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Flue Gas Desulphurization - KSB

Industry . Energy . Flue gas desulphurizationKSB Technology – Gets Cleanto the Heart of the Matter.

KSB is at home around the world.For over 130 years, KSB hasbeen making pumps that transportchemically aggressive andabrasive fluids 24 hours a day.Flue gas desulphurization (FGD)plants around the world alreadyuse more than 1000 of ourscrubber pumps, well over 2000process pumps in secondarycircuits, plus several 1000 valves.Contractors, consultants, privateand municipal operators all benefitfrom our full range of skills.KSB invests in materials research,manufactures high alloy caststeels, and provides global servicefor our pumps, valves and innovativeautomation products.

In a world of change, technical advancesand economic growth must always go handin hand with environmental care.KSB supports this all the way.Legislators and industry put moreemphasis than ever on all aroundprotection of the environment andnatural resources. FGD plantsare a prime example. Whether incoal fired power stations, refuseincinerators or other settings, theauthorities set the strictest ofstandards. Today, that is as truefor the Far East as it is for theUSA and Europe.Industrial furnaces give off fluegases into the atmosphere, andmost of these contain sulphurdioxide. Modern equipment, however,can remove over 95% of thispollutant before emission. Whilethis is a major challenge, evenfor advanced desulphurizationtechnology, KSB pumps andvalves help make it possible, timeafter time.

KSB – on handat all key stages of the FGD processReliable flue gas desulphurizationhas become a basic demand forHowever, this desulphurizationprocess puts major demands onDemisterB Cpower station operators acrossall the plant technical fittings.the globe. Electrical and mechan-Abrasive and corrosive particlesical filters are unable to absorbsulphur, so chemistry has to doin the limestone slurry pose amassive threat of wear, particu-Heatingthe cleaning instead.larly to pump and valve components.The solution is simple. KSBsupplies all the necessary pumpsand valves for the main andancillary FGD processes. Speciallydeveloped corrosion and wearSpraylevelsresistant materials combined withdecades of manufacturing pro-Worldwide, modern operatorsgress make our products thechoose the limestone based wetleader in reliable technology.scrubbing process. This convertsCoolingsulphur dioxide (SO 2) into virtuallypure calcium sulphateFlue gas inlet(CaSO 4). The process uses buffersand oxidation to produce what isbetter known as gypsum. Easilydried, this end product is ideallysuited for the building sector.Another advantage is that lime-H 2O CaCO 3AdditivesB B E B C EBB Dstone is economically available allover the world.2BAir fanBLimestone stationOxidationKWPKDN 400 - 900FGD KWPKCPK Amarex KRT LCCDN 40 - 350Applications:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 81 2 3 4 5 6 7 81 2 3 4 5 6 7 81 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

B CH 2OCSchematic view of alimestone gypsum FGD process8CB EH 2OThickener6OverflowB EB ECentrifugeA BBA BBB E5BWaste waterB3 4 7Gypsum dewatering(by centrifuge and/or band filter)A BA B1 1= Centrifugal pump= Butterfly/globe valvePlus: various drainage, coolingand fire-fighting pumps1 = Absorber recirculation (scrubber) pumps2 = Limestone slurry pumps3 = Gypsum slurry extraction pumps4 = Recirculation water pump5 = Thickener pumps6 = Filtrate pumps7 = Waste water sump pumps8 = Process water pumpsMammouth IsoriaKEDana s SistoAB C D E

KSB stands for an uncompromising drive forquality, and a unique ability to innovate.Over 12,000 employees worldwide are committedto turning those into success for you.We are a global leader in thepumps and valves market forfossil fuel power stations andchemical facilities. Research andnew developments are crucial toKSB, and so are constant improvementsto our establishedproducts. One example of successfulmaterials developmentis the highly wear resistantCeramikPolySiC. This is used forthe components of KWPK scrubberpumps that are in contactwith the fluid pumped.We do everything to ensure thatour products keep your worldflowing round.PUMPS

