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TABLE OF CONTENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKO N T H EC O V E R 11W I N E R YF E A T U R E 20P E R F E C TPA I R S 22T A S T I N G R O O MO F T H E W E E K 50W I N E M A K E RP R O F I L E 52Wine GarageCline CellarsBaldacci FamilyVineyardsRussian RiverPinot Noir &Strawberry,Mozzarella &BalsamicFlatbreadMazzocco SonomaChuck Mansfield,Hop Kiln WineryN O V E M B E R 2 7 , 2 0 0 9 – I S S U E 4 8 – V O L U M E 2 8ON THE COVERWine Garage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11WINE COUNTRY NEWSWine Country Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-18Wineology by Len Napolitano . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25SPECIAL COUPONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18WINE COUNTRY GETAWAYSOvernight Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26NAPA VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31-43Downtown Napa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34St. Helena Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34Calistoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36-37Yountville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38Napa Valley Fine Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40Napa Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-43SONOMA COUNTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-59Sonoma County Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-47Russian River Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48Santa Rosa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50Geyserville Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50Healdsburg Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53Sonoma Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54-59Sonoma Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54Glen Ellen Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57Sonoma Plaza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59MENDOCINO & LAKE COUNTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60-61Lake & Mendocino Counties Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60LIVERMORE VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62Livermore Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62LODI/WOODBRIDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63Lodi/Woodbridge Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63NORTHERN CENTRAL COAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64-69Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz Mountains Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64Carmel Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69xSalinas Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68SIERRAS/FOOTHILLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70Sierra Foothills Wineries Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70WINERY LISTINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71-826

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WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKHeadMendocinoLittleRiverElkFort Bragg201253BoonvillePt. Arena Yorkville128P P a a c c i i f f i i c c O O c c e e a a n nCalpellaUkiahTOEUREKAWillitsGualala LakeSonomaSea RanchBodega BayPt. Reyes20LakeportHopland175HealdsburgTimber CoveJenner29ClearLakeGuerneville•12Sebastopol1Muir WoodsSFO29Geyserville101San FranciscoPacificaHalf MoonBayCloverdale116TomalesPetalumaPt. ReyesStationSanta Rosa101SanRafael280KenwoodGlenEllen121161n n S S a aWoodside12880F r a n cF r a n c10184121Lower LakeSonomaMonterey Bay2029Middletown29San PabloBay580i s c oi s c o53Clearlake92B a yPaloAltoCalistogaYountville37Berkeley84St. HelenaRutherford12121VallejoNapa24580OaklandAlamedaSantaClaraFairfield12680780Pleasanton880680FremontSan Jose17SantaCruzCapitola152WatsonvilleMoss Landing4121Hayward680TOREDDINGBrooksLakeBerryessa128 Winters580Davis12ConcordWalnut CreekMorgan HillPASO ROBLES 117 158MONTEREY 72SAN JOSE5Williams16Gilroy505Rio Vista8045SacramentoLivermore204 245 255 269 355 263 236 266 278112 160 170 184 269 178 151 190 20248 90 100 115 200 110 83 118 138SAN FRANCISCO 45 55 70 155 75 48 88 142SONOMA 22 44 129 39 14 68 131SANTA ROSA 16 101 21 41 104 166HEALDSBURG 86 26 56 118 181MENDOCINO 111 141 195 266CALISTOGA 27 86 149NAPA 59 122SACRAMENTO 84MURPHYSLAKE TAHOE1220558099152LodiStocktonChowchilla156 99995Manteca88449SutterCreekAngelsCampAuburn50 PlacervilleOakdaleModesto49ChineseCampJackson379307231201181217231310199172115118JamestownSonoraTORENOTOLAKE TAHOETOYOSEMITEPacific GroveMonterey68Salinas101CarmelTOBIG SUR &MORRO BAY8 www.WineCountryThisWeek.comGonzalesTOPASO ROBLES &SAN LUIS OBISPOTOLOS ANGELES

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y Michelle J. BakerWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSWine Garage – Here Comes the Jug!Wine Garage founder Todd Miller drilled a couple of holes inthe wall at his bustling Calistoga wine shop nearly two yearsago in anxious anticipation of having his own winery’s juiceflowing from one side of the wall to happy customers waiting on theother side.Well, it took a while, but the Wine Garage winery is finally openfor business. From those holes in the wall now hang a couple of fabricatedstainless steel nozzles, and out of them flow two righteous anddelicious blends, B1 (a Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon,Carmenere, Merlot and Petit Verdot) and R1 (a Rhone-style blend ofSyrah, Zinfandel, Grenache, Mourvedre and Petite Sirah). “My biggestproblem,” says Miller, “is that customers can’t decide which to buybecause they love them both so much.”And with good reason. Miller bought the individuallots of finished wine that make up eachblend from some of his personal winemakingfriends. The wine came from grapes from severalof Napa’s most prestigious vineyards. He’s swornto secrecy on the vineyard sources so the WineGarage blends don’t compete against the samewines priced at two, three or even four times whatMiller sells it for – just $29.99 for a half-gallonjug, filled to order.When Todd and Joy Miller moved to NapaValley in 2001, they were surprised to find thatthey could hardly find any wines for less than $45 a bottle. Then theywent to a dinner party at a winemaker’s home, and were shocked todiscover that many winemakers couldn’t afford to drink the winesthey made. That’s when the Millers decided to open the first wine shopin Napa Valley that only carried wines under $25 a bottle.So in 2003, Todd Miller swapped his corporate necktie for jeansand boots and started scouring Northern California for great, undiscoveredwines to offer at the new wine shop, the Wine Garage in Calistoga.Miller drove the roads less traveled, meeting with winemakers,walking in their vineyards, and tasting their grapes, barrel samplesand finished wines. The winemakers, tickled to have a real, live winebuyer at their winery, shared stories with Miller over a glass of wineat the dinner table.The Wine Garage carries a wide selection of bargains fromSonoma and Napa, and gems from as far afield as Paso Robles, Lodi,the Sierra Foothills and Mendocino County. The store still doesn’tcarry any wines priced over $25, and Miller doesn’t buy a wine forthe store unless he loves it. What’s best is the Wine Garage staff takesthe guesswork out of wine shopping: tell the staff what you’re lookingfor and they will steer you to the perfect bottle.The Wine Garage is now a licensed winery, and in addition to theblends on tap, they produce a line of their own Wine Garage wineswww.WineCountryThisWeek.comfrom grapes they crush. For reds they offer aSonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Napa Valley Zinfandeland Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon; there arealso two whites, Joy Ride (named for Todd’s wifeand business partner, Joy), a lively blend ofAlbarino, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Muscat,and a 2008 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.The Wine Garage’s wine club is one of the bestdeals around. Club members can choose toreceive six bottles of red wine (or three red andthree white) six times per year for $100 per shipment,plus shipping. The Wine Garage also offersan “Intense Red” selection of massively concentrated and extractedwines, also six bottles six times per year for $125 per shipment, plusshipping.The Wine Garage, located at 1020 Foothill Boulevard (Highway29) in Calistoga, is open from 11 a.m. till 6:30 p.m. Monday thruSaturday and 11 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call(707) 942-5332, visit the website at or send anemail to

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNAPA VALLEYONGOINGFumé Bistro & Bar Happy HourNapa, Spirit & snack specials, wine & beer, 4-6pm707-257-1999, www.fumebistro.comONGOING WEEKENDS EXCEPT 4TH WEEKENDWine Component Tasting Seminarat Merryvale VineyardsSt. Helena, 10:30am-12:30pm, $20, free/club members707-963-7777, www.merryvale.comEVERY 4TH WEEKENDWine & Food Pairing Seminarat Merryvale Vineyards10:30am-12:30pm, $20, free/club members, St. Helena707-963-7777, www.merryvale.comONGOINGNapa Valley Wine TrainNapa, 800-427-4124,• Nov 20: Vintners Lunch, Franciscan• Nov 21: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater• Nov 26: Thanksgiving Lunch & DinnerONGOINGNapa Valley Opera House1030 Main Street, Napa, 707-226-7372,• Nov 19-22: Lucky Penny presents Looking• Dec 4: Don Vappue’s Creole Jazz Serenaders• Dec 9-12: Piano Bar (Where You’re the Star!)• Dec 19: Voena: Voices of the Season• Dec 31: Marvin Hamlisch: One Singular, SensationalNew Year’s Eve CelebrationONGOINGLive at the Lincoln TheaterYountville, 707-944-1300,• Nov 21: Peter Gros’ Mutual of Omaha – Wild KingdomONGOINGWine Tasting at Back Room WinesNapa, 5-9pm, 707-226-1378,• Nov 20: Back Room Blow Out XXXIVONGOINGdi Rosa Preserve Art & NatureNapa, 707-226-5991,• Through Jan 30: Altered States, The Collection in ContextONGOINGBuon Amici Members & GuestsBenessere Vineyards, St. Helena,10am-4:30pm707-963-5853,• Members Only New Release Tastings• Barrel Tastings by appointment• Vertical Tastings by appointment• Wine & Cheese Pairing by appointmentONGOINGJefferson House Reserve Room Tastingat Monticello VineyardsNapa, Reserve Wine Seminar, Corley Family Napa Valley $25RSVP 707-253-2802 x18, www.CorleyFamilyNapaValley.comONGOING FRIDAYS-MONDAYSCooking Demonstrations at The DeBaun TheatreSt. Helena, Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, $12.50707-967-2320,, www.ciachef.eduONGOINGVisitor Programs at Robert Mondavi WineryFor details, 888-RMONDAVI x2000,• The To Kalon Tour & Tasting• A Guided Tasting• Pleasure in the Glass• The Taste of Wine• The “Harvest of Joy”Tour & Lunch • Celebrating California Wine & Food• Artisan Cheese & Wine-A Perfect Match • The Essence Tour & TastingONGOINGAnsel Adams – John Muir Trail ExhibitMumm Winery, Rutherford, 10am-5pm daily800-MUM-NAPA, www.mummnapa.comONGOINGProgressive Tasting at Sterling VineyardsCalistoga, Taste limited release wines at the winery800-726-6136, www.sterlingvineyards.comONGOINGReserve Tour & Tasting at Sterling VineyardsCalistoga, 11am, Private tasting in the Reserve Room after the tour, $45800-726-6136, www.sterlingvineyards.comONGOINGVIP Tasting & Artisan Barrel Factory TourBourassa Vineyards, Napa, Mon-Fri by appointment, $15 mid-week specialMention this listing, 800-499-2366, www.bourassavineyards.comONGOINGTours & Tasting at ZD WinesRutherford, RSVP 800-487-7757,• Traditional Tasting, $10, daily 10am-4pm• Premier Tasting, $15, daily 10am-4pm• Private Group Tasting, $20, by appt• Cellar Tour & Tasting, $25, 1pm weekends & holidays, M-F by appt• Vineyard View Tasting, $40, Sat-Sun 11am, M-F by appt• Abacus Tasting, $600 for 4-6 people, by appt• Wine Train, $180ONGOINGTastings at the Popcorn Barat Flora Springs WinerySt. Helena,10am-5pm, 707-967-8032,• It’s all About You Tasting, $15• Everybody’s Talking Tasting, $25ONGOING THURSDAY - SATURDAYTemptastings in the Temptation Caveat Flora Springs WinerySt. Helena,11am & 2pm, $25, $15/memberRSVP 707-967-8032, www.florasprings.comONGOINGTastings at Silverado VineyardsNapa, 707-259-6611, 800-997-1770x611,• Saddleblock Vineyard Tasting, $75• Library Tasting, $75• Daily Tasting Room Flights, Estate/$10, Premier/$20• Public Tours & Tasting, 10:30am & 2:30pm, $15• Private Tour and or Tasting, 15-25 guests, $20/tour, $25/tour & tastingONGOINGAppellation Tastingsat Elizabeth Spencer Tasting RoomRutherford, 10:45am & 4pm by appointment, $40707-963-6067, www.elizabethspencerwines.comONGOINGVineyard & Winery Toursat Raymond VineyardsSt. Helena, 11am (by appt), $15, Group tours available (by appt)800-525-2659x620, www.raymondvineyards.comONGOINGWine Tasting Experiencesat Benessere VineyardsSt. Helena, 707-963-5853x105,, by appt• Personalized Wine Flights, daily, $10• Vineyards Walking Tour & Tasting, M-W, 10:30am, $15• Fudge Pairing Experience, Sun, 10:30am, $15• Barrel Tasting, RSVP, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $20• Barrel Tasting & Current Release, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25• Barrel Tasting & Vertical, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25• Group Tasting, Sat-Sun, 1:30pm, $15ONGOINGTours & Tastings at Andretti WineryNapa , 877-386-5070x222,• Individual Tastings, $12• Private Winery Tour & Tasting, $15/tour, $20/tour & tasting• Food & Wine Pairing• Vineyard Tour• Blending Class• Wine Sensory SeminarONGOINGWine Tasting OptionsBell Wine Cellars, Yountville, 10:30am-4pm, 707-944-1673,• Current Release Tasting, $15• Reserve Tasting with cheese pairing, $25• Clonal Tasting with cheese pairing, $75• Blending Seminar, $75, 4-10 people• Clone 6 Library Tasting, $250• Sonnette Library Tasting, $75• Large Group Tastings, $20, 11+ people• Grape to Glass Tour, $45, weekends, spring-fallONGOINGTasting at Grgich Hills EstateRutherford, 9:30am-4:30pm, Tours at 11am & 2pm, $10,Wine library tasting/$30, Barrel tasting on most Fridays 2-4pm707-963-2784, www.grgich.comONGOINGTastings & Tours at Artesa WineryNapa, RSVP, 877-224-8309,• Vino con Queso, Wine & Cheese Experience, $40• Daily Guided Tours• Vines & Wines, A Vineyard Tour, $40ONGOINGTours & Tasting at Black Stallion WineryNapa, 10am-5pm, 707-253-1400,• Regular tasting, $10• Reserve tasting, $35, Sat-SunArtisan cheese additional $7.50/personONGOINGEducational Tours & Wine Tastingat Castello di AmorosaCalistoga, 707-967-6272, RSVP,• Regular tour & tasting, $25-$40 • Reserve tour & tasting, $35-$50• Tasting only, $10-$25 • Young adult tours, $15-$20• Napa Valley Neighbor Program • Private VIP toursTHIRD SATURDAY OF THE MONTHBacchus That RascalClos Pegase, Calistoga, free, 2pm, Multi-media presentation “History of Wine“707-942-4981, www.clospegase.comLAST TUESDAY OF THE MONTHWinemaker Dinners at Fumé BistroNapa, Local favorite wineries are spotlighted in a four-course dinner. $60RSVP 707-257-1999, www.fumebistro.comEVERY SATURDAYZD Wines: Wine & Cheese SeminarRutherford, Includes visit to Wine Library & Cellar, 11am, $40800-487-7757 x107, 707-963-5188, www.zdwines.comEVERY SUNDAYSensory Component Tasting at ZD WinesRutherford, 11am by appointment only, $20, 707-963-5188, www.zdwines.comEVERY SATURDAY & SUNDAYWine & Artisanal Cheese Pairingsat Havens Wine CellarsNapa, 10am-4:30pm, 707-261-2000, www.havenswine.comEVERY SATURDAYChocolate & Red Wine Saturdaysat Bennett Lane WineryCalistoga, 10am-5pm,, 707-942-6684ONGOING SATURDAYSNapa Riverwalk with Historian George Webber2 hour tour with tales & lore of old town Napa, 10am, $20, 707-251-8500ONGOING THROUGH NOVEMBER 19Winston Branch’s Paintings ExhibitRobert Mondavi Winery, Oakville,, 707-968-2203ONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 31Classic Rock Photography ExhibitMarkham Vineyards, St. Helena, 707-963-5292, www.markhamvineyards.comONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 31A Collection of Works by Clara BrascaFolio Winemakers’ Studio, Napa, 10am-4:30pm707-256-2757, www.foliowinestudio.com12

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALENDAR OF EVENTSONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 5David Gallegos’ Earthly Delights –A Tribute to Robert & Margrit MondaviRobert Mondavi Winery, Oakville,, 888-766-6328ONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 25Abstract Artists ExhibitionPeju Winery, Rutherford, 10am-6pm, 800-446-7358, www.peju.comONGOING THROUGH MARCH 13Changing Earth: Photographer’sCall to Action Photo ExhibitMumm Napa, Rutherford, 10am-5pm,, 707-967-7700NOVEMBER 20-2237th Annual Gifts ‘n Tyme Holiday FaireChardonnay Hall, Napa Valley Expo, Napa, free925-372-8961, afterthegoldrush@sbcglobal.netNOVEMBER 21-22Holiday in CarnerosWine, food, music & art at participating Carneros wineries! 10am-4pm, $40800-909-4352, www.carneroswineries.orgNOVEMBER 27Yountville’s 21st Annual Festival of LightsParade, carriage rides, carolers, elves, Santa & more! $1/tasting tickets forfood/wine. 707-944-0904, www.yountville.comDECEMBER 5West Coast Gingerbread House CompetitionCedar Gables Inn, Napa, 707-224-7969, www.cedargablesinn.comDECEMBER 5Merryvale Holiday Winemaker Dinner:Moroccan MarrakeshMerryvale Vineyards, St. Helena, $125, 800-326-6069x429, www.merryvale.comDECEMBER 5Winter in the WineriesCalistoga area wineries, $40/passports, www.calistogavisitors.comDECEMBER 517th Annual Festival of TreesFashion Show & LuncheonThe Napa Valley Symphony League, The Meritage Resort, Napa10:30am-2:30pm, 707-226-8742, $85DECEMBER 514th Annual Lighted Tractor Parade &Christmas BazaarBazaar: Napa County Fairgrounds, Calistoga, 9am-4pmParade: Downtown Calistoga, 7pm, 707-942-6333, www.calistogavisitors.comDECEMBER 5-6Roll Out the Barrels Passport WeekendRutherford Appellation Wineries, 11am-4pmwww.rutherford-appellation-wineries.comSONOMA COUNTYONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 31Exhibit of Paintings by Soo NogaMichel-Schlumberger Wine Estate, Healdsburg707-433-7427, www.michelschlumberger.comSATURDAYS IN NOVEMBERPie Sampling at Anaba WinesPie with 2008 Late Harvest Viognier, Sonoma707-996-4188, www.anabawines.comSATURDAYS IN DECEMBERUgly Sweater Saturdays at Anaba WinesWear an ugly sweater & receive complimentary tasting & 5% discount!Sonoma, 707-996-4188, www.anabawines.comONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSWine & Food Sampling at Hop KilnRussian River Valley, Visit the historic tasting room to enjoy delicious wine &sample over 80 food items in their gourmet marketplace, 10am-5pm707-433-6491, www.hopkilnwinery.comONGOINGVineyard Walk & Photography Workshopat B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, 10am-1pm, $45, $35/members707-931-7924x123, www.brcohn.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com13

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKONGOINGExclusive Wine & Cheese Tastingat B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, 11am & 3pm, $25, $20/members707-931-7924x123, www.brcohn.comONGOINGWells Fargo Center for the ArtsSanta Rosa, 707-546-3600,• Nov 19: Ana Gabriel• Nov 20: Lisa Lampanelli• Nov 21-22: Symphony Pops at Carnegie Hall• Nov 27: Bad Boys of DanceONGOINGSpreckels Performing Arts CenterRohnert Park, 707-588-3400,• Nov 20: Anniversary Festival of Harps• Nov 20: Actor’s Theater for Children, Go Dog Go• Nov 27-Dec 13: The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris• Nov 29: Film Series, White ChristmasONGOINGSonoma Film InstituteSonoma State University, Rohnert Park707-664-2606,• Nov 20: Kahlo NaahoONGOING THURSDAYSThirsty Thursdays at AnabaSonoma, Enjoy complimentary cheese & crackers to pair with your winetasting. 4-5:30pm, 707-996-4188, www.anabawines.comONGOING SUNDAYSDomaine Carneros Sparkling Brunchat the Fairmont Mission Inn & SpaSonoma, 9am-1pm, 707-938-9000, Brunches by the SeaTimber Cove Inn, Timber Cove, 10am-2pm707-847-3231, 800-987-8319, www.timbercoveinn.comONGOINGThe Center for Performing Arts707-664-2353, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Parkwww.sonoma.eduperformingarts/perf/• Nov 13-21: Growing Up In Neverland• Nov 20-21: SSU ChorusONGOINGTerroir & History Tour at Chateau St. JeanKenwood, A visit to Chateau St. Jean lifts all of your senses.Complimentary, 11am-2pm, 707-833-4134, www.chateaustjean.comONGOINGWine & Food Pairing at Kendall-JacksonFulton, Special reserve food & wine tasting, 10am-4pm, $25707-571-7500, www.kj.comONGOING THURSDAY-SATURDAYMichel-Schlumberger Winery Green TourHealdsburg, 10:30am, $25, 800-447-3060, www.michelschlumberger.comONGOING MONDAY-SATURDAYRobert Young Estate Winery Vineyard Tours& Tasting in a Remodeled Grape GondolaGeyserville, 11:30am, $10, box lunch provided for $20707-431-4811, www.ryew.comONGOING FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS‘Come Crush With Us’ at Icaria Creek WineryWinemaker Jeff Smith leads a tasting of bottled & barreled winesRSVP 707-486-9623, www.icariawinery.comTHIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTHTwilight Tours & TapasAudellsa Estate Winery, Glen Ellen, $35, 5:30pm707-933-8514, www.audellsa.comONGOING WEEKENDSWine & Chocolate Pairings at Fritz WineryCloverdale, 10:30am-4:30pm, $5 tasting fee covers the pairing707-894-3389, www.fritzwinery.comEVERY WEDNESDAY & SATURDAYSanta Rosa Original Farmers’ MarketSanta Rosa Veteran’s Building parking lot, 707-522-8629, 8:30am-noonEVERY FRIDAY MORNINGSonoma Valley Farmers’ MarketDepot Park, Sonoma, 9am-noon, 707-538-7023ONGOING FRIDAYS-MONDAYSHanna Winery Reserve Tasting GalleryAlexander Valley, Taste limited-production reserve Bismark Mountain winespaired with local artisanal cheese selections from The Cheese Shop inHealdsburg, $10pp, 707-431-4310, www.hannawinery.comEVERY FRIDAYComplimentary Wine Tastingat Flamingo HotelSanta Rosa, in the Terrace Grille featuring Sonoma County wines, 5:30-7pm707-545-8530, 800-848-8300, www.flamingoresort.comONGOINGTastings at the Vine & BarrelPetaluma, 3-5pm, 707-765-1112• Dec 12: Champagne, Oyster, Caviar, Cheese & PatéONGOINGWine Experiences at Chateau St. JeanKenwood, Ten person minimum, 2 hours, $50, by appointment707-833-4134x5258,• Cinq Cépages Blending Seminar, Eight person minimum, 2 hours, $75• Cinq Cépages Component Tasting, Eight person minimum, 1.5 hours, $25• Private VIP Wine Tasting, 10:30am, 1 & 3pm, $25, 1 hour• Box Lunch Prgram with TourONGOINGTours, Tastings & Seminarsat St. Francis WinerySanta Rosa, Ten person minimum, Call for more information & reservations888-675-WINE(9463)x255,• Winery Tour &Tasting, 1.5 hours, $25• Vineyards Tour & Tasting, 1 hour, $20• Blending Seminar, 1.5 hour, $65ONGOINGGuided Winery Tours at Gloria FerrerSonoma, 11am, 1 & 3pm, $10, 707-996-7256, www.gloriaferrer.comONGOING SATURDAYSPizza Café at the Simi WineryHealdsburg, 11am-4pm, 707-473-3236 www.simiwinery.comEVERY OTHER WEDNESDAYThe Art of Winemaking WorkshopPetroni Vineyards, Sonoma, 10:30am-12pm707-935-8311, www.petronivineyards.comONGOING TUESDAYSTuesdays in the Plaza Concerts & Farmers’ MarketHealdsburg Plaza, Healdsburg, Market: 4-6:30pm707-431-1956, www.healdsburgfarmersmarket.orgONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 24Envisioning the WorldThe First Printed Maps, 1472-1700Sonoma County Museum of Art, Santa Rosa707-579-1500, www.sonomacountymuseum.orgLAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH50 Mile AV Vintner's DiningGlen Ellen, Barrel tasting & Old Vine Pinot Noir & Syrahs from Ashton Vineyard.Foods sourced locally. 4-7PM, RSVP. 707-935-3456, ashtonwines.comONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 3Ann Hollister Exhibitat Charles Creek Tasting RoomSonoma, 11am-6pm, 707-935-3848, www.charlescreek.comONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 6Good Dog, Bad Dog ExhibitGraton Gallery, Graton, 707-829-8912, www.gratongallery.comONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 17Field Days: Search for a Sustainable Feastby Jonah RaskinPhotographs by Paige Green, Sonoma County Museum of Art, Santa Rosa707-579-1500, www.sonomacountymuseum.orgNOVEMBER 20-22, 27-29Sly FoxRaven Performing Arts Theater,, 707-433-6335NOVEMBER 21, 28Arts & Crafts Fair at Healdsburg Farmers’ MarketHealdsburg, 9am-noon, www.healdsburgfarmersmarket.orgNOVEMBER 18 – DECEMBER 31Holiday Gift GalleryPlaza Arts Center, Healdsburg, 11am-5pm707-431-1970, www.PlazaArtsCenter.orgNOVEMBER 19Perfectly Pinot at Gloria FerrerSonoma, 10:30am-12pm, $30,, 707-933-1951NOVEMBER 20-29Old Vintage Weekat Christopher Creek WineryHealdsburg, 11am-5pm, RSVP 707-433-2001, www.christophercreek.comNOVEMBER 21Fall Guided Nature WalkBouverie Preserve, Glen Ellen, 9:30am-1:30pm, 707-938-4554, www.egret.orgNOVEMBER 21Annual Holiday BoutiqueSt. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Healdsburg, 11am-3pm, 707-431-2107NOVEMBER 212nd Annual Holiday Hors D’Oeuvres PartySbragia Family Vineyards, Geyserville, 707-473-2992x10, RSVPwww.sbragia.comNOVEMBER 21Holiday Herbal Gift Making with Liz LandrethQuarryhill Botanical Garden, Glen Ellen,, 707-996-3166, $25, $20/membersNOVEMBER 21-22Holiday in CarnerosWine, food, music & art at participating Carneros wineries! 10am-4pm, $40800-909-4352, www.carneroswineries.orgNOVEMBER 21 – JANUARY 3Holiday CelebrationLocal Color Gallery, Bodega Bay, 707-875-2244, www.localcolorgallery.comNOVEMBER 26Santé Thanksgiving Day BuffetFairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Sonoma, 2-8pm707-939-2477, www.fairmont/sonomaNOVEMBER 27Healdsburg’s Downtown Holiday PartyLive music, horse-drawn carriage & more!Healdsburg Plaza, 5-9pm, 707-433-6935NOVEMBER 27-2826th Annual Holiday Open House:Heart of Sonoma ValleyGlen Ellen & Kenwood wineries, 10am-4pm, $30/adv, $, 866-794-9463NOVEMBER 27-28Holiday Open House at Ledson WineryKenwood, 11am-4pm, $30/adv, $35,, 866-794-WINEwww.heartofsonomavalley.comNOVEMBER 27-2826th Annual Holiday Open Houseat St. Francis WinerySanta Rosa, 11am-4pm, $30/adv, $35866-794-WINE, www.heartofsonomavalley.comNOVEMBER 27-29Sip, Savor & Shop at B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, Taste & shop for that perfect gift!, 800-330-4064, 10am-5pmNOVEMBER 27-28Holiday Open House at Sausal WineryHuge discounts, food & wine pairings. Healdsburg800-500-2285, www.sausalwinery.comNOVEMBER 28Santa’s Riverboat ArrivalPetaluma River Turning Basin, Petaluma, noon707-769-0429, www.visitpetaluma.comNOVEMBER 28Antique Wagon & Horse ProcessionHistoric Downtown Petaluma, 1-1:30pm, 707-769-0429,www.visitpetaluma.com14

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALENDAR OF EVENTSNOVEMBER 29Community Tree Lighting CeremonyPlaza Park, Healdsburg, 800-541-5045, www.lightsoflife.orgNOVEMBER 29Summit ET Bracket Drag Races8am-6pm, Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, 800-870-RACEwww.infineonraceway.comDECEMBER 1-6Toys for Tots Toy Drive at B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, Donate a toy & receive a complimentary, 800-330-4064, 10am-5pmDECEMBER 5Wine Club Holiday Open Houseat Wilson WineryHealdsburg, 707-433-4353, www.wilsonwinery.comDECEMBER 5Wine Club Holiday Partyat St Francis WinerySanta Rosa, Wine Club Exclusive Event, $132/members, $165/guests, 6:30pm888-675-WINEx254, www.stfranciswinery.comDECEMBER 6Founder’s Club Twilight Wine Club Partyat Dutcher CrossingGeyserville, 4-6pm, RSVP 707-431-2700, www.dutchercrossingwinery.comLAKE/MENDOCINOEVERY SECOND SATURDAYFood & Wine PairingsMcNab Ridge Tasting Room, Hopland, 707-744-1986, www.mcnabridge.comONGOINGSkunk Train866-457-5865, Fort Bragg, www.skunktrain.comONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 10Three Rivers in the Fall ExhibitScharffenberger Cellars, Philo, 707-895-2957, www.scharffenbergercellars.comONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 13PicnicMendocino Theatre Company, Mendocino707-937-4477, www.MendocinoTheatre.orgONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 16Victorian Christmas Faire & High TeaLakeport English Inn, Lakeport,, 707-263-4317NOVEMBER 21-227th Annual A Taste of Redwood ValleyHoliday Wine Sale & Juried Artisan Faire. Participating Redwood Valley wineries10am-5pm,, 800-760-3739NOVEMBER 21 – FEBRUARY 14Through the Viewfinder: Mendocino LandscapesGrace Hudson Museum & Sun House, Ukiah707-467-2836, www.gracehudsonmusuem.orgNOVEMBER 22Clear Lake Performing Arts Fall SymphonyClear Lake High School, Lakeport,, 707-279-0877NOVEMBER 28Dickens Christmas MarketMain Street, Lakeport, 10am-7pm, free707-263-5092, www.lakeportchamber.comDECEMBER 9-11Mendocino Coast Candlelight Inn ToursFrom Fort Bragg to Mendocino, 707-964-1228BAY AREASAN FRANCISCOONGOING THROUGH JANUARY 18Holiday Ice RinkUnion Square, San Francisco, 415-781-2688, www.unionsquareicerink.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com15

