Inland Lumber Producers Host 27th Annual Gathering - Miller ...
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Inland Lumber Producers Host 27th Annual Gathering - Miller ...

Page 4The Softwood Forest Products BuyerCALIFORNIA REDWOOD COMPANY Repositions, Ups Ante With New ProductBy Clare AdrianUpper grade Redwood is pictured in dry storage at California RedwoodCo. The company expects to move 200 million board feet of bothRedwood and Douglas Fir this year.A truckload of lumber is loaded and ready for shipment from CaliforniaRedwood Co.Pictured is Redwood at the company being staged for kiln drying.At California Redwood Company, boards are sorted by dimension, whichrange from 1x4 up to 2x12, and for specific product, 4x4, 4x6 and 6x6. Also,Douglas Fir boards range from 2x4 through 2x12 dimension lumber and 3x4to 4x12 timbers.California Redwood Company in Arcata, Calif., this year has focused onenhanced product quality, said a spokesman at the firm.A r c a t a , C a l i f . –A Redwood log, bucked, sliced,squared into lumber or remanufactured into any usableshape, never loses its intrinsic qualities. The same principleapplies to The California Redwood Company,based here. A new marketing strategy was developed atthe firm to reposition the company’s competenciesalready in place and to invigorate demand for innovativenew Redwood products. Yet, there’s no changing theattributes that have unfolded during the company’s rich120-year lumber production history. At its core, and continuingtoday, are the same family and community rootsand commitment to the environment.The company has long been known as a reliable sourceof Redwood, which traditionally solditself, commented Vice President andGeneral Manager Carl Schoenhofer.“It has natural decay resistance. It’sdurable, dimensionally stable, perfectlysuited for outdoor projects, andwhen compared to composites duringfocus groups, Redwood wins handsdown for beauty and aesthetics, too.”Rather than promote the Redwoodattributes with abandon and follow thetendency in the industry to step upproduction in meeting demand, TheCalifornia Redwood Company hasstrategically distributed lumber toareas where Redwood qualities areperfectly suited. Disinterested in meremarket share gain, even if demand isgreat, the firm’s policy is to resist cuttingdown more trees than is sustainable.Instead, said Schoenhofer, “Welooked at what consumers wantedand developed new products to meettheir unique needs.”As of 2010, the company zeroed inon enhanced product quality. Primarilyfocused on every aspect of deckingratings, improvements were made tothe drying process, to grading and tofine surfacing of all products, catalogedinto the Heritage Collection andthe California Series. In addition, theproduct lines were repositioned withthe introduction of two new deckingprofiles within the now premiumHeritage Collection.The Summit profile was upgradedfrom a dimension board to a specialtypremium product. The new deckingboard with a slightly crowned surfaceis designed to shed water, though notcrowned so much as to notice it whenwalked upon. The beveled sides arecut at an angle so that leaves anddebris that typically wedge betweenboards fall between the cracks. Andwater, the natural enemy of wood,runs over the edge into a channel andonto the ground.The Meridian profile, a 5-quarterdeck board, is not a new concept tothe industry except that The CaliforniaRedwood Company now offers it inthe Redwood species.The repositioning was bolstered by athorough marketing campaign, includinga website facelift, creation andplacement of 6-foot tall point of saledisplays, image messaging,brochures, mini-sample decks in theretail outlets, and deck clinics to trainretail staff on the qualities and meritsof Redwood. Instead of selling only todistributors, field reps were hired toliaison with consumers, to create pullthroughdemand for retailers, andContinued on page 22

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Page 6The Softwood Forest Products BuyerSHELTER FOREST INTERNATIONAL: Offering Solutions With TigerPLY ©By Wayne MillerTigerPLY©’s newest mill and research and development facility thatcame online in September 2009.Ryan Loe, president; Glen Anderson, West Coast manager; Whitney LaRuffa, Northeast manager; Rod Loe, production manager, Xuzhou, China;Monica Davidson, Northeast manager; Jock Vondeling, S4S boards and hardwood parts specialist; and Mike Stringfellow, Southeast manager.TigerPLY units prepared and ready for shipment.South Central Manager Matt McCoun inspecting final packaging of aload of TigerPLY’s C9.Matt McCoun and Ryan Loe inspecting a load of TigerPLY for shipment.Portland, Ore.— Shelter ForestInternational (SFI) manages productionfor six plywood mills that producethe company’s newest product, theTigerPLY © brand of engineered plywood.He also said the development of theTigerPLY product began at therequest of customers. “We started outat the request of customers withwhom we had done business formany years,” he said. “As import plywoodbecame a bigger factor in theirrequirements, we decided that wecould bring some solutions and solvesome problems for our customers tokeep costs minimal and achieve thequality level they want at the sametime.”SFI’s president, Ryan Loe, said theengineered plywood, TigerPLY, isContinued on page 23TigerPLY’s Machine Core Composer used for C9and TigerLITE Cores.Units of TigerPLY, sub-packed and barcoded forretail markets.A high-end furniture manufacturer choosesTigerPLY for drawer sides.

