotorsusa.comLifeloc Technologies, Inc.DOT- approved breath alcohol equipment12441 West 49th Ave., #4Wheat Ridge, CO 80033Tel: 303.431.9500Web: www.lifeloc.comLift-UWheelchair Lift and Ramp ManufacturerPO Box 398Escalon, CA 95320Tel: 209.838.2400Web: http://liftu.hogan.comLighthouse InsuranceShop for insurance3245 Merrick Rd.Wantagh, NY 11793Tel: 516. 541.9600Web: www. lighthouseinsurance.comLincoln and AssociatesExecutive recruitment4555 W. 4 th Street, Suite 2Los Angeles, CA 90020Tel: 323.937.6838Web: www.lincolnrecruiting.com

Lincoln IndustrialComplete fluid dispensing systemsOne Lincoln WaySt. Louis, MO 63120Tel: 314.679.4256Web: www.lincolnindustrial.comLinwood Capital, LLCEnergy price risk management4316 Eton PlaceEdina, MN 55424Tel: 952.285.1134Web: www.linwoodcapital.comLKC Consulting Services, Inc.Transit planning and managementconsultingP.O. Box 16169Galveston, TX 77552-6169Tel: 713.522.2554LM CommunicationsConsulting engineers2686 N 775 W, #201Cedar City, UT 84720Tel: 435.586.0174Web: www.laeng.comLNI Custom ManufacturingDesign, build and deploy shelter andsignage systems12536 Chadron Ave.Hawthorne, CA 90250Tel: 800.338.3387Web: www.lnisigns.comLobron Consultancy, Ltd.Transportation consultants1127 Edgewood Ave.Berwyn, PA 19312Tel: 610.889.2005Web: www.lobron.comLockwood, Andrews & NewmanA national engineering firm8350 N. Central Expressway #1400Dallas, TX 75206Tel: 713.821.0405Web: www.lan-inc.comLogic Tree Corp.Speech-enabled business automation4901 Telsa Dr., Suite FBowie, MD 20715Tel: 301.352.1050Web: www.logictree.comLogistiCare, Inc.Implementing/management of nonemergencymedical transportationprograms1800 Phoenix Blvd, #200Atlanta, GA 30349Tel: 770.907.7596Web: www.logisticare.comLomarado GroupGuidance on implementation of majorcapital investments, fixed-guideway systems1616 17th Street, Suite 580Denver, CO 80202Tel: 303.628.5510Lonnie E. BlaydesConsultants8122 San Benito WayDallas, TX 75218Tel: 214.924.4632Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.Rail mounted self-propelled rail grinder3900 Arrohead Dr.P.O. Box 188Hamel, MN 55340Tel: 763.478.6014Web: www.loram.comLPI Lift SystemsErgonomic lifting systems800 Wisconsin St., Mailbox 10Eau Claire, WI 54703Tel: 800.657.6956Web: www.lip-inc.comLS Gallegos & Associates Inc.Program/project management consultingand support9137 E Mineral Circle, #220Englewood, CO 80112Tel: 303.790.8474Web: www.lsgallegos.comLSA Design, Inc.Land-use, transit and parking solutions120 South 6th St., #1700Minneapolis, MN 55402Tel: 612.339.8729www.lsadesigninc.comLSC Transportation Consultants, Inc.Transit/transportation planning; trafficengineering516 North Tejon St.Colorado Springs, CO 80903Tel: 719.633.2868Web: www.lsccs.com47 Community Transportation

LTK Engineering ServicesSpecialists in rail transit engineering100 West Butler Ave.Ambler, PA 19002Tel: 215.542.0700Web: www.ltk.comLucerix International CorporationMirrors, brackets, wiring harnesses2488 Bristol CircleOakville, Ontario Canada L6H 5S1Tel: 800.295.3703Web: www.lucerix.comLUMINATORTransit products and solutions900 Klein Rd.Plano, TX 75074Tel: 972.424.6511Web: www.luminatorusa.comMM.I.T.S. CorporationBuild, sell and service wheelchair accessiblevans11448 N. Main St. ExtendedGlen Rock, PA 17327Tel: 800.243.6487Web: www.mitscorp.comM.J. Bradly & Associates, Inc.Transportation-related environmentalprojects1000 Elm St., 2nd Fl.Manchester, NH 03101Tel: 603.647.5746Web: www.mjbradley.comMAC Products, Inc.Electrified transit products60 Pennsylvania Ave.P.O. Box 469Kearny, NJ 7032Tel: 973.344.0700Web: www.macproducts.netMackenzie Laboratories, Inc.Automated voice and text messagingsystems1163 Nicole Ct.Glendora, CA 91740Tel: 909.394.9007Web: www.macklabs.comMacro CorporationConsulting, engineering and implementationfor fleet management and other transit ITSsystems4377 County Line RoadChalfont, PA 18914Tel: 215.997.5100Web: www.macro.comMadico, Inc.Window films64 Industrial ParkwayWoburn, MA 01801Tel: 800.876.2342Web: www.madico.comMagnetic Ticket & Label CorporationMass transit ticketing8719 Diplomacy RowDallas, TX 75247Tel: 214.634.8600Web: www.magticket.comMain Fare Box/Div. of Euclid Products Co. Inc.Manufacturer of non-registering mechanicalfare collection equipment3625 Lost Nation Rd.Willoughby, OH 44094Tel: 440.942.7310Web: www.epco-mfb.comMaintenance Design Group, LLCSpecialty consulting firm1600 Stout St., #940Denver, CO 80202Tel: 303.302.0266Web: www.maintenancedesigngroup.comMAJIC Consulting GroupRidership and image strategies for transit27936 Lost Canyon Road, Ste. 102Santa Clarita, CA 91387Tel: 661.251.2718Web: www.majicconsulting.comMAN Engines & Components Inc.Axles-drum and disc brake design591 SW 13th TerracePompano Beach, FL 33069Tel: 800.626.2842Web: www.man-mec.comMandrell Solutions, Inc.Manufacturing Lubri-TEX friction reducingproducts430 S. Jefferson, P.O. Box 24Hobart, OK 73651Tel:405.542.3126Mansfield Oil CompanyLeader in the petroleum marketingindustry1025 Airport Pkwy. SWGainesville, GA 30501Tel: 800.695.6626Web: www.mansfieldoil.comManuel Padron & AssociatesTransportation engineering, systemsplanning1175 Peachtree St., NE, Suite 414Atlanta, GA 30361Tel: 404.873.3206 ex 20Marathon Brake SystemsTransit braking systems14 Legacy Way, Suite EAdairsville, GA 30103Tel: 770.877.5509Web: www.marathonbrake.comMarion C. Pulsifer Consulting LLCTransportation consulting241 S. 6th StPhiladelphia, PA 19106Tel: 201.213.1933Mark IV Transportation ProductsCorporationManufacturer of products for the bus andrail transit markets6420 West Howard StreetNiles, IL 60714Tel: 708.967.8300Web: www.mark-ivtransportation.comMarley FlexcoFlooring1401 East 6 th StreetTuscumbia, AL 35674Tel: 419.305.0043Web: www.flexcofloors.comMarvin Advertising CompanyTaxi advertising displays9045 La Fontana Blvd #228Boca Raton, FL 33434Tel: 800.929.1025Web: www.marvintaxiadv.comMatrix Railway CorporationSubsystems for locomotive and rail cars69 Nancy St.West Babylon, NY 11704Tel: 631.643.1483Web: www.matrixrailway.com48 Community Transportation

Maxon MobilityWheelchair lift manufacturer11921 Slauson Ave.Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670Tel: 800.227.4116Web: www.maxonmobility.comMBI GluckShawFull service government relations firm212 West State St.Newark, NJ 8608Tel: 973.735.0529Web: www.mbigluckshaw.comMC Mobility SystemsYour one-stop mobility solutions7588 Tyler Blvd.Mentor, OH 44060Tel: 800.951.6328Web: www.mcmobilitysystems.comMcCormick Rankin InternationalTransportation engineering and consulting2655 N. Sheridan Way #300Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5K 2P8Tel: 905.823.8500Web: www.mrc.caMcCormick, Taylor & Associates, Inc.Innovative design and planning solutionsTwo Commerce Square10th Floor 2001 Market St.Philadelphia, PA 19103Tel: 215.592.4200Web: www.mccormicktaylor.comMcCourt IndustriesWheel service products1314 Centerview CircleAkron, OH 44321Tel: 800.232.2190Web: www.wheelproductsbymccourt.comMcDonald Transit Associates, IncTransit service management4500 Mercantile Plaza, #307Fort Worth, TX 76137817.232.9551817.232.9560Web: www.mcdonaldtransit.comMcGlothin Davis, Inc.Organization and leadership developmentfirm3773 Cherry Creek Dr. #575Denver, CO 80209Tel: 303.331.4424Web: www.mcglothindavis.comMcGriff, Seibels and WilliamsInsurance brokers2211 Seventh Ave., SouthBirmingham, AL 35233Tel: 205.252.9871Web: www.mcgriff.comMcGuire Management ConsultancyOperations management consultingservices848 South Regatta Dr.Vallejo, CA 94591Tel: 707.558.9042McLary ManagementConsulting, training, management supportfunctions17419 Four Seasons Dr.Dumfries, VA 22025Tel: 703.590.3361McLeod, Watkinson & MillerTop-quality, cost-effective legal servicesOne Massachusetts Ave NW, #800Washington, DC 20001Tel: 202.842.2345Web: www.mwmlaw.comMeadowbrook Insurance GroupVehicle insurance26600 Telegraph RoadSouthfield, MI 48034Tel: 248.204.8138Web: www.meadowbrookinsgrp.com/Medical Transportation Management, Inc.Non-emergency medical transportationmanagement16 Hawk Ridge DriveLake St. Louis, MO 63367Tel: 888.561.8747Web: www.mtm-inc.netMegadyne Information SystemsTransportation/healthcare/insurancetechnology and services5250 West Century Blvd., #205Los Angeles, CA 90045-5972Tel: 310.452.1677Web: www.megadyneinfo.comMEIFull-service elevator company19336 607th Ave.Mankato, MN 56001Tel: 507.245.3060Web: www.minnesotaelevator.comMEI SodecoUnattended payment systems andbanknote validators1301 Wilson DriveWest Chester, PA 19380Tel: 800.345.82215Web: www.meigroup.comMeister Electronics, LCInformation and communications systemsfor public transportation4801 George Rd., #120Tampa, FL 33634Tel: 813.886.7797Web: www.meister-usa.comMentor EngineeringCAD/AVL hardware and software solutions10, 2175 29th St., NECalgary, AB Canada T1Y 7H8Tel: 403.777.3760Web: www.mentoreng.comMGM BrakesHeavy-duty spring brake manufacturer8530 Cliff Cameron DriveCharlotte, NC 28269Tel: 704.547.7411Web: www.mgmbrakes.comMichelin North America, Inc.Tire, retreads and servicesOne Parkway SouthGreenville, SC 29615Tel: 864.458.5000Web: www.michelintruck.comMico, Inc.Hydraulic components, controls, andbrake systems1911 Lee Blvd.North Mankato, MN 56003Tel:507.625.6426Web: www.mico.comMicrophor, Inc.On-board sanitation systems452 East Hill Rd.Willits, CA 95490Tel: 707.459.5563Web: www.microphor.comMidland Brake, Inc.Bus door control products1701 North Gent StreetIndianapolis, IN 46202Tel: 317.685.8841Web: www.midlandbrakes.com/49 Community Transportation