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKONGOINGThe Walt Disney Family MuseumThe Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco415-345-6816,• Dec 1 - Jan 4: Film, Christmas with Walt Disney• Dec 5: Lecture, Memories of Walt: A Conversation with Legends• Dec 12: String Circle Quartet• Dec 19-20: Artists’Vocal Ensemble Concert, A Candlelight ChristmasNOVEMBER 20Embarcadero Center Building Lighting CeremonyEmbarcadero Center, San Francisco415-772-0700, www.embarcaderocenter.comNOVEMBER 22Pier 39 Holiday Tree LightingPier 39, Beach St & the Embarcadero, San Francisco, 1-6pm, free415-705-5500, www.pier39.comNOVEMBER 26 – DECEMBER 6San Francisco International Automobile ShowMoscone Center, San Francisco, 10am-10pm415-331-4406, www.sfautoshow.comNOVEMBER 27Ghirardelli Square Tree Lighting CeremonyGhirardelli Square, San Francisco, 1:30-6pm415-775-5500, www.ghirardellisq.comNOVEMBER 27 – DECEMBER 20The Great Dickens Christmas FairCow Palace, San Francisco,, 800-510-1558x114MARIN COUNTYONGOINGMarin Center in San Rafael415-499-6800,• Nov 20: Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona• Nov 21: Warren Miller’s Dynasty• Nov 30, Dec 2: Marin Speakers Series, Laura TysonNOVEMBER 27San Rafael Parade of Lights & Winter WonderlandDowntown San Rafael, 5:30pm, free, 800-310-6563, www.sresproductions.comSAN MATEO COUNTYNOVEMBER 26Thanksgiving Day Bounteous BuffetThe Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, 11am-4pm650-712-7000, 27 – DECEMBER 24Teddy Bear Tea in The Lobby LoungeThe Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, 10am & 1pm650-712-7000, 27 – DECEMBER 24Holiday Lunch in The Dining RoomThe Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, 11:30am-2:30pm650-712-7000, CLARA COUNTYONGOINGConcerts at Montalvo Arts CenterSaratoga, 408-961-5858, www.montalvoarts.orgNOVEMBER 20 – JANUARY 18Downtown IceCircle of Palms, San Jose, $15, $13/kids, 408-279-1775, www.sjdowntown.comNOVEMBER 27-29Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft ShowSan Jose Convention Center, San Jose, 415-447-3205, www.harvestfestival.comNOVEMBER 27 – DECEMBER 31Fantasy of LightsVasona Lake County Park, Los Gatos, 6-10pm408-355-2201, www.parkhere.orgCONTRA COSTA COUNTYNOVEMBER 20 – JANUARY 19Walnut Creek on IceCivic Park, Walnut Creek, 925-935-7669, www.iceskatewalnutcreek.com16LIVERMOREONGOINGBankhead TheatreLivermore Valley performing Arts Center, Livermore925-373-6800,• Nov 18: Keyboard Conversations• Nov 20: Swinging with the Big BandONGOINGWine Cave Tasting ExperienceWente Vineyards, Livermore, 1 & 3pm, $20, $15/wine club membersRSVP 925-456-2405, Nights at the TableThree-course family dining, $29, $39/includes wine, The Restaurant at WenteVineyards, Livermore, 7pm, RSVP, 925-456-2444NOVEMBER 20Magical Holiday EveningLittle Valley Winery, Pleasanton, 6-9pm, www.littlevalleywinery-lavender.comNOVEMBER 21-22Holiday Wine TastingFenestra Winery, Livermore12-5pm,, 925-447-5246NOVEMBER 22Bordeaux by the Bay Vertical Wine TastingConcannon Vineyard, Livermore, 11am-4:30pm, $35, $25/, 800-258-9866NOVEMBER 26-27Thanksgiving HolidayMitchell Katz Winery, Pleasanton, 12-5pm, $, 925-931-0744NOVEMBER 27Wild Turkey PicnicChouinard Vineyards, Castro Valley,, 510-582-9900NOVEMBER 27-29Thomas Coyne Winery Winter Open HouseLivermore, 12-5pm, 925-373-6541http://thomascoynewinery.comNOVEMBER 27-29Prelude to ChristmasFenestra Winery,, 925-447-5246NOVEMBER 27-29Holiday PreviewWente Vineyards Estate Tasting Room, Livermore,, 925-456-2444,DECEMBER 4-5, 11-12Holiday Winetaster DinnerElliston Vineyards, Sunol,, 925-862-2377DECEMBER 5-6Holidays in the Vineyard at Occasio WineryWreath making, wine blending, live music & more! Livermore,, 925-371-1987DECEMBER 5-6Holiday in the VineyardsLivermore Valley Wine Growers, Music, wine & gifts to purchase, 12-4:30pm925-447-WINE, www.lvwine.orgDECEMBER 12Cabernet Sauvignon “For Play” Release PartyMitchell Katz Winery, Pleasanton, 12-5pm, $, 925-931-0744NORTH CENTRAL COASTONGOINGSunset Cultural Center-CarmelCarmel, 831-620-2048,• Nov 19: The Wedding Singer• Nov 22: Keb’ Mo’ONGOINGThursday Night Music SeriesBargetto Winery, Soquel, Enjoy music, food & Bargetto wine! 6-8pm831-475-2258x11, www.bargetto.comONGOING THIRD THURSDAYSSweet Thursdays at Cannery RowMonterey, Family fun, music, fine dining & great discounts, 4-8pm831-649-6690ONGOING TUESDAYSFarmers’ Market at the BarnyardCarmel, Organic fruit, vegetables & flowers, 11am-3pm, 831-624-8886ONGOING THIRD THURSDAYSMonterey Museum of ArtMonterey, Evening of music, wine and hors d'oeuvres, 5-7pm, 831-372-5477EVERY THIRD WEEKEND OF THE MONTHOpen for TastingMartin Ranch Winery, Gilroy, 11am-4pm, $10/refundable w/purchasefree/club members, 408-842-9197, www.martinranchwinery.comEVERY TUESDAYFocus on Monterey County WinesCepage Wine Bar, Rancho Cellars, Carmel, 3-8pm831-625-5646, www.ranchocellars.comONGOING TUESDAY - SATURDAYOya Salon and Ventana VineyardsWine and Cheese EventMonterey, 2pm on. Oya patrons can sample Ventana Vineyards award winningwines personally selected by Ventana Vineyards Manager Barbara Pluth. Wineschange monthly. 831-372-7415x213, Ventana 831-656-0570NOVEMBER 17-22Callaway Golf Pebble Beach InvitationalPebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill Golf Course & Del Monte Golf, 831-625-8575NOVEMBER 18Enchanted Wines in the Forest DinnerForge in the Forest, Carmel, 7pm,, 831-624-7787NOVEMBER 21Homecrafters’ MarketplaceOcean Avenue, Carmel, 9am-3pm,, 831-620-2020NOVEMBER 21Winery Passport WeekendSanta Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association, Santa Cruz Mountains wineries11am-5pm, $40, 831-685-8463, www.scmwa.comNOVEMBER 21Festive Holiday Warm-UpKirigin Cellars, Gilroy, 1-5pm,, 408-847-8827NOVEMBER 219th Annual La Selva Beach Holiday Gift FaireLa Selva Beach Clubhouse, La Selva Beach, free, 10am-4pm, 831-684-0215NOVEMBER 21-22Feathered FriendsCannery Row, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey831-648-4800, www.montereybayaquarium.orgNOVEMBER 26Thanksgiving Buffet at Bernardus LodgeCarmel Valley, 12-3pm, $72, $32/kids 5-12,, 831-658-3400NOVEMBER 26Thanksgiving Day Buffets & DinnersThe Lodge at Pebble Beach & The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach831-647-7500,NOVEMBER 2715th Annual Tree Lighting CeremonyCannery Row, Monterey, 6pm, www.canneryrow.comNOVEMBER 27-29, DECEMBER 5-6Holiday Tree FestivalRoaring Camp Railroads, Felton, 831-335-4484, www.roaringcamp.comNOVEMBER 28Surfin’ SantaCapitola State Beach, Capitola, free,,

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Coupons &DiscountsANDRETTI WINERYTwo for one tasting with adPAGE 7CALIFORNIA WINE TOURSTour and tasting from$69 per hour PAGE 29CALISTOGA CELLARSComplimentary tastingwith ad PAGE 37FOLIO WINEMAKERS’ STUDIO2 for 1 tastingwith ad PAGE 83GOLDEN HAVENMud Treatment for 2,$54 per person PAGE 3HAGAFEN CELLARSFree tasting with ad PAGE 7JESSUP CELLARS2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 39KENDALL-JACKSON WINERYComplimentary reserve tastingwith ad PAGE 23MARTIN RAY WINERY15% discount with ad PAGE 44O’BRIEN ESTATE PAGE 3Complimentary tasting with adOLD FAITHFUL GEYSER$1 off with ad PAGE 36SIMI WINERYSave $10 on public touror tasting PAGE 17SONOMA WINE HARDWAREFree offer PAGE 4STAGECOACH EXPRESSComplimentaryshipping box PAGE 29SUMMERS WINES10% discount with ad PAGE 37TRENTADUE WINERY PAGE 49Complimentary tasting with adCALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNOVEMBER 28, DECEMBER 5-6, 11-13, 18-21Santa Cruz Holiday Lights TrainRoaring Camp Railroads, Felton, 831-335-4484, www.roaringcamp.comNOVEMBER 30City Christmas Tree Lighting CeremonyJewell Park, Pacific Grove,, 831-373-3304CENTRAL CALIFORNIAONGOINGSierra RailroadOakdale, 209-848-2100,• Nov 26: Thanksgiving Supper• Nov 29: Christmas TrainSIERRAS/FOOTHILLSONGOING28th Annual Vintners’ HolidaysThe Ahwahnee, Yosemite Valley801-559-4949,• Nov 18-19: Smith-Madrone, Iron Horse Vineyards, Morgan Winery& Frank Family Vineyards• Nov 29-Dec 1: Simi Winery, Schrader Cellars & Beckstoffer Vineyards,Ceja Vineyards & Dutton-Goldfield Winery• Dec 2-3: Estancia Estates, Bonny Doon Vineyards, Topel Winery &Ravenswood WineryEL DORADO COUNTYONGOING THURSDAY - SUNDAYPrivate Tastings with the WinemakerWinery By the Creek, Fair Play, Taste with Charles B. Mitchell or a staff wineeducator! 11am-5pm, by appointment, $25, $20/members530-620-2402, www.winerybythecreek.comONGOING SUNDAYSJam Sessions Every Sunday AfternoonFitzpatrick Winery, Fair Play, 530-620-3248, www.fitzpatrickwinery.comNOVEMBER 21 & DECEMBER 12Wine Education ClassLava Cap Winery, Placerville, 530-621-0175NOVEMBER 21Holiday SamplerBoeger Winery, Placerville, 11am-4pm, $, 530-622-8094NOVEMBER 27Festival of LightsMain Street, Placerville, 5:30-8pm, 530-672-3436AMADOR COUNTYONGOING THROUGH DECEMBERChristmas StoreAmador Flower Farm, Plymouth, 209-245-6660, www.amadorflowerfarm.comONGOING THROUGH DECEMBER 6A Tuna ChristmasDinner Theatre, Jackson Rancheria Hotel, Main Street Theatre Works209-267-5680, Jackson, www.mstw.orgNOVEMBER 21Dinner with ClassAmador Vintage Market, Plymouth,, 209-245-FOODCALAVERAS COUNTYSECOND WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTHWines of the World Education TastingsMurphys Hotel, Murphys, No reservations required, everyone welcome!5:30pm $15, 209-736-2949NOVEMBER 20Silent Movie Night: Grandma’s BoyIronstone Vineyards, Murphys, 209-728-1251, www.ironstonevineyardsNOVEMBER 2112th Annual Festival of Trees & Holiday TeaIronstone Vineyards, Murphys, 2pm, $, 209-728-1251NOVEMBER 22Teddy Bear Tea at Ironstone VineyardsMurphys, 11am & 2pm, 209-728-1251NOVEMBER 28Sounds of the SeasonIronstone Vineyards, Murphys, $35, $25/child209-728-1251, www.ironstonevineyardsNEVADA COUNTYNOVEMBER 19 – DECEMBER 31Miracle on 34th StreetNevada Theatre, Nevada City, $18-$20, 530-913-3826,www.legacypresents.comNOVEMBER 21Wine & Cheese with Dedrick’sSierra Starr Winery, Grass Valley,, 530-477-8277NOVEMBER 27, DECEMBER 4, 11, 18Cornish Christmas CelebrationDowntown Grass Valley, 6-9pm, free,, 530-272-8315DECEMBER 2, 9, 13, 16, 20Victorian ChristmasDowntown Nevada City, www.downtownnevadacity.comSACRAMENTO VALLEYONGOINGSacramento River Train800-866-1690,• Nov 26: Thanksgiving Supper• Nov 28: Christmas Train• Dec 5, 12: Sunset Dinner• Dec 5, 12: Dinner & Dance• Dec 6, 13, 17-23: Christmas TrainONGOINGMondavi Center for the Performing ArtsU.C. Davis, 866-754-ARTS,• Nov 21: Shanghai Symphony Orchestra• Dec 2: Danú, Christmas in Ireland• Dec 5: Emanuel Ax, piano• Dec 6: CantusNOVEMBER 20-22Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft ShowCal Expo, Sacramento, 415-447-3205, www.harvestfestival.comNOVEMBER 20-22West Coast Ragtime FestivalRed Lion Hotel, Sacramento, 916-457-3324, www.westcoastragtime.comNOVEMBER 27-28Holiday Arts & Crafts FairCalifornia State Indian Museum, Sacramento916-324-0971, COUNTYNOVEMBER 28Jelly Belly Christmas Tree Lighting CeremonyJelly Belly Candy Factory, Fairfield5:30-8pm, 800-953-5592, www.JellyBelly.comLODI/WOODBRIDGEONG0INGHutchins Street Square209-333-6782,• Nov 20: Journey UnauthorizedEmail Your Events tocathy@WineCountryThisWeek.comFor best results, send your emails at least 6 to 8weeks prior to the date of your event. Event listingsare free, and published as space is available and atthe discretion of Wine Country This Week.For more event listings throughoutNorthern and Central California,

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WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKCLINE CELLARSHeadquarters for Your Visit to the Carnerosby Nan ReileyCline Cellars may be unique in its varietyof delights for the visitor. Which will captivateyou the most – the historic farmhousetastingroom surrounded by six spring-fedpools teeming with carp, the museum thathouses replicas of all twenty-one CaliforniaSpanish missions, the aviary with its gorgeouspheasants from all over the world, the beautifulgrounds with flowers enough to keepfive gardeners busy, or might it just be theexcellent wine made here? In any case, planto take enough time to find out for yourself.Cline Cellars does not have its origins inSonoma County’s Carneros region. Itsowners, Fred Cline and his wife Nancy,founded the winery in 1982 in Oakley, atown east of the San Francisco Bay in ContraCosta County. Fred’s great-grandfather fromItaly, Valeriano Jacuzzi – yes, one of the sevenJacuzzi spa brothers – had settled there andFred spent many of his summers at his grandfather’sranch near Oakley, where he learnedabout wine grape cultivation and winemaking,a revered tradition in most Italianfamilies. Fred’s interest was serious enoughfor him to study agricultural management atUCD (University of California at Davis) andwith an inheritance from his grandfather, hestarted his own winery, Cline Cellars.Looking for additional acreage, Fred andNancy found and purchased a 350-acre olddairy farm just south of the town of Sonoma,where the winery now makes its home. Theoriginal farmhouse houses the tasting room.Its covered front and side porches have comfychairs and tables for visitors to enjoy winetasting, and the spacious lawns and gardenssurrounding it invite picnickers to lingerunder bird-filled olive and eucalyptus trees todrink in the rural beauty as well as the deliciousCline wines. A series of natural warmsprings have been dammed into big poolsrimmed with low stone walls. You can’t swim,but you can feed the ducks and the enormouscarp that dwell there. (History note: carp arenot native to America. The farm’s first ownerimported them from Germany and all carp inthe United States today began here.)The Cline family’s aim is to makeoutstanding Rhône-style wines, primarilyViognier, Syrah and Mourvèdre, with aspecial nod to Zinfandel. All Cline whitewines, which include Pinot Gris andMarsanne Roussanne as well as Viognier, areunoaked, making them fresh and crisp. The2008 Viognier has peachy, vanilla aromas andflavors and is a great value at $16. An evenbigger bargain is the 2006 Oakley Five Reds,a blend of five different red grape varieties. Atonly $11, this is a very good every-day wine,with cherry and spice flavors and a goodbody that works well with many differentfoods.Cline’s Zinfandel offerings are outstanding.Most of the grapes come from the Cline vineyardsin Oakley, many of which have 100-year-old-plus head-trained vines that producefruit of great intensity and flavor. Of specialinterest is Cline’s 2007 Heritage Zinfandel,available only at the tasting room. This is Zinat its best. You could taste just the Zinfandelsand have your trip be well worthwhile, butwhy not try Syrah and Ancient VinesMourvèdre and Carignane as well?You can walk off your picnic lunch with astroll to the site of the northernmost Californiamission, built in 1823, Mission SanFrancisco Solano (which later moved north tothe town of Sonoma). The Mission Museumwas built to house a collection of scale modelsof all twenty-one Spanish missions, whichreached from San Diego to Sonoma along the“El Camino Real.” These models, rendered inexquisite detail, were created by a group ofGerman cabinetmakers for the 1939 World’sFair at Treasure Island in San Francisco. Theywere purchased at auction in 1998 by theCline family, who thus prevented them from20

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY FEATUREbeing sold individually andpreserved this fascinating piece ofCalifornia’s history. The museumis free of charge.And if you don’t want to leave,well, you don’t have to. Thewinery also has a guest villa thatis available to you with fourprivate suites and a largecommon area that includeslibrary, living room, fullyequipped kitchen and an outdoorpool and spa, all with vineyardviews. What a perfect location fora family reunion, or a weddingparty. You can get married on thegrounds, too, because ClineCellars hosts special privateevents like weddings and corporateretreats. [Contact the GuestHouse Manager at (707) 931-7551 for details.]So come for the awardwinningwines, and enjoy thefriendly tasting room folks whoknow their wines and enjoytelling you about them. Then stayfor the welcoming ambience ofthe winery grounds, the historicsurroundings and the picniclunch that you’ll enjoy with someCline Cellars Zinfandel. Or Viognier.Or Syrah. It’s all good.Cline Cellars is located onHwy. 121, just 4 ½ miles north ofHwy. 37, and a couple of milessouth of the charming town ofSonoma. The tasting room isopen from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.Most wine tasting is complimentary,with a nominal fee chargedfor reserve wines. Phone (707)940-4061 or go to the website for moreinformation.P.S. If you must leave, goacross the road to the newTuscan-farmhouse-style JacuzziFamily Vineyards, also owned byFred Cline. Its mission is to makewines from classic Italian grapeslike Pinot Grigio, Aleatico,Sangiovese, Lagrein and otherexotic varieties.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com21

P erfect Pairs BY MILLIE HOWIEBaldacci Family VineyardsRussian River Pinot Noir Pairedwith Strawberry, Mozzarellaand Balsamic Vinegar FlatbreadSometimes one word is adequate to describe the way a favoriterecipe and a special wine complement each other, and in the case ofthe Baldacci Family Vineyards’ first Russian River Pinot Noir that wordwould be “elegance.” As is common with the Baldacci family, many ofthe wines in their “Family Collection” are named for members of thefamily. This new Russian River Pinot Noir is named Mathilde forThomas Baldacci’s grandmother – a very elegant lady. It embodies allof the elegance and fluidity expected from Pinot Noirs whose grapesare grown in the cool environs of the Russian River Valley.Debi Cali, general manager of the young winery, describes thewine as “layered, with flavors of pomegranates, earth, cocoa,almonds and creamy vanilla.” Aged in 100% French oak (60% newbarrels) the wine brings brighter and more complex favors than theBaldacci Family “Elizabeth” Pinot Noir from the Carneros.In homage to Mathilde, Fran Leach, direct sales manager forBaldacci, created a unique recipe that highlights the complementaryharmony of the sweetness of the strawberries and balsamic vinegarmatched to the rich, vibrant, deep fruit flavors of the wine. Theingredients go together quickly and easily and the flatbreads areas appropriate served as an accompaniment to grilled meats orchicken at an outdoor barbecue as they would be served hotfrom the oven in a more formal setting. The recipe serveseight generously, but doubling the recipe may be a wise idea.And it might be wise as well to have a second bottle of theRussian River Pinot Noir ready to open since the flatbreadsand the wine go so splendidly together.6236 Silverado Trail, Napawww.baldaccivineyards.comSTRAWBERRY, MOZZARELLA ANDBALSAMIC VINEGAR FLATBREADYield: 6 servings• 1 pint fresh strawberries, hulled and thinly sliced• 2 tablespoons aged balsamic vinegarof balsamic vinegar reduction• Freshly ground black pepper• 6 six-inch pita or flatbread rounds,whole wheat or white• Extra virgin olive oil, for brushing• Coarse salt• 5 two-inch small mozzarella balls• 5 fresh basil leavesPreheat the oven to 400 degrees, or preheat the grill tomedium.Combine the strawberries, vinegar, and a few grindsof pepper in a medium, non-reactive mixing bowl andlet stand at room temperature for at least 5 (and up to30) minutes.Brush the flatbread lightly on both sides with olive oiland sprinkle with salt to taste.Place on a baking sheet and heat in the oven 2minutes to soften; or place flat-breads directly on theheated grill for 2 minutes to soften and toast slightlyRemove, cut in quarters and return to bakingsheet.Slice the mozzarella into 1/2-inch-thick slices.Layer 3 to 4 mozzarella slices on the toastedpita quarters, and return to the oven until thecheese is puffy, about 2 minutes; or, place pitaquarters directly on the grill and close the liduntil the cheese is puffy, about 2 minutes.The cheese may get a few toasty brown spots,but watch carefully to prevent over-browningFinely chop the basil leaves and stir gentlyinto the strawberries.When the pita quarters come out of the ovenor off the grill, spoon the strawberry mixtureover the cheeseServe

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSRutherford Appellation Wineries Announce‘Roll Out the Barrels’ Passport WeekendThe Rutherford Appellation Wineriesinvite the public to take a wine tastingjourney through Napa Valley’s famed Rutherfordappellation during their winter “Roll Outthe Barrels” Passport Weekend on Saturday,December 5 and Sunday, December 6 from11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Passport holders can experiencethe wineries of the Rutherford appellationwith exclusive barrel tastings, wine andfood pairings, sales of future wines andspecial Passport Weekend discounts.The event highlights and celebrates thewineries of Rutherford, the historic heart ofNapa Valley. Each winery will feature its ownunique barrel tasting experience aimed toteach visitors about Rutherford varietals,Napa Valley terroir and diverse barrel typesand toasts. Fourteen wineries are slated topour their wines for the event, includingmany that are not normally open for publictastings. Host winery sites are Alpha Omega,Beaulieu Vineyard, Franciscan Estates, HonigVineyard and Winery, Peju Province Winery,Piña Napa Valley, Provenance Vineyards,Rubicon Estate, Rutherford Hill Winery, St.Supery and Tres Sabores Winery. Guestwineries include Elizabeth Spencer Wines,Martin Estate and Round Pond Estate.Weekend passports are available for $65per person or $50 for a Sunday only pass.Members of participating winery wine clubswill receive a 20% passport ticket discountapplied with the use of a promotional code. Alimited number of passports are available forpurchase online at www.rutherford-appellation-wineries.comand will be available forpick-up on December 5 and December 6 atthe pre-selected winery.Proceeds from the barrel tastingweekend will be donated to the RutherfordGrange Restoration Project. Located in theheart of Rutherford on Highway 29, theRutherford Grange houses and coordinatescommunity programs to serve all the peopleof Napa County. Over the past year, RutherfordAppellation Wineries has donatedmore than $8,000 to local charities fromPassport Weekend ticket sales, includingthe Rutherford River Restoration project,Queen of the Valley Community OutreachService and the Rutherford Volunteer FireDepartment.Rutherford Passport Weekends are semiannualevents held the first weekends of Mayand December. To learn more about theRutherford Appellation Wineries,

WineologyI N T E L L I G E N C E F O R T H E W I N E C O N S U M E Rby Len NapolitanoWhat are the proper conditions for storing wine?Proper wine storage becomes an important issue when youare keeping wines for the long term. If, however, you typicallydrink your wines within a month or so of purchase, the storageenvironment is less critical, but certain basic rules should stillbe followed.For either long- or short-term storage, the conditions thatdestroy wine are extreme temperature and humidity. Rooms orstorage areas with these conditions must be avoided. Thismeans not keeping the wines in an area where the ambienttemperature consistently reaches above 70 degrees or dipsbelow 45 degrees. Ideally, and especially for long-term keepingof quality wines, the temperature range should be narrowed to50° to 60°, for both red and white wines. Failing to keep winein within these extremes will either accelerate the aging (fromhigh-temperature conditions) or slow the aging (from coldtemperature conditions), and degrade the character andbalance of the wine. In addition, wines must not be subjectedto a wide swing in temperatures, more than 10 degrees withinshort periods of time. Gradual increases or decreases intemperature, such as when the seasons change, will not do anyharm.A wine will also be affected somewhat by a storage area’shumidity. The perfect level is around 75% humidity. When awine storage room reaches around 85%, the risk of mold oncorks and bottle labels is increased. Humidity levels below50% will increase the risk of wine evaporating and oxygenentering the bottle. Remember that storing bottles on theirsides will keep wine in contact with the cork and insure thatit remains moist. A dry cork will become brittle and eventuallyallow air to get to the wine, which also will ruin thequality of the wine.If you are a relatively serious wine collector, you may wantto consider a wine storage unit that works similar to a normalrefrigerator. The difference is in the wine storage unit’s precisecontrol of a proper storage temperature and humidity, in additionto having a vibration-damping design. A normal refrigerator’smotor will cause vibrations that will harm very old winesthat contain sediment. Wine storage units come in a widevariety of sizes and will have bottle shelves or drawers forholding as few as 24 bottles or as much as 2000 bottles, andsometimes more.In California, where basements are rare, the wine storageunit is a necessity for keeping valuable wines. If you have abasement that has fairly consistent temperature and humiditythroughout the year, you have a low-cost, convenient storagefacility. Always keep wines in a dark storage area, as sunlight,and to a lesser extent, fluorescent light will harm wines.Len Napolitano lives in Sonoma County and is certified in wine by the Society of Wine Educators,Wine & Spirits Education Trust and Chicago Wine School and continually gains knowledge from hisfrequent contact with California winemakers. More information is on his website, your questions about wine to: or by mail to Len Napolitano in care ofWine Country This Week magazine. Wineology is a registered trademark of Len Napolitano.24

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSMake Your NextWine Country Eventa Memorable OneYou know that you’ve hosted a successful event when people aretalking about it the next day…or the following week…or when yourguests keep telling people about it every time they see a great photohanging above their desk or on their fridge.That’s what a Wine Country Photo Booth does for a party. Guestsmay start off taking photos with their sweetheart, then get silly with afew others and before you know it there are ten people in the boothlaughing hysterically!Owner, PJ Clark has seen thousands of people enjoy her photobooth in many different scenarios. At one holiday party a company’sgeneral manager was hamming it up in the booth with an employee’sguest that looked remarkably like him. At the recent “Dance for TheTroops” in Sonoma, the booth captured priceless photos of World WarII veterans and a beautiful young lady proudly wearing her uncle’sarmy jacket. An emotional bride once called after viewing the photoCD from her reception, tearfully recounting that her two sets of grandparentshad not been on speaking terms in years. The CD revealedthat they were in the photo booth together having a ball several timesat her wedding! She said those would be her most cherished photosfrom her wedding day.A “banner” along the side of the photos can be customized withyour logo, name of your event, date – or with warm wishes for yourguests. With a customized banner on the photos, there will never beany doubt about where and when the photos were taken. The eventlives on, proudly displayed in homes, offices and Facebook pages forall to see.Whether your event is a company party, a grand opening, birthdayor wedding Wine Country Photo Booths provides the magical placewear people laugh, hug and mug for the camera!Visit to view photos, readaccolades from happy customers and to get information about rentinga booth for your next wine country gathering.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com25

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTaste Hot Wines in a Cool Region – CarnerosThe 22nd annual Holiday in Carneros isNovember 21st and 22nd from 10 a.m. until4 p.m. This exciting winery open house eventfeatures more than 20 wineries in theCarneros region of the Napa and SonomaValleys. Participating wineries open theirdoors and invite visitors to join in on a varietyof activities. Wineries will feature food andwine pairings, live music, art or craft shows,special tastings (barrel, reserve, library, newrelease), discounts or special pricing, familyactivities and more.Admission is $40 per person and is validfor both days of the event. (No advancedtickets are available or necessary.) To participate,simply pay your “admission” at anyparticipating winery on either day of theevent. You’ll receive a Holiday in Carneroslogo glass and access to all the fun! (Someactivities at some wineries may have additionalfees, but all participating wineries havegenerous offerings for Holiday in Carnerosparticipants at no cost above the price ofadmission.) Proceeds from Holiday inCarneros fund scholarships at Santa RosaJunior College and Napa Valley College.Participating wineries include Adastra,Anaba, Ceja Vineyards, Cline Cellars,Cuvaison, Enkidu Wines, Etude Wines, FolioWinemakers’ Studio, Jacuzzi Family Winery,Larson Family Winery, Larson Family @Cornerstone, Mantra @ Grange Sonoma,McKenzie-Mueller Vineyards & Winery,Parmalee-Hill Wines, Robledo Family Winery,Roshambo, Schug Carneros Estate Winery,Talisman Wines, Tin Barn Vineyards andTruchard Vineyards. Additional informationis available at orcall 1-800-909-4352.Hospitality de los Carneros is a non-profitorganization dedicated to promoting thewineries and winery tasting rooms of theCarneros appellation. It produces two openhouse events each year – April in Carnerosand Holiday in Carneros. In its twenty-twoyear history Hospitality de los Carneros hascontributed over $100,000 to charities inSonoma and Napa counties and currentlyfunds scholarships at Santa Rosa JuniorCollege and Napa Valley CollegeL O D G I N GNAPA VALLEYPINK MANSIONA small, intimate, private inn where you arepampered and can enjoy the perfect Napa winetasting experience. Valley or forest views from eachroom, lavish breakfast and afternoon wine tasting,delectable surprises, large indoor heated pool andJacuzzi, in-room massage and facials available,easy walk to town for shopping and dining, bikingdistance to most local wineries.1415 Foothill Blvd 1-800-238-7465Calistogawww.pinkmansion.comCANDLELIGHT INNPrivate baths; TV/phone and AC; two-personmarble jacuzzis and fireplaces; balconies ordecks; three-course gourmet breakfast, horsd’oeuvres, wine and sherry in the evening; luxurious30'x60'; swimming pool1045 Easum Drive, Napa1-800-624-0395 candlelightinn.comSONOMA COUNTY– NORTHERNCALDERWOOD INNPerfect environment to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Situated 3blocks from the historic downtown plaza and wonderful restaurants in Healdsburg.25 W. Grant Street, Healdsburg (707(=) 1-800-600-5444FLAMINGO RESORT & SPA170 rooms and suites on 10 acres, garden setting with heated pool, night club withentertainment, Terrace Grill restaurant, fitness center and tennis courts2777 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa 1-800-848-8300VINTNERS INNForty-four spacious rooms and suites with balconies or patios;surrounded by vineyards. 1-800-421-25844350 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa www.vintnersinn.comSONOMA COUNTY– SOUTHERNLEDSON HOTELLuxury hotel situated on historic Sonoma Plaza. Six individually decorated roomswith king-size bed, whirlpool baths, fireplace and balconies.Appointed with antique grandeur paired with modern amenities. (707) 996-9779480 First Street East, Sonoma www.ledsonhotel.comKENWOOD INN AND SPAA premier Sonoma County destination for discerning visitors seeking gracious treatment,lush surroundings, soothing pools and elegant accommodations all in a TuscanSetting. (707) 833-129310400 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood www.kenwoodinn.comSONOMA COUNTY– COASTINN AT THE TIDESBay views, walking distance to shopping, restaurants; swimming pool, hot tub,fitness center, sauna; rooms with views and fireplaces; massage available;continental breakfast 1-800-541-7788800 Highway One, Bodega Bay www.InnattheTides.comLODI/WOODBRIDGEROBIN’S NEST GUEST HOUSE (209) 334-3952665 W. Turner Road, Lodi www.robinsnestlodi.comWINE AND ROSES HOTEL AND RESTAURANT2505 W. Turner Road (209) 334-6988AMOROSA INN AND GARDENS8400 E. Harney Lane (209) 367-0882THE INN AT LOCKHOUSE19960 Elliot Road, Lockeford (209) 727-5715MONTEREY BAY/CENTRAL COASTCYPRESS INN800-443-7443 www.cypress-inn.comLAMP LIGHTER INNTucked into an ancient grove of trees and just steps to the famous Carmel Beach, you will discover acharming inn with two cottages and four guest rooms inn and Sunset House Suites. These bed andbreakfast boutique hotels have been serving the traveling public since 1935.(831) 624-6046 www.carmellamplighter.comSUNSET SUITES(831) 624-7372 www.carmellamplighter.comVAGABOND’S INNVagabond's House Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in the midst of Carmel'sfinest restaurants, unique shops and well-known art galleries and blocks awayfrom Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn.(831) 624-7738 www.vagabondshouseinn.comLONE OAK LODGEVoted Monterey Peninsula Travel Planner Best Value. Within minutes to aquarium, wineries,Monterey Harbor, shopping, taverns, restaurants, etc. Rooms available with kitchenettes.1-800-283-5663 www.loneoaklodge.com26

y Michelle J. BakerWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKRetail Therapy at Chelsea Premium OutletsDo you need a day off from wine tasting? Are you just craving someretail therapy on a rainy fall day in Northern California? Or do youwant to get a head start on holiday shopping?Whatever the question is, Chelsea Premium Outlets is the answer.Chelsea Premium Outlets has two convenient locations in WineCountry, two more in the Bay Area and one in the Sacramento area.So wherever you are in Northern California, there’s a great outlet witheverything you need!Petaluma Village Premium Outlets is located 35 minutes northof San Francisco on Highway 101 in Petaluma, one of SonomaCounty’s oldest and most charming towns. The center offers a prestigiouscollection of 60 designer and name brand outlet stores offeringimpressive savings of 25% to 65% every day. Stores include BananaRepublic, BCBG Max Azria, Brooks Brothers, Coach, Gap Outlet,Jones New York, Nike, Puma, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Samsonite,Tommy Hilfiger and much more. An on-site Customer Service Centeroffers visitors a wide range of information on the wineries, historichomes and state parks in Sonoma County. For more information, call(707) 778-9300.While in the Napa Valley, save time for some serious bargainhunting. Ideally situated off Highway 29, at the southern entrance tothe Napa Valley, Napa Premium Outlets features over 50 designerand name brand outlet stores offering impressive savings of 25% to65% every day. The list of brands include Ann Taylor, BananaRepublic, Barneys New York Outlet, Calvin Klein, Coach, Cole Haan,Ellen Tracy, J.Crew, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger and much more.An on-site food court with outdoor and indoor seating makes it aperfect stop for a quick bite and some designer deals. An on-siteCustomer Service Center includes information on the many wineriesPetaluma Premium Outlets:2200 Petaluma Blvd. North PetalumaGilroy Premium Outlets:681 Leavesley Road, GilroyNapa Premium Outlets:29 Factory Stores Drive NapaVacaville Premium Outlets:321 Nut Tree Road, Suite 2 Vacavilleand attractions of the Napa Valley. For more information, call (707)226-9876.Stop at any of the five Northern California Chelsea PremiumOutlets for the “After-Thanksgiving Weekend Sale,” featuringMidnight Madness with all stores opening at Midnight Thanksgivingnight! Thanksgiving weekend hours at the outlets are Friday,November 27 from midnight to 10 p.m.; Saturday, November 28 from8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sunday, November 29 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.Whether you are an occasional or frequent outlet shopper, ChelseaPremium Outlets has a VIP Shopper Club. It’s free to join, and offersexclusive online coupons, a voucher for a free VIP coupon book, dealsaround town, insider information from your favorite brands and emailupdates on sales and special events. Your VIP Shopper Club membershipis good at any of the over 40 Chelsea Premium Outlet locationsthroughout the United States. Sign up yourself to see some of the eyepoppingdeals at

