12.05.2012 16.09.2012 - Visit Gent

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12.05.2012 16.09.2012 - Visit Gent

Contemporary Art in Ghent’s Public SpacesA contemporary city conversation12.05.2012 16.09.2012Various Locations - GHENT - BELGIUM

Gent km 60 km 53 km 58 km 221 km 455 km 267 km 73 km 321 km 277 km 293 kmAntwerpenBruggeBrussel Frankfurt (D)Amsterdam (NL) Köln (D)Lille (F) Luxembourg(L)London (GB) Paris (F)TRACK: an artistic experience without boundaries.... 3Out and About with TRACK!................................ 5APPENDIX 1Artist Information............................................ 20CITADELBLANDIJN, university district, the book towerCENTRUM, historical city centreMACHARIUS, from Dampoort to St. Bavo’s AbbeyTOLHUIS, from Fratersplein to the World of Kina GardensGASMETERSITE, industrial heritage site689111213APPENDIX 2In the Footsteps ofIllustrious Predecessors.....................................22APPENDIX 3What’s New in Ghent?.......................................23Visiting TRACK..................................................14EXTRACKT.........................................................16TRADE Contacts.................................................18APPENDIX 4Eating and Sleeping in Ghent............................ 26NB: This document will be regularly updated with new information. The latest version is always available for downloadfrom the following two URLs: www.visitgent.be/track - www.track.be/trade2

TRACK: an artistic experience without boundariesFrom 12 May to 16 September 2012, no more than thirty highly reputed international artistswill be leaving an amazing trail of art and creativity throughout the City of Ghent. They willbe using the city itself as their source of inspiration.TRACK is a temporary exhibit with work by more thanthirty international artists including world-famous namesand promising young talent. Well-known names includeMichaël Borremans (B), Fischli/Weiss (CH), Johanna Billing(S), Tercerunquinto (Mex) and Elmgreen & Dragset(DK/N), Erik Van Lieshout (NL).Other artists – originating from countries such as China,France, Germany, Japan, USA, Italy and England – willbe announced later this year.Their work will add an extra dimension to a stay inGhent – its historical buildings will be interspersed withcontemporary art, parks and squares will be home to eyecatching,original works of art, and unusual locations willbe opened to the public especially for the event. Contemporaryart will be throwing off its museum shacklesand venturing out into the city.Off the beaten TRACKUnusual locations will be used as hotbeds for artisticprojects. TRACK will be looking to uncover the multifacetedidentity of these locations. The city’s rich diversitywill be providing the inspiration – historically, architecturally,socially, culturally and demographically.This artistic voyage of discovery will not only take youaround the city centre, but will also take you throughsix magnificent neighbourhoods introducing you to everyfacet of this fascinating city of culture. TRACK will bethe perfect way to discover Ghent or to explore hithertounknown and authentic spots throughout the city. Allof this at your own pace.Discover Ghent’s Hidden GemsGhent has a magnificent cultural heritage that is savouredby countless overseas visitors. Several listed buildingsand national heritage sites will be open to the publicespecially for TRACK.These include the wonderful, 7th-century St. Bavo’sAbbey, Van de Velde’s world-famous Book Tower, thelittle known and intriguing Voortman residence, the gasometersat the Gas Meter Site (designated as protectedindustrial heritage in 1995), etc.3

GASMETERSITE, industrial heritage siteGashouders – Industrial HeritageThe Voortman ResidenceWorld of Kina: The GardensGhent’s new courthouseSleepstraatTOLHUIS, from Fratersplein to the World of Kina GardensOudburgPatershol and Carmelite FriaryGravensteen – The Castle of the CountsHagelandkaaiOude vismarktDe GrasleiThe BelfryVan Eyck Swimming PoolSt. Bavo’s AbbeySt. Nicholas’ ChurchThe St. Bavo’s CathedralThe Adoration of the Mystic LambPortus GandaMACHARIUS, from Dampoort to St. Bavo’s AbbeyCENTRUM, historical city centreBLANDIJN, university district, the book towerVooruit Arts CentreThe Book TowerSTAMDe Bijloke Music CentreSt. Peter’s Abbey Art Gallery and VineyardCitadel ParkCITADELMSKS.M.A.K.Sint Pieters Railway Station4

