Download the ARISE 2013 Summer Newsletter (PDF – 2280 KB)
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Download the ARISE 2013 Summer Newsletter (PDF – 2280 KB)

ALLnewsINDEPENDENCE AND ACCESS FOR SUMMER 2013UPCOMING EVENTSADA CelebrationsJuly 2013 - See Pg. 9Community LocationsJoin us as we celebrate the23 rd anniversary of the ADA!671-2909 / ariseinc.orgARISE & Ride at the FarmSaturday, July 27, 2013ARISE at the FarmCycle and play in support ofinclusive recreation!671-2909 / ariseandride.orgUNIQUE 2013 ExhibitAugust 17 to September 1Everson Museum of ArtCome see the artwork from the2013 UNIQUE Magazine!671-2909 /

RIDERS TAKE ON 21-DAY CHALLENGEInnovative Program Helps Riders Develop Strength and ConfidenceOn the first day of our most recent 21-Day TherapeuticRiding Challenge, Amaya, Emma, Danae, and Hankarrived at the Farm, ready and eager to get on thesaddle and ride. Their parents hoped their childrenwould be able to strengthentheir core muscles whilealso improving their balanceand motor control. Theriders were just lookingforward to having fun.“Therapeutic riding is a greatform of therapy because itencourages the musclesto constantly work in response to the movement of thehorse. The participants don’t realize how hard theirbody is working because they’re busy enjoying theride,” said Nikki Dandignac, one of ARISE at the Farm’stherapeutic riding instructors.By the end of the challenge, everyone could see thedifferences the riders had made. Teachers, physicaltherapists, and relatives all pointed out improvementsthey observed. From one child who was able to climb“I watched Hank gain focus andstability which has improved hisconfidence and independencetremendously.”up onto bar-height chairs without help for the first timeto another who now has more energy at school, thebenefits of the challenge have carried outside of theriding arena and into all aspects of their lives.- Hank’s MomSupport for the last three 21-DayChallenges has been providedby individual donations as well asproceeds from the annual ARISE& Ride at the Farm event.This year, friends will cometogether on Saturday, July 27 forthe largest fundraising event ofthe year to support the inclusive recreation programsoffered at the Farm. Cyclists can ride in the 25- and12-mile rides around Chittenango to raise money, andeveryone will share in the fun at the Farm Festivalfeaturing therapeutic riding demonstrations, carnivalgames, horse cart rides, field games, fishing, food andmore. There will be a variety of fun activities for theentire family. To register, start a team, or learn more,visit or contact Liz Martin at 671-2909or Opposite Page (left to right): Danae, Emma, Hank, and Amaya taking on the 21-Day Challenge.NEWSFLASH2013 UNIQUE Magazine UpdateWe had another record-breaking year as 142 artistssubmitted work for UNIQUE 2013. Seven differentcounties were represented by artists ranging from 10years old to 75.Our Editorial Board will have an extremely difficulttask selecting the 60 pieces that will be featured in themagazine. We’d like to thank the following communitymembers for serving on the 2013 Editorial Board:• Lauren Bristol, Sparky Town• Dan Cummings, NewsChannel 9• Nienke Dosa, M.D., Upstate University Hospital• Linda Erb,• Gary Forbes, Onondaga Hearing Services• Sean Kirst, The Post-Standard• Lauren Pistell, Richard S. Shineman Foundation• Debora Ryan, Everson Museum of Art• Kristen Smith, Time Warner Cable• Lauren Unbekant, Syracuse StageBreast Health Outreach ProgramThe CNY Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Curehas once again pledged their support of our BreastHealth Awareness, Outreach, and Education Program.Since 2008, we have reached out to thousandsof underserved and uninsured women to increaseawareness and promote early screening. Women withdisabilities often face additional barriers to servicesand through this program we are able to provide oneon-onesupport to ensure that they have access to andare receiving the care that they need.UNIQUE2013 Opening ExhibitionAugust 17, 2013 - September 1, 2013Everson Museum of Art3

