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Agenda - World Bank

World Ethics ForumLeadership, Ethics andIntegrity in Public LifeApril 9-12, 2006Keble College, Oxford UniversityProgramSponsored by:The World BankThe International Institute for Public Ethics (IIPE)The United Nations UniversityDFIDAusAIDUSAIDIntegrity Institute of Malaysia (IIM)Co-hostsInternational Association of Religious FreedomCentre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University

DAY 1 – Sunday, April 99.00-1.30pm2.00pm onwardsREGISTRATIONVenue:REGISTRATIONVenue:Room 1514, Block L5 of the Liddon QuadSheldonian Theatre, Broad St, Oxford3.00pm – 5.00pmOPENING PLENARY: Leadership, Integrity, and GovernanceVenue: Sheldonian Theatre, Broad St, OxfordChair: Prof Charles Sampford, President of IIPE and Director UNU-IEGLWelcome: Sanjay Pradhan, Director, Public Sector Governance, World BankKeynote: Dr Huguette Labelle, Chair, Transparency InternationalKeynote: Mary Robinson, Director, Ethical Globalisation Initiative, FormerPresident, Ireland5.00pm – 5.30pmCOFFEE/TEAVenue:Douglas Price Room, ARCO Building5.30pm – 7.00 pm WORKSHOPS AND PAPERS SESSION 1WP 1.1Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 1.2Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 1.3Venue:Chair:Speakers:Leadership and Ethics Across CulturesRoy Griffiths Room, Slone Robinson BuildingNeil Levine, Chief, Governance Division, USAIDProfessor Mansour Javidan, Director, Garvin School of InternationalManagement, USAProfessor Doug Hicks, Jepson School of Leadership, University ofRichmond, USADr Robyn Lui, Member, Coreis - Living Wisdom InitiativesMonitoring UNCAC (led by Transparency International)SR1, Slone Robinson BuildingDavid Nussbaum, CEO, Transparency International, UKFritz Heiman, former Chair, Transparency International, USANikos Passas, Professor, College of Criminal Justice at NortheasternUniversityDr Stuart C. Gilman, Global Programme against Corruption, UnitedNations Office on Drugs and CrimeGillian Dell, Program Manager, Transparency InternationalOlawale Maiyegun, Nigerian Mission to the UNImplementing Ethics RegimesSR2, Slone Robinson BuildingProfessor Leo HubertsMarco Bini, Codes of Conduct and Governance in the Victorian PublicSectorThe Hon. John Hyde MP, Small Pond, Big Fish, Snagged LinesJan Morre, The impact of recent ethics management measures inQueensland and Victoria, Australia: a practitioners viewNarelle George, Managing conflicts of interest: a practical approachto address common issues and misconceptions3

3.30pm - 4.00pmWP 2.2Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 2.3Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 2.4Venue:Chair:WP 2.5Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 2.6Venue:Chair:Speakers:COFFEE/TEAVenue:Generating Demand for Leadership and Ethical GovernanceSRI, Sloane Robinson BuildingNeil Macfarlane, AusAIDSamuel Paul, Chairman, Public Affairs Centre, IndiaEzra Mbogori, Executive Director, MWENGO, ZimbabweL. Sumati, Director, Santmaral Foundation, MongoliaImplementing Ethics RegimesSR1, Slone Robinson BuildingMeg Taylor, Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman, International FinanceCorporationJohn Toguata, Ombudsman, Papua New GuineaDr Stuart C. Gilman, Global Programme against Corruption, UnitedNations Office on Drugs and CrimeRalph Heintzman, former Vice President, Ethics, Federal CivilService, CanadaMonitoring UNCAC (led by Transparency International(Cont. of WP 1.2)SR2, Slone Robinson BuildingDavid Nussbaum, CEO, Transparency International, UKLegal EthicsSR3, Slone Robinson BuildingKarl ThoennesKarl Thoennes and Judge Timothy Baland, Judicial ethics codes andcanons: a comparative international perspectiveJudge Timothy Baland, Measuring Judicial EthicsMark Thomas, It’s too late, baby, now, it’s too late: re-siting lawyers’ethical educationNigel Stobbs and Mark Thomas, Discordant Ethical Modalities - Doesthe Left Hand Know What Music the Right Hand is Playing? –Inter-Professional Perceptions of the Ethical Values UnderpinningLegal Codes of ConductApplying EthicsSR4, Slone Robinson BuildingDr Arthur Shacklock, UNU-IEGLNaeem Shahid, Differentiation between freedoms of expression &extremismJoaquin Flores Mendez and Professor Carolyn Erdener, The ethics ofloyaltyYoung Jong Kim, The new paradigm of anti-corruption policies inKorea: a focus on the Lobbying Disclosure ActNdutimi Alaibe, Corporate Social Responsibility and the path toSustainable Development in the Niger Delta Region: The NDDCExampleDouglas Price Room, ARCO Building6