CeramikPolySiC – For pumpsthat keep running and runningExtreme conditions demand uncompromisingmaterials engineering.KSB developed CeramikPolySiCin cooperation with well knownexperts. The aim was to provide ahighly durable ceramic/polymercomposite material specially designedfor flue gas desulphurizationplants.Material wear takes severalforms. These often combine toaffect components in other ways.Overall, permanent limestoneslurry circulation puts enormouslyhigh demands on the system.KSB uses CeramikPolySiC forKWPK scrubber pump componentsin contact with the fluid.This material is highly wear resistantand completely corrosionproof, providing operators withconsiderably longer runningtimes. As with all our materials,KSB performed extensive practicaltests on CeramikPolySiC incompany labs before applying itto commercial FGD applications.

Thelarge KWPKscrubber pumpreveals its truequalities inside:casing, wear plateand discharge coverall are made ofinnovativeCeramik-PolySiC.In combination withour impeller madeof NORIDUR ® DAS,this novel materialmakes for excellentreliability.For pumps thatrun andrun.

KSB is a leader in the FGD marketthanks to decades of successwith the KWPK scrubber pump.Popular worldwide, this unit nowbenefits from major new developmentsin materials technology.

FGDFGD – wherevermaximum reliability andefficiency are called for ...With its FGD pump, KSB is ableto offer another high performancepump in nominal sizes from460 mm (18 in.) to 965 mm (38 in.)for the scrubber suspension loop offlue gas desulphurization (FGD)plants. This pump was speciallydeveloped for FGD applications byour US subsidiary GIW IndustriesInc. With its high chrome metal wetend, it ensures maximum wear resistanceand offers topefficiencies in excess of90 % on some models.The coarse grained and sharp edgedp a r t i c l e sfrequently occurring in scrubber suspensionloops may result in prematurefailure in pump models withrubber lined cas-ings. Thanks to itshigh chromium content, theall metal casing of the FGD pumpensures longer running time.

Long wear lifedue to high chrome metalvolute casingOptimumperformanceVarious impeller and casingconfigurations for highDry shaft.•––––––––––––––––––––––••––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––••–––––––––––––––––––––––•Minimum wearAlloy shaft sleeves toprotect shaft from damage.•––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––••––––––––––––––––––––––– •efficiencies proven in excessof 90 % and long wear lifeW ell-proven design•––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––•Robust design• Compact and rugged bearingto minimize vibrationsassembly in use for over 30 yearsand noise levels• Dependable mechanical seals usedworldwide on FGD projects forover 20 yearsFGDAll-metal horizontal volute casing pump• High reliability due to heavy wear sectionsand modern hydraulic design.• Various impeller and casing configurationsmake for high efficiency and long wear life.• Alloy shaft sleeves protect shaft fromdamage.• Minimum vibration and low noise to meetthe Hydraulic Institute Standards.DN: 460 to 956 mm (18 to 38 in.)Q max: 18,000 m 3 /h (80,000 gpm)H max:33.5 m (110 ft)t max:+120 ˚C (+248 ˚F)Casing materialsGasite 28G ® and Gasite 40G ®

Metallische PumpenPumpen mit WellenabdichtungKWPKCPKSeit Jahrzehnten DN 40 ist der – 350 Run auf die klassischen Chemienormpumpen ungebrochen. Mehr als 300.000 Basismodelle oder darausmaßgeschneiderte Varianten für unterschiedlichste Anwendungen haben sich in der Praxis der chemischen Industrie bewiesen.KWPKHorizontal, radially split volute casingpump in back pull out design. Used inthe secondary circuits as limestone slurrypump, gypsum slurry extraction pump,recirculation water pump and thickener pump.• Adjustable suction side gap enables highefficiencies and optimum operation.• Economically efficient thanks to extensiveselection chart. Optimum adaptation tosystem conditions.• Maintenance friendly back pull out design• Long service lives ensured by a wide selectionof wear and corrosion resistant materials.Optimum material for every application.• Robust design pump casing with replaceablewear plate.• Dry shaft• Optimum mechanical seal design for everyapplication.DN: 40 to 350 mmQ max: 3,000 m 3 /hH max: 60 mt max:+120 ˚CCPKStandardized chemical pumpto EN 22858 / ISO 2858 / ISO 5199 andDirective 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).• A wide variety of hydraulic systems for excellentefficiencies and NPSH values, which can reduceenergy costs.• The large number of variants available providesoptimum solutions for every application:– wide range of impeller and casing designs– various shaft seal designs– extensive range of materials• The pump’s uniform concept from DN 25 toDN 400 reduces spare parts inventory andsimplifies maintenance work.• Large multinational companies specify CPKs intheir works standards.DN:25 to 400 mmQ max: 4,800 m 3 /hH max: 275 mt: -40 ˚C to +400 ˚C

