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2 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011EDITORIALby Benjamin GilliesIs Canada a big polluter? It’s all a matter of perspectiveWell, it’s official: Canada is out of Kyoto.While critics were quick to chastise our government forits decision to withdraw from the international accord,supporters have passionately jumped to Ottawa’s defense,arguing it really makes no difference whether we are involvedin the agreement.After all, they say, our country is responsible for only about1.85 per cent of global emissions, which makes Canada aninsignificant source of carbon pollution.As is often the case with statistics, however, whether ourcountry is a big CO2 emitter is a matter of perspectivebecause our seemingly paltry less than 2 per cent of globalemissions are enough to make Canada the eighth-largestoverall greenhouse gas-producing nation in the world.To put that another way, if the 184 lowest-emitting countriesbanded together against just the top 10 worst polluterson the planet, Canada would be one of the bad guys.So while our 1.85 per cent does not look troublesomein isolation, it does make the great white north a largercontributor to the problem than almost all other countrieson earth.Currently, China is the world’s largest national polluter,pouring a whopping 23 per cent of global greenhouse gasemissions into the atmosphere.The Asian giant is followed by the United States at about 20per cent, India at 5.7 per cent and Russia at approximately5.6 per cent. Undoubtedly, there will never be a meaningfulreduction in total CO2 output without action on the partof these nations.Still, though per capita American emissions are higher thanthose north of the border, in Russia they are only about halfthe Canadian total, while Chinese and Indian carbon outputper person is just one third and one-tenth the Canadianfigure, respectively.With only 0.49 per cent of the world’s population, our 1.85per cent of global emissions is about 3.7 times more thanwhat could be considered our fair share.As such, it is rather hypocritical of us to tell the Chinese (orRussians or Indians) that they should significantly reducetheir emissions without working to bring down our ownper capita pollution.Of course, some defenders of the status quo suggest thereason we emit so much is because Canada produces theenergy supplies other countries crave – and certainly, thisdoes play a role in our pollution rate. Yet, Saudi Arabia,responsible for over 11 per cent of global oil productionversus Canada’s 4.3 per cent, generates only 1.45 per centof all CO2 emissions. Similarly, Norway produces aboutfour times the amount of oil per citizen as we do, but isresponsible for just 0.17 per cent of world greenhouse gasesand has per capita emissions half those of Canada.We are not the very worst offenders, but we still emit 370per cent more CO2 than is our fair share. Perhaps this isbecause our lifestyle is overly pollutant, compared to thoseof our global counterparts, or because our energy sector isconsiderably dirtier than those of other nations – as environmentalistshave been arguing all along.Either way, if Canadians believe reducing greenhouse gasemissions is a valid environmental challenge, then there isample reason for us to make a concerted effort to be partof the solution.Benjamin Gillies is a political economy graduate fromthe University of Manitoba, where he focused on urbandevelopment and energy policy. He works as a consultantin Winnipeg. (Troy Media Corporation)Publisher .............................................. M. JumaEditor .................................................. S. BowellReporters .......... Christophe Pigé, Michael LameyAdvertising Manager ...................... N. EbrahimAdministration Manager ........................ G. JiwaAccountant ..................................... A. RattanshiProduction & Typesetting ................. M. LameyCirculation ...................................... A. ThobhaniContributing Editor ........................ R. WaldmanPublications Mail Registration No. 8320661A Market Hill (Leg-in-Boot Square)Vancouver BC V5Z 4B5 Phone: 604-876-6770News to: news@thefalsecreeknews.comAds to: adsales@thefalsecreeknews.comOther mail to: mail@thefalsecreeknews.comWebsite:

December 2011FALSE CREEKFALSE CREEK NEWS 3The New Village Dock, looking east (Photo: Steve Bowell)Continued from Page 1 (“New wharf opens on False Creek”)including kayaks and canoes.Visiting boaters anchored inFalse Creek are permitted totie their dinghies to the dockat no charge while visitingSoutheast False Creek and itssurrounding areas.Passenger ferry service, providedby Aquabus and FalseCreek Ferries, will link servicefrom the new dock toother ferry landings aroundFalse Creek and English Bay.Bicycles are welcome onAquabus’ Cyquabus boats,which also stop at the HornbyStreet Dock connecting directlyto the downtown separatedbike lanes.The dock will link to theneighbourhood’s walkingnetwork and the Seaside andOntario bikeways. Its proximityto the Main Street/ScienceWorld SkyTrain station andcross-city bus routes willprovide another quick andconvenient connection forarea residents travelling toand from downtown. It willalso bring visitors to the heartof The Village on False Creekto enjoy all it has to offer,including shopping, diningand recreation.The Village Dock was designedwith accessibility inmind. As with the DavidLam Dock on the north sideof False Creek, the gangwayslopes are designed to makeit safer and more comfortablefor people of all ages andabilities to use the dock.Continued from Page 1 (“GreenLight for B.C. Place casino...”)The decision follows a vote inApril barring Edgewater fromexpanding its gambling operationsby at least 600 slot machinesin the new location.Since the April vote, MayorGregor Robertson has pledgedto put a moratorium on casinoexpansions. On. Nov. 29 hereaffirmed that vow, promising,“There will be no expansionof gambling under mywatch in this chair.”But Sandy Garossino, whofought the gaming expansion aspart of the “Vancouver Not Vegas”group, said she’s concernedthat future councils won’t honourRobertson’s promise.“It’s clear that two footballfields of casino floor havebeen approved by this council....The only question ishow many slot machines andgaming tables are going to gointo that facility,” she said.“The door is wide open for amega casino at BC Place.”

4 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011VANCOUVERHandicapped show they’re handy and capable at Roundhouse eventVANCOUVER – Six men and women, all blindfolded,took their place before an audience and asked for totalsilence.No, it wasn’t an avant-garde play, but a demonstration ofgoalball, a sport for the visually handicapped.The ball, the size of a basketball, has a bell inside, so that theplayers can tell where it is and keep score. The blindfoldsare to make sure all the players are equally blind, even thepartially sighted.The goalball game was just one of the activities at Vancouver’scelebration of the International Day of DisabledPersons, Dec. 3 at Roundhouse Community Centre.Created in 1992 by the United Nations, the day is meant “topromote understanding about disability issues and to increaseawareness of gains to be derived from integrating disabledAaron Broverman in the sled, Masashi Shinoda behind himpersons into all aspects of political, social economic andcultural life,” according to the U.N. website.At the Roundhouse, spectators were treated to examples ofsled hockey, wheelchair curling and boccia, as well as anarts and crafts fair, an employment fair, and free cookies.Aaron Broverman, a cerebral palsy victim, agrees with theU.N.’s message. He has participated since childhood insummer sports camps for disabled children.It was his experiences there that pushed him to achievesuccess. Born in Vancouver, he studied in Toronto wherehe now works as a journalist.“I love these events because they show that we are an inescapableforce,” Broverman said. “If our minority communityreally got together, we could celebrate our own ‘coming outof the closet’ and show that we’re an inescapable force.”Aaron Broverman playing sled hockey (Photo: HelenPolychronakosSeated on a wheeled sled in a gym at the Roundhouse,Broverman practices his shots with confidence.His opponent, Masashi Shinoda of SportAbility B.C., anorganization that seeks to encourage disabled people to takepart in sports, supervised the game of sled hockey.“The most irritating stereotype (about the disabled) isthat we’re in front of the TV set in the basement of ourmother’s house all day long,” Shinoda said. “I take part in(SportAbility) to spread the word that disabled persons arecapable of a lot more.”