4.00pm – 5.30pm4.00pm – 5.30pmPARALLEL SESSION 2.1: Leadership and Integrity in InternationalInstitutionsVenue: O’Reilly Theatre, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Chris Burnham, Under Secretary for Management, United NationsSpeakers: Tunku Abdul Aziz, Special Adviser to the Secretary General of theUN on the Ethics Office. Leadership and Integrity in InternationalInstitutionsProfessor Don Menzel, President, American Society of PublicAdministration. Ethical Management InternationallyDr Stuart C. Gilman, Global Programme against Corruption, UnitedNations Office on Drugs and Crime. The Common Ground ofIntegrity: International Civil Servants and the United NationsConvention against CorruptionPARALLEL SESSION 2.2: Leadership for TransformationVenue: Roy Griffiths Room, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Mamadou Lamine Loum, Former Prime Minister, SenegalSpeakers: Professor Richard Couto, Professor of Leadership Studies, AntiochUniversity, USAJon Ungphakorn, Senate Member, ThailandProfessor Howard Adelman, Emeritus Professor, York University,Canada. Leadership, Ethics, State Creation and State BuildingDr. Stephen Schwenke, Fulbright Scholar, Makerere University,Uganda5.30 pm – 5.45 pm BREAK5:45pm – 7.00 pmYouth ForumVenue:Facilitator:SR5, Slone Robinson BuildingJohn Graham, President, Giraffe Project, USA5.30 pm – 7.30 pm Achieving Personal Excellence for LeadershipWorkshop Organized by IAHV (Optional, by Registration)Venue: SR6, Slone Robinson BuildingFacilitator: Christoph Glaser5.45pm – 7.00pm7.30pmIIPE GENERAL MEETINGVenue: O’Reilly Theatre, Slone Robinson BuildingCONFERENCE BANQUETVenue: Hall7

DAY 3 – Tuesday, April 118.00am onwards8.30am – 10.00amREGISTRATIONPLENARY SESSION 3: Roundtable Discussion on Faith, Ethics, andValues in Public LeadershipVenue: O’Reilly Theatre, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Katherine Marshall, Director, Development Dialogue on Valuesand Ethics, World BankSpeakers Canon Gideon Byamugisha, Church/FBO Partnerships Advisor,World Vision International, UgandaProfessor Azyumardi Azra, Rector, Islamic State University,IndonesiaProfessor Howard Adelman, Emeritus Professor, York University,Canada and Host, Israel TodayChristoph Glaser, International Association for Human Values,Germany10.00am – 10.30amCOFFEE/TEAVenue:Douglas Price Room, ARCO Building10.30am – 12.00pm WORKSHOPS AND PAPERS SESSIONS 3WP 3.1 Strategies for Effective Leadership: Navigating inDifficult EnvironmentsVenue: Roy Griffiths Room, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Sanjay Pradhan, Director, Public Sector Governance,World BankSpeakers: Joyce Nyamweya, Secretary, Public Sector Reform, KenyaHenri Ranaivoson, Chief of Staff of the Presidency, MadagascarSylvain Maliko, Minister of Economy and Planning, CentralAfrican RepublicJose Neves, Project Director, Leadership for EconomicDevelopment, Timor LesteWP 3.2Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 3.3Venue:Chair:Speakers:Leadership and OrganizationsSR1, Slone Robinson BuildingAnn Masson, Director, Institute of Public Administration, CanadaDr Arthur Shacklock, UNU-IEGL (co-author Melea Lewis),Leading with integrity: ethical leadership — a fundamentalprinciple of integrity and good governanceDr Chris van Tonder, Organisational change as arena of risk andethicsDr Peter Verhezen, Moral Capital: the relevance of integrity inorganisationsFaith, Leadership and GovernanceSR2, Slone Robinson BuildingProf Howard AdelmanDr Angelo Nicolaides, Shared governance in business and thedevelopment of a code of ethics based on the Holy BibleProf Dr Ibrahim Abu Bakar, Religious and Spiritual Ethical Codesfor a Humanistic LeadershipCedric Mayson, The route of secular spiritualityAlan Rainer, A religious view of public ethics8