Out and About with TRACK!TRACK will be looking to uncover the multi-faceted identity of these locations and to expose unexpected, astonishing,forgotten and new points of view, insights and perspectives about art and the times in which we live. Pleaserefer to the TRACK manifesto. Each artist will be looking to find a connection with the neighbourhood or venue inwhich he/she will be exhibiting his/her work. Each neighbourhood will therefore have its own character and temperament.Allow yourself to be whisked away on a voyage of discovery without parallel!Two symbols will be used to help you find your way:This symbol indicates an unusual location that is not usually open to the public, butwill be open during TRACK.This symbol stands for discovery... places, listed buildings, national heritage sites, etc.that are certainly worth a visit.5

CITADELSint Pieters Railway StationDe Bijloke Music CentreSTAMCitadel ParkMSKS.M.A.K.The neighbourhood around Sint PietersRailway Station was laid out in 1913 forthe World Exhibition with Citadel Parkforming a green oasis of tranquillity at itsheart. Nowadays, this beautifully landscapedpark forms the backdrop to theMSK (Museum of Fine Arts) and S.M.A.K.(Municipal Museum for ContemporaryArt). Premises at the old barracks havebeen converted into ateliers and rehearsalrooms for young artists and musicians.Meeting PointS.M.A.K., GhentNiet te missen in deze wijk:S.M.A.K.Municipal Museum for Contemporary Art is theTRACK event organizer. The art event’s two curatorsare Philippe Van Cauteren (S.M.A.K., Artistic Director)and Mirjam Varadinis (Kunsthaus Zürich, Curator).S.M.A.K. collection comprises over 1,800 works ofart covering a wide spectrum of international art historyfrom 1945 up until the current day with pieces byMarcel Broodthaers, Pierre Alechinsky, Panamarenko,Jan Fabre, Thierry De Cordier, Ann Veronica Janssens,Nedko Solakov, Dirk Braeckman, Berlinde De Bruyckere,Michaël Borremans, etc. www.smak.beMuseum of Fine Arts, GhentMuseum of Fine Arts: The diversity of this museum’scollection forms its major attraction and charm. Thecurrent collection focuses heavily on national and internationalart from the 19th century – fin de siècle, anartistic golden age for Ghent – and the early 20th century.The overall collection contains works by JeroenBosch, P.P. Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Gustave Courbet,James Ensor, Theo van Rysselberghe, Rik Wouters,etc. www.mskgent.be6

Pop into the nearby Bijloke site, a green oasis close to the city centre, that forms a cultural haven on the banks ofthe River Lys. Cultural attractions at this site include:STAMSTAM (Ghent City Museum) tells the story of the Cityof Ghent. The new city museum at the Bijloke siteforms the perfect introduction to Ghent and a gatewayto the city. Many group tours around Ghent startat this location. The STAM Café is also a perfect spotto relax. www.stamgent.beDe Bijloke Music Centreis a venue where a mix of historical and contemporaryarchitectural styles blend seamlessly to createone of Ghent’s most prominent national heritagesites. The music centre consists of an exceptionalmix of architectural styles that have been successfullypreserved over the centuries resulting in it beingjustifiably designated a World Heritage site. TheDe Bijloke Bistro is also the perfect spot for a tastylunch. www.debijloke.be7

BLANDIJN, university district, the book towerThe Book TowerVooruit Arts CentreSt. Peter’s Abbey Art Gallery and VineyardAny intellectual cannot help but feel athome in the shadow of the Book Towerand the Vooruit Arts Centre. During theday, educational institutes, faculties, laboratories,lecture halls, data banks andlibraries are used by 65,000 students. Atnight, the neighbourhood undergoes ametamorphosis and turns into a colourfulnightlife scene.Meeting PointVOORUIT, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 GhentMust-see local highlights include:The Book TowerA modernist masterpiece by Belgian architect HenryVan de Velde housing the University Library with overfour million publications.Vooruit Arts CentreThis magnificent art deco listed building houses a dynamicarts centre for dance, theatre, performance, literatureand a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll. Its spaciouscafé is a popular meeting place with free WiFi (closedin July and August). Delicious snacks are available inthe afternoon and evening.St. Peter’s Abbey Art Galleryand VineyardA former Benedictine abbey with a listed medievalrefectory and magnificent gardens and ruins. HaveAlison, a digital monk, take you on a tour of the abbey.8

CENTRUM, historical city centrePatershol and Carmelite FriaryGravensteen – The Castle of the CountsOude vismarktde GrasleiThe BelfrySt. Nicholas’ ChurchThe St. Bavo’s CathedralThe Adoration of the Mystic LambFor centuries, trade and industry flourishedin the historical city centre in theshadow of its three world-famous towers.Today, the centre is an amazing conglomerationof cafés and restaurants,mustard makers and grocer’s stores,traditional fabric shops and internationalbrand name clothing stores. Officebuildings are much sought after by largebusinesses.Meeting PointThe Ghent Tourist Information Office , Oude Vismijn,Sint-Veerleplein 5, 9000 GhentMust-see tourist highlights in this neighbourhood include:The Three TowersFor centuries, the city’s unique skyline has been definedby the St. Nicholas’ Church, the Belfry and the St.Bavo’s Cathedral that soar above the city.Gravensteen – The Castle of the CountsA magnificent medieval stronghold built in the heartof the city in 1180.9

