October 2008 Page 21 - Miller Publishing Corporation

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October 2008 Page 21 - Miller Publishing Corporation

October 2008 Page 21

Page 22 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueIRVING – Dixfield LogSupplier Open HouseEvery year in early May, Irving Forest Products hosts an open houseat its White Pine sawmill in Dixfield, Maine, to show its appreciation toabout 125 log suppliers. The quality product the company delivers to itscustomers begins with its log suppliers. Log suppliers are valued partnersin ensuring the best grades for the markets that the companyserves.The focus of the open house is a complete mill tour, usually given ingroups of 10. Experienced mill employees serve as tour guides for theevent. Irving Forest Products feels that it is very important for its log suppliersto understand what happens to their logs once they get deliveredto the mill. Feedback is always positive as suppliers learn and understandthe process. In return, the educated suppliers are better able tomeet the mill’s need for well prepared, quality sawlogs.Along with the mill tours there are log scaling demonstrations, logpreparation demonstrations, lumber product displays, and chainsawmanufacturers who display the latest equipment.One of the highlights of the day is a barbeque lunch served up by themill staff.May 9 th , 2008 delivered perfect weather for the event. After lunch,numerous door prizes were given out, ending the day.The open house is a perfect way to bring log suppliers and mill employeestogether for a day of fun and education. A good time is always hadby all.Log suppliers are valued partners in ensuring the best grades for the markets that the J.D. Irving Limited serves.•A New CedarDimension For J.D.IRVING LIMITEDSaint John, N.B.–J.D. Irving, Limited purchasedthe Baker Brook operation fromBowater in 2006. This mill was originallydesigned and updated to efficiently produceSPF stud lumber in 10-foot and shorter lengths.Facing a softening SPF market and identifyinga need to consolidate Cedar production at onelocation, the company switched over the loginventory and began producing Cedar in Aprilof 2007.The Baker Brook site, managed by MarioDesjardins, is comprised of a sawmill, planermill, and dry kiln. The sawmill has a daily outputcapacity of 90,000 FBM on Cedar. “Ourbiggest challenge was taking a highly optimizedmill set up for high output production andmaking the necessary changes to produce aproduct that is graded based on appearancerather than structural integrity,” saysDesjardins.The centerpiece of the mill is the Comact DDM10, which suits the Cedar log sawing patternswell as the species inherently produces logswith lots of sweep. Recovery and capturinggrade are made possible in the mill with theBrewco horizontal resaw and 65 bins on thedrop sorter. “Our operation is extremely optimized,which allows us to get the best recoveryfrom our log resource and produce the gradeneeded by the customer,” said Desjardins.Once sawn, the Cedar product is passedthrough the Yates A20 planer, then regraded,and piled to meet customer demands.With close to 16,000,000 FBM of forecastedproduction in 2008, the sales team of JohnRussell, Sales Manager, and CharleneOuellette, Open Market Sales, are constantlylooking at new products and markets for Cedar.“We began 2008 with a sales plan that hasevolved to include many new customers andwe have reached into new geographic markets,”says Russell. The Cedar business hashistorically focused primarily on the seasonalproducts related to fencing and log cabin homecomponents. “With such a large production, weare looking to take some of the seasonalityaway from our business to ensure a strongfencing market and help diversify our productmix.”Currently, the Baker Brook operation produces1-inch boards and 2-inch dimensional productsaimed at the fencing sector along with 4x4through 6x8 squares directed to the log homeindustry. Future plans include developing retailboard programs and utilizing lower grade productin value-added applications such as barrelsand planters.“We have a solid, highly motivated team workingat the site,” says Ouellette (Open MarketSales), “and, with a positive attitude, we haveseen continuous improvement in our resultsand this contributes to success in the longterm.”For more information about J.D. Irving Ltd.,call (506) 632-7777.•Please Visit Us At Booth No. 622

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Page 28 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueCABOT Meets ChallengesOf New MarketM i n n e a p o l i s , M i n n . –Cabot, amarketing leader in woodcare formore than 130 years, continues themission of manufacturing premiumquality paints and stains as part ofThe ValsparCorporation.“Cabot continuesits missionto be theleader inwoodcare,marketingpremiumquality stainsand paintsthroughoutNorth Americafor Valspar,”according toMatt Pedrone,division managerfor CabotFactoryFinish.“Cabot hasbeen challengedin2008 to meet environmentalregulationsand thedemands of our customers– what’s difficultis that the stateregulations are differentand vary fromregion to region, andfactor when certain products cannotbe sold, and it looks like Canada isgoing to enact similar regulations in2009.”These regulations and others haveaffected thetypes ofproductsused andh a sincreasedthe demandfor FactoryFinish—au n i q u ebrand ofproductsdevelopedfor coatingwood in afactory. TheFactoryFinishproduct isFactory Finish is a unique Cabot product specifically developed forcoating and protecting wood.then there’sCalifornia. Theyhave completelydifferent regulations,”statedPedrone. “Weneeded moreproducts andexpanded distributionjust tocontinue to marketCabot woodcareproducts foreach productcategory in existingmarkets withthe new VOClaws.”Cabot productsand serviceshave alwaysbeen rooted inwoodcare—toprotect andbeautify wood,since 1877.