September/October 2010 Page 7IBS And Pine: A Strong Combination In Structural BuildingPictured is a two-story Make-It-Right Foundation home in the Lower 9th Ward ofNew Orleans. Indiana Building Systems purchases approximately 2,500,000board feet of lumber, specifically SYP and SPF, for the manufacture of varioustypes of structures.Middlebury, Ind.–Indiana BuildingSystems, LLC, (IBS) located here,produces custom-built and modularstructures, such as homes, apartmentsand other buildings, that can bechosen from pre-designed plans orcustom-built.Founded in 2000, Indiana BuildingSystems purchases 2,500,000 boardfeet of lumber and about twice thatmuch in doors, windows and otherwood items annually. It buys SPF,SYP in No. 2 and Better. It also purchasesdimensional lumber, laminatedbeams, timbers, OSB and plywood.The company purchases a significantquantity of FSC-certified woodproducts.Indiana Building Systems buys itslumber just-in-time, which is a disciplinewithin the modular buildingindustry. It is located in a large centerfor building products distribution, nearSouth Bend, Ind., which makes thispurchasing practice easier.Lumber purchasing is usually brokered,but some is bought directly.Here is an example of the company’sforte:Recently, a Chicago architect e-mailed plans for a project to IndianaBuilding Systems CEO JohnGuequierre, asking what his company’sspecs for this structure would be.Guequierre asked if the architectwanted his company to match thearchitect’s plans exactly because if so,“We can.”The company builds modular structuresin everything from affordablehomes to $1 million estate homes toapartment buildings to motels to highlycustom homes. It constructs offices,dormitories, classrooms, retirementhomes and medical clinics.It built nine shotgun-style homes inNew Orleans in the wake of HurricaneKatrina. Guequierre says each hadthe look and feel of a 100-year-oldhome, but included contemporary features.Guequierre says the company’s mostspectacular work was done for theMake-It-Right Foundation in NewOrleans. These were duplexes thatwere needed quickly.Indiana Building Systems is workingon a house near the Chicago Loopthat will be LEED-certified and willconform to all applicable Chicagobuilding codes.Indiana Building Systems does notoperate according to the traditionalbusiness model for modular buildingcompanies.It used to be that these companieseach designed a line of buildings andmarketed them to builders and homebuyers as a product that “you want tohave,” Guequierre says. A growingpart of Indiana Building Systems’ businessis agreeing “to build what peoplewant to buy, especially architects anddevelopers,” he says.The company also sells and deliversits structures much farther than thetraditional 300-mile-radius, withinwhich hauling offreight is moreaffordable. It hasprojects in 20states and in fourC a n a d i a nprovinces. It sellsits modular structuresfrom Alberta,Canada, to theGulf Coast to theEast Coast. Mostsales are within a400-mile radius ofMiddlebury.Indiana BuildingSystems does notsell directly tohome buyers. Itsells buildings toindependentbuilders who, inturn, offer them tothe home buyers.The company also is a federal contractor.Home styles range from contemporaryto Colonial, French Colonial,Craftsmen and more.Indiana Building Systems works witha number of well-known architectsincluding Graft (Berlin, Germany),Leaders of high-end specialty wood products.For those who demand the best.Above: Douglas Fir 4x5 Boston gutter, available up to 40ʼ in three sizes and two profiles.Oregon-Canadian Forest Products produces over 2 million board feet per month of high qualityDouglas Fir, Hemlock and Western Red Cedar at our North Plains, Oregon facility.Douglas Fir, Hemlock and WRC clearsKD Rough Industrial grades in all speciesComplete line of S4S & patterns in all speciesDouglas Fir KD appearance timbersFingerjoint products in all speciesMultiple species available per order & partial truck shipmentsFSC, PEFC, SFI certificationA module for a two-story home is built on the assembly line at the Indiana Building Systems plant inMiddlebury, Ind.BNIM (Kansas City) and Shigeru Ban(Tokyo, Japan).The company’s engineering staffmakes sure that all structures meetbuilding codes in the locations towhich the buildings are sent. This canrange from the snow belt of Michiganwhere snow loads on roofs are considerableto the Gulf Coast wherewinds can pack a punch of 130 to 140mph.The company sells several hundredOREGON-CANADIANFOREST PRODUCTS31950 NW Commercial StreetPO Box 279 North Plains, Oregon 97133503.647.5011www.ocfp.comBy Matthew Fitebuildings each year.Its goal is “to make houses thathomeowners love and fill us withpride,” according to the mission statement.The company has 80 employees.Guequierre says that in peak times,that number reaches to 200 employees.Included are engineers, drafters,skilled carpenters, a sales staff, peoplewho are knowledgeable in electric-Continued on page 29

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SMPage 10ProBuild Set To PurchaseChopp LumberWaldorf, Md.—ProBuild CompanyLLC, recently announced it hasreached an agreement to purchasesome of the assets of Chopp Lumber,a building materials supplier basedhere.The Chopp transaction givesProBuild an increased presence inone of the top 10 housing markets inthe country, which analysts predict willcontinue to show significant growth.The location will supply trusses, wallpanels and lumber to the residentialand commercial markets of thegreater Washington, D.C., market andsouthern Maryland. ProBuild has alsoannounced the opening of a new millworkfacility in San Antonio, Texas.The new location follows ProBuild’sopening of its components manufacturingfacility in Winchester, Va., thispast March, which serves the westernand northern segments of theDC/Baltimore metro market.“Washington, D.C., and Baltimore aretwo important markets for ProBuild toserve,” said ProBuild NortheastRETAIL REVIEWPresident Russ Kathrein. “We lookforward to having the Chopp peoplejoin us in creating one strong teamwith an excellent understanding of thelocal market and our customers’needs.”•New England Dealer UpsStake In LumberWaltham, Mass.—Waltham Lime& Cement Co., located here, isincreasing its stock of lumber productsafter recently changing its nameto Waltham Lumber.Established in 1930 the companybegan as a distributor of masonry andplaster supplies. It started addingother construction supplies, includingdrywall, in the 1960’s and expandedto wood products in the 1990’s.“We felt increasingly that our oldname, in spite of a sentimental attachmentthat comes with an 80-yearassociation, no longer accurately portraysthe breadth of our business,”said President Robert M. Derderian.He added, “While we remain committedto our traditional product lines andcustomers, we want to offer local areacontractors and homeowners an independent,family-owned lumberyard asan alternative to big box stores.”•Menards To OpenColumbus StoreC o l u m b u s , O h i o —Menards hasrecently broken ground on a newstore based here with a forecastedcompletion date of February 2011.“I want to be the first customer atMenards,” Mayor Michael B. Colemansaid during a ceremonial groundbreakingfor the Wisconsin-basedchain’s initial venture into theColumbus market.J.R. Menard, corporate treasurer andthe son of the company’s foundersaid, “We’re extremely excited tobreak ground here. We love Ohio.”Coleman mentioned the decision bycity officials to purchase the largestvacant and abandoned property inAS A MANUFACTURER OF DIMENSION LUMBER, PLYWOOD, AND STUDSWE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON THEPROPER MANAGEMENT OF THE FOREST AND ENVIRONMENT.RAW MATERIALSSwanson operates under some of the moststringent forest harvesting practices on theplanet. For verification, our SFI Certificationensures that our timber resources aremanaged for sustainability and environmentalresponsibility, protecting species,habitat, and water resources.RENEWABLE ENERGYCOMMITMENTThree of Swanson's five mills are workingwith Pacific Power's Blue Sky program topurchase energy from renewable sources.Over the course of a year, this commitmentby Swanson avoids putting 1,108 tons ofcarbon dioxide into the atmosphere.CULTURE OF GREENWe are focusing on the future by creating asustainable culture that permeates the entirecompany. Swanson is located in a very greenpart of the world. We plan to keep it that way.After all, its our way of life.Got questions, we’ve got solutions.Call Us1-800-331-0831www.swansongroupinc.comThe Softwood Forest Products BuyerColumbus at that time. With that purchase,a process was started to returnretail to the site by working with arearesidents devastated by the closing ofthe mall.He said with Menards’ decision to goaheadwith the home improvementstore, the firm committed to an $11.5million investment in Columbus. Thestore, which is to be finished nextspring, will have 80 full-time employees,Coleman said.Menards has 255 other stores in adozen Midwestern states. For moreinformation visit•Missouri LumberyardReorganizesK i r k s v i l l e , M o . —GallowayLumber, based here, recently filed forChapter 11 bankruptcy protection.However, the company intends toreopen after restructuring.Co-owner Kim Galloway said thebusiness would reopen “under newmanagement and operate under anew business model.” Galloway andher son own the company jointly.Galloway Lumber has been in businessin Kirksville for almost 30 years.In its prime, the company employed35 people. Prior to that, it operated asGreentop Lumber Company inGreentop, Mo., for 10 years.•Poulin Lumber OpensFourth YardDerby, Vt.—Poulin Lumber, locatedhere, recently expanded into centralVermont with the addition of a newyard in Williamstown.The new yard opened at LacilladeLumber’s recently shuttered 36-acrecomplex, which included a 28,000-square-foot showroom, 18,000-square-foot warehouse, and an8,000-square-foot truss plant.Currently being renovated into a twostoryAce Hardware plus drive-thruwarehouse, the main building willopen with six to 10 workers. Companyrepresentatives predict that numbereventually will grow to 25. “We expectto seriously grow in the next fouryears,” General Manager Scott Flynnsaid.•Home Hardware AcquiresBuilders Mart True ValueWinnfield, La.—Home HardwareCenter, based here, recently acquiredBuilders Mart True Value located inTylertown, Miss.The new location will serve as thecompany’s 17th location. The companywas established in 1984 inFerriday, La. Throughout the years,the firm has made many changes andthrough acquisition and new construction,grown from one store to 15. Formore information visit•Parr Lumber Opens2-Acre Pro YardH i l l s b o r o , O r e . —Parr LumberCo., located here, recently opened aleased 2-acre pro yard with 5,700-square-feet of warehouse space inSpokane Valley, Wash.This is the firm’s first location in theSpokane market. “The new facility willinitially service Parr’s growingSpokane builder and customer contractorbase,” a representative for thecompany said in a statement. It’sParr’s eighth location in Washingtonand one of approximately three-dozenfacilities in five Western states.Established in 1930, Parr Lumber is aNorthwest family-owned company.Parr provides an array of productsincluding lumber, windows, doors, siding,decking, fencing, tools, and manyother items. For more information•Continued on page 11