Midwest Bus CorporationBus remanufacturing, used bus sales andleasing1940 W. Stewart St., P.O. Box 787Owosso, WI 48867-0787Tel: 800.627.6627Web: www.midwestbus.comMidwest Bus SalesNew, pre-owned and lease returned buses313 E. Front StreetBonner Springs, KS 66012Tel: 405.262.1044Web: www.midwestbussales.comMidwest Transit Equipment, IncBus sales, service, leasing, parts146 W. Issert DriveKankakee, IL 60901Tel: 800.933.2412Web: www.midwesttransit.comMidwest Transportation & DevelopmentCorporationLeasing of commuter coaches and consultingservices260 E. ChestnutChicago, IL 60611Tel: 312.933.3003Web: www.cl.ais.net/dbehrMile-X Equipment, IncShop and garage tools801 North 2nd St.Coldwater, OH 45828Tel: 800.837.3818Web: www.mile-x.comMillennium TechnologiesLatest technologies for fuel economyP.O. Box 1000Woodstock, IL 60098Tel: 800.747.6426Web: www.preignitioncc.com/morempgMillennium Transit ServicesProud manufacturer of the RTS42 Earl Cummings LoopRoswell, NM 88203Tel: 575.347.7500Web: www.milleniumtransit.comMiller Edge, Inc.Mass transit safeguarding door sensorsP.O. Box 159West Grove, PA 19390Tel: 610.869.4422Web: www.milleredge.comMiller Felpax CorporationRolling stock products1155 East Eighth St.Winona, MN 55987Tel: 507.452.2461Web: www.millerfelpax.comMilligan & Co. LLCConsultants and CPAs105 N. 22nd St., 2nd Fl.Philadelphia, PA 19103Tel: 215.496.9100Web: www.milligancpa.comMilwaukee Composites, Inc.Phenolic composite products7330 S. 1st St.Oak Creek, WI 53154Tel: 414.571.2788Web: www.milwaukeecomposites.comMincom, Inc.Resource planning and asset managementsoftware9635 Maroon Circle #100Englewood, CO 80112Tel: 303.446.9000Web: www.mincom.comMirenco TechnologiesComputer technology and fuelmanagement systems106 May St, PO Box 343Radcliffe, IA 50230Tel: 515.899.2164Web: www.mirenco.comMirror Lite CompanyHigh performance mirrors and visibilityproducts20950 Woodruff Rd.Rockwood, MI 48173Tel: 734.379.9828Web: www.mirrorliteco.comMIS Sciences CorporationHigh-speed message delivery systems2550 N Hollywood Way, #404Burbank, CA 91505Tel: 877.262.3923Web: www.missciences.comMITO CorporationDistributor of aftermarket productsP.O. Box 1669Elkhart, IN 46515Tel: 800.433.6486Web: www.mitocorp.comMitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.Components and complete systemsfor passenger rail transit, freight rail,electrified bus transit and wayside facilities530 Keystone DriveWarrendale, PA 15086Tel: 724.778.5110Web: www.meppi.comMJM InnovationsTechnology and management solutions1501 Sulgrave Ave., #200Baltimore, MD 21209Tel: 410.664.0700Web: www.mjminnovations.comMobile AwarenessTransportation safety products34305 Solon Road, #51Solon, OH 44139Tel: 866.653.5036Web: www.mobileawareness.comMobilitatParatransit scheduling and dispatchingsoftware1605 Green River WayGreen River, WY 82935Tel: 307.875.3425Web: www.mobilitat.comMobility ConnectionsSales, installation and service for vanmodification/accessible vehiclesPO Box 891267/7704Oklahoma City, OK 73189Tel: 800.814.1440Web: www.mobilityconnections.comMobility MastersProviding solutions for independent living200 Easy Street, Suite ICarol Stream, IL 60188Tel: 630.690.1420Web: www.mobilitymasters.comMobility Products & DesignFreedom to exploreP.O. Box 306Winamac, IN 46996Tel: 800.485.2499Web: www.mobilityproductsdesign.comMobility Transportation ServicesBuses and ADA-lift vans42000 Koppernick, #A3Canton, MI 48187Tel: 800.496.4280Web: www.mobilitytrans.com50 Community Transportation

MobilityWorksManufacturer of mobility vehicles1090 W. Wilbeth Rd.Akron, OH 44314Tel: 800.769.8267Web: www.mobilityworks.comMobis Transportation Alternatives, Inc.Practical innovation, proven results110 W. Ocean Blvd., Suite 19Long Beach, CA 90802Tel: 877.572.2453Web: www.mobisinc.comMohawk Manufacturing & SupplyAftermarket bus part sales7200 N. Oak Park AveNiles, IL 60714Tel: 847.647.9350Web: www.mohawkmfg.comMohawk Resources Ltd.Vehicle lift systemsP.O. Box 110, Vrooman Ave.Mohawk Industrial ParkAmsterdam, NY 12010Tel: 518.842.1431Web: www.mohawklifts.comMolly TrolleyWorld’s leading trolley manufacturer60 Willie Hill RoadP.O. Box 1799Wells, ME 04090-1799Tel: 207.646.5908Web: www.mollytrolley.comMoody Insurance AgencyQuality insurance coverage3773 Cherry Creek North DrSuite 800Denver, CO 80209-3804Tel: 303.824.6600Web: www.moodyinsurance.comMoore & Associates, Inc.Planning consultants28159 Avenue Stanford, #110Valencia, CA 91355Tel: 661.253.1277Web: www.moore-associates.netMoore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc.Planning, design, communications,management169 N Marengo Ave.Pasadena, CA 91101-1703Tel: 626.744.9872Web: www.migcom.comMOR/Ryde InternationalUnique products for smoothing the trail1966 Moyer Ave.; PO Box 575Elkhart, IN 46515Tel: 574.293.1581Web: www.morryde.comMorbern USA, Inc.Vinyl upholstery fabricsP.O. Box 7403High Point, NC 27264Tel: 336.883.4332Web: www.morbern.comMors Smitt RelaisComponents and solutions for railway andsignaling50 North New York Ave.Huntington, NY 11743Tel: 631.271.8858Web: www.morssmittrelais.comMotor Coach Industries Inc.Leader in coaches, parts and service1700 East Golf Rd., #300Schaumburg, IL 60173Tel: 847.285.2089Web: www.mcicoach.comMotorolaRadios, cell phones, software, networks6501 William Cannon Drive, WestAustin, TX 78735Tel: 512.895.8936Web: www.motorola.comMountain Manufacturing & Marketing, Inc.Transit shelters, advertising signs, benches31 Saunders RoadBarrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 9A7Tel: 705.719.3050Web: www.mountainmfg.comMTE HydraulicsHydraulics, pumps and power units4701 Kishwaukee St.Rockford, IL 61109Tel: 815.397.4701Web: www.mtehydraulics.comMueller & Associates, Inc.Quality insurance solutions5285 E Williams Circle, #4500Tucson, AZ 85711Tel: 520.881.5760Web: www.muellerins.com51 Community Transportation

MultiModal Applied Systems, Inc.Scheduling software for passenger rail125 Village Boulevard, Suite 270Princeton, NJ 8540Tel: 609.419.9800Web: www.multimodalinc.comMultina Inc.Innovative, integrated products for publictransportation1375 rue JanelleDrummondville, Quebec, Canada J2C 3E4Tel: 819.478.5292Web: www.multina.comMuncie Transit SupplySupplier of service parts3720 S. Madison St.Muncie, IN 47302Tel: 765.288.1971Web: www.muncie-baker.comMundle & Associates, Inc.Transit consultants.1520 Locust Street, #801Philadelphia, PA 19102Tel: 215.731.9350Municipal Services Group, Inc.Private capital for transportation assets5125 S Kipling Pkwy. #300Littleton, CO 80127Tel: 303.933.9993Web: www.munibank.comMustang DynamometerWorld-class testing solutions and expertise2300 Pinnacle ParkwayTwinsburg, OH 44087Tel: 330.963.5400Web: www.mustangdyne.comMV Sales and Leasing, Inc.The perfect solution for your accessiblefleet4620 Westamerica DriveFairfield, CA 94534Tel: 707.646.8890Web: www.mvsales.bizMV Transportation Inc.Transportation management contractingcompany4620 Westamerica DriveFairfield, CA 94534Tel: 707.646.8876Web: www.mvtransit.com52 Community TransportationMyers Equipment CorporationFull-service distributor of buses8860 Akron Canfield RoadCanfield, OH 44406Tel: 330.533.5556Web: www.myersequip.comNN&F Upholstery, Inc.Seat covers and interior upholsteryreplacement4 West Main Street, PO Box 426Lucas, OH 44843-0426Tel: 800.338.3911N/S Vehicle Wash SystemsVehicle wash equipment235 W. Florence Ave.Inglewood, CA 90301Tel: 800.782.1582Web: www.nswash.comNational Clearinghouse for Alcohol &Drug InfoNational referral lineP.O. Box 2345Rockville, MD 20847-2345Tel: 800.729.6686Web: www.samhsa.govNational Guard Products, Inc.Anodized aluminum advertising sign holders4985 E Raines Rd.Memphis, TN 38118Tel: 901.795.6900Web: www.adframeshgp.comNational Insurance Consultants, Inc.Insurance services8687 W Sahara Ave., #200Las Vegas, NV 89117Tel: 702.696.9586Web: www.niciinsure.comNational Interstate Insurance CompanyNational passenger transortation insurancespecialist3250 Interstate Dr.Richfield, OH 44286Tel: 330.659.8900Web: www.nationalinterstate.comNational Patent Analytical Systems, Inc.Alcohol breath testing instrumentsP.O. Box 1435Mansfield, OH 44901Tel: 800.800.8143Web: www.npas.comNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryResearch and development of renewable fuels1617 Cole Blvd.Golden, CO 80401-3393Tel: 303.275.3000Web: www.nrel.govNational Research Council of CanadaResearch and development1200 Montreal Rd, Bldg. M-58Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0R6Tel: 613.993-.101Web: www.nrc.caNational Transit InstituteTraining120 Albany StreetSuite 250, Tower TwoNew Brunswick, NJ 8901Tel: 732.932.1700Web: www.ntionline.comNational Transportation InsuranceSolutionsCommercial transportation insurancespecialists31421 Anniston DriveWesley Chapel, FL 33543Tel: 813.957.3752Web: www.ntisgroup.comNational Van Sales, IncVehicles and vans80 Pine St.Attleboro, MA 02703Tel: 800.527.7477Web: www.nationalvans.comNationwide Bus PartsUsed commercial bus parts1134 East Mountain RoadBee Branch, AR 72013Tel: 877.633.7278Web: www.nationwidebusparts.comNATSCO (North American Transit SupplyCorporation)Replacement windshields and side glass87 Wallbridge CrescentBelleville, Ontario Canada K8P 1Z5Tel: 877.962.8726Web: www.natsco-inc.comNAVTEQLeading supplier of maps425 W.RandolphChicago, IL 60606Tel: 312.894.7000Web: www.navteq.com