“Although newproducts and alternative materialscontinue to come to the market,Cabot has remained focused on offeringsuperior products for wood – thelatest green building material. Welook to meet the needs of the consumerby having the best productavailable in that region,” Pedronesaid.“We have developed water-basedcoatings that are environmentallyfriendly and perform very well,”Pedrone continued. “It’s been a realCabot’s Factory Finish product is appealing notonly for its durability, but also for its versatility.availablewith a 25-year warrantyon wood.In 2008, Cabotlaunched Lockzall,a tannin resistantwater-based primerfor extractive richwoods like WesternRed Cedar andRedwood.“Most lumber distributorsare lookingfor ways tomove moreproduct and addprofit to existinginventories, andfactory finishingallows them todo just that –saving time andmoney forbuilders, thatultimately addssales and profitdollars to theirexisting productlines,” Pedroneexplained.In 2008, thecompany willcontinue their“ O u rPerformance isLegendary”marketing campaignand sponsorshipsbuildingthe Cabot brand, according toPedrone. The Valspar Corporation,NYSE-(VAL), is headquartered inMinneapolis, Minn.Factory Finish is available with a 15-year warranty on wood.•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 929WEABER Touts “11 Great Sales Programs”L e b a n o n , P a . —Established in1941 by Walter H. Weaber, Weaber,Inc., headquartered here, has grownto become one of the nation’s leadinghardwood lumber specialty manufacturers.The state-of-the-art lumber millis located in the heart of theAppalachian hardwood region, andspecializes in Appalachian red andwhite oak, poplar, maple and ash, andproduces over 45 million board feet ofrandom length/width lumber per year.With over 19 acres under roof, GalenG. Weaber, chief executive officer, hasconstantly and dramatically geared hismill to produce quality hardwood. Withits continual growth and development,Weaber provides its customers withsuperior products and service.Starting in 1985, Weaber has developed“11 Great Sales Programs”including: S4S traditional oak boards;S4S veneered oak boards; S4S C &Better poplar boards; S4S finger jointpoplar boards; S4S maple boards; fingerjoint poplar moulding blanks; solidoak and poplar mouldings; veneeredoak mouldings; finger joint poplarmouldings; stair treads and risers; andunfinished red and white oak flooring.It is from these programs that NickGeorgelis, Weaber’s executive vicepresident of sales and marketing,states, “Our broad spectrum of provensales programs allows our customersto buy quality hardwood products atreasonable prices, in order to maximizetheir sales and profits.”In 2005, Weaber established its 11 thprogram, unfinished hardwood flooring,which has become a strong factorin the flooring industry. From thebeginning, John Georgelis, vice presidentof flooring, has directed this productline’s growth. “Because of our consistentquality and service, WeaberInc., in less than three years, hasbecome a major factor in the unfinishedhardwood flooring business,” hesaid. “Because of this, we look forwardto building on our success.”Going on its third year now, Weaberoffers Appalachian red and white oakflooring in 3/4-inch thickness and 21/4-inch, 3 1/4-inch, 4 1/4-inch and 51/4-inch widths. Weaber also offers itsflooring in quarter/rift, select, clear, No.1 Common and No. 2 Commongrades, and is NOFMA certified.Matt Weaber, president, realized theneed for “green” compliance. In 2006,Weaber Inc. took the steps needed tobe a proud participant in theKey executives of Weaber Inc., headquartered in Lebanon, Pa., include Matt Weaber, president; Greg Haupt,vice president of wholesale sales; John Georgelis, vice president of flooring; and Nick Georgelis, executivevice president of sales and marketing.Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).The SFI program’s premise is thatresponsible environmental behaviorand sound business decisions can coexist.Program participants practicesustainable forestry on all the landsthey manage. They influence millionsof additional acres through the trainingof loggers, foresters and family forestlandowners in the best managementpractices and landowner outreach programs.This commitment to sustainableforestry recognizes that all forestlandowners play a critical role inensuring the long-term health and sustainabilityof forests. Being proactive,Weaber has taken the necessarysteps needed to ensure that there arehealthy forestlands in the future. It isWeaber’s guarantee that all of its productswill display the SFI logo, and thisdecision guarantees that Weaber’scustomers will continue to come back.One of Weaber’s latest investmentsis their state-of-the-art distribution center.This 170,000-square-foot facilityhouses all of Weaber’s finished products.Greg Haupt, vice president ofwholesale sales, said, “Weaber stocksmore than 6 million board feet of finishedgoods, and the distribution center’sefficient procedure for just-in-timedelivery makes my job easy.”It is from this facility that Weaber’semployees prepare all orders for shipmentthroughout the entire country.Galen Weaber has made a majorinvestment in his plant and process.However, he considers his numberone asset to be his employees.For more information, contactWeaber Inc. at 800-745-9663, visitwww.weaberlumber.com or e-mailmginder@weaberlumber.com.•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 915

