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Epicor Retail Suite Brochure

EpicorRetail Suite

Epicor Software Corporation is a leader insoftware and services for real-time specialtyand general merchandise retailers who seekto optimize performance, increase sales, anddeliver best-in-class customer service to helpretailers grow and increase profits. Ourend-to-end, scalable, and global solutionsconsist of:• Planning and Assortment Planning• Sourcing and ProductLifecycle Management• Merchandising• Store and Mobile Store• eCommerce• Cross-Channel Order Management• Customer Relationship Management• Audit and Operations Management• Business Intelligence• Secure Data Manager• Financials• Services

Epicor RetailEpicor Retail SuiteEpicor Software Corporation develops, delivers, and supports a complete range of advanced solutionsfor specialty and general merchandise retailers. These solutions are designed and proven in use to meetthe evolving merchandise and service expectations of today’s cross-channel shoppers and the businessrequirements of the most demanding retail environments, with rapid return on investment (ROI), low totalcost of ownership, and a single point of accountability.Epicor Retail solutions are available best-of-breed, in fast-track packages, and through our hosted software asa service (SaaS) offering. They are built with open, standards-based architecture, deep functionality and fullflexibility, and are trusted by more than 400 general merchandise and specialty retailers in tiers one throughfour to effectively manage their enterprises and deliver a seamless customer experience.Founded in 1984, Epicor Software Corporation is consistently ranked as a top performer by leading analystsand industry influencers. Epicor’s end-to-end solutions for retail, hospitality, business services, manufacturing,and distribution are provided in more than 40 languages to 20,000 customers in 150 countries. Our globalcapabilities allow us to be where you are, and to fully support your needs now and in the future.1

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Distinctive ValueEpicor is distinguished by superior solutions, services, people, and experience.• Proven success. By leveraging years of experience and best practices, we are able to ask the rightquestions, determine the right answers, and develop advanced systems that have been proven in use.• Trusted professionals. Epicor’s 800+ retail professionals have been selected for their expertise and theirability to deliver highly personalized services by evaluating your environment, systems, and processes inrelation to your challenges and objectives.• 400 loyal retailers. Epicor Retail solutions are trusted by the world’s leading retailers to streamlineprocesses, optimize profitability, and meet the evolving expectations of cross-channel shoppers.• Solid corporate performance. Since its inception in 1984, Epicor has demonstrated consistent growthand profitability.• One-stop shopping. With Epicor, retailers have ready access to solutions for all processes, services forevery need, and expertise for every challenge—with a single point of accountability.• Proactive client relations. Epicor maintains close partnerships with all clients through direct links toour professionals; product user forums and advisory boards; ongoing case studies, communications andpublications; and an annual client conference.• Leading industry partners. As a Microsoft ® Gold Certified Partner, Epicor is at the forefront of leveragingthe power of Microsoft’s .NET and other leading technologies in retail applications and works closely withMicrosoft and other industry-leading companies to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.4

StorePoint-of-SaleEpicor Retail Point-of-Sale, developed in Microsoft ®.NET, is a robust POS and store-system suite withhigh ROI applications. Real-time central features toimprove service and drive sales include customerrelationship management (CRM), stock location andorder management, return/exchange management,and mobile functionality. The Store suite also hasa full complement of back office functions andapplications such as a manager’s dashboard, inventorymanagement, time and attendance, electronic journal,and cash management.Mobile StoreEpicor Retail Mobile Store extends key storefunctionality beyond the cash-wrap and manager’sworkstation. With a wireless device running MobileStore applications, store managers and sales associatescan enhance customer service and productivity bycompleting end-to-end POS transactions, looking upitems, locating stock, and completing various inventorymanagement functions.Returns ManagementEpicor Retail Returns Management is a multichannel,returns management application enabling retailersto ensure accurate refunds and reduce refund fraud,while improving customer service and employeecompliance. Returns Management provides stores realtimeaccess to all transaction details throughout thechain, including original purchase with promotionalpricing, subsequent return history, and an accuratereturn value.Data ExchangeEpicor Retail Data Exchange maximizes theperformance and value of your network, allowingyou to take control of critical processes like tricklepolling, file transfer, message switching, and paymentauthorization. Data Exchange can also be used toconfigure your network to your unique specificationsthrough either persistent or on-demand connectivity.Configuration ToolsEpicor Retail Configuration Tools delivers a state-of-theartremote system management solution to retailers whoneed up-to-the-minute control of store configurationprofiles. The Configuration Tools give retailers thepower and flexibility to configure and change businessrules related to policy and procedures, payroll, security,marketing, taxes, inventory, and so much more.Customer RelationshipManagementEpicor Retail CRM is a broad set of complimentary toolsto enable mutually beneficial relationships between aretailer and its customers. These tools are designed todrive sales, increase loyalty, and support the businessprocesses necessary for success in today’s competitivemarketplace. CRM provides integrated capabilities forcustomer analysis, customer segmentation, campaignmanagement, and loyalty points program managementwith real-time targeted communications to POS orother sales channels. Designed to support multiplesales channels and employing powerful analysis tools,this solution provides a complete and consolidatedview of the customer.Customer ReportingDiscover the marketing opportunities in yourcustomer data with our easy-to-use suite of reportsand templates. Find opportunities to cross-sell, upsell,increase retention, determine site selection fornew stores, identify the most profitable customers tocontact, and assist individual stores with customerrelatedperformance issues.Campaign ManagerCRM can interface to your POS, call center, kiosk,PDA, or eCommerce site to execute your campaignand promotions. Whether your next campaign is directmail, voicemail, e-mail, or text messaging, CRM willhelp you prepare and export the lists to send to yourthird-party vendors for execution. As transactions flowinto the customer database, campaign and promotionresults are automatically updated. Analysis on yourmarketing initiatives can begin immediately.5