NAVTRAK, Inc.GPS tracking and fleet management2000 Northwood DriveSalisbury, MD 21801-7805Tel: 800.787.2337Web: www.navtrak.netNelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.Transit and multi-modal transportationservices785 Market St., #1300San Francisco, CA 94103Tel: 415.284.1544Web: www.nelsonnygaard.comNeopartBus part salesP.O. Box 278Honey Brook, PA 19344Tel: 800.827.9287Web: www.neopart.comNEST VehiclesNon-emergency stretcher and transportvehicles7701 E. Kellogg Street, Ste. 680Wichita, KS 67202Tel: 316.683.6844Web: ww.nestvehicles.comNew England WheelsVans and accessible vehicles33 Manning Rd.Billerica, MA 01821Tel: 800.886.9241Web: www.newenglandwheels.comNew Flyer of America, Inc.Heavy-duty transit buses, parts, service214 Fifth Ave., S.W.Crookton, MN 56716Tel: 204.224.1251Web: www.newflyer.comNEWMARElectronic power products2911 West Garry Ave.Santa Ana, CA 92704Tel: 714.751.0488Web: www.newmarpower.comNextBus Information Systems, Inc.Real-time arrival information2433 Mariner Square Loop, #103Alameda, CA 94501-1036Tel: 510.995.3200Web: www.NextBus.comNextekConsultant for mass transit3300 Commercial Ave.Northbrook, IL 60062Tel: 847.564.4005Niles Bolton AssociatesUrban design and planning services3060 Peachtree Rd., NW, #600Atlanta, GA 30305Tel: 404.365.7600Web: www.nilesbolton.comNimco Bus DivisionBus sales and parts, bus dismantlingP.O. Box 5157Newark, NJ 7150Tel: 800.526.8055Web: www.nimcobus.comNoble Erickson, Inc.Advertising and marketing consultants1050 B. Cherokee St.Denver, CO 80204Tel: 303.893.2200Web: www.neidea.com/Non-Profits United, Vehicle InsurancePoolNon-profit assistance344 Thomas L. Berkley Way, #340Oakland, CA 94612-3505Tel: 800.442.4742Web: www.nonprofitsunited.orgNorCal MobilityMobility wheelchair vans1300 Nord Ave.Chico, CA 95926Tel: 800.225.7361Web: www.norcalmobility.comNorse Systems, Inc.Fleet maintenance software245 Sage Hollow RoadGuilford, CT 06437Tel: 800.769.8468Web: www.norsesys.comNorth American Bus Industries, IncTransit bus manufacturer106 National DriveAnniston, AL 36207Tel: 888.391.1777Web: www.nabiusa.comNorth American Fabrics, Inc.Holdsworth woven wool blend upholstery1155 Cleveland Ave.Wyomissing, PA 19610-2217Tel: 610.374.3108North American Specialty GlassGlass manufacturer2175 Kumry Rd., PO Box 70Trumbauersville, PA 18970Tel: 215.536.0333Web: www.sullyna.comNorthern Bus Sales, Inc.Vehicle and parts sales13 Rebel Rd.Hudson, NH 03051Tel: 800.572.6959Web: www.northernbus.comNorthrop Grumman InformationTechnologyTechnology consultants7575 Colshire DriveMcLean, VA 22102Tel: 703.556.1000Web: www.it.northropgrumman.comNorthwest Bus Sales, Inc.New and used buses2724 Meridian E.Edgewood, WA 98371Tel: 800.2317099Web: www.nwbus.comNorthwest Research Group, Inc.Strategic marketing research andconsulting225 N. 9th St., #200Boise, ID 83702Tel: 208.364.0171Web: www.nwrg.comNossamanLegal services18101 Von Karman Ave., #1800Irvine, CA 92612Tel: 949.833.7800Web: www.nossaman.comNova BusNova LFS line of buses1000 Industriel Blvd.St. Eustache, Quebec Canada J7R 5A5Tel: 800.350.6682Web: www.novabus.com53 Community Transportation

Novalog Informatique Inc.Illustrated parts catalog softwaredatabase4014 WilsonMontreal, Quebec Canada H4A 2T9Tel: 514.486.0565Web: www.novalog.caNovaxTraffic technology leaders658 Derwent WayNew Westminster, British Columbia,Canada V3M 5P8Tel: 866.977.4277Web: www.novax.comNSM InsuranceInsurance products555 North Avenue, Suite 6060Conshohocken, PA 19428Tel: 800.970.9778Web: www.nsm.comNuStats LLCSpecializing in complex large social policysurvey3006 Bee Caves Rd., #A-300Austin, TX 78746Tel: 512.306.9065Web: www.nustats.comOOak Square Resources, LLCTransit planning, JARC planning, policyanalysis, research, evaluation, web designPO Box 35471Brighton, MA 02135Tel: 617.783.8630Web: www.oaksquareresources.comOdyssey/CA Public Transp. AllianceTransit advocacy and consulting assistance901 F Street, Suite 210Sacramento, CA 95814Tel: 916.448.1687Web: www.odyssey.orgOetiker, Inc.Hose clamp productionP.O. Box 93Livingston, NJ 07039-0093Tel: 800.959.0398Web: www.oetiker.comOmega EnvironmentalMobile air conditioning parts and systems10802 North Stemmons Frwy.Dallas, TX 75220Tel: 214.357.1795Web: www.omega-usa.comOmniStar USAGPS solutions worldwide8200 Westglen DriveHouston, TX 77063Tel: 800.338.9178Web: www.omnistar.comO’Neil & Associates, IncDevelop product documentation and manuals495 Byers Rd.Miamisburg, OH 45342-3662Tel: 937.865.0800Web: www.oneil.comOne Stop Bus Stop, Inc.Quality products1440 S. Loop 12Irving, TX 75060Tel: 972.554.4403Web: www.onestopbusstop.comOnspot Automatic Tire ChainsTire chain systems555 Lordship Blvd.Stratford, CT 06615-7124Tel: 800.766.7768Web: www.onspot.comOntira Communications, Inc.Automated traveler information systems400 - 1286 Homer St.Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6B 2Y5Tel: 604.669.1070Web: www.ontira.comOptima Bus CorporationBus manufacturer1601 E. 77th NorthValley Center, KS 67147Tel: 316.779.7700Web: www.optimabus.comOregon Medical LaboratoriesFederally certified drug testing labP.O. Box 77003Eugene, OR 97401Tel: 800.826.3616Web: www.omlabs.comOrion Bus Industries, Inc.Transit vehiclesBase Rd., P.O. Box 449Oriskany, NY 13424Tel: 315.768.8101Web: www.orionbus.comOrtho Safe Systems International, Inc.Wheelchair securement and occupantprotectionPO Box 8865Trenton, NJ 8650Tel: 609.587.3859Web: www.orthosafe.com/ORXRailroad wheelsetsOne Park Ave.Tipton, PA 16684Tel: 814.684.8484Web: www.orxrail.comOstrander Consulting, Inc.Rural and resort transit planning1250 Humbolt St., #1401Denver, CO 80218Tel: 720.855.7404Otaco Seating Company, Ltd.Complete line of bus, subway, trolley bus andmotor coach seating.P.O. Box 2310Orillia, Ontario Canada L3V 6S2Tel: 877.847.3456Web: www.otacoseating.comOtakArchecture and engineering17355 SW Boones Ferry Rd.Lake Oswego, OR 97035Tel: 503.635.3618Web: www.otak.comOTI AmericaMicroprocessor products2 Executive Dr., #740Fort Lee, NJ 07024-3308Tel: 201.944.5200Web: www.otiamerica.comOverland Custom Coach, Inc.Low-floor transit buses with ramp access6880 Maple Valley RoadP.O. Box 40Brown City, MI 48416Tel: 810.346.3485Web: www.overlandcustomcoach.com54 Community Transportation

Owen GroupEngineering firm20 MorganIrvine, CA 92618Tel: 949.860.4800Web: www.owengroup.comPPacific Shore Insurance ServicesVehicle insurance2801 Bristol St., #200Costa Mesa, CA 92626Tel: 714.427.5989Web: www.pacshoreins.comPACO Technologies, Inc.Program and construction managementconsulting firm7200 Corporate Center Dr., #300Miami, FL 33126Tel: 305.666.3456Web: www.pacogroup.comPacor Inc.Insulation and fabrication products2603 River Road, #1Cinnaminson, NJ 08077Tel: 856.303.8802Web: www.pacorinc.comPalisades Consulting Group, IncTechnology consulting for transitenterprises91 W Clinton Ave., #2Tenafly, NJ 7670Tel: 201.567.0088Web: www.palisadesgroup.comPalmetto Bus SalesBus sales, service and parts90 Access Rd.Gaston, SC 29053Tel: 800.783.7613Web: www.palmettobussales.comPanasonic Security SystemsVideo surveillanceOne Panasonic Way, 2H-2Secaucus, NJ 07094Tel: 201.348.7457Web: www.panasonic.comParatransit Inc.Providing first-rate fleet maintenance andrepair2501 Florin RoadP.O. Box 231100Sacramento, CA 95823Tel: 916.429.2009Web: www.paratransit.orgParatransit ServicesQuality transportation for special needs4810 Auto Center Way, Suite ZBremerton, WA 98312Tel: 360.377.7176Web: www.paratransit.netParkeon, Inc.Multi-space parking experts40 Twosome Drive, #7Moorestown, NJ 08057Tel: 856.234.8000Web: www.parkeon.comParsons BrinckerhoffPlanning, consulting, developmentOne Penn PlazaNew York, NY 10119Tel: 212.465.5000Web: www.pbworld.comParsons Transportation GroupTransportation consulting1133 15th Street NW, #800Washington, DC 20005-2701Tel: 202.775.3300Web: www.parsons.comPassenger Lift Service, Inc.Wheelchair lifts#4 Council Drive, Box 189Woodsboro, MD 21798Tel: 301.845.8700Paul N. Bay, PETransportation Consultant2509 263rd Court N.E.Redmond, WA 98053Tel: 425.985.0296PCTELAntennae manufacturer471 Brighton DriveBloomingdale, IL 60108Tel: 800.323.9122Web: www.pctel.com55 Community Transportation

PEI-GenesisElectronics2180 Hornig Rd.Philadelphia, PA 19116Tel: 800.523.0727Web: www.pei-genesis.comPenn Machine CompanySteel wheels, axles, gearboxes, etc210 Pine St.Carnegie, PA 15106Tel: 412.279.4460Web: www.pennmach.comPennTex Industries, Inc.Manufacturer of heavy- duty alternatorsand electronics202 Plaza DriveManchester, PA 17345Tel: 877.590.7366Web: www.penntexusa.comPenske Truck Leasing Co. LPBus and bucket truck leasing, rentalsRt. 10 and Pheasant Rd, P.O. Box 563Reading, PA 19607Tel: 610.775.6475Web: www.pensketruckleasing.comPenta CorporationExcellence in communications and controls325 Edwards Ave.New Orleans, LA 70123-4205Tel: 504.733.1700Web: www.penta-corp.comPerformance Polymers Inc.Rail crossing surface manufacturer, rubber36 Raglin PlaceCambridge, Ontario Canada N1R 7J2Tel: 519.622.1792Web: www.ppi-engproducts.comPeriscopeAdvertising, marketing921 Washington Ave., SouthMinneapolis, MN 55415Tel: 612.399.0500Web: www.periscope.comPerteet IncComprehensive consulting2707 Colby Ave., #900Everett, WA 98201Tel: 425.252.7700Web: www.perteet.com56 Community TransportationPeter Pan Bus LineTransportation provider1776 Main St.P.O. Box 1776Springfield, MA 01102Tel: 413.781.2900Web: www.peterpanbus.comPeter Schauer AssociatesConsultant in coordination, training andcommunication25220 Highland School RoadBoonville, MO 65233-3734Tel: 660.882.7388Web: www.peterschauer.comPeterson Mfg. Co.Vehicle safety lighting systems andaccessories4200 E. 135 th StreetGrandview, MO 64030Tel: 816.765.2000Web: www.pmlights.comPi Star Data SolutionsRemote asset management118 Rochester DriveLouisville, KY 40214Tel: 502.364.6110Web: www.pistarcom.comPlanners CollaborativeParatransit analysis ADA complianceexpertise273 Summer St.Boston, MA 02210Tel: 617.338.0018Web: www.thecollaborative.comPlasser American CorporationTrain track maintenance equipmentmanufacturer2001 Myers Rd.Chesapeake, VA 23324Tel: 757.543.3526Web: www.plasseramerican.com/Power Resources International, Inc.Automation solutions31 Nancy St.West Babylon, NY 11704Tel: 631.643.3170Web: www.priinc.netPPG Industries, Inc.Automotive refinish coating19699 Progress DriveStrongsville, OH 44149Tel: 440.572.2800Web: www.ppg.comPretoria Transit InteriorsBus interior manufacturer1975 Joe B. Jackson Pkwy.Murfreesboro, TN 37127Tel: 615.867.8515Web: www.pretoriausa.comPrevost Car Inc.Vehicle manufacturing35 Gagnon Blvd.St. Claire, Quebec Canada G0R 2V0Tel: 418.883.3391Web: www.prevostcar.comPriority Manufacturing, Inc.Sheet metal fabricator and assembler9545 W Ainslie St.Schiller Park, IL 60176-1115Tel: 847.671.3020Web: www.prioritymfginc.comProAir, LLCManufacturers of AC and heating systems28731 County Rd. 6Elkhart, IN 46514Tel: 574.264.5494Web: www.proairllc.comProductive SolutionsBadging, attendance, printing, transitpasses59 Damonte Ranch Pkwy., #B-339Reno, NV 89521Tel: 800.598.2956Web: www.productivesolutions.netProfessional Ins. Center, Inc.Insurance for the transportation industry2003 W. Kennedy Blvd.Tampa, FL 33606Tel: 800.926.1212Web: www.piconline.comProfessional Transit ManagementTransit management services6405 Brauch Hill Guinea Pike, #203Loveland, OH 45140Tel: 513.677.6000Web: www.ptmltd.comProgress Rail ServicesService for the railroad industry1600 Progress DriveP.O. Box 1037Albertville, AL 35950Tel: 800.476.8679Web: www.progressrail.com