October 2008 Advertorial Page 29MARY’S RIVER LUMBER Western Red Cedar, The Naturally Green ChoiceRaymond Luther, Don Dye and Rick Ingram comprise the sales team forMary’s River Lumber Co., headquartered in Corvallis, Ore.C o r v a l l i s , O r e . –Mary’s RiverLumber Company has become one ofAmerica’s leading Western Red Cedarmanufacturer’s through its commitmentto outstanding customer service, productexcellence, production innovation,and diverse product availability. It hasbeen said that in comparing buildingmaterials, Red Cedar is as distinct asdiamonds are to other gemstones, dueto its outstanding appearance, durability,dimensional stability and insulationvalue. For these reasons, manufacturingRed Cedar products is a veryhands-on process as compared to producingcommodity 2x4’s and 2x6’s.Hands-on quality starts with selectingtight-knot, second growth Western RedCedar logs for specific products andgrades in a full range of Red Cedarproducts. From there, the logs aresawn into lumber at one of two Mary’sRiver fully integrated sawmills situatedin the Western Red Cedar region ofCoastal Oregon and Washington. TheOregon sawmill at Philomath is in theCoast Range west of Corvallis. Here,the lumber is converted to kiln-dried,rough-cut lumber on state-of-the-artequipment designed specifically to millRed Cedar for optimum quality. Therough-cut lumber is transported toMary’s River’s finishing/shipping facilityin Corvallis to be milled into siding,boards, paneling, decking, fencing anddimension in a wide variety of gradesand sizes. Shipping operations arelocated close to Union Pacific’s mainlineand I-5 for quick shipment by rail ortruck. Washington operations are locatedat Montesano, where all facets ofmanufacturing are performed at onelocation. The operations complementeach other to provide flexibility in productmix, quick response to customerinventory requirements, optimum efficiency,and competitively provide customersthe Western Red Cedar theyneed with on-time delivery.Mary’s River’s skilled craftsmanshipand innovation provides the quality andthe unique appearance that sets its sidingapart from composites that try tocopy the appearance of Western RedCedar. An innovative solution to dryingis the custom dry kilns, designed for theoptimum conditioning of Red Cedar.“Our computerized dehumidifying kilnsallow us to produce superior kiln-driedbevels for markets requiring dry bevelsiding,” says Don Dye, sales manager.Brad Kirkbride, president, adds, “Ourproduction facilities and procedures arecontinuously evaluated to manufacturesuperior Western Red Cedar more efficiently.The result is a top-quality productthat is competitively priced.”Mary’s River’s siding is available inbevel, channel, and tongue & groovepatterns. Knotty T & G siding, with itsoutstanding texture and rustic appearance,is the cornerstone of production.When Western Red Cedar is coatedwith a solid-finish oil stain, it makes ahandsome statement in almost anyarchitectural style. Mary’s River sidingis ideal for the home center market withend-caps and bundled packaging.Mary’s River offers a full selection ofall natural Western Red Cedar decking.Tight-knot, second growth timber isselected to produce the beauty of naturalwood decking with stability, durability,and weather resistance. Decking isThe Washington operations for Mary’s River Lumber Co. are located atMontesano, where all facets of manufacturing are performed at onelocation.available in 5/4 x 4, 5/4 x 6, 2 x 6 with3/16” radius edge and 2 x 4 and 2 x 6with eased edges. Decking is availablein even lengths only from 6’ to 20’.Western Red Cedar boards and fasciaare manufactured with the same attentionto quality as Mary’s River’s otherSTK and Clear products. Boards andfascia are offered in 1”, 5/4” and nominal2” depths and nominal 4” through12” widths, with rough sawn or S1S2Efinishes. Quality control recognizes thatits Standard and Better boards areused in fascia, trim and board and battenwhere excellent appearance isessential.The company’s Oregon sawmill at Philomath is in the Coast Range westof Corvallis.In today’s surging “green” market,Western Red Cedar is a natural choice.Mary’s River WR Cedar comes fromfast growing, abundant, second-growthforests where 95% of the tree is used.The branches, the remaining 5 percent,are left on the forest floor to biodegradeinto rich compost for the next generation.Compared to concrete compositesand plastic substitutes, WR Cedar productionhas the lowest energy consumption,is non-hazardous to handle,and is totally biodegradable and renewable.Mary’s River is an industry leader inWestern Red Cedar due to its commitmentto customer satisfaction, innovationto stay on the cutting edge in qualityand production, community involvement,and a safe and healthy environmentfor its employees. For more information,call the sales team Don Dye,Rick Ingram, and Raymond Luther, orvisit www.marysrvr.com.•Please Visit Us AtBooth No. 415