Graslei and KorenleiTwo magnificent rows of houses with their facadesreflecting in the waters of the River Lys.Patershol and Carmelite FriaryMulti-purpose exhibition space in an authentic medievalneighbourhood.The Adoration of the Mystic LambImpressive polyptych with a turbulent history and anunsolved mystery.Oude VismijnThe odours of this former fish market are long gone,but its authenticity lingers. Beautifully renovated. TheGhent Tourist Information Office will be housed herefrom 10 November 2011.MUST-SEE!THE ADORATION OF THE MYSTIC LAMBThe Adoration of the Mystic Lamb forms a pinnacle in art history andhas a particularly turbulent past. It was painted by the Van Eyck brothersin 1432, spared during Beeldenstorm iconoclastic attacks, claimedby Napoleon, almost blown up during World War II, yet is miraculouslystill on display to be revered in Ghent’s cathedral... well, except for theright-hand panel, ‘The Just Judges’, that was stolen in 1934. Accordingto Noah Charney, author of Stealing the Mystic Lamb, this is ‘... the moststolen and most protected work of art in the world.’Prices & Tools Adults.............................................. 4,00 EUR (inc. audio guide) Groups (min. 15 pers.)................... 3,00 EUR (audio guide: 1 EUR) Children (7 g 12 y.o.)..................... 1,50 EUR (audio guide: 1 EUR) Tools: Hemels Gent [‘Heavenly Ghent’] (only available in Dutch).Click this link to download the guide: http://www.visitgent.be/eCache/VGN/12/851.html10

MACHARIUS, from Dampoort to St. Bavo’s AbbeyVan Eyck Swimming PoolPortus GandaHagelandkaaiSt. Bavo’s AbbeyThe River Lys flows into the River Scheldtin Ghent’s Macharius neighbourhood– the city’s cradle. Nowadays, religionsreside here in perfect harmony – thecenturies-old St. Bavo’s Abbey, the neighbouringmosque and the St. MacariusChurch – an open house and interdenominationalmeeting place.Meeting Pointt.b.c.Must-see local highlights include:St. Bavo’s AbbeyThe tranquil remains of the 7th-century abbey locatedat the birthplace of the City of Ghent. Museumof Stone ObjectsPortus GandaSince 2005, pleasure boats have been mooring at thenew Portus Ganda marina, but it is also a great spot tohang out on the terrace and chill.Van Eyck Swimming PoolBelgium’s oldest indoor swimming pool with magnificentart deco interior.HagelandkaaiThe trees lining the quayside are works of art in theirown right, as are their shadows.11

TOLHUIS, from Fratersplein to the World of Kina GardensThe Voortman ResidenceWorld of Kina: The GardensSleepstraatA major portion of Ghent’s healthcareservices is located in the vicinity of theFratersplein including hospitals, oldpeople’s homes and the Sint Jan DeDeo psychiatric unit. Not surprisingly,artwork shapes the emotions here inthe form of life, death and sickness.OudburgMeeting PointCampo Victoria, Fratersplein 7, 9000 GhentMust-see local highlights:World of Kina: The GardensOver one thousand species of plant, a bee colony andliving bird spiders all under one roof! A green oasis oftranquillity in the city centre.The Voortman ResidenceThis listed building has not been renovated yet,but has a beautiful Empire-style facade facing outonto a garden with a wild appearance and pondlending it its own peculiar charm. A mysteriousplace...Oudburg and SleepstraatThis neighbourhood with its multitude of cultures andnationalities is definitely the most colourful in the city.Campo Victoria is a Ghent arts centre that creates andputs on theatre performances. The centre also has agreat bar and courtyard garden.12