September/October 2010 Page 11Continued from page 10 store,” owner Miles Sorensen said. filed judicial foreclosure actions“We’re just hoping that people reallyWestern Building Centerdo appreciate having a hardwareAcquires Stevensville Building store in their neighborhood that hasC e n t e rexcellent service and competitiveK a l i s p e l l , M o n t . —Western prices.”Half of the store’s former staff hasalready been rehired, including managerDebra Cook. “This economy isreally scary,” Sorensen said. “But wetook the chance because there is nodoubt in my mind that it will turnaround.”•Building Center (WBC), headquarteredhere, recently acquiredStevensville Building Center, locatedin Stevensville, Mont.WBC was established in 1946 as acabinet and millwork shop. In 1954Ivan O’Neil purchased interest in thecompany and added building materials.The firm has served NorthwestMontana for 60 years, and is stillgrowing. Newest to the list of servicesis a new state-of-the-art building componentsplant in Columbia Falls. Thisplant manufactures roof truss, pre-fabwall panels, and floor trusses. Formore information•The Mill YardSchedules MoveA r c a t a , C a l i f . —The Mill Yard,based here, is scheduled to move to anew, larger location, also locatedhere. The new facility will include a20,000-square-foot warehouse andmore than 9,000-square-feet foroffices and retail.The Mill Yard has been servingArcata for almost a quarter century.The company was established in1985 and operated out of an 8-by-8building. Today The Mill Yard occupiesfive acres located in the middle ofHumboldt County, and services customersto the north and south. Formore information visit•Allweather Wood Opens On141,000-Square-FeetW o o d l a n d , C a l i f . —AllweatherWood and Humboldt Redwood Co.recently opened a 141,000-squarefootdistribution center here.Richard Higgenbottom, chief executiveofficer of both companies, saidthe lumber operation and its 15employees don’t have far to move.“We’ve been leasing and sharingspace with a business next door,”Higgenbottom said.The sister companies have beensharing 75,000 square feet on a temporarybasis with Siskiyou LumberCo., a Woodland-based manufacturerand distributor that is a supplier to anda customer of Higgenbottom’s companies.With the move, Siskiyou Lumber willhave that space all to itself whileAllweather Wood and HumboldtRedwood will be able to stretch out inover 100,000 square feet for distributionoperations. The remainder of thebuilding consists of offices.“We’re hoping to grow,”Higgenbottom said, adding that hiscompanies have already outgrown theshared space.Humboldt Redwood was formed in2008 from the assets of bankruptPacific Lumber Co. in the HumboldtCounty town of Scotia. The new company,which has sawmills in Scotiaand Ukiah and 440,000 acres of managedtimberland, primarily distributesRedwood through Allweather.•True Value ReopensIn ModestoM o d e s t o , C a l i f . —Owners ofSorensen’sTrue Valuelocated in LosBanos, Calif.,reopened Modesto True Value.“We had heard that they were closingand that 12 people were going to losetheir jobs and that it was a goodRETAIL REVIEWPiedmont Parts WithLumberyardsPittsburg, Calif.—Piedmont Lumberrecently auctioned off trucks, officeequipment and fittings at its closedyard here. The company also sold itslast operational store in Lakeport,Calif., to Mendo Mill & Lumber inUkiah, Calif.“As soon as possible, we’ll re-open,”Mendo’s President Mike Mayfieldsaid. “Our goal is to retain as manystaff as possible.”Formerly operating five locations,Piedmont’s lender, Umpqua Bank,against the company’s properties. Afire later destroyed its yard in WalnutCreek, Calif., and a week laterPiedmont sold its Oakland yard toEconomy Lumber. The firm’s trussplant in Calpella, Calif., closed inMarch.Piedmont retains properties inWalnut Creek as well as in Pittsburg,which has been the company’s headquarterssince the yard was damagedby fire. A representative for Piedmontsaid that former owner, Bill Myer Jr., isin discussions with his insurance carrierand the city about rebuilding ahome center in Walnut Creek.•Stock Acquires Assets ofBison Building MaterialsR a l e i g h , N . C . —Stock BuildingSupply, based here, recently completedits purchase of Bison BuildingMaterials in Houston, Texas. TomTolleson who has been with Bison for10 years, will remain as chief operatingofficer (COO). The operation willalso retain the Bison name.Joe Appelmann, chief executive officer(CEO) of Stock, stated, “The combinationof Bison and Stock creates a clearmarket leader in Houston with thebreadth of capabilities and combinedtalent to deliver a compelling valueproposition to our customers.”Tolleson of Bison, stated, “This is anexciting opportunity for Bison, our customersand employees. Stock’snational reach, financial stability andstrong customer relationships make itan ideal partner for Bison. We lookforward to working with Stock’s managementteam to ensure a smooth andrapid transition.” For more informationvisit•East Haven Builders SupplyAdds LocationsE a s t H a v e n , C o n n . —US LBMHoldings subsidiary East HavenBuilders Supply, located here, recentlyadded two locations in partnership withtheir former owners.Acquiring 78-year-old MillwoodLumber, Millwood, N.Y., from MichaelMalara, the company also teamed upwith Tom Mort to reopen a truss andwall panel plant in Branford, Conn.,Universal Components Corp.•

