Renewable Sources and Integration of Energy ... - Corrente - Gse

Renewable Sources and Integration of Energy ... - Corrente - Gse

WorkshopRenewable Sources and Integration of Energy Markets:Analysis and Perspectives for MediterraneanCooperationDecember, 18, 2012Hotel Novotel Mohamed V, TunisSince its establishment in September 2004 by initiative of the Italian Ministry for the Environment,Land and Sea in cooperation with the Tunisian Ministry of Industry and the Tunisian NationalAgency for Energy Conservation (ANME), the Mediterranean Centre for Renewable Energy(MEDREC) has been strongly involved in the promotion of renewable energies and energyefficiency, performing capacity building through technology transfer, resource mobilization,training, information, dissemination, networking and development of pilot projects.During the last years MEDREC played a role in facilitating the establishment of institutional,legislative and regulatory frameworks, favorable to public and private investment in the context ofthe Tuniso-Italian electrical interconnection project, organizing seminars and working tables wherehigh institutional personalities from Tunisian and Italian Ministries, National Agency of EnergyConservation (ANME) and General Direction of Energy (DGE), senior representatives of worldfinancial Institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank, and African Development Bank),senior executives of STEG and TERNA, as well as senior representatives of major internationalstakeholders operating in the energy sector have met.This activity has been complemented by the achievement of two studies analyzing the capacity ofthe Tunisian Electrical network to transfer the energy generated from non-programmable sourcesand regulatory juridical aspects referring to article 9 of the European Directive 2009/28/EC relatedto the export of energy from renewable sources, performed, respectively, by CESI and Gestore deiServizi Energetici (GSE).

Whereas the evolution of the international context is addressing increasing attention to the issues ofcooperation and energy exchanges between the EU countries and third countries of the MENAregion, recalling in particular the cooperation mechanisms provided in Directive 2009/28/EC, theneed is arisen to conduct a more specific study, also in order to provide specific elements, focusedto renewable energy export and to the wider reform process ongoing in Tunisian legislation.With this respect, the Technical Agreement signed in Tunis on February 28 by the TunisianMinister of Industry, Mr. Mohamed Lamine Chakhari and the Italian Minister for the Environment,Land and Sea, Mr. Corrado Clini included, among other actions, the development of aninstitutional, legal and regulatory roadmap, to be carried out by GSE.The study, entitled "Elaboration of a Work Program for the Development of the Institutional,Regulatory and Legal Framework necessary for the Application in Tunisia of Article 9 of Directive2009/28/CE on the Promotion of Energy from Renewable Sources" is proposed as a recognition ofthe energy strategies involving Europe and the main countries participating in cooperationmechanisms, accompanied by a discussion on the regulatory aspects useful to the development ofan intergovernmental agreement in the framework of art. 9, as well as technical aspects needed toensure the qualification and traceability of energy covered by the agreement itself.The presentation of the study, bringing together key institutions involved, gives an opportunity tocarry on a wider discussion concerning different aspects of Euro-Mediterranean energy scenario.The workshop is organized in Sessions:Session 1: Tools for the Integration of Local and Transnational Renewable Energy MarketsThis session will analyze the main mechanisms provided by EU, focusing on regulatory andinfrastructure requirements in order to create a functional integrated energy market in theMediterranean, taking into consideration the evolution of the international context that has put moreand more attention to the issues of cooperation and the exchange of energy between EU and Thirdcountries of the MENA region.Session 2: The national and international energy strategies for the integration of energymarketsAfter exploring the regulatory and infrastructure requirements necessary to create an integratedenergy market, this session will analyze the long-term scenarios and targets related to thedevelopment of renewable energy sources. In this perspective international guidelines and nationalenergy policies of the major countries in the Mediterranean basin will be presented.Session 3: The Industrial Integration as a Driver to Meet Local Socio-economic NeedsThis session will detail the possible impact given by the possibility of integrating renewable energysources into the industrial structure of the country, becoming a driver of economic development andfostering a positive response to major social needs.

