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The VIP-Booking european live entertainment Book

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7Elk Diaries: 15 th November 2007Edited by Allan McGowan am@vip-booking.comColophon ››VIP-News is published by:VIP-Booking26 York StreetLondon W1U 6pZManaging Director:Ronni Didriksenrd@vip-booking.comGeneral Manager:Peter Briggspb@vip-booking.comWriter and editorial:Allan McGowanam@vip-booking.comWriter:Manfred Tarimt@vip-booking.comFor advertising enquiries pls. contactPeter Briggs pb@vip-booking.comor +44 870 755 0092Lay-out:Pekaye Graphics, Phuket – Thailandinfo@pekayegraphics.comHere follows the third entry in the chronicle ofaspiring band Absent Elk. Their experiencesare doubtless very similar to those of manybands struggling to get their music heard by aswide an audience as possible, they are workingas hard as they can, using all the outletsnow available, but some vital connection isstill required. Their frustration mirrors the confusionthat exists in today’s music business, asonce established systems fall apart and cashdepleted record companies and individualsstruggle and compete to find and market ‘thenext big thing’…OK, so I lied …you’re not likely to have heardour music on national radio since I last wrote.In my defence though, this is only due to thesubsequent and unexpected emergence ofseveral alternative routes…and we’ve yet tofathom which may be the most direct andsensible to take.Previously, it was a toss-up between optionsA and B …but now, we must also carefullyconsider C, D and E. That’s the problem.We’re lost. There’s no map or sat-nav.There’s no shortcut, and there’s a severelack of knowledgeable pedestrians (withoutan ulterior motive). It’s tortuous andfrustrating.We seem to have lured a delectable rangeof characters/proposals, but every single interestedparty demands that we immediatelysever all ties with the others, as what theycan offer us is (obviously) beyond compare,and the lesser contenders may jeopardisetheir ‘higher-level’ work. Through this behaviour,these guys are effectively cancellingeach other out, leaving us with very littleof any clarity or certainty to play with.Absent ElkIt may sound like we are spoilt for choice, butI wonder if we’d be better off with just onedoor. At least then we might have openedit, and strolled through some time ago.At the time of my last entry, we had chosenplan A. This was to let an avid national radioplugging team launch a mainstream campaign,with a version of one of our promo EPrecordings (available on itunes). The theorybeing, that this would serve as a promptto the major label reps (who are alreadywatching us and attending our shows) tobring some solid investment offers to thetable. We were completely satisfied withthe scheme. It’s obviously no secret thatcompanies are unwilling to take blind puntsin the current climate, so we thought we’ddangle a carrot, and boost their confidence(through conspicuous and unquestionablemarket research).»The choice between A and Bwas a ball-buster, but we hadeventually settled on our decision(right or wrong)«This process seemed likely to influence labelsto commit financially and, in turn, toraise us to a platform from which to negotiatefavourably. Airplay is the ultimate qualityassurance test …and would surely havegenerated the extra buzz that we knowcompanies seek before signing cheques.Plan ‘B’ was a suggestion made by a reputableindustry lawyer. He believes majorlabels are ‘sinking ships’, and is committedto persuading clients that carving out theirown careers (avoiding the tangle with thirdparty Record Labels altogether) is THE wayto go. He preaches that other finance optionsare readily available to the right artists,enabling them to effectively set uptheir own label …a label that is (apparently)capable of competing with the power of themajor, whilst the artist retains more rights,and enjoys a higher percentage of returns.The choice between A and B was a ballbuster,but we had eventually settled onour decision (right or wrong). Then, justas we were about to unleash the pluggers,we were propositioned several times, byseveral new characters, all within a coupleVIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7of weeks …bewildering and diverting usonce more. We’ve now heard new suggestionsfrom prospective managementcompanies, production outfits, labels, andprofessional ‘middle-men’ (C, D, E etc)…I’ll start with the most unusual of these (?),the middlemen. These smartly dressed fellowscame from nowhere, with big plans.They summoned us to an elegant hotelconference room, insisted we switch offour mobile phones, and then told us quitedecisively (with the aid of cheat sheets!)the ways of the world and the music industry.No interruptions were allowed,and we were to save any queries for a briefQ&A at the close of the session.They moved on to explain how they hadbeen looking for an act like us for the lastfew years, and that (during this build-up)they had