Jeffry can be heard discussing wine country every Thursday at 5:45pm on theMonterey Peninsula's number 1 rated talk show:; with livedigital streaming from the legendary KRML Jazz & Blues Radio, in Carmel.FYI: Whats ’ hot this weekby Jeffry RossE-mail content considerations to‘Tis the Season (Part I)local wineries and the region’s top tables ‘47 Westcraft trailer is perched high atopAn excellent opportunity to explore the (Bouchon Bakery, étoile, Redd, Brix, Bistro Spring Mountain with a commanding view ofCarneros wine region is during Holiday in Jeanty, Hurley’s Restaurant & Bar, Bouchon, the valley floor below. This is the home to theCarneros. This passport excursion includes Pacific Blues, Mustards and Napa Valley Behrens Family Winery tasting room onspecial offerings at fifteen to twenty Carneros Grille) serve up tastes along Washington wheels. Indulge in an hour-long private tastingwineries, offering music, barrel tasting and Street while galleries, boutiques and restaurantsopen their doors for late night shoppinglike none other in the valley, with a variety ofgreat food. Purchase of a logo wine glass atwines that have scored in the 90s. By appointmentonly (groups up to 8), call (707) 963-any participating winery is your passport to and dining. Admission is free; tasting ticketsall other wineries. Holiday in Carneros is your for food and wine are $1 each. Call (707)1774, to visit some of the smaller wineries 944-0904 or visit are not normally open to the public, and FYI: Visitors can tap into discounted hotel ratesgain access to the “inner sanctum” of the starting November 27th.bigger wineries. Great deals are one reason toattend. Having first crack at bagging “newlyreleased” wines is another. Logo glass “passports”for the November 21st and 22nd eventare $40 per person. No reservations areneeded. For more information, go or call 1-800-909-4352. FYI: While in Carneros, don’t missCline Cellars. Once the site of a Miwok Villageand then later the first camp of Father Altimira inhis quest to establish the Sonoma Mission, theproperty offers sweeping views of the CarnerosValley. Cline’s 350-acre estate also includes someof the oldest surviving vines in California. Thetasting room is located inside the original 1850sfarmhouse. For more information, call (707)940-4025 or visit‘Tis the Season (Part II)The perfect escape from mall madness iscruising the upper Sonoma Valley for peace,good wine and sweet treats. Heart of SonomaValley Association invites wine revelers tothe 26th Annual Winter Open House.Throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving(November 27th and 28th), some 22 wineriesin the heart of Sonoma Valley will open theirdoors for guests to savor wine tastings, meetwinemakers, mingle in the caves and cellars,stock up on your favorite wines, pick up giftsfor friends and family, taste special nibblesand relish in wine country cheer! DifferentOpen House events takes place at eachwinery and, as you travel from place to place,you will be able to sample award-winningwines, taste fresh baked nibbles and delicioustreats and enjoy a few well-kept surprises.Cost is only $30 per person for both days,which includes a souvenir wine glass andaccess to all Open House wineries. Participatingwineries include: Benziger FamilyWinery, Eric Ross Winery, Imagery EstateWinery, Kaz Vineyard & Winery, KundeEstate Winery, Landmark Vineyards (open onSaturday only), Ledson Estate Winery, LoxtonCellars, Mayo Family Winery, Paradise RidgeWinery, VJB Vineyards & Cellars andWellington Vineyards. For details: 1-866- 794-9463 or Some wineries are offering free gift-wrappingif you make a few unique scores in their tastingroom for the ones you love.Urban WineryThese days, you don’t need a winery tomake great wine. In fact, some of the mostinteresting varietals are being produced inwarehouses. Throw away any romanticnotion you have about wineries because theseless than bucolic settings can deliver. At$100,000 per acre, many aspiring winemakerscannot afford to start a winery so,these caverns of corrugated steel are theperfect alternative. Among these are CarolShelton, who has mastered the Zen of Zin.Carol rents a 4,000-square-foot warehousenorth of Santa Rosa and has a small tastingroom in the front. Despite her unconventionalapproach, she has received more than a few90-plus scores from wine-worthy critics,including the Wine Spectator. Rather thanaspiring to own an extravagant winery, Carolhopes to build a bigger, better warehouse.Warehouse wineries are a growing nichesamong America’s most passionate winemakers,determined entrepreneurs who insiston owning their own labels despite havingfewer resources than convention mightdictate. These warehouses, located far fromvineyards, are often in obscure pockets ofcities and not easy to find. And yet thesebuildings, some with 30-foot ceilings, haveenabled winemakers short on investmentcapital to defy the system and plunge into thewine biz anyway. Making wine without muchoverhead isn’t the only benefit of being awarehouse vintner. The warehouse districtdress code and lifestyle also has its appeal,especially to those fond of jeans, sushi andiPods. Find Carol Shelton at 3354-B CoffeyLane, Santa Rosa;,(707) 575-3441.Season’s GreetingsA block party to end all block parties!Strap into your sleigh and steal away to thevineyards of Napa Valley for a country-stylecelebration boasting world-class food, wineand the arts. Kicking off Friday, November27th, Yountville’s 21st Annual Festival ofLights delivers homespun fun throughoutthe month of December. Add to the mix thetown’s six Michelin stars and 20+ wineriestucked within four square miles and the term“cup runneth over” merits redefinition. Aperfect ticket for urbanites seeking an escapefrom the hectic shopping season, the Festivalof Lights is an off-the-grid good time featuringa full lineup of seasonal fun. Autumn hits ahigh note with a procession of thousands oftwinkling lights transcending the town into a Something Differentshow-stopping winter wonderland complete I’ve been tasting in a castle, cellar, winewith carolers, elves, horse-drawn carriage cask and even a tepee, but never a trailer!rides and ice carvings. Street side, a bevy of Napa’s only tasting room housed in a vintage28

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKLooking for Something Special in a Wine Club?Visit PREMIER WINE CLUBS onlinewww.WineCountryThisWeek.comFind your perfectwine club according to:varietal • price • color preferencewinery name • special eventsdiscounts • tours • and more!www.WineCountryThisWeek.com29

WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKJOSEPH PHELPS VINEYARDSTaste the Qualityby Diana GreenwoodYou have the family china and the crystal that sings. You havefreshly laundered fine linens, polished silver, a stunning centerpieceand tapers in stylish holders to set an elegant table. Why not invite adistinguished guest this Thanksgiving in the form of Joseph PhelpsVineyards wines to match the quality and effort you put forth?But before you pour, make a quick call to Joseph Phelps Vineyardsfor an appointment and take the opportunity to taste the excellenceyour guests will appreciate. Autumn is a lovely time of year to visit:the weather is cool, the vines are turning color and the winery sits ona 600-acre slice of land called Spring Valley Ranch where nativegrasses flourish and meandering creeks quench the thirst of majesticoaks. Joseph Phelps Vineyards was established in 1972 and is perchedat the top of a knoll overlooking immaculate rows of estate vines andto the west, views of rich farmland and the purple glory of the MayacamasMountains. It is the perfect place to relax, learn and taste exceptionalwines while you plan your Thanksgiving feast and the hospitalitystaff is as welcoming as you are when you open your door toguests.Hospitality options vary by season and group size and are availableby advance appointment. There is no crowded counter at JosephPhelps Vineyards. Instead, enjoy a casual, self-paced tasting on theback terrace overlooking the rolling hills of Spring Valley. Limited tosix guests at $20 per person (no charge for club members), the TerraceTasting is a personal approach with the winery’s wine education staff30in attendance to present six current release wines, answer questionsand create a memorable experience in a setting you’ll love.Included in your Terrace Tasting is the 2006 Insignia, therenowned wine that placed Joseph Phelps Vineyards on the map andrepresents California’s first Bordeaux-style proprietary blend. Now inits 33rd vintage, the estate-grown Insignia offers a color so deep thiswine will glow in the candlelight on your Thanksgiving table. Denseand full-bodied with tightly wound tannins and richness, the 2006Insignia celebrates blackberry and cassis characteristics with accompanyingnotes of damp earth, subtle oak and forest floor. In the concentratedaromatics expect lush black fruit, graphite, coffee, dark cocoapowder, licorice and cola syrup. Imagine Insignia paired with smokedturkey and sweet potatoes. Invite this distinguished wine to dinner.The hospitality department at Joseph Phelps Vineyards focuses onwine education and the staff is knowledgeable not only on Phelpshistory but the entire wine industry. There are six seminars to enhanceyour dinner table conversation this season and all offer samplings ofsix current wines including Insignia. Offered twice daily at 11 a.m.and at 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends at 11 a.m.and 2 p.m., each is 90 minutes in length and $30 per person with nocharge for members of the Phelps Preferred wine club. During theInsignia Blending Seminar, you’ll test your skills as a winemaker andcompare your blend with the current vintage of Insignia. In the Le NezSeminar you’ll hone sommelier skills on the “Aroma Identity” challengewhere twelve different aromas frequently found in wine will testyour olfactory senses. Sharpen your skills on wine history, tradition,

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEYproper serving, storage and evaluation by selecting the Wine AppreciationSeminar. In the Barrel Seminar – A Focus on Napa CabernetSauvignon, you’ll explore the role the barrel plays in the overallproduction of wine. This seminar takes a look at winemaking ingeneral and in addition to six current release wines, you’ll try threedifferent barrel samples of Joseph Phelps Napa Valley Cabernet. InTasting Terroir, you’ll discover the secrets of 33 years of Insignia: howthe wine has changed over the years, what makes it unique and howthe terroir determines and influences the lush, Bordeaux blend. In thenew Cool Californians: Freestone Chardonnay and Pinot Noir you willtaste these new exciting wines from Freestone Vineyards, the sisterwinery of Joseph Phelps Vineyards. Freestone Vineyards is an estatewinery where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are grown a mere eightmiles from the Pacific Ocean.Visit the winery, enjoy a seminar and this Thanksgiving, inviteJoseph Phelps Vineyards to dinner. Elegance served. Instant conversationover a good meal. Tastes to remember. Located at 200 Taplin Roadin St. Helena, Joseph Phelps Vineyards welcomes visitors by appointment.Call 1-800-707-5789 or (707) 963-2745 for additional informationor visit the interactive website at

NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKBennett Lane Winery Offers A Feastfor the Senses This ThanksgivingLocated just north of downtown Calistoga,family-owned Bennett Lane Winery’s friendlyand casual tasting room is one wine countrydestination worth the drive north. Thewinery caters to all of the senses, offeringguests not just wine tasting, but winemakingas well, and offers the perfect slice of Fall asharvest at the winery comes to a close.Bennett Lane’s tasting room is manned bya knowledgeable and welcoming team. $10buys guests tastes of four of Bennett Lane’swines, the Chardonnay, Cabernet, their redblend, Maximus and aromatic WhiteMaximus. In the last four years Bennett Lanehas had thirteen of their wines scored 90 andabove in Wine Spectator, including theirpopular Maximus Red Feasting Wine beingnamed a “top value” for California. TheMaximus “feasting wine” blends are theperfect for the top feast of the year: Thanksgiving.The red “feasting wine” blend has hadwine lovers flocking to Bennett Lane’s tastingroom since its inception . The current release2005 Maximus Red Feasting Wines scored anincredible 90 Points in Wine Spectator and ittruly is the best deal in the valley. A blend ofCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, thiswine will please all of your guests this holidayseason. According to Bennett Lane ownerRandy Lynch, “Our goal at Bennett Lane is tomake wines of outstanding quality year afteryear,” he says. “We make every effort to useonly the finest fruit and bring it to fruition inthe bottle through meticulous winemaking”.For the more ambitious Napa-goer,Bennett Lane offers two different customblending experiences for groups of six ormore, offered by advance appointment only.Why not make your own wine for this year’sThanksgiving celebration? The “Put a Cork inIt!” Custom Blend Experience allows groupsto blend their own red wines á la unconventionalMaximus style – Bennett Lane’s signatureCabernet, Merlot and Syrah “feastingwine” blend, lead by the expert staff at thewinery. At $175 per person the packageincludes limousine service to and from thewinery from either the Calistoga or St. Helenaarea (for up to eight people), a blendingsession, an individually-blended bottle ofwine to take home for each guest, and a wineand cheese pairing. “Put a Cork in It” is anincredible value and is perfect for couplestraveling together, as well as corporate groupsinterested in the ultimate hands-on winetasting adventure.Visiting Bennett Lane affords tastersanother rarity with a small winery – a likelyrun-in (and perhaps a last minute barreltasting if you’re lucky!) with owner RandyLynch or Winemaker Rob Hunter.Bennett Lane is also one of the few Napawineries to offer a picnic area for winery visitors,with panoramic views overlookingMount St. Helena and the Palisades.Bennett Lane Winery is located at 3340Highway 128, approximately two miles northof Calistoga, and is open by appointmentfrom 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for tastings ($10)and tours. Guests may also use the winery’spicnic area, which overlooks the vineyards.For more information or to reserve your ownCustom Blend Experience, visit the BennettLane website at or call(707) 942-6684.32

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Arroyo Dr.Brown St.West St.Tulocay St.Yajome St.NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNapa’s 21st Annual Holiday Candlelight TourLandmarks and the NapaCounty Historical Society haveteamed up for this year’s AnnualHoliday Candlelight Tour, whichfeatures holiday tours throughseveral homes, points of historicalinterest and vintage automobileson and around Calistoga Avenueand Polk Streets in the City ofNapa. Refreshments, entertainmentand raffle items at Blue OakSchool will also be offered. Thecost is $45 for the public to attendfrom three to eight o’clock in theevening on December 12. Foradditional information, call (707)255-1839.America’s legendary wine,food, and wellness destination,Napa Valley is home to thefounders of America’s fine wineindustry – legendary entrepreneurswho showed the world thatthe high art of winemaking hadcrossed continents. The Valleyitself is one of the most rare andprecious agricultural preserves onearth – a place that moves inperfect synchrony with theseasons. In addition to beingrecognized as one of the “GreatWine Capitals of the World” theNapa Valley is prized for itsnatural beauty, phenomenal culinaryscene, world-class accommodationsand one-of-a-kind spaexperiences including the region’sfamed mud baths and natural hotsprings. For more informationabout The Napa Valley City of Napa’s Holiday B&B Tour and Taste EventFeaturing food and wine pairings from the Cityof Napa’s premiere chefs and winemakers, NapaBed & Breakfast Inns (NBBI) will host their fifthannual “Holiday B&B Tour and Taste Event” onDecember 5, from 2 to 6 p.m. Tours feature thetown’s famous inns and bed and breakfasts twinklingwith holiday decorations and live, festiveentertainment throughout the City of Napa, withportions of the proceeds benefiting local charities.Buses and shuttles will provide complementarytransportation between inns, and local limousinecompanies will be available to shuttle tour guestsfor an extra charge. Food, wine and hospitalityprofessionals will be available for questions andfood and wine discussions. Tickets are $55 perperson and include food, wine and access to allB&B tours. For tickets and information StArroyo Dr.Calistoga AveArroyo Dr.Seminary StD O W N T O W NN A P AStonehedgeWineryVintners CollectiveMain St. Main St.Clinton St.Robert CraigVallejo St.Napa St.Caymus St.MC KINSTRYRiver Terrace Dr.N A P A V A L L E YW I N E H A R D W A R ES T .St. Helena Wine CenterNapa Valley FarmsSalvestrinP R A G E RLEWELLING AVEH E L E N AS U T T E R H O M EHallFlora SpringsM E R R Y V A L EL O U IM SM A R T I N IHeitzElementsFranklin StRandolph StWineries of Napa ValleyTown CenterCejaOlabisi/Trahan WineryX Winery& AmicusRandolph StCoombs StFirst St.Second St.Brown StThird St.Pearl St.Ubuntu RestaurantCOLE’S CHOP HOUSEBackRoomWinesBounty HunterRare Wine Co.Soscol AveMasonTASTE AT OXBOWMAHONEY VINEYARDS/WATERSTONE(Oxbow Public Market)Oxbow Wine MerchantGustavoToFOLIOThraceJV WineENOTECA& SpiritsUncorkedat OxbowA R G E R -M A R T U C C INot to ScaleINGLEWOODCorisonW H I T E H A L L L A N EWittWHITEHALL LANEMilatDel DottoRutherfordGroveTres Sabores &Pedemonte CellarsV . S A T T U IW I N E R Y& D E L IZINFANDELR A Y M O N DFransicanGALLERONFleuryFranklin StRandolph StFourth StFifth StMain St.CELADONSilo’s Jazz Club & Wine BarNapa General StoreAngeleThird St.34

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEYCalistoga Offers Winter Escape for Wine Lovers with‘Winter in the Wineries’ Passport Weekend, Dec. 4-6Event Includes Tours, Tasting and Meet/Greet with Winemakersat Calistoga’s World-Famous WineriesCalistoga’s Winter in the Wineries Passport Weekend, slated forFriday, December 4 through Sunday, December 6, will offer a perfectexcuse for wine lovers to “escape” to the Napa Valley Wine Countrythis winter. During this event, almost 20 Calistoga wineries will invite“passport holders” to tour their facilities, meet the winemakers andsample their world-famous wines.Participants in the passport weekend will also enjoy discounts atseveral of Calistoga’s finest restaurants and lodgings. Participatingrestaurants will waive corkage to any passport holder and lodgingswill offer special room rates for that weekend only.Another highlight of the weekend will be Calistoga’s 14th AnnualLighted Tractor Parade on December 5, known as the “ultimate smalltownChristmas experience.” Vintage and modern tractors bedeckedwith dazzling lights will roll down Calistoga’s scenic main street tocelebrate the Christmas season. (See next page for more details.)Weekend Passports, at $40 each, are available from the CalistogaChamber of Commerce and Visitors Center and at participatingwineries, including Castello di Amorosa, Bennett Lane Winery, ClosPegase Winery, Dutch Henry Winery, Envy Wines, Lava Vine Vineyards,Madrigal Vineyards, Silver Rose Cellars, Sterling Vineyards,Summers Estate Wines, T-Vine Cellars, Twomey Cellars, Von StrasserWinery, Rios Wine Company, W. H. Smith Wines and Zahtila Vineyards.Lodging properties offering special rates for passport holdersinclude: Best Western Stevenson Manor Inn, Brannan Cottage Inn,Calistoga Spa & Hot Springs, Chelsea Garden Inn, Christopher’s Inn,Eurospa & Inn, Mount View Hotel & Spa, Roman Hot Springs Resortand Silver Rose Resort.For more information on Calistoga’s many wine country visitorattractions, go to: Facebook users can geteven more information on visiting Calistoga, including great deals,breaking news and insider tips, by searching for “Calistoga Visitors”and becoming a “Fan,” or going to an unforgettable view of this spectacular area, take a hot airballoon ride or hit the hiking and biking trails. Calistoga has somethingfor everyone in every season with year-round parades, livelymusic, art and wine events, and a thriving wellness community tocare for your body and nurture your spirit.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com35

CalistogaH O T S P R I N G S • C O O L W I N E S • W A R M W E L C O M ECalistoga’s 14th Annual Lighted Tractor ParadeHighlights Day of Family Fun on December 5Families Can Shop at the Christmas Bazaar and Calistoga’s SpecialtyShops During the Day, Enjoy Lighted Tractor Parade at NightFamilies can enjoy an entire day of holiday fun on Saturday,December 5, in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga, starting with shoppingat the town’s 40th annual Christmas Bazaar and culminating in afront-row seat at the city’s 14th Annual Lighted Tractor Parade in theevening.On December 5, at 7 p.m., vintage and modern tractors, antiquetrucks, human-powered vehicles and construction equipmentbedecked with dazzling lights will rumble down Calistoga’s scenicmain street to celebrate the Christmas season and the town’s agriculturalheritage in a quaint but delightfully quirky way. Santa (played byMayor Jack Gingles) will ride through the town on one of these specialvehicles.Visitors are invited to start their day of merriment early by shoppingfor hand-made gifts at the Christmas Bazaar in Calistoga at theNapa County Fairgrounds. The Bazaar, which runs from 9 a.m. to 4p.m., will feature locally made crafts, gifts, food and children’s activities.While you’re here, be sure to look for other one-of-a-kind treasuresto be found in Calistoga’s downtown artisan specialty shops,conveniently located along Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga’s scenic mainstreet.With dozens of lodging options, Calistoga offers a festive weekendgetaway with a wide variety of elegant inns, bed and breakfasts, cozycottages and hot springs resorts. The area’s spas and mud baths featurewarm and rejuvenating treatments to prepare visitors for a busyholiday season. Restaurants and wineries welcome guests to satisfytheir palates with a wide array of choices.For more information on the Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade, theWinter in the Wineries Passport Weekend and other holiday festivitiesin Calistoga, including options for planning a weekend stay, the publicis invited to visit or call (707) 942-6333.Facebook users can get even more information on visiting Calistoga,including great deals, breaking news and insider tips, bysearching for “Calistoga Visitors” and becoming a “fan,” or going


YountvilleNAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKW H E R E S H O P P I N G M E E T S L I F E S T Y L EYountville’s 21st Annual Festival of LightsCelebrate the Season with Food, Wine, Arts & the Big Guy in RedStrap into that sleigh and steal away to the vineyards of Napa Valleyfor a country-style celebration boasting world-class food, wine and thearts. Kicking off Friday, November 27, Yountville’s 21st AnnualFestival of Lights delivers home-spun fun throughout the month ofDecember. Add to the mix the town’s six Michelin stars and 20+wineries tucked within four square miles and the term “cup runnethover” merits redefinition.A perfect ticket for urbanites seeking an escape from the hecticshopping season, the Festival of Lights is an off-grid good timefeaturing a full line-up of holiday fun. The season hits a high note witha procession of thousands of twinkling lights transcending the towninto a show-stopping winter wonderland complete with carolers,elves, horse-drawn carriage rides, ice carving and a visit from the bigguy in red. Admission is free; tasting tickets for food and wine are $1each. For more information, visit can tap into a variety of activities and off-season hotel ratesstarting November 27th with a block party certain to pique all of thesenses. At 2 p.m., Santa arrives at his West Pole post where childrencan mix, mingle and pose for posterity. Street side, a bevy of localwineries and the region’s top tables (Bouchon Bakery, étoile, Redd,Brix, Bistro Jeanty, Hurley’s Restaurant & Bar, Bouchon, Pacific Blues,Mustards and Napa Valley Grille) serve up tastes along WashingtonStreet while galleries, boutiques and restaurants open their doors forlate night shopping and dining.Yountville’s annual holiday celebration is a magnet for visitorsseeking the real deal. The town’s charming European ambiance mixedwith a classic California wine country beat is a relaxing retreat fromthe urban uproar. Throughout December carriage rides (weekends),late-night shopping and festive events unfold. For the avid oenophile,go green and grab a bike for a tasty trek of the area’s wineries meritingNapa Valley’s official 11th AVA. Key stops include Cliff Lede Vineyards,Domaine Chandon, Goosecross Cellars, Bell Wine Cellars and38

JEFFERSON STWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEYY O U N T V I L L EVerismoGirardYOUNT MILL RDWASHINGTONJACKSON1NAPA VALLEYBIKE TOURSDomaine ChandonCALIFORNIA DRKeeverJESSUP CELLARSPEDRONIMADISON STWASHINGTON STSTARKEY STWEBBER ST29Hill FamilyEstateHope and GraceRASGALLERIESV MARKETPLACECornerstone CellarsPage Wine CellarsVINEYARD VIEW - PRIVATEElyseHOFFMANHavensBell WineWASHINGTON STYOUNT STYOUNTVILLE CROSS RDTo Silverado TrailV MARKETPLACE:APPARELi.elleLemondropsRosalia’s for ShoesSistersTay & GraceVianettHOMEA Little RomanceDomain Home & GardenNapaStyleGALLERIESBlue HeronGallery 1870North Bay GalleryWINE TASTINGNapaStyleV Wine CellarDININGBottegaCups & ConesNapaStylePacific Blues Cafenewcomers Girard Napa Valley, Ma(i)sonrytasting salon, Tamber Bey, Keever Vineyards,Gemstone and Morningside Vineyards.Other options abound including carolingabove the clouds on a hot air balloon adventure,hammering down that handicap at theVintners Golf Club, visiting the Napa ValleyMuseum or slipping into the Spa Villagio orthe new Bardessono spa for a decadentmind/body experience. Nearby, the LincolnTheater gears up with live performances.The 21st Annual Festival of Lights is sponsoredby: The Town of Yountville, YountvilleChamber of Commerce, 99.3 FM KVYN and140 AM KVON, Bardessono, Hope & GraceWines, Napa Valley Vintners and V Marketplace1870.Visitor InformationSite of Napa Valley’s first planted vines(1838), Yountville sits at the epicenter of theregion’s culinary scene sporting the toprankedrestaurants, 20+ wineries and 10lodging properties. An ideal base for the avidoenophile, Yountville offers the county’s onlyhot air ballooning launch, five NationalRegister of Historic Places sites, a microclimatepedigree with its own AVA and 20+wine growers, world-class shopping andperforming arts. Located 55 mi./88 km.north of San Francisco, travelers can arrivevia scenic Highway 101 or via Napa CountyAirport, Sacramento (SMF), Oakland (OAK)or San Francisco (SFO) international airports.For more information and travel inquiries,contact the Yountville Chamber of Commerceat (707) 944-0904 or, Wine & Dine with Us• Guided Tours • Kayaking• Bicycle Rentals• Bicycling • 1-877-336-2453+SERVINGWINE COUNTRYSINCE 39

Napa Valley Fine ArtThe White Barn to Hold Holiday Arts FairA Benefit for Arts Council Napa ValleyThe White Barn has decided to revivean old tradition and to once again hold itsbeloved White Barn Winter Fair. A varietyof talented local artisans and craftsmenwill join together at the White BarnWinter Fair to benefit Arts Council NapaValley.The event will feature a wide selectionof unique handmade crafts and one-of-akindcreations. Visitors will find everythingfrom the unusual to the unique sure to fitevery taste and budget. Shoppers maypurchase beautiful handmade jewelry,cards, fine art originals and prints, woodencutting boards, hand blown glassware,holiday floral designs, textiles, ceramics,artisan food, potions, striking recycleditems and so much more!CalistogaTUBBS LANELINCOLNNAPA VALLEY ARTPreview Night, Friday November 20thwill run from 5 to 8 p.m. and includewine, a winter soup, dessert and lightmusic. Friday’s suggested donation $10-15directly benefits the Arts Council NapaValley. Preview attendees will have theopportunity to purchase fine goods inadvance of the general public while theyenjoy a festive evening.Just in time for holiday gift shopping,decorating and entertaining, you won’twant to miss this wonderful event! Visitthe Fair on Saturday and SundayNovember 21 and 22 from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. Free admission and plenty of freeparking.For information, visit the website White Barn is located a mile off ofHighway 29 on the south end of St. Helenaat 2727 Sulphur Springs Avenue. Visit thewebsite at Council Napa Valley supports athriving and diverse creative communityby expanding arts education in schools,collaborating with arts and communityorganizations and nurturing the developmentof artistic talent in a healthyeconomy. Founded in 1981, the organizationenvisions a thriving arts communitywhere self-expression is a birthright andthe arts serve as a common languagetoward mutual respect and understanding.ACNV is an independent, nonprofitorganization that works closely withthe Napa County Arts and CultureCommission whose charge is to elevate therole of the arts in Napa’s community life.For more information, visit the websiteat ON MAINPRATT AVESt. HelenaSILVERADO TRAILALLISONCHARTER OAKOAKVILLE CROSS RD.29WASHINGTONYountvilleYOUNTVILLE CROSS RD.RASGALLERIESBY WAY E.WISECASK29121TROWER AVE.FIRST STCALIFORNIA5TH2ND3RDNapaTRANCASMAIN STMAIN STSOSCOL121HARDMAATLAS


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RUSSIAN RIVERDUTCHER CR EKLakeSonomaFERRARI-CARANODUTCHER CROSSING101DRY CREEK RD.MAZZOCCOW. DRY CREEK RD.NorthernSonomaRockpile116DryCreekDavid CaffaroBella VineyardsPreston VineyardsZachichiYoakim Bridge MartinRaymond Burr VineyardsGöpfrichTruett HurstMichel-SchlumbergerQuiviraUntiKENDALL-JACKSONRussianRiverVinwood CellarsLa Crema, Selby, Chateau FeliceLongboard Vineyards Johnson’s Field StoneFoppiano Christie LimerickLancaster EstateAcornLaneMeitzArchipelRODNEY STRONGPETRIFIED FOREST .CHALK HILLGary FarrellMacPhailMill Creek VineyardsARMIDAMATRIXRochioliAristaKENDALL-JACKSON WINE CENTERRIVER RD.MARK WEST SPRINGS RD.OLIVETLAGUNA RD.GreenValleyDe LoachTalty PedroncelliGeyser PeakAmphora PalmeriForchiniTwomeyAlexanderValleyTerroirsMeekerRoute 128 WineryHOP KILNChateau FeliceGRATON RD.Marimar TorresBOHEMIAN HIGHWAYPARADISE RIDGEChalkHillKnights ValleyFULTON RD.GUERNEVILLE29OCCIDENTAL RD.128CALISTOGA RD.MONTECITOTaft Street WineryFRITZ WINERYAmistaManzanita Creek Deux AmisToad HollowArtisteEverettDowntown Wine RidgeHauckThumbprintGallo FamilySeghesioMARTINRAYWILSONKachinaFrickWoodenheadRussian Hill EstateJoseph SwanPellegrini MartinelliBalletto &Dutton-GoldfieldHannaKokomo Rosso &Family* BiancoRuedF. TeldeschiDry Creek VnydMauritsonLakeSonomaTrioneClosDu BoisPassalacquaLAMBERT BRIDGEStrykerSonomaRobert YoungStonestreetMURPHY-GOODETOPELALDERBROOKC. DonatielloBradford MtnDe LaMontanyaJ RICKARDSCANYON RD.RidgeSimiGrove StreetDuchampJ WineDeNatale MerriamVine Tastings128Alexander Valley VineyardsHannaCamellia Cellars, Davis FamilyHuntington, Sapphire Hills, HoldredgeOCCIDENTAL RD.Freestone VineyardsGuest CenterFERRARI-CARANO’SSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDKorbelMerry EdwardsSbragia FamilyPorterCreekDavisBynumSilverOakCellarsof SonomaD’ArgenziodeLORIMIER WINERYPapapietro PerryTravelling to Santa RosaTRAVEL TIMEFROM MILES (Average) (Peak)Golden Gate Bridge 49 50 90Sacramento 104 110 150Downtown Napa 42 60 77Travelling around Sonoma CountyDowntown Santa Rosa to Sonoma Plaza 22 35 40Downtown Santa Rosa to Healdsburg 16 20 30Healdsburg to Geyserville 8 15 15Downtown Santa Rosa to Guerneville 19 35 40TRENTADUEALEXANDER VALLEYLYTTON SPGSOptimaWilliamsonNalleHawkesSAUSALWhite OakWESTSIDE RD.Occidental RoadAtascadero CreekGraton RidgeHartford FamilyDutton EstateSebastopol VnydPetersFamilyA RafanelliMountsDehlingerHouseLynmarSheldonInman FamilyHarvest MoonHook & LadderCarol SheltonBattagliniJordanStuhlmullerCHRISTOPHERCREEKChalk HillWINDSOR RIVER RDEASTSIDEMOSHINPLEASANTOLD REDWOOD HWYRussian River VnydsIron HorseRiver RoadBanyon CopainGustavoThraceSuncéMuellerSt. Helena RoadWineryINDUSTRIALNovyPINERSiduriFOUNTAIN GROVEBODEGA HIGHWAY1Gourmet au BayTO THEMENDOCINOCOAST1

