summer 07-08 BuYers guiDe - Canoe & Kayak
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summer 07-08 BuYers guiDe - Canoe & Kayak

Basic StrokesGuts and determination wain with time and even thestrongest person tires quickly when wasting energy. Hereare some extracts from the Canoe & Kayak Operation Manualto help develop your technique. If your copy of NZK gets allwet whilst trying to follow the instructions get onto a goodskills course.POWER STROKEThis is the paddle stroke that gets us from A to B and thus requires a lot of focus.A poor power stroke makes it hard to keep up with the group and makes anytrip much less enjoyable.Primary Coaching PointsWith the paddle shaft on your head make a box shape with arms and paddle.This is the starting point of a good paddling style.To begin, the paddle goes in the water at your toes to give the maximumlength of stroke.The paddle stays close to the side of the kayak to minimise the turning effecton your kayak. Ensure you keep the blade fully immersed.Secondary Coaching Points to fine-tune your power strokesPaddle splash on entry results from starting to pull the paddle back before itis submerged, hence wasting a lot of energy.Paddle splash on exit results from not feathering your paddle blade to allowa clean exit from the water. The paddle should be removed vertically at thehip. If you are lifting water think how heavy the water on each blade is. It willbe anything from a quarter to one full kilo. After many thousands of paddlestrokes on any trip, you are going to be either really strong or really tired!The top hand punching out at eye level is the strongest place to be pushingforward. If your hand is going higher then think about dropping the otherhand further into the water. This will bring the top hand down.Remove the paddle at the hip as beyond the hip the paddle is starting to loseits effectiveness.Note; keep your body position forward and constant at all times.The NZKI Award Scheme was formed in response to agrowing need in the Kayaking Industry to have morepeople with Kayaking qualifications, to encourage morekayakers towards expanding their skills and knowledgeand to continue to increase the safety of our sport.The NZKI Award Scheme is structured around theassessment of skills and knowledge that are requiredfor the type of activity to be undertaken by theInstructor or Guide.A star is awarded for each level achieved, starting offwith the NZKI One Star for personal paddling skills andknowledge and moving up to the NZKI Five Star foran Assessor.For more information phone 0508 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

8 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

New for 2007Q-Kayaks Foveaux ExpressThis is a very responsive and playful sea kayak that comes with a moulded thighbrace. The dolphin nose with flair, allows lift in the ocean swell while dispersing thewater. The low peaked deck performs well in strong crosswinds.A fun, nimble kayak.Construction: KevlarLength 5m Width 0.61cm Volume 360-litres$4050.00For further info contact Q-Kayaks Ltd,; ExpressThe Tasman Express is an exceptional performance sea kayak.At 5.3 metres long, this sleek looking craft has been designed tomaintain a good forward speed, especially when loaded up withgear. Its low profile and flared bow enables this kayak to performextremely well in adverse or windy conditions. An aerodynamicrudder blade is fitted to prevent drag and increase forward speedand turning performance.There is a centre storage area, located just behind the cockpit. Thisprovides a watertight compartment with easy access.The Tasman Express can be produced in three constructions:1. Standard - Polyethylene2. Lite - Polyethylene foamed core3. Elite - Kevlar/carbonLength530 cmWaterline Length 480 cm (with a 100kg load)Beam62 cmWeightStandard: 29 kg - Lite: 25 kgVolume 380 Litres - Front 75L, Rear 86L,Centre Compartment 39L, Cockpit 180LCockpit79 x 49 cmAccessoriesPaddle, lifejacket, spray skirtConstructionStandard: Polyethylene constructionLite:Polyethylene foamed coreFrom $2695.00WaterborneFREEDOMTui ExcelPenguinA versatile, go anywhere kayakA tried and true winner thatdelivers affordable excellenceTasman ExpressAn exceptional performancesea kayakDusky Bay ClassicLeisurely cruise, open waters, or aShearwaterA tried and true design just got betterFor information on our complete range and stockist,visit or phone 06 326 8667ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 9

everything was wet. Into our pack went some foodand dry clothes and with our sleeping bags tuckedunder our arms, we made a very fast trip back tothe nice warm hut. The rest of our gear remainedpacked in our kayaks,in the clearing.We reached the hut in 80 minutes. It was nearlydark, but we could see a rough sea pounding intothe beach. Thank goodness we were not on theocean that day. We made ourselves comfortablein the hut, with heavy rain threatening to turnthe small streams we had crossed into raggingtorrents, cutting us off from our kayaks. At 2am itstopped raining!Next morning we were up early and returned toour kayaks. Our goal for the day was a portage tothe Pyke River and kayak down to the Olivine Hut.Other than being a bit soft under foot, the track wasthe same as the day before. Half way we were nottoo far from the Dry Awarua River bed which froma sneaky look through google maps on the Internetbefore leaving we knew was a shingle strip about150 metres wide. Closer to the river more andmore undergrowth had been washed out and wespent a lot of time carrying each kayak over largeareas of boulders.At mid day we arrived at the Dry Awarua River,carried our kayaks to the other side and sat downto a well-earned lunch break. The track nowlevelled out to cross a saddle into the Pyke Valley.There were no more boulders, which was great.But now the track became soft and was in manyparts a quagmire. I was in the lead and when ever Ibecame bogged down, Melanie lifted the rear of mykayak until we were on solid ground again. Thenwe would go back and carry her kayak through. Itwas tiring work.I remember one log I stepped over and thought; “I’lldrag my kayak over this one”. I tightened my gripon the kayak and pulled with all my strength. Butthe log was too big. My hands slipped off the kayakand I torpedoed into the bush. Melanie rushed tomy aid and asked; “Are you all right Dad?”“I’m okay, and don’t you dare laugh”.“But Dad, you look so stupid lying there in the scruball covered in mud”.Then, she burst out laughing and exclaimed, “I’vegotta go wees” and disappeared into the bush infits of laughter, leaving me to struggle to my feet.By mid afternoon we reached the Paulin Creekbed, which flows down to the Pyke. But here thetrack seemed to disappear. Walking down theriverbed we noticed track markers were nowattached to trees beside the riverbed. The riverbedwas the track. Back to carrying our kayaks overboulders again. This was becoming a real characterbuilding exercise.Halfway down the Paulin we met a hunter, who wastaken aback by what he saw. Taking pity on us hequickly grabbed an end of the kayak and helpedcarry the boats to the Pyke.We finally arrived at the Pyke at 4pm. It was verybraided and to our dismay, the main stream was onthe other side of the valley. By the time we arrivedFiordland mapat the river and had packed away our trolleys andchanged into our kayaking gear, it was getting dark.It was a clear sky and a full moon, so we thoughtwe could paddle down the Pyke in the dark to theOlivine hut.A couple of kilometres downstream we cameacross two deer taking a drink. They just neversaw us coming. We drifted to within metres ofthem before they realized we were about to runthem down. There was a hell of a commotion asthey about turned and raced off into the bush. Wehad heard deer roaring all day, but these were theSo easy, so enjoyablefor EVERYONEISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 11

first we had seen.As darkness fell the river was running a bit fasterthan we’d thought and the hidden logs were hard tosee, making it dangerous. We found a great place tocamp and soon had the tent up with a nice little fireburning. A hot feed of ‘honey soy chicken’ followedwith ‘crumble apple pie’ courtesy of ‘Back CountryCuisines’, and a hot cuppa tea. Sitting around thefire with your daughter chatting & laughing aboutthe day’s events under a star filled sky in the middleof no-where, what more could a guy want? And wehad picked the only campsite in Fiordland withoutsandflies!By 8.30am we packed up our tent and werekayaking down the Pyke River. It was a beautifulday with a clear blue sky and no wind. The Pykewas very similar to the Whanganui River, withoccasional log jams which made some of the smallrapids quite hard to negotiate. The river was crystalclear and we took great delight in scooping up a mugfull of water and drinking it. There is somethingspecial about being able to drink straight from astream or river.By mid morning we were kayaking across LakeWilmot and then further down the Pyke pastOlivine hut into Lake Alabaster. The scenery wasspectacular. The lakes were surrounded by thicknative forest covering the sides of the snow-coveredpeaks of the Darran Mountains silhouetted againstthe clear blue sky. We stopped for lunch at the LakeAlabaster hut, where we had stayed several yearsago during our trip down the Holyford River. Theoriginal hut had been replaced by a very modernbuilding which could sleep over 20 people.After lunch we paddled back into the Pyke and intothe Holyford River. We encountered some goodbouncy rapids before entering Lake McKerrow.Paddling hard we made it to Hokuri hut as darknessfell. We had kayaked 52km that day. It was good tohave a big feed and crawl into our beds.That night we received news via our mountainradio that a large front was approaching from thenorth, due to hit Fiordland in the afternoon. Wecould either sit it out at the hut, or make a run tothe shelter of Milford, 57km away.We were on the water before 7am, to make a runfor it! At 8am we paddled out of Lake McKerrowinto the last 5kms of the Hollyford River before itruns into the sea. Paddling closer to the sandbarwhich separates the Holyford from the beach, thesound of breaking waves fills the otherwise quietmorning air. We virtually leapt out of our kayaksand ran up the sandbar to view the ocean.What a great sight greeted us, a dead flat sea with12 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