established the necessary links/facilities to launch our career at ‘the highestlevel’. As they explained it, the ideawas simple. They would meet with theirwaiting contacts, secure us an attractivedeal offer, take their ‘representation’ cut,and clear off.Unfortunately, the reality appears to bea little more arduous… They have nowhanded over a weighty ‘representationagreement’, full of devastating clauses.The contract is exclusive (we are not free toexplore other avenues), it has a term of twoyears (!), and entitles the chaps to around30% of all revenue streams, for the entirecontract term… just for setting up a coupleof meetings and making a few calls.We would never sign under these terms…but yet their BMG contacts have supposedlyalready drawn up an ‘opportunitybetter than anything another record companycould ever offer.’. Great! …Quite predictablythough, these men are not willingto divulge the details, or the names of theindividuals involved, until we’ve signedthe binding representation agreement.Doesn’t that sound a little like blackmail?…Or buffoonery?? …Or is it an incredibleopportunity?? I really can’t be sure, but it’sdefinitely one of the three!Another new passage of possibility is theoption of working with a highly regardedmanagement/production team, who’vebeen in touch, and visited us at rehearsals.These guys manage/record a fewmainstream artists, a couple of whom arecurrently enjoying a lot of success. As Iwrite, a band they represent has beenat the top of the UK Album Chart for anumber of weeks. It’s clear that theseguys have serious clout (as well as a prettylooking residential studio in the country,complete with swimming pool and tenniscourts), but still we have our reservations(of course!)…The main issue for consideration hereis that they seem to be angling for anall-encompassing production/managementarrangement …which probablyisn’t quite on-target for us. We’d standto lose a much larger cut of all revenuestreams than in a standard managementdeal. I suspect we’d be better off workingdirectly with one of the majors, withjust (if anything) basic management inplace. Maybe I’m wrong, but we have intentionallyrecorded all demos to a highstandard for this very reason …to displaycomplete commercial potential, withouthaving to sign away vast chunks to someonefor just tweaking our existing tracksat the final hurdle (tracks that representyears of hard graft and investment fromthe band, and that labels already like thesound of).Major companies are definitely enthusiasticabout our material (albeit a littlevague and ambiguous about potentialElk in studiofor advancement). We are experiencing aconstant cycle of prevarication and thenre-interest from several corporations.More and more A&R reps are asking to beprovided with material (even if they dooften just stick it on their ipods for theirown personal enjoyment, rather than doinganything remotely proactive for us!).So that’s where we’re at… and we’re reallyfeeling the weight of the decisionswe face. As yet it’s not certain in which,if any, of these particular directions wemight steer. It’s an infuriating, yet promisingsituation…Surely, with this many contenders, somethingpositive will happen. Hopefully itwill be sooner though, rather than later…If we hang around at this spaghetti junctionfor much longer, we may very wellrun out of fuel …or starve to death …PersonallyI preferred plan A!VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7Dates set forPop Up 2008Manfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comEd Bicknell and Leon RamakersFace to Face at Noorderslag 2008Manfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comEd BicknellLeon RamakersPop Up 2008Small is beautiful. (Pop Up is certainlya smaller conference butnevertheless worthwhile musicconvention. The event located inLeipzig in Germany recently announcedthat the 2008 editionwill take place on May 22 to 25.From December 1 registrationapplications for exhibitors will beavailable online. As (Pop Up onlyoffers space for 130 stands interestedcompanies should make uptheir minds soon.In recent years the conventionhas become a very well attendedsmall scale industry event, establishingitself as the annual conferencefor all relevant Germanindependent record or live musicrelated companies.For further information pleasecheck www.leipzig-popup.deIndustry veterans Ed Bicknell and LeonRamakers will get together at Noorderslagfor a public interview. ILMC goersknows Bicknell as a very entertainingreason to get up early on Sunday morningsafter intense Saturday nights, whileRamakers is regarded as the unofficialprime minister of the Dutch live musicindustry.Bicknell was once the manager for DireStraits, an ensemble abhorred by thosewho loved punk rock and objected toconservatism in pop music. CurrentlyBicknell works as Vice President of InternationalMusic at William Morris Agency.He is well known for his brilliant rhetoricalskills and a very unique sense of humour.Ramakers founded and established