Loyalty and Reward ManagerThe goal of any well-designed retail loyalty programis to drive ROI by changing customer behavior. Howyou achieve this goal is fundamental to the program’ssuccess. Loyalty and Reward Manager lets you designand run your loyalty program with the flexibility andsecurity of a retail-proven, transaction tracking andredemption toolset. You can communicate programbenefits and news individually using one-to-onetriggered messaging, or reach out to a group ofprogram members with statement and programinformation across multiple channels.Epicor CommerceEpicor Commerce’s full suite of eCommerce softwaresolutions delivers an intuitive eCommerce shoppingenvironment for your consumers and provides you withthe flexibility to design your site to support your uniquerequirements. Epicor Commerce helps streamline,optimize, and maximize your business by automatingeverything from online marketing, promotions,and customer service to back-office and shippingintegration. The Epicor Commerce solution providesa comprehensive framework and toolset designed toeasily and efficiently manage the day-to-day operationsof running an eCommerce Web site enabling thesite administrator to control users, products, orders,content, and documents.Cross-ChannelOrder ManagementEpicor Cross-Channel Order Management facilitatescross-channel retailing by combining a real-timeinventory manager and a configurable order managerto process inventory transactions across multiple saleschannels. With the Enterprise Selling product, youcan sell merchandise and satisfy customer demandfrom anywhere in the enterprise. Fully integrated tothe Epicor Retail Suite, Enterprise Selling gets productand inventory data from Merchandising, allows StorePOS to create and fulfill orders, and sends ordersto Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) forfulfillment, sends orders to Merchandising to reserveproduct. Additionally it keeps Sales Audit up-to-datewith new orders, fulfilled orders, and cancellations.Product LocatorProduct Locator provides real-time inventory availabilityinformation that is accessible from any point of customerinteraction—stores, kiosk, call center, mobile devices, oronline—with search capabilities to find product basedon geographical parameters. In addition, it provides realtimevisibility to inventory level changes and the ability totrack out-of-stock product demand which is invaluableinformation when planning future allocations.Inventory ManagementA data feed process is used to populate beginning-onhandcounts for all inventory across the chain. InventoryManagement then updates real-time inventory asmerchandise moves throughout the day, and managesinventory status changes during the lifecycle of orders.Order ManagementOrder Management processes customer ordersbetween disparate selling and fulfilling locations andsystems. It allows sales channels to create customerorders then routes them in real time between sellingand fulfilling locations based on customer preference orretailer business rules.Customer Service ApplicationCustomer Service Application is a tool to assistCustomer Service Representatives and Administrators inobtaining information and the status on orders that arein the Enterprise Selling system.6