12.00pm – 1.30pmWP 3.4Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 3.5Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 3.6Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 3.7Venue:Chair:Speakers:LUNCHVenue:Chair:Speaker:Business and FinanceSR3, Slone Robinson BuildingProfessor Adele ThomasTemi Abraham-Levin, The factors affecting ethical decisionmaking of financial portfolio managersProfessor Antonio Maza-Pereda and Professor PedroGabriel Marquez, Duties towards competitors under the ethicsof fair competitionProfessor Maria Krambia-Kapardis, Correlates of ethicalbehaviour in business: an empirical contributionAnnamalai Senguttuvan, Corporate ethics as a core part ofstrategic leadershipImplementing Ethics RegimesSR4, Slone Robinson BuildingSimon Mamosi Lelo, CAFARD, MoroccoJethro Alpuerto and Floreza Duque, Empowering Youth LeadershipIn Combating Corruption: Towards Creating A Network OfCorruption-Intolerant Youth LeadersNamawu Alolo, Are women more ethical than men? Fightingpublic sector corruption in Africa through gendermainstreaming: would it work?Aive Pevkur, Interrelations in the implementation of systems ofintegrity, ethics and public administrationBadar al Shaqsi, Public sector integrity systems: the search for anideal modelTheory and PracticeSR5, Slone Robinson BuildingDr. Badeg Bekele, International Leadership Institute, EthiopiaGerrie Zaaiman, The application of a general ethics principleamongst different cultures in the public and corporateenvironmentMimi Zajc, Coordination on ethical values: yes or no?Maduabuchi Dukor, Politics of class and hegemony in NigeriaThe Malaysian ExperienceSR6, Slone Robinson BuildingMarianne Camerer, Center for Global Integrity and YaleUniversity, USAY.B. Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Malaysian national integrity planY Bhg. Datuk Dr Sulaiman Mahbob, Corporate governance andbusiness ethics practices in MalaysiaPuvan Selvanathan, E-Government, Corruption and IHallFrannie Leautier, Vice President, World Bank InstituteDele Olojede, 2005 Pulitzer Prize Winner9

1.30pm - 3.00pm WORKSHOPS AND PAPERS SESSIONS 4WP 4.1Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 4.2Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 4.3Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 4.4Venue:Chair:Speakers:Competence, Complacency and Corruption: Checking LordActon’s Clichéd ClaimRoy Griffiths Room, Slone Robinson BuildingProfessor James BowmanDr. Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Post modern alchemy: defying theabsolutism of power and corruptionProfessor James Bowman (co-author Jonathan West), Lord Actonand employment doctrines: absolute power and the spread of atwillemploymentRosamund Thomas, Power and corruption in the 21 st century: howto remedy it?Eva Tsahuirdu, Knowledge is power/power corrupts: should weempower people at workImplementing Ethics RegimesSR1, Slone Robinson BuildingDr Byaruhanga Rukooko, Professor, Makerere University, UgandaDr Londa Esadze, Corruption and lack of public ethics in postsocialisttransition countries: a casestudy of GeorgiaDr Mark Pyman, Reducing corruption in the defence and securitysectorsMarcus Pelto, Civil Society and the National Integrity System inPNGEthics, Health, and TechnologySR2, Slone Robinson BuildingProfessor Sally KiftNigel Stobbs, Conflicts of Interest in the Ethical and LegalRegulation of Human Embryo ResearchJohn Lenarcic, Academic leadership with integrity throughdramatic inspirationDinesh Ghodke and Khurshed Batliwala, Young People's Healthand Development: Addressing Sexuality Concerns Through theFaith, Ethics and Value WayInternationalising EthicsSR3, Slone Robinson BuildingDr Robyn Lui, Member, Coreis - Living Wisdom InitiativesRomuald Rwechungura and Jovith Muhandiki, Globalization ofethicsSimeon Obidairo, The prospective role of anti-corruptionconventions in curbing transnational bribery by corporationsWolfgang Rau, GRECO evaluations10