Valley of the Moon WineryValley of the Moon Winery128128Gourmet au BayPYTHIAN RD.1TomalesBay11610111611612CALI12112LEDSONVALLEY FORD CUTOFFSonomaCoastSableRidgeSonomaValleyBENZIGER FAMILYROBLAR RD.101 12TO NAPA37PARADISE RIDGEVJB CELLARSIMAGERYPETALUMA VALLEY FORD RD.Larson FamilyKAZKenwood Winery121Sugar LoafRidgeState ParkTOLAKE BERRYESSAANDSACRAMENTOMuscardini & Ty Caton CellarsEnkiduFamily WineriesBENNETT VALLEY RD.Mayo FamilyAudelssa EstateBR COHNERIC ROSSRobledoFamilyCellarDoorLOXTONRavenswoodORANGE RD.AdobeRoadWineryClarbecLittle VineyardsBONNESS RDLAKEVILLE RD.ViansaKundeBartholomew ParkFRATESHomewoodWineryBuena VistaFaveroSTAGE GULCHNAPA RDKastaniaVineyardsMayo Reserve RoomWellingtonCHARLES CREEKBonneauCornerstone(Grange Sonoma,ST. FRANCISLandmarkPetroni VineyardsMoon MountainHanzellSharpLarson Family, Roshambo)DEERFIELD RANCHBODEGAHWY WASHINGTONCordaClary RanchSonoma ValleyPort WorksGrey StackBlakcstoneGRANGEPYTHIAN RD.101MatanzasCreekPavo WinesSCHUGGLORIA FERRERCLINE12Robert HunterPaint HorseROESSLERRocheWestwoodTheCaveANABAJACUZZILEDSONCHATEAU ST. JEANPETALUMA HILL ROAD1116ArrowoodBucklin Old Hill RanchSEBASTIANIEric K JamesHwy 12 WinerySojournSONOMAENOTECA E NAPA ST7TH E.LOVALL VALLEYMacRostieParmelee-HillKamenTin BarnGofessel8TH E.TomalesBayGuest CenterBODEGA HIGHWAYVALLEY FORD CUTOFFSonomaCoastSheldonCellarsof SonomaSableRidgeROBLAR RD.116116SonomaValleyBENZIGER FAMILYERIC ROSSBR COHN12Gundlach BundschuLos CarnerosRegionBURNDALE101 12NicholsonRanchMulasFamilyRAMAL121TO NAPA37PARADISE RIDGEVJB CELLARSIMAGERYPETALUMA VALLEY FORD RD.Larson FamilyKAZKenwood Winery121Sugar LoafRidgeState ParkTOLAKE BERRYESSAANDSACRAMENTOMuscardini & Ty Caton CellarsEnkiduFamily WineriesBENNETT VALLEY RD.Mayo FamilyAudelssa EstateRobledoFamilyCellarDoorLOXTONRavenswoodORANGE RD.AdobeRoadWineryClarbecLittle VineyardsBONNESS RDLAKEVILLE RD.ViansaKundeBartholomew ParkFRATESHomewoodWineryBuena VistaFaveroSTAGE GULCHNAPA RDKastaniaVineyardsMayo Reserve RoomWellingtonCHARLES CREEKBonneauST. FRANCISLandmarkPetroni VineyardsMoon MountainHanzellSharpCornerstone(Grange Sonoma,Larson Family, Roshambo)DEERFIELD RANCHBODEGAHWY WASHINGTONCordaClary RanchSonoma ValleyPort WorksGrey StackBlakcstoneGRANGEMatanzasCreekPavo WinesSCHUGGLORIA FERRERCLINERobert HunterPaint HorseRocheWestwoodANABAJACUZZICHATEAU ST. JEANPETALUMA HILL ROADROESSLERArrowoodBucklin Old Hill RanchSEBASTIANIEric K JamesHwy 12 WinerySojournSONOMAENOTECA E NAPA ST7TH E.LOVALL VALLEYTheCaveMacRostieParmelee-HillKamenTin BarnGofessel8TH E.Gundlach BundschuLos CarnerosRegionBURNDALE★ Wine Country This Week Preferred◆ Open to the public◆ Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.NicholsonRanchWineries not open to the public are not represented.MulasFamilyRAMALFor corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.comTOSAN FRANCISCOTOSAN FRANCISCOSan Pablo BayTO VALLEJOTOSAN FRANCISCOTOSAN FRANCISCOSan Pablo BayTO VALLEJOSonoma County Wineries

LAGUNA RD.SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKA R E Y O U I N ?TOMENDOCINOCOASTCloverdaleTOEUREKABROAD CROCKERRIVER RD.Wattle CreekLakeSonomaJ RICKARDSFrickFERRARI-CARANOKENDALL-JACKSONTOBODEGABAYTOHWY. 1FRITZ WINERYArmstrongWoodsMAIN ST.RIVER RD.BOHEMIAN HWYARMSTRONG WOODS RD.VINEDUTCHER CREEK RDWINE CREEK RD.HEALDSBURG AVE.WALLINGPLAZA STWESTSIDE101Monte RioCENTER STTHEPLAZAASTI RD.CHIANTI RD.NORTH ST.MILL STEAST STMATHESONKorbel116RUSSIAN RIVERPastoriSbragiaSilver OakFamilyCellarsVineyardsGeyser PeakPalmeriTerroirsMeeker 128Pedroncelli Route 128 WineryKachinadeLORIMIERDavid Caffaro 101 Trione Vineyards & WineryYoakim Bridge AmphoraBellaClos Du BoisPrestonZachichi TaltyForchiniMartin Papapietro PerryTRENTADUEKokomoFamily WineriesRobert YoungRaymond Burr Göpfrich UntiRosso & BiancoTruett Hurst RuedQuiviraStryker SonomaLytton HawkesPassalacquaF.TeldeschiStation Rd.Michel-SchlumbergerMountsRidge/LyttonDry Creek Vineyard AmistaMauritsonSpringsA. RafanelliDUTCHER CROSSINGLAMBERT BRIDGEFERRARI-CARANO’SSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDSeghesio ArtisteLakeSonomaToad HollowThirty Four NorthThumbprint CellarsGROVEGRANTMURPHY-GOODEYOAKIM BRIDGE RDLa CremaFreestone VineyardsGuest CenterCANYONGallo FamilySouverainMartinelli Rd.GRATON RD.DRY CREEK RD.HAYDON ST.MASONINDEPENDENCEMAZZOCCOWILSONW. DRY CREEK RD.TOPELWilliamsonRosenblumHauckSelbyLongboardVineyardsMarimar TorresPorter CreekGary FarrellOCCIDENTAL RD.ManzanitaCreekEverett RidgeMIRABEL RD.12GEYSERVILLE RD.WESTSIDE RD.MILL STA.StonestreetJordanStuhlmullerAlexander Valley VineyardsWhite OakSimiJohnson'sAlexander HannaValley WinesCamellia Cellars, Davis FamilyHuntington, Sapphire HillGrove StreetField StoneC. DonatielloRochioliDavis BynumSheldonTOHWY. 101CHRISTOPHER CREEKLIMERICKRODNEYSTRONGDeNataleSonoma CountyAirportKENDALL-JACKSONWINE CENTERRussian HillEstateWoodenheadMartinelliHartfordFamilyMARTIN Joseph Swan Harvest Moon Carol SheltonWinery RAYHook & BattagliniLadderSuncéDeLoachRussian River Martini & PrattiIron Horse DehlingerRiver RoadSebastopolVineyards Occidental Road, Atascadero Creek & Graton RidgeHouseBalletto &Lynmar Dutton-GoldfieldMerry Edwards HannaTaft Street WineryPeters FamilyBARLOWKINLEYVINE HILL RD.FREI RD.RED WINERYGEYSER’SALEXANDER VAL. RD.J WinePINE FLATLOS AMIGOSSAUSALMacPhail FamilyMAGNOLIAMill CreekFoppianoALDERBROOKLimerick LaneAcorn ChristieARMIDAMietzDe La MontanyaTwomeyMOSHIN/BANYONMATRIXAristaRUSSIAN RIVERHOP KILNPellegriniW. OLIVETOLD REDWOOD HWY.STARR RDVineTastingsCopainOLIVETALEXANDER VALLEYDRY CREEK VALLEY& R U S S I A N R I V E RW I N E R I E SMerriamRIVER RD.ARATA LN.WINDSOR RIVER RDSTARR RDBROOKS RD.Inman FamilyLAKEWOODRobert MuellerHEMBRE LN.101AIRPORT BLVDChateauFeliceSHILO RD.Lancaster EstateArchipelChalk HillFRAUGHT128MARK WEST SPRINGS101GUERNEVILLE RD. STEELE LN.CHALK HILL RD.PLEASANT AVE.FULTON RDPINER RD.OLD REDWOOD HWY.NovySiduriFOUNTAIN GROVE PKWY.TOSANTA ROSA/SAN FRANCISCOTOSONOMVALLE48


SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTasting Room of the Week:MAZZOCCO SONOMAby Charles NeaveZinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon andChardonnay: these varietals and the wordsDry Creek evoke strong thoughts andpleasant memories for those who have triedthe wines of Sonoma County’s MazzoccoSonoma. At this winery they are the result ofwhat they call “the geographic concept of‘place,’” which they define as those distinctivecharacteristics that make a site special orunique, as well as those elements that foster asense of attachment and belonging, andinfused with a combination of landscape orsetting.With such dynamic places of origin – theirvineyards are situated in the gentle hillsbetween the famed Dry Creek and AlexanderValleys – this small, artisanal, family-ownedwinery produces limited quantities of wines ofoutstanding quality and provenance. Indescribing them you will hear the word“sensory” more than a few times, and withgood reason, for they do reach out to thesenses in many, and often complex, ways. Andyes, they are eminently drinkable.The people, passion and commitmentbehind the winery is the Wilson family andtheir collection of diverse estate vineyards.Owners Ken and Diane Wilson have growngrapes in the country for more than twodecades and farm over 250 acres of winegrapes. They are most well known for theirvineyard designate classic Bordeaux varietalsand their rich Zinfandels. Each of the winesthey describe accurately as robust and sumptuous,yet individual in nature. And theycome from some of the most spectacularmountain fruit in the county. That, and theirreputation for innovation, have made theirwines some of the most sought-after labels inNorthern California.For a winery of this size, Mazzocco’s vineyardsources are among the most extraordinaryon the planet. So while the label may saysimply Dry Creek Valley, Mazzocco’s vineyardsare situated at elevations reaching up to 2,400feet on steep and dramatic hillsides with viewsof the Pacific Ocean. They hold low-yieldingvineyards that produce grapes with intenseflavor which is central to their wines.As they have said, “Our mantra is holistic,embracing all aspects of the vines’ health andphysiological development. It derives fromyears of experience ... observing this uniqueregional terroir and cultivating optimal conditions.“All vineyard work and winemaking techniquesare done by hand and aimed atbringing out the unique, intrinsic characterand true spirit of each individual varietal. Theresulting wines stimulate the senses, warm theheart and evoke a feeling of well-being. Theultimate pleasure derived from wine is acomplex interplay of sensorial perceptionsinvolving the eye, nose, palate and heart.”But find out for yourself. Go and visit theirbeautiful and comfortable tasting room andtry them. The friendly staff will guide youthrough their roster of wines, answer yourquestions, probably tell a story or two. Theywill tell you the characteristics of the winesthat are on their surprisingly extensive list ofbottlings for sale as well. The grounds arewonderful and a large wall of windows andsoaring ceiling helps to bring the outdoors in.You can enjoy the reflecting pool and thewater features, enjoy a picnic with a bottle oftheir wine, and in general absorb yourself inthis very special gem of a winery tasting roomjust 15 minutes from the Healdsburg townsquare. As they say, “Come buy some wineand chill out at the winery!”The Healdsburg tasting room of MazzoccoWinery is located at 1400 Lytton SpringsRoad. They are open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.every day of the week. For more informationor directions, call them toll free at 1-800-501-8466 or (707) 431-8159. You can also look ontheir website,

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA COUNTYHandmade Crafts and Chances to Win Great GiftsJoin Your Friends and Family for anOccidental Weekend of Holiday Cheer!Traditions and holidays go together, andonce again, Occidental is home to the annualWest County holiday celebration. The OccidentalCommunity Council is pleased toannounce the 24th Annual Holiday CraftsFaire, a longstanding tradition in thecommunity. This year there will be moreholiday activities and chances to win specialgift packages including spa, art, wine, jewelryand other handmade crafts throughout theweekend.The Occidental Community CouncilHoliday Crafts Faire will be held on Saturdayand Sunday, December 12th and 13th at theOccidental Community Center (located onthe corner of Bohemian Highway andGraton Road) in Occidental. The event willbe open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdayand 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Admissionis free.This special Holiday Crafts Faire hassomething for the whole family. In additionto highlighting more than 35 local andregional artists and showcasing their specialcrafts and holiday pieces, there will be entertainment,the traditional bucket raffle (whereyou chose the prize you want to win),wreaths, fabulous food, daily special guestappearances by Santa Claus and more. Comeout and join the community and neighborsin celebrating the season at the HolidayCrafts Faire.The Ceres Community Project willprepare a special Holiday Crafts Faire selectionof fantastic healthy food. All proceedsfrom the sale of the food will go toward theirprogram (bringing local teens together tolearn about whole food and cooking whilepreparing organic meals for families who arefacing health challenges).And, don’t miss the special treats andholiday baked goods provided and hosted bySalmon Creek School students.Members of the famous OccidentalCommunity Choir will be visiting theHoliday Crafts Faire throughout the weekendand singing holiday carols.Come and participate in the activities atthe Holiday Crafts Faire (win great gifts fromthe traditional bucket raffle), take a strollthrough town, and visit the local merchantsand businesses. It is truly a holiday eventthat is not to be missed. Proceeds from thisannual fundraiser are returned to thecommunity through programs funded by theCommunity Council.For more information, contact SherryHuss at Holiday Crafts Faire is sponsored bythe Occidental Community Council. Establishedin 1986, the Occidental CommunityCouncil is an all-volunteer, non-profitcorporation. Representing a diverse crosssectionof the community, they meet once amonth to discuss investing its support andresources locally. The entire budget is derivedfrom this wonderful Holiday Crafts Faire.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com51

SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWinemaker Profile: Hop Kiln WineryCHUCK MANSFIELDby Millie HowieIf someone were to compile a list of FAQ –Frequently Asked Questions – for winemakers,right at the top would most likely be“Which of your wines do you like the best?”Chuck Mansfield, winemaker at Hop KilnWinery, would probably reply: “Given thateach of our wines comes from different grapesand vineyards, producing each varietal is acompletely unique experience. All of themhave exciting characteristics and challengingones. While I like all of our wines, I amparticularly excited about the fruit coming offof our estate vineyards.”Chuck has worked with both the badand the beautiful growing up as he did inEl Dorado County where his dad is a highlyrespected grapegrower. By the time Chuckreached high school, he had developed aliking for chemistry which led him to enroll atCalifornia Polytechnic State University in SanLuis Obispo where, as a member of the inauguralclass of 2006, he helped develop a52curriculum establishing a major in Wine andViticulture. All the while he was adding to hispersonal skills, gaining field experience withthe Carron Corporation, learning about thecare of vineyards including techniques ofpruning, irrigation and development of newvineyards. He spent one season in the landdown under in Geelong, Australia, studyingwine science and advanced viticulture andlater he served as a research winery internpicking up the fundamentals of research,marketing and development projects fromfermentation to filtration at E. and J. GalloWinery in Modesto, CA.Returning to Placerville, Chuck becameassistant winemaker at David Girard Vineyardsadding practical experience with Rhôneand Bordeaux varieties to his growing store ofknowledge. In late spring 2007, he receivedan invitation to join the staff of Hop KilnWinery. At the exceptionally young age of 24,Chuck became responsible for producingestate grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noirwines under the winery’s premium HKGenerations and long-established Hop Kilnfavorites such as Big Red and ThousandFlowers.First introduced in 2006, the HK Generationsbrand represents the new cornerstone ofthe portfolio, reflecting a dedication toquality, respect for the property’s past andcommitment to the future. They echo thepopularity of Hop Kiln’s traditional style:bold, flavorful reds and fresh, bright whites.“We are pioneers in the creation of awardwinningproprietary blends,” says Chuck.“We believe that the acknowledgment of our2006 Sonoma County Pinot Noir receiving 91points from the Wine Spectator supports ourprediction for huge future potential.” Judgingfrom the exciting reception of the inauguralvintages, there should be a succession of highpoint scores in future vintages for HK GenerationsPinot Noir crafted by Chuck.Chuck’s wines may be sampled any day inthe tasting room between the hours of 10 a.m.and 5 p.m. Hop Kiln Winery is located at6050 Westside Road,

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA COUNTYD O W N T O W NHEALDSBURGDRY CREEK RDGrove Street WineryManzanita CreekU P C O M I N G E V E N T S See page 16 or visit for more event information101GROVE STSeghesioArtiste Winery &Tasting StudioToad HollowVineyardsHEALDSBURG AVE.Thirty Four NorthWine MerchantsKENDALLJACKSONThe Wine ShopMURPHY GOODETrust Winery Ltd.La Crema WineryCENTER STPLAZACENTERJOHNSONMATHESONLINCOLNGRANT STMILLPRINCETOPELFITCH STNORTH STMARCH AVE.COLLEGE STFerrari-Carano’sSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDThumbprintCellarsLake SonomaWineryDowntown WineRussian River Wine Co.GalloPlaza SouverainHauckSelbyWilliamson WinesRosenblum CellarsPIPER STFITCH ST.NOVEMBER 20 – Lawrence Holmefjord-Sarabi – Young Pianist with Passion and Dedication isperforming works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, 6pm. $20,, 707-433-4601NOVEMBER 20-22, 27-29 – Sly Fox – Raven Theater, hilarious skullduggery set in 1880s San Francisco,$19 ($21 at the door), 8pm, Sunday matinee at 2pm,, 707-433-6335NOVEMBER 21, 28 – Arts and Crafts Fair – Healdsburg Farmers' Market, 9am-Noonwww.healdsburgfarmersmarket.orgNOVEMBER 21 – Annual Holiday Boutique – St. Paul's Episcopal Church, baked goods, jams, candyand homemade crafts, 11am-3pm. For more information please call St. Paul's at 707-431-2107NOVEMBER 21 – 2nd Annual Holiday Hors D'Oeuvres Party – Sbragia Family Vineyards Greatwine, music, food pairings. Bring canned good Item. $25,, reservations 707-473-2992 x10NOVEMBER 23 – Traditional Thanksgiving Meal – Healdsburg Rotary Club,Catered by 'Worth our Weight." Reservations are required: call 9:30am-1pm, Monday-Friday at 707-433-7515NOVEMBER 27 – Healdsburg's Downtown Holiday Party –On the Plaza – refreshments, holidaycheer and entertainment, horse-drawn carriage rides and much more, 5-9 pm, 707-433-6935NOVEMBER 29 – Community Tree Lighting Ceremony – Healdsburg's Downtown Plaza Park, or call 1-800-541-5045HUDSONFRONT ST.KINLEYMAGNOLIAwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com53



SONOMA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKHeart of Sonoma Valley Wineries26th Annual Holiday Open HouseHeart of Sonoma Valley Association(HOSVA) announces its 26th Annual HolidayOpen House, scheduled for Friday andSaturday, November 27 and 28 from 11 a.m. to4 p.m. both days. Kick-off the holiday season –wine country style! Enjoy two days of wine tastings,holiday nibbles, gift packages, discountsand much more. Twenty-four wineriesthroughout Sonoma Valley are opening theirdoors for this festive affair!“This year marks our 26th annual celebration.Twenty four wineries along SonomaHighway, between Sonoma and Santa Rosa, willbe participating in this holiday event,” saidExecutive Director Josie Gay. “We are lookingforward to a fabulous weekend of awardwinningwines, fresh baked nibbles, savorytreats, caroling and wine country holiday cheer!This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite holiday winesand jump start the holiday season. What a great alternative to the busycity streets and overcrowded malls!”Tickets are now on sale. Advance tickets are only $30 for both days($35 at the door), which includes a wine tasting glass and access to allparticipating wineries event tastings and activities. A designated driverticket is also available for $10. Tickets, detailed event information anda map may be obtained online at orby calling 1-866-794-9463. Advance ticket purchase is recommendedas last year was a sell-out event.Participating wineries include: Adler Fels Winery, Audelssa EstateWinery, Benziger Family Winery, Chateau St. Jean, Deerfield RanchWinery, Enkidu Wines, Eric Ross Winery, Family Wineries, ImageryEstate Winery, Kaz Vineyard & Winery, Kenwood Vineyards, KundeFamily Estate, Landmark Vineyards, Ledson Winery & Vineyards,Little Vineyards, Loxton Cellars, Mayo Family Winery, MuscardiniCellars/Ty Caton Vineyards, Paradise Ridge Winery, St. Francis Winery,VJB Vineyards & Cellars, Valley of the Moon Winery and WellingtonVineyards.TOSANTA ROSATOSANTA ROSAMatanzasCreekSable RidgeJack LondonState ParkBENNETT VALLEY RD.OAKMONT DRBENZIGER FAMILYWINERYLONDON RANCH RD.ERIC ROSSHeart of Sonoma ValleyHeart of Sonoma Valley Association (HOSVA) is an alliance of 24wineries and tasting rooms located on scenic Sonoma Highway wherewine country still means rows of vines, farmers, flat bed trucks andmidday meals. The Heart of the Valley is quietly home to some of California’sbest known, as well as most secluded, vineyards and winemakers.For a century and a half, many of thevintages that have made California wines worldleaders in viticulture have been harvested. In theten mile stretch of the wine country, in the environsof Glen Ellen and Kenwood, you’ll find ablend of family owned and classically beautifulwineries filled with award-winning wines,charming B&Bs and elegant Luxury Inns,stylish wine bars, a diverse selection of restaurantsand cafés, state parks, a lavender farm,olive presses and gift shops.The small region has always been awelcoming locale. Today, the Heart of SonomaValley is dotted with intimate cottages and inns,acclaimed bistros, the occasional shop and thewineries that attract a devoted clientele of travelersand wine lovers.CORRICKAdler FelsLEDSONST. FRANCISLOS AMOS RDLNPYTHIAN RDPARADISE RIDGEVJB CELLARSTy Caton & Muscardini, EnkiduSL Cellars, Spann,David NoyesMayo Reserve RoomFamily WineriesDEERFIELD RANCHLOXTONWellington WineryWARM SPRINGS RDDUNBABR COHNMADRONER ROADLittle VineyardsValley of the MoonLandmarkVineyard12Mayo FamilyWineryAudelssaEstateCHATEAU STKAZ. JEAN RDKENWOOD WINERY RDKundeTRINITYADOBE CANYON RD.RDIMAGERYARROWOODKenwoodSugarloafState ParkTONAPA VALLEYRobert HunterPetroniVineyardsMoon MountainPaint Horse WineryVineyard56 www.WineCountryThisWeek.comPavo WinesMacLeodWARM SPRINGS RDLAWNDALEBlackstoneCAVEDALECHATEAU ST. JEANBucklin OldHill RanchMOON MTNKENWOOD &GLEN ELLENW I N E R I E SDRIVEAGUA CALIENTE ROAD


SONOMA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKCome to B.R. Cohn Winery in Glen Ellento get a Jump on Your Holiday ShoppingSIP, SAVOR AND SHOP – November 27-29, 2009THE TOYS FOR TOTS TOY DRIVE – December 1-6, 2009Once the turkey has been consumed and Aunt Gertrude is out thedoor, it’s time to get to Sonoma Valley to kick off the holiday season.Back by popular demand, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November27-29, the B.R. Cohn Winery Gourmet Shop and Tasting Room willwelcome visitors for Sip, Savor and Shop.To tickle your taste buds, the full line of B.R. Cohn olive oils,specialty vinegars, B.R. Cohn label Chardonnay Caramel Sauce,Chocolate Raspberry Cabernet Fudge and Chocolate Cabernet Saucewill be available for tasting, along with some seasonal holiday nibbles.The Gourmet Shop carries a wide variety of other gourmet food productsas well. The helpful staff will be waiting to help shoppers pickthat “perfect gift.” There are also cookbooks, kitchen gadgets andspices for your favorite cook along with BBQ toys for the mastergriller. Gift givers will also find a stunning line of jewelry handcraftedby Marin artist, Carmen Q. A drawing will be held every hour to winsomething special that says, “Happy holidays to me!”For all those Doobie Brothers fans you can’t miss with theCollector’s Series of Doobie Red. This collection began with the 2002vintage and culminates with the release of this spectacular limitededition collection of only 384. The 15-bottle set sells for $480.This one-of-a-kind assemblage is the sixth and final limitedproduction set, and is produced from a special blend of premiumBordeaux varietals with exceptional rich flavors of black cherry andplum. Aging with premium French oak adds to a smooth, long finish.The limited edition box includes the Doobie Brother’s albums: TheDoobie Brothers, Captain and Me, Toulouse Street, Stampede, WhatWere Once Vices Are Now Habits, Takin’ It To The Streets, Best of theDoobie Brothers Vol. 1, Living on the Fault Line, Minute By Minute,One Step Closer, Farewell Tour, Best of the Doobie Brothers Vol. 2,Cycles, Brotherhood and Sibling Rivalry.“I’m very proud of this collection” noted Bruce Cohn, wineryowner and manager of the Doobie Brothers for more than 40 years.“It is the perfect combination of the finer things in life, wine, music,art and charitable giving. It is so hard to believe that we have releasedit in its entirety and it’s now a complete collection.”A portion of the proceeds from this wine are donated to variousveteran and charitable organizations.Visit B.R. Cohn Winery December 1 through December 6 andreceive a complementary tasting when you bring in a new toy for theMarine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots.Once you have shopped yourself silly, the staff will help puttogether your selections into holiday gift baskets to take with you orship to that someone special. Also, through November 29th you willreceive a free gift for you or someone on your list when you spend atleast $150 in the online store at to B.R. Cohn Winery, located at 15000 Sonoma Highway 12in Glen Ellen, for your dose of holiday cheer. The tasting room is opendaily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Founded in 1984 by Bruce Cohn, the estate winery is known forits critically acclaimed, world-class, ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon,Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and award-winning gourmetestate olive oils, vinegars and gourmet specialty food products. Formore information, call 1-800-330-4064 or for other information, visitthe website at

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA VALLEYSonomaEnotecaWINE TASTING, SALES& HOME ACCESSORIES– 12 Wineries –One Great Place35 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 935-1200www.sonoma-enoteca.comNew Works by Ann Hollisterat Charles Creek VineyardA new exhibition of brilliant and colorful new works by localArtist Ann Hollister is now hanging at the Charles Creek VineyardTasting Room and Gallery in downtown Sonoma. The show willrun through December 3.Ann Hollister’s work is a fusion of styles: calligraphy, watercolorpainting and the influence on her life of living in the HawaiianIslands. The acrylic paintings are a new addition to her work.Volcanic eruptions and bamboo forests invite the viewer to visuallyand mentally enter the paintings and enjoy the secrets to be found.In the abstract work boldness, yet attention to detail, add intrigueto each one.Hollister taught calligraphy in San Francisco and Oakland, Californiaand Kealakekua and Honolulu, Hawaii. She partnered withTerry Englehart in the Pengraphics Studio of Calligraphy andGraphic Design in Oakland for six years. Her work has beenshown in California, Hawaii and Germany. She now lives inSonoma with her feline assistant, Isabelle.Specializing in high quality Chardonnay, Merlot, CabernetSauvignon with a bit of Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, Syrah andGrenache from great vineyard sources in the Sonoma and NapaCounties, Charles Creek Vineyard produces wines that are foodfriendly, fruit driven and easily paired with the courses of a meal.The winery tasting room is conveniently situated in a charming1890s era storefront on the historic Sonoma Plaza. In addition towine tasting and sales, the tasting room also provides space to showthe work of local artists.The Charles Creek Vineyard Tasting Room and Gallery, openseven days a week from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., is located at 483 FirstSt. West in downtown Sonoma. For more information, call (707)935-3848 or email STREET WESTTOSANTA ROSA2nd STREET WESTRocheWEST SPAIN STREETCHARLESCREEKVINEYARDSWEST NAPA STREETS O N O M AP L A Z A1st STREET WESTROESSLERMcDONNELMAPLEANDRIEUXLEVERONI ROADThe PlazaCellar DoorWestwoodThe CaveBROADWAY12SONOMAFRANCENAPA ROAD1st STREET EASTENOTECASONOMA WINEHARDWAREMissionSan Franciscode SolanoEAST SPAIN STREETSonoma Wine ShopMERCATONot To ScaleSEBASTIANIVINEYARDS& WINERYLEDSON HOTEL &HARMONY LOUNGEHighway 12 WineryEric K JamesEnotecaSojourn CellarsEAST NAPA EAST STREET NAPA STREET4th STREET EASTTONAPA59

MENDOCINO/LAKE COUNTIES | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK11MendocinoRidgeClaudia Springs WineryHusch Vineyards128Londer VineyardsBrutocao CellarsPhiloGoldeneye VineyardsAndersonValleyEsterlina VineyardsHandley CellarsRoeder EstateLazy Creek VineyardsStandish Wine CompanyGreenwood RidgeNavarro VineyardsToulouse VineyardsBoonville128SCHARFFENBERGER CELLARSPhilips Hill EstatesBreggo CellarsLonderMeyer FamilyCellarsZINA HYDE CUNNINGHAMFoursight WinesYorkvilleHighlandsYorkvilleMaple Creek Winery128253MendocinoHoplandYorkville Cellars Jeriko EstatesBrutocao CellarsMcDowell Valley VineyardsDuncan PeakPendleton EstateNelson Family WineryJAXON KEYSTOPELMilano FamilyWineryLe Vin Winery101RedwoodValleyParducci, Hidden CellarsSketchbook, ZingaroGermain-Robin DistilleryPhilo Ridge Vineyards101UkiahWhaler VineyardsBenmoreValleyMcDowell ValleyGraziano Family of WinesMcFaddenMcNab RidgeWeibel WineryCloverdaleWattle Creek WineryAsti175Frey VineyardsOsterBarra of MendocinoSilversmith VineyardsElizabeth VineyardsLolonis WineryFife VineyardsLakeMendocinoDunnewoodVineyardsChiarito VineyardsPotterValley20ZoomLake County Wine StudioLakeportFinley17529ClearLakeSteele WineryEdenCrestM. Konocti GrowersWildhurst Vineyards Kelseyville Wine Co.Rosa D’Oro Vineyards /DusinberreSol RougeMoore FamilyShed HornCellarsUpperLakeKelseyvilleRedHillsTulip Hill WineryCeago Vinegarden20Cougar’s Leap Gregory Graham29Ployez WineryBrassfield Estate WineryMonte LagoVineyardsHigh ValleyShannon Ridge WineryHigh ValleyClear LakeVilla La BrentaLower LakeTerrill CellarsSix SigmaNoggle20Horne29MiddletownBUTTS CANYON RDGuenoc /Langtry EstateGuenocValley101★ Wine Country This Week Preferred◆ Open to the public◆ Open29by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.Wineries not open to the public are not represented.For corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.com60

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MENDOCINO/LAKE COUNTIESA Taste of Redwood Valley’s 7th AnnualHoliday Wine Sale and Juried Artisan FairNovember 21-22, 10am-5pm• Live Music • One-of-a-kind Art• Light Fare and Holiday CookiesA Taste of Redwood Valley invites old friends and new to the 7thannual Holiday Wine Sale and Juried Artisan Faire. Deep discountsof up to 40% on fine wines and the best brandy in the world willmake it easy for you to stock up for the holidays.This small-valley community celebration will ring with laughterand live music as visitors enjoy the aroma of holiday cookies andbrowse one-of-a-kind arts and crafts by Mendocino’s talentedartists. Most of the nine wineries and the distillery will have artisanson hand displaying their wares, and Barra of Mendocino willhost its 5th annual Juried Artisan Faire with designer jewelry, finepottery, unique wood products, hand-decorated gourds, watercolorand oil paintings, and more.Redwood Valley, where United States organic wine productionoriginated, is the northernmost grape-growing micro-region inMendocino County and boasts more organic acreage than anyother appellation in California. All but two of the wineries are toosmall to keep regular tasting room hours, so this is a rare opportunityto catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of these small producers.Please bring your own glass for tasting and a designated driver.The wineries participating in the Holiday Wine Sale are FreyVineyards, Oster Wine Cellars, Cole Bailey, Giuseppe Wines/NeeseVineyards, Graziano Family of Wines (Sat. only), Barra of Mendocino,Lolonis/Ladybug Winery, Oracle Oaks Winery and SilversmithVineyards. The distillery, which will be pouring brandy andother hand-crafted spirits, is Germain-Robin/Craft Distillers.Tucked away in the most northern part of the MendocinoCounty grape growing region lies this unique appellation, distinguishedfrom other appellations by its geographical elements,weather patterns and most importantly by the people who farmgrapes in this micro-region. Take Highway 101 north of Ukiah toWest Road (exit #557), show up at any participating winery, andget a map to all the others. Some are close to 101 and others aretucked deep in the lovely valley.For directions or more information, visit the website