Progressive Automobile InsuranceCompanyAuto insurance6300 Wilson Mills Rd.Mayfield Village, OH 44143-2182Tel: 800.999.2624Web: www.progressive.comProterra, LLCClean, quiet public transit buses16360 Table Mountain ParkwayGolden, CO 80403Tel: 303.562.0520Web: www. proterra.comPS ConsultingTransportation consulting15 Private Rd.Mastic Beach, NY 11951Tel: 631.281.6836Pseco Inc.Vehicle washing equipment specialistsBrenda Daniels15 Bermondsey Rd.Toronto, Ontario Canada M4B 1Z4Tel: 888.421.3177Web: www.psecoinc.comPT Consulting LLCTransportation consulting14792 Darbydale Ave.Woodbridge, VA 22193-2762Tel: 703.590.1767PTV AmericaTransportation software and consulting1128 NE Second St., #204Corvallis, OR 97330Tel: 541.754.6836Web: www.ptvamerica.comPuradyn Filter TechnologiesAny engine. Any industry.2017 High Ridge RoadBoynton Beach, FL 33426Tel: 866.787.2396Web: www.puradyn.comQQ’StraintWheelchair and occupant securementsystems5553 Ravenswood Rd, Bldg. 110Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312Tel: 954.987.9987Web: www.qstraint.com57 Community TransportationQuality Van Sales IncParatransit and shuttle vans, Starcraftbuses349 Old Colony Rd.Norton, MA 02766Tel: 800.408.8550Web: www.qualityvansales.comQuartermaster Uniform CompanySafety employee uniformsP.O. Box 4147Cerritos, CA 90703Tel: 562.304.7348Web: www.qmuniforms.comQuest Diagnostic LaboratoriesDrug Testing7600 Tyrone Ave.Van Nuys, CA 91405Tel: 800.877.2520Web: www.questdiagnostics.comQuester Tangent CorporationElectronic monitoring, diagnostic andcontrol for urban transit vehicles201-9865 W Saanich RoadSidney, British Columbia Canada V8L 5Y8Tel: 250.656.6677Web: www.questertangent.comQwic Inc.Full-range construction management firm313 E Broad St.Palmyra, NJ 8065Tel: 856.829.7942Web: www.qwicinc.comRR & R Partners, Inc.Advertising consultants837 E S. TempleSalt Lake City, UT 84102Tel: 801.531.6877Web: www.rrpartners.comR.A.M.E. Inc.Distributor of seat components301 N. Dal Mar WayNappanee, IN 46550Tel: 800.646.7731Web: www.rameinc.comR.B WhalenSpecializing in signal and train controlsystems24 Berry StreetDanvers, MA 01923Tel: 978.774.1479R.H. Dunn & Associates, Inc.Railway consulting servicesP.O. Box 3106Williamsburg, VA 23187Tel: 757.253.1453R.L. Banks & Associates, Inc.Transportation consultant2107 Wilson Blvd., #750Arlington, VA 22201Tel: 703.276.7522Radio Engineering Industries, Inc.Bus-Watch surveillance, AV entertainment6534 L St.Omaha, NE 68117Tel: 800.228.9275Web: www.radioeng.comRadio Satellite Integrators, Inc.AVL and mobile data19144 Van Ness Ave.Torrance, CA 90501Tel: 310.787.7700Web: www.radsat.comRAE Consultants, Inc.Transit planning and compliance reviews1029 E. 8th Str. #807Denver, CO 80218Tel: 303.860.9088www.raeconsultants.comRAIL MagazinePublication1341 G Street, N.W., Tenth FloorWashington, DC 20005Tel: 202.628.1480Web: www.railmagazine.orgRailComm Inc.Rail System IntegratorsP.O. Box 8Fairport, NY 14450Tel: 585.377.3360Web: www.railcomm.comRailPlan InternationalComplete line railcar interior components1200 Bernard DriveBaltimore, MD 21223Tel: 410.947.5900Web: www.railplan.comRailquip, Inc.Transportation machinery and equipment3731 Northcrest Road, #6Atlanta, GA 30340Tel: 800.325.0296Web: www.railquip.com

Railroad Controls L.L.C.Construction and engineering or railroadcrossings7471 Benbrook Pkwy.Benbrook, TX 76126Tel: 817.820.6300Web: www.railroadcontrols.comRAM Systems, Inc.Software for accounting224 Causeway Blvd.LaCrosse, WI 54603Tel: 800.236.7726Web: www.ramsystems.netRamco Engineering, Inc.High-quality rear-view mirrors52965 Frederic DriveElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 800.321.4819Web: www.ramco-eng.comRapoza & AssociatesPublic interest lobbying and governmentrelations1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 902Washington, DC 20005Tel: 202.393.5225Web: www.rapoza.orgThe RCA Rubber CompanyRubber floor covering1833 E. Market StreetAkron, OH 44305Tel: 330.784.1291Web: www.rcarubber.comRCC Consultants, Inc.Engineering - wireless, command/controlsystems100 Woodbridge Ctr. Dr. #201Woodbridge, NJ 7095Tel: 732.404.2400Web: www.rcc-consult.comReba Malone and AssociatesTransportation consultant807 Kashmuir Pl.San Antonio, TX 78223Tel: 210.532.1885Recaro North America, Inc.Commercial vehicle seating products3275 Lapeer Rd. WestAuburn Hills, MI 48326Tel: 248.364.3818Web: www.recaro.comReed Smith LLPLaw Firm1301 K St., NW, E. Tower #1101Washington, DC 20005Tel: 202.414.9206Web: www.reedsmith.comReelcraft Industries, Inc.Highest quality hose, cord and cable reels2842 E. Business 30Columbia City, IN 46725Tel: 800.444.3134Web: www.reelcraft.comReichman Frankle Inc.Public outreach, communication560 Sylvan Ave.Englewood Cliffs, NJ 7632Tel: 201.816.1211Web: www.reichmanfrankle.comReno, Cavanaugh LLPLaw Firm1250 Eye St. N.W., #900Washington, DC 20005Tel: 202.783.2800Web: www.renocavanaugh.comResearch UnderwritersProviding insurance options to thetransportation industry4240 Greensburg PikePittsburgh, PA 15221Tel: 412.351.5800Web: www.researchunderwriters.comReyco/Granning Air SuspensionsManufacturer for trailers and trucks9098 West 800 St., PO Box 600Brookston, IN 47923Tel: 219.279.2801Web: www.tuthill.comRicon Corporation – A Wabtec CompanyWheelchair lifts, ramps, bus windows andaccessories7900 Nelson RoadPanorama City, CA 91402Tel: 800.322.2884Web: www.riconcorp.comRide-Away Bus SalesRe-style and van conversions11409 Maryland Ave.Beltsville, MD 20705Tel: 888.285.0243Web: www.ride-away.comRidewell SuspensionsSuspensionsPO Box 4586Springfield, MO 65808Tel: 417.833.4565Web: www.ridewellcorp.comRifled Air Conditioning, Inc.Air conditioning systems2810 Earlham Pl.High Point, NC 27263Tel: 800.627.1707Web: www.rifledair.comRigidized Metals CorporationDurable, texturized architectural metals658 Ohio St.Buffalo, NY 14203Tel: 800.836.2580Web: www.rigidized.comRLI TransportationInsurance coverages that keep you rolling2970 Clairmont Road, #1000Atlanta, GA 30329Tel: 404.443.1009Web: www.rlitransportation.comRLS & Associates, Inc.Transportation planning3131 S. Dixie Hwy., #545Dayton, OH 45439Tel: 937.299.5007Web: www.rlsandassoc.comRoadmaster Active SuspensionAftermarket add on suspension products330 - D East Hebron St.Charlotte, NC 28273Tel: 800.398.5036Web: www.activesuspension.comRobin Stevens Consulting, Ltd.Procurement, supply chain, managementconsulting211 W. 92nd St., #49New York, NY 10025Tel: 212.362.1861Web: www.robinstevensconsulting.comRobotics Technologies, Inc.Digital mobile video surveillanceequipment20655 Burl Ct.Joliet, IL 60433Tel: 800.995.6056Web: www.roboticstech.com58 Community Transportation