October 2008 AdverorialPage 31Why Invest In Technology When the Market Is Down?DMSi Customers Brave Economic Challenges With Strong Technological BaseBinformed, DMSi’s flexible, user-friendly business intelligence application, hasproven to provide a large return on investment during market downturn.O m a h a , N e b . –With many buildingmaterial businesses struggling in the currentmarket slowdown, it is difficult to thinkabout the benefits of investing in technologicalchange. However, technology hasproven to be the key in helping businessesmake it and, in some cases, actually thriveduring the tough times. Regardless of themarket climate, DMSi Software providestheir customers the tools needed to operateat peak performance. The efficienciesgained from DMSi’s industry specific functionalityand business processes, precisedecision-making with real-time information,and innovative tools like SaaS (Software asa Service) provide strong incentives tostreamline your business now and thrive inthe future.For over 30 years, DMSi Software hashelped create the best technology practicesfor the building material and forest productindustry. With a strong industry focus,DMSi’s functionality is reflective of theneeds of over 12,426 users. When a DMSicustomer makes a suggestion, DMSi considershow the upgrade will help the industryneeds as a whole. Therefore, Agility hasaccumulated the most industry specificfunctionality for building material and forestproduct businesses over time to create asolid business platform. One of thousandsof examples is Agility’s EWP cut processingwhich allows Norman Distribution to set cutparameters to their specifications. The logicenables them to leave good saves withhigher sales value; minimizing waste; andprovide accurate inventory of stock in theyard. “We decreased our inventory from$3.2 million in January to $2.4 million today;running leaner, minimizing waste andestablishing better buying patterns,” addsJeff Pons, Norman Distribution systemmanager. “In only four months usingAgility’s cut processing, we have reducedour waste 52 percent.”To make the best out of tough market conditionsalso requires knowing exactly whereyou stand with respect to customer salesand inventory. BInformed, DMSi’s flexible,user-friendly business intelligence application,provides an especially large return oninvestment during a market downturn.Many DMSi customers have foundBInformed’s robust tools vital in supportingquick decision-making throughout theirbuilding material organizations. As one ofthe largest distributors of building productsin the United States, North Pacific usesDMSi’s BInformed to interactively zero-inon answers to business performance questions,instantly detect business trends, andstrategically respond to the ever changingevents occurring in distribution.“Information is critical in today’s marketconditions. By helping you efficiently findcustomer trend information, BInformedgives the information needed for winningsales,” explains Scott White, North PacificIT Manager, Business Process andEnterprise Systems. “Some users are in itall day while others use it for month endreports. But, its biggest value is in weekly ormonthly sales analysis.”BInformed Sales Analysis provides decision-makingdata (including sales, marginand margin percentages) in the hands ofsales representatives and sales managers.This detailed performance informationallows for sales strategy modifications thatmaximize sales opportunities. Additionally,sales professionals can find additionalopportunities by drilling down to view topperforming products and trends, or salesperformance by branch, customer, agent,or specific date selection.For over 30 years, DMSi software has helped create the besttechnology practices for the building material and forest productindustry.Innovation breeds possibilityand DMSi’sAgility SaaS (Softwareas a Service) does justthat. Requiring only aninternet connection;SaaS greatly simplifies technology, allowsIT costs to fluctuate up or down with yourneeds, and frees resources to focus oncore business initiatives. Using Agility’sSaaS model, customers like Stark Lumbereliminate waste and cut costs by outsourcingthe complexity of managing server andcommunication hardware, software,updates, backups and disaster recovery.The flexibility of SaaS allows Stark Lumber5 MORE WAYSTO ATTRACT BUILDERS:1USE ELECTRONIC TAKE-OFFSFOR PRECISE MATERIAL ESTIMATES:Boise BC Estimator imports plans, converts them intoaccurate material estimates, and shares information forlayout plans. It reduces up-front time to estimate projectonly once. www.bc.com/wood/ewp/bcplansSwift.jsp9to run Agility with a PC and reliable Internetconnection from anywhere in the world.“With Agility SaaS, I can access informationanywhere – from home, when traveling, oreven at Starbucks,” says Stark LumberPresident, Jim Michas. “We’re not computerguys, we’re lumber guys. DMSi’s AgilitySaaS works well for our business.”In sum, DMSi has the proven industry specifictools to help your business weather thestorm and come out on top when the marketturns. For more information about DMSisoftware, call 402-330-6620 or visitwww.dmsi.com.START BUILDERS OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOTWITH BOISE SQUARING DIAGRAMS:www.bc.com/wood/ewp/FramerCalc.pdfTELL BUILDERS YOUR STORYWITH THE BOISE LOCALMARKETING KIT.plus ads, direct mail pieces and DVDs 15HELP MOVE BUILDERS TO BOISE EWPAND END DIMENSIONLUMBER-RELATED CALLBACKS:dimension lumber joist that dried towww.bc.com/wood/ewp/simpleFraming.jsp© 2008 Boise Building Solutions Manufacturing, L.L.C. Boise, BC Framer and BC Estimator are trademarks of Boise Cascade, LLC or its affiliates.Nearly 400 of North America’s top lumber and other building productssuppliers use DMSi software to manage daily activities in 1,500 distributionyards, shops, warehouses and offices.GIVEBUILDERSPRECISE CUTLISTS TOELIMINATECUTTINGAbout DMSi SoftwareFor over 30 years, DMSi has been theleading business management solutionfor distributors of building material andforest products. Nearly 400 of NorthAmerica’s top lumber and other buildingproduct suppliers use DMSi software toefficiently manage daily activities in1,500 distribution yards, shops, warehousesand offices.•Visit Us At Booth No. 604HELP ASSURE ALL TEAMMEMBERS ARE ALWAYSWORKING FROMCURRENT PLANS:With Boise ® Plans Roomall team members – you,subcontractors, producthave instant, anytimeimmediately, re-postedand team memberswww.bc.com/wood/ewp/bcplans.jsp6 10ERRORS: ® homes in less time.www.bc.com/wood/ewp/FramerCalc.pdfGreat products are only the beginning.

