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Cross Country brochure 2012-2013.pdf -

"Cooperative ITS Applicationsdescription andrequirements"Gérard Ségarra, RenaultHossein Zakizadeh, Volvo Group

Powered by you.The joy of skiing is individual and can only be experienced by you, the skier.But no matter your age, skill or the conditions, the thrill of skiing is alwaysgreater when you and your equipment work together as one. Our bindings aredeveloped with the person standing on top of the skis in mind.tMaximum stabilityOur bindings have an extra broad binding-plate thatdelivers excellent stability while retaining feel onevery push-off – and ensures flexibility down steephills and around sharp turns.Maximum contactOur system has been developed to give maximumfeeling from the combination of boot, binding andski. The close contact in our NNN binding helps toprovide an ideal skiing experience.Maximum balanceThe double guide rails in our bindings give yougreat balance on the ski, whether in the kick,downhill or passing obstacles.

The Xcelerator SystemThe Xcelerator System is a complete, integratedsystem that increases the joy and efficiency ofskiing for the serious and occasional skier alike.Consisting of binding, skiboot outsole and a skatespacer, the system is slide mountable on NISplates and adds power and precision to bothclassic and skate skiing.

Xcelerator Jr.New!Xcelerator Jr.Xcelerator Junior is the binding for young, ambitiousskiers. It has the same unique technology asXcelerator for adults, including low weight,interchangeable flex and a precise lockingmechanism. Juniors will also appreciate theimproved grip, for easy opening with or withoutgloves. With Xcelerator, your body stays in a moreupright position, giving you more power, morespeed and a better grip. You don’t need to be grownup to enjoy it.XceleratorXcelerator ClassicXcelerator SkateXcelerator Classic and Xcelerator Skate area new generation of Nordic ski bindings. Newtechnology allows greater speed and enhancesthe skiing experience. The weight of the bindingis reduced by almost half, which really makes adifference in the forward movement of the ski.Xcelerator FlexXcelerator Flex (classic & skate)Xcelerator features replaceable flexes, making iteasy to personalize your binding. Change flex fordifferent conditions and your preferred style.Xcelerator Skate SpacerXcelerator Skate Spacer gives you a moreneutral foot position, better power transmissionand higher speed.

ChildrenNemoDinoNEMO and DINO are bindings specially developedand designed for children. NEMO is designed tofit the junior version of the NIS plate. The bindingworks as a single unit and is mounted easily bysliding it on to the NIS plate – a simple “click!” andoff you go!DINO is an award-winning, simple, user-friendlyscrew-mounted binding. The large handle onNEMO and DINO allows the bindings to be easilyopened and closed. The flex section and bindingare easy to keep snow and ice-free.Back CountryBC ManualBC MagnumNNN BC The NNN BC system has been developedfor all-round touring and mountain skiing and theextra solid mechanism was designed to withstandtremendous strains. The bindings have deepguiderails that combine with the NNN BC sole toprovide optimal control and comfort. The NNN BCis available with manual or step in/out mechanism.The BC Magnum offers an extra wide binding plate.BC AutoSuper TelemarkSuper Telemark is a 75 mm BC-binding forleather boots.

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