Page 12The Softwood Forest Products BuyerInland Photos - Continued from page 1Ron Cluster and Steve Linton, Tri-Pro Cedar Products Inc., Oldtown, Idaho;and Lance Hubener, Tri-Pro Forest Products Inc., Oldtown, IdahoAlan and Jennifer McCollim, Kenyon Noble Lumber, Bozeman, Mont.; and Sueand Nick Larrinaga, Boise Cascade, Boise, IdahoDee Boeck, Tri-Pro Cedar Products Inc., Oldtown, Idaho; Cindy Wood,Intermountain Orient Inc., Mesa, Ariz.; Debbie Cluster, Tri-Pro CedarProducts Inc.; and Rick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoStephanie Ciotola, Forest Products Supply, Columbus, Ohio; and Dave andPatricia Tripp, Tripp Lumber Co. Inc., Missoula, Mont.Ahren Spilke, Andy Dunham and Dawn Deren, Idaho Forest Group, Coeurd’Alene, Idaho; Ted Roberts, Roberts & Dybdahl Inc., Des Moines, Iowa; andPete Noble, Westwind Forest Products Group, Eugene, Ore.Ken Koenig, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Craig Johnston, ForestCity Trading Group LLC, Portland, Ore.; Jon Woods, ProBuild, Denver, Colo.;and Gerry Hall, Empire Lumber Co., Kamiah, IdahoTim Cornwell, BlueLinx, Atlanta, Ga.; Bob Mai, Potlatch Corp., Spokane,Wash.; and Nick Ausman, Stimson Lumber Co., Coeur d’Alene, IdahoGeorganne and Steve Schmitt, Stimson Lumber Co., Portland, Ore.; KellyeAngelici, The Softwood Forest Products Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.; PeteHenningfeld, Stimson Lumber Co.; and Ron Cluster, Tri-Pro Cedar ProductsInc., Oldtown, IdahoVicki Jahns, Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton, Idaho; and Suezette andAllen Gaylord, Clearwater Paper Corp., Lewiston, IdahoRich Mergel, C.J. Link, Detroit, Mich.; Rick Green and Matt Kelly, PotlatchCorp., Spokane, Wash.; Suezette Gaylord, Clearwater Paper Corp., Lewiston,Idaho; and Joe Angelo, Potlatch Corp.Andy Dunham, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Bill Hetland,Buckeye Pacific, Portland, Ore.; and Terry Johnson, Clearwater Paper Corp.,Lewiston, IdahoLarry and Irene Holguin, All-Coast Forest Products Inc., Chino, Calif.; JeffMaughan, United Pacific Forest Products, Portland, Ore.; and Dawn and ErolDeren, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoBuck and Carolee Merritt, Merritt Bros. Lumber Co., Athol, Idaho; Steve and JillLinton, Tri-Pro Cedar Products Inc., Oldtown, Idaho; Holly and HerbJanhsen, Merritt Bros. Lumber Co.(Sitting, left to right) Susie Malloy and Becky Thompson, Idaho Veneer Co.,Post Falls, Idaho; (Standing left to right) John, Pat, Justin and Joe Malloy,Idaho Veneer Co.Dan Muldoon, Spokane Forest Products Inc., Spokane, Wash.; Monica andWade Wheeler, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; and SharronMuldoon, Spokane Forest Products Inc.Additional photos on page 14

September/October 2010 Page 13IDAHO FOREST GROUP Honors GuestsBy Terry MillerJim and Linda Scharnhorst, Scott Atkison and Beti Becker, Idaho ForestGroup, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoMike and Barb Voelker, BlueLinx, Denver, Colo.; Ahren Spilker, Idaho ForestGroup, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; and Don Lucas, American International ForestProducts, Portland, Ore.Darby Garden and Shane Thomas, Bridger Forest Products, Belgrade, Mont.;and Wade and Monica Wheeler, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoKen Koenig, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Carter Stinton,Hampton Lumber Sales, Portland, Ore.; Aaron Linerud, Lumberyard Supply,Spokane, Wash.; and Ted Roberts, Roberts & Dybdahl, Des Moines, IowaCoeur d’Alene Idaho–Idaho ForestGroup, located here, recently held itsannual Customer Appreciation Event,which is an opportunity for the firm toextend its thanks for the continued supportof its loyal customers.Continued on page 29Susie Malloy and Bob Lackey, Idaho Veneer Co., Post Falls, Idaho; SarahWylie, Wylie Lumber Sales Inc., Roseburg, Ore.; and Dennis Badesheim, IdahoTimber Corp., Boise, IdahoFred and Marie Holmes, Boise Cascade, Spokane, Wash.; Rick Palmiter, IdahoForest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; and Jeff Cook, Intermountain Supply Inc.,Spokane, Wash.Don Graver, Universal Forest Products, Windsor, Colo.;Jennifer Henley, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene,Idaho; Paul Owen, Vanport International, Boring, Ore.;and Erol Deren, Idaho Forest GroupErol Deren, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho;Darsha and Alan Harper, Idaho Forest Group, resourcesmanager for the northern division, Chilco, Idaho; andCarter Stinton, Hampton Lumber Sales, Portland, Ore.DURGINCROWELLMark and Mary Donovan, Western International ForestProducts, Portland, Ore.; Terry Adkins, AmericanInternational Forest Products, Portland, Ore.; JeffMaughan, United Pacific Forest Products, Portland,Ore.; and Steve Culbertson, American InternationalForest ProductsRick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene,Idaho; Joe Herrera, Western International ForestProducts, Beaverton, Ore.; and Spencer Lott and DennisBadesheim, Idaho Timber Corp., Boise, IdahoTRIED AND TRUE.Manufacturers of Quality Eastern White Pine• 30 Million BD FT of Production• 630,000 BD FT of Dry Kiln Capacity• Inline Moisture Detectors• Waco 30 XL Moulder• Modernized Cut Up ShopDURGIN & CROWELL LUMBER CO.231 Fisher Corner Rd.New London, NH 03257P: 603-763-2860F: 603-763-4498www.durginandcrowell.comAdditional photo on page 18