MAIN ST SANTA RITA ROADKITTY HAWK RDLIVERMORE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKOccasio Winery Rings In The HolidaysWreath Making, Wine Blending, Shopping, Music, Food, Wine and More!Occasio Winery will ring in the holidays as a participant of theLivermore Valley Wine Association Holidays in the Vineyard Extravaganzaon Saturday, December 5th and Sunday, December 6th fromnoon to 5 p.m. each day.From wreath making to wine blending, Occasio Winery is offeringsomething for everyone, from the craft doyenne to the aspiring winemaker!During the Holidays in the Vineyard Weekend Celebration,Occasio Winery will be serving a complimentary taste of its goldmedal winning (2009 Indy International Wine Competition) 2008Pinot Gris, from the Del Arroyo Vineyard (only 205 cases made).A traditional tasting will also be offered for $5 and, in addition tothe Pinot Gris, will include: Silver Medal winning (2009 Indy InternationalWine Competition); 2008 Sauvignon Blanc, from the DelArroyo Vineyard (only 185 cases made); and Silver Medal winning(2009 Indy International Wine Competition) 2007 Petite Sirah, fromLivermore Valley (50 cases made – only 2 cases left!).In addition, the Livermore Valley Wine Association is asking thateach attendee bring a wrapped toy for Toys For Tots Holiday GiftGiving Drive.Wreath making sessions will take place at 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. forup to 50 guests. Grab your gloves and shears for vine cutting andspend the afternoon making wreaths for the holidays. Occasio Winerywill have vines and several helpers on hand to make sure guests makethe perfect holiday wreaths.Local artisans will feature their wares for a day of holiday shopping.Enjoy live music from 1 to 3 p.m.Blending seminar by owner and winemaker John Kinney will takeplace on Sunday from 1:30 to 2:30 and 3:30 to 4:40 p.m. (Cost forseminar is $15 per person).Occasio Winery is located at 2245B South Vasco Road, Livermore.For more information, call (925) 371-1987 or visit the website FRANCISCOTOSACRAMENTOPALOMARES ROADDublinTRI-VALLEYCONVENTION & VISITORSBUREAUChouinard VineyardsWestover Winery &Palomares Vineyards84PleasantonNILESSunolCANYONROADKILKARE RD.580LittleValleyMAIN680VALLEY AVEBERNAL AVE.EllistonVineyardsMitchell Katz84Ruby HillVALTO SAN JOSE,SALINAS &MONTEREY/CARMELJohn Christopher CellarsThomas CoyneHidden CreekRetzlaff,BattaionLongevityWinesVINEYARDAVE.ISABEL AVELECI TOSKALTHOFenestraWineryRDFF COMMHOLMES ST.L St.Thomas CoyneWineryTenutaVineyardsPORTOLA AVE.ARROYOFIRST STREETS. LIVERMORE580TOSIERRA FOOTHILLSBlacksmith SquareEAST AVE.Cuda RidgePage MillLivermoreRetzlaff& RyhanConcannon Occasio Cedar MountainStony Ridge & Rios-Crooked VineLovellTESLA ROADSinging Winemaker,Deer Rodrigue Miramont Estate &TamasRidge Molyneaux Marr Cellars at Steven KentTesla Vintners LaRochelleEstate Wente VineyardsVineyardsLivermore Valley Cellars EckertWETMORE RD EstateMurietta’sWineryWellONVASCO ROADMINESGREENVILLE ROADGARREWood Family Vineyards*CEDAR MTN. RDBent Creek WineryWhite Crane Wineryel SolLUPIN ROADPurpleOrchidInnBodegasAguirreCROSS ROADEagle RidgeMcGrail VineyardsRed FeatherWineryBig White House WineryWente VineyardsRestaurantVisitors Centerand Golf Course Charles R.★ Wine Country This Week Preferred◆ Open to the public◆ Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.VineyardsLesChênesVICTORIA62

DUSTINGUILD AVEALPINECHERRYWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | LODIVisiting Woodbridge WineryVisit Woodbridge Winery and experience the wines that makeevery day a little less everyday.Woodbridge Winery and Visitor’s Center offers a unique retail shoppingexperience and free public tours. You may also contact them toarrange a private tour by appointment. For everyone’s safety, no childrenunder ten years of age are permitted on the tours. For reservationsor more information, call (209) 365-8139.Public Tour (9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., daily)This 30-minute complimentary tour is offered twice each day at9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Learn about the history of the winery andwhy Lodi has become noted as a premium wine-growing region inCalifornia. The tour includes a visit to the vineyard, a tour of the redbarrel-aging room, and a complimentary tasting of Woodbridge byRobert Mondavi wines.Reserved Group Tour(Six or more persons, by reservation, Tuesday through Sunday)Like the public tour, this one-hour tour includes a private tastingof limited release wines and a commemorative wine glass. Cost is $10per person. For reservations, call the Visitors Center at (209) 365-8139.The beautiful picnic grounds are available to your group withadvance reservations. Gourmet box lunches are also available for $15per person. A seven-day notice is required for box lunch reservations.Woodbridge Winery is open seven days a week from 10:30 4:30 p.m. They welcome visitors year around, however, are closedon some major holidays. Call ahead for holiday hours.TURNER ROAD5E2 FamilyWinery5PELTIER ROADWOODBRIDGE ROADWoodbridgeSpenkerWineryDE VRIES ROAD12WESTMichael~DavidVineyardJessie’sGrove WinerySARGENTRipkenVineyardsStocktonThe LucasWineryAbundanceVineyardsDAVIS ROADCentury OakWoodbridgeUncorkedWINE &VISITORSCENTERKETTLEMAN LANEVanRuitenFamily WineryJ10LOWER SACRAMENTO RDBorraWineryTo McConnell EstatesWEST LANE4FRENCH CAMP ROADPeirano EstateVineyardsACAMPO ROADWOODBRIDGE RDJewel WinesLODILAKEHUTCHINS STTURNER ROADLodi12WESTE. ARMSTRONG RDCHARTER WAYPELTIER ROADGrands AmisCellar DoorLODI AVEMokelumne River WinerySCHOOL STWOODBRIDGE BYROBERT MONDAVIm2 Wines99CasCandePitto Wines99Macchia12Delicato VineyardsEAST99St. AmantSiqueiraWine Co.BergholdWineryVICTOROak RidgeWineryVinoKETTLEMAN LANECon Briod’ArtHARNEY LANE WinesHarney LaneWineryWOODBRIDGE RDHeritage OaksTRETHEWAYvMvVineyardsLOCKE ROAD12884Gnekow Family WineryELLIOTT ROADVino PiazzaLockefordOmegaHarmony WynelandsGAWNE ROADCrystalValleyCellars88Chocoholics(wine tasting)• Boitano Family• Olde Lockeford• Pasos Vineyards• Stama Winery• Watts FamilyL O D IA R E AW I N E R I E SDISCOVER LODI!“Discover Lodi!” the 4,000- square-foot facility is located onproperty owned by Wine and Roses Country Inn at the northwestcorner of Turner and Lower Sacramento roads in Lodi.The eye-catching design by Lesovsky-Donaldson Architectsof Stockton has the look of an old winery and featuresan impressive three-story stone tower visible from allapproaches to the property. It contains the winegrapecommission offices, state of the art wine and viticultureeducational displays, a conference room, and a “cellar room”for entertaining and special events, such as wine dinners.Wine-related memorabilia, books and apparel are available forsale. Offices for the Lodi Conference and Visitor Bureau are alsoon site. The Discover Lodi! center provides the opportunity tohighlight the many outstanding tourist attractions in the Lodiarea.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com63

Monterey Bay AreaMONTEREY • CARMEL • CARMEL VALLEY • HOLLISTER • SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS • SALINAS • SANTA CLARA • LOS GATOSLa Nebbia TO S.F.DomenicoLa HondaWoodsideKings Menlo84 Mountain ParkChaine d’OrWoodsideMichaelThomasMartellaFogartyTOHALF MOONBAY1SKYLINEBLVD.35BONNY DOONPAGE MILL RD.BoulderCreekSan FranciscoBayMountain 101 MilpitasView280880Sunnyvale680SantaClaraCupertinoRidge SaratogaNaumannPicchetti9TOS.F.COOPER-GARRODSavannah-ChanelleMountain WineryCinnabarJOSESOQUEL SANSOQUEL DR.J. LohrMcKEANRD.SANElkhorn SloughJUANRD.MONTEREYHallcrest Heart o’ the Mountain Vine HillOrganic Wine Works Roudon-SmithG8Felton BruzzoneClos TitaSoquelPOETIC17BeauregardCELLARSHUNTER HILLWindy FernwoodOscalisNicholson Oaks CellarsBargetto Pleasant ValleySanta Cruz Soquel Aptos CreekNatal Monte VerdeStorrsAlfaro FamilySycamore CreekVinocruzEquinoxCapitolaVineyardsJason-StephensBonny Doon Beauregard Cava Aptos MARTIN RANCHPelican RanchArmida Wine BarHecker PassSanta Cruz MountainSilver Mountain1152Sones CellarsTrout GulchWatsonvilleMonterey Bay8584PinderAhlgren David BlackBruce RidgeTestarossaBig Basin MuccigrossoLos GatosByington Zayante RegaleDownhillMoss LandingCastrovilleTOLIVERMOREVALLEYSan Jose15685BURRELL SCHOOLLOMA PRIETASilver MountainSanta Cruz Mtns.MT. HERMON17FLEMINGJENKINSMAINE LAKE AVEUVAS RD.G11FortinoHECKER PASS RDRDMorganHillSanMartinWATSONVILLERiver RunClos LaChanceKirigin129GuglielmoMorgan Hills CellarsSolis101SANTA TERESASARAH’SVINEYARD156CreekviewSatori CellarsThomas KruseCasa de FrutaGilroyRapazzini25San JuanBautistaSAN JUAN CANYONBOLSA RD.UNION RDSAN FELIPE RD.SHORE RD.156FAIRVIEW RDHollisterLeal EstateTravelling from MontereyTRAVEL TIMETO MILES (Average) (Peak)Sonoma County 170 3 hrs 3-1/2 hrsSanta Cruz 42 45 min 1-1/4 hrsSan Francisco 113 2 hrs 2-1/2 hrsPaso Robles 116 2 hrs 2-1/4 hrsSanta Barbara 238 4 hrs 4-1/2 hrsTravelling from Santa CruzTRAVEL TIMETO MILES (Average) (Peak)Monterey 42 45 min 1-1/4 hrsSan Francisco 73 TO 1-1/4 hrs 1-3/4 hrsSACRAMENTOPaso Robles 136 2-1/4 hrs 2-3/4 hrs5★ Wine Country This Week Preferred◆ Open to the public◆ Limited hours, call first◆ Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.P a c i f i c O c e a nP a c i f i c O c e a nCIENEGA RDNationalBargettoSteinbeckA Taste of Monterey ScheidCenterWine from the HeartBaywoodPacificCellarsFigge CellarsA TastePebbleof MontereyGrove BeachCima CollinaChateau Sinnet68MarilynGalante Vineyards VENTANA/MEADOR ESTATERemarkCarmelWinesMonterey101Taste MorganBoëtè(Valley Hills)Rancho CellarsChateau Carmel ValleyPessagnoBlackstoneJulien G16 Heller EstateManzoniJouillian Vineyards Talbott VineyardBoekenoogen Joyce Vineyards/Chateau Christina GonzalesBig Sur Georis Otter CoveBernardusBoekenoogenSoledadChateau SinnetChalone1ParsonageWrath (formerly San Saba)14664Los Laureles GradeCARMELTO SAN LUIS OBISPOANDSANTA BARBARACOUNTYHearst CastleSan SimeonCAC H AGUA RD.VALLEYTASSARAJA RDRD.101RIVER RD.SalinasHAHN ESTATE/SMITH & HOOKParaiso VineyardsARROYO SECOFOOTHILL RD.RD.HobsonTO SAN LUIS OBISPO ANDSANTA BARBARA COUNTYVENTANAGreenfieldScheidKing CityDeRosePietra SantaTres PinosCalera Wine Co.Enz FlintDonati Family VineyardLIMEKILNSummerayne PaicinesPinnaclesNationalMonument25www.WineCountryThisWeek.com5

y Laura NessWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MONTEREY/CENTRAL COASTHarvest Winds Down as Wineries Gear Up for PassportAfter a long harvest season, the last of the grapes from BurrellSchool’s estate vineyards were harvested on October 23rd. Nearly 3.3tons of Petite Verdot were hauled in, none the worse for wear, after a10-inch wallop of rain on October 13th that threatened to decay theday. But the fruit, the first big crop off the vines after grafting over fromChardonnay in 2008, came in at 23.5Brix and 3.5pH, and mostimportantly, tasted fantastic.Katy Lovell of Poetic Cellars madea dash up to Mendocino to fetch someawesome-looking old vine Carignanefrom a head-trained vineyard south ofUkiah: yields about 1 ton per acre. It’sincredibly zesty in the barrel, withoodles of cranberry and red licorice.She also pulled in some gorgeousChardonnay from Chestnut Hill Vineyardin the Summit area of the SantaOld Vine Carignane from Mendocino CountyCruz Mountains: “This is the very first harvest of my career whereChardonnay was the last grape to come in!” she commented.New Wines Rhyme for Passport at Poetic Cellars: November 21Katy will release her new 2008 Viognier ($22) for Passport, alongwith her much anticipated 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains Regan VineyardPinot Noir (reg. $35, on sale for $30). Enjoy the 2004 CabernetSauvignon and the new 2006 Petite Sirah, along with special food andwine pairings. These four wines are available for $89: something toplease every palate for Thanksgiving!Burrell School has a Thanksgiving four-pack of “Teacher’s Pet”Chardonnay, Old School Cabernet, “Spring Break” Syrah and “Detention”Zinfandel for $89. Loma Prieta will feature two 2006 Merlot for$50, regularly $35 per bottle.Big Basin Vineyards of Boulder Creek will pour at RestaurantJames Randall in Los Gatos for Passport, November 21, from 2 til 5p.m., and will offer a special three-course Fixe Prixe dinner beginningat 5:30 p.m., paired with Big Basin’s Ben Lomond Mountain Pinotwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comHarvesting Chardonnay at Chestnut Hill VineyardNoir, Mandala Syrah and Estate Rattlesnake Syrah. Call (408) 395-4441 for reservations.Sarah’s Vineyard Holiday Sale:Three Wines for the Price of TwoAlthough the tough economic conditions may finally be starting toimprove, many of us are still feeling the pinch. So Sarah’s Vineyard isintroducing sale pricing on several wines for the holiday season,including for Santa Cruz MountainPassport, November 21.They’ll have three-packs of thefollowing table wines at threebottles for the price of two:2007 Marsanne ($22/btl, 3 for$44); 2005 Merlot ($20/btl, 3for $40); 2005 Nuits d’Enfer($15/btl, 3 for $30); 2004 Syrah($24/btl, 3 for $48) or 2006Cadenza Supertuscan ($16/btl,3 for $32).Football Fans, Rejoice! – FootballEvery Sunday through JanuaryFor all you football widowsand widowers, if you want tocome winetasting you can bringyour football-loving spousealong to Sarah’s. They’ll have thegame on their viewer-friendlywide-screen TV all day Sunday.What’s your favorite wine withfootball? Come decide and castyour vote for pigskin friendlyvino!65

MONTEREY/CENTRAL COAST | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTasting Room of the Week:POETICCELLARSWinemaker Katy and partner JosephWell-Versed Wines Complete with Rhymesby Laura NessWinemaker Katy Lovell and her partnerJoseph L. Naegele are kindred spirits finallyunited in a fairy tale romance that combinespracticality with passion. She’s the handson,do-everything winemaker who drivesthe trucks, picks the grapes, runs thedestemmer, adds the yeast, punches down,crushes, forklifts barrels, racks and tops off.He’s the attorney and educator by day(Santa Clara University), and the poet bynight: he pens the poems that grace theback labels. We should mention that Katyalso bottles, designs and prints her ownlabels: custom holiday labels are availablefor personal and corporate gift-giving. She isalso an accomplished Oberlin-trainedconcert flutist, as well as a fabric artist, acraft she still practices when not blending,attending wine events or pouring in thetasting room. A mother of three teens, twoat Los Gatos High, Katy is thrilled her son,Zac, enjoys helping out in the winery.Poetic Cellars is Katy’s lifelong dream:built into the mountain with a cool, naturalearth-controlled climate, the winerycombines barrel storage, lab, offices andtasting room. Here, you are surrounded by,not isolated from, the incubator vessels ofnascent wine. It’s not your every day barrelroom: the custom mahogany counters andcabinets are beautiful master crafts pieces.Works of art adorn the walls and a colorfuldisplay of serving ware, complete with newport-infused truffles from Shelley’s Biscotti,beckons shoppers.Step up to the bar and be delighted bythe Chestnut Hill Chardonnay, golden andbaked apple bread pudding-rich, with notesof vanilla whipped cream. Her signatureMourvedre, from vineyard holdings inLivermore, displays smoky, sexy earthinesswith unmistakable animale aromatics. It’sone captivating wine. Nobody else makesone remotely like it in California. Katy alsomakes a Sampson-like sinewy Syrah,powerful with tar, leather, tarragon andgame. It calls for lamb seasoned with rosemaryand dried Arbol chiles.Fans of Petite Sirah will thrill to an operaticrendition of this baked blueberry piewith ginger-clove graham crust. Her newblend, Quatrain, weaves a complex four-actplay of fruity Zin, sinewy Syrah, mysteriousMourvedre and muscular Merlot thatcontinues to make curtain calls in yourmouth long after the last swallow. It wasmade exclusively for Well-Versed WineClub members.The sun-drenched courtyard and grassymeadow make a delightful setting for awedding or private party. Here, you candelight in the sound of the wind in the oaksand willows and watch hawks circling highoverhead. Be sure to consider Poetic Cellarswhen planning your next event: the tranquilityalone will have you reciting poetry.Wine and verse are a lovely couplet, butnothing makes Katy happier than findingthat perfect wine and food pairing. Be sureto visit Poetic on Passport days or for hernew release parties, occasions that alwaysmarry the two disciplines. And when youadd some live music, art jewelry andperhaps a poetry reading, you are in for aromantic treat that could be found at PoeticCellars.66

In an effort to promote wines produced in the Santa Cruz Mountains,Capitola’s landmark Shadowbrook Restaurant is offering WinemakerWednesdays, featuring half-price wines from the appellationnow through May.Each week Shadowbrook will be featuring two to four wines froma Santa Cruz Mountains winery, offered by the bottle or glass. Wednesdays,beginning at 5 p.m. a representative of that week’s winery willoffer tastings and information from a table set up in the restaurant’sRockroom Lounge.That night all wines from the week’s winery, whether ordered in thebar or dining room, by the glass or bottle, will be 50 percent off theregular price. Featured wines will also be available in flights (about 2.5WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MONTEREY/CENTRAL COASTShadowbrook Restaurant PromotesSanta Cruz Mountains Wineries Through Mayoz, also half-price), accompanied by complimentary appetizer.“This is a great way to promote the growing number of fine winesbeing produced in the area,” said Shadowbrook owner Ted Burke.“With 73 wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation, it’s impossiblefor us to stock them all permanently. This promotion will givewineries and winemakers an opportunity to reach a larger audienceand gain new followers, while providing Shadowbrook’s patrons withquality local wines, many of which are medal winners in state, nationaland international competitions. I also believe locals will find it awelcome alternative to the typical $125-per-person winemakerdinner.”The promotion is being done in concert with the Santa Cruz MountainsWinegrowers Association, and Burke said interest from winerieshas been strong and enthusiastic. To ensure that customers get the bestpossible information, wineries are required to have their Wednesdaytable staffed by the owner, winemaker or an equally informed individual.They are also asked to provide informational materials so theShadowbrook wait staff can be knowledgeable about the wines.For additional information on the schedule, call (831) 685-VINE(8463) or visit the web site at Our Tasting RoomOpen Tuesday – Sunday, Noon to 6pm45 W. Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030(408) 358-4949 • flemingjenkins.comSpecial events for groups up to 40Visit Our Tasting Roomwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen Tuesday – Sunday, Noon to 6pm45 W. Main Street, Los Gatos(408) 358-4949flemingjenkins.comSpecial events for groups up to 4067

MONTEREY/CENTRAL COAST | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTO MONTEREYPessagnoHAHNESTATESSMITH& HOOKVINEYARDS(PAVED ROAD)FOOTHILL RDRIVER ROADRIVER ROAD1012009 Santa Lucia Highlands'Pinot Noir Crush Wraps UpPisoni, McIntyre and Morgan Report Near Normal Yields,High Quality in the Santa Lucia HighlandsThe 2009 Pinot Noir harvest is wrapped up in the Santa LuciaHighlands appellation, with winegrowers reporting potentially veryhigh quality and normal yields. Some of California’s finest vineyardscall the S.L.H. home, with more than thirty winegrowers cultivatingover 2,500 acres of Pinot Noir there.At the Pisoni Vineyard, Gary Pisoni is very happy with the qualityof his just-completed Pinot Noir harvest: “The eventual ’09 vintagelooks very promising. It was the third consecutive dry winter whichlimited yields and the cool summer and fall, with only one small heatwave, gave us mature fruit at low sugar levels. We are seeing greatdensity, acidity and high tannin levels.” The crush at Pisoni ran alongfairly traditional timelines, beginning mid-September and finishingmid-October.Dan Lee of Morgan Winery is also excited about the quality of thePinot Noir off his organically farmed Double L Vineyard: “We startedpicking Pinot Noir on September 12 and are just now finishing up. Itis a light crop, at over 100 tons, about 20% less than a ‘normal’ year.The fruit is very focused; quality looks very good. At midsummer, wewere 5 to 10 days behind a ‘normal’ schedule. We had a temperateAugust with less fog and one warm spell that caught us up in sugarlevels but not necessarily in flavor development. The winemaker thatlooks to the flavors and not the sugar levels will be rewarded thisharvest – patience is key.”At neighboring McIntyre Vineyard, this year marked the thirtythirdPinot Noir crush on one of the district’s oldest, sustainablyfarmed estates. Owner Steve McIntyre: “It was a great growing season,on par with ’07, until Labor Day. Some ‘heat spikes’ then acceleratedsugar numbers with phenolic balance lagging behind. Happily, coolfall weather has allowed the flavors to catch up and the fruit webrought in looks very good indeed. Just slightly higher than normalcrop levels off the McIntyre property but very high quality. The ’09vintage? Cool temperatures, no damaging rain, gentle ripening – justanother perfect Pinot harvest in paradise.”The Santa Lucia Highlands is one of the crown jewels of Californiaviticulture, growing and producing some of the state’s best coolclimate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. The appellation encompassesmore than 5,000 acres of prime vineyards; the area’s uniquecharacter was recognized with official A.V.A. status in 1991.Formed in 2005, the Wine Artisans of the Santa Lucia Highlandsis a formal association of vineyards and vintners whose primary goalis to promote this unique viticultural district and increase awarenessand appreciation of the Santa Lucia Highlands.The public is invited to sample the wines of the Highlands at a galatasting at Hahn Estates on Saturday, May 15, 2010. To learn more,visit www.WineCountryThisWeek.comG1668GONZALES RIVER RDFORT ROMIEMISSIONParaisoVineyardsMarilyn RemarkSan Saba VineyardsCOLONYFORT ROMIE ROADPARAISOSPRINGS RDARROYO SECOG17Taste of MontereyMAIN STREETGonzalesALTA STBlackstoneARROYO SECO RDVENTANALOS COCHESWALNUTTO SAN JOSESalinasJoyce VineyardsChateau ChristinaFRONT STSALINASSoledadEAST STMETZ ROAD146ChaloneVineyard

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MONTEREY/CENTRAL COASTBOEKENOOGEN VINEYARDS & WINERYNestled atop the foothills in the heart of the Santa Lucia Highlands,one of the premier growing appellations for world-class Pinot Noirsand Chardonnays, lies family owned and operated Boekenoogen Vineyardsand Winery. Dedicated to producing exceptional limitedproduction wines, Boekenoogen has rapidly become one of the topwines in the region. With the joining of superior clones, rocky, welldrained soils and meticulous viticulture practices, complemented byfoggy mornings and sunny afternoons, and moderated by a coolingmaritime breeze, the Santa Lucia Highlands have quickly earned a1Valley Hills/Boete & ParsonageChateau JulienWine Estate Valley HillsTaste Morgan1VENTANA VINEYARDSMEADOR ESTATELAURELE’S GRADEFORD ROADCARMEL VALLEY RDMONTEREYHeller EstateC A R M E LV A L L E YTalbotWineryGeorgisWinerySALINAS HWYTO SALINAS & 101DEL FINOPILOTJoyceVineyardsChateauChristinaVILLAGE DRROADCENTER STJoullianwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comNot to ScaleFORD ROADVIA CONTENTABOEKENOOGENTASTING ROOMPURTONChateauSinnet WineryVILLAGECHAMBERSDRIVEPASO HANDOEL CAMINITOBernardusreputation for generatingoutstanding grapes.In 1998, John Boekenoogentransformed his family’s fifthgeneration cattle ranch into avineyard, producing outstandingfruit. The Boekenoogens proudlyopened their tasting room in2008, offering the public theopportunity to sample their finewines and learn more about theirfamily business.Just over a year since theopening, Boekenoogen TastingRoom in Carmel Valley Villageoffers a friendly spacious southwesterninterior and relaxinggarden patio and has become a“must stop” for visitors in thearea.The Boekenoogens inviteyou to stop by their tastingroom this holiday season toenjoy their signature wines foryourself. Located at 24 WestCarmel Valley Road, they areright in the heart of village andcentral to many restaurants andshops. Boekenoogen also hostsprivate events and parties, greatfor the upcoming holidays. Callthem at (831) 659-4215 or formore information or topurchase wine at the new onlinestore. Tasting room hours are 11a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.69

VINEYARDVIEW80SIERRA FOOTHILLS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKPASO ROBLES 117 158MONTEREY 72SAN JOSE599Sacramento124WILLOW CREEK RD204 245 255 269 355 263 236 266 278112 160 170 184 269 178 151 190 20248 90 100 115 200 110 83 118 138SAN FRANCISCO 45 55 70 155 75 48 88 142SONOMA 22 44 129 39 14 68 131SANTA ROSA 16 101 21 41 104 166HEALDSBURG 86 26 56 118 181MENDOCINO 111 141 195 266CALISTOGA 27 86 149NAPA 59 122SACRAMENTO 84MURPHYSLAKE TAHOEPlymouth88 104 104TOSTOCKTONJackson CaliforniaWine Sellars884949558099LodiStocktonTO 49PLACERVILLEStory WineryTKC VineyardsShenandoah VineyardsAmador CellarsKarlyRenwoodVilla ToscanoDeaverDomaine de la Terra RougeDillian Amador Foothill WineryVino Noceto16CooperCharles SpinettaTOSerinidad C GDobra ZemljaSACRAMENTOStonehouse Di Arie KarmereNine Gables WineryBrayMONTEVINASobon EstateYoung’sWilderotter Bella PiazzaFrenz49Le Grand LapinNuaDairWineryConvergence Vineyards FiddletownIl GioielloTanisVineyardsDrytown Cellars124OLD SACRAMENTO RDFrench HillWinery26RIDGE RDFIDDLETOWN RDAmador CityBELL RDAmador Country Wine CellarSutter CreekWine TastingMAINSutter CreekTOSAN ANDREASSutter RidgeVineyards4OSTROMAvio Vineyards1688SHENANDOAH995026219108LAWRENCETYLERAmadorAngelsCamp12010849MariposaAuburnJacksonSan Andreas49SonoraJamestownNorthYubaNevadaCity49El DoradoCaliforniaShenandoah ValleyPlymouth FairPlayFiddletownAmador CityCEDAR4CRK104882612379307231201181217231310199172115118SierraFoothillsAVASierraFoothillsAVA49420PlacervilleSutter CreekGrass ValleyMokelumne HillMurphysColumbia8020TOSACRAMENTO4TO RENOSogno50SzaboVineyardsPennValleyTO TAHOEINDIAN SPRINGSCOMBIE RDSierra StarrWinery20McCOURTNEY RDSOUTHRIDGE IronMountainWineryPilot PeakWinerySPENCERVILLE RDNaggiar49ROSEMARYN. SHINGLE RDGOLD FORKCoufosCellarsGARDENBARGOLDShingleSpringsMOTHERFRENCHCREEKChevalierTOPLYMOUTHTOLODINevada CountyDomaineBecquetTOSTOCKTONJONES BARROUGH & READYROUGH & READY HWYLIME KILNWOLFTOAUBURNLotusLOTUS RDHILL RD50LODE DRAvanguardia WinesCOLDBITNEY SPRINGS RDADAMSONNEWTOWN RDMcCOURTNEY RD49El Dorado12264Nevada City WineryKINGSWOODMAGNOLIA RDSPRINGSVenezio49MAINAltaSierra49TYLER-FOOTE49Indian SpringsTasting RoomColomaGold HillDavid GirardPlacervilleMt. AukumNEAL STMILL STOAK TREELA BARR MEADOWSSierra KnollsVineyard & WineryCEDARQUARRYPLEASANTExit48RAVINEOMOBROAD STPINE STDOG BAR RDRDSPRING STMc KNIGHT EXITPURDON RDCROSSINGMAINCOMMERCIALUNIONCOYOTESmith Vineyards& WineryDouble OakWineryNevadaCitySierra Starr Tasting RoomBurch HallLucchesi Tasting Room49 174Lucchesi Tasting Room20Solune Winegrowers174Lava CapBoegerChateauRodinCARSON RDGrass ValleyNEWTOWN RDRDPERRYFAIRPLAYRANCHLatchamChateauRoutonTOPLYMOUTHSierraVistaMadronaRDParaViBLIND SHADY RDMT. OLIVE RDMontoliva Winery50PleasantValleyNarrow GateHolly’s HillE16SomersetCantiga Busby MirafloresSierra OaksColibriGranite SpringsWindwalker RidgePerry Creek dkcellarsToogood Fair PlaySingle LeafFleur de LysE16 FitzpatrickOakstoneMt. Aukum Winery Van der Vijver Winery by the CreekFrench Hill Winery49San Andreas49AngelsCamp49MTFenton JodarHerriottVALLEYBUCKSHASSLERBARAUKUMTO PLYMOUTHMokelumneHillSHEEPRANCHSIXWofford AcresStone’s ThrowCrystalBasinCREEKNO. CANYONSNOWSExit54LARSENCoulsonSLUG GULCHCaminoCharles B. Mitchell26MurphysHatcher WineryStevenotLavender Ridge Domaine BecquetZucca MountainBeaux ChevauxTwisted OakVina Moda StevenotBlack Sheep Frog’s ToothMilliaire4Newsome-HarlowBroll Mtn.Solomon Wine Co. BodegaMAIN STIronstonedel SurIndian4RockMURPHYSGRADE RDMILELaraineChatomGerberTwisted Oak IrishRD8880El Dorado20TOLAKETAHOETOCARSONPASSCalaverasBriceStation70NewMelonesLakeTO SONORAE18Columbia49