GASMETERSITE, industrial heritage siteGashouders – Industrial HeritageThe Gas Meter Site is undergoing completeredevelopment. The new law courthas provided the necessary impetus totransform this 19th-century industrialzone into a modern residential neighbourhoodthat will continue to grow andevolve.Ghent’s new courthouseMeeting Pointt.b.d.Must-see local highlights:Gasometers - Industrial HeritageThe gasometers line the Gasmeterlaan in the RabotBlaisantvest neighbourhood. They are the sole remnantsof the gasworks that were located here from1883 until 1945. The gasometers were designated aslisted buildings in 1995.Ghent’s new courthouseGhent’s new courthouse was designed by Beel &Achtergael Architects. Its subdued glass construction isparticularly striking. Stephane Beel also designed museumM in Leuven and the new wing of the Singel inAntwerp.13

VISITING TRACKMEETING POINTSThe central meeting point is located at S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum for Contemporary Art). There you can purchasetickets, visitor guides and catalogues, and get information about the project. During TRACK, this is the mainmeeting point – an ideal spot to rest, to attend lectures with or about artists, or to participate in workshops. Otherclusters also have meeting points.OPENING HOURSTRACK’s opening weekend will be held on 12 and 13 May 2012. TRACK is open to individuals and groups from 15May to 16 September 2012 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indoor venues are closed on Mondaysfor maintenance.TICKETS One ticket provides admission to all venues and is valid throughout the entire exhibition period.Approximately half of the artworks are on display in unique indoor venues, i.e. not in public spaces. Admission alsoincludes an extensive explanation about all works of art, as well as interesting tourist information.GUIDED TOURSAt least two days are needed to discover and admire all thirty works of art. This is why we will be providing pre-setformulas. Of course, it is also possible to include one or more neighbourhoods as part of a more comprehensiveprogramme.The following formulas are available for groups (15 to 20 people):guided tour of one neighbourhoodguided tour of three neighbourhoods guided tour of selected sites across allsix neighbourhoodsAll group tours depart from S.M.A.K.14

RESERVATIONSGroup information, ticket reservations and TRACK-certified tour guides can be arranged with:Gent InfoT +32 9 210 10 10Open from Monday till Saturday, from 8 am - 7 pm.Meer info: www.track.beTRACK will be operating a voucher system for trade partners.TRACK + CYCLINGCycling is by far the best way to explore the city and experience everything that TRACK has to offer. The centralbicycle rental station is at S.M.A.K. where bicycles can be rented at very affordable rates. Groups can reserve theirbicycles in advance. Every neighbourhood has its own bicycle racks where bicycles can be left while visiting selectedlocations on foot. Bicycles do not have to be returned to the start location. Bicycle reservations can be madeon the www.max-mobiel.be website.TRACK + MINIBUSIf you want to be ferried from place to place as a group, or if you aren’t particularly mobile, then minibusescan be rented for a maximum of eight passengers. Reservations are compulsory and can be made on thewww.max-mobiel.be website.COACH PARKINGCoaches can park and/or drop off their passengers close to S.M.A.K. Ghent has special-purpose coach parks locatedwithin walking distances of all the city’s tourist highlights. A map with these coach parks marked can bedownloaded from: http://www.visitgent.be/eCache/VGN/11/716.html.15

EXTRACKTDuring TRACK, there will be countless activities to experience and sights to behold.Ghent Festival – 14 July to 23 July 2012This sensually stimulating popular festival will be ignitingthe city for ten whole days. The Parade opens thefestival and the Day of the Empty Wallets closes the festival.In between, 10 Days Off, the International StreetTheatre Festival and the Puppet Busker Festival willbe held, as will free musical performances at variousvenues throughout the city centre, over seven hundredtheatre performances, exhibitions, guided tours andfirework displays. www.gentsefeesten.beGhent Jazz Festival – 04 July to 15 July 2012In July each year, jazz lovers can indulge themselves totheir heart’s content at the Ghent Jazz Festival. Nationallyand internationally renowned artists will be fillingthe festivals programming.De Bijloke Music CentreJozef Kluyskensstraat 29000 Ghent www.gentjazz.com16