By Steve BowellDecember 2011VANCOUVERFALSE CREEK NEWS 5Detail of Abundance Fenced, by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas(Photo: Robert Keziere)New public artwork animatesVancouver’s Knight St. corridorVANCOUVER -- A 43-metre-long steel sculpture hasjoined Vancouver’s streetscape at Knight Street and 33rdAvenue as the newest addition to the City’s public art collection.Abundance Fenced by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas featuresa playful adaptation of contemporary Haida designand runs along the top of a concrete retaining wall besideKensington Park, serving as a decorative railing beside thepedestrian path.Abundance Fenced was inspired by the plentiful 2010Fraser River salmon run and Yahgulanaas sees the artworkas a tribute to the exceptional return and celebration of theresilience of the species.Abundance Fenced detail(Photo: Robert Keziere)The sculpture depicts two sets ofstylized orca whales facing oppositedirections with their tailflukes meeting in the centre andtheir faces rising up to define ametaphorical passageway. Thewhales pursue cascading salmondown a slope towards the NorthShore mountains. The salmonare welded together in a timelesspursuit to represent a system ofinterdependence essential to allof us.Yahgulanaas created the work inthe Haida Manga style he developed which is a fusion ofNorthwest Coast First Nations design elements and Japanesegraphic animation. He has published award-winninggraphic books, most recently Red (Douglas and McIntyre,2009). His works of art in a variety of media are in museums,galleries, and private collections around the world.

8 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011HOLIDAYSWorld Vision catalogue helps teachchildren about the holiday spirit“What would you like for Christmas?” This question,whether it comes from Grandma or the jolly man in red,seems easy enough.But as the options multiply and the shopping frenzy escalates,the answer becomes more and more complicated…and expensive! It is important to help children put theholiday season into perspective.Make some Third World childhappy at Christmas.Parents should takea look at how theyare spending moneyand time this holidayseason. If their list ismore about expensivegifts, party clothes andconcerts. Think aboutdeliberately cuttingsomething back.Make time for thepleasures of familythis Christmas: skatingon an outdoor rink,baking and decoratingChristmas cookies,driving around townto look at Christmasdecorations, or, callinga snow day andstaying home for amovie marathon. This creates traditions that children willremember.Helping somebody less fortunate is an important realitycheck for the whole family. One Canadian family uses theWorld Vision Gift Catalogue ( to helpa child in need.“We give each of our children some money to choose a giftfrom the catalogue,” says Lucie, of Montreal. “They notonly practice an act of kindness, but they learn about howother children live. It helps them appreciate everythingthey’ve got.”Great holiday ideas are habit-forming. So why just savethem for the holidays? Going easy on the expenses, investingin fun family time, and remembering people who areless fortunate are lifestyle

December 2011RECIPESBitchin’ Kitchen Christmaspanettone bread pudding(NC)—This recipe for pannetone bread pudding transformsa cheap gift into a decadent, festive dessert.Ingredients:1 large panettone2 cups whole milk7 eggs1/4 cup + 2 tbsp brown sugar1 vanilla bean1/2 tsp cream of tartar1-2 tbsp unsalted butter1 cup whipping cream1 cup strawberries1 cup blueberriesDirections:1. Slice panettone into 7 cups of 1-inch cubes. Place cubesevenly on a baking sheet to dry out for a few hours.2. Whisk together the milk, 4 egg yolks, 1-2 tbsp brownsugar, and the seeds of half a vanilla bean. Add the panettonecubes. Mix well with your hands and let soak for5-10 minutes.3. Preheat oven to 350°F. Whip the 4 egg whites withcream of tartar until stiff peaks form. 4. Delicately foldmeringue into the pudding mixture, stir just a few times.Pour bread pudding mixture into buttered soufflé mold andbake for 1 hour.4. Whisk together 3 egg yolks and 1/4 cup brown sugar. Placea small saucepan over medium heat. Add whipping cream andthe seeds from other half of the vanilla bean. Stir constantly.FALSE CREEK NEWS 9Pannettone bread puddingWhen bubbles form around edges, remove from heat.5. Stir heated vanilla-cream into egg yolk mixture, 1 tbsp ata time. Pour everything back into saucepan and cook overmedium-low heat, stirring constantly. Cook until mixtureis thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon. Passit through a sieve then pour into a serving container.6. In individual serving bowls, top warm bread puddingwith berries and drizzle with Crème Anglaise.More holiday recipes can be found online at