Page 14The Softwood Forest Products BuyerInland Photos - Continued from page 12Don Graver, Universal Forest Products, Windsor, Colo.; Tom Temple, PotlatchLand & Lumber, Spokane, Wash.; Mike and Traci Mordell, Universal ForestProducts; and Terri and Jack Henderson, Bridgewell Resourses, Portland, Ore.Dennis and Bobbi Buttice, Buttice Forest Products, Vail, Ore.; and EvelynKamitomo and Jim Vandegrift, Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton, IdahoLynn and Cindy Wood, Intermountain Orient Inc., Mesa, Ariz.; and Jim Warren,Merritt Bros. Lumber Co., Athol, IdahoKim Smith, Veneer Resources, Boise, Idaho; John Branstetter, Vaagen Bros.Lumber Inc., Colville, Wash.; and Steve Shaw, Concannon Lumber Co.,Portland, Ore.Will Preston, Spenard Building Supply, Tacoma, Wash.; Ron Brady, MerrittBros. Lumber Co., Athol, Idaho; Steve Plummer, Cardinal Timber Products,Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; and Dick Frazier, Universal Forest Products, Fort Worth,TexasDave and Dawn Cochenour, Greenwood International, Vancouver, Wash.; andKelsey and Ryan Kline, Disdero Lumber Co., Portland, Ore.Dusty Hammack, Arrowhead Lumber Sales Inc., Oklahoma City, Okla.; PamelaBabcock, Tampa International Forest Products, Tampa, Fla.; Barry Schneider,Bear Forest Products, Riverside, Calif.; and Mary Donovan, WesternInternational Forest Products, Portland, Ore.Dave Slaughter, Slaughter Wholesale Inc., Sand Point, Idaho; Ron Liebelt,Exterior Wood, Washougal, Wash.; and Patricia and Dave Tripp, Tripp LumberCo. Inc., Missoula, Mont.Glen Wilson, Tampa International Forest Products, Tampa, Fla.; Carter Stinton,Hampton Lumber Sales, Portland, Ore.; Jeff Maughan, United Pacific ForestProducts, Portland, Ore.; Mark Mitchell, Stimson Lumber Co., Portland, Ore.;and Steve Culbertson, American International Forest Products, Portland, Ore.Terry Johnson, Clearwater Paper Corp., Lewiston, Idaho; Dan Seid, WesternTimber Products Inc., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; and Suezette and Allen Gaylord,Clearwater Paper Corp.Aaron Babcock, Tampa International Forest Products, Tampa, Fla.; JimVandegrift, Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton, Idaho; Dale Rodekuhr,(retired) Tampa International Forest ProductsColleen Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Becky Thompsonand Joe Malloy, Idaho Veneer Co., Post Falls, Idaho; Rick Palmiter, IdahoForest Group; and Matt Smith, Murphy Plywood, Eugene, Ore.(Seated, left to right) Vicki Jahns, Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton,Idaho; Grace Nisly, Riteway Lumber, Corvallis, Mont.; (Standing, left to right)Bob Jahns, Bennett Lumber Products Inc., Princeton, Idaho; Wilbur Nisly,Riteway Lumber, Corvallis, Mont; and Petar and Schelley Stoyanov, BuckeyePacific, Portland, Ore.Dan and Wendy Malloy, Idaho Veneer Co., Post Falls, Idaho; and Colleen andRick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoTerry Miller, The Softwood Forest Products Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.; ColleenPalmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Kellye Angelici, TheSoftwood Forest Products Buyer; and Rick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group