HELPING PEOPLE REACH THEIR GOALSOur Medicaid Service Coordinators Help Families SucceedWhen one of our Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC)received an emergency call from the father of one of hisconsumers, a 10-year old boy with muscular dystrophy,he took action. With their utilities turned off and aneviction notice, the father didn’t know what to do. Thebills were pilingup and he wasalready working12-14 hours eachday just to try tomake ends meet.Our MSC movedquickly to helpthe family secureemergency fundingthrough FamilySupport Services.By making surethe family could stay in their own home, they were ableto move forward and look to the future.“[Our MSC] was especially instrumental inhelping our daughter move into her ownapartment and get oriented to life on herown. There has been a huge improvement inour daughter over the past few years and Iattribute most of it to our [ARISE MSC].”When a 41-year old consumer told his MSC he wouldlike to go to college after being out of high school for20 years, our MSC not only helped him enroll in a localcommunity college, she also worked with him to securefinancial aid, apply for ACCES-VR services, connectwith resources at school, and provide information aboutdifferent public transportation options to make sure he’dbe able to make it to his classes.From making sure basic needs are met to helpingpeople achieve their dreams, our Medicaid ServiceCoordinators do it all. By weaving together supportsand coordinating services for consumers, our MSCshelp people develop and reach their personal goals,participate in the community,and achieve independence.As our Medicaid ServiceCoordination program hasgrown over the years (wenow serve over 500 peoplein the community), we havemaintained our steadfastcommitment to providinghigh-quality services.While MSCs at manyother agencies work withup to 40 consumers at a time (the maximum numberallowed), we ensure that each of our MSCs is onlyworking with, on average, 25 consumers at a time. Wewant our MSCs to have the time they need to provideexceptional services to each and every person.- Father of an ARISE MSC ConsumerIf you would like to learn more about our MSC program,contact: Karen Santy (Onondaga and MadisonCounties) at 671-2970 /, or,Pete Williams (Oswego County) at 342-4088 x202 /

YOUR QUESTIONSMy young child was justdiagnosed with a significantdisability. What are the nextsteps I should take?Having a newborn or young child whois medically fragile can be extremelyoverwhelming. Finding services andsupports that are right for your situation andfamily can be confusing and difficult.In an effort to help parents of infants andyoung children navigate through thiscomplex process, we are proud to offer anew program called Connecting-the-Dots.This program is geared specifically forparents of infants and children up to theage of three.IN MY OWN WORDSMiChele Frazier-Torres (@CheleyFrazier)Proud ParentOur Service Coordinator hasbeen an integral part of our lives.He is supportive, resourceful,organized, compassionate, andan empowering advocate for mydaughter and our family dynamic.He has brought possibilities andindependence to my daughter’slife along with support to thewhole family. My daughter isalways excited and happy to see him.I am always so pleased with his response time and hisclose attention to detail. Our MSC always wants to learnmore so he can better assist folks with not only beingindependent but also enjoying their lives. By keepinghis consumer’s interests, needs, and heart in mind, aswell as knowing how many possibilities there are, heis always able to fully meet the needs of this familyand beyond.For me, this means he is always striving right alongsideme, hoping for my daughter to have the best in her life,for her to have opportunities and choices, for her to beable to live life to its fullest. And for this alone he is notjust a Service Coordinator... he is part of our family.Our staff can work with you individually toprovide comprehensive information aboutthe services and resources available in yourcommunity. Not only can we guide you toservices that are right for your child, our staffcan also assist with completing applicationsand referrals. We’re here to providesupports to improve the outcomes for yourentire family.As your child turns three and transitionsout of early intervention services, ouradvocates can also help connect your childto new services that become available,like Medicaid Service Coordination andEducation Advocacy.We are delighted that, in addition toworking individually with families, our newConnecting-the-Dots program also givesus the opportunity to collaborate with otherhealthcare and community-based serviceproviders. Together we will work to create asystem that improves the flow of informationand service coordination for parents ofyoung children with disabilities.If you would like to learn more aboutthis program, contact Jayson McDowell,Project Manager, at 671-3082