Page 32 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueRICHARDSON TIMBERS: Specializing In Custom TimbersBy Terry MillerKey employees at Richardson Timbers, headquartered in Dallas, Texas,include (front row, from left) Grant Vaughan, inventory control; Durae Miller,inside sales coordinator; Bobby Crowley, general manager; (back row, fromleft) Jamie Hursh, sales; and Stephen Rogers, sales.D a l l a s , T e x a s — RichardsonTimbers, located here, has been servingthe construction industry for almost60 years, and is one of the leaders incustom millwork and manufacturing ofcustomized timbers. Richardson hasthe capabilities of delivering productsthroughout the United States.“We serve wholesale distribution yardsLucio Martinez, a craftsman who has been with RichardsonTimbers for over 20 years, performs some architectural workon some Douglas Fir corbels.CLEAN, SMOOTH, BEAUTIFUL.(THE LUMBER. NOT US.)OUR YELLOW PINE’S BEEN ALL OF THE ABOVE,BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE TO“DRESS UP” TO THOSE STANDARDS.WHOLESALE & EXPORTSouthern Yellow PineChip Millthroughout Texas, Missouri, Kansas,Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma,Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida and theCarolinas,” said Bobby Crowley, generalmanager at Richardson Timbers. “Wehave the facilities, expertise and experienceto meet the needs of any stockingdistributor in North America. In addition,we do a lot of reman work for wholesalersand wholesale distributors. Weare very specialized, because we don’twant to be someone who just sells timbers.Richardson Timbers is able tooffer wholesale products with unparalleledservice and quality.”Richardson is a stocking distributor ofTru-Dry ® Fir FOHC for Texas,Oklahoma and Louisiana. In addition,BEAUTIFUL LUMBERBEAUTIFUL PRICESCALL 252-771-24971443 Northside RoadElizabeth City, NC 27909www.jwjoneslumber.comRichardson employees are shown surfacing all four sides (S4S) of a 2x12Douglas Fir timber.the company offers custom patterns,rafter tails, trailer flooring, corbels, surfacing,resaw boards and dimension, ripboard and dimension, most SYP patterns,precision end trimming and sawtexture. Richardson stocks No. 1 andBetter green Douglas Fir in sizes up to20x20 and lengths up to 40 feet; No. 1and Better Appearance Western RedCedar in 16x16 and lengths up to 32feet; and oak timbers up to 12x12 and inlengths up to 20 feet. The firm is alsoable to provide larger sizes if requested.Richardson Timbers is a member ofthe Lumbermen’s Assoc. of Texas. Thecompany provides products to a varietyof custom design and fabrication companies.Richardson will send both rawmaterials and finished products for customhomes, commercial buildings,restaurants and many other applications.Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc. hastaken pride in its products over the pasthalf-century the company has been inoperation, and part of that pride comesfrom the patented drying process — thetrademarked Tru-Dry ® . Recently,Richardson Timbers, another trustedname in the lumber industry, becamethe first exclusive stocking distributor inTexas, Oklahoma and Louisiana of theradio frequency vacuum kiln-dried timbersmanufactured by Forest GroveLumber.According to Eddie Smalling, a salesrepresentative at Forest Grove Lumber,the Tru-Dry process enables ForestGrove to dry large-sized timbers — upto 40 feet in length — with exceptionalquality and appearance, as well assound structural integrity. The processof using radio frequency vacuum kilnsdries beams evenly, to the core, to minimizedrying defects, such as checking,cupping and twisting.“We are drying 19 percent or less allthe way to the center of the beam with abalanced moisture content,” Smallingexplained. “We get less than 2 percentdifferential from the core moisture to theshell moisture, so the beam is evenlydried and very stable.”The Tru-Dry products are marketed foruse in various ways, including commercialand residential building.“Tru-Dry timbers are used in high-endarchitectural applications, such as timberframe trusses, custom homes andcommercial applications where they arehighly visible and extremely stable,”Smalling said.Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc. is headquarteredin McMinnville, Ore., wherethe company has a 25-acre wholesaleoperation, with 12 million board feet ofinventory, and moves approximately 8million board feet per month. The companydries 350,000 to 400,000 boardfeet of large Coastal Douglas Fir timbersper month as well. The McMinnvillefacility has six kiln chambers producingthe Tru-Dry timbers, in addition to onekiln at the location in Goose Creek, B.C.•