a small wave break. We quickly carried our kayaks over the sandbar andlaunched ourselves into Martins Bay. In her excitement Melanie made theoldest mistake in the book by leaving her drink bottles on the front deck. Bythe time we had paddled through the surf break, they were gone. Luckily I hada spare one so it was no great loss.Once again we had a following sea with the tide in our favour. By 12noon wehad a two-metre swell and an ominous dark sky chasing us from the North.The sea was really starting to rough up as we raced/surfed our way past YatesPoint and finally into Milford Sound – we made it!In the shelter of the Sounds we stopped for a well-earned lunch break & pitstop at the one and only sandy beach in this spectacular fiord. Surrounded bytowering cliffs that seemed to reach all the way up to the clouds, we paddledon to Milford. It was eerie. The temperature had dropped and it was raining.We landed, changed and went off to the backpackers for a meal, hot showerand nice warm room & bed. The wind was now howling outside.At 8am next morning, Stephen Counsell arrived to take us to Queenstownwhere Ian Algie took us to our vehicle at Jackson Bay. We arrived at 7pm, an11-hour shuttle. Both Melz and I are very thankful to Stephen & Ian for givingup their day to take us back to our vehicle. We then spent all the next daytravelling back to Ashhurst – a long, long trip but it was all worth it. Such agreat adventure!Our equipment. For this trip Melanie and I put a lot of thought into equipment.Our kayaks had to be as light as possible for the portage, but strong andmanoeuverable for the river, able to perform well in a rough sea with a fullload on board. At 22.5kgs the Q-Kayaks lightweight Penguin and Shearwaterwere perfect. The trolley had to be very strong, lightweight (2.95kg), able tobe taken apart and stored into a small area inside our kayaks. We used twoQ-Kayaks sling trolleys that performed well beyond what they were designedfor. Our food was freeze dry meals from Back Country Foods Ltd. They werelight and easy to prepare. We took enough for 9 days. Our tent was a MacpacMinaret weighing 2.5kg. Our sleeping bags were Macpac meridian weighing1.3kg each, plus alpine covers. Time of year was May.All of our gear was designed and made in New Zealand.Melanie kayaking on Lake Alabaster with Mt. Tutoko in thebackground.ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 13

Prices start at $1299.00Length: 3.6 m, Weight: 20 kg , Width: 680 mmPrices start at $1399.00Length: 4.7m, Weight: 34 kg , Width: 830 mmPrices start at $2299.00Length: 4.8m, Weight: 27 kg , Width: 620 mmPrices start at $2899.00Length: 4.8m, Weight: 35 kg , Width: 800 mmPrices start at $2899.00Length: 5.4m, Weight: 27 kg , Width: 590 mmAcadia 370Acadia 470Contour 480Contour 490ecobezhigGraceful lines, beautiful handling, and… it never needs a tune-up. Talkabout a maintenance free ride! ‘Acadia’ has enough storage space for aday’s worth of gear. Its manoeuvrability and practical design make your dayeasy… on the water or loading up to head home.‘One cool day cruiser’. In addition to the classic styling the Acadia offersgreat performance, quick acceleration and excellent tracking.It is perfect on the lake, sea and river. The roomy cockpit ups the comfortlevel and accommodates all sizes.The rear hatch provides storage that makes it ideal for hunting, fishing andtouring. An Expedition option features a sealed bulkhead and a rudderfitted for those longer expeditionsIf you’re looking for a traditional style open canoe, with plenty of room for twopaddlers, the ‘Acadia Double 470’ could well be what you’re looking for.The ‘Acadia Double 470’ comes in two versions, Standard and Expedition.Both versions of the ‘Acadia Double 470’ come complete with 40 litres ofstorage. The Expedition version has the added feature of a touring rudder.The ‘Acadia Double 470’ is ideal for those large recreational trips where amulti-person vessel is required. It can also add a kiddie’s seat.“Introducing the most versatile touring boat we’ve ever made..”. The ‘Contour480’ has a roomy new design that’s stable, incredibly seaworthy and easy topaddle no matter what your experience or skill level.The ‘Contour 480’ is highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle. A channelledhull provides outstanding tracking which keeps you on course throughoutextended trips, and it’s upswept, flared bow makes crossing through water abreeze. With generous storage capacity, the ‘Contour 480’ is an outstandingweekender or day-tripper that features a moulded seat, foam bulkheadflotation, bow and stern grab handles, and lots of room and comfort.Like to go on long trips? Our ‘Contour 480’ features bow and stern hatches,bungee deck rigging, bulkheads and rudder. The ‘Contour 480’ is a great wayto enjoy the fun of touring open water.The ‘Contour Tandem’ is the latest model in the ‘Contour Series’. It has twolarge roomy cockpits, forward up/down haul rudder controls in the rearcockpit, multiple carry handles for ease of portage, excellent tracking andeasy to turn, excellent stability in rough conditions. High grade powder isused in all ‘Contour Series’ boats.This version of the popular ‘Contour Series’ delivers an excellent craft to agrowing market. With kayaking growing as an exercise alternative, couples arepartnering up with great results. This healthy approach allows some qualitytime away from the hustle and bustle and allows you to get back to basics. Ourhope is you enjoy paddling it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.Current crafts sea kayak flagship heads the way in innovative design andperformance.So much has been made of the latest design from the ‘Dobbe’ team. It has fullymoulded integrated foam bulkheads, moulded foam lightweight hatches, clearlid to camera hatch and watertight day hatch. A large comfortable mouldedfoam seat removes an amazing 4kg from the previous plastic versions.Exhale and behold the finest in its class, lifting the bar for exceptional handlingand performance. The single seater is up to ‘Expedition’ specifications with along waterline, shallow arched hull and soft chines.Prices start at $3849.00Length: 5.6m, Weight: 45 kg , Width: 770 mmeconiizhThe latest model in the ‘Eco Series’Massive weight reductions give you the volume of the commercial version butwith innovative foam fittings. It has lightweight moulded foam seats front andrear and the centre pod is replaced with ‘membrane’ bulkhead.Sturdy, lighter weight rudder pedals.Deck fittings include flare holder, camera box and paddle recesses.All this adds up to a remarkably light-weight expedition tandem kayak withproven performance in all weather conditions.ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 15

Prices start at $2495Length: 4.93 m , Weight: 26kg,Width: 580 mmPrices start at $1955Length: 4.5 m, Weight: 22 kg std, 23kg lite,Width: 600 mmThe Sequel kayak encompasses features of the historical Greenland kayak,enhanced by our previous design experience. The Sequel kayak has aboveaverage hull speed and a low drag ratio, enabling it to maintain a high cruisingspeed over long periods of time.The Sequel kayak has 2 sealed stowage compartments.The Sequel incorporates a footbrace/ rudder bar system that enables you toadjust the steering system for a personalized fit whilst seated in the kayakon the water.It’s rudder is unique in that it is the only design on the market that keeps theblade down in the water while paddling but allowing it to kick up if it hitsan object.The Breeze kayak is both agile and responsive with excellent stability,making it suitable for both beginners and more advanced paddlers.The Breeze kayak has 2 sealed stowage compartments, enabling you tokeep your equipment dry on extended trips. The Challenge Breeze kayakincorporates a footbrace/ rudderbar system that enables you to adjust thesteering system for a personalized fit whilst seated in the kayak on thewater.As with the Sequel, it’s rudder design is unique in that it is the only design onthe market that keeps the blade down in the water while paddling but allowingit to kick up if it hits an object.fireboltThe Challenge 5 is the latest of our kayak models .It is a fibreglass Sea Kayak, 5 mtrs in length ( excluding the rudder ) with abeam of 590mm. and weighing 22 kg. The rudder/ steering system is the sameas that on our polyethylene models.It includes paddle float straps, safety line, insulated adjustable seat back andfront and rear deck cargo bungees.The design gives it good primary and excellent secondary stability.Prices start at $3570This new, very user friendly kayak with its excellent combination of speedand stability supercedes our very popular Opus. It is suitable not onlyfor the intermediate / advanced paddler, but also for the busy, but keen‘Weekend Warrior’.Prices start at $2860 Glass, $3170 KevlargladiatorintrigueThis fast, stable kayak with its larger cockpit is built for the bigger paddlerlooking for a longer, stable kayak for Coast to Coast etc.Prices start at $2860 Glass $3170 KevlarLength: 5.9 m, Weight: 15.5kg Glass, 13.5kg Kevlar, Width: 530mm16 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7This kayak is ideal for the beginner/entry level kayaker who is looking fora quick, light kayak with great stability. Also suitable for first time Coast toCoasters.Prices start at $2460, $ 2740 KevlarLength: 4.94 m, Weight: 14.5kg Glass, 12kg Kevlar , Width: 540 mm