Robotronics, Inc.Safety education for public transportation1610 W 1600 SouthSpringville, UT 84663Tel: 801.489.4466Web: www.robotronics.comRockbestos Surprenant Cable Corp.Electrical wiring & cable20 Bradley Park Rd.East Granby, CT 06092Tel: 860.653.8365Web: www.r-scc.comRocla Concrete Tie, Inc.Manufacturers of pre-stressed concreterailroad ties, turnouts and grade crossings701 W 48th AvenueDenver, CO 80216Tel: 303.296.3500Web: www.roclatie.com/Rodes Roper Love Insurance AgencyThe experts in transportation insurance158 N. Harbor City Blvd.Melbourne, FL 32935Tel: 800.333.7754Web: www.rodesroperlove.comRoemer Industries, Inc.Industrial printers specializing innameplates1555 Masury Rd., PO Box 217Masury, OH 44438Tel: 330.448.2000Web: www.roemerind.comRohrer Bus Sales, Inc.Commercial bus and school bus salesP.O. Box 100Duncannon, PA 17020Tel: 800.735.3900Web: www.rohrerbus.comRollx VansYour life. Your ride.6591 West Highway 13Savage, MN 55378Tel: 800.956.6056Web: www.rollxvans.comRomeo R.I.M. Inc.Energy absorbing bumpers74000 Van Dyke Ave.Romeo, MI 48065Tel: 586.336.5818Web: www.helpbumpers.comRosco, Inc.Mirrors144-31 91 st Ave.Jamaica, NY 11435Tel: 718.526.2601Web: www.roscomirrors.comRoss & WhiteVehicle wash systems1090 Alexander CourtCary, IL 60013Tel: 847.516.3900Web: www.rossandwhite.comRotary LiftVehicle lifts2700 Lanier Dr.Madison, IN 47250Tel: 812.273.1622Web: www.rotarylift.comRoute Logic, Inc.GIS based transportation managementsystems8815 Conroy Windermere Rd., #330Orlando, FL 32835Tel: 407.909.1270Web: www.routelogic.comRouteMatch Software, Inc.Transit software1180 W. Peachtree St., #1130Atlanta, GA 30309Tel: 404.872.4100Web: www.routematch.comRTI Bus-CamVideo monitors20620 Burl CourtJoliet, IL 60433Tel: 800.995.6056Web: www.roboticstech.com/Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc.Corrosion engineering firm5405 Twin Knolls Rd., #3Columbia, MD 21045Tel: 410.997.4481Web: www.russellcorrosion.comRyko Mfg. Co.Largest manufacturer of vehicle washequipment11600 NW 54 th Ave.Grimes, IA 50111Tel: 800.284.7956Web: www.ryko.comSS1 GardWithstand abuse to vehicle from curbs/potholes523 W. 6 th Street, #1222Los Angeles, CA 90014Tel: 213.689.7763Web: www.s1gard.comS & A Systems, Inc.Provide fluid management monitoringsystemsP.O. Box 1928Rockwall, TX 75087Tel: 972.722.1009Web: www.fleetwatch.comS.E.D. Medical LaboratoriesDrug Testing5601 Office Blvd., NEAlbuquerque, NM 87109Tel: 800.999.5227Web: www.sed.comSafe Haven, by New HavenManufacturer of wheelchair and occupantsecurement systems1518 Paloma StreetLos Angeles, CA 92191Tel: 213.749.8181Web: www.safehaven-usa.comSafe-CrossingsGrade crossing securement50 Avenue LNewark, NJ 7105Tel: 610.432.4612Web: www.safe-crossing.comSafeguard TechnologyAnti-slip safety productsP.O. Box 274Chagrin Falls, OH 44022Tel: 330.995.5200Web: www.safeguard-technology.comSafetran Systems CorporationManufacturer for railroad and transitsystems2400 Nelson Miller Pkwy.Louisville, KY 40223Tel: 502.244.7400Web: www.safetran.com59 Community Transportation

Safety Systems & ControlsManufacturer of interlock and brakesystems1729 Brittmore E.Houston, TX 77043Tel: 713.929.1044Web: www.loadingzonesafety.comSafety VisionMobile surveillance systems6100 W Sam Houston Pkwy. NorthHouston, TX 77041Tel: 800.880.8855Web: www.safetyvision.comSaftBatteries for railroad107 Beaver Ct.Cockeysville, MD 21030Tel: 410.771.3200Web: www.saftbatteries.comSaint-Gobain Sully N.A., Inc.Window products for passenger railvehicles2175 Kumry Road, PO Box 70Trumbauersville, PA 18970Tel: 215.536.0333Web: www.sullyna.comSAP Public Services, Inc.Computer software1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW #600Washington, DC 20004Tel: 202.312.3500Web: www.sap.com/usa/publicservicesSardo Bus and Coach UpholsteryInterior seating512 W. Rosecrans Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90248Tel: 800.537.2736Saris Cycling GroupBicycle parking racks5253 Verona Rd.Madison, WI 53711Tel: 608.274.6550Web: ww.sarisparking.comSartin Services, Inc.AC for buses2144 Surrett DriveHigh Point, NC 27263Tel: 336.841.5505Web: www.sartinservices.comSasaki Associates, Inc.International planning and architecturaldesign64 Pleasant St.Watertown, MA 02472Tel: 617.926.3300Web: www.sasaki.comSBA ArchitectsArchitectural design for light rail3080 Olcott St., Suite 110DSanta Clara, CA 95054Tel: 408.492.9262Web: www.sbaarchitects.comScanlon AssociatesDrug testing123 Hoy St.State College, PA 16801Tel: 814.238.5103Web: www.drugpak.comSchedule Masters, Inc.Fixed route scheduling software300-1B Conestoga DriveBrampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 4N5Tel: 905.495.5402Web: www.schedule-masters.orgScheidt and Bachman USA, Inc.Fare collection and signaling systems31 North Ave.Burlington, MA 01803Tel: 781.272.1664Web: www.scheidt-bachmann.comSchneller LLCFlexible decorative laminates6019 Powdermill Rd.Kent, OH 44240Tel: 330.676.7124Web: www.schneller.comSchulman, Ronca & Bucuvalas, Inc.Global research and strategy organization275 7th Ave., #2700New York, NY 10001Tel: 212.779.7700Web: www.srbi.comSD EnterprisesLowered-floor and/or raised roof minivans28936 Phillips StreetElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 219.262.3324Sedia IncorportatedSoft goods for transit, including upholsteryfabric and vinyl, canvas/muslin, leather,polyurethane and neoprene foams.6040 N. Flint RdGlendale, WI 53209Tel: 414.228.9580Web: www.sediainc.comSEFAC, Inc.Mobile column lifts23 Fontana Lane, #110Baltimore, MD 21237Tel: 443.730.1023Web: www.sefac.comSelena Barlow Transit Marketing, LLCTransit marketing consultants and training1638 E. Lester StreetTucson, AZ 85719520.322.9607www.transitmarketing.comSend Word NowEmergency/incident alert systems224 West 30 th Street, #500New York, NY 10001Tel: 800.388.4796Web: www.sendwordnow.comSendero GroupMaps and wayfinding for people withvisual disabilities1118 Maple LaneDavis, CA 95616Tel: 530.757.6800Web: www.senderogroup.comSeon Design Inc.Mobile surveillance systemsUnit 111, 3 Burbidge St.Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada V3K 7B2Tel: 877.630.7366Web: www.seon.comService Insurance Agency, Inc.Serving the transportation industry since19526850 Catawba LaneRichmond, VA 23226Tel: 800.444.0205Web: www.serviceins.comSETRA of North America, Inc.Vehicle manufacturer6012B High Point Rd., PO Box 77698Greensboro, NC 27417Tel: 336.878.5400Web: www.setra-coaches.com60 Community Transportation

Shah SoftwareSoftware for scheduling and dispatchingPO Box 9445Midland, TX 79707Tel: 800.968.2748Web: www.shahsoftware.comShepard Brothers, Inc.Paratransit, demand response and shuttlebuses942 Surrey WayCincinnati, OH 45245Tel: 513.752.1311Web: www.shepardbrosinc.comSherwood Electromotion Inc.Manufacturer for electrical apparatus271 Hanlan Rd.Woodbridge, ON Canada L4L 3R7Tel: 905.851.6671Web: www.sherwoodelectromotion.comShriver Insurance AgencyProvider of full-service insurance forall types of passenger-transportationoperations340 W. Butterfield Road, #2BElmhurst, IL 60126Tel: 630.833.0480Web: www.shriverinsurance.com/Shuttle Bus LeasingLeasing of used transit buses1861 Service Ct.Riverside, CA 92507Tel: 951.682.2557Web: www.shuttlebusleasing.comSideTrack Technologies Inc.Motion picture advertising systems forsubway tunnel walls11 Eaglemere DriveWinnipeg, MB Canada R2K 4K3Tel: 204.663.4989Web: www.sidetracktechnologies.comSiemens Transportation Systems, Inc.Passenger rail vehicles, products and services701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 720Washington, DC 20004Tel: 202.434.4821Web: www.sts.siemens.comSilk Road Transport, Inc.US and Canada specializing in oversizedtransit8781 State Route 36Arkport, NY 14807Tel: 607.295.7406Web: www.silkroadtrans.com61 Community TransportationSimon and Simon Resources, Inc.Putting people first5905 Fox Glen CourtElkridge, MD 21075Tel: 410.796.1633Web: www.simonandsimon.orgSkyline ProductsElectronic signs2903 Delta DriveColorado Springs, CO 80910Tel: 800.759.9046Web: www.skylineproducts.comSmartDrive Systems, Inc.Improving system efficiency and driver safety10655 Roselle Street, #100San Diego, CA 92121Tel: 858.225.5550Web: www.smartdrive.netSMI GroupRoof hatches, energy absorbing bumpers10200 Pineville Rd.Pineville, NC 28134Tel: 704.889.7518Web: www.specmfg.comSoftware AG, Inc.Software11700 Plaza America Dr., #700Reston, VA 20190Tel: 703.860.5050Web: www.softwareaguasa.comSolar Outdoor LightingLighting systems3210 SW 42nd Ave.Palm City, FL 34990-5539Tel: 800.959.1329Web: www.solarlighting.comSonar Safety SystemsRear-view camera system12411 McCann DriveSanta Fe Springs, CA 90670Tel: 562.941.7696Web: www.hindsight20-20.comSonny Merryman, Inc.Virginia’s premier bus dealership5120 Wards Road, P.O. Box 495Evington, VA 24550Tel: 800.533.1006Web: www.sonnymerryman.comSony CorporationElectronics115 Gordon Baker Rd.Toronto, ON Canada M2H 3R6Tel: 416.499.1414Web: www.sony.caSoule CorporationAutomated people mover systems1054 31st Street, N.WSuite 330Washington, DC 20007Tel: 202.337.6929SoundOff SignalBus safety products3900 Central Parkway, P.O. Box 206Hudsonville, MI 49426Tel: 616.896.7100Web: www.soundoffsignal.comSouth Bend Medical Foundation, Inc.Laboratory medical testing facility530 North Lafayette Blvd.South Bend, IN 46601Tel: 800.544.0925Web: www.sbmflab.orgSouthern Bus & Mobility, Inc.Distributor for buses and mobility vans12950 Koch Lane, PO Box 37Breese, IL 62230Tel: 573.964.1600Web: www.southernbusandmobility.comSouthland Printing Company, Inc.Commercial printers213 Airport DriveP.O. Box 7263Shreveport, LA 71137Tel: 318.221.8662Web: www.southlandprinting.comSouthland TransitFixed route/ADA transit provider3650 Rockwell Ave.El Monte, CA 91731Tel: 626.258.3380Web: www.southlandtransit.comSpacecraft Components Corp.Parts for railway transit division10732 NW 53rd St.Sunrise, FL 33351Tel: 954.748.4540Web: www.spacecraft.com

