Federal Jobs for Bachelor's Degrees - UC Davis / Internship and ...

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Federal Jobs for Bachelor's Degrees - UC Davis / Internship and ...

Careers in the Public Service:Federal Jobs and FellowshipsVirginia Hill Condon, MSWProgram Manager,Presidential Management Fellows ProgramNational Institutes of HealthSpecial Thanks to the NIH Visitor’s s Center and the Partnership for Public Service

What’s on the Agenda? Introduction to the National Institutes ofHealth Careers in public service– Why become a fed?– Hiring reform– Searching for federal jobs– Applying for federal jobs

NIH MissionOur mission is to lead the way toimportant medical discoveries thatimprove health and save lives.Our scientists research the causesof disease and then investigateways to treat and prevent them.

NIH Bethesda CampusBig place — lots of smart people


Dept. of Health & Human Services(HHS)

Every Voice CountsScientistsVoluntary OrganizationsScientific ReviewCommitteesGeneral PublicPatients & TheirAdvocacy GroupsNIH StaffCongressU.S. PresidentBoards ofScientific CounselorsPublic Members ofAdvisory CouncilsProfessional SocietiesScientist CouncilMembersAd Hoc AdvisorsPhysicians & OtherHealth ProfessionalsForeign GovernmentsIndustry

Core Components of the NIH Mission Extramural Research Intramural Research Training Communication

NIH Budget in FY 2009: $30.6 Billion16.0%Spendingat NIH$4.9 BSpendingOutside NIH$25.7 B84.0%AmountExpenditure10.39% $3.2B 10,000 intramuralscientists &researchpersonnel5.17% $1.6B RM&S and ODOversight0.44% $0.1B B&F84% of the total NIH budget supportsover 325,000 extramural scientists andresearch personnel at more than 3,000institutions nationwide.

NIH Funds Scientists Across U.S.AlaskaData: Assoc of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Survey 2004

American Recovery andReinvestment Act of2009 (ARRA)NIH is grateful to President Obama and Congress for theopportunity for NIH to play its part in improving the Nation’shealth and economy

Biomedical Research supported by the 2009American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Diabetes Cancer Addiction Glaucoma Infectious diseases Heart and lung diseases Arthritis Kidney disease Mental disorders Autism

Why Become a Fed? Student loan repayment assistance– Some agencies may repay up to $10,000 of yourstudent loans per year Job security in a time of uncertainty High levels of responsibility Flexible schedules and generous vacation packages Training and professional development Opportunities for advancement/promotion Competitive health and retirement benefits Making an impact on policies & programs thatshape everyone’s lives

Young People in Government!

Jobs All Over the Map16% in theWashington, DCmetro regionPlus 50,000 jobs overseas

Federal PayGradeGS-4GS-5GS-7GS-9GS-11Qualifying EducationAssociate’s degree or 2 yearsabove high schoolBachelor’s degreeBachelor’s degree with ahigh level of academicachievementMaster’s degree (or equivalent)Doctorate or J.D.

Federal Salary forBachelor Degree-level2011 OPM General ScheduleCity GS-5 GS-7 GS-9 GS-11Atlanta $32,722 $40,534 $49,581 $59,987Chicago $34,316 $42,508 $51,995 $62,909Sacramento $33,521 $41,522 $50,790 $61,451New YorkCitySanFranciscoWashington,D.C.$35,309$37,073$34,075$43,738 $53,500 $64,729$45,923 $56,172 $67,963$42,209 $51,630 $62,467Source:http://www.opm.gov/oca/11tables/indexGS.asp

Find Your Federal FitFITOccupation# EmployeesAdministration 11,503Medical and Public Health 7,495Legal 6,201Accounting and Budget 5,301Investigation 4,177Business 3,722Social Science and Psychology 2,881Engineering and Architecture 2,519

Start Your Search Use these resources to target agencies ofinterest:• Makingthedifference.org• Wherethejobsare.org• Bestplacestowork.org• USAJOBS.gov• USA.gov• Individual agency websites

Searching for Federal Jobs Look for internships or programs that can get you “inthe door” Don’t just search or look at job titles– they can bedeceiving!– Program Analyst– Management Analyst Network with Federal workers to learn about theirexperiences and what jobs to look for USAJobs.Gov– Search by: Agency, Location, or Occupation

Hiring Reform No KSA essays during first step of application Apply with a resume (and cover letter)– Federal version if you have one or have time to create one 80 day hiring timeline Notification to applicants during 4 phases ofthe process Shorter, more concise job announcements

Applying for Federal Jobs Using key words in your application– From vacancy announcement– From questionnaire– Example “information sharing” “datadissemination” Federal resume– Up to 5 pages– More detail and descriptions about yourexperience– Key words used to create exceptional detail anddescriptions of skill or talent


Résumé TipsCreate an account onUSAJOBS.gov– Store up to 5 federalrésumés, each tailored to adifferent federal opportunity!– Upload your non-federalrésumé to the SavedDocuments folderCarefully review the jobvacancy announcement orposition description– Focus on the “duties” or“responsibilities” section, andcustomize your résuméaccordingly by identifying andincluding key words andphrases


Cover Letters Address key words and phrases mentioned inthe position description– Organize your experiences by skill set! Use rich and substantive examples Focus on outcomes to which you directlycontributed Avoid acronyms

Next:Get Ready for Federal Interviews To make the most of your federal interview, besure to do the following:• Do your homework;• Prepare answers to common questions in advance;• Have questions ready to ask interviewers;• Dress the part; and• Demonstrate your passion for public service! Be ready for a phone and/or panel interview!TIP: Arrive early!

NIH Educational Resources for STUDENTS:Web Resources and More… Life Works Web Site, Office of Science Education,NIH SciMentorNet, Office of Science Education, NIH Science Snapshots, Office of Science Education, NIH Science Education Planner Timeline, Office ofScience Education, NIH Exhibitions:– Changing the Face of Medicine: Discover how women haveinfluenced and enhanced the practice of medicine– Opening Doors: Contemporary African American AcademicSurgeons Science Education Partnership Awards (SEPA)

LIFE WORKS: Office of Science Educationhttp://science.education.nih.gov/lifeworks.nsf/feature/index.htm

SciMentorNetA web site where students can find mentors in the behavioral andsocial sciences, biomedical sciences and in health care careers.Office of Science Education Web Site, NIH


Presidential Management Fellowsprogram https://www.pmf.opm.gov/ Apply during your last year of graduateschool (Master’s, JD, PhD) Online application & resume Nomination by Dean Assessment Test become a finalist and attendPMF Job Fair in DC become a PMF when yousecure a job Accelerated promotions, fast-paced exciting work Prestigious program that allows for incrediblelearning opportunities and rotations

Keep in touch! Virginia Condon Program Manager, NIH Training Center 301-451-7303 Virginia.Condon@nih.gov

NIHTransforming medicine andhealth through discovery

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