The “Flow” has excellent stability and user friendly handling making it ideal for families and fun seekersat the beach, lake or river.The flared bow and tracking hull gives smooth predictable performance for allpaddler abilities even in choppy conditions.Our contour moulded seating area features integrated footrests and a moulded backrest for instantcomfort and added control.Prices start at $799The high performance hull is quick and manoeuvrable with a flared bow that cuts through chop for asmooth ride.Beginners will draw confidence from the comfortable, safe open feel and incredible stability. Astorage recess in the stern carries a cooler for refreshments and dive gear (including a scuba tank) orwaterproof bag.The safety design, low maintenance and robust construction makes these kayaks the choice for many ofPrices start at $1199This new Tandem follows on from the extremely successful ‘Flow’.You can relax in the comfortable moulded seats and enjoy the ‘Surge’s’ fun, stable and very forgivingtemperament. This user-friendly tandem is perfect for exploration from the bank or shore, catching awave or just milling around.Prices start at $1199This is Swing fun for two and can be paddled solo in calm conditions.Beginners will draw confidence from the safe open feel and incredible stability.If you prefer exploration and enjoying scenery, the flared bow cuts through chop and waves for a smoothride, even on extended trip.The ergonomic, self-bailing cockpit gives maximum comfort and plenty of room. A storage recess in thestern carries a cooler, scuba tank or waterproof bag - just be sure to secure them.Prices start at $139918 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

squirtDesigned to be both stable and manoeuvrable it makes for a great small adultor ideal kid’s kayak.The ‘Squirt’ seats are contoured and recessed to support your back.A great first class designed, ‘moulded in’ handle makes for easy transport.Dual tracking lines ensure directional stability, a feature the kids willappreciate. Its manoeuvrability appeals to the adult, so easy to paddle!An entry level kayak the ‘Acadia 280’ possesses graceful lines, beautifulhandling. Its manoeuvrability and practical design make your day on the wateror loading up to head home easy. The ‘Acadia 280’ offers great performance,quick acceleration and the tracking lines moulded into the hull allow forexcellent control in straight line paddling.Recommended for sheltered waterways, estuary, lakes & sheltered bays, Oncalm and flat water these models excel. The roomy cockpit ups the comfortlevel and accommodates all sizes.Prices start at $399 Prices start at $799escapeeHere is a little cracker! The Firefly is designed so the kids can have somefun. Little and light. Easy to handle and nice and stable. Here is a kayak thekids will love, if they can get Dad off it!$449A great general purpose kayak. With upswept bow and long keel the Escapeerides well over the waves, especially in choppy conditions, and tracks straight,giving good forward speed. You can have loads of fun in the surf curving inand out of the wave, or you can go for a leisurely cruise without realising justhow far you’ve travelled.The Escapee has a sealed forward storage area, and a gear carry compartmentat the rear. Fitting a seat/backrest to the plastic saddle clips adds comfort andsupport while paddling.Prices start at $810escapadewandererThe Escapade is a multipurpose kayak suitable for touring and fun in the waves.The Escapade has an innovative “tri-keeled” hull to give greater speed andstability especially when loaded with skuba diving equipment or fishing gear.The hull shape and upswept bow also ensures good surfing. Fit a rod holderto this kayak and you won’t see Dad for hours!Fitting a clip-on seat/backrest will provide comfort and support for thoselengthy paddles.Prices start at $1020A double kayak of great versatility, which can be used on the river, lake,estuary and sea. The Wanderer is very stable and does not get blown aroundby the wind like some of the large doubles. The hull is the same as the SpriteII in our recreation range, giving it excellent stability, while the encloseddeck provides better handling in changing weather conditions. This modelhas a watertight storage area at the stern with a back hatch for easy access.The Excel model is structurally stronger as the rear bulkhead gives the kayakdeck more support.Prices start at $1695ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 19

strikeplayA Wave Ski which the whole family can enjoy. Fantastic in the surf, it‘s a fastand manoeuvrable sit-on-top.Prices start at $849Great for the paddler who wants a fun fast surf and flat water kayak. Kidslove this Sit-on as it is not too wide for them to paddle and yet is very stable.Prices start at $695Length: 3.10 m, Weight: 17.27 kg, Width: 710 mmtourerThe low profile hull of the Cobra Tourer cuts down on windage, enablingpaddlers to maintain high speed and straight tracking with easy handlingin all conditions.Prices start at $129520 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Be safe, be seen - use a safety light & flag!Your kayak is not easily seen in even the best sea conditions. In a swelland between the waves, your kayak can be invisible to speeding powerboats and larger vessels.Carry a bright coloured flag attached to a flexible pole and you will beseen in most sea conditions. In my experience, the movement of theflagpole is as important for visibility as the flag itself. Along with a brightcoloured kayak and paddling gear it makes sense to fly a safety flag.At night you need to show a white light. This is a legal requirement.Finally for best results place your light as high as possible… meaningon top of your safety flag.Prices for safety flags start at $49.90For safety flag and night lightcombination, prices start at $99.90.All options are easy to fit with 2 or 3 rivetsor bolts and can easily be removed fortransport and storage.Now you see meNow you don’tThis range of Flag & lights are a rigid fibreglass pole that are easy to fit;they thread into a bung which can be fitted to any kayak or mounted ontoa piece of wood for those who don’t like cutting holes in their boats.Available as a light on a pole, safety flag on pole or combination lightand flag.All come with a foam float just in case!The flag is a fluoro orange & yellow for high visibility.The waterproof safety light is visible for up to 3km in good conditions.It runs on 2 AA batteries for at least 8 hours.Prices: Deck flag by itselt $75.00Deck light by itself $125.00Deck light & flag $155.00Prices start at $1195the tandemfish N’ diveLength: 3.81 m, Weight: 25.85 kg, Width: 914 mm(hatches & accessories not included)A ‘two person’ kayak, ideal for fishing, surfing and exploring. It has room forgreat hatches to store your adventure equipment. Now available with threeperson option. It is often used by one person.The ultimate fishing/diving kayak. A large well is located in the stern andholds up to three tanks. There is one centrally located seat and a smallercompanion seat near the bow.ExplorermarauderPrices start at $895Ideal for exploring, and one of the driest ‘Sit-ons’ you will find. Greathatches for storing your goodies are available.The Marauder is for the serious kayak fisherman. Fast, stable and loads ofdeck space. Excellent performance in surf.ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 21

RescuesHarry’s father insisted that he try out his new sit-on-topbefore ‘going to sea’. Wet suit and lifejacket had to be worn!“No argument”, and “See you can climb back onboard whenyou capsize”.Early on a chilly morning Harry joined three near novice kayakers on thebeach. He had a go, capsized and scrambled back – piece of cake! Off theywent to see the dolphins. The wind was off-shore, sea slight, but 4 kilometresand one hour later not one dolphin had appeared. Against the tide the windhad increased, creating small waves. Bumpy paddling fully occupied Harry’sattention, and after a few minutes he had lost sight of the prominent ‘home’tree. He looked round, stretched higher and over he went.This time it wasn’t a piece of cake. Tired and in a sloppy sea he didn’timmediately climb back. He tried several times, his life jacket getting in theway. He started to take it off and let go the kayak. In seconds his lifeboatwas out of reach. Keeping the life jacket on he swam after it. Panic! Hewasn’t going to catch it.His friends didn’t notice the capsize, but missing him they assumed he wasalready paddling home. At the beach they realized that he wasn’t. Jane,the most prudent of the trio, insisted, against reluctance to ‘cause a fuss’,“We must call 111”.Just on dusk a Coastguard launch spotted the life jacket on an apparently deadkayaker. They pulled him onboard still just alive. He regained consciousnessin hospital. How do I know? I was that youngster.I owe my life to Jane, a couple of hundred searchers and medicos, andseveral million taxpayers! As a grateful survivor I’ve spent many hoursteaching younsters (and ancients) rescue techniques. I think my fatherwould approve!He had never kayaked, but I suspect his idea on how to ‘uncapsize’ wouldhave been the John Wayne approach. Your kayak is a cowboy’s horse.Both hands on its rump, push down, kick hard, slide up its back till your bellybutton is on the saddle (seat), roll onto your back and sit up. Your kayakhas a cockpit? Big choice, feet in first then sit up, or bottom on seat and ‘fold’your feet in. Because the latter lets you make better use of your paddle tomaintain balance, you might prefer it. On a sit-on-top the latter makes it easierto scramble over the back tank and seat.provided you have prepared. You must have a paddle float firmly tied to yourkayak on a 2 metre bungy leash, stowed under the bungy lines behind you.You capsize. Exit your boat. Remember an upturned boat serves as a seaanchor and does not drift downwind so fast. Leave it capsized. Hook yourfeet into the cockpit or onto your sit-on-top so your hands are free to attachpaddle float to paddle. Now flip your kayak, lay your paddle across the reardeck and hold it there. Position yourself between paddle and rudder.Put your feet on the paddle shaft for supportFace down, pull yourself onto the rear deck putting your feet on the paddleshaft for balance and support.Keep your weight on the paddle float and swivel until your feet are near thecockpit and your head is by the rudder. Shuffle forward on your stomach untilyour groin is over the seat. When you flip yourself over your backside willdrop into the seat. Bring the paddle onto your foredeck. In a sea kayak, pumpout and secure the spray skirt. Restow your paddle float on its bungy leash.Buddy Rescues are generally preferred. Two versions are quick and, ifpractised regularly, are reliable in bad weather.‘T’ Rescue. I’m swimming, holding onto my paddle and upturned kayak. Janeis upright in her’s shouting “I’m coming” and paddles to my bow. She takesmy paddle, lays it on her foredeck and holds it under her elbows. Still holdingmy kayak I move to its stern. Jane puts her kayak across my bow to form the‘T’, adds her paddle to mine, and holds my bow.But, and you are ahead of me, it didn’t work for me all those years ago, andit still won’t work when you are tired and pushed hither and yon by waves.In perfect conditions, dead flat seas, a stable boat, when you have plenty ofenergy, flexibility and balance –“Perfikt”, as Pop Larkin would say.Try Paddle Float Rescue. It will work for you, when John Wayne won’t,While holding the bow, have the swimmer go to the rear of the kayak.22 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