Audit and Operations ManagementEpicor Retail Audit and Operations Management consolidates,validates, and secures data from all sales channels into one locationand to one standard, then maps it consistently to your enterpriseapplications. This exceptional solution improves performance,profitability, and peace of mind to deliver substantial ROI.Sales AuditSales Audit, Audit and Operations Management’s core application,ensures the integrity and accuracy of the data flowing into headoffice information systems by correcting any errors up front andbridging the gap between your enterprise and the sales channels.Voucher ManagementVoucher Management provides real-time updating of balances forgift cards, gift certificates, and merchandise credits.Loss PreventionLoss Prevention automatically detects patterns of fraudulentactivity and identifies procedural violations to reduce shrink, detertheft, and increase profitability while keeping the store an employeefriendlyworkplace.Employee Productivity and CommissionsEmployee Productivity and Commissions enables you to evaluate,track, encourage, and reward the performance of every employeecorrectly, fairly, and automatically.Secure Data ManagerStreamline the process of securing your retail data to supportPCI compliance. Epicor Secure Data Manager (SDM) is a single,cornerstone application that consolidates payment cardholder dataand manages it in a secure manner. By using tokens as a referencefor interfaced applications, SDM allows compliance to be driventhrough a single product. This substantially reduces the time,effort, and expense associated with establishing, verifying andmaintaining compliance on multiple solutions, and streamlines theprocess of securing sensitive cardholder data wherever it may residein your organization.75

PlanningEpicor Retail Planning effectively links your financial plans,assortment plans, buying plans, and individual store plans.It combines Merchandise Planning and Assortment Planningwith rich visual tools to let you identify what’s needed at boththe chain and store level, and develop effective inventorymodels that will maximize your sales while minimizing risks.Merchandise PlanningMerchandise Planning lets you create and manage yourmerchandise plans at all levels and across all channels ofoperation. Flexible and unlimited merchandise and locationhierarchies allow you to develop plans that meet thedemands of your customers at a micro-level. By synchronizinghigh-level business plans with channel and location-specifictrends, Merchandise Planning ensures the right merchandiseis planned for the appropriate stores.Assortment PlanningAssortment Planning simplifies the process of buildingideal assortments in perfect step with your customers,locations, seasons, and budget. Using visual tools linkedto your merchandising data and buying and store plans,this powerful application lets you create, organize, andview offerings within a location cluster and by store grade;determine your assortment breadth with an easy-to-useWizard tool; define your styles in complete detail; see yourassortment clearly using product pictures or catalogueimages and much more.Sourcing and Product LifecycleManagementEpicor Retail Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Managementstreamlines the process of obtaining merchandise quicklyand more profitably, by centralizing workflow managementvia the Web to control vendor negotiations, production, andlogistics tracking. This integrated solution includes PartnerCollaboration for communicating efficiently with vendorsand agents worldwide via a central Web-based repositoryallowing stakeholders to view updates and request changes.Critical Path Management tracks the chain of critical tasks toensure your project progresses efficiently and on schedule;plus three other modules for managing every aspect ofproduction and shipping.8

MerchandisingEpicor Retail Merchandising streamlines operations,unifies asset management, and manages yourbusiness from end-to-end. This powerful retailsolution features a centralized transactional databaseand support tools to help you make and executebetter decisions based on accurate, current, andshared information.Enterprise Data ManagementEnterprise Data Management is your tool to easilytransfer the rich data in our systems into the reportsyou need for usable information and rich insights. Itlinks the expertise of your staff directly to critical data,letting them apply their intuitive knowledge of yourretail business to trends, patterns, and sales statisticsthat are instantly accessible.Purchase Order ManagementPurchase Order Management handles the detailedprocess of placing purchase commitments withvendors and monitors the progress of buys and theirdelivery dates, while maintaining financial and opento-buycontrol.Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management is an optional applicationthat ensures merchandise flows from receivingthrough distribution to store shelves quickly, tooptimize productivity, streamline operations, andreduce stock-outs. Warehouse Management providesEDI support for receiving, RF-based tools for cartonpacking, full ticketing functionality, SKU or cartonbasedinventory tracking and more.Inventory ManagementInventory Management ensures your head office,warehouse, or stores get direct access to real-timeinventory information across the enterprise.Price ManagementPrice Management lets you experiment with a widerange of pricing schemes to determine their impacton your margins, shoppers, and results. You also havethe option to add markdown optimization tools, tofurther optimize margins. Price Management protectsmargins by supporting pricing down to the style,color, and store level.9