Program of the Workshop:9.00 – 9.30 Registration9.30 – 10.00 PRESENTATION AND INTRODUCTIONPresentation - Marco Polverari, Director, Mediterranean Renewable EnergyCentre (MEDREC)Introductory remarks - Annalidia Pansini, Mediterranean Task Force, ItalianMinistry for the Environment, Land and SeaIntroductory speech - Noura Laroussi, Director General, National Agency forEnergy Conservation (ANME)Greetings - Rachid Ben Dali, Director General, General Direction of Energy,Tunisian Ministry for Industry10.00 – 11.3010.00 – 10.2010.20 – 10.3510.35 – 10.5010.50 – 11.05SESSION I: PRESENTATION OF THE TOOLS FOR THEINTEGRATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES IN THE LOCAL ANDSUPRANATIONAL ENERGY MARKETSModerator: Mario Lionetti – Programme Officer, Energy Branch – UnitedNations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry andEconomics (UNEP-DTIE)“Development of the Institutional, Regulatory and Legal Framework necessaryfor the Application in Tunisia of Article 9 of Directive 2009/28/CE on thePromotion of Energy from Renewable Sources”Natascia Falcucci - International Activities Unit – Gestore Servizi Energetici(GSE)“Integration of Renewable Energy Markets: the Regulatory Perspective” –Fabio Tambone - General Coordinator - Mediterranean Energy Regulators,(MEDREG)“Integration of Renewable Energy Markets: the TSO Perspective” –Michelangelo Celozzi – Secretary General – Association of the MediterraneanTransmission System Operators (MedTSO)“Enhancing the Penetration of Non-Programmable RES Generation: Challengesto be Overcome to Ensure a Secure and Reliable Power System Operation”Bruno Cova - Head of Power Systems, Markets & Regulatory Studies - CESI10.05 – 11.30 Discussion11.30 – 11.50 Coffee break

11.50 – 13.3011.50 – 12.0512.05 – 12.2012.20 – 12.3512.35 – 12.5012.50 – 13.05SESSION II: THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ENERGYSTRATEGIES FOR THE INTEGRATION OF ENERGY MARKETSModerator: Salvatore Moretta – National Expert - MEDREC“Regional Energy Scenarios”Houda Allal – Director, Strategy Division - Observatoire Méditerranéen del'Energie (OME)“The Role of Mediterranean Solar Plan Masteplan”Sotiris Varouxakis. - Deputy Secretary General- Secretariat of the Union forthe Mediterranean (UfM)“The Tunisian National Renewable Energy Strategy”Representative of ANME“The Moroccan National Renewable Energy Strategy”Abderrahim El Hafidi* – Director of Electricity and Renewable Energies –Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment of Morocco*to be confirmed“The Italian National Renewable Energy strategy”Wolfgang D’Innocenzo - International Relations Office, Directorate General forsecurity of supply and energy infrastructure, Energy Department, ItalianMinistry of Economic Development13.05 -13.30 Discussion13.30 – 15.00 Lunch Break15.00 – 16.3015.00 – 15.1515.15 – 15.3015.30 – 15.4515.45 – 16.00SESSION III: THE INDUSTRIAL INTEGRATION AS A DRIVER TOMEET LOCAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC NEEDSModerator: Leila Bahri – Director - MEDREC“The Role of STEG in fostering Tunisian Renewable Energy Market ”Moncef Harrabi – Director, Renewable Energies and Planning - STEG“UNEP-DTIE Supporting the Integration of REEE in Mediterranean Markets”Mario Lionetti – Programme Officer, Energy Branch – UNEP-DTIE“The Role of RES4MED and its Added Value for a DecarbonizedMediterranean”Roberto Vigotti - Secretary General - RES4MED“RE Deployment in the Mediterranean: Needs, Priorities and Strategies”Emanuela Buldini - Business Development - New Countries - ENEL GreenPower

16.00 – 16.1516,15 – 16,30“Industrial Integration of Solar Water Heating and Solar water Cooling”Mario Motta – Energy Departement – Politecnico di Milano University“Socio-Economic Impact of Renewable Energy Investments in Tunisia”Abdelkarim Ghezal – Director, Renewable Energy Department –ANME16.30 – 16.50 Coffee break16.50 – 17.20 Discussion and conclusions.

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