She tilts her boat until it is partly under my bow. She rights her kayakand with one hand underneath, and the other on top to prevent her owncapsize, she pulls and I bear down on the stern. When my bow is on hercockpit’s rim she lifts it to head height. Water pours out of my cockpit*and we turn my boat upright, rudder away from my face. Jane, ever prudent,reminds me, “Watch out for your rudder.”Jane stays close while I fasten my spray skirt.An alternative to the ‘T’ is a simpler rescue which Jane and I prefer. It gathersall equipment, and the swimmer is out of the water, quickly.Follow the ‘T’ Rescue plan omitting the bold*. Emptying the cockpit must waituntil the spray skirt is on and you use a bilge pump. I think this would be agood sit-on-top rescue.Turn the boat over - rudder away from the swimmerWe bring our kayaks alongside, bow to stern, both paddles in front of Janeacross both decks. For stability her hand furthest away holds my cockpit’s rim.She calls, “Feet out behind you, pull yourself up.” I scramble over the sternuntil belly button reaches cockpit, and swivel 180 degrees. My feet are thenin my cockpit and I keep my head and body low. Finally I turn over towardsJane and I’m back in my seat in an almost dry boat.Are you curious about Jane? Shortly after my ‘survival’ she thought I needed‘looking after’ in perpetuity and we’ve been a happily married couple eversince.By the editor. This article came in recently. It was signed ‘Anonymous’. Harryand Jane are probably assumed names and whether his survival story occurredin New Zealand isn’t established. But the magazine likes Harry’s advice. Wehave used library photos to help illustrate these rescues.ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 23

Sea kayaking made easyby Claire HaynesUp until last weekend, my experience with paddling waslimited to a school raft race, so I was both nervous andexcited when I accepted a place on Canoe and Kayak’s seakayaking beginners’ course.Over an intense but fun weekend we became safe and competentpaddlers.The course is suitable for complete novices (like myself), as well as peoplewho want to brush up on their technique and learn a few more safety tips.We met for an initial session in the pool on Friday night for the basics: howto make a wet exit (get out of the kayak underwater if it capsizes), how to getback into the kayak, (an essential skill), and how to rescue fellow kayakersif they flip over.On Saturday we moved onto Lake Pupuke and learned the different paddlestrokes. We practised rescue manoeuvers again.After this we were ready to do what we had joined up for, and go seakayaking.We met at the shop on Sunday morning and planned our expedition. After astrength-enhancing breakfast of warm home-made scones, we were off. Eachgroup does a different trip, depending on the weather, tides, and ability ofpeople on the course. We kayaked from Orewa Beach to Wenderholm andback, stopping for a well-deserved picnic lunch.Back to Orewa, there were a lot of tired but happy faces, and everyone seemedto be a lot more confident.Rachel Cox, who was initially nervous about being upside down in the water,thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. She said “I’d definitely hire another kayakand go out in the sea. I think I’ve conquered my fear of going upside down anddoing a wet exit, so it’s definitely built my water confidence.”Everyone who completes the beginner’s course gets automatic entry intoYakity Yak. The club organises trips and expeditions, and usually somethingis planned every weekend.If people need a little more confidence before they attempt a trip, they arewelcome to repeat the beginners’ course again at no charge. And if you getreally into it, there are plenty of other courseson offer to expand your skills.For more information on the seakayaking beginners course or YakityYak Kayaking Club,phone 0508 5292569.Kiwi Association of SeaKayakers N.Z. Inc.(KASK)KASK is a network of sea kayakersthroughout New ZealandKASK publishes a 200 pagesea kayaking handbook whichis free to new members: thehandbook contains all youneed to know about seakayaking: techniques andskills, resources, equipment,places to go etc.KASK publishes a bi-monthly newslettercontaining trip reports, events, book reviews,technique/equipment reviews and a ‘bugger’file. KASK holds national sea kayaking subscription is $35.00.KaskPO Box 23, Runanga 7841,West Coast24 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Yakity Yak Whanganui River Trip26th April - 2nd May 2008Join our annual pilgrimage down the picturesqueWhanganui River with Peter Townend.Grade Two River CertificatesAsk anybody who has competed in a multisport race and they will sayOne or two weekends trainingIs just NOT ENOUGH!!!We believe our comprehensive Grade 2 Training & Certification is the best you can get.To gain the skills to confidently paddle on white water, you need at least3 weekends on the water with an instructor.PHONE NOW0508 5292569OR CALL IN TO YOUR LOCAL CANOE & KAYAK CENTREFOR MORE DETAILS AND COURSE DATES2007 Multisport Package $895includes instruction and accommodation in TaupoOfficialSponsorISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 25

New Zealand’s Best Kept SecretThe Yakity YakMany of the articles you are reading in this magazine are about tripsorganized by the Yakity Yak Club.Interested in Joining up?Well read on and get involved“Too old” you say or “not fit enough” or “don’t like clubs because of the workingbees and committee meetings”. Well guess what, our oldest member is 80 plusand started paddling in the last two years. Can you walk? well then you canpaddle, in fact that’s not correct we have had members with a missing leg ortwo, but you get the picture. The only committee meetings we have are a wineand cheese evening once a month to arrange trips. There are no secretaries ortreasurers. We just discuss where to go next and who is coming. These trips areviewed on and booked at your local Canoe & KayakCentreJoin the club. You will get a weekend skills course to teach you techniquesand safety skills and a year’s membership. If you are keen to learn more thereis a bunch of courses to teach everything from Eskimo Rolling to becoming aninstructor. At no cost is the Leader’s Training Course, ten weeks part time forthose who have the urge to put something back into the club.So what does joining the club cost? Only $299 for the first year including theweekend course and then only $45 per subsequent year thereafter.NORTH SHOREAUCKLANDSILVERDALEMANUKAUWAIKATOUnit 2/20 Constellation Drive(off Ascension Place),Mairangi Bay, AucklandPHONE: 09 479 1002502 Sandringham RdSandringhamPHONE: 09 815 2073DISTRIBUTION CENTRE6 Tavern Road, SilverdalePHONE: 09 421 0662710 Great South Road,ManukauPHONE: 09 262 0209The corner Greenwood St &Duke St, State Highway 1 BypassHamiltonPHONE: 07 847 556526 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

For all your roof rack requirementsBAY OF PLENTY: 07 574 7415WAIKATO: 07 847 5565Email: 04 477 6911AUCKLAND: 09 815 2072NORTH SHORE: 09 479 1002HAWKE’S BAY: 06 842 1305MANUKAU: 09 262 0209TAUPO: 07 378 1003TARANAKI: 06 769 5506 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 29