October 2008 Page 33Strength and Beauty.It runs in the family.Find both strength and beauty in our Premium Exposed® line and thenbe sure to put our 2” Premium Exposed® Douglas Fir at the top of yourlist for patio covers, fascia board, trellises, pergolas and trelliswork.Whether you need 2” Premium Exposed®, or your project calls for largersized timbers, you can count on our dedication to superior quality.Here are just a few of the extra steps we take to make our PremiumExposed® Product Line worthy of your project—and the tree theycame from:2 INCH LINEAVAILABLE INTHREE TEXTURES:BAND SAWNAVAIL. SIZES: 2x4 — 2x12• All Premium Exposed® products are graded to a stringentin-house grade rule which greatly exceeds WWPA’s standardsfor pitch, shake and wane.• All our products are anti-fungal treated, anti-stain treated andpaper-wrapped, guaranteeing superior quality and clean blemishfree appearance.COMBEDAVAIL. SIZES: 2x4 — 2x12• We certify that we meet or exceed the rigorous regulationsset forth by the Oregon Forest Practices Act.Whether it’s custom cutting up to 26 feet, fulfilling special orders,or providing you with mixed loads, at C&D we want to work withyou to make every project a success.CIRCLE SAWNAVAIL. SIZES: 2x4 & 2x6GREAT PEOPLE. GREAT PRODUCTS. GREAT CUSTOMERS.At C&D Lumber Co.we certify thatwe meet or exceedthe rigorous andcomprehensiveregulations set forthby the Oregon ForestPractices Act.For more information about ordering our Doug Fir Premium® Exposed Products,please give us a call at (541) 874.2241 or visit us online at www.cdlumber.comCome see us at the NAWLA Traders Market Booth #413

Page 34Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2007 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAPDon Dorazio, West Bay Forest Products & ManufacturingLtd., Langley, B.C.; Tim Knox, Midwest LumberMinnesota, Inc., Stillwater, Minn.; Chad Findlay, West BayForest Products & Mfg. Ltd.; Ryan Furtado, SawarneLumber Co. Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; and Corey Hiebert andKyle Jones, West Bay Forest Products & Mfg. Ltd.Gregg Wilkinson, Brian Smith, and Jack Henderson,North Pacific, Portland, Ore.; and Rich Schaberg,North Pacific, Lansing, Mich.Patrick Hanulak, PPG Machine Applied Coatings,Pittsburgh, Pa.; Jason Adams, PPG, Westfield, Mass.;Rindy Learn, PPG, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Chris Andrews, PPG,Silvas, Ill.; David Jeffers, PPG, Raleigh, N.C.; and CraigCombs, PPG, Medford, Ore.Bill Artigliere, Mid-State Lumber Corp., Branchburg, N.J.;Win Smith Jr., Limington Lumber Co., East Baldwin,Maine; and Terry Miller, The Softwood Forest ProductsBuyer, Memphis, Tenn.Lance Hubener, Tri-Pro TM Forest Products, Orofino,Idaho; Toni Carter, Idaho Forest Group, Sandpoint,Idaho; and Bob Bootay, Babcock Lumber Co.,Pittsburgh, Pa.Michael Corsello, Nash Lumber Merchandising Corp.,Bayshore, N.Y.; Marc Moore, Northeastern LumberManufacturers Assoc., Cumberland, Maine; and TomJenkins, Old Town Lumber Co. Inc., Kenduskeag, MaineBrock Lenon and Dennis Badesheim, Idaho Timber Corp.,Boise, Idaho; Michelle Patterson, Forest Products StockExc.com, Memphis, Tenn.; and Ted Ellis, Idaho TimberCorp.Greg Ryback, Trinity Forest Industries Inc., Hurst,Texas; Thom Wright, All-Coast Forest Products Inc.,Cloverdale, Calif.; and Keith Cortez, Trinity ForestIndustriesDick Jones and Jody Boates, The Teal-Jones Group,Surrey, B.C.; Rose Ann Loranger, Goodfellow Inc.,Delson, Que.; John Evans, Web Cedar, Ruskin, B.C.; andJames O’Grady, Goodfellow Inc.Ronda McDonald, Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc.,McMinnville, Ore.; Roger Culbertson, Timberline ForestProducts, LLC, Keller, Texas; and Dennis McWhirter,Exterior Wood Inc., Washougal, Wash.Pat Murphy, Pacific Western Lumber, Lake Oswego,Ore.; and Jeff Moore, Carter Stinton, Lea Eastman,Steve Cole, and T. R. Cauthorn, Hampton LumberSales Co., Portland, Ore.Jim Futter, Futter Lumber Corp., Rockville Centre,N.Y.; and Mark Mitchell, Shawn Hummer and MarshallLauch, Stimson Lumber Co., Portland, Ore.Joe MacKay, RoyOMartin Lumber Co. LLC, Alexandria,La.; Brock Descant and Ronald Tassin, Elder WoodPreserving Co., Inc., Mansura, La.; and Lori Byrd and RoyMartin, RoyOMartin Lumber Co. LLCDonald Zwisler, Ply-Trim, Inc., Youngstown, Ohio; SteveRhone and Dave Gambell, Weston Forest Group,Mississauga, Ont.; and Clyde Wolfgang, Ply-Trim, Inc.Brett Anderson, J.D. Irving Ltd., St-John, N.B.; and TomRyker, T.W. Hager Lumber Co. Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich.Mark Carroll and Roger Champagne, Capital ForestProducts, Annapolis, Md.; Matt Pedrone, Cabot,Newburyport, Mass.; and Jim Tittle, Cabot, Normal, Ill.Charles Quarles, McShan Lumber Co. Inc., McShan, Ala.;Sandi Held, Cecco Trading Co., Milwaukee, Wis.; MarkJunkins, McShan Lumber Co. Inc.; and Mike Redwine,East Coast Lumber Co., Climax, N.C.Calvin Biddix and Carl McKenzie, U.S. Lumber Group,Duluth, Ga.; Michael Wigen, Dirk Kunze, and ChrisSchofer, Wynndel Lumber Sales Ltd., Wynndel, B.C.; andLawrence Newton, U.S. Lumber GroupPaul Owen, Vanport International, Inc., Boring, Ore.;and Kory Timmons, Tom Scott, and Paul Erickson,Roseburg Forest Products Co., Roseburg, Ore.Mike Pidlisecky and Brett Collins, WoodtoneBuilding Products, Chilliwack, B.C.; James O’Grady,Goodfellow Inc., Delson, Que.; and Brian Makins,Woodtone Building ProductsRon LeMaitre, Haida Forest Products Ltd., Burnaby,B.C.; Dick Gukeisen and Steve Sprenger, SprengerMidwest, Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Gary Arthur,Haida Forest Products Ltd.Karl Hallstrom and Brian Jones, Zip-O-Log Mills,Inc., Eugene, Ore.; Pete Lauridsen, All-Coast ForestProducts Inc., Englewood, Colo.; and JoeHonochick, Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc.Joseph Haggerty IV and Shepard Haggerty, WilliamsLumber Co. of NC, Inc., Rocky Mount, N.C.; and RyanMorrison, Arrowhead Lumber Sales, Inc., Okalahoma City,Okla.Carlos Furtado, Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd., Richmond,B.C.; Susan Zick, Mid-America Cedar, Osseo, Minn.; RyanFurtado, Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.; Rick Fischer, Mid-America Cedar; and Bill Hurst, Mid-America Cedar,Matthews, N.C.Additional photos on page 36