Vlaamse Opera – 2012 Programme (May September)In the first half of the 19th century, Ghent’s rich industrialists embarked on the construction of a lavish, new operahouse. The opera house was intended as a status symbol reflecting their newfound wealth – as a result, no expensewas spared. Seeing, as well as being seen were important aspects of this magnificent, horseshoe-shaped performancehall’s role The impressive chandelier is a sight to behold in its own right, as are the three salons measuringa total of ninety metres in length. Nowadays, it is a bustling opera house that puts on contemporary opera productionsdemonstrating just how current the genre has remained.25 May 2 June - Le Duc d’Albeby Gaetano Donizettireinterpretation of the original French version byGiorgio Battistelli, directed by Carlos Wagner andconducted by Paolo Carignani.28 June 6 July - Carmenby Georges Bizetdirected by Daniel Kramer and conducted by DmitriJurowski16 September 23 SeptemberLa Damnation de Faustby Hector Berliozdirected by Terry Gilliam / dirigent NNInfo & TicketsVlaamse OperaSchouwburgstraat 3 - 9000 GhentT. + 32 70 22 02 02Group Reservations: groepen@vlaamseopera.bewww.vlaamseopera.beGhent Festival! – 15 September to 07 October 2012For three whole weeks, Ghent becomes a Mecca for music lovers. Hundreds of artists will be performing a variedmix of music including classical, jazz and world music.OdeGand is the Ghent Festival’s spectacular opening. The streets and waterways of Ghent will be brimming withmusic, entertainment and other spectacles. A firework display will be closing the festivities. A dream start!Contact DetailsFestival van Vlaanderen GentKleine Gentstraat 46 - 9051 GhentT. +32 9 243 94 94E-mail: info@festival.be - www.festivalgent.beInfo & TicketsUitbureau GentKammerstraat 19 - 9000 GhentT. +32 9 233 77 8817

De Bijloke Music Centre – 2012 Programme (May June)MayFri 4 20:00 KR Joachim Brackx, NablaMaeterlinckSat 5 20:00 KR Joachim Brackx, NablaMaeterlinckTue 8 15:00 KR Takashi WatanabeBach, Goldberg - VariatieFri 11 20:00 CZ Gabrieli Consort & PlayersA. Gabrieli, G. Gabrieli,Bendinelli, Thomsen, GussagoSat 12 20:00 CZ Symfonieorkest VlaanderenLorenzo Gatto, NathanBraude Copland, Mozart,SchumannWed 16 20:00 CZ Lisa Cay Miller & Q JazzJuneFri 1 20:00 KR Lorenzo Gatto, Van Beethoven,Debussy, FranckSat 9 20:00 CZ Brussels Philharmonic &Preisträger Violine desKönigin Elisabeth WettbewerbsSon 10 11:00 & 15:00 Collegium Vocale GentGesualdo, Refter StamInfo & TicketsTrade Contact Details:Sophie.cocquyt@debijloke.beT.: + 32 9 269 92 92 – F.: +32 9 269 92 87TRADE CONTACTSFlanders Tourist Board’s Trade ContactsGermany Claudia Timpetrade@flandern.comT + 49 221 270 97 40UK Lisa Thomaslisa@visitflanders.co.ukT + 44 20 7307 77 33France Myriam Mezioummeziou@tbfb.comT + 33 1 56 89 14 45The Netherlands Joke Nivelletrade@toerismevlaanderen.nlT + 31 70 416 81 10Ghent Tourist Board Johan Catteeuwjohan.catteeuw@gent.be+32 9 266 56 67Gent infoT +32 9 210 10 1018

TRACK PartnersAcknowledgementsTextDesignHead PublisherCover PhotographyCopyrightsToerisme Gent en Ief StuyvaertSteven DerthooToerisme Gent en vzw Gent HotelsAnna DrijboomsDienst Toerisme Gent, Toerisme Vlaanderen, Volta p 21: Piet de Kersgieter,waterzooi p 26: Tony Leduc, STAM p 7 & 20 + justitiepaleis p 13: Phile Deprez,OdeGand p 17: Wouter Rawoens, Patershol p 10: cityofghent.be,Borremans p 23: www.schamper.ugent.be, Sint-Pietersstation p 6: Lou Demeyere,Hotel Ibis p29: Luc SelvaisNo part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the publisher and its copyright holders.19

APPENDIX 1THE ARTISTSThe line-up is not yet complete, but these five prominent artists have already been confirmed. New names will be announcedin the weeks and months ahead.Johanna Billing (b. 1973, Sweden)Johanna Billing is both an artist and researcher of social processes. She is interested in how people work andwhat distinguishes the group from the individual. Participation is a thread that runs throughout her oeuvre. Billingmakes films with small, special groups such as children, amateur musicians and local inhabitants. In her projectsshe often addresses music, movement and rhythm. Participants in Billing’s films play themselves in a staged situationthat lies somewhere between fiction and reality. She has participated in numerous international exhibitionsincluding the Istanbul Biennale (2005) and Documenta XII (2007).Michael Borremans (b. 1963, Belgium)Michael Borremans is an internationally renowned Belgian artist. He is known for his paintings and drawings,which are technically traditional and whose theme is the depiction of contemporary people and society. In 2011, ​Borremans created a collection of paintings for the Royal Palace in Brussels and has also exhibited his work inWürttembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, Mücsarnok Kunsthalle in Budapest and the Taidehalli in Helsinki.20

