CONTENTS1. Introduction to NMR and NML2. NMR Group Strategy: Sustainability3. Case study 1: Health performance4. Case study 2: Nutrition performance5. Case study 3: Identification of mastitic pathogens6. Case study 4: Human health performance7. Future outlook8. Discussion

National Milk Records: Where now?- £11.5m turnover with 200 staff- circa 350 milk recorders- Milk recording for 6,000 farms plus basic testingfor a further 1,400- On farm software: InterHerd, ImpelPro, InterHerdPlus- Web based reporting: Herd CompanionTotal lactatinganimals720,255Youngstock 776,611Total live animals 1,496,866

National Milk Laboratories: Where now?- Turnover of £3.5m and staff of 46- Payment testing for over 95% of GB herds- Testing once a week for SCC, fat, protein,urea, bactoscan, FPD and antibiotics- Statutory testing for brucellosis and EBL- Provision of microbiology and disease testingservices

NMR Group locations

NMR Group strategy1. Testing• Bulk milk samples and individual cowsamples2. Information provision• Information, not data• Access for the full management team3. Focus on Sustainability• Technical, commercial and environmental

Testing: Why???Why? Test type ParameterManage suitability forend use and managenutritionAvoid shelf life/hygieneissuesConstituentsHygienic qualityFat, protein, casein, ureaBactoscanManage cow health Mastitis SCCIdentification ofpathogen DNAAvoid contamination offoodManage infectiousdiseaseContribute to humanhealth attributes of milkManage environmentalimpactContaminantsDisease by ELISAFatty acid profiling Omega 3Fatty acid profilingAntibiotics, water, heavymetals, pesticides,herbicidesJohnes, BVD, Lepto, IBRBrucellosis, EBLMethane emissioncalculation

Information for theherd management team

The management team

Sustainability of the GB dairy enterprise

Short term viability good,but need for change inherd management regimeLong term viability good –the winning positionFinancialperformanceNot viable –major change requiredor exitNeed for review of costsand milk price contractTechnicalperformance‘If you cant measure it, you cant manage it’

Managing all elements of technical sustainabilityTechnical Sustainability: Lifetime YieldHeiferrearingInfectiousdiseaseMastitisLamenessFertilityMilkQualityNutrition

Health MonitorSomatic cell counts: Four distinct types

The Food Standards Agency:A clear message'People say they do know that saturated fat isbad for them but they don’t necessarily link itto heart disease and what they are eating. It'simportant they make that connection,because heart disease is the UK’s numberone killer – one in three of us will die as aresult”.Tim Smith, Chief Executive,Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency:The TV campaign

The FSA saturated fat campaign:Why?The Cost of Coronary Heart DiseaseDeathseach yearHealth carecostsEnglandEurope110,000 2 million£1.7 billion €192 billion

% SFA intakeSources of saturated fats6050403020100IcelandGermanyFranceUKItalyGreece(Hulshof et al., 1999)

Intake of SFA (%EI)Effect of reducing SFA in milk fat onintake of SFA by UK adults1413.5Men1312.5Women12Population target11.511Current situation30 40 50 60 70 80SFA in milk fat %

Added benefits from sat fat reductionEnvironmental benefitBenefitsgainedHuman healthbenefitCow health benefitInvestment in ration

Number of results200Saturated fat in raw milk: Initial Results (n = 998)18016014012010080604020052 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69Saturated fat percentage

Saturated fat as % of total (n = 340)2018161412Numberof results108642069Farm 1 Farm 2 Farm 3

Outlook• More parties interested in interrogating the milk sample• Results of milk testing will:• Contribute to increased dairy industry productivity• Add value to dairy products• Add value to the cow• Assist in management of food safety• Assist in monitoring environmental impact• Assist in management of new infectious diseases• Contribute to improved human health• The only constraints are commercial…….

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