October 2008 Page 35The REDBag SolutionWe wrapped it in red to make a statement: The quality of our Mainegrownwhite pine and our passion for doing whatever it takes to meetyour needs and specifications set an unsurpassed standard. Make yourown statement with Eastern White Pine from Hancock Lumber.• World renownedEastern White Pine• Expansive PatternSelection• Premium Quality• Unmatched ProductFlexibility• Unrivaled Service• Superior ProductPerformanceQUALITY & SERVICE WORLDWIDESales Contact: 207-627-7605www.hancocklumber.com

Page 36Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2007 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAP - Continued from page 34Aubra Anthony, Anthony Forest Products Co., El Dorado,Ark.; Suzanne Gosselin, Scoopsoft/BCE BusinessSolutions, Montreal, Que.; Russ Anthony, Anthony ForestProducts Co.; and Jean-Pierre Halle, Scoopsoft/BCEBusiness SolutionsSteve Hirst and Julie Anderson, Tri-Pro TM Cedar Products,Oldtown, Idaho; Meg Malloy, Malloy Lumber Co. Inc.,Kingston, Idaho; and Terry Baker, Tri-Pro TM CedarProductsJosh Kaye and Richie Paci, American Lumber Co.,Walden, N.Y.; John VavRosky, Potlatch Corp., Spokane,Wash.; Allen Gaylord, Potlatch Corp., Lewiston, Idaho;and Joe Angelo, Potlatch Corp., Spokane, Wash.Ken Tennefoss, RISI, Bedford, Mass.; Gary Zauner,RISI, Weslyn, Ore.; Bob Pippen Jr. and Sidney Walker,J.W. Jones Lumber Co., Elizabeth City, N.C.Carl Seidler, Roberts and Dybdahl, Des Moines, Iowa;Andy Dunham, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur d’Alene,Idaho; Al Cron, Boise Cascade, Dallas, Texas; JimScharnhorst, Idaho Forest Group; and Chris Brooks,Roberts and Dybdahl, Mitchell, Ill.Rich Sager and John Branstetter, Vaagen BrothersLumber Inc., Colville, Wash.; and Carey Elder, NewWorld Forest Products Inc., Crowley, La.Rick Ingram, Mary’s River Lumber Co., Corvallis, Ore.;Scott Frank, Lakes State Lumber Inc., Brooklyn Park,Minn.; Raymond Luther and Don Dye, Mary’s RiverLumber Co., Corvallis, Ore.; and Danny Bachman, DixiePlywood and Lumber Co., San Antonio, TexasDan Paige, Sandy Neck Traders, South Dennis,Mass.; Dan Keiderling, Wheeland Lumber Co. Inc.,Liberty, Pa.; Jeff Smith and Roland Lukoschek, L.R.McCoy & Co., Worcester, Mass.Darren Duchi, Siskiyou Forest Products, Anderson, Calif.;Chris Norris, Hood Distribution, Hattiesburg, Miss.; MonteAcquistapace, Siskiyou Forest Products; and DougBlonshine, Hood DistributionKent Beveridge, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond,B.C.; Dave Jara, Interfor Pacific, Bellingham, Wash.; JimSimmons, Skana Forest Products Ltd.; and Louis Picard,Skana Forest Products Ltd., Montreal, Que.Raymond Long and Janice Long, Wood Lumber Co.Inc., Camden, Ark.; Terry Neal, ISIS, Inc., Langley,B.C.Robert Beeler, Tree Line Forest Products, Miriam,Ark.; David and Ellen Bernstein, Multisac/DivisionWorkman Packaging Inc., Montreal, Que.; and TedRoberts, Roberts and Dybdahl, Des Moines, IowaE.J. Langley, Anthony Forest Products Co., El Dorado,Ark.; Roy Carroll, Peter Angus Forest Products Ltd.,Etobicoke, Ont.; and Donna Allen, Kristi Huffstetler andHugh MacDonald, Anthony Forest Products Co.Dan Plouffe, National Forest Products Ltd., London,Ont.; and Scott Stockton and Rob Marusic, SelkirkSpecialty Wood, Ltd., Revelstoke, B.C.Jack Burnard, Forest Grove Lumber Co. Inc.,McMinnville, Ore.; Bill McGovern, Pacific WesternLumber Co., Lakewood, Wash.; and Ronda McDonald,Ted Dergousoff, Gene Secco, Ryan Williams, MarkSwinth, and Michael Boone, Forest Grove Lumber Co.Inc.Doug Barton, Wholesale Lumber Services, Mt. Joy,Pa.; Dave Bond, Cedar Creek Wholesale, Inc.;Carrollton, Texas; and Matt Duprey, Hancock Lumber,Casco, MaineJeff Kocken, Amerhart Ltd., Green Bay, Wis.; Mary JoNybald, Boise Cascade, Boise, Idaho; Mike Graume,Amerhart Ltd.; and Dave Wildeman, Hector Dimas,and Kristi McCurdy, Boise CascadeIan Wight, Pacific Western Wood Works, Ltd., Delta,B.C.; Ken Ford, Edmund A. Allen Lumber Co.,Momence, Ill.; Dennis Wight, Pacific Western WoodWorks Ltd.; and Stewart Clark, The Waldun Group,Maple Ridge, B.C.Rick Palmiter and Joe Malloy, Idaho Veneer Co., PostFalls, Idaho; Frank Johnston, North Pacific,Waynesboro, Miss.; Don Mejia, North Pacific, SanAntonio, Texas; and Bob Lackey, Idaho Veneer Co.Lee Greene Jr., C & D Lumber Co., Riddle, Ore.; BettyWoods and Dan Cherry, Colorado Forest Industries,Denver, Colo.; and Kris Lewis, C & D Lumber Co.Scott McMonigle, Boise Cascade, Dallas, Texas; FrankPeaslee, Plum Creek, Meridian, Idaho; Russ Hobbs, PlumCreek, Columbia Falls, Mont.; and Robert Nichol, BoiseCascadeTodd Liebman and Eric Churchill, PrimeTECH,Grafton, Mass.; Nick Hobbs, BuilderReady Products,Inc., Canton, Ga.; and Dennis Connelly, PrimeTECHGreg Carter, Jim Walsh and Cindi Hengstler, Rosboro,Springfield, Ore.; and Jeff Pons and Jeff Norman, NormanDistribution, Inc., Medford, Ore.Scott Brown, DiPrizio Pine Sales, Middleton, N.H.;Bob Keener, Russin Lumber Corp., Montgomery,N.Y.; and Larry Huot, DiPrizio Pine SalesAdditional photos on page 38