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSNAPA VALLEYACACIA VINEYARD – 2750 Las Amigas Road, NapaExplore Wine Country less traveled and experience the beauty of Acacia.A Dozen Vintners – 3000 Highway 29 North, Situated St. on Helena; a country 707 967-0666 lane with spectacular views of San Pablo Bay, Open daily 10-5Acacia is dedicated to producing award-winning, vineyard designate Pinot Noirand Chardonnay from some of the oldest vines in Carneros.Open by appointment only, Mon-Sat 10am-4pm and Sun noon-4pm707-226-9991 (ext.2) or 887-226-1700 (toll free)Acacia Vineyard – 2750 Las Amigas Road, Napa; 707 226-9991Aetna Springs Cellars – 7227 Pope Valley Road, St. Helena; 707 965-2675Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyAhnfeldt Wines – Uncorked at Oxbow Tasting Room, 605 First St. Napa; 707 927-5864 Daily 10-6, Tuesdays 11-8Allora Vineyards – 3244 Ehlers Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-6071Open by appointment onlyAlpha Omega – 1155 Mee Lane @ Highway 29, Rutherford; 707 963-9999 Daily 10-6Amizetta – 1099 Greenfield Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1460Amuse Bouche Winery – 2930 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 967-8814Anderson’s Conn Valley Vnyds – 680 Rossi Road, St. Helena; 707 963-8600Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment only ANDRETTI WINERY – 4162 Big Ranch Road, Napa; 888 460-8463 Open daily 10-5Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours (Private Tours for 10 or more), Educational Programs ARGER-MARTUCCI – 1455 Inglewood Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-4334 Open daily 10-5Wine Tasting, Gift Items, Picnic Area, Arts Exhibit, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food PairingAriel Vineyards – 1312 Town Center, Napa; 707 257-9731 Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 10-3Arns – 601 Muno Road, St. Helena; 707 963-3429Open by appointment only ARTESA – 1345 Henry Road, Napa; 707 224-1668 Open daily 10-4:30Gift Items, Children OK; Call for Winery Tours at 11 & 2, Vineyard Tours, Food PairingsAtalon – 3299 Bennett Lane, Calistoga; 1-800-224-4090 Open daily 11-5August Briggs – 333 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-4912 Open daily, 10:30-4:30Back Room Wines – 1000 Main Street, Napa; 707 226-1378 Sun-Wed 10-6, Thu-Sat 10 to 9 BALDACCI – 6236 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-9261 Open daily 10-4Gift Items, Children & Pets OKBallentine Vineyards – 2820 St. Helena Hwy N, St. Helena; 707 963-7919 Open daily 10-5Barlow Vineyards – 4411 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-8742Barnett Vineyards – 4070 Spring Mountain, St. Helena; 707 963-7075Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyBeaulieu Vineyards – 1960 Hwy 29, Rutherford; 707 967-5233 Open daily 10-5Behrens & Hitchcock – 4078 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1774Open by appointment onlyBell Wine Cellars – 6200 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-1673 Open daily 10-4 BENESSERE WINERY – 1010 Big Tree Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-5853 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food Pairings BENNETT LANE – 3340 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 877 MAX-NAPA Open daily 10-5:30Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK;Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsBeringer Vineyards – 2000 Main St, St. Helena; 707 967-4412 Open daily 10-5 Oct-Apr, May-Sep 10-6Black Cat Vineyard – 1075 Shadybrook Ln, Napa; 707 321-0866Open by appointment only BLACK STALLION – 4089 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 253-1400 Open daily 10-5Gifts, Children & Pets OK, Cheese Pairings;Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsBoeschen – 3242 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-3674Open by appointment onlyBouchaine Vineyards – 1075 Buchli Station Rd, Napa; 707 252-9065 Open daily 10:30-4Bounty Hunter Rare Wine Co. – 975 First St, Napa; 707 226-3976Bourassa – 190 Camino Oruga, Napa 707 254-4922; 800-499-2366Boyd Family – 4042 Big Ranch Road, Napa; 707 254-7353Bremer Family Winery –975 Deer Park Road, St. Helena; 707 963-5411Brown Estate – 3233 Sage Canyon Road, St. Helena; 707 963-2453Buehler – 820 Greenfield Road, St. Helena; 707 963-2155Sun-Thu 11-10, Fr-Sa 11-MidnightOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyDaily 10-5 by appointmentLimited, by appointment only, closed SundaysOpen by appointment onlyBurgess Cellars – 1108 Deer Park Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4766Cafaro Cellars – 2591 Pinot Way, St. Helena; 707 963-7181Cain – 3800 Langtry Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1616Cakebread Cellars – 8300 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-5222Calafia Cellars – 629 Fulton Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-0114Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyCaldwell – 169 Kruzer Lane, Napa; 707 255-1294 Tours/tasting by appointment only at 10:30, 1:30 or 4:30Cali 351 – 400 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9581 Thu-Mon 10-5 CALISTOGA CELLARS – 1371 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga; 707 942-7422 Su, Mo, We, Th, 12-5pm Fri-Sa 12-6pmGifts, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsClosed Tu CALISTOGA WINE STOP – 1458 Lincoln Ave, #2 Calistoga; 707 942-5556 Daily 10-6Cardinale – 7600 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 944-2643 Open daily 10:30-5 CASA NUESTRA WINERY – 3451 Silverado Trail No, St. Helena; 707 963-5783 Open Mon-Sat 10-5Gifts, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours & appointments CASTELLO DI AMOROSA – 4045 North St. Helena Hwy (Hwy 39), Calistoga; 707 942-8200 Open daily 9:30-6Gifts, Children & Pets OK; call ahead for: Winery & Cave Tours, reservation recommendedCaymus Vineyards – 8700 Conn Creek Rd, Rutherford; 707 967-3010Open daily by appointmentCeja Vineyards Tasting Room – 1248 1st St, Napa; 707 226-6445 Open daily 12-6, Th-Sat 12-10Chappellet Vineyard – 1581 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-7136Open by appointment onlyCharbay Winery & Distillery – 4001 Spring Mtn Rd; St. Helena; 707 963-9327 Open daily 10-4 CHARLES KRUG WINERY – 2800 Main St. Hwy 29, St. Helena; 707 967-2229 Open daily 10:30-5Chase Family Cellars – 2252 Sulphur Springs Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1284Chateau Boswell – 3468 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-5472Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyChateau Montelena – 1429 Tubbs Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-5105 Open daily 9:30-4Chimney Rock Winery – 5350 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-2641 Open daily 10-5Clare Luce Abbey – 2893 St. Helena Highway, St. Helena; 707 963-7431Open by appointment onlyCliff Lede Vineyards – 1473 Younvtille Cross Rd, Yountville; 707 944-8642 Open daily 10-4 CLOS DU VAL WINERY – 5330 Silverado Trail, Napa; 800 993-9463 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; call ahead for: Wine Tours, Vineyard Tours, Food PairingsClos Pegase – 1060 Dunaweal Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-4981 Open daily 10:30-4:30Conn Creek Winery – 8711 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-9100 Open Sat 10-4, Sun-Fri 11-4Constant – 2121 Diamond Mountain Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-0707Corison Winery – 987 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 963-0826Cornerstone Cellars – 6505 Washington St., Building C, Yountville; 707 945-0388Open by appointment onlyOpen daily 10-5 by appointmentOpen daily 10-6, closed TuesCosentino Winery – 7415 St. Helena Hwy, Yountville; 707 944-1220 Open daily 10-5:30Crane Family Winery – 1051 Borrette Lane, Napa; 707 259-0175Open by appointment onlyCuvaison Estate Wines – 4500 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-2468 Open daily 10-5Cuvaison Estate Wines – 1221 Duhig Road, Carneros (between Napa & Sonoma); 707 942-2455 Open daily 10-5Darioush Winery – 4240 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-2345 Open daily 10:30- 5David Arthur – 1521 Sage Canyon Road, St. Helena; 707 963-5190David Fulton – 825 Fulton Lane, St. Helena; 707 967-0719Del Dotto Caves – 1055 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa; 707 963-2134Del Dotto Vineyards – 1445 St. Helena Highway, St. Helena; 707 963-2134Delectus Winery – 908 C Enterprise Way, Napa; 707 255-1252Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen Mon-Fri by appointmentdi Rosa Preserve – 5200 Carneros Hwy 121, Napa; 707 226-5991 Open Tu-Fr 9:30-3Diamond Oaks – 1595 Oakville Grade, Oakville; 707 948-3000 Open daily 10-4:30Diamond Terrace – 1391 Diamond Mountain Road, Calistoga; 707 942-1189Open by appointment only DOMAINE CARNEROS – 1240 Duhig Rd, Napa; 707 257-0101 Open daily 10-6Gifts, Children OK, Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours; Call ahead for groups of eight or moreDomaine Chandon – 1 California Dr, Yountville; 707 944-2280 Open daily 10-671

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekDominari – 210 Camino Oruga, Napa; 707 226-1600Open by appointment onlyDuckhorn Vineyards – 1000 Lodi Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-7108 Open by appointment, 10-4 DUTCH HENRY WINERY – 4300 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5771 Open daily 10-4:30Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Cave Tours, Food PairingsEagle & Rose – 1844 Pope Canyon Rd, Pope Valley; 707 965-9463 Open daily 9-4Ehlers Estate – 3222 Ehlers Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-5972 Open daily 10-4Elizabeth Spencer – 1165 Rutherford Road, Rutherford; 707 963-6067 Open daily 10-6Elkhorn Peak Cellars – 200 Polson Rd, Napa; 707 255-0504Open by appointment onlyElyse – 2100 Hoffman Ln, Napa; 707 944-2900 Open by appointment only 10-5Envy Wines – 1170 Tubbs Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-4670 Open daily 10-4:30Etude Winery – 1250 Cuttings Wharf Rd, Napa; 707 257-5300Open by appointment onlyFailla – 3530 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-0530 Open daily 10-5Falcor – 2511 Napa Corporate Dr, Ste 115, Napa; 888-402-WINE Open daily 10-5Far Niente – 1350 Acacia Dr, Oakville; 707 944-2861 Open by appointment only 10-3Farella-Park – 2222 N. Third Ave, Napa; 707 254-9489 Open daily 10-4Fleury Estate Winery – 950 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 967-8333 Open daily 10-4 FLORA SPRINGS - THE ROOM – 677 St. Helena Hwy So., St. Helena; 707 967-8032 Open daily 10-5Children & Pets OK, Picnic Area FLORA SPRINGS WINERY – 1978 Zinfandel Ln, St. Helena; 707 967-6723Open by appointment onlyFlying Horse – 2825 St. Helena Highway, St. Helena; 707 965-1600Open by appointment only FOLIE A DEUX – 7481 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 800 535-6400 Open daily 10-6Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK FOLIO ENOTECA – 610 First Street #10, Napa; 707 256-3700 Open Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 11-7Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children Welcome ; Call ahead for Food Pairings Tue 11-8, Sat 8-6, Sun 11-5 FOLIO WINEMAKERS’ STUDIO – 1285 Dealy Lane, Napa; 707 256-2757 Thu-Tue 10-4:30Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed; call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsFontanella Family – 1721 Patrick Road, Napa; 707 252-1017 Open daily 10-4Forman Vineyards – 1501 Big Rock Road, St. Helena; 707 963-3900Open by appointment onlyFranciscan Vineyards – 1178 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-7111 Open daily 10-5 FRANK FAMILY VINEYARDS – 1091 Larkmead Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-0859 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Picnic AreaFrazier Winery – 70 Rapp Lane, Napa; 707 255-3444Open by appointment FREEMARK ABBEY – 3022 St. Helena Hwy 29 N., St. Helena; 707 963-9694 Open Daily 10-5Gift Items, Children Welcomed; Call ahead for: Winery ToursFrog’s Leap – 8815 Conn Creek Road, Rutherford; 707 963-4704Gargiulo – 575 Oakville Crossroad, Napa; 707 944-2770Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyGirard Winery – (Tasting Room) 6795 Washington, Yountville; 968-9297 Open daily 10-6Godspeed Vineyards – 3655 Mount Veeder Rd; 707 254-7766Open daily by appointmentGolden State Vintners – 401 St. Helena Highway South, St. Helena; 707 963-2335 Daily 10-5Goosecross Cellars – 1119 State Lane, Yountville; 707 944-1986 Open daily 10-4Graeser Winery – 255 Petrified Forest Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-4437 Open by appointment only 10-5 GRGICH HILLS – 1829 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-2784 Open daily 9:30-4:30Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours By Appt. at 11 & 2, Food PairingsGroth – 750 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 707 944-0290Guilliams – 3851 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena; 707 963-9059Gustavo Thrace – 1021 McKinstry St, Napa; 707 257-6796Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen 11-6 Sun-Wed; 11-8 Thu-Sat HAGAFEN CELLARS – 4160 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-0781 Open daily 10-4Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Wine ToursHall Rutherford – 56 Auberge Road, Rutherford; 707 967-0700Open by appointment onlyHall St. Helena – 401 St. Helena Hwy So, St. Helena; 707 967-2620 Open daily 10-5:15Hans Fahden Vineyards – 4855 Petrified Forest Rd, St. Helena; 707 942-6760Open by appointmentHartwell Vineyards – 5795 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-4269 Open Wed-Sun 11-4Havens Wine Cellars – 2055 Hoffman Lane, Yountville; 707 261-2000 Open daily 10-4:30Heitz Cellars – 436 St. Helena Hwy 29, St. Helena; 707 963-3542 Open daily 11-4:30Helena View Johnston – 3500 Highway 128, Calistoga; 707 942-4956Hendry – 3104 Redwood Dr, Napa; 707 226-8320Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyHess Collection – 4411 Redwood Rd, Napa; 707 255-1144 Open daily 10-5:30Hill Family Estate – 6512 Washington, Yountville; 707 944-9580 Open daily 10-6Honig Vineyards – 850 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-5618 Open daily by appointment 10-4Hope & Grace – 6540 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-2500 Mon-Sat 10-6Hopper Creek – 6204 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-0675 Open daily by appointment only 11-4J. Kirkwood Winery – 1020 Borrette Lane, Napa Limited tours and tastings by appointment onlyJames Cole – 5014 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 251-9905James Creek – 2249 James Creek Rd, Pope Valley; 707 965-2646Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment only JESSUP CELLARS – 6740 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-8523 Open daily 10-6Art Exhibits; Call ahead for Food Pairings, last tasting at 5:30pm JOSEPH PHELPS VINEYARDS – 200 Taplin Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-2745 Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 10-4Gift Items, Children OK; Tastings & Seminars by appointmentBy appointmentLast tasting Mon-Fri at 3:30pm, Last tasting on Sat-Sun 2:30 JUDD’S HILL – 2332 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-2332 Open daily by appointment 10-4Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children WelcomedJuslyn – 2900 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 265-1804 (Poured at Silenus Vintners)Kapcsandy Family Winery – 1001 State Lane, Yountville; 707 265-1804Keever – 26 Vineyard View Dr, Yountville; 707 944-0910Kelham – 360 Zinfandel Ln; St. Helena; 707 963-2000Kuleto Estate – 2470 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-9750Ladera – 150 White Cottage Rd So, Angwin; 707 965-2445Winery open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyLaird Family Winery – 5055 Solano Ave., Napa; 707 257-0360 Open daily 10-5Larkmead Vineyards – 1100 Larkmead Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-0167 Open by appointment only 10-4Lava Vine – 965 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9500Open by appointment onlyLong Meadow Ranch – 1775 Whitehall Ln, St. Helena; 707 963-4555 Open by appointment 10-5 LOUIS M. MARTINI – 254 St. Helena Hwy So. (Hwy 29 ), St. Helena; 707 968-3361 Open daily 10-6Gift Items; Call ahead for: Wine Tours at 11 & 2, Cellar Tours, Food PairingsMadonna Estate Winery – 5400 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa; 707 255-8864 Open daily 10-5Madrigal Vineyards – 3718 N. St. Helena Hwy, Calistoga; 707 942-6577 Open daily 10-4 MAHONEY VINEYARDS – Taste at Oxbow, 708 First St, Napa; 707 265-9600 Open daily 11-6Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsMario Perelli-Minetti – 1443 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-8310 Open Thu-Sun 10-5Markham Vnyds – 2812 St. Helena Hwy 29, St. Helena; 707 963-5292 Open daily 10-5Marston Family Vineyard – 3600 White Sulphur Springs Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8490Mayacamas Vineyards – 1155 Lokoya Rd, Napa; 707 224-4030McKenzie-Mueller – 2530 Las Amigas Rd, Napa; 707 252-0186LUNA VINEYARDSThe first winery on the left heading north on the Silverado Trail. Enjoy thesalon-like atmosphere of this beautiful tasting room where you can sampleLuna Vineyards’ highly regarded Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio andother varietals at the magnificent tasting bar. Private tours, along with tastingsin their gorgeous private reserve room, by appointment only.Open daily 10-5, 2921 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-2474Open by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyMason Cellars – Tasted at Oxbow, Napa 707 255-0658 Open Thu-Mon 11-5:30 MERRYVALE VINEYARDS – 1000 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-7777 Open daily 10-6:30Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OKCall ahead for: Wine Tours Sat & Sun at 10:30, Educational Programs, Food Pairings72

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSMi Sueno– tasted at Vintner’s Collective, 1245 Main St., Napa; 707 258-6358 Open daily 11-6Milat Vineyards – 1091 St. Helena Hwy S, St. Helena; 707 963-0758 Open daily 10-5:30Miner Family – 7850 Silverado Trail, Oakville; 707 944-9500 Open daily 11-5MJA – 647 Greenfield Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-3394www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment only MONTICELLO VINEYARDS – 4242 Big Ranch Rd, Napa; 707 253-2802 Open daily 10-4:30Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food PairingsMorey Cellars – Napa Call for information; 707 226-2348Moss Creek Winery – 6015 Steele Rd, Napa; 707 252-1295Open by appointmentMount Veeder Winery – Poured at Franciscan: 1178 Galleron, Rutherford; 707 967-3830 Open daily 10-5 MUMM NAPA – 8445 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 800 MUM-NAPA Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Wine Tours NAPA CELLARS – 7481 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 944-2565 Open daily 10-6Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children OKNapa Valley Farms – 929 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-8011Open by appointmentNapa Wine Company – 1133 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville; 707 944-1710 Open daily 10-4:30Neal Family Vineyards – 716 Liparita Rd, Angwin; 707 965-2800Newton Vineyards – 2555 Madrona Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-9000Neyers Vineyards– 2153 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8840Nichelini Winery – 2950 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-0717Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentWeekends 10-5, weekdays by appointmentNickel & Nickel – 8164 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 967-9600 Open Mon-Fri 10-3, Sat-Sun 10-2 O’BRIEN ESTATE – 1200 Orchard Ave, Napa; 707 252-8463 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-5Oakville Ranch Vineyards– 7781 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707-944-9665Open by appointmentOlabisi – 974 Franklin St, Napa; 707 257-7477 Open Mon-Sun 11-6OnThEdge – (Vermeli Wines) 1255 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga; 877-668-4334 Daily 10-5Opus One – 7900 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 944-9442 Open daily by appointment 10-4Orin Swift Cellars – 1352 Main St, St. Helena; 707 967-9179 Open by appointment Mon-Fri 1-4Palmaz Vineyards – 4029 Hagen Road, Napa; 707 226-5587 Open daily by appointment 9-5Paloma Vineyard – 4013 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-7504Paoletti Vineyards – 4501 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-0689Paradigm – 1277 Dwyer Rd, Oakville; 707 944-1683Paraduxx – 7257 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 945-0890Open by appointmentOpen by appointment Fri-Sat 11-5, 11-4 SunOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentPatz & Hall – 851 Napa Valley Corporate Way, Ste A, Napa; 707 265-7700 Open Wed-Sun 10-4Peacock Family – 3100 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-0770Pedemonte Cellars – 1620 S. Whitehall Lane, St. Helena; 707 933-8352Open by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyPeju – 8466 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-3600 Open daily 10-6Pheonix – Poured at Vintners Collective: 1245 Main St, Napa; 707 255-7150 Open daily 11-6Pina Cellars – 8060 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 738-9328 Open daily by appointment 10-4Pine Ridge – 5901 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-9777 Open daily 10:30-4:30PlumpJack Winery – 620 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 707 945-1220 Open daily 10-4Pope Valley Winery – 6613 Pope Valley Rd, Napa; 707 965-1246Open Thurs-Sun 11-5 or by appt PRAGER WINERY & PORT WORKS – 1281 Lewelling, St. Helena; 707 963-PORT (7678) Open daily 10:30-4:30Children & Pets OKPride Mountain Wines – 4026 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4949Open by appointmentProvenance – 1695 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 968-3633 Open daily 10:30-5:30Quintessa – 1601 Silverdo Trail, St. Helena; 707 967-1601$45 fee includes a vineyard and winery tour, tasting of two vintages and a small food pairingQuixote – 6126 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2659Open by appointmentOpen by appointment RAYMOND VINEYARD – 849 Zinfandel Ln, St. Helena; 707 963-3141 Open daily 10-4Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for Wine ToursRedmon Family – 1185 Starr Ave, St. Helena; 707 968-9252Open by appointmentRegusci Winery – 5584 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 254-0403 Open daily 10-5Revana Family – 2930 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 967-8814Reverie Winery – 1250 Diamond Mtn Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-6800Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentReynolds Family – 3266 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 258-2558 Open daily 10-4:30Ritchie Creek – 4024 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4661Robert Biale – 4038 Big Ranch Rd, Napa; 707 257-7555Robert Craig Wine Cellars – 880 Vallejo St, Napa; 707 252-2250 x1Robert Keenan – 3660 Spring Mtn. Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-9177Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointment Mon-SatOpen by appointmentRobert Mondavi – 7801 St. Helena Hwy 29, Oakville; 707 968-2001 Open daily 10-5Robert Pepi – 7585 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 944-2807 Open daily 11-4Robert Sinskey Vnyds – 6320 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 944-9090 Open daily 10-4:30Robinson Family Vnyds – 5880 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-8004Open by appointment ROMBAUER VINEYARD – 3522 Silverado Trail, No, St. Helena; 707 963-5170 Open daily 10-5Children OK; Call ahead for Wine Tours at 10:30 & 11:30Round Pond Winery – 886 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford; 1-877-963-9364 Open daily 10-5Rubicon Estates – 1991 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 968-1161 Open daily 10-5Rudd Winery – 500 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville; 707 944-8577 Open Tues-Sat 10-5Ruston Family – 2798 Spring St, St. Helena; 707 967-8025Open by appointmentRustridge Ranch – 2910 Lower Chiles Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 965-9353 Open daily 10-4Rutherford Grove – 1673 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-0544 Open daily 10-4:30Rutherford Hill – 200 Rutherford Hill Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-1871 Open daily 10-5Rutherford Ranch – 1680 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 963-5251 Open daily 10-4:30Saddleback Cellars – 7802 Money Road, Oakville; 707 944-1305 Open daily by appointment 10-4Saintsbury – 1500 Los Carneros Ave, Napa; 707 252-0592Open Mon-Fri by appointmentSalvestrin Vineyard – 397 Main Street, St. Helena; 707 963-5105 Open daily 10-4Saviez Vineyards – 4060 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5889Open by appointmentSawyer Cellars – 8350 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-1980 Open daily 10-4School House Vineyards – 3549 Langtry Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4240Open by appointmentSchramsberg – 1400 Schramsberg Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-2414 Open daily 10-4Schweiger Vineyards – 4015 Spring Mt Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4882Open by appointmentScott Harvey – Poured at Salinas: 5225 Solano Ave, Napa; 707 968-9575 Open 10-4Seavey Vineyard – 1310 Conn Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8339Open by appointment SEQUOIA GROVE – 8338 St. Helena Hwy 29, Rutherford; 707 944-2945 Open daily 10:30-5Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food PairingsShafer Vineyards – 6154 Silverado Trail, Nap; 707 944-2877Sherwin Family – 4060 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-1154Signorello Vineyards – 4500 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-5990Silenus Vintners – 5225 Solano Ave, Napa; 707 299-3930R A ZI WINERYNew tasting room in Napa Valley‘…taste our passion for wine in each style that we make.’Wine & food pairings with an education based on appellations and terroirsSchedule a tasting Monday through Saturday3108 Silverado Trail, Napa Valley • (707) 224-4299Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentFri-Sun 10:30-4:30, Mon-Thu by appointmentOpen by appointment onlySilo’s Jazz & Wine Bar – 530 Main St, Napa; 707 251-5833 Tues 4-7, Wed-Thurs 4-10, Fri-Sat 4-12Silver Oak Cellars – 915 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 1-800-273-8809 Open Mon-Sun 9-4Silver Rose Cellars – 400 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9581 Open daily 10-5Silverado Trail Wine Studio – 3105 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 226-8569Open by appointment only73

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekSilverado Vineyards – 6121 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-1770 Open daily 10-5Sky Vineyards – 1500 Lokoya Rd, Napa; 707 935-1391Smith Madrone – 4022 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-2283Spelletich Cellars – 425 Gateway Rd W, Napa; 707 363-5757Spottswoode – 1902 Madrona Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-0134Spring Mountain – 2805 Spring Mtn. Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-4188Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSt. Clement Vineyards – 2867 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 800 331-8266 Open daily 10-5St. Helena Wine Center – 1321 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-1313 Open Mon-Sat 10-6, Su 10-5:30St. Helena Winery – 100 Pratt Ave, St. Helena; 707 967-9463Open by appointmentSt. Supéry – 8440 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 800 942-0809 Open daily 10-5Staglin Family – 1570 Bella Oaks Ln, Rutherford; 707 944-0477Open by appointmentStag’s Leap Wine Cellars – 5766 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2020 Open daily 10-4:30Steltzner Vineyards – 5998 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-7272 Open daily 10:30-4:30 STERLING VINEYARDS – 1111 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-3344 Open daily 10-4:30Self-Guided Winery Tours, Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OKStonehedge Winery – 1004 Clinton St, Napa; 707 256-4444 Open Wed-Sat 11-7Stony Hill Vineyard – Call ahead for appointment; 707 963-2636; St. Helena Open Mon-Fri 9-5Storybook Mountain – 3835 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 707 942-5310 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-4Sullivan Vineyard – 1090 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-9646 Open daily 11-5 SUMMERS/VILLA ANDRIANA – 1171 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-5508 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSummit Lake – 2000 Summit Lake Dr, Angwin; 707 965-2488Open by appointment SUTTER HOME WINERY – 277 St. Helena Hwy S, St. Helena; 707 963-3104 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSwanson Vineyards – 1271 Manley Ln, Rutherford; 707 967-3500Open by appointment TASTE AT OXBOW – 708 First Street, Napa/ 707 265-9600 Open daily 11-7Teachworth – 4451 St. Helena Hwy, Calistoga; 707 942-8432Terra Valentine – 3787 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-8340The Terraces – 1450 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-1707Tom Eddy – 3870 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 707 942-4267Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentTrahan Winery – 974 Franklin St, Napa; 707 257-7477 Open daily 11-6Trefethen Vineyards – 1160 Oak Knoll Ave, Napa; 707 255-7700 Open daily 10-4:30Tres Sabores – 1620 S. Whitehall Lane, St. Helena; 707 967-8027Trespass Vineyard – 1859 Hillview Place, St. Helena; 707 963-0804Open by appointmentOpen by appointment TRINCHERO FAMILY ESTATES – 3070 N. St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 1-800-473-4454 Open daily 10-5Trinitas Cellars – 875 Bordeaux Way, Napa; 707 251-1956 Open daily 11-7Truchard – 3234 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa; 707 253-7153Tudal Winery – 1015 Big Tree Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-3947Tulocay – 1426 Coombsville Rd, Napa; 707 255-4064Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentTurnbull Wine Cellars – 8210 Highway 29, Oakville; 707 963-5839 Open daily 10-4Twomey Cellars – 1183 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga; (707) 942-7122 Open Mon-Sat 9-4Uncorked at Oxbow – 605 First St, Napa; 707 927-5864V Madrone – 3199 St. Helena Hwy N, St. Helena; 707 963-3573Wed-Mon 12-6, Tues by appt.Open by appointment V. SATTUI WINERY – Corner Hwy 29 & White Ln, St. Helena; 707 963-7774 Open daily 9-6Picnic Area, Deli, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK, Cave ToursVan Der Heyden – 4057 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-0130 Open daily 10-6Verismo Wines – 6795 Washington Street, Yountville; 707 944 WINE (9463) Open daily 10-6Viader Winery – 1120 Deer Park Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-3816Open by appointmentVincent Arroyo Winery – 2361 Greenwood Ave, Calistoga; 707 942-6995 Open daily 10-4:30Vine Cliff Winery – 7400 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 944-1364 Open daily 10:30-4:30Vineyard 29 – 2929 St Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 963-9292Open by appointmentVintners Collective – 1245 Main St, Napa; 707 255-7150 Open daily 11-6Volker Eisele Family – 3080 Lower Chiles Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 965-9485Open by appointment onlyVon Strasser – 1510 Diamond Mtn. Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-0930 Open by appointment 10:30-4:30 WATERSTONE – Taste at Oxbow, 708 First St, Napa; 707 265-9600 Open daily 11-6Gift Items, Picnic Area, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsWermuth Winery – 3942 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5924 Open daily 11-5White Cottage Ranch – 555 College Ave, Angwin; 707 965-0516Open by appointment WHITEHALL LANE – 1563 St. Helena Hwy S. (Hwy 29), St. Helena; 707 963-9454 Open daily 10-6Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Barrel Tasting ToursWhitford Cellars – 4047 E. Third Ave, Napa; 707 942-0840William Harrison Vnyrds – 1443 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-8310Open by appointment onlyOpen daily11-5 WILLIAM HILL WINERY – 1761 Atlas Peak Road, Napa; 707 265-3024 Open daily 10-5Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Educational Programs WINE GARAGE – 1020 Foothill Blvd (Hwy 29), Calistoga; 707 942-5332 Open Mon-Sat 11-6:30, Sun 11-4:30Wineries of Napa Valley – 1285 Napa Town Center, Napa; 707 253-9450 Daily 11-6Wing Canyon Vineyard – 3100 Mt. Veeder Rd, Napa; 707 265-8798Witt Estate – 1500 Whitehall Ln, St. Helena; 707 967-8046Work Vineyard – 3190 Highway 128, Calistoga; 707 942-0251X Winery & Amius – 1405 2nd Street, Napa; 707 204-9522Yates Family Vineyard – 4723 Redwood Rd, Napa; 707 226-1800Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyZahtila Vineyards – 2250 Lake County Hwy; Calistoga; 707 942-9251 Daily 10-4:30 ZD WINES – 8383 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 963-5188 Open daily 10-4:30Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine PairingsSONOMA COUNTYA. Rafanelli Winery – 4685 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1385 Open by appointment onlyAcorn – 12040 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 433-6440Adobe Road Winery – 1995 S. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma; 707 939-7967Adrian Fog – Healdsburg; 707 688-1174Open by appointment onlyADLER FELS WINERY TASTING ROOMElegant Sonoma County and Napa Valley wines at an unparalleled value.Taste limited-production Adler Fels wines as well as wines under ourother brands (Big Ass, Leaping Lizard, and Coyote Creek).We have picnic grounds with sweeping views of theMayacamas Mountains and we’re dog friendly as well.Sonoma Highway, Kenwood • (707) 833-6131 • Open Daily from 11am to 5pmOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment, ALDERBROOK WINERY 2306 Magnolia, Healdsburg; 707 433-9154 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food PairingsAlexander Valley Vineyards – 8644 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-7209 Open daily 11-5Amista Vineyards– 3320 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-9200 Thur-Mon 11-4:30Amphora Wines – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-7767 Open daily 11-4:30 ANABA WINES – 60 Bonneau Road, Sonoma; 707 996-4188 Open daily 10:30-5:30Arbios/Praxis – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmArchipel – 4611 Thomas Rd, Healdsburg; 800-273-0177 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-5Arista Winery – 7015 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-0606 Open daily 11-5 ARMIDA WINERY – 2201 Westside Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-2222 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsArrowood Vineyards & Winery – 14347 Sonoma Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 707 935-2600 Open daily 10-4:30Gift items, Art Exhibits; Call ahead for Winery Tours at 10:30 & 2:3074