Flue gas desulphurizationprocesses benefit rapidlyfrom intelligent diagnosisand control systems.A UTOMATIIONThe intelligent PumpExpert diagnosticsystem provides permanentinformation on the pump, systemand process conditions.PumpExpert also makes clearrecommendations on appropriateaction. That reduces repair costs,and minimizes or even avoidsexpensive equipment failures.

P umpExpertOur solution tothe requirementsof the future.PumpExpertIntelligence keeps track of everything:PumpExpert is the onlypump diagnostic system that –based on pump specific conditionmonitoring – recommends suitablecourses of action.Information at yourfingertips – quickly.1. Local output via display and“traffic light” signals2. “Takeaway” information viaPDA: operation and status data,maintenance history, parameterization3. Permanent transmission of datato control station via field busPumpExpert constantly keeps aneye on all relevant variables: filllevel, motor and bearing temperature,power, inlet and dischargepressure, vibrations ...New or changed requirements giverise to new technical developments.The demand for greater automationhas had a significant impact ontechnical developments in the past15 years. KSB pumps used in fluegas desulphurization plants canfully exploit the functional capabilitiesof our intelligent PumpExpertdiagnostic and monitoring system,and the resulting advantages.Local PumpExpert solutions areone option. Teleservice via theinternet is another, providing onlinecondition monitoring of yoursystem. Malfunctions are detectedearly, and escalated to the operatoror service staff.Y our benefit:Minimizedmaintenance,prevention ofpump failureand consequentdamage.• Information on systemand process status• Integrated expertknowledge• Easy planning and system• Integrated, well matchedsystems solution• Minimized wiring integrationPumpExpert won the 2004USEWARE award for itsuser-friendly interface andoperating concept.

130 years of experience in the production ofvalves spell maximum safety, even under thetoughest operating conditions in industrialand power station engineering.V ALVESKSB globe, butterfly and gatevalves are designed for maximumprocess requirements and worldwideengineering standards. Ourvalves offer good value for moneyand a first-class solution for anypressure class in the flue gasdesulphurization circuit. Maximumresistance to both corrosionand wear is achieved by optimallymatched materials and the use ofhigh-quality linings and coatings.

KSB Mammouth –the giant butterflyvalve for applications influe gas desulphurization,available with nominaldiameters up to an incredible4000 mm.Our selection of highly corrosionand abrasion resistantmetals is complemented byhard rubber coated discsspeciallydeveloped byKSB AMRI’s materialscientists.