MojoConcerts as the dominant live musiccompany in the Netherlands. He is an intellectualbusiness player able to identifypolitical issues that concern the entirelive music business. Under his leadershipMojo became a subsidiary of Live Nation,for which he still acts as a consultant.Besides the interview session withthese two heavy weights, EurosonicNoorderslag presents regular featuressuch as ETEP (European Talent ExchangeProgram), which, unfortunatelyno longer receives funding from the EuropeanCommission. However there is anew coalition of supporters keeping theone and only so far successful Europeanpopular music program up and running.The driving forces are buma cultuur,EMO (European Music Office), Noorderslagand Sena Performers.Other issues on the conference agenda are‘Exporting Your Music’ (IMMF) and ‘RadioRights at Festivals (EBU)’. Yourope contributesworkshops such as ‘Health and Safetyat Festivals’ and ‘Green and Clean’, whichare without doubt, evergreens but absolutelyindispensable in these times.Another attraction at Eurosonic/Noorderslagand one of the most valuable assetsof this convention is its live program. Confirmedacts so far are Aloan (CH), Alphabeat(DK), Baloji (BE), Bonne Aparte (NL),C-Mon & Kypski (NL), Coal (CH), CathyDavey (IE), Detektivbyrån (SE) The Dø (FR),Eliit (EE), Eternal Tango (LU), The Girls (NL),Gram (NL), Hooverphonic (BE), HospitalBombers (NL), The Hot Stewards (NL), Jakobínarína(IS), Little Cow (HU), Lolly JaneBlue (NL), Clara Luzia (AT), Miss Platnum(DE), Modena City Ramblers (IT), Moke(NL), More Than A Thousand (PT), KlaskeOenema (NL), Pete and the Pirates (GB),Pete Philly & Perquisite (NL), Room Eleven(NL), Shane Su (NL), Shangri La (BG), TheSugarettes (NL), Sunshine (CZ), Superfamily(NO), The Tellers (BE), Voicst (NL),Von Hertzen Brothers (FI), We Are Balboa(ES) and Who Made Who (DK).According to the organizers, registrationsfor the event selling well. Currentlythere are already more registrations filedthan this time in November 2006. Guestnation of Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2008 isSweden who therefore among other willhold the panel ‘Why is Swedish Music soSuccesfull?’For further information please checkwww.noorderslag.nlVIP-BOOKING.COM

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We are really surprised andvery grateful for all the votes and supportfrom the UK people. This is a big step for usand it is amazing that EXIT is popular outsidethe Balkan region. EXIT has become a realsocial force that is a symbol of togethernessand cultural diversity and enables us to promotesocial campaigns that are importantfor Serbian and Balkan youth such as fightingthe Schengen visa regime. We aim to bringpeople together from the Ex Yugoslavia regionand beyond in order to promote the interactionof different cultures, traditions andbeliefs through music and social activities.”From its humble beginnings as a studentinitiated project against the Milosevic regime,EXIT has now gained internationalrecognition with over 10,000 festival goersfrom the UK making the pilgrimage to thefestival in 2007.Steve Jenner, Director of Virtual Festivalswho run the UK Festival Awards, said. “Weopened our doors this year to Europeanfestivals, in recognition of the significantIvan Milivojev & Konstantin Polzoviccontingent of British tourists who now attendthese events. We were thrilled that allof the nominated events made the trip overthe Channel, to attend our awards, and delightedthat Exit was voted Best EuropeanFestival. It is a spectacular event and a favouritewith many of the artists we speak to,as well as fans”Exit08: 10th – 13th July 2008. Artists willbe announced in April 2008.Having the right tools for the job is often the key to success. Through our ongoing communication with key LiveEntertainment Industry Professionals, we have developed a range of services to meet the demands of agents, promoters,talent buyers, venue bookers etc. It’s no coincidence that we are now considered to be the No. 1 informationprovider for this thriving industry.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? is now the most widely used onlineinformation service for the European Live EntertainmentIndustry with subscribers in over 25 countries. Using the latesttechnology and state of the art tools, the service provides indepthinformation streamlining the day-to-day operations ofindustry professionals, saving both time and money.The VIP-BookThe ultimate print directory for the EuropeanEntertainment Industry, packedwith contacts and easy to use. An essentialreference book for every officeproviding basic contact informationand a solid overview.VIP-NewsWritten by our highly merited journalists, AllanMcGowan and Manfred Tari, with over 50years of experience between them in the EntertainmentIndustry, VIP-News brings the latestnews and views directly to your computerkeeping you up to date at all times.VIP-BOOKING.COM THE VIP-BOOK VIP-NEWSVIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7Waltz: Definitely UK Subs. UK Subs is aband I worked together with from thebeginning. Andrea booked them in 1989,something like that, it was the first tourwe did. First of all we booked them for theDutch territory only, because Peter Verstraelenwas their European Agent, andthen we booked them all over Europe. Ihave booked Laibach for 7 years now, FrontLine Assembly for 3 years; Gallon Drunk isone of the older bands, as are The Vibratorsand Lydia Lunch. 