Michael Elmgreen (b. 1961, Denmark)Ingar Dragset (b. 1967, Norway)The artist duo of Elmgreen & Dragset bring contemporary art into contactwith an audience that is not familiar with it. They create architectural interventionsand large systems which reveal existing beliefs about our socialand spatial environment and then give them a new, often very humorous,interpretation. Their well-known interventions include the opening of a Pradashop in the Texan desert and the transformation of the Nordic Pavilion atthe 2009 Venice Biennale into the town house of ‘The Collector’.Peter Fischli (b. 1952, Switzerland)David Weiss (b. 1946, Switzerland)Fischli and Weiss are a famous Swiss duo of artists whose work has beenexhibited in major international museums and institutions over the past 25years, but only rarely in Belgium. Their work includes various media rangingthrough sculpture, film and photography and even handicrafts. They start withbanal objects and everyday experiences which they then place – seeminglycarelessly but actually very precisely – in an artistic context, without making adistinction between high and low art. Fischli & Weiss’s works are also includedin the collections of the Tate (London) and Guggenheim (New York). In 2011 theirexhibition venues included Kunsthaus Zurich and MARTa Herford.Tercerunquinto (Mexico)Julio Cesar Castro Carreon (b.1976), Gabriel Cazares Salas (b. 1978) andRolando Flores Tovar (b. 1975) together form the young Mexican artists’collective Tercerunquito. Since 1996, this group has focused on the role ofarchitecture and its impact on people’s behaviour. The trio literally breaksthrough buildings, sets to work with indoor and outdoor spaces, or buildswalls in unusual places. The public is exposed to unexpected obstacles, generallyin the public space. These interventions overturn or question routineexperiences. In recent years the collective has also realised projects in Birmingham,Madrid and San Francisco.* Other artists will be announced later in the year on the www.track.be or www.visitgent.be/trade websites.21

Ahmet Ögüt (b. 1981, Turkey)Ahmet Ögüt lives and works in Amsterdam and Istanbul. In his artisticpractice he uses various media such as video, drawings and installations.Performance plays an important role in the conception and realisation ofhis projects. Ögüt deals with complex social and political themes with afine touch of humour. In 2009 he represented Turkey at the Venice Biennale.In 2011 he won the Volkskrant Art Prize.Mircea Cantor (b. 1977, Romania)Mircea Cantor lives and works in Paris and Cluj. He has acquired an internationalreputation for his work, which subtly comments on contemporary society.Cantor highlights the pros and cons of globalisation, but also respondsto the characteristics of Romanian society and its traditions. In 2011, he heldsolo exhibitions at the Kunstverein Salzburg and Le Credac in Ivry sur Seine,and won the Prix Marcel Duchamp.Teresa Margolles (b. 1963, Mexico)Teresa Margolles lives in Mexico City. She examines the transition fromlife to death, from living body to corpse. Margolles even argues that deathdoes not remove social inequality. She generally works with the bodiesof anonymous victims of violent murder or drug abuse who have simplybeen abandoned without ceremony. In 2009, Margolles representedMexico at the Venice Biennale. In 2011 she also exhibited her work at theKunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel and the Museion in Bolzano.Katerina Šedá (b. 1977, Czech Republic)The work of the Czech artist Katerina Šedá is mainly based on interaction,collaboration and building community or family ties. She has realiseda number of projects in close consultation with the inhabitants of herhometown of Brno. In her more intimate work Šedá starts with her ownfamily context and investigates the nature of relationships between differentgenerationErik van Lieshout (b. 1968, Netherlands)Dutch artist Erik Gerardus Fransiscus van Lieshout is a painter and film maker,but is chiefly known for his installation art. His work is often provocative,bewildering and subversive. Van Lieshout’s intriguing self-portraits mercilesslyexpose cultural differences, life’s questions, subcultures and emotions.His films are most commonly presented in the form of an installationwherein the audience plays an active part. Van Lieshout has had solo exhibitionsin the Groninger Museum (2002), Museum Bojmans van Beuningen(2006) and Kunsthaus Zürich (2007). He was elected as the Dutch entry forthe Venice Biennale (2003) and took part in the Gwangju Biennale (2006) andSeoul Media City (2010).22