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGS ARTESA –1345 Henry Road, Napa; 707 224-1668 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children WelcomedArtiste Winery – 435 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-1920 Open daily 11-5:30Atascadero Creek – 3541 Gravenstein Hwy 116 N, Sebastopol; 707 823-3040 Sat-Sun 11-5Audelssa Estate – 13647 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen; 707 933-8514 Open daily 11-5Balletto & Dutton-Goldfield – 5700 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 568-2455 Open daily 10-4Banyon – poured at Downtown Wine, 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thur-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Bartholomew Park – 1000 Vineyard Ln., Sonoma; 707 935-9511 Open daily 11-4:30Battaglini Wines – 2948 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 578-4091www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlyBella Vnyds & Wine Caves – 9711 West Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-9171 Open daily 11-4:30 BENZIGER FAMILY WINERY – 1883 London Ranch Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 935-4046 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tram ToursBlackstone Winery – 8450 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-1999 Open daily 10-4:30Bonneau Family – 23001 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 800-996-0420Open Daily 11-6:30 (close at 5 in winter) BR COHN WINERY – 15000 Sonoma Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 800-330-4064 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Tours, Educational Programs, Wine PairingsBradford Mountain – 4035 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-4433Sat-Sun 11-4 or by appt.Branham Estate – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Buena Vista Winery – 18000 Old Winery Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-1266 Open daily 10-5C. Donatiello – 4035 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 800-433-8296 Open daily 11-5Camellia Cellars – 57 Front St., Healdsburg; 707 433-1290 Open daily 11-6Carol Shelton – 3354-B Coffey Ln, Santa Rosa; 707 575-3441 Open by appt. 11-4Cellar Door – 1395 Broadway, Suite E, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 Thur-Mon 11-6,Tue-Wed 4-6Cellars of Sonoma – 133 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa; 707 578-1826 Sun-Wed 10-5, Thur-Sat 10-8Chalk Hill – 10300 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 800-838-4306Tours & tasting by appointment onlyChandelle Winery – 1395 Broadway at the Cellar Door in Sonoma; 707 938-4466 Thur-Mon 11-6,Tue-Wed 4-6 CHARLES CREEK VINEYARD – 483 First St. W., Sonoma; 707 935-3848 Open daily 11-6Chateau Felice – 10603 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 707 836-9011 Mon-Thurs 11-3 Sat-Sun 11-4Chateau St. Jean – 8555 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-4134 Open daily 10-5Christie Vineyards – 851 Limerick Lane, Healdsburg; 707 431-0662Open by appointment only CHRISTOPHER CREEK – 641 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 433-2001 Open daily 11-5Picnic AreaClarbec – 19368 Orange Ave, Sonoma; 707 996-4012Clary Ranch – 3461 Middle Two Rock Rd, Petaluma; 707 938-7210Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment only CLINE CELLARS – 24737 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 940-4030 Open daily 10-6Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours at 11, 1, 3 or Food PairingsClos du Bois – 19410 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-3100 Open daily 10-4:30Collier Falls – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12,Kenwood; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Copain Wines – 7800 Eastside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 836-8822Corda – 845 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma; 707 781-9310D’Argenzio – 1301 Clevelend Ave, Ste A, Santa Rosa; 707 280-4658Dark Horse – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appt.Open by appointment only11-5 Summer, 11-4 winter; tours availableOpen daily 11am-6pmDashe Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30David Coffaro – 7485 Dry Creek Rd, Geyserville; 707 433-9715Open 11-4, Tours: Fridays by appt.David Noyes – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Davis Bynum Winery – 8075 Westside Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-5852 Fri-Mon 11-4Davis Family Vnyds – 52 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3858 Thu-Sun 11-5De La Montanya – 999 Foreman Ln., Healdsburg; 707 433-3711Fri-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-Thu by apptDe Loach Vineyards – 1791 Olivet Road, Santa Rosa; 707 526-9111 Open daily 10:30-5 DE LORIMIER WINERY (formerly Mosaic)– 2001 Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-2000 Open daily 10:30-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK DEERFIELD RANCH – 10200 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707 833-5215 Open daily 11-4Art Exhibits, ToursDehlinger – 4101 Vine Hill Rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-2378Deux Amis – 1960 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-7945Tours & tastings by appointment, Fridays onlyOpen by appointment onlyDowntown Wine – 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7 DREYER WINE – Poured at Sonoma-Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200 Open daily 11-6, Tue 2-6Dry Creek Vineyards – 3770 Lambert Bridge Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1000 Open daily 10:30-4:30Duchamp Estate – 280 Chiquita Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6665Open by appointment only DUTCHER CROSSING – 8533 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-2700 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursDutton Estate – 8757 Green Valley Rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 Daily 10-5Dutton-Goldfield & Balletto – 5700 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 568-2455 Open daily 10-4Enkidu Wine – 8910 Sonoma Hwy. 12, Kenwood; 707 833-6100Ensuenos – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Eric K. James – 452 First Street E, Sonoma Plaza; 707 732-7560Daily 11-6 (closed Tuesdays in Winter)Open daily 11am-6pmFriday-Sunday 12-5:30 or by appointment ERIC ROSS – 14300 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen; 707 939-8525 Thu-Mon 11-5Also poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Everett Ridge – 435 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1637 Open daily 11-5F. Teldeschi – 3555 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6626 Open daily 12-5Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 Open daily 10:30-4:30Family Wineries – Kenwood – 9380 Sonoma Hwy. 12; 707 833-4444Favero Vineyards – 3939 Lovall Valley Rd, Sonoma; 707 935-3939Mar-Dec 10:30-5, Jan-Feb Closed Tu-WeOpen by appointment only FERRARI-CARANO – 8761 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6700 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine Pairings FERRARI-CARANO SEASONS OF THE VINEYARD113 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 431-2222 Fri-Thu 10-6, Fri-Sat 10-7Field Stone Winery – 10075 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-7266 Open daily 10-5Folk Machine – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Foppiano Vineyards – 12707 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 433-7272 Open daily 10-4:30Forchini – 5141 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8886 Fri-Sun 11-4Forth Vnyds – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Francis Ford Coppola300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville; 707 857-1462 Open daily 10-5Freestone Vineyards – 12747 El Camino Bodega, Freestone; 707 874-1010 Thur-Sun 11-5Frick – 23072 Walling Road, Geyserville; 707 857-1980 Sat-Sun 12-4:30 FRITZ WINERY – 24691 Dutcher Creek Rd, Cloverdale; 707 894-3389 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine Pairings GALLO FAMILY VNYDS – Tasting Room: 320 Center Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2458 Open daily 10-6Gift items, Vineyard ToursGary Farrell Wines – 10701 Westside Rd, Healdsburg;707 473-2909; Open daily 11-4Geyser Peak Winery – At Canyon Rd, 22281 Chianti Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-2500 Open daily 10-5 GLORIA FERRER CAVES & VNYDS – 23555 Hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 996-7256 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibit; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsGofessel Vineyards– 200838 Burndale Road, Sonoma; 707 225-6801Göpfrich – 7564 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1645Open by appointment onlyOpen daily by appointmentGourmet Au Bay – 913 Hwy 1, Bodega Bay; 707 875-9875 Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun-Thu 11-7Grange Sonoma – (Tasting room for boutique wineries) Open daily 10-523564 Arnold Dr (Hwy 121), Sonoma; 707 933-8980Graton Ridge – 3541 Gravenstein Hwy 116 N, Sebastopol; 707 823-3040 Sat-Sun 11-5Grey Stack – 4100 Grange Road, Santa Rosa; 707 228-1338Open by appointment only75

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekGrove Street – 1451 Grove St, 707 433-6734; Healdsburg Open daily 10-4Gundlach Bundschu – 2000 Denmark St, 707 938-5277; Sonoma Open daily 11-4:30Hanna Winery – 9280 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 431-4310 Open daily 10-45353 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 575-3371 Open daily 10-4Hanzell Vineyards– 18596 Lomita Avenue, Sonoma, CA 95476 Ph: 707.996.386076Open by appointment onlyHartford Family Winery – 8075 Martinelli Road, Forestville; 707 887-1756 Open daily 10-4:30Harvest Moon Estate – 2192 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 573-8711 Open daily 10:30-5Hauck Cellars – 223 Center St, Healdsbug; 707 473-9065Hawkes Wine – 6734 Hwy. 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-4295Hawley Wines – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Haywood Winery – 18000 Gehricke Rd, Sonoma; 877 996-4299Open Thu-Mon 11:30-5:30, Fri & Sat til 7pmOpen daily 10-5, tours by appointmentOpen daily 11am-6pmOpen by appointment onlyHighway 12 Winery – 498 First St. E, Sonoma; 707 938-8091 Open daily 10:30-5:30Hobo – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Holdredge – 51 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 431-1424Sat-Sun 11-4:30 or by apptHomewood Winery – 23120 Burndale Rd, Sonoma; 707 996-6353 Open daily 10-4Hook and Ladder – 2027 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 546-5712 Open daily 10-4:30 HOP KILN WINERY – 6050 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6491 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsHouse Winery – 3100 Gravenstein Hwy. N, Sebastopol; 707 829-1101 Open daily 11:30-9 IMAGERY ESTATE – 14355 Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 707 935-4515 Weekdays 10-4:30, Weekends 10-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsInman Family – 5793 Skylane Blvd, Ste C, Windsor; 707 395-0689Iron Horse – 9786 Ross Station Rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-1507J Lynne Wines – Poured at Vine Tastings: 9058 Windsor Rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833Fri & Sat 11-4 or by appt.Open daily 11-3:30, tours Mon-Fri by appt.Mon-Fri 12-8pm, late weekendsJ Vineyard & Winery – 11447 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 431-3646 Open daily 11-5 JACUZZI VINEYARDS – 24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 931-7575 Open daily 10-5:30Johnson’s Alexander Valley Wines – 8333 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-2319 Open daily 11-5Jordan – 1474 Alexander Valley Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-5250Open by appointment onlyJoseph Swan – 2916 Laguna Rd, Forestville; 707 573-3747 Sat, Sun & some holidays, 11-4:30Kachina – 4551 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 332-7917J RICKARDS WINERYSustainable Vines...Exceptional Wines! Stop by J. Rickards WineryTuesdays-Saturdays (11am-4pm) for a complimentary tasting of our wines,which include estate-grown Cabernet, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel.Take the Canyon Road exit from Hwy 101 at Geyserville. We’re 2.5 miles northon Chianti Road. For more information or a tour call 707-758-3441.24505 Chianti Rd Cloverdale, CAKamen Estate – 21692 8th Street E, Suite 300, Sonoma; 707 833-1700Open daily 11-4 by apptOpen by appointment onlyKastania Vineyards – 4415 Kastania Rd, Petaluma; 707 763-6348 Sat Sun 11-4 KAZ WINERY – 233 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood; 707 833-2536 Fri-Mon 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyards Tours KENDALL-JACKSON – 5007 Fulton Rd, Fulton; 707 571-8100 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food Pairings KENDALL-JACKSON – 337 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-7102 Open daily 10-5Children & Pets OKKenwood Vineyards – 9592 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5891 Open daily 10-4:30Kokomo – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0200 Open daily 11-4:30Korbel Chmpgne Clrs – 13250 River Rd, Guerneville; 707 824-7000 Open daily 9-4:30Kunde – 9825 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5501 Open daily 10:30-4La Crema – 235 Healdsburg Ave, Ste 101, Healdsburg; 707 431-9400 Open daily 10:30-5:30Lago di Merlo – at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Lake Sonoma Winery – 340 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 473-2999 Open daily 10-5Lambert Bridge – 4085 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-9600 Open daily 10:30-4:30Lancaster Estate – 15001 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8178x209Open by appointment onlyLandmark – 101 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood; 707 833-0053 Open daily 10:30-4:30Larson Family – (Cornerstone, tasting room for boutique wineries)23564 Arnold Dr, (Hwy 121), Sonoma; 707 933-3010 Open daily 10-5Larson Family – 23570 Highway 121, Sonoma; 707 934-4090 Open daily 10-5Laurel Glen – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pm LEDSON WINERY – 7335 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 537-3810 Open daily 10-5Tasting Fees, Gift items, Deli, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Educational Programs, Food Pairings LIMERICK LANE – 1023 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 433-9211 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Children & Pets OKLittle Vineyards Family Winery – 15188 Sonoma Hwy, Glen Ellen; 707 996-2750 Thu-Mon 11-4:30 LONGBOARD VINEYARDS – 5 Fitch St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3473Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsOpen daily 11-6 (closed Tue) LOXTON CELLARS – 11466 Dunbar Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 935-7221 Open daily 11-5Picnic Area; Call ahead for Vineyard and Winery ToursLynmar Estate – 3909 Frei Rd, Sebastopol; 707 829-3374MacLeod Family Vnyd – 740 Lawndale Road, Kenwood; 707 833-4312MacPhail Family – 851 Magnolisa Dr, Healdsburg; 707 433-4780Open daily 10-5, call for reservationsOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyMacrae Family – at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5MacRostie Winery – 21481 Eighth St E, Suite 25, Sonoma; 707 996-4480Manzanita Creek – 1441 A&B Grove St, Healdsburg; 707 433-4052Sat 11-4:30, Mon-Fri by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyMarimar Estate – 11400 Graton Road, Sebastopol; 707 823-4365 Open daily 11-4Martin Family – 5610 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-9545Open by appointment only MARTIN RAY – 2191 Laguna Road, Santa Rosa; 707 823-2404 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursMartinelli Vineyards – 3360 River Rd, Fulton; 707 525-0570 Open daily 10-5Matanzas Creek Winery – 6097 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 528-6464 Open daily 10-4:30 MATRIX – 3291 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1911 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursMauritson Family Winery – 2859 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-0804 Open daily 10-5Mayo Family Winery – 13101 Arnold Drive @ Highway 12, Glen Ellen; 707 938-9401 Open daily 10:30-6:30Mayo Family Reserve Room – 9200 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-5504 Open daily 10:30-6:30Gift items, Art Exhibit, Children OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsMayo Family– at The Cellar Door in Sonoma, 1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Thur-Mon 11-6, Tue-Wed 4-6 MAZZOCCO VINEYARDS – 1400 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8159 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKMeeker Vineyards – 21035 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 431-2148 Open daily 10:30-6Merriam Vnyds – 11650 Los Amigos Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4032 Open daily 10-5Merry Edwards – 2959 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol; 888-388-9050Open daily 9:30-4:30, appt recommendedMichel-Schlumberger – 4155 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-7427 Open daily 11-5Mietz Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Mill Creek Vineyards – 1401 Westside Rd; Healdsburg; 707 431-2121 Open daily 10-5Moon Mountain – 1700 Moon Mountain Drive, Sonoma; 707 996-5870 Tue-Sat by appt only; tours 10:30, 2:30Moshin Vineyards – 10295 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-5499 Open daily 11-4:30Mounts Family – 3901 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 292-8148Mueller – 6301 Starr Rd, Windsor; 707 837-7399Mulas Family – 23900 Ramal Road, Sonoma; 707 938-3134Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyLimited tours, call ahead MURPHY-GOODE – 20 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 800 499-7644 Open daily 10:30-5:30Muscardini Cellars – 8910 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 Open daily

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSNalle – 2383 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1040www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen Friday by appointment onlyNicholson Ranch – 4200 Napa Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-8822 Open daily 10-6Novy Family – 980 Airway Ct, Ste C, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3882 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-3Occidental Road Cellars – 707 874-9401Optima Winery – 498 Moore Ln, Unit C, Healdsburg; 707 431-8222Paint Horse – 16510 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 935-0148Call for tours & tastingOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyPalmeri – 21001 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-4101 Thu-Sat 11:30-6, Sun-Wed 11:30-5:30Papapietro Perry – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0422 Open daily 11-4:30 PARADISE RIDGE WINERY – 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Dr, Santa Rosa; 707 528-Wine Open daily 11-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours PARADISE RIDGE – Kenwood Tasting Room, 8860 Sonoma Hwy; 707 282-9020 Open daily 10-5Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKParmelee Hill – 8860 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707 282-9020Open by appointment onlyPassalacqua Vnyds – 3805 Lambert Bridge Rd, Healdsburg; 877-825-5547 Open daily 11-5Pastori Winery – 23189 Geyserville Ave, Cloverdale; 707 857-3418Open by appointment onlyPedroncelli Vineyards – 1220 Canyon Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-3531 Open daily 10-4:30Pellegrini Family – 4055 West Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 800-891-0244 Open by appointment Thur-Mon 10-4Pendleton Estate – 35100 Hwy 128, Cloverdale; 707 894-3732Peters Family – 2064 Hwy. 116 No, Suite 102, Sebastopol; 707 829-3111Peterson – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Petroni Vineyards – 990 Cavedale Road, Sonoma; 707 935-8311Portalupi – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen daily 11am-6pmOpen 10-4 by appointmentOpen daily 11am-6pmPorter Creek – 8735 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6321 Open daily 10:30-4:30Preston Vineyards – 9282 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-3372 Open daily 11-4:30Quivira Vineyards – 4900 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8333 Open daily 11-5RH – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmRamazzotti Wines – 22910 Walling Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-3428 Open Mon-Sun 11-6Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmRavenswood – 18701 Gehricke Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-1960 Open daily 10-4:30Raymond Burr – 8339 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4365 Open daily 11-5Remick Ridge – tasted at Adler Fels, 9575 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-6131 Open daily 11-5Richardson Winery – at The Cellar Door in Sonoma, 1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Open daily 11-6Ridge Vineyards – 650 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-7721 Open daily 11-4River Road Vnyds – 5220 Ross Rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-8130Open by appointment onlyRobert Hunter – at The Cellar Door in Sonoma,1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Open daily 11-6Robert Young Estate – 4960 Red Winery Rd, Geyserville; 707 431-4811 Open daily 10-4:30Robledo Family Winery – 21901 Bonness Rd, Sonoma; 707 939-6903Open by appointment onlyRoche – 122 West Spain St, Sonoma Open daily 11-6Rochioli – 6192 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-2305Thu-Mon 11-4, Tue-Wed by appt RODNEY STRONG VINEYARDS – 11455 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 431-1533Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Open daily 10-5Roessler Cellars – 380 First St W, Sonoma; 707 933-4440 Open daily 11-6Rosenblum Winery – 250 Center Street, Healdsburg; 707 431-1169 Open daily 10-5Roshambo – (Cornerstone, tasting room for boutique wineries) Open daily 10-523564 Arnold Dr, (Hwy 121), Sonoma; 888-525-9463Route 128 Winery – 21079 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 696-0004 Thur-Sun 12-6Rued – 3863 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1569 Open daily 11-4:30Russian Hill Estate – 4525 Slusser Rd, Windsor; 707 575-9428 Open Thu-Mon 10-4Russian River Vineyards – 5700 Gravenstein Hwy N, Forestville; 707 887-3344 Open daily 11:30-4:30Sable Ridge Winery – 6320 Jamison Rd; Santa Rosa; 707 542-3138Open by appointment onlySapphire Hill – 55 Front Street, Healdsburg; 707 431-1888 Open by appointment or Thurs-Mon 11-4:30Saracina/Atrea – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pm SAUSAL WINERY – 7370 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-2285 Open daily 10-4Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSbragia Family – 9990 Dry Creek Road, Geyserville; 707 473-2992Open daily11-5 SCHUG CARNEROS ESTATE – 602 Bonneau Road, Sonoma; 800-966-9365 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed, Picnic Area SEBASTIANI VINEYARDS – 389 Fourth St. East, Sonoma; 707 938-5532 Open daily 10-5Complimentary Tours, Gift Items, Picnic Area & Supplies, Children & Pets WelcomedSebastopol Vineyards – Green Valley Rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 Daily 10-5Seghesio Winery – 14730 Grove St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3579 Open daily 10–5Selby Winery – 215 Center St, Healdsburg; 707 431-1288 Open daily 11-5:30Sharp –17560 Norrborn Road, Sonoma; 707 933-0556Sheldon – 6761 Sebastopol Ave. (Hwy. 12), Sebastopol; 707 829-8100Open by appointment onlyFri 12-5, Sat & Sun 11-4 or by apptSiduri Wines – 980 Airway Dr, Ste C, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3882 By appointment daily 10-3Silver Oak Cellars – 24625 Chianti Road, Geyserville; 707 942-7026Mon-Sat 9-5, tours by appt SIMI WINERY – 16275 Healsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-6981 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for Tours at 11 & 2SL Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Sojourn Cellars –141 E. Napa Street, Sonoma; 707 933-9753 SONOMA-ENOTECA – 35 E Napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200Open by appointment only11-6 Wed-Mon, Tue seasonalSonoma Valley Port Works – 613 2nd St, Pealuma; 707 769-5203 Sat 12-5Spann –Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5 ST. FRANCIS VINEYARDS – 100 Pythian Rd, Santa Rosa; 888-675-WINE Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Food Pairings, Winery ToursSt. Helena Road Winery – 6995 St. Helena Road; Santa Rosa; 707 538-8674 Open daily 9-5Staley – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Stonestreet – 7111 Highway 128; 707 473-3333; Healdsburg Open daily 10-5Stryker Sonoma – 5110 Highway 128; Geyserville; 707 433-1944 Open daily 10:30-5Stuhlmuller – 4951 West Soda Rock Ln, Healdsburg; 707 431-7745Open by appointment only SUNCÉ WINERY – 1839 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 526-9463 Open daily 10:30-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children WelcomedTaft Street Winery – 2030 Barlow Lane, Sebastopol; 707 823-2049 Sat-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-Fri 11-4Talty – 7127 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8438Most Saturdays 12-4 or by appt.Tandem – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Terroirs Artisan Wines: Damskey & Co. –21001 Geyserville Ave, Ste 101, Geyserville; 707 857-4101 Open daily 11:30-5:30; Thu, Fri, Sat til 6Three Alarm – Poured at Vine Tastings: 9058 Windsor Rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833Mon-Fri 12-8, later on weekendsThumbprint Cellars – 36 North St, Healdsburg; 707 433-2393 Open daily 11-4Tin Barn – 21692 Eighth St E. #340, Sonoma; 707 938-5430 Sat-Sun 11-4Toad Hollow – 409A Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 431-8667 Open daily 10:30-5:30 TOPEL – Tasting Room in Healdsburg, 125 Matheson St; 707 433-4116 Open daily 11-7Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call for: Educational Program, Food Pairings TRENTADUE – 19170 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 433-3104 Open daily 10-5Trione Winery – 19550 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 814-8100 Thur-Sun 10-5Truett Hurst – 5610 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-9545 Open daily 11-5Twomey Cellars – 3000 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 800-505-4850 Mon-Sat 10-5Ty Caton Vineyards – 8910 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 Open daily 10-6Unti Vineyards – 4202 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-5590Open by appointment only77

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekValley of the Moon – 777 Madrone Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 996-6941 Open daily 10-4:30Viansa Winery – 25200 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 935-4700 Open daily 10-5 VJB VINEYARDS & CELLARS – 9077 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-2300 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Pets WelcomedWattle Creek Winery – 25510 River Rd, Cloverdale; 707 894-5166Open by appointment onlyWellington Vineyards – 11600 Dunbar Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 939-0708 Open daily 11-5Westwood Winery – 11 E. Napa St, Suite 3, Sonoma; 707 935-3246 Thur-Mon 11-5White Oak Vineyards – 7505 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-84291 Open daily 10-5Williamson – 134 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 707 433-1500 Open daily 11-7 WILSON – 1960 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-4355 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKWoodenhead – 5700 River Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 887-2703 Open Thu-Sun 10:30-4:30Yoakim Bridge – 7209 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8511Fri-Sat 11-4, Sun 1-4, weekdays & tours by appt.Zichichi Family – 8626 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4410 Open daily 11-4:30NORTH CENTRAL COASTAhlgren Vineyard – 20320 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek; 800 338-6071Alfaro Family Vnyd & Winery – 420 Hames Road, Corralitos; 831 728-5172Aptos Creek – 520 Nisene Meadws Ct, Aptos; 831 684-1680Sat 12-4 or by appointmentSat 12-5 or by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyArmida Winery – 103 Stockton Avenue, Capitola; 831 462-1065 Open daily 11-6Bargetto Winery – 3535 N. Main St, Soquel; 831 475-2258 ext 14 Open daily 12-5Beauregard – 10 Pine Flat Road, Bonny Doon; 831 458-WINE Open daily 11-5Black Ridge – 18550 Black Rd, Los Gatos; 408 399-6396Bonny Doon Vineyard – 328 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 888 819-6789Bruzzone – 433 Sunridge Drive, Scotts Valley; 831 438-3120Open 3rd weekend 11-5 & by appointmentOpen daily 12-closeOpen by appointment only BURRELL SCHOOL – 24060 Summit Rd, Los Gatos; 408 353-6290 Open Thu-Sun 11-5Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKByington Winery – 21850 Bear Creek Road, Los Gatos; 408 354-1111 Open daily 11-5Calera – 11300 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 637-9170 Open daily 11-4:30Casa De Fruta – 6680 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister; 800 543-1702 Open daily 9-6Castillo’s Hillside Shire – 2215 Liberta Drive, Morgan Hill; 408 776-8200 Sat 1-7, Sun 12-5Cava Wine Bar – 115 San Jose Ave, Capitola; 831 476-2282 Wed-Sat 12-12, Sun 12-10, Mon 4-10, Tue 4-12Cava Wine Bar – 115 San Jose Ave, Capitola; 831 476-2282 Wed-Sat 12-12, Sun 12-10, Mon 4-10, Tue 4-12Chaine d’Or – 140 Sunrise Drive, Woodside; 650 851 8977Cinnabar – 23000 Congress Springs Rd, Saratoga; 408 741-5858Open by appointment onlySpecial events and by appointment onlyClos LaChance – 1 Hummingbird Ln, San Martin; 800 ITS-WINE Open daily 11-5Clos Tita – 4 Kendall Lane, Santa Cruz; 831 439-9235Open by appointment only COOPER-GARROD – 22645 Garrod Rd, Saratoga; 408 867-7116 Mon-Fri 12-5 Sat-Sun 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Food Pairings, ToursCreekview – 12467 Creekview Ct, San Martin; 408 686-0534By appointment 11-5 or 3rd weekend of the monthDavid Bruce Winery – 21439 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-4214 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5DeRose Vineyards – 9970 Cienega Valley Road, Hollister; 831 636-9143Sat-Sun 11-4 or or by appointmentDomenico Wines – 1697 Industrial Rd, San Carlos; 650 593-2335 Open daily 12-5Enz – 1781 Limekiln Road, Hollister; 831 637-6443By appointment onlyEquinox – 427-C Swift St, Santa Cruz; 831 338-2646; 831 423-3000 Fri-Sun 12-5Fernwood Cellars – 7137 Redwood Retreat, Gilroy; 408 848-0611Some Sat, call for appointment FLEMING JENKINS VNYDS & WINERY – 45 W. Main St, Los Gatos; 408 358-4949 Tue-Sun 12-6Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Children WelcomeFlint Wine Cellars – 13160 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 636-8986Open by appointment onlyFortino Winery – 4525 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-3305 Tue-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5Guglielmo Winery – 1480 E. Main St, Morgan Hill; 408 779-2145 Open daily 10-5Hallcrest Vineyards – 379 Felton Empire Rd, Felton; 831 335-4441 Open daily 12-5Heart o’ the Mountain – 5610 Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley; 831 345-6133Open by appointment onlyHecker Pass Winery – 4605 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-8755 Open daily 9-5 HUNTER HILL – 7099 Glen Haven Rd, Soquel; 831 465-9294Sat-Sun 11-4 or by apptJ. Lohr Vineyards & Wines – 1000 Lenzen Ave, San Jose; 408 918-2160 Open daily 10-5Jason-Stephens – 11775 Watsonville Rd, Gilroy; 408 846-8463 Open Daily Summer 12-6 , Winter 12-5Kirigin Cellars – 11550 Watsonville Rd, Gilroy; 408 847-8827 Open daily 10-5Kings Mountain – 187 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside; 650 851-7551Open by appointment onlyLa Nebbia – 12341 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay; 650 726-9463 Open daily 10-5Léal Vineyards – 300 Maranatha Drive, Hollister; 831 636-1023 Open daily 11-5 LOMA PRIETA WINERY – 26985 Loma Prieta Way, Los Gatos; 408 353-2950 MARTIN RANCH – 6675 Redwood Retreat Road, Gilroy; 408 842-9197Michael Martella – 17287 Box 103 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777Monte Verde – 13775 Sycamore Dr, Morgan Hill; 408 776-8938Sat-Sun 12-5 or by appt12-4 third weekend of each monthOpen by appointment onlyOpen 3rd Sat-Sun or by appointmentMorgan Hill Cellars – 1645 San Pe dro Ave, Morgan Hill; 408 779-7389 Tue-Sun 10-5Mountain Winery – 14831 Pierce Road, Saratoga; 408 741-2822 Fri-Sun 12-5Muccigrosso – 21450 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-0821Muccigrosso – 21450 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-0821Muns Vineyard – Los Gatos; 408 515-2663Naumann Vnyds – 16505 Montebello Rd, Cupertino; 408 867-7871Nicholson Vnyds – 2800 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos; 831 724-7071Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlySpecial events & by appointmentSpecial events & by appointmentOrganic Wine Works – 379 Felton Empire Rd, Felton; 800-OWW-WINE Open daily 12-5Osocalis – 5579 Old San Jose Rd, Soquel; 831 477-1718Open by appointment onlyPage Mill Winery – 13686 Page Mill Road, Los Altos HIlls; 650 948-0958 Fri-Sun 12-5:30Pietra Santa – 10034 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 636-1991Wed-Sun 11-5 or by appointment onlyPelican Ranch – 402 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz; 831 426-6911 Fri-Sun 12-5Picchetti Winery – 13100 Montebello Rd, Cupertino; 408 741-1310 Open daily 11-5Pinder – 165 Cristich Lane, Campbell; 877-684-2601Pleasant Valley – 600 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos; 831 728-2826 POETIC CELLARS – 5000 Rodeo Gulch Road, Soquel; 831 462-3478Sat 11-4, Sun by appointmentSummer Apr-Oct, Sat 12-4, Winter by appointmentSat-Sun 12-5 or by apptRapazzini Winery – 4350 S. Monterey Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-5649 Open daily 10-5Regale Winery – 24040 Summit Road, Los Gatos; 408 353-2500Sat-Sun 12-5:30 or by appointmentRidge Vineyards – 17100 Montebello Road, Cupertino; 408 867-3233 Summer Sat-Sun 11-5, Winter Sat-Sun 11-4River Run – 65 Rogge Lane, Watsonville; 831 726-3112Roudon -Smith – 2364 Bean Creek Rd, Scotts Valley; 831 438-1244Open by appointment onlySat 11-4:30 or by appointmentSanta Cruz Mtn Vnyd – 334A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 335-4242 Wed-Sun 12-5:30 SARAH’S VINEYARD – 4005 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 847-1947 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursSatori Cellars – 2100 Buena Vista Avenue, Gilroy; 408 848-5823 Sat-Sun 12-5Savannah-Chanelle Vnyds – 23600 Congress Springs Rd, Saratoga; 408 741-2934 Open daily 11-5Silver Mountain – off Old San Jose-Soquel Rd Miller Cutoff; 408 353-2278Sat12-4 by appointmentSilver Mountain – 402 Ingalls St, Ste 29, Santa Cruz; 831 466-0559 Thu-Sun 12-5Solis – 3920 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 847-6306 Open daily 12-5Sones Cellars – 334 B Ingalls St, Santa Cruz; 831 420-1552 Fri-Sun 12-5Soquel Vineyards – 8063 Glen Haven, Soquel; 831 462-9045 Sat-Sun 11-4Storrs Winery – 303 Potrero St. #35, Santa Cruz; 831 458-5030 Open daily 12-578