V ALVESMAMMOUTHThanks to the special valve designonly disc and liner are in contactwith the fluid. The shaft has nofluid contact.• Highly corrosion and abrasionresistant metallic and hard rubbercoated discs• Elastomer liner specially developedand manufactured by KSB AMRI• Permanent and absolute tightnesseven at low pressure• Maintenance-freeDN:1050 to 4000 mmt: 0 ˚C to +120 ˚CPN:MaterialsBody:Disc:Liner:6 to 25 barnodular cast ironduplex stainless steel,nickel based alloy,hard rubber coatingsEPDMISORIAOnly two components – disc andliner – are in contact with the fluid.The shaft has no fluid contact.• Highly corrosion and abrasionresistant metallic and hard rubbercoated discs• Elastomer liner specially developedand manufactured by KSB AMRI• A wide selection of disc andelastomer materials ensures topcorrosion and wear resistance• Permanent and absolute tightnesseven at low pressure• Maintenance-freeDN:40 to 1000 mmt: -10 ˚C to +200 ˚CPN:MaterialsBody:Disc:Liner:up to 25 bargrey cast iron,nodular cast ironnodular cast iron,stainless steel,duplex stainless steel,nickel based alloy,hard rubber coatingsEPDM, NBR,Viton ® , Hypalon ®KEThe butterfly valve with Teflon ® orelastomer liner for toxic and highlycorrosive fluids.• Liners made of PFA (Teflon ® ) andPFA lined discs ensure excellentresistance to aggressive liquids andgases• Double safety – thanks to primaryand secondary seal at the shaftpassage, and reliable sealing toatmosphere• KE butterfly valves are fully maintenancefreeDN:40 to 600 mmt: -20 ˚C to +200 ˚CPN:MaterialsBody:up to 10 barnodular cast ironDisc:stainless steel,PFA (Teflon ® ) lined stainless steel,Norihard ®Liner: PFA (Teflon ® ),EPDM, Viton ® , Hypalon ®

D ANAÏS 150 / MTIIAMRI butterfly valve types DANAÏS150 and MTII meet the moststringent requirements for safety,longevity and perfect tightness inboth flow directions. Space saving,low weight, easy to install, extremelyservice friendly.Fire-safe!DN:50 to 1500 mmt: -50 ˚C to +380 ˚CPN:MaterialsBody:Disc:Seat ring:up to 50 barcarbon steel, stainless steelstainless steelstainless steel, PTFE,nickelSISTO-KBIts straight-line flow path makes thisvalve particularly suitable for abrasive,solids laden fluids. The body linerensures a long service life. Diaphragmvalve for suspensions and crystallizingacids with both corrosive andabrasive properties.DN:15 to 200 mmt: -10 to 140˚CPN:MaterialsBody:Membrane:Liner:up to 10 bargrey cast iron,nodular cast ironEPDMhard rubber (NRH),soft rubber (Butyl)SISTO-10, -20A choice of body liners and coatings– rubber, polyamide, Halar,plus PTFE for the top-grade variant– makes SISTO diaphragm valveshighly suitable for handlingaggressive fluids.The SISTO-10 valve features aweir-type body that substantiallyreduces the diaphragm’s flexingwork and thus increases the servicelife considerably. Even valves withlarge nominal diameters can beused without any limitations up tothe specified operating pressure.DN:15 to 300 mmt: -10 ˚C to +160 ˚CPN: 10 / 16 bar (DIN )20 bar (ISO)MaterialsBody:grey cast iron,nodular cast iron,stainless steelMembrane: EPDM, Butyl, PTFELiner: hard rubber (NRH),soft rubber (Butyl),PTFE (for SISTO 20), Halar coating

Today, no plant should bedesigned without the benefits ofsystematic process optimizationby automated products.A CTUATORSThe KSB AUTOMATION productrange is the answer to actualpositionfeedback, valve measurementand control. It is mounteddirectly onto the actuator withoutbrackets, thus offering an integratedand extremely compact solution.Automation system and actuatorare a perfect match. Synergy at itsbest.