10 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011MUSICby Nick EbrahimCanada’s diverse musiccommunity celebrates at 22ndannual SOCAN Awards GalaTORONTO (CNW) -- SOCAN and the Canadian musicindustry gathered tonight at Roy Thomson Hall to honoursome of Canada’s most talented songwriters, composers,lyricists and music publishers at the 22nd annual SOCANAwards Gala Nov. 21.SOCAN members who received honours included:K’NAAN for “Wavin’ Flag,” Michael Bublé for “Haven’tMet You Yet,” and Nickelback for “This Afternoon” in thepop/rock category; Kardinal Offishall and Tim Hazell for“Body Bounce” in the urban music category; and JohnnyReid for “I Believe in Angels” in the country music category.Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor received sixSOCAN Classic Awards for writing songs that have earnedmore than 100,000 radio airplays.Recipients of SOCAN’s major achievement awards thisyear went to Bob Ezrin, who received the Special AchievementAward; The Stampeders, who received the LifetimeAchievement Award; and Prairie Oyster, who receivedthe National Achievement Award. K’NAAN received theInternational Achievement Award in recognition of hisoutstanding international success in 2010.SOCAN recognized outstanding Francophone musiccreators and publishers at an awards gala on WednesdayNovember 16 at The Hyatt Regency in Montreal. SOCANmembers Stéphane Venne, Diane Juster, Dumas, Corneille,Lynda Lemay and Annie Villeneuve, to name only a few,joined host Jean-François Breau in celebration of this year’sHosts Steven Page, Michelle Wright, and Abdominal posetogether before entertaining the crowd at the 2011 SOCANAwards Gala. (CNW Group/SOCAN)

December 2011GRANVILLE ISLAND EVENTSYuletide on Granville IslandDecember is upon us again, and this year we’ll be spreadingour Yuletide cheer inside and out! Festive musicians areready to add some musical flare to your holiday shoppingand strolling. Yuletide on Granville Island just wouldn’t bethe same without the rascally Gingerbread Boy spreadinghis routine mischief and mayhem!Musicians will be featuredinside the Public Marketand Net Loft, and outdoorsin Triangle Square andRailspur Alley, while theGingerbread Boy will berunning as fast as he canin and around the PublicEntrance at Christmastime Market. See the schedulebelow to find out the timesand locations of your favourite performers.Saturday, December 312 noon – 1 p.m.: Downton Singers2 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Fandango4 p.m. – 5 p.m.: los ParranderosSunday, December 412 noon – 1 p.m.: Scrooge Horns2 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Silver Belles4 p.m. – 5 p.m.: Silver BellesSaturday, December 1012 noon – 1 p.m.: Harmonies To Go2 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Gallery Singers4pm – 5pm: FandangoSunday, December 1112 noon – 1 p.m.: Scrooge Horns2 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Season’s Singers4 p.m. – 5 p.m.: los ParranderosSaturday, December 1712 noon – 1 p.m.: Tuba Christmas2 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Opera in the Market4 p.m. – 5 p.m.: ThunderbirdSunday, December 1812 noon – 1 p.m.: Scrooge Horns2 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Little Mountain Brass Band4 p.m. – 5 p.m.: FandangoFALSE CREEK NEWS 11