September/October 2010 Page 15INLAND -Continued from page 1For the second consecutive year,Rick Cavalor of Cavalor LumberCompany finished in first place withbest score in Flight #1 of the golf tournament.In Flight #2, Dick Frazier of UniversalForest Products took first place.In the Callaway Group, Mike Hearmsof Hearms Lumber Co. finished first,followed by Jon Woods with ProBuildin first place in the second CallawayGroup.Also while golfing, a ‘horserace’ washeld with Matt Beymer of HamptonLumber Sales and Clay Cruse ofSapphire Lumber finishing in firstplace. They played as a team representingVaagen Brothers.Additionally, a golf scramble was heldat the Inland Lumber Producers gathering.The first place team consistedof: Ahren Spilker, Idaho Forest Group;Jon Woods, ProBuild; Tony Ghiz, MillDirect Lumber; and Steve Culbertson,American International.SLMA -Continued from page 1•lumber industry in the southeastregion. “No one sawmill operator caneffectively defend itself against such amorass of issues that face our industry,much less take on major initiativesto improve our industry and its markets.However, SLMA has clearlydemonstrated its effectiveness to doso. SLMA gives us a united voice (representing17 states) to not only proactivelydefend ourselves againstunwarranted attacks and regulations,but enables us to take the initiative topositively impact our industry and itsfuture,” noted White.He said his goal as chairman for thecoming year is to reconfirm to the publicand to the lumber markets thatwood isn’t just good; it’s the best. “Ilook forward to working with the SLMAstaff, board and our members to takecharge of the change that our industryis currently facing, and may face in thefuture.”White has been in his present positionwith T. R. Miller Mill Co., inBrewton, Ala., for nine years and hasworked in the forest industry for over35 years.In addition to naming White as chairman,attendees were informed duringfive presentations at the meeting.These presentations included:Biomass Energy: EconomicImplications for the Southeast U.S.;Blue Ribbon Commission for Checkoff;Binational Softwood LumberCouncil-Expanding the Market forSoftwood Lumber Products; RetailOutdoor Living Program Update; andSoftwood Market Outlook and 2009Cost Assessment.Wade Camp of the SLMA gave anaddress on the Softwood market outlook.Among his topic points: the trendin single-family building permits continuesto show a decline. In May ofthis year, the U.S. Census Bureaufound that building permits for singlefamilybuilding permits had declined10 percent to 438,000 units afterimproving slightly in the spring. Wadesaid to watch for continued declinethrough the summer.Less than one million housing startsannually is projected through 2011with the rate of homeownershiplongterm projected at 65 percent, anhistorical low.Wade presented statistics thatrevealed that the number of sawmilland wood preservation employeesthis year has slowly, and slightly,increased over the last two quarters of2009. Recent figures in May showedan increase of .1 percent in April, butyear to date has shown a gradual rise.Current trends in home repair andremodeling reflect a slow improvementas well, according to the SLMApresentation.Also during the SLMA Conference,Henry “Hank” Scott, CEO of Collum’sLumber Products LLC, was presentedthe Harold F. Beal Award. The award,which is SLMA’s highest honor, isgiven to an association member whodemonstrates leadership qualitieswithin the association, the industryand community-at-large.Scott is not only CEO of Collum’sLumber Products, but also chairmanof the board. He is past chairman ofSLMA, having served in 2006. He currentlyserves as a director on theBinational Softwood Lumber Counciland the Blue Ribbon Commission fordevelopment of a Softwood LumberCheck Off program, as well as on theboard of the South Carolina ForestryAssociation.The SLMA represents independentlumber manufacturers throughout theSoutheastern United States.Members of the association producean average of 4.5 billion board feet ofquality Softwood and hardwood lumberannually. SLMA represents over140 member companies with the continuedgoal of helping perpetuate family-ownedlumber businesses.SLMA offices are located in Tyrone,Ga. For more information, visit onlineat -Continued from page 1•marketplace and beyond, helped contributeto what show organizersdescribed as a successful PCBC2010. While still battered by a tumultuoushousing market, over 9,500housing industry professionals gatheredfor Pacific Coast BuildersConference (PCBC) 2010 at theMoscone Center located here. Thatfigure was slightly less than the11,000 that assembled the previousyear, but a solid turnout for thesetimes, organizers agreed.“Given the fact that housing constructiondropped nearly 50 percent in2009, we’re extremely pleased withour attendance,” said Linda Baysari,California Building IndustryAssociation’s (CBIA) Senior VicePresident of Conventions andMeetings. “The quality of the trafficwas up, the mood at the show wasmuch more upbeat, and we’ve had alot of positive feedback on the newprograms and features that weredeveloped for 2010.”Baysari added that the show was theculmination of a 16-month effort tobring excitement and innovation to theshow floor while also supplying educationalcontent that provided insightand knowledge into the current state –and the future – of the housing industry.One of the most popular additions tothe show floor this year was the GreenStandards Pavilion, a section of theshow floor designed specifically toeducate attendees on California’s newmandatory residential green buildingstandards going into effect in Januaryof 2011. The Pavilion featured handoutsand checklists describing therequirements for each section of thenew code and also featured educationalsessions led by some of the topenergy efficiency and code experts inthe state.“There were people who came up tothe area that didn’t even know aboutthe new mandatory green standards,and they thanked us for putting thatContinued on page 17

Page 16The Softwood Forest Products BuyerSLMA Photos - Continued from page 1Hank Scott, Collum’s Lumber Products LLC, Allendale, S.C.; and DavidRichbourg, H.W. Culp Lumber Co., New London, N.C.Cees de Jager, Binational Softwood Lumber Council, Surrey, B.C.; DebbieBurns, SLMA, Tyrone, Ga.; and Steve Lovett, Phoenix Strategic Solutions,Bethesda, Md.Lee Ashburn, Industrial Wood Products, Climax, N.C.; and David Richbourg,H.W. Culp Lumber Co., New London, N.C.Ann Klumb, Steven O’Neill, Vicki O’Neill, Buddy Klumb and Steward O’Neill,Klumb Lumber Co., Point Clear, Ala.Margo and George Varn, Varn Wood Products LLC, Hoboken, Ga.Sue, Dan and Bill Exley, Exley Lumber Co., Clyo, Ga.Sue, Brandi, Jack and Jeff Jordan, Jordan Lumber & Supply Inc., Mt. Gilead,N.C.Greg Hume, Dewey & LeBoeuf, Washington, D.C.; Tom Cator, SLMA, Tyrone,Ga.; and Mark Tucker, C.M. Tucker Lumber Companies, Pageland, S.C.Dickie, Andrea, Nash and Ginger Elliott, Elliott Sawmilling Co. Inc., Estill, S.C.Don and Sue Exley, Exley Lumber Co., Clyo, Ga.; and Judith and RichWilliams, Columbus Lumber Specialties, Columbus, OhioDebbie Burns, SLMA, Tyrone, Ga.; and Fred Stimpson, Scotch & Gulf LumberLLC, Mobile, Ala.Rebecca, William and Vince Almond, Almond Brothers Lumber Co.,Coushetta, La.P C B C Photos - Continued from page 1Don Barnes, Rick Ray, Cami Waner and Brian Hurde, The Colllins Cos.,Portland, Ore.Dave Farley, Jeff Herlocker, Rob Mitchell, Gord Catherwood and ScottThompson, BC Wood, Langley, B.C.Brett Collins and Josh Hall, Woodtone Building Products, Chilliwack, B.C.Alison Brown, Restoration Timbers, San Francisco, Calif.David Crandall, Lyle Brief and Geoff Marshall, Cedar Valley Manufacturing,Hollister, Calif.Craig Johnson, Phil Marr, Mark McCoy, Kimberly Hagin and Mike Chavez,Fleetwood Windows and Doors, Corona, Calif.Additional photos on page 18

