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Everything you need to knowaboutSHOOT ‘EM UP…and how it relates to youand the world around you.Includes info on the actors,director, with news, reviews,and photos.Presentation byDavid

SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being Human"Shoot 'Em Up" is a gritty, fast-paced action thriller.Clive Owen stars as Mr. Smith, a mysterious lonerwho teams up with an unlikely ally (Monica Belluci) toprotect a newborn baby from a determined criminal(Paul Giamatti) who hunts them throughout thebowels of the city.

CASTThe Cinematic Arts Havethe Power to TransformCLIVE OWEN, has made a name forhimself both in his U.K. home, the UnitedStates and around the world. With hiscaptivating performance in the title role ofMike Hodges‟ sleeper hit Croupier, criticshave compared him to the likes of Bogart,Mitchum, and Connery!

CASTMONICA BELLUCCIhas achieved popular andcritical acclaim throughoutthe world for her work insuch renowned films asGiuseppe Tornatore‟sOscar-nominated Malena,Irreversible and The Passionof the Christ, among manyother international releasesduring her illustrious career.Actors areLiberators Unaware

CASTPAUL GIAMATTI .Giamatti‟s performance in RonHoward's Cinderella Man,earned him a SAG Award andBroadcast Film Critics' Awardfor Best Supporting Actor, aswell as Academy Award andGolden Globe nominations inthe same category.Actors help us: laugh, be happy,cry, get angry, and even think.

CREWFilmmakers are Revolutionaries,Not Just EntertainersDirected by Michael DavisScreenplay by Michael DavisOriginal Music by Paul HaslingerCinematography by Peter PauFilm Editing by Peter AmundsonCasting by Deirdre BowenProduction Design by Gary FrutkoffArt Direction by Patrick BanisterSet Decoration by Erin Gould and Carolyn 'Cal' LoucksCostume Design by Denise Cronenberg

DIRECTOROur Artists AreOur LiberatorsFilmmakerMICHAEL DAVIS isnot only anaccomplishedwriter and director,but also a giftedillustrator whostoryboards hisfilms entirelyhimself. As amulti-hyphenate,Davis brings astrong vision toeach phase of thefilmmakingprocess.

TRIVIA AND NEWSWhen writer/director Michael Davis's originalconcept was passed on by movie studios, heput together a 17-minute reel of animatedfootage, consisting of 17,000 line drawings, inorder to give studio heads an idea of how theaction scenes would play out. This got theattention of New Line Cinema CEO, Bob Shaye,who approved the project and accepted Davisto direct. After signing Clive Owen and otheractors, the film went into production in Toronto,Canada from February 13 to May 8, 2006.

THE STORYThe film follows Mr.Smith (Clive Owen), adown-and-outsquatter with both anextensive militarybackground and afondness for carrots,who wants nothingmore than to be leftalone.Stories areTransforming

THE STORYAll Kids are Born ArtisticWhat is Natural is EssentialSmith finds himself embroiledin a complex politicalconspiracy once he aids apregnant woman who is beingchased by hitmen.

THE STORYStories Embody theEssence of Being HumanHe takes the baby and goes on therun with a prostitute (MonicaBellucci) specializing in lactatingfetishes.

THE STORYCinematic Story Tellingis HumanizingThe unlikely family istrailed by the intelligentHertz (played by PaulGiamatti) and Hertz's armyof thugs.

THE STORYFilm making is aCommunity Event.“Shoot „Em Up is akin to an AmericanJohn Woo action movie and tells thestory of the angriest man in the world,Mr. Smith, who‟s stuck with a baby anda life-threatening situation. It‟s about allthe imaginative and clever things youcan do with a gun fight.”-- Writer/director Michael Davis

'Shoot 'Em Up' a bloodbathwithout guilty fun to redeem it--Ruthe Stein, San FranciscoChronicleYou won‟t be able to wipe the grinoff your face - 3 out of 4 stars--Peter Travers, Rolling StoneTHE CRITICS SPEAKFree Artistic Expression is aMark of a Free Society"Shoot 'Em Up" is an elaborateslapstick cartoon with deadbodies--Gene Seymour, NewsdayThe title of this over-the-topaction movie says it all.--Frank Scheck, HollywoodReporter

David BruceOBSESSED WITHOBSESSIONS!“We felt Shoot ‘Em Up was this trulyspecial script with a unique voicebegging to be made. It was right upour alley because it pokes fun atAmerica‟s big obsessions – guns andbreasts and violence, in that order,”says Don Murphy, whose company,Angry Films, worked with Davis tobring this film to the screen.Some films are nothing more than afun slam on cultural obsessions. Andthat‟s what this is. But, critics are tornon this one. Those looking for logic,and redemption gave it flunkinggrades. Those accepting it on its ownterms (poking fun at our obsessions)gave it glowing reviews. So, it alldepends on your mind set as towhether or not this film is for you.OPINION and INSIGHT

LIVING LIFE WHEN NOONE CARESCreator Michael Davis describesShoot ‘Em Up as a “blue-collarJames Bond movie. Mr. Smith is theantithesis of James Bond. He hasbeen psychologically damaged inhis past and is homeless, whichgives you a Rocky-like underdogfeeling, because he has noresources but his own…”Admittedly this film is way overthe top and the story line takes aback seat to the action. Butinterestingly, there is a life lessonhere: Mr. Smith finds friendship andpurpose as he moves beyond hisangry isolationism and involveshimself with the lives of others(specifically, a woman and a baby).Society is only asfree as its artsOPINION and INSIGHT

MISPLACEDANGER!“Mr. Smith is the angriestman in the world,” saysMichael Davis. “Becausehe‟s angrier at a biggerthing that has causedtrouble in his life, it‟s all thelittle things in life that makehim angry. He verbalizes allthe small things that irritateany one of us in real life –someone chewing gum, aguy who doesn‟t use histurn signals, or someoneslurping coffee. He‟shardboiled, but we canidentify with him.”Art is aLiberating ForceLife Lesson:“Anger is a momentarymadness, so control yourpassion or it will control you.”--Horace (Ancient RomanPoet. 65 BC-8 BC)OPINION and INSIGHT

TRUE FRIENDSCALL YOU ONYOUR CRAP!Monica Bellucci plays “theonly character in the moviethat doesn‟t take crap fromSmith. She calls him oneverything… She‟s really theemotional core at the centerof the movie. She‟s alwayshonest, she‟s always sayingwhat she‟s feeling andeventually she gets Smith tomake a transformation, to bea bit more open and caring,to start healing from hisemotional wounds.”-- Michael DavisTo Restrict Creativity is toRestrict the CreatorLife Lesson:“A friend is someonewith whom I can revealmany parts of me, eventhose I am meeting forthe first time.”OPINION and INSIGHT

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