Pioneer of automatic log sPlitting - Landbruksteknikk
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Pioneer of automatic log sPlitting - Landbruksteknikk

Innovations for AgriculturePioneer ofautomatic log splittingLoading tableAutomatic sorterTransfer conveyorAutomatic splitterEnergY

autofactory = loading table – sort+ Automates the entire log splitting process+ Fast, effortless and reliable+ Programmable+ Versatile adjustment alternativesPioneer of automatic log splittingSAMI Autofactory revolutionizes log splitting.Autofactory consists of SAMI Autosorter (loadingtable, automatic sorter, transfer conveyor) and SAMIAutochopper (automatic splitter). All these integratedtogether – the entire log splitting process is automatic.You only need to take care of monitoring and carryingwood onto the loading table.Attach SAMI Autosorter – automatic loading table, sorter andtransfer conveyor – to Autochopper. Autosorter conveys andlifts logs one by one onto the transfer conveyor automaticallywithout disruptions. The sorter has hydraulics, switchboardand a micro processor of its own. Use SAMI Autochopperscreen for programming. SAMI Autosorter is also availablewithout the loading table.The secure automatics, programmability and versatile adjustmentalternatives raise the efficiency level of the entirelog splitting production.Automatic log splitting factory• SAMI Autosorter + SAMI Autochopper• Log splitting is entirely automatic• Thanks to the microprocessor, it can beprogrammed according to different kindsof wood and wood size• Reliable automatics• Fast and effortless, boosts the entire process• Autosorter adjusts to the log splitter’s pace• The user only needs to carry wood onto theloading table and monitor the processEnergY

er – transfer conveyor – automatic splitterSAMI Autofactory stages1. Transferring wood onto the loading tableThe wood is loaded onto the process-integrated loading table,which is equipped with chain conveyors.2. Feeding wood to the sorterThe sensors of the sorter frame activate the loading table tofeed wood to the sorter. The loading table conveys wood ontothe sorter’s table, against the sorter’s frame.3. Pre-sorting of logsThe loading table reverses and the pressed logs are releasedmaking room for the logs that are brought down from the bearers.The bearers perform the pre-sorting process, that is, someof the logs are brought down and the rest is set straight ontothe bearers. Then the bearers start to lift the logs.4. Sorting the logsThe logs on the bearers are sorted with the help of the sensors.The bearers move inwards according to measurement results,and the outer logs fall out until there is only one log on thebearers. Everything happens automatically.5. Transferring logs into the waiting roomAfter approved measuring, the bearers lift the log up and tipit through the restrainers in to the waiting room where the logwaits for transfer conveyor to be available again.6. Transferring log onto the conveyor,sawing and cuttingWhen the transfer conveyor is available, the waiting room tipsthe log onto the transfer conveyor. The cycle of the transferconveyor is programmed according to log splitter’s feeding cycle,also reverse function is possible. The automatic splitter sawsand cuts logs automatically.

Innovations for Agriculture4015 7200Technical detailsSAMI Autosorter sorter Loading tableWeight (kg) 1100 1070Width without transfer conveyor (mm) 2340 2300Width with transfer conveyor (mm) 4015 -Height (mm) 1910 886–1285Length (mm) 2940 6500Max. load (kg) 1200 18000Hydr. operating pressure (bar) 170 170Electric motor (kW) 5,5 -Switching voltage (V/Hz) 400/50 -9200SAMI Autofactory total measures in the dimensional drawing(SAMI Autosorter + SAMI Autochopper).1400012000SAMI Autosorter sorts logs automatically according to their size1 2 3Receiving tableThe sensors (1) of the sorter’sreceiving table activate theloading table to feed woodonto the sorter table andagainst the frame. The bearersare located below the receivingtable.BearersTwo programmable bearers (2)have three different courses:up-down, inwards-outwardsand turning or tipping. Theinwards-outwards movementsof both of the bearers functionindependently.Pre-sortingThe bearers rise slightly andsimultaneously make a fastinwards-outwards movement.The movement brings downsome of the logs, leaving therest straight onto the bearers.Then the bearers start to liftthe logs.SortingThe widest log meets thesensors of the sorter frame(3) first. The lifting stops andsorting the logs (1 to 3) on thebearers begins.45SortingBoth bearers move halfwayaccording to the independentlymeasured results inwards, andthe outer logs fall from thebearers.SortingThe measuring is performedover and over again until thereis only one log on the bearers.The remaining log is lifted upand tipped into the waitingroom. If there is a log only onthe other bearer, it is broughtdown.Waiting roomAfter approved measuring, thebearers lift the log up and tipit through the restrainers in tothe waiting room (4).Transfer conveyorWhen the transfer conveyoris available, the waiting roomtips the log onto the transferconveyor (5).SAMI Autosorter’s adjustable features:• log recognition distance from the sorter frame• length of the loading table reverse movement• length of the bearers’ inwards-outwards movementsin relation to the log diameter• bearers’ lifting height and speedSAMI Autofactory 1.0 | Layout: Semio Oy | Press: Litoset Oy 06/2012MANUFACTURE AND SALEwww.samituotteet.fiEnergYwww.reikalevy.fiYrittäjäntie 22, FI-62375 Ylihärmä, Finlandtel. +358 10 425 8000

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