g. Provide opportunity for all parents/students to purchase additional printsfor all covered events.h. When authorized by Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D. #5 all accounting andbookkeeping must be compliant with Illinois and Federal laws.i. The representative must be accountable and have the authorization tocorrect problems or concerns for any services rendered when required bythe school.IV.Revenue Sharing/RebatesV. Feesa. Provide information on revenue sharing/rebates awarded to Ball-ChathamC.U.S.D. #5 if applicable.a. Provide detailed fee and expense estimates for all services that you (orother entities described in your proposal) will provide (i.e. core/necessaryservices) or additional services you make available with respect to theplan. Include detail of fees charged in conjunction with the proposal.b. Will your company charge a separate set-up, transactional or documentfee?c. Will your company commit to annual/monthly meetings (if requested) at alldistrict locations at no cost or expense?d. How long will your company commit to provide services at the above fee?e. Describe any additional services which your company will provide at noadditional charge.VI.Specific Information to be included with Proposala. Proposal should be clearly marked “Photography Service Proposal.”b. Please list the complete name of your firm with address and phonenumber. Also include a brief biographical description of your firm.c. Provide three (3) references for which your firm currently providesservices. The preferred references should be accounts similar in size andcomplexity to Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D. #5.d. Provide examples of previous projects in the following areas: Classpicture, prom picture, sports group and individual picture, and graduationpicture.4

Four certifications located in Appendix A must be completed andsubmitted.VII.Evaluation and Timetablea. Proposals shall be submitted no later than 10:00 a.m., May 20, 2013 to:Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D. #5Attn: Patrick Murphy, CSBO201 W. Mulberry StreetChatham, IL 62629b. The proposals submitted will be reviewed by the Administration.c. The Administration may set up on-site interviews for finalists.d. Interviews will take place prior to June 7, 2013.e. The District’s final decision on choosing a company’s service is expectedto be made and presented to the Board of Education at the RegularMeeting no later than June 17, 2013.f. Administration and Board of Education of Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D. #5reserves the right to reject any and all submissions.5

Appendix A:CERTIFICATIONS OF COMPLIANCE WITHILLINOIS DRUG FREE WORKPLACE ACTThe undersigned does hereby certify pursuant to section 3 of the Illinois Drug-FreeWorkplace Act (30 ILCS 580/3) that it shall provide a drug-free workplace for allemployees engaged in the performance of work under the contract by complying withthe requirements of the Illinois Drug-Free Workplace act and, further certifies, that it isnot ineligible for award of this contract by reason of debarment for a violation of theIllinois Drug-Free Workplace Act.__________________________________________Name of Bidder (Please Print)_______________________Submitted by (Signature)__________________________________________TitleCERTIFICATE REGARDING SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICYThe undersigned, does hereby certify pursuant to Section 2-105 of the Illinois HumanRights Act (775ILCS 5/2-105) that it has written sexual harassment policy that includes,at a minimum, the following information: (i) the illegality of sexual harassment; (ii) thedefinition of sexual harassment under State law; (iii) a description of sexual harassment,utilizing examples; (iv) an internal complaint process including penalties; (v) the legalrecourse, investigative and complaint process available through the Department ofHuman Rights and Human Rights Commission; (vi) directions on how to contact theDepartment of Human Rights and Human Rights Commission; and (vii) protectionagainst retaliation.__________________________________________Name of Bidder (Please Print)_______________________Submitted by (Signature)__________________________________________Title6

CERTIFICATIONThe undersigned hereby certifies that he/she/it is not barred from submitting thisproposal as a result of a violation of either the bid-rigging or bid-rotating provisions ofArticle 33E of the Criminal Code of 1961, as amended.__________________________________________Name of Bidder (Please Print)_______________________Submitted by (Signature)__________________________________________TitleThe undersigned hereby certifies that he/she/it is in compliance with the EqualEmployment Opportunity Clause and the Illinois Fair Employment Practices Act asstated under Compliance with Legislation.__________________________________________Name of Bidder (Please Print)_______________________Submitted by (Signature)__________________________________________TitleThe undersigned hereby certifies he/she/it has read, understands, and agrees that theBoard of Education for Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D. #5 has the right to accept any proposalor reject all proposals without prejudice.__________________________________________Name of Bidder (Please Print)__________________________________________Address__________________________________________Phone Number_______________________Submitted by (Signature)_______________________Title_______________________Date7

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