5 TH ANNUAL RIDE FOR RAMPS EVENTCommunity Comes Together To Keep Families Together & Regain IndependenceWhen a person becomes unable to leave their homebecause they don’t have a ramp, home can feel likea prison. If returning home after hospitalization isn’tpossible because there’s no ramp, home can feel likethe impossible dream.A waiting list of more than 50 created a sense ofurgency for everyone involved in the Ride for Rampsfundraiser. We appreciate all of the efforts of thesponsors and friends who helped this year. Therunners and bikers had a good time and the food wasgreat. To raise $11,000 in bad weather is a credit toeveryone involved and will change lives.That money will purchase materials for ramps, sincevolunteers build them. The average cost for a ramp is$1,200. In order to build as many ramps as possible(last year we built 28), we need more funds. Donationscan be made online, in person at our office, or bysending a check. We always need more volunteers,so contact Kris Rabideau, Housing Advocate/RampCoordinator, at or342-4088 x207.Catch pictures from the event at8 THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:RICHARDSHINEMANAdam’s Apple ServicesSFOUNDATIONA Catalyst for ChangeWayne Drug CompanyCOMMUNITY PARTNERS:BOSCO & GEERS“Since 1959 Quality Never Goes out of Style”East Ave., Oswego New RSVPYork • 343-5421 • 343-2753OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 7 AM TO 9 PMProud Recipient of The 2008 SBAExcellence and the 2009 Operation OswegoCounty Small Business Excellence AwardsGood Timesof OswegoTom & Lynne McKeownCOMPASS Credit Union6

2013 SPECIAL APPRECIATION EVENTExpressing our Gratitude for Dedication and ServiceWe were thrilled to recognize the following people who are part of our movement to remove barriers,sustain needs, strengthen skills, and enrich the lives of people with disabilities across CNY:• Keith Mulcahey (presented posthumously)and Mitch Mitchell for 10 years of leadershipand service on the ARISE Board of Directors.• Ron Champion, Nina Lutz, and JeanneMaddox for their energy, commitment, anddedication in their 20 years of service on our staff.• Tim Cleary, Allie Cretaro, SarahCretaro, Megan Groves, Kalila“Waffles” Lehner, Bob & Kris Watsonfor sharing their time, skills, and dedication asvolunteers at ARISE at the Farm.• Nikki Dandignac, Jeremy Holden,Chris & Chuck Roberts, and RichardSchenosky for their generosity of time, talent,and commitment to help people share in the joy offlying down the slopes through ARISE & Ski.• Joanne Gardner for her advocacy andparticipation in our Oswego Advisory Committeeto make the community accessible to all.• Robert George for his many years of volunteerservice through ARISE & Ski and at our annualfundraising event, ARISE & Ride at the Farm.• Barb Falkowski for sharing time, energy,and passion for ARISE at the Farm andinclusive recreation.• Integrated Marketing for their generoussupport and sharing in our creative vision.• Eric Kuersteiner for the leadership rolehe has played in ARISE & Ski for the pastfifteen years.8theSee more photos and read the bios for all ofhonorees at

HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS DANCECommunity Comes Together to Hold A Special Dance for ConsumersThe moment people entered the dance hall, they knewthey were in for a special night. After walking down thered carpet and receiving their corsage or boutonniere,guests were enveloped by the sound of music. Fromthe Macarena to the Chicken Dance, they made newmemories and danced the night away.The Hollywood Nights Dance was the culmination ofa joint effort between ARISE and many communitymembers, students, and businesses.We’d like to send a special thank you to: MayorWoodward of Fulton for letting us use the FultonMunicipal Building for the dance, Dianna Nesbitt andher New Vision Students for collecting the formalwear, helping the Community Connections Groupmake decorations, and for participating in the dance,BOCES Floral students for creating beautiful corsagesand boutonnieres, BOCES Culinary students formaking the delicious meatballs and rolls, Peter Fosterfrom Studio 160 for taking professional photographs,JaMS Dj Service from West Monroe who donatedhis services, our Community Integration Specialistswho provided delicious desserts, Pathfinder Bankemployees for donating gowns and men’s formalwear, and the many ARISE staff who helped put thisunforgettable night together.8 danceCatch more pictures from theat