September/October 2010 Page 17PCBC -Continued from page 15section together,” said Silvio Ferrari,CBIA’s Technical Analyst and the personin charge of staffing the GreenStandards Pavilion throughout most ofthe show. “We had a full crowd foreach of the sessions that were scheduledand we received nothing but positivefeedback from the participants.”The Exhibitorium, which featuredthree themed days on energy retrofitting,the science behind the building,and the smart energy series, alsoproved to be popular according toCara Watson, PCBC’s director of education.“Most of the sessions in theExhibitorium were well attended andthere was one session that was standingroom only,” said Watson.At the center of the exhibit floor, theTown Square featured live radio tapingswhere exhibitors were interviewedabout their latest and greatestproduct offerings. The Town Squarealso served as the starting point for thecurator-led product tours.Also featured in and around the TownSquare was the PCBC Block Partyduring the last hour that the exhibitfloor was open. Sponsors of the BlockParty provided light hors d’oeuvreswhile PCBC provided the beverages,and over 1,000 people came togetherto enjoy the festivities while minglingwith other attendees and exhibitors.The HybridCore Home, the completeconcept house featured on the exhibitfloor, was also a big draw, said AnnBivens, PCBC’s exhibits director. Shenoted that the people responsible forthe home had contacted her shortlyafter the show began to let her knowthat their goals for coming to the showwere met within the first few hours thatthe show floor was open.PCBC’s family of conferences andeducational sessions also proved successfuland enjoyed strong attendance.The PCBC ExecutiveConference had strong numbers whilePCBC’s two specialty conferences, theMultifamily Trends Conference and thenewly added Capital Markets Forum,pulled in roughly 400 and 300 participants,respectively.“Based on the reception and mood atthe show, and from continuously positivefeedback from participants, PCBCturned out to be a great success andwe couldn’t be happier with the way allof our new programs and featuresturned out,” said Baysari. “We’realready contemplating how to improveupon the added features and bringeven more innovation to next year’sshow.”PCBC 2011 is scheduled for June 22-24 at San Francisco’s MosconeCenter.•NAWLA TRADERS -Continued from page 1Opening Luncheon on Thursday. JimMorris, the real life inspiration for theDisney movie “The Rookie,” willinspire and entertain attendees withhis story of courage and perseverance.Many people may rememberthe story of a 30-something highschool coach whose players urge himto try out for Major League Baseball.Jim did just that, and he made it intothe “Big Leagues.”“Sometimes the word ‘inspirational’ isoverused, but Jim personifies theimportance of having a dream and thedesire to reach it,” said Vitale.“Making the majors at any time isnearly impossible. Jim did it whilealso juggling the responsibilities of afamily and a career.”To meet the challenging economictimes, NAWLA has revamped its educationand training offerings at theTraders Market. This year, the focuswill be on two areas: Sales Trainingand Global Trade.Successful companies agree thattheir most valuable resources aretheir employees. To help companiestrain their sales force, NAWLA haspartnered with David Kahle to presenthis “I Can” selling system as a special8-hour education course precedingTraders Market. The “I Can” system isthe latest iteration of the popular TopScott BrownDavid MansfieldDanny NickersonPaul MoultonGun Survival School for Smart Peopleand will be offered Wednesday afternoonand Thursday morning. While itis scheduled in conjunction withTraders Market, it is an additionaloption and can be attended without fullTraders Market registration.Global trade will once again be thetopic of discussion at the MagellanNetworkProgram, butthis year willsee a few newenhancements.Forone, the eventwill be part ofa larger,ongoing programbyNAWLA toconnect its members to current eventsin global trade. Also, the topic willinvolve exports and imports. One confirmedspeaker is Mike Snow, whoserves as the Executive Director of theAmerican Hardwood Export Council.Snow is an expert on the promotion ofU.S. lumber products into existing anddeveloping overseas markets, andone of the most respected experts onthe environmental benefits of usinglumber products from North Americanforests.1-603-473-2314The 2010 Traders Market will also bethe first chance to see the results ofNAWLA’s recent outreach efforts tothe industry and the end-user. Just aswholesalers are the essential link inthe lumber supply chain, NAWLA is ina unique position as representingwholesalers and manufacturers, hardwoodsand Softwoods, lumber andproduct, and exports and imports.Many other lumber associations willbe attending or exhibiting at the show,giving industry representatives theopportunity to increase the value oftheir participation.Recognizing that architects, engineers,or designers need to specifythe use of wood products for its membersto succeed, NAWLA has workedwith WoodWorks to provide a specialcontinuing education class for designprofessionals at Traders Market. Theclass will include a focus on the environmentalbenefits of wood productsin construction, and its attendees willhave the chance to visit the tradeshowfloor on Friday afternoon.The NAWLA Traders Market is shapingup to be the crossroads of theindustry, and companies who participatehave many options to expandtheir presence with a variety of marketingopportunities. NAWLA hasDiPrizio’s Eastern White PineContinued on page 19The Brand Built On TrustFor more than Half-A-Century!DiPrizio Pride continues to Listen &Understand your customer’s needs whileour people work hard to deliver on everyone of them.DiPrizio Pine SalesYour Complete SourceManufacturing & Delivering DiPrizio QualityProduct Selection, On Time & CompleteSatisfaction GuaranteedNELMA Patterns Mill & Custom Patterns* Double-milled with Weinig Moulder finish4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and TimbersRe-manufacturing services including:Mixed Loads, PTL, Partial Units, PartialLoads, Custom Programs, Custom Kiln DryingTrucking arrangements By DiPrizio Pine Salesimproved format. We are also planningan outreach campaign to attract abroader attendee base and to increasethe program for global trade.”For those familiar with previousTraders Markets, there are newchanges for this year. One of the mostnoticeable is the schedule. This year,the tradeshow floor will be open onThursday afternoon (Nov. 4) and allday Friday, allowing attendees toreturn home Friday night or Saturdaymorning. Each day, though, will stillend in a networking reception for achance to relax and build your customerbase. A new and surprisingaddition is the AIA-approved continuingeducation course for design professionalswith a special focus on theenvironmental benefits of wood products.Another welcome change is the additionof a keynote speaker at the GrandEarl PerrinoJamie MoultonChris DoyleROUTE 153, 5 KING’S HIGHWAYMIDDLETON, NH 038871-888-330-8467E-mail: sbrown@lavalleys.comFax: 1-603-473-8531Manufacturers of Eastern White Pine

Page 18The Softwood Forest Products BuyerP C B C Photos - Continued from page 16Judy Musgrove, Leigh Marie Lunn, Lisa Taylor, Shannon Mott and PamHannon, LP Building Products, Nashville, Tenn.Dave Turley, Carrie Massone, Teri Ziemer, Kara Gregorich and Eric Wing,Marvin Windows and Doors, Warroad, Minn.Ray Rossicone and Shawn Swint, Simpson Door Company, McCleary, Wash.Erik Benson and Elizabeth Borelli, Universal Forest Products, Grand Rapids,Mich.John Murray, Trina Turcan, Pete Schiffers, Chris Wischmann, Eric Wischmannand Randy Robbins, The Ainsworth Group, Vancouver, B.C.Bill Conlan, Debra Kabarsky, Daria Lott and Robert Lemke, Saroyan Lumber,Huntington Park, Calif.Richard Raab, Bridget Lind, Jarred Roy and Stan Sturtz, Pella Windows andDoors, Pella, IowaJohn Hedges, McFarland Cascade, Tacoma, Wash.Arden Fullen, Gossen Mouldings, Milwaukee, Wis.Idaho Forest Group Photos - Continued from page 13Jim Scharnhorst speaks in regard to his recent retirement from Idaho ForestGroup. Pictured at right, Marc Brinkmeyer, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene,Idaho.Dave and Patricia Tripp, Tripp Lumber Co. Inc., Missoula, Mont.; and Jim andLinda Scharnhorst, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoSam McCrary, Bent River Lumber Inc., Tulsa, Okla.; Scott Lewis,Intermountain Orient, Boise, Idaho; Lynn Wood, Intermountain Orient, Mesa,Ariz.; and Ralph Schmidt, Lazy S Lumber Inc., Kettle Falls, IdahoMark Herms, Herms Lumber Sales Inc., Fullerton, Calif.; Steve Linton, Tri-Pro Cedar Products Inc., Oldtown, Idaho;Rick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; and Ron Cluster, Tri-Pro Cedar Products Inc.Lori and Ahren Spilker and Dawn and Erol Deren, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoSusie and John Malloy, Idaho Veneer Co., Post Falls, Idaho; Linda and Jim Scharnhorst, Colleen Palmiter and AndyDunham, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoLarry Holguin, All-Coast Forest Products Inc., Chino, Calif.; Susie Malloy, Idaho Veneer Co., Post Falls, Idaho; andIrene Holguin, All-Coast Forest Products Inc.; John Malloy, Idaho Veneer Co.; and Ida and Craig Torgeson, IdahoForest Group, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