24-7 Spyz is definitely aband I have worked with for a long time.Tribe After Tribe, Bevis Frond and Hard Onscame later. Wire I have handled for a longtime and Urge Overkill. I mean we had a lotof history with these Bands, especially mebecause I was working as a local promoterbefore with bands like Suicide, Tuxedomoon,Wire or Lydia Lunch before I startedIBD. So I knew them all which is quite funny.And also from 1990 to 1995 I managedSeders, Jim Thirlwell and also King CobbStealy from Canada. So I spent a lot of timein New York and Toronto in these 5 years,involved in a lot of management work..VIP-News: Is there any other business youare involved in, such as publishing for instance?Waltz: Not really. But I mean I shop bandsaround all the time. So my aim is to providethe best possible services for our bands.Actually very often I have to step over myresponsibilities, very few bands have goodmanagements, so they don’t know what’sgoing on, so I help them out a lot. Shopthem around, try to find them record deals,tell them what to tell the record company.Tell them what’s important if they need togo on tour. So we really do a lot of more thanother booking agents do, obviously not forevery band but for a lot of them. I co-manageLaibach, and for Front Line Assembly Imore or less co-manage. Now I’m involvedwith Frankie Goes To Hollywood, who areback together. Last year we couldn’t usethe Name, because of trademark problems,now we’ve got it back. We have a lot ofthings to do next year.VIP-News: How did you meet with Andreaand how come she came to work with youat IBD?Waltz: Andrea joined 6 months after. Weknew each other before, through one of theolder bands, The Bollock Brothers, I forgotabout them. Chuck McDonald was hangingout at our Apartment quite a bit and Andreawas a friend of his, taking pictures for a Magazine,freelancing photography. That’s how Imet her, and sooner or later I asked her: `Whydon’t you join me? And she said: `Yeah!VIP-News: Would you say that the genderstill plays a role in terms of how you runyour business?Waltz: Yes, definitely. I mean, the thing isthat a lot of people complain, especiallyabout me being too tough and almost rude.Well, it’s still a man’s world and you have tofight your way through.Particularly the first 10 years was prettyhard. There were some people who madesome very, very rude comments about us,such as, `You just do this because you needsomething to fuck`. When I told them ´Wellif there were more girl bands around youwould get layed all the time, too!However things have changed a hell of a lot,it’s a different time, we’re getting older andit turns around, people now respect us morefor what we are doing, I think. It’s definitelybetter, but it is still different. How many fe-Andrea Scholz IDBmale booking agents do you know? Therearen’t that many in Europe. Wonder why?VIP-News: What’s on the agenda for thenext 20 years of IBD?Waltz: The next 20 years? I don’t know whatAndrea wants to do. She wants to travel allaround the world when her daughter is outof school which will be another 8 years. I reallywant to move to Holland with my boyfriendin the next 6 or 7 years as I’m fed upwith Germany. Holland is a nice country.I want to do more and more special events,not just day-to-day booking and Europeantour booking. For instance I’m planningto do a project for Faust next year. One ofour many ideas is to do organise a week ina factory hall or an art gallery with a musicinstallation, teaching, live bands etc.Frankie Goes To Hollywood is somethingI have to work on. For Laibach I want to do“Kunst der Fuge” plus they will have a newalbum out in 2008-, Baba Zula will be very active,I am planning to do some special showswith Sleezy (Peter Christopherson from Coil),Urge Overkill will finally have a new albumout soon; so it`s going to be very busy.Andrea has invested a lot in bands fromHungary and she has also helped ShukarCollective in getting a record deal done andput things together for a promotional show.You know it’s an all inclusive package!Andrea is doing more and more World Musicbands. She is very active in this scene.VIP-News: And working with well financedpromoters?VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7Waltz: Yes, well-financed promoters,most of the time, but the world musicscene is very different from the so called‘Rock Scene’. It is a world of its own.VIP-News: What is your personal advicefor all those people who would like to getinto this business now?Waltz: If you’re talking 2007 I would say“Don’t do it!” If