THE POWER OF THE ADAProtecting the Rights of People with DisabilitiesBy Contributing Writer:Michael TheobaldThis year, the Americans withDisabilities Act is celebrating its23 rd year of existence. I haveused a wheelchair for twelveof them, and I couldn’t imaginethe country without the ADAcompliance rules.The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is federallegislation that protects the rights of people withdisabilities. The ADA addresses the barriers anddiscrimination that people with disabilities havetraditionally faced.The ADA addresses the widespread exclusions of peoplewith disabilities from the routine activities of everyday life.Public accommodations to increase accessibility include:ramps, railings, stair lifts, wider doors, automatic dooropeners, parking spots, auxiliary aides for those withvision, hearing or speech impairments, accommodationof guide dogs and service animals, just to name a few.The interesting thing about making stores, restaurants,and other public buildings accessible is that most peopleother than the people that use them don’t even noticethat these accommodations exist.When I first started using a wheelchair I began to noticeall the non-accessible buildings. I needed to rememberthe layouts of buildings because I couldn’t always enterand leave the same way as everyone else. I quicklybegan to realize that no one else did that unless theywere also in a wheelchair.When I became a junior in college, a friend of mine whowas also in a wheelchair taught me that if I have anaccessibility problem I should speak up, because I havethe power of the ADA behind me.Join us as we celebrate the 23 rd anniversaryof the Americans with Disabilities Act!• Onondaga County CelebrationJuly 22 from 9 AM - 12 PMCity Hall Commons - Atrium, SyracuseProgram and march• Oswego County ProclamationJuly 11 at 2 PMCounty Office Building, OswegoADA Proclamation• Madison County CelebrationJuly 26 from 10 AM - 12 PMKallet Civic Center, OneidaSpeakers, balloon release, and marchSPECIAL THANKSThanks to our community partners and friends, who have recently offered us their support:• United Community Chest of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson for awarding $1,500 to ARISE atthe Farm for equipment and allowing another instructor to become PATH Certified.• Brian Sweeney and his crew for their support of our Oswego County Ramp Program.• National Grid for a $2,500 grant that will be used to build ramps for families in need.• Pearl Baldwin for holding a special fundraiser in support of our Onondaga County Youth Programs.• Morningstar Residential Care Center for pledging to fund and build a ramp through our OswegoCounty Ramp program.Thanks to some of our wonderful volunteers, who generously shared their time and talent:• The Cook Family, KeyBank Employees, Faculty and Students from Manlius PebbleHill Farm, and Girl Scout Troop #10547 for helping with spring cleaning at ARISE at the Farm!• The Silverhammers for installing new windows, doors, and decking at ARISE at the Farm!9