September/October 2010 Page 19NAWLA TRADERS -Continued from page 17streamlined and revamped its sponsorshipprogram to maximize exposureand to allow companies of anysize to participate.Sponsorship opportunities rangefrom inserting fliers into the registrationbag to sponsoring Wi-Fi on thetradeshow floor. Sponsoring companiesreceived a wide array of extrabenefits depending on their level ofparticipation, such as complimentaryregistrations, logo placement in theMarketGuide, or recognition atevents.Another new marketing opportunity isthe New Product Showcase. Locatedin the middle of the show floor, participatingcompanies will have thechance to promote their new productsto potential distributors and buyers.When used in conjunction with thereturning Spotlight on Exhibitors, theShowcase gives companies yetanother chance to differentiate themselvesfrom competitors. Slots arevery limited though, so interestedcompanies should contact NAWLAquickly.The Traders Market show continuesto be a supply and distribution showwith a business focus, but NAWLA isevolving the show to meet the changingneeds of its members and theindustry. This year, they have openedfull online registration for the first time,giving companies the chance to havean all-in-one shopping experiencewith the ability to pay by credit card.Complete information can be found•WHO’S WHO - DingmanContinued from page 2Engineered Wood produces a widerange of FSC-certified products. Theirproduct offering includes I-joists forresidential and light commercial use,structural laminated columns, 1-3/4-inch Glulam studs and 1.9E GlulamBeams 1-3/4-inches to 7-inches thickup to 36 inches deep in non-cambered.The recent $12 million laminatingplant expansion allows for commercialGlulams from 24-inches thickup to 96-inches in depth to 80-feet inlength.As part of its commitment to FSCpractices, Nordic also offers an AIAaccreditedgreen building seminar fordesign professionals.Nordic Engineered Wood produces200 million board feet of studs as wellas engineered wood products annually.Part of Dingman’s job is to educateclients, the building community anddesign professionals in the structuralapplications of all Nordic’s productsand to provide instruction in using itsdesign software choices.Dingman has been involved in theforest products industry for 26 years,beginning in design and sales withTruss Joist Canada in 1984. Duringhis career, Dingman has sold framinglumber in Vancouver, B.C.; spent 10years in the roof truss industry andbeen a participant in an LVL manufacturerstartup (now owned by WestFraser). He moved to the UnitedStates in 1998, where his first U.S. jobwas director of engineered woodproducts for Universal ForestProducts. He has been with Nordic asa regional manager for nine years.Dingman is a 1980 graduate ofM.E.LaZerte High School inEdmonton, Alberta. He has a degreein civil engineering technology fromNorthern Alberta Institute ofTechnology and is a Certified GreenProfessional (NAHB).In addition to his active career,Dingman enjoys golf, hockey, biking,swimming and recently sprinttriathlons — when he is not spendingtime with his wife of 24 years and theirthree sons.•WHO’S WHO - FrommeContinued from page 2purchases more than 100,000 boardfeet per year primarily of yellow Pinein D grade and No. 2.A native of Victoria, Texas, Frommegraduated with a degree in businessadministration from SouthwesternUniversity in Georgetown, Texas. Shestudied in London, England, and wasa Congressional intern in Washington,D.C. She held management positionsin San Francisco, Calif., retail clothingbusinesses and was an event plannerand travel coordinator in Oakland,Calif., before returning home toVictoria to work for Zarsky LumberCo.Zarsky Lumber Co. was establishedin 1928 by Frank and Charlie Zarsky.Today, the firm has 10 facilities and iscurrently ranked in the top 150 of ProDealer Magazine’s ranking of dealerswhose primary business is with theprofessional contractor. Also, they arein the top 200 of all lumber and hardwaredealers in the country, accordingto the National Home Center News.Fromme is vice-chair of the NationalLumber and Building MaterialsDealers Association. When shemoves up to chair, she will be the firstwoman to serve in that position.Fromme serves on the school boardfor Trinity Episcopal School in Victoria,Texas.Fromme and her husband, Travis,have two children.•WHO’S WHO - FurtadoContinued from page 2B.C. Furtado was previouslyemployed at Canwel Distribution. Hiscurrent focus is growing the NorthAmerican Cedar market.Sawarne Lumber Co. offers roughdimension, boards, balusters, decking,beams and timbers, pattern siding,fascia and fencing. The companymanufactures and produces about 25million board feet per year exclusivelyin Cedar, in all grades.Services provided by Sawarneinclude: mixed load shipments, containerloading, custom cutting, custompackaging, custom planing, dog earing,less-than-truckload shipments,paper and poly wrapping, precisiontrim, re-sawing and ripping.When he is not working, Furtadoenjoys playing hockey, golf and fishing.•WHO’S WHO - GaedeContinued from page 2Union High School.He began his sales job at Durgin &Crowell in 2003, three years aftergraduating with a business degreefrom Colby-Sawyer College in NewLondon, N.H. His responsibilities atDurgin & Crowell include sales andthe day-to-day operations. Gaede currentlyserves on NELMA’s board ofdirectors and on its Pine species subcommittee.He is chairman of theDurgin & Crowell safety committee.Durgin & Crowell specializes inEastern White Pine boards, multiplepatterns, bark and shavings. Some ofthe services the company providesinclude special moisture content,moulder finish, mixed truckloads andmultiple stop loads. All of the company’sloading is done inside a coveredarea.Durgin & Crowell’s association membershipsinclude the TemperateContinued on page 22

Page 20The Softwood Forest Products Buyer

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