APPENDIX 2IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ILLUSTRIOUS PREDECESSORSIn true Ghent tradition, TRACK will be taking its exhibitions outside the museumwalls. Illustrious predecessors include Chambres d’Amis (1986) en Overthe Edges (2000), each of which attracted over one hundred thousand visitors.Chambres d’AmisWith Chambres d’Amis (1986), Jan Hoet – S.M.A.K. director at the time – introducedcontemporary artists to a wider audience in an original manner.He invited international artists to create works of art and to exhibit them inthe private homes of some of Ghent’s residents – far away from the large,white expanse of a museum wall. It proved an immediate success and exceededall expectations. Countless similar initiatives at home and abroadlater confirmed that Chambres d’Amis had been a truly pioneering idea.Over the EdgesOver the Edges (2000) was staged in the historical décor of the city itself.Large-scale art installations appeared on street corners and squares. Ghentcity centre was transformed into a huge artistic amusement park. One journalistwrote the following about her visit, ‘Visit Ghent and you can’t fail tobe instantly happy... there, ham turns into marble, tortoises wander aroundaimlessly with traffic signs and a police station has been transformed intoa boudoir.’23

APPENDIX 3WHAT’S NEW IN GHENT?STAM (Ghent City Museum)The new Ghent City Museum, STAM, is situated on the banks of the River Lys. It opened its doors in October 2010and has already welcomed over one hundred thousand visitors! Here you can learn everything about Ghent’spast, present and future. It is the ideal starting point from which to discover the City of Ghent. There is also a café/restaurant and a park & ride (P&R) site for coaches.STAM StadsmuseumBijlokekaai 7B - 9000 Ghentwww.stamgent.be Individual Rate ...................................6,00 EUR Group Rate (min. 15 pers.) .................4,50 EUR Under 19 y.o. ............................. free admissionGHENT MUSEUM PASS – 15% Trade Discount!Pay once, see everything!With the Ghent Museum Pass, you can visit Ghent’s major museums and listed buildings foronly €20 including any temporary exhibits. The pass is also a free ticket for all De Lijn city busesand trams. Tram Line 1 is the ideal line for visiting various museums and sightseeing.The Ghent Museum Pass does not provide admission to TRACK.Trade partners can purchase this pass for a 15% trade discount. For more information, pleasesend an e-mail to: directie.cultuur@gent.be24

OUDE VISMIJNThe Oude Vismijn has been restored to its former gloryfollowing extensive renovation work... a new jewel inGhent’s crown. Top restaurant Bord’eau serves sumptuousmeals with views from its terrace over the medievalVleeshuis.From 2012 on, the site will also be home to thenew Ghent Tourist Information Office!www.oudevismijn.beVolta, de Vitrine and J.E.F.A former storehouse in green surroundings. Flemish Foodies chef Olly Ceulenaere hardly needed any more to provideGhent with yet another new culinary hotspot – Volta. His partner-in-culinary-crime, Kobe Desramaults, recentlyopened brasserie De Vitrine. Just recently, November 4th , Flemish Foodies Jason Blankaert opened J.E.F. in thehistorical centre of Ghent . Will J.E.F. meet the expectations? We will keep you posted!www.volta-gent.be – www.de-vitrine.be – www.j-e-f.beThe Flemish FoodiesThree young and particularly dynamic chefs together formThe Flemish Foodies. Jason Blanckaert, Kobe Desramaultsand Olly Ceulenaere not only cook, but they also create awhole world around cooking. You can follow their culinaryexploits on www.flemishfoodies.be and less virtually at theirquirky restaurants!CITY CENTRE RENEWALTwo of Ghent’s largest squares – Korenmarkt and Emile Braunplein – have been completely refurbished. Hence thename KoBra. Korenmarkt has already been finished and Emile Braunplein will be completed in 2012.Car parking facilities on the Emile Braunplein will be making way for a park and multi-purpose, open civic centre (late2012). There will also be a grand café, bicycle racks and public toilets.25

GRUUT CITY BREWERYGhent was the centre of the beer brewing industry forcenturies. New life is now being blown into this losttradition by the Gruut city brewery. You will alwaysfind something to suit your taste whether you prefera blonde, brown or white beer. It goes without sayingthat group tours end with a beer tasting!GRUUT CITY BREWERYGrote Huidevettershoek 10 - 9000 GhentT. +32 9 233 68 21www.gruut.beSandton Grand Hotel Reylof, GhentTourism is booming in Ghent! A new four-star hotel opened its doors in July 2011. The hotel has over 158 comfortablerooms including Charm Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suites, Executive Apartments and a Presidential Suite.The hotel’s convivial restaurant (Lof), a bar, a champagne lounge (September 2011) and a cocktail bar (September2011) are/will be located in the main building, itself a listed building. The Head Chef, Michiel Slot, and his team willbe stirring Lof’s pots and pans with a great deal of passion and pride. French classics as well as dishes with anoriental touch are on the menu.Free WiFi is also available throughout the hotel. A beautiful courtyard garden can be found nestling between thehotel’s buildings where – weather permitting – you can relax on one of several terraces.SANDTON GRAND HOTEL REYLOFHoogstraat 36 - 9000 Ghent+32 9 235 40 70gent@sandton.euwww.sandton.eu/nl/gentContact: Nancy Vanden Berghe or Jaap Blijleven26