WHY I SUPPORT ARISEEd Cook, ARISE Foundation Board MemberEver since our first visit to ARISEat the Farm, we felt a connection. Itjust seemed to be a fit for my entirefamily. In fact, it seems hard toremember when ourlives didn’t includetime at the Farm.Helping out at theFarm has becomeone of my children’sfavorite things todo. Emily and Teddyask us all the timeif we can go to theFarm, and theycertainly don’t thinkof it as work. Theyask what things need to be done andwhat they can do to help.I realized how important the Farmhas become to all of us whenEmily, without prompting from meor Svea, told her 6 th grade classabout the Farm. Her enthusiasmled the teacher and the students toset up a field trip to experience it forthemselves. I am so proud that Emilyhas become an ambassador forARISE at the Farm and is making theeffort to encourage others.We have sharedin the joy ofwatching childrenaccomplish theirgoals through theFarm’s therapeutichorseback ridinglessons, andhave joined inthe celebration ofeach of the 21-DayChallenge efforts.And we are proud tobe actively involved in the planning ofthe ARISE & Ride at the Farm eventeach year.On Saturday, July 27th, we will onceagain welcome people of all abilitiesto join in the fun as we raise fundsto support the year-round inclusiverecreation programs at the Farm.We have a great day planned foreveryone to enjoy, and I can’t think ofa more worthy program to support.Board of DirectorsTania Anderson, PresidentMatt Dadey, Vice PresidentMitch Mitchell, TreasurerGary Forbes, SecretaryGreg CallenMichael CookJohn DonovanLinda ErbJanet HaskinsMaurie HeinsJohn IzzoSue JudgeMichael KlaehnAgnes McCrayBill PortaDon SchollFoundation Board of DirectorsDenise McGraw, ChairJeffrey Grimshaw, Vice ChairDon Scholl, TreasurerAgnes McCray, SecretaryJohn BoscoKim BrownEdward CookMarianne DiNiroDavid DrevermanStaff LeadershipLynn HamiltonCarol KranzTom McKeownKristen SmithTom McKeown, Executive DirectorSusan Craig, Quality ImprovementSabine Ingerson, Oswego County OfficesNancy Kern Kronen, Development & PRKimberly Langbart, Mental Health ServicesKim Lipke, FinanceNina Lutz, Independent Living ServicesKaren Lynch, Human ResourcesSue Rogers, Executive AssistantSPONSOR HIGHLIGHTIN MY OWN WORDSBruce Wichmann, PresidentHaylor, Freyer & CoonWe’ve always been committedto the community and try to doas much as we can. The workthat ARISE does is phenomenaland we are pleased to supportsuch a worthy organization.Giving Opportunities for BusinessesWhether your business is large or small, there are manyways to get involved and show your support.• Become a sponsorARISE & Ride at the Farm, UNIQUE Magazine,or ARISE & Ride for Ramps• Participate in our events by forming acorporate team• Donate raffle items• Hold a fundraiser to support a program• Volunteer as a corporate groupHelp out at a special event, take on special projectsat the Farm, or build a ramp for a family in needTo learn how your company can get involved, contact Nancy Kern Kronen at (315) 671-2903 or