Merchandising AnalyticsMerchandising Analytics is a customizable decisionsupport tool for analyzing all sales, orders, receipts,distributions, price changes, inventory adjustments,transfers, and returns to vendors, allowing you todetermine opportunities for faster turns, improvedmargins, better markdown execution, and moreprecise forecasting.Allocation and ReplenishmentAllocation and Replenishment optimizes yourmerchandise with effective and proactive distributionsthat minimize stock imbalances, increase sales, lowerinventory levels, reduce forced markdowns, raise grossmargins, and increase customer satisfaction.Business IntelligenceEpicor Retail Business Intelligence (BI) puts the powerof fully leveraged data at your fingertips. BI centralizesinformation from across the enterprise—even fromexternal systems—and then enables you to analyzeand report it in ways that reveal fresh insights andsupport faster, more effective decisions. This solutiongives you unprecedented control of your retail data,improved operations management, and a substantialadvantage over your toughest competition.FinancialsEpicor Retail Financials Suite is a comprehensive endto-endsuite of proven financial applications for theglobal enterprise that enables your organization tooperate efficiently, comply with fiscal regulations,underpin strong corporate governance, and driveperformance. Retail Financials is integrated withMerchandising for posting general ledger andaccounts payable and receivable invoices as well asupdating chart of accounts, customers, and vendors.Retail ServicesWe understand your needs and offer various servicesto maximize your technology investment and reduceyour total cost of ownership.Our Value PropositionOur Organization – PartnershipWe establish and nurture a long-term, personalizedbusiness partnership through a client-centricorganization and structure, which supports ourcommitment to world-class client service.Our People – Retail ExpertsWe recruit, train, and mentor a team of world-classresources that maximize retail and Epicor productknow-how to deliver business value.Our Service Offerings – Tailored to MeetYour NeedsWe offer a full range of services that maximize thevalue and functionality of our products.Managed Store SupportWe serve thousands of retail locations worldwide,24/7. Our “single point of contact” philosophy allowsour retailers to provide their stores with one numberfor complete support. We troubleshoot hardware,software, network, third-party and procedural issuesas well as support corporate applications and respondto corporate questions regarding routine use of oursoftware. Client-centric processes and associatedKPIs allow us to monitor performance and deliverconsistent results.Rollout/Upgrade/Installation/SupportWe work with installation technicians, storemanagers, and corporate staffs to make sure allsystems are set up, connected, configured, andfunctioning as planned.Redistribution ServicesOur Redistribution Services offerings center aroundour ability to handle large-scale hardware andsoftware deployments, including complete softwareinstallation and testing. We also provide storage fordepot stock enabling customers to have replacement10

systems—quickly loaded and shipped. Whateverhardware, inventory, depot, or imaging needs youhave, our Redistribution team will work efficiently toprovide you with superior service.Professional ServicesWe provide expertise the right way. Our serviceprofessionals allow you to focus on your businesswhile we facilitate each project aspect. Leveragingour comprehensive, end-to-end implementationmethodology, our proven management processes, andour solution offerings, we reduce risk and maximizethe value of your products. Our team has years ofexperience in the management, deployment, andsupport of large and complex systems and will guideyou through defining the project to the deployment ofour systems.Software CustomizationOur customer development team can tailor oursoftware to meet your unique needs. A BusinessProcess Review (BPR) will allow us to fully understandyour requirements and develop a detailed specificationfor our Programming and Quality Assurance teams.Learning SolutionsOur Learning Technology Group is committed tohelping your associates and managers perform attheir full potential. We’ll work with you to determinethe optimal delivery method for your organization,selecting from eLearning, video, classroom and trainthe-trainersessions, store manuals, flipcards, and more.Our custom-produced digital multimedia and eLearningcourseware offer the power of real-world simulationand interactivity, plus built-in tracking of trainingresults. We also offer customized lessons on key retailtopics such as customer service, product knowledge,and safety.Polling and Data Transfer MonitoringWe will support your store polling system to helpensure smooth operation. This service includesverification and daily reporting on the status of all sites,evaluation of missed sites, and logging and reporting ofsystem status.11