I had the choice again, Iwould not choose right now, becauseit’s not easy.There are so many bookingagents, there are so many bands and thereare so many people thinking they canmake quick money out of this, but thereis only a limited amount of space, venuesand audience. On the other hand if it were1987 again, then, of course I would do itagain, but maybe I would hire an accountantfrom day one!VIP-News: Many of those people whomoved into live music business in theeighties are still around, aren’t they?Waltz: Yes, many of them are still aroundand it is nice to see them again fromwhile to while.Looking at Popkomm for instance, therewas Petri Lunden as we all know. He is abig guy in the music business now; PeterVerstraelen left Live Nation. He’s gothis own booking agency again. RuudBerends has luckily made a good way aswe all know. Rob Berends is still going.Only Gunnar Lagermann is not in themusic business anymore. He now growstomatoes somewhere in Sweden. MichaelWalther works for the Köln Arena.Marc Ridet is working for Music ExportSwitzerland and Igor Vidmar is still workingas a promoter in Slovenia.VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7Third QuarterResultsfor DEAGReleasedManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comDEAG has increased its profit margin.While the revenue in the thirdquarter of 2007(Q3) remains almostthe same at 24,1 million Eurocompared to the revenue of 23million Euro gained in the sameperiod last year, the earnings beforeinterests went up from 0,9million to 2,2 million Euro.In the first 9 months of 2007DEAG so far gained revenue ofabout 66,7 million Euro. The EBIT(Earnings before Interests andTaxes) until September 30 movedup from 3,7 million to 4,5 millionEuro. The EBITDA (Earnings beforeInterests and Taxes, Depreciationand Amortisation) increased from4,2 million to 5,1 million Euro.Fabchannel Receives 2 MillionEuro InvestmentManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comIn the previous VIP-News we reportedon web channel Fabchannel from TheNetherlands. The website features exclusivelive concert recordings, mostlyrecorded in the Paradiso in Amsterdam.VIP-News spoke with Justin Kniest, themanaging director of Fabchannel aboutthe investment and future plans for theexpansion of the company.VIP-News: What kind of investmenthave you received, is this private equityor venture capital?Justin Kniest: It is a funny combination.The city of Amsterdam owns 25 percentof Fabchannel and a private investor ownsanother 25 percent. These investors aretwo people who have their own investmentcompany. It is not a fund as such,but it is a personal fund from the managementdirector. So this is private equity.»They are looking at whatis happening in the UK.So we definitely needto go there«- Justin KniestVIP-News: Last time you said you wouldlike to expand your services and you arelooking for other venues to cooperatewith abroad. What kind of territorieswould you like to move into first?definitely need to go there. And thereare also a lot of bands that are interestingto the record market in the UK whichdon’t come to the continent. So Englandis our first country and then Germany.We already have a lot of viewers fromGermany. So Berlin would be very goodto start a partnership with a venue.VIP-News: Do you also intend to openup offices in these countries or do youwant to steer them through your headquartersin Amsterdam?Kniest: A lot of work can be done centrally,like getting the rights and doing thewhole site development. We are going toopen up a marketing and sales office inLondon in January. And when we go othercountries we probably work with thevenue that we have a partnership with. Ithink it would be a good idea to have ouroffices there close to the studio. It doesnot have to be very big in the startingplace, . we just need a desk there. But ofcourse when we get the studio workingwe need to go into local promotion andmaybe we could work with partnershipsin these countries.Kniest: London, Berlin, Spain, Barcelonaor Madrid and the US. We are talkingabout London as the first city to builda studio in a venue. Because the wholemusic industry for Europe, or let´s saysthe world excluding the US, is situatedin London. England is a pretty particularcountry in the respect that they are reallyfocused on what is happening in theircountry. We have already found this withFabchannel, which is Amsterdam based,where we record a lot of artists that arealternative in Holland but mainstreamin the UK, but despite this we still haveproblems getting people in the UK tofocus on Fabchannel. They are lookingat what is happening in the UK. So weJustin Kniest10VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7Edge Performance wants moreManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comThe venture capital company Edge PerformanceVCT (Venture Capital Trust) plcwould like to raise another £25million. Atan extraordinary general meeting on November5 one of the conclusions was to issue20 