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSSummerayne – Limekiln Road, Hollister; 831 902-5638www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlySycamore Creek – 12775 Uvas Road, Morgan Hill; 408 779-4738 Thu-Mon 12-5Testarossa Vineyards – 300-A College Ave, Los Gatos; 408 354-6150 Open daily 11-5Thomas Fogarty Winery – 19501 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777 Wed-Sun 11-5Thomas Kruse Winery – 3200 Dryden Ave, Gilroy; 408 842-7016 Tue-Sun 12 -5Trout Gulch – 328 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 888 819-6789Open daily 12-closeVinocruz – Abbott Square on Cooper Street, Santa Cruz; 831 427-0436 Mon-Thu 11-7, Fri-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-6Vine Hill – 2300 Jarvis Road, Santa Cruz; 831 427-0436Woodside Vineyards – 340 Kings Mountain Rd; Woodside; 650 851-3144Windy Oaks Estate – 550 Hazel Dell Rd, Corralitos; 831 786-9463Zayante Vineyards – 420 Old Mount Rd; Felton; 831 335-7992CARMEL VALLEYSpecial events & by appointmentOpen by appointment onlySpecial events & by appointmentSpecial events & by appointmentBernardus – 5 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 800 223-2533 Open daily 11-5Boekenoogen – 24 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-4215 Open daily 11-5Boëté at Valley Hills Tasting Rm – 7156A Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley; 831 625-5040 Mon-Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 12-5Chateau Julien Wine Estate – 8940 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel; 831 624-2600 Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat-Sun 11-5Chateau Sinnet – 13746 Center Street, Carmel Valley; 831 659-2244 Summer 12-6 daily, Winter 12-5Cima Collina – San Carlos, between Ocean & 7th, Carmel; 831 620-0645 Thur-Mon 11- 6Galante Vineyards – between Ocean & 7th, Dolores; Carmel; 831 624-3800 Sun-Fri 2-6, Sat 12-6Georis Winery – 4 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-1050 Summer daily 11-6, Winter 11-5Heller Estate Organic Vineyards – 69 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 800-625-8466 Open daily 11-6Joullian Vineyards – 2 Village Drive Suite A, Carmel Valley; 866 659-8101 Open daily 11-5Joyce Vineyards – 12 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley; 831-659-0312 Fri-Sun 11-5Otter Cove Wines – 9 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley; 831 320-3050 Wed-Sun 11-5Parsonage Village Vineyard – 19 East Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-7322 Open daily 11-5:30Rancho Cellars – 26340 Carmel Rancho Blvd, Carmel; 831 625-5646 Mon-Sat 11-5Talbott Vineyards – 53 West Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley; 831 659-3500 Open daily 11-5Taste Morgan – 204 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel; 831 626-3700 Open daily 11-6MONTEREY WINERIESA Taste of Monterey Wine Visitors Cntr – 700 Cannery Row, Suite Kk, Monterey; 831 646-5446 Open daily 10-6Bargetto Winery – 700 Cannery Row Suite G, Monterey; 831 373-4053 Open daily 11-6Baywood Cellars – 381 Cannery Row Suite C, Monterey; 831 645-9035 Mon-Sat 1-6, Sun 1-5Figge Cellars – 3348 Paul Davis Drive Suite 101, Marina; 831 384-4149Mon-Fri by appointment onlyScheid Vineyards Wine Lounge - 751 Cannery Row, Monterey; 831-6569463 Open daily 11-7 VENTANA VINEYARDS – 2999 Monterey-Salinas Hwy, Monterey; 831 372-7415 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKWine from the Heart Tasting Rm – 241 Alvarado St, Monterey; 831 641-9463SALINAS VALLEYOpen daily , call for hoursA Taste of Monterey – 127 Main Street, Salinas; 831 751-1980 Mon-Fri 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-4Blackstone Winery – 850 South Alta St, Gonzales; 831 675-5341 Summer 10:30-4:30, Winter 11-4Boekenoogen – Santa Lucia Highlands, Salinas; 831 675-3549Open by appointment onlyChalone Vineyards – Stonewall Canyon Rd (Hwy 146), Soledad; 831 678-1717 Sat-Sun 11:30-5, weekdays by appt HAHN ESTATES/SMITH & HOOK – 37700 Foothill Road, Soledad; 831 678-4555 Mon-Fri 11-4Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Winery Tours Sat-Sun 11-5Manzoni Estate – 30981 River Road, Soledad; 831 675-3398 Sat-Sun 11-5Marilyn Remark – 645 River Road, Salinas; 831 455-9310 Sat-Sun, Holidays 11-5Paraiso Vineyards – 38060 Paraiso Springs Road, Soledad; 831 678-0300 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 11-4Pessagno Winery – 1645 River Road, Salinas; 831 675-9463 Fri-Sun 11-5Scheid Vineyards – 1972 Hobson Avenue, Greenfield; 831 386-0316 Open daily 11-5 VENTANA VINEYARDS – 38740 Los Coches Road, Soledad; 831 678-2900 Weekends & Most Holidays 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKWrath Wines – 35801 Foothill Road, Soledad; 831 678-2212 Thu-Mon 11-4:30LAKE/MENDOCINO COUNTIESBarra of Mendocino – 7051 N. State Street, Redwood Valley; 707 485-0322 Open daily 10-5Brassfield Estate – 10915 High Valley Rd, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-1895 Win Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun by appt: Sum 10-5Breggo Cellars – 11001 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-9589 Open daily 11-5Brutocao Cellars – 7000 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2152 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Brutocao Cellars – 13500 Hwy 101, Hopland; 707 744-1664 Open daily 10-6Ceago Vinegarden – 5115 E. Hwy 20, Nice; 707 274-1462 Open daily 10-5Chiarito Vineyards – 2651 Mill Creek Rd, Ukiah; 707.462.7146Open by appointment onlyClaudia Springs – 1810 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3993 Summer: Fri-Mon 11-5; Winter Fri-Sun 11-5Cougar’s Leap – 9730 Soda Bay Road #8, Kelseyville; 707 279-0651Duncan Peak Vineyards – 14500 Mtn. House Road, Hopland; 707 744-1129Esterlina – 1200 Holmes Ranch Road, Philo; 707 895-2920Call aheadOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyFetzer Vineyards – Hwy 175, Hopland; 707 744-1250 Open daily 9-5Foursight Wines – 14475 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 898-2889 Fri-Mon 10-4:30Frey – 14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley; 707 485-5177Mon-Frid 10-5, by appointmentGoldeneye Winery – 9200 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3202 Open daily 11-4Graziano Family of Wines – 13251 S.Hwy 101; Suite 3, Hopland; 707 744-8466 Open daily 10-5Greenwood Ridge Vineyards – 5501 Hwy 128; Philo, 707 895-2002 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Handley Cellars – 3151 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2190 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Horne – 2200 Hwy 29, Middletown; 707 987-1069Open weekends 10-6, weekdays by appt.Husch Vineyards – 4400 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3216 Open daily 10-5 JAXON KEYS – 10400 S. Hwy 101, Hopland; 877-462-0666 Open daily 10-5Jeriko Estate – 12141 Hewlitt Sturtevant Rd, Hopland; 707 744-1140 Sum 10-5, Win 11-4Langtry Estate – 21000 Butts Canyon Rd, Middletown; 707 987-2385 Open daily 11-5Lazy Creek Vineyards – 4741 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3623 Open Fr-Mo 11-4:30Le Vin Winery – 33151 Hwy. 128, Yorkville; 707 894-2304Lolonis Vineyards – 1905 Rd D, Redwood Valley; 707 485-7544Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentLonder Vineyards – 14051 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-3900 Thu-Mon 11-5Manoir Girard Cellars – 12601 Ell River Rd; Potter Valley; 707 391 WINE (9463)Open by appointment onlyMaple Creek Winery – 20799 Hwy 128; Yorkville; 707 895-3001 Open daily 10:30-5McDowell Valley – 13380 S. Hwy 101, Hopland 707 744-8911 Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10-5McFadden Vineyard – 13275 S. Hwy 101 Suite #5, Hopland; 707 744-8463 Open daily 10-5McNab Ridge Winery – 13441 S. Hwy 101; Hopland; 707 744-1986 Open daily 10-5Meyer Family Cellars – 19750 Hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 895-2341 Open daily 10-5Milano Family Winery – 14594 S. Hwy 101, Hopland; 800-564-2582Monte Lago Winery – Clear Lake, 510-599.LAGOOpen daily10-5Open by appointment onlyNavarro Vineyards – 5601 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3686 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Nelson Family – 550 Nelson Ranch Road; Ukiah Open daily 10-5Oster – 13501 Tomki Road, Redwood Valley; 707 485-5257Open by appointmentPacific Star – 33000 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg; 707 964-1155 Open daily 11-5Parducci Wine Cellars – 501 Parducci Rd, Ukiah; 707 463-5357 Open daily 10-5Phillips Hill Estates – 8627 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2209 Open daily 11-5Philo Ridge – Call for an appoinment on weekends, 707 489-2303Ployez Winery – 11171 Highway 29, Lower Lake; 707 994-2106 Open daily 11-579

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekRoederer Estate – 4501 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2288 Open daily 11-5Rosa D’Oro – 3915 Main Street, Kelseyville; 707 279-0483Sum Sun-Tues 11-5, Wed-Sat 10:30-6:30; Win closed Mon-Tue SCHARFFENBERGER CELLARS – 8501 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2957 Open daily 11-5Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKShannon Ridge – 12599 E. Hwy 20, Clear Lake Oaks; 707 998-9656 Fri-Mon 12-5Silversmith Vineyards – 3700 A Rd J, Redwood Valley; 707 485-1196Sat-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentStandish Wine Co. – 5101 Hwy 128, Philo707 895-9213 Wed-Mon 10-6Steele Wines – Hwy 29 at Thomas Dr; Kelseyville; 707 279-9475 Mon-Sat 12-5Toulouse Vineyards – 8001 Hwy 128, 707 895-2828; Philo Open daily 11-5Tulip Hill Winery – 4900 Bartlett Springs Rd, Nice; 707 274-9373 Open daily 10-6Weibel Vnyds – 13300 Buckman Dr., Hopland; 707 744-2200Whaler Vineyards – 6200 E Side Rd, Ukiah; 707 462-6355Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyWildhurst Vineyards – 3855 Main St, Kelseyville; 800 595-WINE Open daily 10-5Yorkville Cellars – 25701 Hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 894-9177 Win 11-5, Sum 11-6 ZINA HYDE CUNNINGHAM – 14077 Hwy 128, Boonville; 707 895-9462 Open Daily 10-5Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKYOLO COUNTYBerryessa Gap – 27260 Hwy 128, Winters; 530 795-3201 Mon-Sat 12-4Bogle Vineyards – 37783 County Rd, Clarksburg; 916 744-1139 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 10-5Capay Valley Vineyards – 1 Ranch Rd, Brooks; 530 796-4110Open 12-5 by appointmentCarvalho Family Wines – 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1625 Wed-Sun 11-5Heringer Estates – 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1227 Thu-Sun 11-5Old Sugar Mill – 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-165 Wed-Sun 11-5R.H. Phillips – 26836 Country Rd 12A, Esparto; 530 662-3215 Wed-Sun 11-5Satiety Vineyards – 40101 County Rd 25A, Woodland; 530 661-0680 Mon-Fri 7-6, Sat-Sun 11-6Solomon Wine Co. – 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744 1131 Fri 1-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Todd Taylor Wines – 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1120 Fri-Sun 11-5BAY AREA/LIVERMOREBent Creek Winery – 5455 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 455-6320 Fri-Sun 12-4:30Big White House – 6800 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 449-1976 Sat-Sun 12-4:30Bloomfield Vnyd– 633 First Street, Brentwood; 925 634-9463Wed-Thu 4-8pm, Fri 4-11pm, Sat 11am-11pmBodegas Aguirre – 8580 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-0554 Sat-Sun 12-4Captain Vineyards – 1969 Joseph Drive, Moraga; 925 631-0714Open by appointmentCedar Mountain – 7000 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 373-6636 Mon-Fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 12-4Charles R Vnyds – 8195 Crane Ridge Rd, Livermore; 925 454-3040 Fri-Sun 12-4:30Chouinard Vnyds – 33853 Palomares Rd, Castro Vly; 510 582-9900Sat-Sun 12-5 (and most holidays)Concannon – 4590 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2505 Open daily 11-4:30Crooked Vine – 4948 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 371-8156 Mon-Sat 11:30-4:30, Sun 11-4:30Cuda Ridge Wines – 5385 East Ave, Livermore; 510-304-0914Fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointmentDeer Ridge Vineyards – 1828 Wetmore Rd, Livermore; 866 561-0838 Fri-Sun 11-5Eagle Ridge Vineyard – 10017 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 443-3375 Sat-Sun 12-4:30el Sol – 8626 Lupine Way, Livermore; 925 606-1827 Fri-Sun 12-5Elliston Vineyards – 463 Kilkare, Sunol; 925 862-2377 Sat-Sun 12-5Enos Wines – 9000 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood; 925 634-3900Opent by appointmentFenestra Winery – 83 Vallecitos Rd (Hwy 84), Livermore; 925 447-5246 Fri-Sun 12-5 GARRÉ VINEYARD & WINERY – 7986 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 371-8200 Fri 12-4:30, Sat-Sun 11:30-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Restaurant, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsHannah Nicole Vnyds – 6740 Balfour Road, Brentwood; 925 513-0769Happy Valley Cellars – 1223 Upper Happy Valley Road, Lafayette; 925 283-1245Open by appointmentHidden Creek – 21 So. Livermore Ave, Ste 101, Livermore (at Blacksmith Square); 925-989-1163 Thu-Sun 12-5J. Doran – 1133 Burwood Way, Antioch; (925) 418-5630 Open by appointmentJohn Christopher – 25 So. Livermore Ave, Ste 103, Livermore; 925-456-WINE Thu-Sun 12-6La Rochelle – 5443 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 243-6442 Open daily 12-4Les Chenes – 5562 Victoria Lane, Livermore; 925 373-1662 Weekends 12-4:30Little Valley Winery– 739 Main St, Pleasanton Wed 4-9, Fri-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5Longevity Wines – 35 Rickenbacker Circle South, Livermore; 888 325-WINE Sat-Sun 12-5Marr Cellars – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 11-5McGrail Vineyards – 5600 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 373-6214Fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointmentMiramont Estate – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 11-5Mitchell Katz Winery – 1188 Vineyard Ave; Pleasanton; 925 931-0744 Thu-Sun 12-5, Fri 12-6Murietta’s Well – 3005 Mines Rd; Livermore; 925 456-2390 May-Oct Open daily 11-4:30, Nov-Apr Wed-Sun 11-4:30New Departures Wine Co. – 6140 Alhambra Valley Road, Martinez; 925 366-8463 Open by appointmentOccasio – 2245B South Vasco Road, Livermore; 925 371-1987 Tue-Wed 12-2, Thu-Fri 12-4, Sat 11-4Odisea Wine Co. – 963 Redwood Drive, Danville; 925 915-1662Open by appointmentOlin Wines – 975 Detroit Ave., Unit B, Concord; 925 771-7107Sat 12-4 or by appt.Parkmon Vineyards – 55 Laird Drive, Moraga; 925 631-7980Open by appointmentRed Feather – 5700 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 449-1871 Sun-Fri 11-6, Sat 11-8Retzlaff Vineyards – 1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore; 925 447-8941 Tue-Fri 12-2, Sat-Sun 12-4:30Rios Lovell Estate Winery – 6500 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 443-0434 Wed-Fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 11-5Rodrigue Molyneaux – 3053 Marina Ave, Livermore; 925 447-4280 Sat-Sun 12:30-5Ruby Hill Winery – 400 Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton; 925 931-WINE Wed-Sun 11-5:30Shadowbrook Winery – 3739 Shadowbrook Court, Walnut Creek; 925-988-9463Open by appointmentSterling Albert Winery– 150 Mason Circle, Suite J, Concord; 925 219-2279Sat 12-5pm, Sun by appt.Steven Kent – 5443 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 243-6440 Open daily 12-4:30Stony Ridge Winery – 4948 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 449-0458 Thu-Sun 11-4:30Tamas Estate – 5489 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2380 Open daily 12-4:30Tamayo Family Vnyds – 2155 Elkins Way, Brentwood; 925 513-8463Open by appointmentTenuta Vineyards – 633 Kalthoff Common, Livermore; 925 960-1006 Fri-Sun 12-5Tesla Vintners – 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 11-5The Singing Winemaker – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 11-5Thomas Coyne Winery – 51 E. Vallecitos Rd (Hwy 84), Livermore; 925 373-6541 Sat-Sun 12-5Wente Vineyards Estate Winery – 5565 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2300 Open daily 11-4:30Wente Vineyards Visitors Center – 5050 Arroyo Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2405 Open daily 11-6:30Westover Vineyards – 34329 Palomares Rd, Castro Valley; 925 537-3932 Sat-Sun 12-5White Crane Winery – 5405 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 455-8085 Thu-Mon 12-4:30Wood Family Winery – 7702 Cedar Mountain Rd, Livermore; 925 606-7411Open by appointmentViano Vineyards – 150 Morello Avenue, Martinez; 925 228-6465Wed-Mon 9-5pmLODI/WOODBRIDGEAbundance Vnyds/Mencarini Family Winery –1150 W. Turner Rd, Lodi; 209 334-0274 Open daily 11-6Akin Estates – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 333-8115 Wed. Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Berghold – 17343 N. Cherry Rd, Lodi; 209 333-9291 Thu-Sun 11-5Boitano Family – Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 286-1595 Fri-Sun 12-5Bokisch Vineyards – tasted at Clements Ridge, 23225 E. State Hwy 88, Clements; 209 334-4338 Fri-Sun 11-5Borra Wines – 1301 E. Armstrong Rd, Lodi; 209 368-2446 Open daily 12-580

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGScellardoor – 21 N. School Street, Lodi; 209 339-4394 Fri 1-11, Sat 1-9, Sun 12-5Chocoholics Divine Desserts – 18819 E. Hwy 88, Clements; 209 759-3320 Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10-6Clements Ridge – 23225 E. State Hwy 88, Clements; 209 759-3850 Fri-Sun 11-5Cosentino Winery – 3750 E. Woodbridge Rd, Woodbridge; 209 333-8014 Open daily 10-5:30d‘Art Wines – 13299 N. Curry Avenue, Lodi; 209 334-9946 Fri-Sun 12-5Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery – 203 S. School Street, Lodi; 209 366-2634 Tue-Wed 11-6, Thu-Sat 11-9, Sun 10-3Delicato Family – 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Gnekow Family Winery – 17347 E. Gawne Rd, Collegeville; 209 463-0697 Open daily 11-5Grady Family – tasted at Woodbridge Uncorked, Woodbridge; 209365-7575 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Grand Amis – 115 North School Street Suite 5, Lodi; 209 369-6805 Fri-Sun 1-5Harmony Wynelands – 9291 E. Harney Ln, Lodi; 209 369-4184 Mon-Sun 11-5:30, Sat 11-5, Sun 12:30-5Harney Lane Winery – 9010 E. Harney Lane, Lodi; 209 365-1900 Thu-Sun 12-5Heritage Oak Winery – 10112 E. Woodbridge Road, Acampo; 209 986-2763 Mon-Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 12-5Housley’s Century Oak – 22211 Lower Sacramento, Acampo; 209 334-3482 Open daily 12-4Jessie’s Grove Winery – 1973 W. Turner Road, Lodi, 209 368-0880 Wed-Mon 12-5LangeTwins Winery – 1525 E. Jahant Road, Acampo; 209 334-9780www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlyLobo Loco Wines – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 916 687-4767 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Lodi Wine & Visitor Center – 21831 N, Lodi. Highway 99; Lodi; 209 369-9463 Open daily 10-5The Lucas Winery – 18196 N. Davis Rd, Lodi; 209 368-2006 Thu-Sun 12-4:30M2 Wines – 1376 East Turner Road Suite D, Lodi; 209 339-1071 Fri-Sun 11-5Macchia – 7099 E. Peltier Road, Acampo; 209 333-2600 Thu-Mon 11-5McConnell Estates – 10686 W. Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove; 916 685-5368Sat-Sun11-5McCormack Williamson – 3125 E. Orange Street, Acampo; 209 368-1473 Fri-Sun 11-5Michael David Vineyards – 4580 W. Highway 12, Lodi; 209 368-7384 Open daily 10-5Miramont Estate – 24837 E. Milton Rd, Linden; 209 887-3860Open by appointment onlyMokelumne Oaks – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 339-1108 Thu-Sun 12-5Oak Ridge Winery – 6100 E. Highway 12 (Victor Road), Lodi; 209 369-4758 Sun-Thu 10-5, Fri-Sat 10-6Old Lockeford Winery – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-9770 Fri-Mon 11-5Omega Cellars – 13731 N. Highway 88, Lodi; 209 367-1910 Sat-Sun 12-5Palomares Vineyards – 34329 Palomares Road, Castro Valley Sat-Sun 12-5Pasos Vineyards – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3153 Thu-Sun 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-6Peirano Estate – 21831 N. Highway 99, Acampo; 209 369-9463 Sat-Sun 11-5Ripken Vineyards – 2472 West Sargent Road, Lodi; 209 367-WINE Sat-Sun 12-4Spenker Winery – 17303 N. De Vries Rd, Lodi; 209 367-0467St. Amant Winery – 1 Winemaster Way, Lodi; 209 367-0646Sat & Sun 12-4, Jan-Apr by appt onlyOpen by appointment onlySt. Jorge Winery – 22769 N. Bender Road, Acampo; 209 365-0202 Fri-Sun 11-5Stama – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3314 Mon, Wed, Thu 11-5, Fri, Sat, Sun 11-6The Coliseum – Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 747-7733 Wed, Thu, Sun 11-5, Fri 11-7, Sat 11-6VanRuiten – 340 W. Highway 12, Lodi; 209 334-5722 Open daily 11-5Vino Con Brio – 7889 E. Harney Ln, Lodi; 888-410-VINO Thu-Mon 12-5Vino Piazza – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 800-939-2566 Open daily 12-5vMv Vineyards – 16475 N. Locust Tree Road, Lodi; 209 365-1900 Sat-Sun 12-5Watts – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3751 Sat-Sun 12-5Weibel – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-9463 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Woodbridge Uncorked – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6WOODBRIDGE – 5950 Woodbridge Road, Acampo; 209 365-2839 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Call ahead for Tours at 9:30, 1:30 or by ApptSIERRA FOOTHILLSAMADOR COUNTYAmador Cellars – 11093 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6150 Wed-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Amador County Wine Cellar– 14207 Hwy 49, Amador City; 209 267-0104Fri-Sun 11-6 & holidaysAmador Foothill Winery – 12500 Steiner Road, Plymouth, 209 245-6307 Fri-Sun 12-5Avio – 14520 Ridge Rd, Sutter Creek; 209 267-1515 Fri-Sun 11-5Bella Piazza – 19900 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4600 Open daily 10-5Bray Vineyards – 10590 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6023 Fri-Mon 10-5C.G. Di Arie – 19919 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4700 Thurs-Mon 10-4:30Charles Spinetta Winery – 12557 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3384 Mon, Thu, Fri 8-4, Sat-Sun 9-5Clos Du Lac Cellars – 3151 Hwy 88/Jackson Vlly Rd, Ione; 209 274-2238 Wed-Sun 10-4Convergence Vnyds – 14650 Hwy 124, Plymouth; 209 245-3600 Fri-Sun 10-5Cooper Vineyards – 21365 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6181Fri-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentDeaver Vineyards – 12455 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4099 Open daily 10:30-5Dillian Wines – 12138 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3444 Fri-Sun 11-4:30Dobra Zemlja Winery – 12505 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3183 Open daily 10-5Domaine de la Terra Rouge/Easton Wines – 10801 Dickson Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3117 Fri-Mon 11-4Drytown Cellars – 16030 Hwy 49, Drytown; 866-379-8696 Fri-Sun 11-5Karly – 11076 Bell Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3922 Open daily 12-4Karmére – 11970 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-5000Thu-Mon 11-5 or by appointmentMorse Wines/Il Gioiello Winery– 22355 Lawrence Rd, Fiddletown; 209 245-3395 Sat-Sun 11-5Nine Gables – 10778 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3949OpenNua Dair Vineyards – 13825 Willow Creek Rd, Ione; 209 245-5567 Sat-Sun 10:30-5:30Renwood – 12225 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6979 Open daily 10:30-5:30Serenidad – 21339 Dickson Way, Plymouth; 209 245-5304 x19Sat-Sun, Holidays 11-5 or by appointmentShenandoah Vineyards – 12300 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4455 Open daily 10-5Sobon Estate – 14430 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6554 Open daily 9:30-5Stonehouse Winery – 10861 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6888 Fri-Sun 11-5Stoneridge Winery – 13862 Ridge Rd, Sutter Creek; 209 223-1761Open by appointment onlyStory Winery – 10525 Bell Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6208 Daily Sum 11-5, Win 11-4Sutter Creek Wine Tasting – 85 Main St, Sutter Creek; 209 267-5838 Open daily 11-6Sutter Ridge – 14110 Ridge Rd, Sutter Creek; 209 267-1316 Fri-Sun 11-4:30Tanis Vineyards – 13120 Willow Creek Rd, Ione; 209 274-4807 Sat-Sun 10-5:30TKC Vineyards – 11001 Valley Dr, Plymouth; 209 245-6428Sat 11-5, Sun 1-4 or by appointmentTerra D’Oro – 20680 Shenandoah Schl Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6942 Open daily 10-4:30Villa Toscano – 10600 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3800 Open daily 10-5Vino Noceto – 11011 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6556 Mon-Fri 11-4, Sat-Sun 11-5Wilderotter Vineyard – 19890 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6016 Fri-Mon 10:30-5Young’s Vineyard – 10120 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3005 Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat-Sun 10:30-4CALAVERAS COUNTYBeaux Chevaux – 466B Main St, Murphys; 209-728-1000 Fri-Sun 11-5Black Sheep Winery – 221 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-2157 Daily 11-5Bodega Del Sur Winery – 457C Algiers St, Murphys; 209 728-9030 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Brice Station – 3353 E. Hwy 4, Murphys; 209 728-9893Fri-Sun 12-6 or by appointmentBroll Mountain – 106 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-9750 Sat-Sun 1-5Chatom Vineyards – 1969 Highway 4, Douglas Flat; 209 736-6500 Open daily 11-5Domaine Becquet – 2173 Highway 12 East, Valley Springs; 209 772-1303 Wed-Sun 11-5Domaine Becquet – 415 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-8487 Summer Thu-Sun 11-6, Winter Fri-Sun 11-681

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK Especially recommended by Wine Country This WeekFrench Hill Winery – 8032 So. Main St, Mokelumne Hill; 209 286-1800 Tue-Sun 11-5French Hill Winery – 488 Main Street, Murphys; 209-728-8022 Winter Fri-Sun 11-5, Summer Thu-Mon 11-5Frog’s Tooth Vineyards – 350 Main St. Ste 5, Murphys; 209 728-2700 Fri 1-5, Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5, Mon 12-5Hatcher Winery – 425 Main St, Murphys; 209 605-7111 Fri-Sun 11-5, Mon-Thu 12-5Indian Rock – 1154 Pennsylvania Gulch Rd, Murphys; 209 728-8514 Fri-Sat 12-5, Sun 11-5Irish Vineyards – 2849 Hwy 4, Vallecito; 209 736-1299 Mon,Tue, Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Ironstone Vineyards – 1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys; 209 728-1251 Open daily 10-5Laraine/Gerber – 3675 Six Mile Rd, Vallecito; 209 736-4766Fri-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentLavender Ridge – 425 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-2441 Open daily 11-5Milliaire Winery – 276 Main Street, Murphys; 209 728-1658 Open daily 11-5Muir’s Legacy – 276 Main Street, Murphys; 209 728-0500 Open daily 11-5Newsome-Harlow – 403 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-9817 Mon, Thu 12-5, Fri-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5Solomon Wine Co. – 397-A Main St, Murphys; 209 728-8290 Wed-Fri 1-5, Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5Stevenot Winery – 2690 San Domingo Rd, Murphys; 209 728-3436 Open daily 11-5Stevenot Winery – Main & Sheep Ranch Rd, Murphys; 209 728-0148 Mon, Thu Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Twisted Oak – 4280 Red Hill Rd, Vallecito; 209 736-9080 Open daily 10:30-5:30Twisted Oak – 350 Main Street, Murphys; 209 736-9080 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 10:30-5:30Vina Moda – 634 French Gulch Road, Murphys; 209 728-9911 Fri-Sun 12-5Zucca Mountain – 431 Main St, Murphys; 209 736-2949 Open daily 12-5EL DORADO COUNTYAuriga Wine Cellars – 3500 Carson Rd, Camino; 530 647-8078 Fri-Sun 11-5Boeger Winery – 1709 Carson Rd, Placerville; 530 622-8094 Open daily 10-5, Summer: Fridays ’til 8Busby Cellars – 6375 Grizzly Flat Rd, Somerset; 530 344-9119 Fri-Sun 11-5:30Cantiga Wineworks & Deli – 5951 Mt. Aukum Rd, Somerset; 530 621-3352 Fri-Sun 1-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Cedarville Vnyd – 6320 Marestail Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-9463Open by appointment onlyCharles B. Mitchell – 8221 Stoney Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3467 Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10:30-5Chateau Rodin – 4771 Green Hill Rd, Placerville; 530 622-6839Wed-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentChateau Routon – 2800 Omo Ranch Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-5818 Wed-Sun 11-4Chevalier Winery – 5720 French Creek Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 677-1676 Sat 12-5Tasting Room – 2530 Pleasant Valley Rd, Placerville; 888 802-9321 Sat-Sun 12-5Colibri Ridge – 6100 Gray Rock Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-7255 Fri-Sun 11-5Coulson Winery – 3600 Carson Rd; Camino; 877 253-9672 Open daily 11-5Crystal Basin Winery – 3550 Carson Rd, Camino; 530 647-1767 Open daily 11-5David Girard Vineyards – 741 Cold Springs Rd, Placerville; 530 295-1833 Thu-Sun 11-5dkcellars – 7380 Vineyard View Dr, Fair Play; 530 620-1132 Fri-Sun 11-5Fenton Herriott – 120 Jacquier Ct, Placerville; 530 642-2021Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentFitzpatrick Winery – 7740 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3248 Wed-Mon 11-5Fleur de Lys – 7696 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-2246 Fri-Sun 11-5Gold Hill Vineyard – 5660 Vineyard Lane, Placerville; 530 626-6522Thur-Sun 10-5 or by appointmentGranite Springs Winery – 5050 Granite Springs Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-6395 Sat-Sun 11-5Iverson Vineyards – 8061 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-7474 Thur-Mon 11-5Holly’s Hill Winery – 3680 Leisure Lane, Placerville; 530 344-0227 Open daily 10-5Jodar Vineyards – 3405 Carson Court, Camino; 530 644-3474 Open daily 11-5Latcham Vineyards – 2860 Omo Ranch Rd, Mt. Aukum; 530 620-6642Thu-Mon 11-5 or by appointmentLava Cap – 2221 Fruitridge, Placerville; 530 621-0175 Open daily 11-5Madrona Vineyards – 2560 High Hill Road, Camino; 530 644-5948 Open daily 11-5Mining Camp Winery – 4801 Rock Barn Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 677-6510 Thur-Sun 11-5Miraflores Winery – 2120 Four Springs Trail, Placerville; 530 647-8505 Open daily 10-5Mount Aukum Winery – 6781 Tower Rd, Mt. Aukum; 530 620-1675 Open daily 11-5Narrow Gate Vyds – 4282 Pleasant Valley Rd, Placerville; 530 644-6201 Fri-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5Oakstone Winery – 6440 Slug Gulch Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-5303Wed-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentParaVi Vineyards – 2875 Larsen Dr, Camino; 530 647-9463 Open daily 11-5Perry Creek Vnyds – 7400 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-5175 Open daily 11-5Picchetti Winery Tstg Rm – 3135 Harrison Avenue, South Lake Tahoe; 530 541-1500 Open daily 11-6Sierra Oaks Estates – 6713 Mt. Aukum Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-7079 Wed-Sun 11-5Sierra Vista Winery – 4560 Cabernet Way, Placerville; 530 622-7221 Open daily 10-5Single Leaf Vineyards – 7480 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3545 Wed-Sun 11-5Sogno Winery – 3046 Ponderosa Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 672-6968 Fri-Sun 11-6Stone’s Throw – 3541 North Canyon Rd, Camino; 530 622-5100 Thur-Sun 11-5Thompson’s Mining Camp Winery – 4801 Rock Barn Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 677-6510 Thur-Sun 11-5Toogood Estate Winery – 7280 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-1910 Open daily 11-5:30Van Der Vijver Estate – 7451 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3210 Wed-Thu 12-5, Fri-Sun 11-5Venezio Vineyard – 5821 Hwy 49, Coloma; 530 885-9463 Wed-Sun 11-5Windwalker Vnyds – 7360 Perry Creek, Fair Play; 530 620-4054 Daily 11-5Winery by the Creek – 8085 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-2402 Thu-Sun 11-5Wofford Acres – 1900 Hidden Valley Rd, Camino; 530 626-6858 Thu-Sun 11-5MERCED COUNTYRed Rock Winery – 7326 E. Hwy 140, Merced; 209 722-7625 Open daily 10-5NEVADA COUNTYAvanguardia – 13028 Jones Bar Rd, Nevada City; 530 274-9482 Sat-Sun 12-5Burch Hall – 108 Mill St, Grass Valley; 530 272-7000 Open daily 12-5Coufos Cellars – 10065 Rough & Ready Rd, Rough & Ready; 530 274-2923 Sat-Sun 12-5Double Oak – 14510 Blind Shady Rd, Nevada City; 530 292-3235Sat 11-5 Feb-Dec or by appointmentIndian Springs – 303 Broad St, Nevada City; 530 478-1068 Sun-Thu 11:30-5, Fri-Sat 11:30-6Lucchesi Vineyards – 167 Mill St, Grass Valley; 530 274-2164Open daily 11-DuskMontoliva Vineyard – 15629 Mount Olive Rd, Chicago Park; 530 346-6577 Sat-Sun 12-4Naggiar Vineyards – 18125 Rosemary Lane, Grass Valley; 530 268-9059Fri-Sun 12-5 or by appointmentNevada CityWinery –321 Spring Street, Nevada City; 530 265-9463 Mon-Sat 12-6, Su 12-5Pilot Peak Winery – 12888 Spenceville Rd, Penn Valley; 530 432-3321 Sat-Sun 12-5Sierra Knolls – 19635 Kingswood Ct, Grass Valley; 530 268-9225 Sat-Sun 12-5Sierra Starr – 209 W. Main Street, Grass Valley; 530 477-8282Smith Vineyard – 13577 Dog Bar Rd, Grass Valley; 530 273-7032Open daily 12-5 (closed Tues.)Sat 1-5 Mar-Dec or by appointmentSolune Winegrowers– 16303 Jewett Lane, Grass Valley; 530 271-0990 Sat-Sun 12-5Truckee River – 10061 South River St, Truckee; 530 587-4626PLACER COUNTYOpen by appointment onlyDono dal Cielo Estate Vnyds – 6100 Wise Rd, Newcastle, 530 888-0101 Fri-Sun 12-5Fawnridge – 5560 Fawnridge Rd, Auburn, 530 887-9522 Sat-Sun 10-5Green Family – 3420 Pine Ridge Ln, Auburn; 530 888-8866Open by appointment onlyMt. Vernon – 10850 Mt. Vernon Rd, Auburn; 530 823-1111 Thu-Sun 11-5Ophir Wines – 7870 Santini Lane, Newcastle; 916 531-3055Sat 12-4 until Dec. or by appointmentPescatore – 7055 Ridge Rd, Newcastle; 916 663-1422 (most) Sat-Sun 1-5Rancho Roble – 340 Fleming Rd, Lincoln; 916 645-2075 Thu-Sat 1-4Secret Ravine – 4390 Gold Trail Way, Loomis; 916 652-6015 (most) Sat-Sun 12-4Vina Castellano – 4590 Bell Rd, Auburn; 530 889-BULLSat-Sun 12-5 or by appointmentFor corrections, deletions or additions, sendan email to info@winecountrythisweek.com82

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