Database Monitoring ServicesYour business today cannot afford down time dueto lack of system management. The role of a databaseanalyst (DBA) is critical to the successful operationof the IT infrastructure and your business applications;however, a dedicated full-time resource is oftennot the best allocation of manpower. Epicor offersyou a focused solution with a quick turnaround onROI. We provide proactive database monitoring,maintenance tasks and performance/system tuning toensure optimal performance, and availability of yourapplication database(s).Corporate Application Server HostingWe provide various levels of remote support for yourcorporate-based applications. Our offerings includea fully-hosted environment in which we will providethe hardware and software in our facility and managethose systems and applications for you. We can alsoprovide a managed services solution in which you ownthe hardware and software licenses and host thosesystems in your facility. We then manage those systemsfor you remotely.CRM ServicesLet us manage your CRM application for you—fromdatabase hygiene to running your marketing programs.We know retail and we know Epicor Retail CRM. Ourteam is dedicated to providing CRM operational supportacross many clients. We offer efficiencies to improveoperational security and drive down the cost of service.With various options tailored to your specific needs, youcan choose from ad hoc consulting services, monthlydatabase maintenance and/or marketing services, as wellas data analysis and strategic consulting.Enterprise Selling ServicesAllow the experts at Epicor to host and manageyour Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling application fromproviding the infrastructure to application monitoringto patch management, we can do it all for you. Witha team dedicated to monitoring and maintaining thehosting environment, we’ll provide service and supportduring and after normal business hours to maximize theutilization of your application.Merchandising ServicesOur team of experts allow you to increase your businessefficiency by providing services to help you optimize yoursystem’s efficiency. Services include strategic consulting,advanced training, and reporting.Sales Audit ServicesIn addition to 100+ implementations of our industryleadingEpicor Retail Sales Audit application, we alsoprovide auditing services that leverage our highly-skilledprofessional services team. These services include dailyauditing based on your validation requirements, thedevelopment of tailored reporting to meet your preciserequirements, and strategic consultation on industryleadingbest practices.Loss Prevention ServicesLet Epicor manage your Epicor Retail Loss Prevention(LP) solution. Our team of LP professionals offers a widevariety of services to help drive ROI for your business.From LP operational support to strategic consultation,we can manage your settings and rules, audit yourLP data, present leads requiring further investigation,educate your business on LP awareness, and createcustom reporting to fit your requirements.12

About EpicorEpicor Software (NASDAQ: EPIC) is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the retail, manufacturing, distribution,hospitality, and business services industries. With 20,000 customers in over 150 countries, Epicor provides integrated ERP, CRM,SCM and enterprise retail software solutions that enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability.Celebrating 25 years of technology innovation, Epicor provides a comprehensive range of services that promote rapid return oninvestment and low total cost of ownership, whether operating business on a local, regional, or global scale.www.epicor.com/retailWorldwide Headquarters18200 Von Karman Avenue Suite 1000Irvine, California 92612 USAToll Free: +1.800.999.6995Direct: +1.949.585.4000Fax: +1.949.585.4419www.epicor.comNorth America2800 Trans-Canada HighwayPointe-Claire, QC H9R 1B1CanadaPhone: +1.800.992.9160Fax: +1.514.426.0824Europe, Middle East and AfricaNo. 1 The ArenaDownshire WayBracknell, Berkshire RG12 1PUUnited KingdomPhone: +44.0.1344.468.468Fax: +44.0.1344.468.010Asia238A Thomson Road #23-06Novena Square Tower ASingapore 307684SingaporePhone: +65.6333.8121Fax: +65.6333.8131Australia and New ZealandLevel 34101 Miller StreetNorth Sydney NSW 2060AustraliaPhone: +61.2.9927.6200Fax: +61.2.9956.8976This document is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. This document and its contents, including the viewpoints, dates and functional content expressed herein are believed to be accurate as of its date of publication, January 2010.However, Epicor Software Corporation makes no guarantee, representations or warranties with regard to the enclosed information and specifically disclaims the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. As each user of Epicor software islikely to be unique in their requirements in the use of such software and their business processes, users of this document are always advised to discuss the content of this document with their Epicor account manager. All information contained herein is subject to changewithout notice and changes to this document since printing and other important information about the software product are made or published in release notes, and you are urged to obtain the current release notes for the software product. We welcome user commentsand reserve the right to revise this publication and/or make improvements or changes to the products or programs described in this publication at any time, without notice. The usage of any Epicor Software shall be pursuant to an Epicor end user license agreement andthe performance of any consulting services by Epicor personnel shall be pursuant to Epicor’s standard services terms and conditions. Epicor is a registered trademark of Epicor Software Corporation. All other trademarks acknowledged. This document and its contents arethe property of Epicor Software Corporation. Recipients of this document should not distribute to any third parties without Epicor’s prior written consent. Copyright © 2010 Epicor Software Corporation. Part # 70314-000-0000-0296

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