Thule Kayak Carrier 874These cradles make transporting your kayak a piece of cake. They mould themselves tothe shape of your kayak, holding it securely in place on rubberized pads. The cradle iseasily adaptable to fit both square and aero bars. A pair of Thule webbing tie downs areincluded in the pack.From $199.00Thule Hull-a-Port 835Easy to load, a stable space-saver, for those who want a clever solution for kayaktransport.Thule Hull-a-Port has a unique and incredibly smart design. It sits at an angle to savespace – allowing you to carry two kayaks or one kayak plus extra equipment on the carroof. The unusual design also makes it a little easier to load, as the kayak can easily belifted into the angled pads, keeping it conveniently in place straight away. You’ll be gladof this when your arms feel like lead after a long and strenuous kayaking trip.Priced at $319.00Thule Boxlift 571The smartest way to store a roof box. Would you like to load up and leave quickly?With the Thule Boxlift, you can easily lift up the box to the garage ceiling. This lift worksperfectly, even for kayaks and surfboards. Leave the kayak strapped to the roof rack andremove the lot…Just $399.00Designed with a purpose for professionals like youYou know what it takes to get the job done well. So do we. The ThuleProfessional load carrier system is a unique solution designed specificallyfor the really tough demands of on-the-move professionals.Now you can take advantage of this rugged, fully integrated system tohelp make every workday easier, safer and more productive. Being ableto save 10–15 minutes here and there during the week adds up. Openingup opportunities to either take on more jobs or perhaps get off workearlier.Thule Conduit Box 317Loading, separating and transporting conduits hasnever been easier.This unique, heavy-duty Conduit Box takes care of afew of the most annoying aspects of loading conduitsand similar objects. The double openings at the frontand rear ensure easy access to the load, while slamlocks provide reliable theft protection. Perfectly idealfor quick, secure and efficient storage of piping. Size:320x22x12 cm.Priced at $1599.00Thule Awning 326For working under coverYou may have to work outdoors despite poorweather conditions, but there’s no needto to suffer while doing it. With the ThuleProfessional Awning fitted to the side of yourcar you can keep up the good work, comescorching sunshine or pouring rain. Just pull itout when you need protection and push it backin when you’re done.Mounts onto the crossbars and operates from the side of the vehicle. The universal mountingsystem allows it to fit the majority of work vans. Available in three lengths.Heavy-Duty materialsWith aluminium profiles and tear resistant fabric in laminated PVC. Water proof and UVprotection.30 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Gutter mount seriesThe Gutter mount series of roof racks is a universal range specifically designed to fit vehicles with rain gutters.This style of roof rack can be mounted anywhere along the rain gutters and can be easily re-positioned toaccommodate the accessories to be attached or the load to be carried.When not required, the Gutter mount roof rack can be quickly detached and just as speedily reinstalled whenneeded next.The Gutter mount series is a universal range of roof racks specifically designed to fit vehicles with rain gutters.Prorack range of rail-mounted roofMany modern vehicles, particularly station wagons and SUVs come with factory-fitted roof rails. The Prorack rangeof rail-mounted roof racks have been specially developed to be compatible with the roof rails on a wide range ofvehicles. In most cases, the stylish and practical Prorack removable rail-mounted roof racks look as if they wereinstalled at the factory. Easy to fit, these are another great practical option adding value to your prized vehicle.From $299.00Prorack Cycle HolderThe Prorack Cycle Holder range includes both Frame Mounting and Fork Mounting options.The Prorack Frame Mounting system means you can carry your cycle as a complete unit with no need to disassembleit. The Fork Mounting system gets the cycle close to the roof of the vehicle and is adjustable for any kind of fork.Prorack Frame Mounting Cycle HolderThis lockable holder is fast and easy to use thanks to the quick release clamp unit which holds the bike framesecurely. The arm on the clamp unit folds conveniently away when not in use.This bike holder is only $279.00Prorack Gutterless roof rackDesigned specifically for today’s modern vehicles, these stylish roof racks fit the most diverse range of roof types.The Gutterless roof rack is designed to clamp around the upper door sill or to a channel-mounted bracket, dependingon the vehicle type.The Prorack Gutterless roof rack range features custom-made fitting kits for each vehicle and model type. They canbe easily fitted and removed as required.High strength silver aluminium crossbars are standard. Crossbar section is 32 x 22mm.Kayak CradleAn exciting new upgrade to the already popular Kayak Cradle from Prorack.This cradle has always been popular for the acute angles available to suit even the narrowest multisport boat. Theflexible rubber pads mould to the shape of your hull to cradle your kayak perfectly.The pivoting heads allow even pressure distribution across the surface of the pad. In addition, the cradle pad flipsover for easy side loading.The new cradle is now designed to fit the standard 25 x 20mm bar and can be slid into the ‘T’ groove in most aerofoilbars. If you have that ‘odd ball’ roof rack – Prorack have come up with a set of extra fittings to allow fitting to almostany roof rack. Tie down points are incorporated into the base of the cradle.Tie down straps which incorporate acam-lock buckle for speedy tightening, are also included in this kit.From $199.00Prorack Roof BoxesProrack Roof Boxes open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and your vehicle. No longer do you needto hit the road with your passenger space cramped by luggage and equipment and your boot overflowing. No morestopping to see that your luggage hasn’t blown away or been drenched by a sudden downpour.Prorack Roof Boxes are available in three handy sizes to take almost anything, from fishing gear or skis to golf clubs,camping equipment and just about anything else you can think of. Box it and go with Prorack!Prorack roof boxes attach to roof rack cross bars. While designed to fit Prorack roof racks they are also compatiblewith most other brands of roof rack. Installation and removal is quick and convenient, no tools are required, andfor security the clamping knobs are located inside the box.Box pictured just $699.00ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 31

Satisfied Beachcomber Owner!by Mike ScanlanI first saw the new Beachcomber at the Orewa KASKsymposium in 2004. One look at the lines and I had to tryit out. I loved the look of the rocker – it looked like a kayakthat would move with the sea rather than fight against it. Ihad previously paddled 900Km of the East Coast of the NIbetween Wairoa and Gisborne in my Prion Seayak. After atest paddle I ordered one.When my Beachcomber arrived there was a bit of customizing and thenpaddling it as much as possible before my imminent Auckland to Paihia trip.I could not fault it at all. On one occasion I had it out in conditions that werebad enough that the local surf lifesaving club sent out their IRB to make sureI was OK. The Beachcomber surfed like a dream and felt under control in allthe conditions I went out in.There was never a moment when it felt uncertain.The big trip arrived (Jan 2005) and I was a bit concerned how it would feel loadedup. With 12 Days food and gear it felt to have exactly the same characteristicsas when unloaded – with good speed and manoeuverability.The conditions for our trip were good but we did have winds of 20 knots plusand confused seas of 1 ½ metres. Rounding Cape Brett we had wind bombscoming down at us from the cliffs, and around the Cape the seas were bigand side on.March 2006 and it was Cape Reinga to the Bay of Islands. This was a committingtrip and we experienced rough and confused seas and plenty of wind.The Beachcomber felt totally at ease with it all and was a pleasure to paddle.It is a great kayak – its design and materials set it apart from all the other“plastic” kayaks out there and it works extremely well.Since then I have discovered kayak fishing and have managed to subdue a1.5 metre shark without feeling I was going to go over.Definitely the best “plastic” sea kayak in NZ.32 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Paddle FloatAn essential self-rescue device for kayakers.This dual chambered paddle float is designed withan extra large capacity for maximum buoyancy,quick release buckles for easy attachment to kayakpaddle and clip-on safety tether to eliminate lossin windy conditions.Price: $84.90Camp ShowerThe Camp Shower is great for washing.It’s time to trade up! Constructed of durable PVC, ithas a separate fill cap, on/off valve and a hanging/carrying handle. The Camp Shower is also great forwashing dirty hands and feet.Price: $24.95BoosterBlox FoamPaddle FloatWhile our dual-chamber inflatable paddle floatoffers convenient storage; we recognize that somepaddlers want a paddle float they don’t have toinflate; and our BoosterBlox.TM paddle float isthe perfect solution. A unidirectional trapezoidalshaped foam block enhances stability of the float toreduce the chance of it flipping over. The reflectivewebbing trim and a metallic chrome front panelenhance visibility when you need it; while anintegrated whistlelock quick-release provides anadded safety feature. Deployment is quick and easywith a large pocket for your paddle blade, and awide adjustable leash to secure the paddle shaft.Price: $109.90Paddlers Bilge PumpA must for any boater.Our 30 litre per minute Bilge Pump features aneasy-grab handle, super-strong pump shaft andheavy-duty impact resistant plastic.Price: $59.90Pack SinkOur 14 litre capacity square camp sink can’t bebeat.The Pack Sinks unique square shape makescleaning larger items simple and it folds flat foreasy (out of the way) storage when not in use. ThePack Sink is constructed with waterproof, ruggedvinyl; radio frequency welded seams; webbedcarrying handles; with additional top stiffeners tohold it open when in use.Price: $35.90Paddle LeashUnique quick-release-at-paddle feature allows paddle tobe quickly and easily attached/detached to/from leash. Thestreamlined, low profile retractile cord is easy to pack. Itstays out the way, while providing an eight-foot expansion.Constructed with a heavy-duty snap hook for maximumdurability and an internal Kevlar cord filament for maximumbreaking strength.Price: $34.90RRP$149.95Available online, through authorised resellers or call 03ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 33

Sportsman’s Sea AnchorA great small-craft safety accessory.These heavy duty Sea Anchors are built with RF welded seams and toughPVC for maximum abuse. With tubing sewn into the top hem, they stay opento deploy quickly. A great small-craft safety accessory, to work both as a seabrake while drifting, and sea anchor.300mm dia. opening 580mm lengthPrice: $79.00Sea Rover compassThe Sea Rover features a large compass with easy to readmarkings—no squinting here to read where you’re going! With asimple, yet elegant base, the Sea Rover attaches easily to deck linesor sits nicely on top of a deck bag. Quick-release buckles allow foreasy attachment.Price: $79.90MIGHTYMITE CARTOur new MightyMite Cart is small enough to fit in most Kayak holds, yet strong enough to take a 90kilo, loaded canoe. With pneumatic wheels, galvanized bearings, anodized aluminum frame, a loopcinch strap tie-down, and a single leg kickstand, this cart offers great features at a great price.Collapsed: 550mm length 266mm height 100mm widthWeight of cart – 2.9kg.Weight capacity – 90kgPrice: $149.00deluxE deck bagDeck Mate Deck BagOur Deck Mate Deck Bag offers exceptional value!The entire bag is radio frequency welded to keep waves and rainout. Our splash proof HydroKisscoated zipper is sealed in withno excessive needle holes for water to find. An internal plasticstiffener keeps the whole bag lifted open for easy access to youressentials, while a universal anchoring system allows easy lashingto any boat.Our Deluxe Deck Bag offers a clear window for easier gear location and a higherprofile for better gear storage. With its multiple tie down points, bungees andside straps for added storage you will have plenty of room for added gear.Fully RF welded seams will keep most water out, while a reflective end withlashing for strobe mount will help to keep you visible.Priced at just $149.00Price: $119.9034 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Micro Dry Stuff Sacksopti dry stuff sackomni dry backpackCompact splash proof protection forall your valuables and electronics.Constructed with 70D Hex rip-stop nylonwith an easy-to-use three roll closuresystem.$29.90The Opti Dry is super-tough and super-clear.Constructed with heavy-duty clear vinyl and anabrasion resistant bottom.10Ltr $29.90 - 21Ltr $34.90 - 41Ltr $44.90140 litresHuge says it! We put a guitar in one, huge storage!It has a heavy-duty 3-roll closure system and$99.00Canoe & Kayak TrolleysThe Canoe & Kayak trolley is one of the toughest on the market. Made ofstainless steel, these trolleys will last a life time. Two sets of straps stop themtwisting out from under the kayak, while the solid wide wheels reduce sinkinginto soft sand. Of course they also have a stand which allows easy loading.These trolleys come in two models, the standard for wider kayaks. More suitedto sit on tops, this model folds flat with the removal of a bolt.The heavy duty is designed for a fully laden sea kayaks. The reinforced padshave a greater angle to suit the ‘rounder bottom’. Fold the trolley and the wheelsare removed for easy storage.Price for the Standard trolley $199.Heavy duty $349ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 35