Spartan Motors, Inc.Manufacturer of heavy-duty platformsand emergency vehicles1000 Reynolds Rd.Charlotte, MI 48813Tel: 517.543.6400Web: www.spartanmotors.comSpartan Transit Supply Corp.Wholesale bus parts325 Fairlane DriveSpartanburg, SC 29307Tel: 864.579.4183Spear Technologies, Inc.Spear provides maintenance andmaterials management software for busoperators595 Market Street, 4th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94105-2807Tel: 800.418.5310Web: www.speartechnologies.comSpecialty Textile InteriorsFabric coverings515 Marie St.Kings Mountain, NC 28086Tel: 704.739.4503Specialty Vehicles, Inc.Vehicle distributor440 Mark Leany DriveHenderson, NV 89011Tel: 800.784.8726Web: www.specialtyvehicles.comSportworks Northwest Inc.Bicycle racks for transit vehicles15540 Wood-Red Rd., N.E. #A-200Woodinville, WA 98072Tel: 425.483.7000Web: www.sportworks.comSprague EnergyIt takes more than fuel to run a business4 New King StreetWhite Plains, NY 10604Tel: 914.328.6770Web: www.spragueenergy.comSR ConceptsInnovative transit marketing2566 Marsh Creek Dr.Charleston, SC 29414Tel: 800.670.4737SRF Consulting Group, Inc.Engineers, planners, designersOne Carlson Parkway, Ste. 150Plymouth, MN 55447-443Tel: 763.475.0010Web: www.srfconsulting.comStallion Bus IndustriesFull range of pre-owned buses68 South Service Road, #250Melville, NY 11747Tel: 631.270.3840Web: www.stallionbus.comStan Clauson Associates, Inc.Landscape architecture, planning and resortdesign412 N. Mill St.Aspen, CO 81611Tel: 970.925.2323Web: www.scaplanning.comStantec Consulting Inc.Engineering consultant8211 S 48th St.Phoenix, AZ 85044Tel: 602.438.2200Web: www.stantec.comStar Machine and Tool CompanyDouble spindle brake drum lathe215 6th St. SEMinneapolis, MN 55414Tel: 612.378.3232Web: www.starmachinetool.com/Starcraft BusSmall and mid-sized buses2367 Century DriveGoshen, IN 46528Tel: 800.348.7440Web: www.starcraftbus.comStarTran Software, LLCFleet maintenance, inventory andpurchasing software24 Court StreetDedham, MA 02026Tel: 781.801.9696Web: www.startransoftware.comStertil-Koni USA, Inc.Heavy duty vehicle hydraulic lifts200 Log Canoe CircleStevensville, MD 21666Tel: 410.643.9001Web: www.stertil-koni.comSTI/Kings Plush ProductsUpholstery, seat coverings515 Marie St.Kings Mountain, NC 28086Tel: 704.739.4503Web: www.stikp.comStratagen Systems, Inc.Paratransit scheduling and dispatchingsoftware12413 Willows Road, NE, #210Kirkland, WA 98043Tel: 425.821.8454Web: www.stratagen.comStrategic Mapping, Inc.Connecting your buses, drivers anddispatchers40 Eglington Ave., East #500Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 3A2Tel: 416.483.7522Web: www.mapstrat.comStrategic Transportation InitiativesDemand management consulting servicesP.O. Box 25, 1800 Diagonal #600Alexandria, VA 22314Tel: 703.222.9373Web: www.sti-transportation.comSTV Inc.Engineering firm225 Park Ave., SouthNew York, NY 10003Tel: 212.777.4400Web: www.stvinc.comSTV/Ralph Whitehead AssociatesCivil Engineering1000 W Morehead St., PO Box 35624Charlotte, NC 28235Tel: 704.372.1885Web: www.stvinc.comSumitomo Corporation of AmericaVehicle equipment manufacturer fortransit600 3rd Ave.New York, NY 10016Tel: 212.207.0679Web: www.sumitomocorp.comSunrise Systems, Inc.Quality LED display systems720 Washington StreetPembroke, MA 02359Tel: 781.826.9706Web: www.sunriseystems.com62 Community Transportation

Sunset VansSpecializing in mobility transportation8851 Lakewood Blvd.Downey, CA 90240Tel: 562.862.2177Web: www.sunsetvans.comSuperior UniformsA tradition in excellence10055 Seminole Blvd.Seminole, FL 33772Tel: 727.803.7171Web: www.superioruniformgroup.comSupreme CorpTransit vehicles2592 E. Kercher Rd.Goshen, IN 46528Tel: 574.642.4730Web: www.StarTransBus.comSure Power Industries, Inc.Vehicle electronic engineering10189 S. West Avery St.Tualatin, OR 97062Tel: 503.692.5360Web: www.surepower.comSure-Lok, Inc.Passenger restraint systems2501 Baglyos CircleBethlehem, PA 18020Tel: 866.787.3565Web: www.sure-lok.comSutrak CorporationAC systems for buses and railcars6897 East 49th Ave.Commerce City, CO 80022Tel: 303.287.2700Web: www.sutrakusa.comSwiger Coil Systems, Inc.Remanufacturer of transit motors and electricmotor coils4677 Manufacturing Rd.Cleveland, OH 44135Tel: 216.362.7500Web: www.swigercoil.comSwing Frame DisplayAluminum framed signs for busesEric Mortimer330 Palisade Ave.Jersey City, NJ 7307Tel: 201.659.2668System Improvements, Inc.Consultant safety firm238 S Peters Rd., #301Knoxville, TN 37923Tel: 865.539.2139Web: www.taproot.comSYSTRA Consulting, IncEngineering consultant for mass transit150 Cove Rd.Little Falls, NJ 7424Tel: 973.893.6000Web: www.systraconsulting.comTT & T Transit ProductsWheelchair ramp systems14055 US Hwy. 431, P.O. Box 709Wellington, AL 36250Tel: 256.892.1604Web: www.laserfabrication.comT.Y. Lin International, Inc.Transportation related projects200 S. Wacker Drive, #1400Chicago, IL 60606Tel: 312.777.2900Web: www.tylin.comTALGOHigh-speed passenger trains design,manufacture and maintenance505 5th Avenue S., Suite 180Seattle, WA 98104Tel: 206.748.6140Web: www.talgoamerica.comTalk-A-Phone Co.Mass notification systems5013 N. Kedzie Ave.Chicago, IL 60625Tel: 773.539.1100Web: www.talkaphone.comTalking Signs, Inc.Talking signs for buses812 North Blvd.Baton Rouge, LA 70802Tel: 225.344.2812Web: www.talkingsigns.comTBW, Inc.Truck and bus wash222 Industrial Blvd., #102Naples, FL 39104Tel: 800.600.6020Web: www.vehiclewash.comTDG Transit Design Group Inc.Lighting systems4100A Sladeview Crescent, #4Mississauga, ON Canada L5L 5Z3Tel: 905.608.9539Web: www.tdgdesign.comTechtrans, Inc.The power to move you6053 Century Blvd., 9 th FloorLos Angeles, CA 90045Tel: 310.981.9500Web: www.techtransinc.comTechnology Solution ProvidersSoftware development, IT consulting,databasing3040 Williams Drive, #100Fairfax, VA 22031Tel: 703.462.5200Web: www.tspusa.comTele AtlasDigital maps and dynamic content11 Lafayette StreetLebanon, NH 03766Tel: 603.643.0330Web: www.teleatlas.comTelma Retarder, Inc.Distributor of electromagnetic braking systems1501 Morris Ave.Elk Grove Village, IL 60007Tel: 847.593.1098Web: www.telmausa.comTESCO Transportation EquipmentNew and used bus dealershipP.O. Box 167230Oregon, OH 43616Tel: 419.836.2835Web: www.tescobus.comThales Rail Signaling Solutions, Inc.SelTrac communications-based train control1235 Ormont DriveToronto, Ontario Canada M9L 2W6Tel: 416.748.4409Web: www.thalesgroup.comThe Allen Group, LLCProject and management consulting594 Howard St., #301San Francisco, CA 94105-3026Tel: 415.538.1830Web:www.the-allen-group.com63 Community Transportation

The Gooderham GroupAutomated fare consultant1032 Broughton LaneNewmarket, Ontario Canada L3X 2L7Tel: 905.898.7993Web: www.gooderhamgroup.caThe Goodman CorporationExperts in integrated transit solutions since 19803200 Travis St., Suite 200Houston, TX 77006Tel: 713.951.7951Web: www.thegoodmancorp.comThe HNTB CompaniesEngineering consultants715 Kirk DriveKansas City, MO 64105Tel: 816.472.1201Web: www.hntb.comThe Insurance ProfessionalsQuality insurance from a quality company1900 NW Expressway #860Oklahoma City, OK 73118Tel: 405.848.8883Web: www.theinspros.comThe Karol Group, Inc.Government Relations99 Summer St., #1030Boston, MA 02110Tel: 617.946.9700Web: www.thekarolgroup.comThe KIC GroupTruck and trailer parts3800 NW Fruit Valley Rd.Vancouver, WA 98660Tel: 800.488.5422Web: www.kic-group.comThe Louis Berger Group, Inc.Consulting firm412 Mt. Campbell St.Morristown, NJ 7960Tel: 973.678.1960Web: www.louisberger.comThe Nevison Group Inc.Marketing/sales consultants OEM andsubcomponents1104 Saddleback WayBel Air, MD 21014Tel: 410.420.8888The Southern California Gas CompanyNatural gas and related services for theCNG vehicle marketBox 513249, GT15E4Los Angeles, CA 90051Tel: 213.244.3583Web: www.socalgas.comThe Tinklenberg GroupConsulting firm9298 Central Ave. N.E. #202Minneapolis, MN 55434Tel: 763.783.1288Web: www.tinklenberggroup.comThe Vehicle Production GroupFeaturing the M-11395 Brickell Ave., #630Miami, FL 33131Tel: 786.230.2100Web: www.vpgautos.comThermo KingHVAC products314 W. 90th St.Minneapolis, MN 55420Tel: 952.887.2200Web: www.thermoking.com/tk/index.aspThomas GroupManagement consultant5221 N O’Connor Blvd., #500Irving, TX 75039Tel: 972.869.3400Web: www.thomasgroup.comThomas J. McGeanEngineering consultant in new transittechnology28099 Harbor Rd.Melfa, VA 23410Tel: 757.789.5166Thompson Coburn LLPCorporate law1909 K Street NW #600Washington, DC 20006Tel: 202.585.6900Web: www.thompsoncoburn.comThoreb North Amerca, LLCIntelligent transportation systems45 Fairfield PlaceWest Caldwell, NJ 7006Tel: 973.227.1198We: www.thorebnorthamerica.comThree Points Consulting Inc.Professional program management2431 Briarwood Ct.Escondido, CA 92025Tel: 760.443.3968Web: www.3pci.comTIB Transportation Insurance BrokersInsurance425 W. Broadway, #400Glendale, CA 91204Tel: 800.248.2877Web: www.tibinsurance.comTicket to Work/SSASSA employment program for disabledPO Box 25105Alexandria, VA 22313-5105Tel: 703.236.6713Web: www.yourtickettowork.comTie Tech, Inc.Wheel chair restraintsPO Box 338West Chester, OH 45071Tel: 877.284.5400Web: www.tietechinc.com/index2.htmlTiffany CoachLimo and shuttle buses23129 Cajalco RoadParis, CA 92570Tel: 800.338.5872Web: www.tiffanylimo.comTitan Oil Analysis c/o Siegel Oil Co.Used oil analysis1380 Zuni St.Denver, CO 80204Tel: 303.953.5784Web: www.titanlabs.comT-Ji Inc. Talfourd-Jones Inc.Parts manufacturer for OEM390 Canarctic DriveToronto, ON Canada M3J 2V3Tel: 416.663.5060Web: www.talfourd-jones.comTKDAEmployee owned engineering andplanning firm444 Cedar St. #1500St. Paul, MN 55101Tel: 651.292.4400Web: www.tkda.com64 Community Transportation

TMS Management Group, Inc.Experienced transportation managementand brokerage13825 Icot Blvd., #613Clearwater, FL 33760Tel: 727.545.1929Web: www.tmsmg.comTMW SystemsFleet and transportation managementsoftwareTMW Technology PlazaBeachwood, OH 44122Tel: 216.831.6606Web: www.tmwsystems.comTolar Manufacturing Company, Inc.Design and manufacturer of shelters258 Mariah CircleCorona, CA 92879Tel: 909.808.0081Web: www.tolarmfg.comToledo Ticket CompanyCustomized tickets, badges, access cards, etc.3963 Catawba Street, P.O. Box 6876Toledo, OH 43612Tel: 800.533.6629Web: www.toledoticket.comTop Hat, Inc.Mobility access products and access medicaltransit226 Hood St.La Crosse, WI 54601Tel: 608.782.1069Web: www.tophatinc.comTotal Contract Solutions, Inc.Consulting servicesP.O. Box 1654Little Elm, TX 75068Tel: 469.362.0077Web: www.totalcontractsolutions.comTowill Inc.Surveying, mapping and GPS services5099 Commercial Circle #100Concord, CA 94520Tel: 925.682.6976Web: www.towill.comToxicology Testing Services, Inc.Drug Testing services5426 NW 79th Ave.Miami, FL 33166Tel: 305.593.2260TPG Consulting, Inc.Engineering, planning and transportation222 N. Garden Street, #100Visalia, CA 93291Tel: 559.739.8072Web: www.tpgconsulting.comTrak Engineering, Inc.Build automated fuel systems2901 Crescent DriveTallahassee, FL 32301Tel: 850.878.4585Web: www.trakeng.comTrammco, LLCConstruction consultingP.O. Box 922Smithfield, VA 23431Tel: 757.356.9317Trams InternationalPeople movers of all sizes available6801 Suva St.Bell Gardens, CA 90201Tel: 562.231.1770Web: www.tramsinternational.comTrans/Air ManufacturingClimate control products and services480 East LocustDallastown, PA 17313Tel: 717.246.2627Web: www.transairmfg.comTranSched Systems/OntiraCommunicationsScheduling/dispatching. Workforcemanagement, IVR, trip planning softwaresolutions2150 Islington Ave., #205Toronto, Ontario Canada M9P 3V4Tel: 416.915.9593Web: www.transched.comTransCoreElectronic toll collection systems8158 Adams DriveLiberty Center, Bldg. 200Hummelstown, PA 17036Tel: 717.561.2400Web: www.transcore.com65 Community Transportation