12 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011THEATRE ON THE CREEKEAT WELL. LIVE LONGER.THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHENYOU PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT.learn more at heartandstroke.caLori Triolo and Aleks Paunovic in Danny and the Deep BlueSeaDanny and the Deep Blue SeaIn a rundown bar in the Bronx, two strangers meet at theend of their ropes in Pacific Theatre’s remount of AnnunciationPictures’ production of Danny and the Deep Blue Seaby John Patrick Shanley, featuring Lori Triolo and AleksPaunovic, directed by filmmaker Jason Goode.Danny has an out of control temper and may have killeda man. Roberta is haunted by an even darker secret thatovershadows any possible joy in her life. When these twohopeless lives collide they ruthlessly reveal themselves toone another, resulting in a brutal exposure that is as darkand frightening as it is hopeful and funny.Dates: January 21-February 4Time: 8 p.m. Wed.-Sat. with 2 p.m. Saturday matineePlace: Pacific Theatre, 1440 W 12th Ave.Tickets: ($16.50-29.50 HST not incl.) call 604.731.5518or

December 2011THEATRE ON THE CREEKLocal cast does well withBritish family tragedyby Alan SamuelBig decisions confront a family in Blood Brothers, a sensationalmusical drama from The Arts Club Theatre nowspellbinding audiences at the Granville Island stage.Sure to be one of the biggest hits in years, Blood Brothersis a dynamic tale about a woman in crises meshed withrousing songs and stand out performances. Set in Britainour story revolves around the plight of Mrs. Johnstone, asingle mom with more than her share of problems.In a tour de force performance Terra C. Macleod simplybowls over onlookers as the determined mom trying to dothe best for her lot. Bowler sings up a storm with unbelievablycatchy numbers and memorable tunes that perfectlyfit the dramatic scenes.Blessed (?) with an abundance of children, this hardworkinghard-luck single mom must make a decision thateven the mighty Solomon with all his wisdom would havea tough time dealing with - how to cope.Just as Mrs. Johnstone is trying to solve this problem achance acquaintance with another woman further complicatesthing. Richer and childless Mrs.Lyons is depressedsince she has no children.Brought forth by Meghan Gardiner with a stiff upper lip youcan well sense the different plights of both these women andtheir contrasting stations in life. Mrs. Lyons has everythingand is elegantly dressed and lives in a beautiful residencewhile Mrs. Johnstone lives plainly.When the two women reveal their dilemma to one anotherthe switch is in, the con is on, and the two now young boysgo their separate ways. Needless to say, the young lads arenot happy with the situation.At the heart of Blood Brothers is a pact made by the boys,Eddie and Mickey. Despite being twins each kid has hisown diverse personality which further muddies an alreadyFALSE CREEK NEWS 13Adam Charles and Shane Snow in Blood Brothersmuddled situation that only gets out of hand further as timemarches on.Mickey is the more dynamic child and is played rough andtough style by Shane Snow. Eddie, on the other hand, is morepolished and somewhat weaker, well enunciated by AdamCharles. Chemistry is in the air between this pair which lateron gets further exacerbated with the arrival of a girl calledLinda, buoyantly fleshed out by Lauren Bowler.Huge family issues engulf both parties here and the wholeplay is anchored by a wonderful on-stage narrator, delightfullydepicted by John Mann. Talent and high-stakes dramaexude from this wonderful, timeless tragedy of a tale thatwill resonate with you long after the curtain goes down.Adapted from the hit musical by Willy Russell BloodBrothers is must-see entertainment and live theatre at itsfinest. It just goes to show you how good the acting talentis in British Columbia as well as the professional musicalaccompaniment that is second to none. All the actorsare also tremendous singers with lead performer Terra C.MacLeod simply sensational.For an early Christmas treat be sure to take Blood Brothers,now showing at the Arts Club Theatre’s Granville IslandStage. For ticket to Blood Brothers or more information onthe show call (604) 687-1644 or go to Brothers appears in Vancouver through Dec. 31.