MRACTELECACTAIRDYNACTAIRManual actuatorsA complete range of manualactuators designed to operate anytype of 1/4 turn valves in all industrialenvironments. Actuator nonreversiblein any position.Range available for any specificationand/or customer requirements:• any type of control device:– handwheel (standard)– cardan joint– chain wheel– fountain square– remote control• limit switch box• special coating for corrosiveenvironments• version with electric actuatorElectric actuatorsA large range of electric actuatorstailored to customer requirements:• ON/OFF or control duty• integral (local/remote) ornon-integral (remote) control• alternating (3-phase / 1-phase)or direct currentDirect part turn electric actuators(small valves) or combination ofgear and multi-turn electric actuatorsfrom various manufacturers,according to customer specification.AMTRONICThe integrated control box AMTRONICwith position indicator, open/closeddetection and actual position feedback,if applicable, is used on pneumaticactuators ACTAIR or DYNACTAIR forON/OFF applications. No pneumaticlines are needed between AMTRONICand the actuator thanks to the integratedpneumatic valve. All products are buscompatible.––––––•Pneumatic actuatorsA complete range of double acting(ACTAIR) and single acting(DYNACTAIR) pneumatic actuators.Available with the whole range ofKSB automation features:• position detection (AMTROBOX)• ON/OFF control (AMTRONIC)A manual override (RMD) can beinstalled between the actuator andthe valve for operation in case oflack of pneumatic air supply and/orcontrol signal.AutomatedAMRI valvesfrom KSBBenefits that will convince you!• Simplified cabling, linelayout and plant design• Reduced installation timeand costs• Low space requirements• Very robust: enclosure IP67,corrosion and shock resistantdue to metal housing

Our global manufacturing andservice networks put ideal solutionsat your disposal, wherever you are.Our high-performance manufacturingsites on every continentmeet a market demand: theyallow us to produce ideally pricedpumps and valves close to ourcustomers.Take China, for example:Shanghai lies at the heart of oneof the world's largest growth markets.The KSB site there is one ofseveral internationally offering afull choice of one-stop services.In Shanghai, these range from aninhouse foundry to a moderncustomer service center.SERVICE

MATERIALSSafely castin a quality roleWith our own foundries inGermany, China, the US, Brazil,Mexico, India, Indonesia andPakistan, we hold one of thecrucial keys to product quality.Top-engineered materials andeconomic efficiency let us shapemore than 40 cast materials intofirst-rate components every day.The result is the wide variety ofpumps and valves you’ve come toexpect from KSB.Our design, foundry, manufacturingand materials developmentdepartments make maximum useof synergy to give you bespokesolutions for every application.And KSB’s inhouse materialslaboratories, eagle-eyed, use alltheir high tech equipment to ensurethat every component fullymeets our stringent quality standards.Our materials specialists andlaboratories are at your disposalany time, to provide damageanalysis and assessment, oranswer any questions you have onmaterial selection for your application.That’s what we mean by“Service”!WEAR RESISTANTNorihard ®Noriloy ®Gasite ® WD28GNodular cast ironKSB Material PortfolioGasite ® 40GNoridur ® DASNoricrom ® /Gasite ® T90GNoridur ®CeramikPolySiCHard rubber(only for valves)Noriclor ®Nickel basedalloysCORROSION RESISTANTMaterial DesignationMaterialNo.DescriptionApplicationNorihard ® GX250CrMo15-3 – Highly Bauxite and sinter slurries, milk of lime andwear resistant limestone suspensions, wash water and effluentwhite ironwith a high sand content, bauxiteand aluminium oxide suspensionsGasite ® – – Specially refined, Highly abrasive and mildly corrosive applications suchWD28G high chromium as FGD absorber recycle & process pumps, hydraulicwhite iron alloy transportation, industrial minerals, hard rock mining,sand & gravel, dredge & mild chemical applicationsNoriloy ® GX170CrMo25-2 – Wear and Products of semi-dry processes incorrosion resistant waste incineration plants, milk of lime andCrMo alloyed limestone suspensions, aggressive pit waterwhite ironcontaining ore, coal or mine tailings, acidicheavily solids laden waste water and slurriesGasite ® 40G – – Wear and Highly abrasive and moderately corrosivecorrosion resistant applications such as FGD, industrial minerals andwhite iron alloy moderate chemical applications in mining with solids.Noridur ® DAS GX3CrNiMoCuN – Wear resistant For pump components subject to hydraulic loads24-6-2-3 duplex stainless and in contact with gypsum suspensions and limespeciallyheat treated steel stone slurries in flue gas desulphurization systemsGasite ® T90G – – Wear and Medium abrasion and high corrosion applications suchcorrosion resistant as industrial minerals, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid,white iron alloy high sulfur, coal gasification, high chlorides andstrong chemical applications with solidsNoricrom ® GX150CrNiMoCuN 1.4475 Corrosion and Highly acidic, chloride-containing fluids41-6-2 wear resistant with very high solids contenttriplex stainless steelNoridur ® GX3CrNiMoCuN 1.4593 Duplex stainless Chloride-containing fluids of all kinds,24-6-2-3 steel reducing acids and acidic process water,scrubber suspensionsCeramik- CPS – Wear and Acidic, chloride-containing slurriesPolySiC corrosion resistant with high solids contentceramic/polymerin FGD plantscomposite materialNoriclor ® GX3CrNiMoCuN 1.4573 Super duplex Aggressive fluids in chemical processes,24-6-5 stainless steel waste water transport andenvironmental engineering