Transign LLCGraphic design printing destination signs3777 Airport Rd.Waterford, MI 48329Tel: 248.623.6400Web: www.transignllc.netTransit AccessConsultant for ADA compliance13512 Hatteras St.Valley Glen, CA 91401Tel: 818.785.6532Web: www.transitaccess.comTransit Associates, Inc.Consultants5184 Ashley CircleLisle, IL 60532Tel: 630.718.1810Transit Auto Body, Inc.Supply and repair handicap vehicles4082 Hoepker Rd.Madison, WI 53704Tel: 608.249.8030Web: www.transitautomobility.comTransit Capital Support Services, LLCInsured preparer of transit plans, grants, etc.1170 Peachtree St., NE, 12th Fl.Suite P3Atlanta, GA 30309-7673Tel: 404.627.1040Web: www.tcssweb.comTransit Center, Inc.TransitCheck employee benefits1065 Avenue of the Americas, 16 th FloorNew York, NY 10018Tel: 212.329.2000Web: www.transitcenter.comTransit Fittings of North AmericaStainless steel handrail fittings295 S. Meridian Rd.Youngstown, OH 44509Tel: 330.797.2516Transit Marketing GroupManufacturer representative for bus andrail equipment6525 Gunpark Dr., #320Boulder, CO 80301Tel: 303.530.1491Web: www.transitmarketinggroup.comTransit PerformanceEngineering firm5575 Ethel WayCarson City, NV 89701Tel: 775.883.2164Web: www.transitperformance.comTransit Plus, Inc.Distributor of transit/paratransit vehicles58 W 9th St.Atlantic Beach, FL 32233Tel: 904.241.6004Web: www.transitplus.comTransit Realty Advisors, LLCTransit realty consultants20 Winthrop SquareBoston, MA 02110Tel: 617.482.2525Web: www.transitrealty.comTransit Sales InternationalBus sales1863 Service Ct.Riverside, CA 92507Tel: 951.682.2557Web: www.transitsales.comTransit Surveillance SystemsDigital recording equipment1190 N. Kraemer Blvd.Anaheim, CA 92806Tel: 714.765.0291Web: www.tsswitness.comTRANSIT-TILEManufacture ADA-compliant safety tiles2635 Pine St., # 102Boulder, CO 80302Tel: 303.449.5702Web: www.transit-tile.comTransit Video Security SystemsDigital surveillance systems89 Fox StreetOwego, NY 10018Tel: 800.334.8877Web: www.tvssinc.comTransitWare, LLCParatransit routing and scheduling2266 N. Prospect , #210Milwaukee, WI 53202Tel: 877.428.4281Web: www.transitware.netTransit Wireless Communications JointCouncilDeveloping a strategic plan for transitwireless communications60 E. Plato Road, #300St. Paul, MN 55107Web: transitwireless.org/Translite EnterprisesBus windows and glass107 Trumball Bldg. KElizabeth, NJ 07206Tel: 800.437.7629Web: www.translitebusglass.comTransmetrics, Inc.Engineering firm specializing in transit2155 S Bascom Ave., #214Campbell, CA 95008Tel: 408.371.6800Web: www.transmetrics.comTransNuevo, LLCMulit-modal transportation planning7 Garden Park Circle, NWAlbuquerque, NM 87107Tel: 505.344.9742Web: www.transnuevo.comTranspo Industries, Inc.Manufacture highway safety products20 Jones St.New Rochelle, NY 10801Tel: 914.636.1000Web: www.transpo.comTransport Products Inc.Replacement parts20 Village Park RoadCedar Grove, NJ 07009Tel: 973.8576090Web: www.transportproducts.comTransportation AlternativesConsulting and expert witness services112 Fulton St., #8New York, NY 10038Tel: 212.766.1121Web: www.transalt.comTransportation Defense Lawyers NetworkLawyers working on behalf of thetransportation industry2801-B Lincoln Ave., #5Evansville, IN 47714Tel: 812.402.3280Web: www.tdln.org66 Community Transportation

Transportation Engineering InternationalUrban transportation engineering335 Rams WayTucker, GA 30084Tel: 770.921.3736Transportation Management & Design, Inc.Transit planning and operations consulting5541 Fermi Court, #170Carlsbad, CA 92008Tel: 760.476.9600Web: www.tmdinc.netTransportation Management, Inc.Manage/operate public transit systems310 Main St.St. Joseph, MI 49085Tel: 269.983.8990Web: www.gowithtmi.comTransportation Marketing Strategies, LLCMarketing and public affairs consultant6 Union Ave.Bellmawr, NJ 8031Tel: 856.979.2855Transportation Resource Associates Inc.Safety consultants for transportation1608 Walnut St., #1602Philadelphia, PA 19103Tel: 215.546.9110Web: www.traonline.comTransportation Safety TechnologyManufacture power distribution centers2400 Roosevelt AveIndianapolis, IN 46218317.263.9160317.263.0977www.tst-corp.comTransportation South, Inc.Dealer of commercial and school buses1400 McCain Pkwy.Pelham, AL 35124Tel: 800.367.9463Web: www.thebuscenter.comTransportation TechA variety of transportation signs4395 Iroquois Ave.Erie, PA 16511Tel: 814.836.8400Web: www.transportation-tech.comTransportation Technology Center, Inc.Research and testing of rail systemcomponentsP.O. Box 11130Pueblo, CO 81001Tel: 719.584.0638Web: www.ttci.aar.comTransTrack Systems, IncBusiness intelligence application serviceprovider265 Belmont Ave.Long Beach, CA 90803Tel: 562.987.4755Web: www.transtrack.netTranSystems CorporationTransportation consultants and bridgeengineers1 Cabot Rd.Medford, MA 02155Tel: 781.396.7775Web: www.transystems.comTranWare, Inc.Software systems, ground transportationindustry730 Bay EsplanadeClearwater, FL 33767Tel: 727.461.1516Web: www.tranware.comTrapeze GroupSoftware applications for transit5800 Explorer Dr., 5th FloorMississaugua, Ontario Canada L4W 5L4Tel: 905.629.8727Web: www.trapezegroup.comTrauner Consulting Services, Inc.Construction consulting1617 JFK Blvd., #600Philadelphia, PA 19103Tel: 215.814.6400Web: www.traunerconsulting.comTrident IndustriesMid-sized motorcoach manufacturer102 Colony Park Drive, #700Cumming, GA 30040Tel: 770.888.3594Web: www.tridentbuses.comTrillium USAProducer of CNG2150 South 1300 East, #450Salt Lake City, UT 84106Tel: 801.531.1166Web: www.trilliumusa.comTrolley Enterprises Inc.Operators and manufacturers of tracklesstrolley buses7160 Spring Arbor Road, PO Box 405Spring Arbor, MI 49283Tel: 877.443.2838Web: www.trolleyillusions.comTrolley IllusionsVehicle graphics for busesPO Box 405Spring Arbor, MI 49283Tel: 517.750.1177Web: www.trolleyillusions.comTTA SystemsOverhaul, remanufacture, assembleand testing of all passenger railcars andlocomotives7940 State Road 415Bath, NY 14810Tel: 607.776.4791Web: www.ttallc.comTurbo ImagesBus graphics1225 107th St.St. George, Quebec Canada G5Y 8C3Tel: 418.227.8872Web: www.turbo-images.comTurtle TopVehicle manufacturer67819 State Rd. 15New Paris, IN 46553Tel: 574.831.4340Web: www.turtletop.comTuscany, Inc.Vehicle manufacturer2811 Tuscany DriveElkhart, IN 46514Tel: 800.837.8624Web: www.drivetuscany.comTwinVision na, Inc.LED sign systems — Tomorrow’stechnology coloring today’s transit4018 Patriot Dr., #100, One Park Ctr.Durham, NC 27703Tel: 919.361.2155Web: www.twinvisionsigns.com67 Community Transportation

UUBS SecuritiesFinancial management firm1285 Ave. of the Americas, 15th FloorNew York, NY 10019Tel: 212.713.3412Web: www.ubs.comUltramain Systems Inc.Software developersCourtyard II, #2127500 Jefferson Street NEAlbuquerque, NM 87109Tel: 505.828.9000Web: ww.ultramain.comUnified DispatchNext general fleet dispatching2400 Lincoln Ave.Altadena, CA 91001Tel: 410.552.9494Web: www.unified-dispatch.comUnion Switch & Signal Inc.Design and manufacturer of automationand control equipment1000 Technology DrivePittsburgh, PA 15219Tel: 412.688.2400Web: www.switch.comUnited Access, LLCWheelchair accessible vehicles and driving systems9389 Natural Bridge Rd.St. Louis, MO 63134Tel: 314.426.1010Web: www.unitedaccess.comUnited Engines LLCSales and service Allison and Detroit Diesel engines5555 West RenoOklahoma City, OK 73127Tel: 405.947.3321Web: www.unitedengines.comUnited States Warranty CorporationExtended warranties and service contracts2760 S.O.M Center Rd.Willoughby Hills, OH 44094Tel: 800.233.9878Web: www.uswceagle.comUniv. of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeTransit training161 W. Wisconsin Ave., #6000Milwaukee, WI 53203Tel: 414.227.3336Web: www.uwm.edu68 Community TransportationUniversal Coach Parts, Inc.Largest North American bus parts supplier105 East Oakton StreetDes Plaines, IL 60018Tel: 800.323.1290Web: www.ucpparts.comUniversal MotionFreedom and independence124 St. Regis Crescent, SouthToronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1Y8Tel: 877.899.0699Web: www.universalmotion.comUrban Engineers, Inc.Consulting and engineering firm530 Walnut St. 14th FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19106Tel: 215.922.8080Web: www.urbanengineers.comUrbitran Associates IncorporatedTransportation planning and trafficengineering50 Union AvenueUnion Station, 3rd Floor EastNew Haven, CT 06519Tel: 203.789.9977Web: www.urbitran.comURS CorporationEngineering firmThresher Square # 600700 S. Third St.Minneapolis, MN 55415Tel: 612.370.0700Web: www.urscorp.comUSA MedcoachCoach designed for long-distance nonemergencytransportation4707 140 th Ave., #205Clearwater, FL 33762Tel: 800.311.3412Web: www.usamedcoach.comUS Coach Works, Inc.Ambulance and wheelchair accessiblevans12600 N. Woodland Ave., Suite BKansas City, MO 64165Tel: 816.734.0800Web: www.uscoachworksinc.netUS RailcarLuxury passenger railcars919 Old Henderson RoadColumbus, OH 43220Tel: 614.246.9465Web: www.usrailcar.comUSSC LLC/4ONE LLCOperator and passenger seats150 Gordon DriveExton, PA 19341Tel: 610.994.5445Web: www.usscseating.comUTC/Rail & Airsources, Inc.Railroad wheels and axles, truck assembly501 Highland Ave.Morton, PA 19070Tel: 610.328.1100Web: www.utcras.comVVan Conversions, Inc.Wheelchair accessible vans and modified vans925 S. Trooper Rd.Norristown, PA 19403Tel: 800.784.8267Web: www.avmvans.comVan Scoyoc Associates, Inc.Largest independent government affairs firm101 Constitution Ave., NW #600WWashington, DC 20001Tel: 202.638.1950Web: www.vsadc.comVanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.Transportation, land management,environmental planning8300 Boone Blvd., Ste. 700Vienna, VA 22182-2624Tel: 703.847.3071Web: www.vhb.comVanguard ADA Systems of AmericaDetectable warning/truncated domes20628 Broadway Ave.Snohomish, WA 98296Tel: 360.668.5700Web: www.vanguardonline.comVANIR Construction Management, Inc.Construction management3435 Wilshire Blvd., #2050Los Angeles, CA 90010Tel: 213.487.1145Web: www.vanircm.comVansco Electronics, LPManufacturer of rugged electronicsystems1305 Clarence Ave.Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3T 1T4Tel: 204.452.6776Web: www.vansco.ca

