Global expansion plus CSR activities - Takeda

Global expansion plus CSR activities - Takeda

NorwaySwedenGlobal expansion plusCSR activitiesIrelandDenmarkBelgiumLuxembourgPortugalSpainTurkeyWe are accelerating worldwide activitiesso that we can fulfill our economicand social responsibilities as aglobal pharmaceutical company.Achieving sustainable “growth” is one of the goals of Takeda’s2010-2012 Mid-Range Plan.The two pillars of our growth strategy related to expansion are1) to increase our presence in key regions by launching newproducts and maximizing their values early, and 2) expandinginto new geographic areas to underpin growth. During fiscalyears 2008 and 2009 we entered 12 new countries, expandingour global presence to 26 countries overall. This substantiallyincreased our coverage of the global pharmaceuticalmarket to 84 percent—a 13 percent increase. We will continueto enter additional markets during the period of theMid-Range Plan, especially in emerging nations wheremarkets are projected to expand rapidly in the future.As we expand the territorial scope of Takeda’s operations, wewill also consider how to grow as a good global corporatecitizen. We will respect the demands of international societybased on the ten principles encoded in the United NationsGlobal Compact, which we joined in March 2009. We will alsocontinue to undertake sincere corporate social responsibilityactivities based on our corporate philosophy of Takeda-ism.Takeda’s global presence at FY 2007New entries made in FY 2008 to FY 2009New entries planned or under examinationfor FY2010 to FY2012Expanding Our Global Market PresenceA team reporting to the Executive Vice President(EVP) International Operations has been establishedto oversee Takeda’s rapid expansion into newmarkets worldwide.During fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2009, Takeda enteredCanada, the eighth largest pharmaceutical market inthe world, and in Europe commenced full-scalesales and marketing operations in Spain, Portugaland Ireland. We are establishing robust sales structuresin eight additional national markets includingMexico, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium,Luxembourg, Turkey and Brazil. And we are pursuinga variety of sales activities in these countries

Feature 2Global expansion plus CSR activitiesCanadaMexicoTakeda Global ReachBrazilwith the aim of making positive contributions to profitsas quickly as possible.In addition, in June 2010, we announced our entry intothe market of South Korea. Going forward, we willcontinue to examine entry options for new markets suchas India, Russia and Australia. By the end of fiscal 2012,we aim to increase our global market coverage toapproximately 90 percent with presence in 30 countries.Achieving this goal will ensure that Takeda has apresence in the majority of the key markets worldwide.To build a balanced portfolio of regional operations thatcovers the global market of the future, we will pursueappropriate strategies and deploy managementresources across the regions of the Americas, EuropeFY2007FY2009Global market coverageFY2012 target and Asia, including emerging markets. In building upTakeda’s international sales activities, we will makedecisions and implement the necessary policymeasures with speed and efficiency, by coordinatingwith our global network.

Based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact,we are going beyond the creation of superior pharmaceuticalsto promote global corporate citizenship activities.Our business operations are rooted in the corporate philosophy of “Takeda-ism = Integrity.” In addition,all of our corporate activities as a responsible corporate citizen incorporate the 10 principles ofthe United Nations Global Compact, an important global framework for companiesto autonomously exercise integrity in business operations.In fiscal 2009, we sought to further fulfill our responsibilities as a global pharmaceutical companyby establishing new initiatives in Asia and Africa as part of our continuing efforts to expand assistance fordeveloping countries. We plan to continue promoting these initiatives from a long-term perspective.Expansion of businessoperations in emergingand developingcountriesParticipation in UNGlobal CompactActions to realize UNMillennium DevelopmentGoals (MDGs)*[Activities in Asia]Takeda-Plan Healthcare Access Program[Activities in Africa]Takeda Initiative*The UN Millennium Development Goals are targets to be achieved by 2015 to help tackle commonproblems around the world on a global scale. Please refer to page 65 for more details.Activities in AfricaTakeda InitiativeIn March 2010, we launched the “Takeda Initiative,” anendowment program designed to support the GlobalFund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GlobalFund), with an aim of developing and strengtheningthe capacity of healthcare workers in Africa. Currently,some five million lives are lost worldwide each yeardue to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which arethree of the world’s most devastating infectiousdiseases. This constitutes a major obstacle to growthin developing countries, and addressing thesediseases is a critical issue for the internationalcommunity.Africa suffers from a particularly severe shortage ofhealthcare providers, which hinders the provision ofhealthcare services to overcome such diseases.Takeda is contributing to Global Fund-supportedprograms in Africa, to enhance healthcare systemsmainly through developing and strengthening individualsinvolved in providing healthcare. Takeda hascommitted ¥100 million in annual funds to thisinitiative for the ten-year period of 2010-2019. Most ofthese funds will be directed to Global Fund projects inTanzania (malaria), Nigeria (HIV/AIDS) and Senegal(tuberculosis).

Feature 2Global expansion plus CSR activitiesActivities in EuropeOur commercial subsidiaries in Europe eachwork closely with NGOs to develop autonomouscorporate citizenshipactivities. Many employeesare active participantsin volunteer activities.Activities in AsiaTakeda-Plan Healthcare Access ProgramIn August 2009, Takeda established the “Takeda-Plan Healthcare Access Program” in collaborationwith Plan Japan. This initiative aims tosupport access to healthcare servicesfor children in four countries in Asia.Activities in JapanAmong a wide range of corporate citizenshipprograms, we support a citizens’group whose activities help toempower children in long-termmedical care for everyday life.Activities in the U.S.Individual employees take part in variousactivities including NPO housing and localamenity developmentprograms and activitiesin support of cancerpatients.Takeda Global CSRStakeholder’s VoiceRapid changes in the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry have presented Takeda’s managementwith significant challenges. The Takeda Global Advisory Board (TGAB)* conducts vigorous exchangesof opinion with management about such issues.Takeda is working to ensure sustained growth by expanding its business in emerging markets, includingin developing countries. As a global pharmaceutical company engaged in the business of relievinghuman suffering, Takeda will need to become part of the solution for some of the problems confrontingthese countries. I fully expect the Company to carry out sincere CSR activities based on theprinciples of the United Nations Global Compact. Dr. Tadataka Yamada, External AdvisorExternal AdvisorsThe Takeda Global Advisory Board* Ms. Karen KatenFormer Vice Chairman of Pfizer Inc. and currently Senior Advisor for Essex Woodlands Health Ventures(TGAB) is a body comprised of fourDr. Frank Morich Former CEO of Bayer HealthCare and currently CEO of NOXXON Pharmaexternal advisors with executivelevelexperience at global pharma-Mr. Sidney TaurelFormer Chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly & Co. and currently Chairman Emeritus of Eli Lilly & Co.Dr. Tadataka Yamada Former chairman of Research and Development and member of the Board of Directors atceutical companies.GlaxoSmithKline and currently President of the Global Health Program at the Bill & MelindaGates Foundation

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