RASDEX ADVENTURE SEMI DRY CAGIf you’re tired of looking at expensive dry cags or want something cleanand simple that will stop all that cold water running down your sleeves, thisis for you: a slim-line semi dry cag with super-comfortable neoprene neckand textured breathable fabric. No unnecessary frills on this one, just whatyou need to keep warm and dry. Ideal for many kinds of paddling, whetheryou’re using a kayak or a sit-on-top, on a lake or a river, in competition or justplain having fun.• Folded neoprene cone neck - a redesigned neck using soft, supple 1.5mmneoprene for a non-restricting seal which avoids any weak points or raggededges.• Latex wrists with covers - includesa drainage eyelet to stop waterbuilding up between the layers.• Neoprene waist - a deep band fora good comfortable single seal.Fabric: A 4oz ‘Tactel’ texturednylon with a breathable,delamination-proof Exeat coating.Colours: Blue/Black.All this for only $229.95CLASSIC 2OZ OPEN NECK CAGThis cag was developed especiallyfor New Zealand paddlers. It suitsmultisport paddling in particular, withthe opening mesh neck for ventilationand a lightweight fabric. The neoprenedrawcord waist and adjustable wristsmake it easy to pull on in transitions.The long sleeve version will suit thosewho prefer to keep their arms coveredfor sun protection, and also makes itsuitable as a lightweight windbreakerwhen training.Apart from racing it’s great as a summer cag just to keep the wind and sunoff when paddling around the beach or lake, or on a calm river on a hot day.Drawcord waist - inside a neoprene band for comfort and easy adjustability.Open neck - mesh insert for even more ventilation if you get too hot.Adjustable wrists - designed to allow you to push the sleeves up if you wantto, have the wrists loose or quickly adjust them to a nice tight seal. Fabric:Lightweight 2oz ripstop with Exeat or Vent-X breathable waterproof coating.Colours: Orange/charcoal or blue/charcoal.Great Value at $234.95NEOPRENE SHORTSCut for the correct fit when sitting down, these neoprene shorts have aneye-catching metallic blue panel down the sides. 3.5mm neoprene is usedfor the back for extra padding, and 1.5mm for the front for greater flexibilityand comfort.Available in black/blue, S-XL.RRP $99.95.36 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

ADVENTURE PRO DRY CAGThis popular dry cag is turning heads allover the world. The fabric is a waterproof,breathable tactel so it’s a good step upfrom the more basic shiny nylon and isvery comfortable to wear. The reflectivepiping separating the colour panelscatches the light easily, helping you to beseen if you’re on the river a bit late, andlooking good throughout the day. Thearms are cut high and pre-bent to give youplenty of movement, and we’ve just added an elbow patch to give the mostvulnerable areas even more strength.Adjustable neoprene outer waist band - to keep a nice tight seal betweenyou and the water.Elasticated fabric inner waist band - feedback from our paddlers has told usthat a double neoprene waistband is hard to use, so this cag now has a new,less bulky design.Latex neck with neoprene cone cover - the driest possible design, Its’ completewith mesh drainage at the base of the neoprene cover so that water nevercollects between the seals.Latex wrists with adjustable covers are easy to get on. They also includemesh drainage.Tip: Latex seals can be cut down carefully to make them slightly less tightaround the neck and wrists. If you do this, make sure that you cut evenlyaround the seal without leaving nicks which could later tear. More tips forlooking after latex seals are included on the warranty card which comeswith every item.Fabric: A 4oz ‘Tactel’ textured nylon with a breathable, delamination-proofExeat coating.Colours: Red/Black or Blue/Black.Just : $439.95ADVENTURE PANTSThese paddling pants have been updated and improved for the new seasonbased on feedback from our customers. We’ve slimmed down the cut of thelegs to take away some of the bulkiness, and changed the waist to streamlinethings there too. Now you can be warm and comfortable when waiting inthe wind, or putting up the tent, or scouting rapids, or having lunch, or justpaddling - everybody who’s tried paddling pants knows how valuable theyare, and now you can try them too at a very, very good price.• Unisex cut, with gusset - makes for a good fit for both male and femalepaddlers.• Neoprene cone ankle seals - for a comfortable, easy-to-get-into solution(no need to be hopping around on ariver bank with one foot half through alatex seal).• Deep neoprene waistband with wideelasticated braces - so that the waistdoesn’t have to be too tight.Fabric: A 4oz ‘Tactel’ textured nylon witha breathable, delamination-proof Exeatcoating.Colours: Blue/Black.RRP: $244.95DAY TWO LIGHT BREEZECanoeists, rafters and kayakers will appreciate this lightweight version of ourBreeze jacket. Adjustable coated Lycra® splash cuffs and collar, plus bungeewaist keep out wind, water and too much sun.DAY TWO LIGHTSQUIRTRRP: $135.00This lightweight, durable training top’scollar opens for ventilation, making itperfect for warmer days. Lycra® band onsleeves, adjustable coated Lycra® splashcollar and adjustable bungee drawcordwaist keep out splash and spray.DAY TWO TROPOSRE-ACTIONSEMI-DRYRRP: $348.00.Waterproof, breathable fabric, latex wristgaskets with protective coated Lycra®over-cuffs, APT neoprene neck closure,Smoothskin neoprene waistband withadjustable drawcord waist, fully sealedseams for touring or whitewater paddlerswho prefer a double skirted paddling jacketto pair with spray skirt or Whirlpool Bib.ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 37

DAY TWO TRI/SEA BUOYANCY VESTThis is a great touring or multisport buoyancy vest. Lightweight,comfortable and with five adjustments. More than 55N ofcomfy soft floatation. Front zip entry, three front pockets (oneVelcro with a key clip) and large rear pocket for drinks bladder.Reflective piping on the rear. Comes in S/M/L/XL, Red, blue orgold.ADVENTURE RACER VESTThis is a great vest for racing, with lots of pockets including a hugerear pocket for your drinks bladder. The inside of the vest is linedwith high wicking mesh to reduce sweating. The vest is easy to puton over your head and very light weight for those long races. Over55N of floatation.DAY TWO KIWITEA BUOYANCY VESTA versatile starter buoyancy vest with five way adjustments to fitchildren and adults. More than 55N of floatation (industry standard)made from very soft and comfortable foam. Large front pocket. ReflectiveComes in yellow/black.BUOYANCY AidsOur bouyancy aids are a great buy at only $99.50.Increase your visibility in these yellow bouyancy aids.They have plenty of adjustment with side, shoulder and waist straps. There isa pocket with a ring to store keys, knife or whistle on the inside.A full range of sizes available in any colour, as long as it’s yellow.38 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Progression PFDDesigned for multisport and also suitable for sea kayaking, this PFDaims to make your day as comfortable as possible while keepingeverything you need within easy reach. Comes with pocket for 2.0-2.5l bladder and attachment for an optional tube-routing block onthe front. 3 front pockets and key clip are also provided, and thesoft foam and padded shoulders are exceptionally comfortable.Available in blue, one size. RRP $224.95.Flow PFDA simple PFD that adjusts easily to fit a wide range of people.Hard-wearing 6oz nylon, side buckles and comfortable foammake this a great entry-level option. Available in blue oryellow, one size. RRP $149.95.Symbiant PFDThe Symbient is a great new PFD with a large number of options. Itfeatures more than 70 N of buoyancy, has a front pocket with 2 clip-inpoints and is designed with freedom of movement in mind. The frontfoam has 3 V-shaped cuts so the front panel fits tight and snug againstthe chest. It has provisions to be upgraded with a cowtail (works onlyif the optional rescue belt with quick release buckle is fitted). TheSymbient is offered in 3 style options:Symbient Basic $215.95: Basic PFD without the extrasdescribed below.Symbient Whitewater $289.95: A rescue belt withO-ring and quick release buckle.Symbient Race $299.95: The Symbient Basic is fittedwith a specially designed Hydration Pouch which holds a 1 - 2 Ldrink bladder.Multisporter PFDThis top-end PFD was designed for serious multisport andadventure racing. 4 front pockets, a 2l bladder pocket,key clip and reflective strips are provided along withsuper-comfortable foam in a lightweight shell. The highlyadjustable design allows easy access in transitions andeven enables you to take out and replace the foam at theend of its life. A 2l bladder and tube-routing block comeas standard meaning no modifications or add-ons arerequired. Available in orange, one size.RRP $289.95.ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 39