million shares known as D Shares for£1 each. The VCT furthermore intends toissue another 20 million so called deferredshares, a different type of share that for exampledoes not include voting rights.The core business of Edge Performance investmentin live music related businesses.In a press release on November 16 DavidGlick the founder of the company says:“We have just completed the investmentof the funds raised in 2006 and are the first2006 VCT to have achieved this aim. In addition,we have declared our first dividend.The projected growth of the live music andevents market is very exciting and with Edgehaving first mover advantage and a strongmanagement and advisory team we areseen to be the ideal business partner. We seeno reason why we will not continue to be thefirst port of call for first class investment opportunities.”On October 25 the Edge group had alreadyannounced payment of a dividend for itsoutstanding ordinary shares of 6 pence.According to Harvey Goldsmith, who is amember of the management team of thecompany, the future of the live music industrylooks bright. “The future for the livemusic and events industry is looking verypromising, with increased attendance acrossa broad spread of age groups from the veryyoung – under 18 - to the young, to the olderwho have greater disposable income.” heconcludes and adds: “Established acts likethe Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and U2 are stilltouring and selling out at high prices. Moreand more suitable venues are opening orbeing refurbished. Demand has never beenhigher. All the signs are that this healthygrowth will continue.”In the prospectus of the IPO it is notifiedthat Goldsmith has applied for 25.000shares, which is 0.08 percent of the outstandingshares. Glick at this stage hasapplied for 90.000 shares which is 0,30percent.Live Nation 3 rd Quarter Results and a Share PriceBumperManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comOn November 8 Live Nation reported itsresults for the third quarter and faces a 30percent share price downer. According toa story at CNN Money the downside movementof the share is due to the deal withMadonna. Investors are not convinced ofthe long-term benefits of the deal with theQueen of Pop that guarantees her roundabout $100 million. AT an investors conferenceheld on November 15, the managementof Live Nation defended the investmentsand declared that the deal withMadonna is not just a record deal. MichaelCohl who is in charge of the Artist divisionof Live Nation explained at the conferencethat the contract with Madonna is ‘crosscollateralized’ and includes revenuessources from “across dozens of products”such as ticket sales, DVDs, books, t-shirts,clothing lines, streaming videos and privateconcerts. “However on Wallstreet there seem to be alack of understanding regarding this dealthat didn’t even improve when Live Nationreported its third quarter results.As pro forma results in the third quarter(Q3) Live Nation gained revenue of$1,509,558 billion, in the first 9 months ofthe ongoing business year the revenue is$3,230,202 billion. As operating incomefor Q3 the company declared $ 68,424 million,for the ongoing year until September30 a result of $88,213 million.In the report it says, “The music industry isat a crossroads as traditional music companiesmust alter their historic business modelsor face a difficult path. We believe that LiveNation’s position as the leader in the industrywhich contributes the most to artists’ income,a long history as the artists’ true partnerforged through years of operating in aculture of respect and transparency and ourextensive global distribution platform giveus the advantage in this changing environment.Moreover, our business is built on thefundamental, irreplaceable experience ofthe live show – an experience for which thereis no substitute.”Nevertheless Live Nation undertakes aswell investments in other business areas.On November 15 Live Nation announcedthat they bought the merchandising companySignatures Network Inc. for about$79 million.But it seems like whatever Live Nation announcedin the recent weeks none of itgained the confidence of investors. Within4 weeks the share price of Live Nationdropped from $23,80 to just $16, 23.11VIP-BOOKING.COMKlaus Peter Schulenburg - CEO CTS Eventim