WP 4.5Venue:Chair:Speakers:WP 4.6Venue:Chair:Speakers:Pursuing Public Ethics and Improving Political Accountabilityin Governance: Institutional Reforms against Corruption in thePhilippinesSR4, Slone Robinson BuildingEd Campos, Lead Public Sector Specialist, World BankProfessor Carolina Hernandez, Good Governance and SecuritySector Reform in the PhilippinesKatherine Hernandez, Judicial reform and public ethics in thePhilippines: reforming the Ombudsman and theSandiganbayanRowena Layador, Anti-Corruption agencies and politicalaccountability in the Philippines: the role of the PresidentialAnti-Graft Commission (PAGC)Aries Arugay, Partners in accountability reform: The role ofcivil society in combating corruption in the PhilippinesEvaluating Programs on Leadership and EthicsSR5, Slone Robinson BuildingMoira Hart Poliquin, Senior Operations Officer, World BankInstituteDorte Kabell, President, Korbell ConsultingPat Harned, President Ethics Resource CentreDr Arthur Shacklock, UNU-IEGL, Developing policyassessment measures for integrity and corruption preventionactivities: the Australian experience1.30 pm – 3.00 pm Achieving Personal Excellence for LeadershipWorkshop Organized by IAHV (Optional, by Registration)Venue: SR6, Slone Robinson BuildingFacilitator: Christoph Glaser3.00pm – 3.30pmCOFFEE/TEAVenue:Douglas Price Room, ARCO Building3.30pm – 5.30pm5.30pm – 6.00pm6.00pm - 7.30pmPLENARY SESSION 4: Stories of Women in LeadershipVenue: O’Reilly Theatre, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Randi Ryterman, Manager, Public Sector Governance, World BankSpeakers: Hon. Betty Bigombe, Former Minister of State and Chief Mediatorof Ugandan-LRA Peace Talks UgandaDr Shaista Shameem, Human Rights Commissioner, FijiKarina Constantino-David, Chair, Civil Service Commissioner,PhilippinesDr Dijana Plestina, Counsellor to the Foreign Minister, CroatiaCOFFEE/TEAVenue: Douglas Price Room, ARCO BuildingPLENARY SESSION 5: Looking Ahead to a Global Integrity AllianceVenue: O’Reilly Theatre, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Sanjay Pradhan, Director, Public Sector Governance, World BankSpeakers: Professor Charles Sampford, Director UNU-IEGL and PresidentIIPEJohn Githongo, former Permanent Secretary, Governance andEthics, KenyaNeil Levine, Chief, Governance Division, USAIDNeil Macfarlane, AusAID11

7.45pm – 9.00pmDINNERVenue:Speaker:HallJohn Graham, President, Giraffe Project, USA9.00pm – 10.00pmMEETING OF CONVENING GROUP FOR GLOBAL INTEGRITYALLIANCEVenue: SR1, Slone Robinson Building12

DAY 4 – Wednesday, April 128.30am – 10.30am WORKSHOPS AND PAPERS SESSIONS 5Including Meetings of GIA working groupsWP 5.1 GIA Working Group 1: Vision / Mission / AwardVenue: SR1, Slone Robinson BuildingModerator: Prof Charles Sampford, President IIPE and Director UNU- IEGLWP 5.2 GIA Working Group 2: GovernanceVenue: SR2, Slone Robinson BuildingModerator: Ralph Heintzman, former Vice President, Ethics, Federal CivilService, CanadaWP 5.3 GIA Working Group 3: Function of GIAVenue: SR3, Slone Robinson BuildingModerator: John Githongo, former Permanent Secretary, Governance andEthics, KenyaWP 5.4 GIA Working Group 4: Strategic Agenda to SupportLeadership & EthicsVenue: SR4, Slone Robinson BuildingModerator: Neil Levine, Chief, Governance Division, USAID10.30am – 11.30amCOFFEE/TEAVenue:Douglas Price Room, ARCO Building11.30pm – 1.00pmCLOSING PLENARY: Messages from the Conference & Looking Ahead to aGlobal Integrity AllianceVenue: O’Reilly Theatre, Slone Robinson BuildingChair: Frannie Leautier, Vice President, World Bank InstituteSpeakers: Professor Charles Sampford, Director UNU-IEGL and PresidentIIPEJohn Githongo, former Permanent Secretary, Governance andEthics, KenyaNeil Levine, Chief, Governance Division, USAIDRalph Heintzman, former Vice President, Ethics, Federal CivilService, CanadaSanjay Pradhan, Director, Public Sector Governance, World Bank1.00pm – 2.00pmLUNCHVenue:Hall2.30pm2.00pm – 4.30 pm4.00pm – 7.00 pmDeparture for Radisson HeathrowIIPE BOARD MEETINGVenue: To be announcedYOUTH LEADERS TRAININGVenue: Radisson HeathrowFacilitator: John Graham, President, Giraffe Project, USA13

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