14 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011MOVIESby Nick EbrahimHoliday cinema fare ranges from Mission Forces to missing horsesAmong this Christmas season’s cinematic offerings are anaction thriller based on a famous U.S. television series, anda wartime animal story based on a British novel and play.Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise’s fourthinstallment of a very successful and profitable ParamountPictures franchise, opens this week in select theaters,including some IMAX theatres, and nationwide the followingweek.This movie is neither a sequel nor a “prequel” to past missions,and in fact has a new Impossible Missions Force team.Missing is Anthony Hopkins and all past members, exceptfor a small cameo by Ving Rhames. (Also present for thefirst time is a cameo of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor.)Directed by Brad Bird, it starsTom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, thesexy and feisty Paula Patton, andSimon Pegg, the popular Britishactor who provides comic reliefwith both Cruise and Renner.This high-octane action thrillerkicks off with talented analystEthan Hunt (Tom Cruise) escapinga prison cell with Russianfellow inmate Bogdan (Miraj Grbic) to join his team on amission to infiltrate the Kremlin.In his pursuit to recover nuclear codes now in the handsof America’s enemies, Hunt not only battles assasins andarm dealers, but also finds that he and his team have beenimplicated in a bombing of the Kremlin. The entire IMF hasbeen suspended and disowned by the U.S. government.Hunt and his team now have to go rogue – become “ghosts”-- to reveal the truth and clear his name. To do this, he has toClot-busting drugsthat can reversethe effects of a stroke.THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHENYOU PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT.www.heartandstroke.caTom Cruise as EvanHunt in Mission Impossible:Ghost Pro tocolJeremy Irvine shows a boy’s love for his horse in War to several beautiful locales, like Dubai and Mumbai,to chase the warlords.The action sequences are spectacular, with breathtakingcinematography. The IMAX effect of the aerial view ofthe sand dunes in Dubai, not to mention the sand and windstorm is sensational.The sequence on the 130th floor of the Burj Khalifa, involvinga vertiginous climb by Hunt up the glass exterior of thehotel using suction gloves -- even though done mostly byCruise and a stunt man -- looks almost real.Even though it lacks any serious dialogue, or any deep andmeaningful story line -- nothing much, in fact, apart fromunbelievable daredevil stunts, car chases and explosions-- just watching it will keep you at the edge of your seat.Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a treat for TomCruise fans and action seekers.Disney Pictures’ Christmas release War Horse, directed byStephen Spielberg, is an epic tale of a beautiful and spectacularlytrained horse that miraculously survives in themidst of World War I. It is based on Michael Morpurgo’snovel, which was adapted into a stage play.This 2 ½-hour movie moves quickly as 15-year-old Albert(Jeremy Irvine) sees his beloved horse Joey sold to the cavalry.He lies about his age and enlists in the army in hopesof finding Joey. Albert’s hopeful journey takes him out ofEngland and across Europe as the war rages on.Filmed on location: in Surrey, England, War Horse starsJeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, David Thewlis and an extensivecast of British actors mostly unknown to NorthAmerican audiences.

December 2011FALSE CREEK NEWS 15H e l p f o r t o d a y . H o p e f o r t o m o r r o w . . .HeadsUp forHealthierBrainsHere are 4 simple things that you can do at any age to improve your brainhealth and that may help reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease:1. Challenge your Brain – give it a daily workout2. Be Socially Active – connecting socially helps you stay connected mentally3. Choose a Healthy Lifestyle – be active, eat well and watch your healthnumbers (cholesterol, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure)4. Protect your Head – use a seatbelt and wear a helmet for sportsTake action for a healthier brain today.Find out more at: or call 1-800-936-6033

16 FALSE CREEK NEWSDecember 2011FRANCHISE FOR SALEFully set-up turnkey operation- Office supplies - Greeting Cards -Wedding Invitations - Word Processing - DesktopPublishing - Packaging & Shipping - PostagePLUS:StationeryStamps - Laminating - Internet Message CentreSuper-SpeedPRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLIES INC.$29,999NO FRANCHISE FEESCan be set up in any part ofB.- C’s Lower Mainlandfor inquiries:Phone: 604-986-3662email: mail@superspeed-print.comwebsite:

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