APPENDIX 4TRACK: EATINGIndulge Your Taste Buds!In Ghent, your taste buds have to deal with quite a range of new taste sensations – anything from Ghent’s characteristicaperitif of elderberries on sharp mustard in a uuflakke [brawn] sandwich to sumptuously sweet neuzekes[cuberdons]. Ghent has it all... indigenous specialities or exotic cuisine, quick snacks or total indulgences, fish ormeat. Alternatively, no meat at all because Ghent was recently voted veggie capital of Europe!TRACK’s partner restaurants will be listed here soon. Keep an eye on our website.GROUP DININGSalons Carlos Quinto Seating: 230Kammerstraat 20T 00 32 (0)9 225 59 29E info@salonscarlosquinto.bewww.salonscarlosquinto.beBrasserie Het Volk Seating: 130 - 150Poel 7T 00 32 (0)9 265 44 70E brasseriehetvolk@skynet.bewww.brasseriehetvolk.beBrasserie Pakhuis Seating: 120 - 200Schuurkenstraat 4T 00 32 (0)9 223 55 55E info@pakhuis.bewww.pakhuis.beTrio’s Seating: 95 - 105Donkersteeg 26T 00 32 (0)9 225 15 90E trios@pandora.bewww.triosgent.beDe Witte Leeuw Seating: 130 - 180Graslei 6T 00 32 (0)9 223 48 58E info@dewitteleeuw.bewww.dewitteleeuwgent.beCafé Théâtre Seating: 150 - 300Schouwburgstraat 5T 00 32 (0)9 265 05 50E info@cafetheatre.bewww.cafetheatre.beHet Groot Vleeshuis Seating: 100 - 120Groentenmarkt 7T 00 32 (0)9 223 23 24E am256372@skynet.begrootvleeshuis@oost-vlaanderen.bewww.grootvleeshuis.be27

Higher Price SegmentKorenhuisKorenlei 10T 00 32 (0)9 269 77 44E info@korenhuis.bewww.korenhuis.beKorenlei 2 Seating: 30 - 70Korenlei 2T 00 32 (0)9 224 00 73E info@korenlei.bewww.korenlei.beBord’Eau Seating: 100 - 120Sint-Veerleplein 5T 00 32 (0)9 223 20 00E info@bordeau.bewww.bordeau.beIn the Art QuarterCafé Cité Seating: 110 - 260CitadelparkT 00 32 (0)9 241 50 25E info@gourmetinvent.bewww.gourmetinvent.beKaffee A capella Seating: 70 - 110Godshuizenlaan 33T 00 32 (0)9 233 77 76E acapella.gent@gmail.comwww.acapella-gent.be28

TRACK: SLEEPINGTRACK partner hotelsIbis Gent Centrum Kathedraal **Cosy hotel in the heart of Gent opposite Sint-Baafs cathedral. Comfortable rooms with colour TV, telephone andfully equipped bathroom. A typical Belgian café and private parking.IBIS Gent Centrum Opera **Cosy and modern hotel in the heart of Gent, near the shopping streets and all places of interest. Comfortablerooms. Car park with 40 parking places.Novotel Gent Centrum ***In the middle of the heart of the historic centre of Gent. Modern and quiet hotel with inner court and terrace. Restaurant,bar, conference and banqueting facilities, including a historic 14th century cellar. Swimming pool.29

Incoming DMC’sSome incoming DMC’s have developed an attractive TRACK programme. If you are a contemporary art addict, a two days TRACKprogramme will certainly seduce you. If you are more fond of strolling around Ghent, a combination of the TRACK programmeand a discovery of Ghent will suit you perfectly.AAB - All About BelgiumStationsstraat 30, B-9340 LedeT +32 2 414 64 03F +32 2 414 56 86E info@tellus.beW www.tellus.beFocus VlaanderenZonnestraat 8, B-9000 gentT +32 9 269 90 60F +32 9 269 90 80E info2@squatra.beW www.squatra.beThis incoming DMC has developed a contemporary art programmecombining a visit of TRACK with Beaufort04 and MAS.

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