Childs Toastie SteamerCombination of Taiwan‚s & Japan‚s finest light weightneoprene with tough nylon mesh for warmth, strength& durability. Features include an anatomical designfor maximum fit, flex & warmth. An anti wear panel onchest & stomach. The Neck is sealed with a slipskin Oring. Seams are Flatlocked and the fastenings are toughnon-corrosive original YKK or PK back zip.Colours: Black with various accent colours.Sizes: C8 - C10 - C12 - C14 - C16Tailor Making: $160.00Recommended Retail: $149.99Coaster Surf ShortsKepp warm in neoprene shorts.Made in a combination of Taiwan‚s & Japan‚s finest lightweight (2mm) neoprene for warmth, strength & durability.Anatomically designed for maximum fit, flex & warmth.Flatlocked Seams with shock cord with stop toggle.Colours: Black with various accent colours.Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXLTailor Making available at an extra: $45.00Priced at just: $99.99 $143.99-Long LegsInferno Hot TopTaiwan’s Neoprene Copper Titanium Inside finishedcell with Copper Coating for extra heat retention.Flatlocked Seams in 1mm neoprene. Lycra collarfor soft finish around neck. 1mm Copper providesinsulation with UV protection.Colours: Combinations of blue, black, white &grey.Sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXLTailor Making available at an extra: $45.00Recommended Retail:40 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Granite River ShoeNEW! This creeking boot has a performance super grippy rubber sole, withsupporting sole stiffeners to protect the foot from rough ground. Toe andheel rubber caps protect from abrasion. The adjustable webbing strapsmake sure that the shoe stays on your foot.Usage: General water sports, whitewater kayaking, surfingColours: Blue/BlackSizes: UK 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12RRP: $135.00Quartz ShoeNEW 3/4 boot. A lightweight general performance shoe which is ideal forrecreational paddling or wearing on the beach. A pull-tab makes it easy toput on and take off. The sole unit provides protection from rough terrainand grips on slippery rocks. The adjustable webbing straps support theheel and mid foot, ensuring the boot stays where it is put.Usage: general water sports, kayaking, surfingColours: Blue/BlackSizes:UK 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12RRP: $89.00Side Zip BootNEW Zip boot. An easy to use 3mm neopreneboot, with a durable # 10 YKK® side zip andinternal baffle to reduce water ingress. Theboot has large protective rubber toe and healcaps. The sole unit grips on slippery rocks anduneven ground. All seams are glued and blindstitched.Usage: general water sports, kayaking, surfingColours: BlackSizes: UK 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12RRP: $90.00ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 41

y Josh NeilsonOn the 22 nd of April I was all packed and on my way to Ottawa,Canada to compete in the World Championships in Freestylekayaking. This had been a dream of mine for many yearsand I couldn’t think of a better place to be competing. Thesite for the world champs was on a wave called ‘Buseater’,which totally lived up to its name. The Kiwi team all madeit to Canada and were based in a cabin on the banks of theriver. It was early spring with snow still on the banks andhundreds of freezing kayakers made their way down theriver each day. Unfortunately the river was still too low fortraining on the competition site so smaller waves had to beused. By Competition day the river was at optimal flows andit was amazing. From the eddy you grabbed onto a towropeand used the speed of the river to propel yourself into themiddle of the river and onto the wave. Once on the wave youhad one minute to preform as many manoeuvres as possibleto score points, which were multiplied out, to give an overallscore. Each competitor got 4 rides of which 3 counted.This was the biggest wave that a competition like this has surfed and theatmosphere was pumping. We were with the best kayakers in the worldsurfing some of the biggest river waves the world has to offer.By day three of competition the crowd size had increased, as only the finalistswere on the water. The Kiwi team had done well and were now on the banksupporting their friends. Three-time world champion, Eric Jackson addedanother title to the list taking away the 1 st place in good form!With the competition over and the sights of eastern Canada enjoyed, it wastime to head to the warmer climate of California. On the 12 th of May I arrivedin Coloma near Sacramento, CA where I would be based for the summer. Overthe next few days I fixed the van and picked up the rest of the team from theairport and we planned our season from river to river.42 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

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We met up with Evan Garcia, recently crowned junior world champion,loaded up the car and hit the road. California, known for its high snow packin the High Sierra Ranges was this year only laden with between 14 and 47%snow pack, which was a bit distressing. Without snow the rivers will notflow. We had to be quick and get on them at the perfect time or they wouldbe gone for the season. With good sources of beta we headed off to SequoiaNational Park, home of the world’s largest trees and some of the best creekingCalifornia has to offer. We started on the Kaweah River and slowly madeour way through the rivers to Lake Tahoe. Some of the highlights were athree day trip on the ‘Fantasy Falls’ section of the Mokolmene River wherewe raced the dropping flows and experienced some of the coldest kayakingCalifornia could throw at us. With a solid crew we managed double runs onmany of the classic rivers such as the West branch of Cherry Creek and themain fork of Cherry Creek.An almost perfect season was spoiled when I found myself slightly off lineon a waterfall on West Cherry Creek. I ended the run with a broken nose,concussion and a long hike out to the car. However it did not set us backtoo much and we finished the season with a number of classic rivers underour belt.My visa in USA only lasting 3 months I needed to book a flight somewhereto rest and relax after such a full on season. A week later I was in Nicaragua.Just north of Costa Rica in Central America, Nicaragua was the ideal placeto unwind. For 300 days a year the Pacific coast has off shore winds andperfect surf. I spent my time there surfing and checking out future potentialkayaking expeditions.Back in California an email awaited me asking if I would be interested ingoing to explore the Jungle Rivers in northern Thailand for a month and ahalf. With a few more details about the trip I changed my flight back to NewZealand and am now planning a trip into northern Thailand for Septemberand October of 2007.Keep an eye out on for updates on mytravels and kayaking and the next copy of canoe and kayak magazine for atrip report on our expedition findings in Thailand.44 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 45

Rhino DecksRasdex are now the manufacturers of Rhino Decks, the wellestablishedNew Zealand brand. We were so impressed with theseemingly ever-lasting colourful coating on the top, and the superstickyprinting on the underside, that we just had to do whatever ittook to be able to offer them ourselves! This deck sticks to plasticlike only Rhino Decks have ever done before, so if you’re notfamiliar with them yet you have to try one to believe it.Deck section: High density 3.5mm double-lined neoprene withsmall diamond texture on top for superb strength and durability.Body tube: Soft and supple 3.5mm double-lined neoprene forcomfort and flexibility. Seams glued and taped on both sides formaximum waterproofing. Edge bound for a top quality finish.RRP $179.95Rasdex Combination DeckThe deck most used by multisport paddlers - also used by sea andtouring paddlers. The deck has a neoprene deck section but witha nylon body tube which allows good freedom of movement. Thisis often more comfortable than a standard neoprene body tube ifyou’re wearing it for long periods of time. An added advantage isthat on flat water the body tube can be loosened so you don’t gettoo hot. The nylon body also means that one body size fits mostpeople, so it’s a good option for sharing between a family groupor club as well as for individuals.• Deck section: High density 3.5mm double-lined neoprene fordurability.• Body tube: 4oz waterproof, seam-sealed, breathable nylon forcomfort and the ultimate in flexibility. Pair of shoulder bracesfrom wide elastic for security.• Mesh pocket: Ideal for a drinks bottle or handy snacks.• Cord: 9.5mm shock cord for plastic cockpits, 8mm for fibreglassrims. Webbing grab loop for easy release.RRP $169.95PALM Classic DeckCordura laminated neoprene with PU abrasive coating on the edges.Super sticky latex underneath. Solid and reliable fit on most kayaks,durable, easy to put on. All seams glued, stitched, and taped.Cockpit size: Roto.3, Roto.4 & Roto.5 (your specialised retailer willknow which size fits your kayak)Waist tube size: XS/S, M/L & XL/XXLRRP: $189.0046 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

DAY TWO NYLOPRENE SPRAYDECKThis deck is designed for touring, multisport or groups.3mm Neoprene deck section and breathable ‘exeat’nylon body. Big 10mm bungy around the edge for asecure fit (8mm bungy on multisport decks). Seamtape watersealed. One size fits all. Adjustable shoulderstraps and waist size. Comes in five cockpit sizes to fitall cockpit shapes from multisport to big cockpit seakayaks.DAY TWO STRONG DECKThis spraydeck is made from hardwearing diamondneoprene. It features a special wear strip on the topof the deck to protect it from little cuts and tears. Thesame print is on the inside to help the deck stick to thecockpit rim. We put an extra tight bungy on the rim tomake sure the deck fits snugly to the cockpit.$180.00DAY TWO NEOPRENE COCKPITCOVERMade from 3mm neoprene with a tight bungy elastic.Fitted to your kayak, it keeps out the rain and bugs,improves your petrol consumption and keeps yoursmelly kayak gear out of reach.DAY TWO NEOPRENE SPRAYDECKThis deck is snug fitting and warm for all kayakconditions. ‘Diamond’ neoprene deck section andstretchy neoprene waist. Comes in small to XL waist and5 cockpit shapes (or whatever you need made). Strong10mm bungy ensures tight fit to the cockpit (8mm onmultisport cockpits).ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2007 47