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7We’re All in the Same Business!?Allan McGowan am@vip-booking.comThe thing about 360-degrees is if you startout on that course you’re likely to land upback where you started. This celebrated ‘newbusiness model’ incorporating access to allof an artist’s activities and more importantlyrevenue streams was common when I startedin the business, it was not unusual for anagent to talk to a record company person, oreven a publisher about the artist who’s careerthey had in common. It looks as thoughwe’re going to have to get used to this sortof intercourse again – not a bad thing! So,much as we at VIP focus on live, we intendto open up the occasional bit of space to ourcompatriots in the overall music business, invitingguest writers from time to time.We’ve already extended an invitation to theartist as represented a little further on byRoss Martin’s third entry from The Elk Diaries,and here we feature Ville Lepannen’sreport on his In The City experiences andconsequent views on ‘breaking’ an act inthese changeable times.If you also have something you’d like toshare with our readers, whatever sectorof the business you operate in, then let usknow! Allan McGowanThe Animal Farm is a music production,artist management and publishingcompany run by writer/producers Matand Ville Leppanen. They started theircareers as pop writers on Bob Grace’sEmpire Music. Then became punk rockerswith Snowdogs on Victory Recordsin the US. Ville and his brother Mat arebased in London where they have a studioin an old biscuit factory. Please formore info on their current projects.ITC – ManchesterVille LepannenIt was the first time for us at Manchester’sannual ITC conference. We’ve done someof the others like Midem and Popkommbut for some reason ignored the stuffthat’s been going on for years in our backyard.People from the south of Englanddon’t like going up north because the localscall them soft southern bastards. It’snever bothered me.... don’t forget that thenorthernmost point of the limey northends where my Finnish south begins... Ifyou want proper north, ask me.It’s hideously expensive to drink in a hotelbar. It’s staggeringly stupid of one tohave one’s credit card on tab whereverone drinks. To combine both activities is...rock’n’roll. The expenditure would go along way towards establishing world peaceor the survival of a hotel in the grim north.Guess what happened at this year’s ITC.We had Ejectorseat, Rosalita and DeadBells playing at a special The Animal Farmshowcase. It was nice to see so manypeople turn up and so much interest expressed.The bands did very well and theevent went to plan.Our artists were, of course, very good.There was one other good one. I saw themat a fringe gig quite by chance. Managedto get the last three songs of their set, andthere I was scrambling around to find outwho they were. I notice this young lass witha delegate’s pass around her neck. Shetells me who the band is and then notices,from my pass, who I am. Turns out she’s ascout who’s been emailing me about oneof our bands. What a nice coincidence tomeet at last! We both say how excited weare about the band that has just stoppedplaying their set and go our separateways. Two hours later in the hotel bar, thismanager comes up to me saying that soand-sotold him that The Animal Farm arebuzzing about a cool new band they’vejust seen. So THIS is how it happens! Arewe now part of the buzz machine? Howdid that happen? Ace!At every music business conference thereare panels in which a handful of musicbusiness workers led by a moderatordiscuss interesting topics of the day likehow-the-hell-do-we-make-any-moneynow-that-nobody’s-buying-records-anymore-and-are-we-all-doomed-becauseold-business-models-aren’t-working-andnobody’s-got-a-clue-what-the-new-onesare?There is always the guy who will talk endlesslyabout socialnetworkplatformsolutionsor whatever the latest buzz phraseis. Of course, there are no right and wronganswers to any of these questions, but Iwonder if most of it is just bollocks. That’snot just an observation on what’s said atpanels - it’s an observation on life in general.Read Kurt Vonnegut. He knows.The legendary A&R man Muff Winwoodhosted a panel on A&R. Big line-up, greatbanter. The topic was something aboutthe ‘new’ way of doing A&R in a changingworld blah de blah.... The assembled A&Rstalked about their line of work with surpris-12VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7ing candour. Incidentally, if you witnessedA&R guys’ lives at a big event like ITC, youwouldn’t envy their lot. Running aroundlike crazy after some band that someonementioned in passing conversation... gigafter gig... so many faceless bands... toomany... it’s tough work, A&R is.But the point they got to at the end ofthe discussion was that nothing’s reallychanged. You have to find a great band,make a great record with them and thenlet the world find out about it. Get the actto tour their butts off. Hope people feelthe music enough to want to pay for it.What’s so new about that Mr. DigitaldownloadsolutionplatformaggregateviralblogspotDIY???» They then waited half an hour fora track to download. Manager wasn’tthat impressed. Years later it’s prettyobvious how right boyfriend was«There is a point to all this: it’s the ‘paying’that all the kerfuffle is about. Don’t giveaway your music for nothing. Art has value.Even if it is only rock’n’roll, it’s still artand it is worth paying for.A well-known girlband’s manager tolda story from years ago when her thenboyfriend had shown her ‘this new thingcalled downloading’. Boyfriend says “…this is going to change your business beyondall recognition”. They then