PUMP MATERIALSComposites: Truestrength throughcombinationCeramikPolySiC compared:Energy related wear rates of several materialsin abrasive wear test6Abrasive wear test(25 m/s; 90˚; 80 ,um)By realizing the technically challengingcombination of ceramicswith plastic, we have succeeded inproviding the benefits of twomaterials in a single composite.Our newly developed Ceramik-PolySiC (CPS) is a good example.Its properties increase the servicelife of elementary components,particularly in flue gas desulphur-Energy related wear rate [mm 3 /kJ]543210Noridur ® Noridur ®DASNoricrom ®Ceramik-PolySiCization plants.Well-tried materialsof the NORI ® seriesdeveloped furtherNew fields of application andever increasing requirementsdemand new solutions. With itsNoridur ® DAS, KSB has developeda material that reliablywithstands the abrasive and corrosiveslurries handled in flue gasdesulphurization, and enablessubstantially longer service lives.So life cycle costs are noticeablyreduced.VALVE MATERIALSElastomer materials:An economicalalternativeThe hard rubber coatings speciallydeveloped by KSB-AMRI are aviable alternative to metals wherevercorrosion and abrasionprotection is required. Thesematerials have proved their worthin FGD applications for morethan 22 years. We use them forour AMRI butterfly valves.The liners used in AMRI butterflyvalves, too, are made of elastomermaterials specially developed andprocessed by KSB AMRI.Comprehensive quality testing inour production departments ensuresa high standard of safetyand a long service life

Service for all your needs,around the clock, around the world.As well as first-class productsfor modern FGD plants, KSBalso offers comprehensive service.This covers installation and commissioning,maintenance, repair,overhaul and modular TPM –Total Pump Management. KSBcan tailor solutions precisely toyour facilities. At a fixed price ifrequired. Our service experts arealso happy to deal with othermanufacturers' products and relatedsystems.KSB takes care of your unitsthroughout their entire lifecycleand on to replacement. Over 1,600KSB service specialists at morethan 100 service centers worldwideteam up with 200 externalservice partners. They are all oncall around the clock, providingrapid help wherever necessary.Our responsibility towards customersincludes competent advice.Our service specialists are delightedto answer all your queries,for example about processoptimization, energy saving, orideal technical use of wearresistantmaterials. Special certificationfor service in processplants is another important safetyfactor.KSB – Supplier to more than 300 flue gasdesulphurization plants throughout the world.

KSB.We are where you are.Competence CenterChemical and Process EngineeringKSB Aktiengesellschaft,PegnitzTel. +49 (92 41) 71 16 07Fax +49 (92 41) 71 17 92Your local KSB representative:KSB 24-h Service HotlineTel. +49 (62 33) 8 60Fax +49 (62 33) 86 34 010362.022-10 04/05 www.riegg.com Subject to technical modification without prior notice.KSB Aktiengesellschaft • Bahnhofplatz 191257 Pegnitz (Germany) • www.ksb.com

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