Vapor Bus International - A Wabtec Co.Manufacture doors for buses1010 Johnson Dr.Buffalo Grove, IL 60089Tel: 847.777.6465Web: www.vapordoors.comVDAElevator consultant5 Regent St. #524Livingston, NJ 7039Tel: 973.994.9220Web: www.vdassoc.comVelvac, Inc.Distribute of components for specialtyvehicles2405 S.Calhoun Rd.New Berlin, WI 53151Tel: 800.783.8871Web: www.velvac.comVeolia TransportationTransportation management andmaintenance8601 Georgia Ave. #703Silver Spring, MD 20910Tel: 240.485.2117Web: www.veoliatransporation.comVerifEye Technologies Inc.Video recording technology for mobileapplications7100 Warden Ave., #3Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 8V5Tel: 905.948.0015Web: www.verifeye.comVerint Video Intelligence SolutionsMobile video solutions for publictransportation12110 N. Pecos St., #300Denver, CO 80234Tel: 303.254.7148Web: www.verint.comVernon & Maz Inc.Quality signs and graphics24216 S. Home Ave.Monee, IL 60449Tel: 708.534.9123Web: www.vernonandmaz.comVF CorporationApparel105 Corporate Center Blvd.Greensboro, NC 27408Tel: 336.424.6189Web: www.vfc.com69 Community TransportationVHBTransportation engineering8300 Boone Blvd., #700Vienna, VA 22182Tel: 703.847.3071Web: www.vhb.comVictor O. Schinnerer & Co. Inc.Auto, general liability and crime insuranceOne California St., 10th Fl.San Francisco, CA 94111Tel: 415.732.6000Web: www.publicentities.comVictor Stanley, Inc.Benches and outdoor furnitureP.O. Drawer 330Dunkirk, MD 20754Tel: 301.855.8300Web: www.victorstanley.comViewPoint MobilityVision rear-entry covered door minivan1815 Palmer Ave.Kalamazoo, MI 49015Tel: 877.368.6022Web: www.viewpointmobility.comVigil SystemsImprove driver performance787 Oxford StreetWorthington, OH 43085Tel: 614.260.0737Web: www.vigilsystems.comViscomCCTV, access control, wirelesscommunication17-01Pollitt DriveFair Lawn, NJ 7410Tel: 201.794.6500Web: www.hbe-inc.comVisual Marking Systems, Inc.Transit signage and HPPL signage2097 E. Aurora Rd.Twinsburg, OH 44087Tel: 800.321.1496Web: www.vmsinc.comVocusPublic relations and government relationssoftware8400 Baltimore Street, #300College Park, MD 20740Tel: 240.250.2530Web: www.vocus.comVoith Turbo Inc.Automatic transmissions for city buses.Gear boxes for light rail.25 Winship Rd.York, PA 17402Tel: 717.767.3200Web: www.voithusa.comVPSI, Inc.Commuter vanpool services1220 Rankin DriveTroy, MI 48083Tel: 248.597.3500Web: www.vanride.comWW. S. Sign Design Corp.Manufacturer of transportation signage1434 Memorial Ave.W. Springfield, MA 01089Tel: 800.927.3977Web: www.wssign-design.comW. W. WilliamsRepresent and service diesel engines2849 Moreland Ave., SEAtlanta, GA 30315Tel: 800.545.7116Web: www.wwwilliams.comW.C. Cressey and Son, Inc.Distributor of school buses parts and suppliesTwo Commerce DriveP.O. Box 326Kennebunk, ME 04043Tel: 800.794.6113Web: www.wccressey.comWabtec CorporationTechnology-based transit products and servicesP.O. Box 11Spartanburg, SC 29304Tel: 864.433.5900Web: www.wabtec.comWage WorksPre-tax transit benefits1100 Park Place, 4 th FloorSan Mateo, CA 94403Tel: 650.577.5200Web: www.wageworks.comWAGO CorporationManufacturer of electrical componentsN120 W19129 Freistadt Rd.Germantown, WI 53022Tel: 262.255.6222Web: www.wago.com

Walker Parking ConsultantsParking consulting, design and restoration20 Park Plaza, #1202Boston, MA 02116Tel: 617.350.5040Web: www.walkerparking.comWashtronics, Ltd.Bus washing equipment2060 Pama LaneLas Vegas, NV 89116Tel: 702.260.1830Web: www.washtronics.comWaypoint ResearchCollision risk assessment experts533 Burlington Road, NE, Suite BAtlanta, GA 30307Tel: 404.982.0011Web: www.waypointresearch.comWebasto Thermosystems, Inc.Heating systems15083 North RoadFenton, MI 48430Tel: 810.593.6052Web: www.webasto-us.comWeidmullerManufacture and distribute electronicsystems821 Southlake Blvd.Richmond, VA 23236Tel: 804.794.2877Web: www.weidmuller.comWeldonLED Sign Systems3656 Paragon DriveColumbus, OH 43228Tel: 614.527.3547WendelPublic transportation firm focused oninfrastructure and mobility in rural andtribal communities140 John James Audubon ParkwaySuite 201Buffalo, NY 14228Tel: 716.688.0766Web: www.wendelcompanies.comWerther InternationalAir Compressors and compressed airsolutions8614 Veterans Memorial DriveHouston, TX 77088Tel: 800.972.7668Web: www.werther.comWestatPlans, evaluations, surveys and researchstudies1650 Research Blvd.Rockville, MD 20850Tel: 301.294.2806Web: www.westat.comWestern Sierra’s Inc.Distributor of electrified rail productsP.O. Box 3118Reno, NV 89505Tel: 775.324.2577Web: www.westernsierras.comWestirland Industries, Inc.Manufacture ABS Plastic vacuform1108 W. 6thPO Box 261Oswego, KS 67356Tel: 620.795.4421Westport CorporationTransit card holders leather and vinyl331 Changebridge Rd.Pine Brook, NJ 7058Tel: 973.575.0110Web: www.mundiwestport.comWhiting CorporationTransportation maintenance liftingequipment26000 Whiting WayMonee, IL 60449Tel: 708.587.2000Web: www.whitingcorp.comWhiting Systems, Inc.Large vehicle washing systems9000 Highwway 5, NorthAlexander, AR 72002Tel: 800.542.9031Web: www.whitingsystems.comWhitman Ford CompanyFord dealer7555 Lewis Ave.Temperance, MI 48182Tel: 800.221.3612Web: www.whitmanford.comWilbur Smith AssociatesEngineers, planners and economists1301 Gervais St., PO Box 92Columbia, SC 29202Tel: 803.758.4580Web: www.wilbursmith.comWilliams and JensenLobbyist1155 21st St., NW #300Washington, DC 20036Tel: 202.659.8201Web: www.williamsandjensen.comWilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc.Accoustical consultants5776 BroadwayOakland, CA 94618Tel: 510.658.6719Web: www.wiai.comWolfington Body Company, Inc.New and used commercial busesPO Box 218Exton, PA 19341Tel: 610.458.8501Web: www.wolfington.comWorkhorse Custom ChassisManufacturer of custom chassis922 S. S.R.32Union City, IN 47390Tel: 765.964.2142Web: www.workhorse.comWorkrite Uniform Co.Transit uniform supplierP.O. Box 1192Oxnard, CA 93032Tel: 800.521.1888Web: www.workrite.comWorld Wide Rail, Inc.Transit and rail safety consultant12236 Harcum Rd.Gloucester, VA 23061Tel: 804.694.4609WPCIDrug Testing1321 BroadwayScottsbluff, NE 69361Tel: 308.632.7411Web: www.wpcidrugfree.comYYellow TransportationContract management and operation ofpublic and paratransit services2100 Huntington Ave.Baltimore, MD 21211Tel: 410.727.7300Web: www.yellowtransportation.com70 Community Transportation

Yokohama Commercial TiresTires601 S. Acacia Ave.Fullerton, CA 92831Tel: 800.423.4544Web: www.yokohamatire.comIntermodalism...Economic Development...Land Use and Values...$6.99 US$10 CanadaYou-R-HereGPS products and services6971 Exchequer DriveBaton Rouge, LA 70809Tel: 225.673.2668Your Safety PlaceEarthquake and emergency safety supplies7197 – East Village ParkwayDublin, CA 94568Tel: 888.545.7233Web: www.yoursafetyplace.comZZepco Sales & Services, Inc.Mobile digital video recorders and GPS508 N. Central Expwy.Richardson, TX 75080Tel: 972.690.1052Web: www.zepco.comZia Bus SalesSchool and bus sales2655 Baylor Drive, SEAlbuquerque, NM 87106Tel: 505.924.2181Web: www.ziabus.com/Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, LLPArchitecture, interior design, stationdesign320 SW Oak St., #500Portland, OR 97204Tel: 503.224.3860Web: www.zgf.comZonar SystemsGPS fleet management19518 International Blvd., Ste. 101Seattle, WA 98188Tel: 206.878.2459Web: www.zonarsystems.comThe only publicationtelling the real story oftoday’s passenger rail revivalFor subscription informationcontact Scott Bogren atbogren@ctaa.orgSign up for our monthlyFastMail for RAIL Enewsletterby emailingfastmailrail@ctaa.org$6.99 US$10 Canada71 Community Transportation

New Benefits for Members! Join Today!Becoming a member of the Community Transportation Association ofAmerica presents an ever-growing pool of benefits and services, including:• New Certified Safety and Security Manager (CSSM) Training• Access to the Insurance Store at CTAA• The Latest Policy Analysis and an Effective Voice in Washington• Technical Assistance Programs and Information ResourcesBecome a member of the Community Transportation Association today bycontacting our Membership Director, Caryn Souza, at 202.294.6527 orsouza@ctaa.org, or visit www.ctaa.org/join.The perfect compliment to our recently-unveiled Digital CT is our bi-weeklyEnewslatter, CT Fast Mail. Delivering the latest news on transit policy from thenation’s capitol, developments from across the country, research and analysispublications and information on resources and technical assistance from theCommunity Transportation Association and other partners, CT Fast Mail is themost direct location for the most relevant news and updates in the industry.And it’s free to sign-up! Simply send an email to fastmail@ctaa.org and you’ll beconnected with the next issue of CT Fast Mail. In the meantime, view the latestedition at www.ctaa.org.72 Community Transportation

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