waitedhalf an hour for a track to download. Managerwasn’t that impressed. Years later it’spretty obvious how right boyfriend was.A thought on why that is happening: withless money to go around, corporations intheir shareholder loving manner want toforget about the cost of making a record.Let it be someone else’s problem! So theygo to a producer with his own studio andsay “why don’t you make this record fora small fee and we’ll pay you a hefty royalty”.Might not sound unreasonable ifyou are willing to forget that it costs a shitloadto build and maintain a studio. Andcheck this out: a friend of mine produceda record, which sold over 500,000 copieson which he didn’t make a penny in royalties.Not a penny! My friend, who has hada long career in the business, including aEjectorseatspell as an A&R guy at a major label, saidthat it’s POLICY at major labels to have theact in the red. At 500,000 copies sold, thelabel will have made money, but the act, ifthey’ve spent enough on recoupable costs(and TV advertising), will still be in the red.The producer is tied to the artist’s royaltyaccount - and gets zilch.Okay, it’s a tug of war out there. We gotdown to the trenches in Manchester. Wewere in the gutter but at least we sawstars. Future stars!Speaking of which, Rosalita are bringingout a single on November 24th.With less money to go around everyone’sgetting used to sharing what previouslywasn’t shared; everyone’s being creativeabout how to make things work. A leadinglawyer said that every record deal beingdone at the moment includes the labeltaking a cut of touring and merchandizingincome from bands. If you are in a band,don’t be offended and outraged if you getone like that offered to you.The biz is going through a transitional periodand I hope that the prediction that willturn out to be accurate is the one made bythe head of A&R who said that producerswith their own studios will get all the work.That’d do us nicely.Rosalita13VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 7readers page ››Speak out - participate in the debate. The VIP-News Reader’s-pageis open for letters and contributions from readers. Consider the VIP-News Reader’s-page, as your “speaker’s corner” towards professionalsin the entertainment industry all over Europe. The purpose of theReader’s-page is to encourage more interaction and to allow ourreaders to voice their opinions about the many aspects of our industry.Contributions should be emailed to partners wanted!Prima Artists, in association with promoters Original Entertainment ProgrammingLtd, are seeking territorial representatives to act as promoters representativesin all areas of Europe including Scandinavia, The Baltic States, Benelux,Germany, France and throughout the continent and to assist in the ongoingdevelopment of their remarkable Elvis Presley Theatre Show featuring Lee‘Memphis’ King in new markets.The Show - One Night With Elvis - has taken the British market by storm andis now firmly established as the premier Tribute touring show in the country,performing in major venues across the UK, often to sell-out audiences. Fulldetails of the show including video preview and consistent audience feedbackcan be seen on their website are looking for expert industry professionals who are able to assist in representingthe show, sourcing potential venues, securing bookings, touringlogistics and marketing.Interested persons should contact:John Hessenthaler - - in the first instanceto discuss the possibilities.artist avails ››My TieTerritory: Portugal to WorldwidePeriod: All yearAgency: Zona BAgent: Nuno MadeirasPhone: +351 964 000 142E-mail: nuno.madeiras@zonab.netHomepage: www.zonab.netOrishasTerritory: GermanyPeriod: Upon requestAgency: Brand Booking GmbHAgent: Martin AgostiE-mail: martin.agosti@brandbooking.comHomepage: www.brandbooking.comThe BoysTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: 2008Agency: RockpartnerAgent: Stein GrovenPhone: +47 91 322 526E-mail: stein@rockpartner.noHomepage: DiscoTerritory: WorldwidePeriod: December onwardsAgency: Value Added TalentAgent: Dan SilverPhone: +44 207 704 9720E-mail: SledgeTerritory: EuropePeriod: Throughout ‘08Agency: The Entertainment GroupAgent: Mike C. J. DobbingaPhone: +31 35 625 6066E-mail: sara.bus@entertainmentgroup.nlHomepage: www.entertainmentgroup.nlLetters to VIP-News, with the writer’s name and email address togetherwith a photo (if available), should be emailed to letters will only be published if the sender isknown to VIP-Booking.VIP-Booking ApS reserves the right to a) edit contributions for reasonsof space or clarity b) deny publication c) add comments where appropriate.Please aim to limit your letters to 250 words.Vanessa-MaeTerritory: Worldwide except US & CanadaPeriod: 2008Agency: World Concert Artists LtdAgent: Corrado CanoniciPhone: +44 20 8906 6587E-mail: corrado@worldconcertartists.orgHomepage: www.worldconcertartists.orgMore Artist avails your Artist avails

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