VHF Radios -We’ll beat anyadvertised price forthe same brand radio.While stocks lastGizmo, a two person Young Enterprise Company from Timaru Boys HighSchool specializing in selling Disposable Warmers. If you have triedthem, you’ll love them, they are sensational, Magical even.How DO they work?The package states the contents are Iron Powder, water, salt, activatedcharcoal and vermiculite.All you have to do is open, shake inner bag and expose to the air toactive the soothing warmth for over 10 hours.These warmers can be used for professional athletes, outdoorsportspeople, spectators, skiers and for anyone who would like safe,convenient, concentrated warmth.They reach a maximum heat of 52 – 62 degrees Celsius. Made for onetime use, they brake down in an environmentally friendly way.They sell hand warmers, foot warmers, Body warmers, toasti toes andSurvival heat packs.Gizmo is also currently branching out into the Evercool bandana’s,which keep you cool in the hottest conditions. These bandana’s arereusable and provide cooling sensations for around two days, all youdo is sock in water for about 15 minutes and away you go. They alsoabsorb your sweet while you enjoy the nice warm days.For details on stores and products email ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

Learn To KayakPhone 0508 529 2569 to bookStage 1Stage 2Stage 1Stage 2SKILLS COURSEA comprehensive course designed tocover the skills required to become atechnically correct and safe paddler.The course progresses so you developtechniques and confidence at anenjoyable pace with great end results.This course is run over a weekend or byrequest in the evenings.COST $295ESKIMO ROLLINGThis course covers the skills requiredto become a technically correct EskimoRoller. You increase your confidence,allowing you to paddle in morechallenging conditions. Being ableto eskimo roll will make you a morecompetent, safe and capable paddler.Course: 4 evening sessionsCOST $200INTRO TO WHITE WATERA comprehensive course designed tocover the skills required to become atechnically correct paddler. Startingoff in a heated pool and progressingthrough flat water to moving water, itallows you to develop techniques andconfidence at an enjoyable pace withgreat end results.Course: WeekendCOST $349ESKIMO ROLLINGThis course covers the skills requiredto become a technically correctEskimo Roller. This will increase yourconfidence, allowing you to paddle inmore challenging conditions.Course: 4 evening sessionsCOST $200Stage 3Stage 4Stage 3Stage 4WEATHER &Understanding the weather and abilityto navigate in adverse conditions isvital when venturing into the outdoors.Learn to use charts and compasses andforecast the weather using maps andthe clouds.Course: 4 evening sessionsOCEANS COURSEAn advanced course designed to build onyour skills. Covering paddling technique,kayak control, rescues, preparation,planning and decision making.Course: Weekend/overnight.COST $350RIVER SKILLSOn this course we continue to buildon the skills gained on Stage One andTwo Courses. Developing your skills,technique and confidence on the fastermoving white water of the WaikatoRiver and progressing on to a Sundayday trip on the Mohaka River. Includes,eddie turns, ferry gliding, rolling, surfingand building new skills in River Rescuetechniques and River Reading.Course: Weekend • COST $349MULTISPORTDuring this course we build on the skillsgained on the Stage One to Three Courses.Developing your moving water skills,technique and confidence in your MultiSport Kayak. We start on the MohakaRiver on Saturday and progress to theWhanganui on Sunday for some bigwater paddling. River racing competencyletters are awarded to those who meetthe standard and criteria as outlined onthe Grade Two Competency Certificate.A copy is available from Canoe & KayakCentres.Stage 6Stage 5Stage 6Stage 5KAYAKING SURFSurfing is heaps of fun when you knowhow. We will spend the evenings startingoff in small surf and building up to oneand a half metre waves. We will use arange of sit-on-tops and kayaks to makeit fun and easy to learn. Skills to betaught include surfing protocol, paddlingout, direction control, tricks and safetyCourse: 4 evening sessionsCOST $349RESCUE COURSEYou need rescue skills to look afteryourself and your paddling buddies inadverse conditions. This course coverstowing systems, capsized kayaks,T Rescues, paddle floats, stern deckcarries, re-enter and roll.Programme One EveningCost $60ADVANCED WHITEWATERThis course is designed to sharpen yourwhitewater skills and start learning simplerodeo moves. We will focus on skillssuch as river reading, body position androtation, advanced paddle technique,playing in holes and negotiating higherGrade 3 rapids. We recommend you arefeeling comfortable on Grade 2+ rapids.Ideally you should already be paddling themid section of Rangitaiki or equivalent.Course: Weekend • COST $349RIVER RESCUEThis course is designed to cover likelyscenarios on white water rivers. Thecourse is suitable for paddlers who feelcomfortable on Grade One to Two rivers.The areas covered are rope skills, muscletechniques, team control, heads up, riskmanagement and combat swimming. Alsocovering skills required in the followingsituations: entrapments, kayak wraps,swimming kayakers and their equipment.Course: Weekend • COST P.O.A.AwardsContact your nearest Canoe & Kayak centre to develop apersonalised course to suit your needs.For more information phone 0508 FORTYtwo • 2007 49

Directory: Things To DoTAUPO Maori Carvings Waikato River DiscoveryMohaka Whanganui River TripsHalf day guided trip to the rock carvings,Lake Taupo... only accessible by boat.$90 per person (bookings essential).Call freephone 0800 KAYAKN fordetails.2 hour guided kayak trip. Experience themagnificent upper reaches of the mightyWaikato River - soak in the geothermalhotsprings - take in the stunningenvironment... a perfect trip for all the family...Price: $45 adult $25 children Specialgroup and family rates. Call freephone0800 KAYAKN for details.Need some excitement? Take a kayakdown this wicked Grade II river run...this is a whole day of thrills and fantasticscenery down the Mohaka River.Price: $125 per person. Call freephone0800 KAYAKN for details.Phone: Taupo 07 378 1003,Hawke’s Bay 06 842 1305Interested in a great adventure on thisMagnificent River?Give us a call and we will give you amemory of a lifetime.Canoe & Kayak TaupoPrice on application.0800 529256TAUPO AccommodationWaitara River ToursMokau RiverSugar Loaf IslandAccommodation available to Yakity Yakclub members and their families... Ideal forsport and school groups... Situated on thebanks of the Waikato River our KayakersLodge accommodates up to 15 people, isfully furnished, with plenty of parking and aquiet location.$30 per person per night.Phone: 0800 529256 for detailsFor those who are slightly more adventurous atheart, this is a scenic trip with the excitement ofgrade two rapids. Midway down, we paddleunder the historic Betran Rd Bridge wherewe will stop for a snack.Allow 2 hours paddle only. Priced at $50.Phone: 06 769 5506Enjoy this beautiful scenic river whichwinds through some of New Zealandslushest vegetation. Camping overnightand exploring some of New Zealandspioneering history. A true Kiwi experience.Two day trips $230.00 orone day $80.00.Phone 06 769 5506From Ngamutu Beach harbour we head outto the open sea to Nga Motu/Sugar LoafIsland Marine Reserve. View the Taranakiscenic, rugged coastline as we draw closer tothe Sugar Loaf Islands. Enjoy the seal colonyand experience the thrill of close up views ofthese fascinating marine mammals.Allow 3 hours subject to weather.$55.00 per person. Phone 06 769 5506Hawkes Bay Harbour CruiseRiver ToursKayak HireA guided kayak trip round the safe watersof the Inner Harbour, while learning aboutthe history of the area. During this stunningtrip around the beautiful Napier InnerHarbour of Ahuriri, we stop to share a glassof fresh orange juice, local fruits and cheeseplatter.All this for $40 per person.Exploring beautiful estuaries. Enjoy ascenic trip with wildlife and great views.Phone Canoe & Kayakon 0508 KAYAKNZ for detailsTaupo - Open for the summer and byappointment. Long Bay, Auckland - byappointment only. Have some paddlingfun on the beach or let us run a Tour foryou and your friends and explore thesebeautiful areas.Phone Canoe & Kayakon 0508 KAYAKNZ for detailsNew Zealand Kayaking InstructorsAward SchemeBecome a kayaking Instructor and Guide.Get into gear and get qualified!It’s fun and easy to do.Don’t delay phone 0508 5292569 nowPaddle to the PubKayaking to a local pub is a unique wayof spending an evening, bringing yourgroup of friends together by completinga fun activity before dinner and makinga memorable experience. These trips areavailable to Riverhead, Browns Bay andDevonport Pubs.COST: $59.00 each • GROUP DISCOUNTSAVAILABLE!Phone Canoe & KayakTwilight ToursDeparts from one of your local beautifulbeaches. Enjoy the scenic trip with the sunsetting as you paddle along the coast line.Group discounts available!Phone Canoe & Kayakon 0508 KAYAKNZ for detailsCustomized Tours• Work Functions • Schools• Clubs • Tourist groupsWhether it’s an afternoon amble, afull days frolic or a wicked weekendadventure we can take you there.If there’s somewhere you’d like to paddlewe can provide you with experiencedguides, local knowledge, safe up to dateequipment and a lot of fun.Contact your local storeon 0508 KAYAKNZJoin the Yakity Yak ClubWant to have fun, meet new people, havechallenging and enjoyable trips, and learnnew skills?PLUS get a regular email newsletter andthis magazine! Also, get a discount onkayaking courses and purchases fromCanoe & Kayak stores.Then, join us!Phone Canoe & Kayakon 0508 KAYAKNZ to find out more50 ISSUE FORTYtwo • 2 0 0 7

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