THANK YOU TO OUR DONORSWe’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations who made donations from March 16, 2013 toJune 10, 2013 in support of independence and access for all.Darby AndersonAnonymous DonorsJanine F. BackmanPearl BaldwinBlue Bowl Sanitation Company, Inc.BNY MellonKevin & Karen BradleyBridgeport Salon & SpaRandie L. BurrowsGreg CallenCNY Community FoundationEmily ChampagneThe Chocolate Pizza CompanyCiCi’s PizzaMr. & Mrs. John V. ContiIrene CookDoubleTree Hotel SyracuseP. Drescher IncorporatedDavid J. DrevermanKristin DrummKay ElmesJoe EoliazzoGary & Julie ForbesPeter FosterMike FoxFulton Medicine PlaceBob & Pam GetekRaymond W. HackbarthKristen HendersonIntegrated MarketingBillie Ann JohnsonKaren M. JohnsonJim & Pat KarasekMichael KellyKerwin’s CupcakesKinsella QuarriesNancy Kern KronenTony KuniganLa Fleur de Beaute Inc.Rita LabadieKim Lipke & Eric SadowskiKaren LynchAnne MaierJohn & Candace MarsellusMcGowan’s HardwareEdward MillerMetro FitnessSharon & Mark MoreyNBT BankRobert & Jean NicholsonFrederick & Virginia ParkerPathfinder BankThomas F. PiersonKelly PonziAnn RayReefer Compressor and Parts, Inc.Robinson MemorialPresbyterian ChurchRobert RuthThe Sbiroli FamilyDanielle P. ShelleyJason ShermanMichael E. SierotnikJohn P. SmigelskiKristen SmithThe Speach Family Candy ShoppeSport Center 481, LLCStarbucksAmy K. SweeneyDon SweteRon & Cynthia TascarellaUnited Community Chest ofCazenovia, Fenner & NelsonUW of Greater Oswego CountyUW of Massachusetts Bay andMerrimack ValleyJanice VitaleTim & Cynthia WalusSteve WeisbrodChuck & Angelika WentworthBruce WichmannWonderWorksWord-Wrights Inc.Anne ZingaroThanks to our early sponsors:ARISE & Ride at the FarmCentury DecorationsTim, Sue & Robert GeorgeHaylor, Freyer, & CoonJ.W. Burns & CompanyInvestment CounselRelph Benefit AdvisorsDUMACEMPOWER Federal Credit UnionOnondaga Hearing ServicesARISE & Ride at the Farm (ctd.)Chittenango Self Storage, Inc.Ed and Svea CookDriver’s VillageINFICON, Inc.Jake Hafner’s Restaurant & TavernJerome Fire EquipmentSue & Ed JudgeDenise & Owen McGrawTom & Lynne McKeownVISIONS Federal Credit Unionthe bikeryTOPS Friendly MarketsNewsChannel 9 WSYRUNIQUE 2013The Drescher CorporationJ.W. Burns & CompanyInvestment CounselHaylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.Tania S. AndersonSUNY OswegoTim, Sue and Robert GeorgeINFICON, Inc.Relph Benefit AdvisorsTom & Lynne McKeownOnondaga Hearing ServicesBenjamin & Elizabeth MartinEverson Museum of ArtNewsChannel 9 WSYRWAERSaturday, July 27, 201325- and 12-Mile Cycle Ride - Family Farm FestivalGather your friends, family, and co-workers and start a team!GIFTS IN TRIBUTEWe’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations who made gifts in memory or in honor of a friend orfamily member between March 16, 2013 to June 10, 2013.In Honor of ARISE at theFarm StaffDaniel and Laura SchrothIn Honor of Tom McKeown,Nancy Kronen, Nina Lutz,Funmi Akinpelu, Lindsay Ryan& ARISE StaffRandi Bregman & Ted R. GottbrechtIn Honor of Melissa DeFerioRaymond W. HackbarthIn Honor of Jacob GreeneSue Ellen Haney & Kathleen KnoppSabine & Steven IngersonSarah & Eric IngersonIn Honor of TheHeadless HorsemanBarb FalkowskiLaura & Paul LittleHeather WixonIn Honor of HelpingOur CommunityAnonymous DonorsIn Honor of Nancy Kern KronenCNY Community FoundationMike and Jane ReaganIn Honor of Mike NortmanBarb FalkowskiIn Honor of CJ ScovilleTracy ScovilleIn Honor of Corey ScovilleTracy ScovilleIn Honor of Hazel ShawTom & Kim DandoIn Memory of Peter GreenCarol DavenportMay Ann HoganSabine & Steven IngersonSusan & Ed JudgeNancy Kern KronenKathleen T. MacCallumTom & Lynne McKeownIn Memory of Peter Green (ctd.)Eleanor MichaelsShawna NuttingSusan RogersRicky RyderIn Memory of Melony Jeking,Gerald Walsh, Peter GreenJames A. Walker11

About UsWe are a non-profit, communitybased organization run by and forpeople with disabilities.Through over 50 programs, weprovide a wide range of servicesthat promote the social, educational,economic, and individual interestsof people with disabilities.Our LocationsOnondaga County/Main Office635 James StreetSyracuse, NY 13203Voice: (315) 472-3171TTY: (315) 479-6363Oswego County Office9 Fourth AvenueOswego, NY 13126Voice: (315) 342-4088TTY: (315) 342-8696Pulaski Office2 Broad StreetPulaski, NY 13142Voice: (315) 298-5726635 James StreetSyracuse, New York, 13203ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTEDNon-Profit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDSyracuse, NYPermit No. 1629Fulton Office113 Schuyler Street, Suite 2Fulton, NY 13069Voice: (315) 887-5156Join us in congratulating two of our staff memberswho were honored for their contributions to the community!Madison County Office131 Main Street, Suite 107Oneida, NY 13421Voice: (315) 363-4672TTY: (315) 363-2364ARISE at the Farm1972 New Boston RdChittenango, NY 13037Voice: (315) 687-6727Nancy Kronen, Director ofDevelopment and Public Relations2013 Woman of Distinction - Selected bySenator John DeFranciscoVince Rogowski, AdvocateGuest Lecturer Recognition Award - UticaCollege Health Studies Department© 2013 ARISE Child and Family Service, Inc. Portions of this publication are available in alternative formats.

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