Page 38Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2007 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAP - Continued from page 36Rick Stout, Jeff Shaffer, Sunbelt, Alpharetta, Ga.; andGary Vitale, T.W. Hager Lumber Co. Inc., GrandRapids, Mich.John Cooper, Joe Albert, and Jason Friend,Duckback Products Inc., Chico, Calif.John Georgelis and Greg Haupt, Weaber, Inc., Lebanon,Pa.Kim Hipps, Chris and Cindy Robertson, WoodPriming Products LLC, Oakwood, Ga.Ted Mick, LWO Corp., Portland, Ore.; and Monte Jensen,Dane Tyler and Jason Bolstad, DMSi, Omaha, Neb.Joe Galvin Jr., Horstmeier Lumber Co. Inc.,Baltimore, Md.; and Matt Duprey and Kevin Hynes,Hancock Lumber, Casco, MaineKen Ford, Edmund A. Allen Lumber Co., Momence, Ill.;Allen Gaylord, Potlatch Corp., Lewiston, Idaho; DaveBolgren, Weekes Forest Products Inc., St. Paul, Minn.;and Bob Mai, Potlatch Corp., Spokane, Wash.Wally Walcott, Olympic Industries Inc., North Vancouver,B.C.; Jim Stuckey, Wholesale Wood Products, Dothan,Ala.; Ron Gorman, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd., Westbank,B.C.; and Doug Keller, Hood Distribution/McQuestenGroup, North Billerica, Mass.Patrick Taleghani, Progressive Solutions Inc., Richmond, B.C.; DavidTucker, C.M. Tucker Lumber Companies LLC, Pageland, S.C.; and TimElbers, Progressive Solutions Inc.John Winiarski, Conner Industries, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas; Meg Malloy,Malloy Lumber Co., Inc., Priest River, Idaho; and Mike Stevens and JohnMcPartland, Neiman Enterprises, Inc., Hulett, Wyo.Robert Deneefe, Blue Water Lumber LLC., Daphne, Ala.; Tom Lister, ListerDistribution Inc., Knoxville, Tenn.; Chuck Gaede and B Manning, Durgin &Crowell Lumber Co. Inc., New London, N.H.; and John Sullivan, ListerDistribution Inc.Chris Beveridge, Ray Pauwels, Christian Owens, Diane Tutush, WillTrant and Tony Darling, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B.C.Dan Paige, Sandy Neck Traders, South Dennis, Mass.; Terry Miller, TheSoftwood Forest Products Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.; and Anthony Baroni,Sandy Neck TradersScott Watson, Jody Sims and Bill Haskin, Patriot Timber ProductsInternational Inc., Greensboro, N.C.Dave Tripp, Tripp Lumber Co., Missoula, Mont.; Eric Bennett, ShamrockBuilding Materials Inc., Bend, Ore.; Ben Tripp, Tripp Lumber Co.; and DavidStallcop, Vanpert Int’l. Inc., Boring, Ore.Todd Fox, Lazy S Lumber Inc., Beavercreek, Ore.; Chris Retherford, ColumbiaCedar, Kettle Falls, Wash.; Larry Petree, Lazy S Lumber Inc.; Dave Duncan,Lazy S Lumber Inc.; and Ralph Schmidt, and Merry Schmidt, Panel Crafters,Inc., White City, Ore.Al Gedroez, The Collins Companies, Portland, Ore.; Richard Bell,LowGrade Lumber, North Ridgeland Hills, Texas; and Wade Mosby, TheCollins CompaniesRalph and Merry Schmidt and Mike Pomerton, Panel Crafters Inc., WhiteCity, Ore.Omar Derkach and Al Fortune, Mid-Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.,Aldergrove, B.C.Andy Carr and Cameron Cook, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd., Westbank,B.C.; and Alan Lazauskas, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B. C.Additional photos on page 40

October 2008 Page 39Have Your Customers ChooseAny Color For Their Siding.Let Us Do The Rest.• Fade-Resistant, Nature Inspired Colors• Applied in Factory-Controlled ConditionsCabot Factory Finish • Saves Time and Eliminates Weather Delays• Available with 5-year, 15-year or 25-Year WarrantyTo Learn More, visit CabotFactoryFinish.comor call 1-800-US-STAIN

Page 40Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2007 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAP - Continued from page 38Fred Hodnik and Dan Semsak, Pacific Woodtech Corp., Burlington, Wash.;and Nick Kent and Mark Palmer, North American Wholesale LumberAssociation, Rolling Meadows, Ill.Matt McCoun, Deschutes Pine Sales, Bend, Ore.; and Douglas Barton,Wholesale Lumber Services, Mt. Joy, Pa.Ben Meachen, Stewart Clark, Kirk Nagy and Curtis Walker, The WaldunGroup, Maple Ridge, B.C.Billy Gunn, Colville Indian Plywood & Veneer, Omak, Wash.; Kristi Lamke,Boise Cascade, Boise, Idaho; and Terry Johnson, Colville Indian Plywood &VeneerRick Palmiter, Idaho Veneer Co., Post Falls, Idaho; Larry Hoguin, All-CoastForest Products, Chino, Calif.; and Bob Lackey, Idaho Veneer Co.Lee Richardson, The Collins Companies, Portland, Ore.; and MikePhillips, Hampton Lumber Sales, Portland, Ore.Dave Worthington and Andrew Hess, North Pacfic, Lansing, Mich.; MoniqueBauer, North Pacific, Portland, Ore.; Mark Herms, Herms Lumber Sales Inc.,Fullerton, Calif.; and Terry Johnson, Colville Indian Plywood & Veneer, Omak,Wash.Steve Rhone and Steve Ekstein, Weston Forest Group, Mississauga,Ont.; and Doug Knowles, Wolf River Lumber, Peterborough, Ont.Frank Feldmann, Western Forest Products, Vancouver, B.C.; Ian Wight, PacificWestern Wood Works Ltd., Delta, B.C.; Jon Taylor, Western Forest Products;Terry Baker, Tri-Pro TM Cedar Products, Oldtown, Idaho; and Raymond Luther,Mary’s River Lumber Co., Corvallis, Ore.Don Dye, Mary’s River Lumber Co., Corvallis, Ore.; Vince Carnovalle,Probyn Group, New Westminster, B.C.; Randy Brown and Gary Knight,R.B. Lumber Co., Oregon City, Ore.Ken Ford, Edmund A. Allen Lumber, Momence, Ill.; Janet Wheeler, Interfor,Maple Ridge, B.C.; Rick Slaco, Interfor, Vancouver, B.C.; Al Lazauskas, SkanaForest Products, Richmond, B.C.; and John Reed, Enyeart Cedar Products,Tigard, Ore.Wayne Miller, Softwood Forest Products Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.; RalphSchmidt, Panel Crafters, Inc., White City, Ore.; and Brent Stuart, RussinLumber Co., Montgomery, N.Y.Doug Knowles, Wolf River Lumber, Peterborough, Ont.; Chris Beveridge,Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; and Peter Lang, Western RedCedar Lumber Association (WRCLA), Vancouver, B.C.Joe Guerra, Cedar Creek Wholesale Inc., Carrollton, Texas; Paul Clasby,Reilly Industrial Lumber, Vancouver, B.C.; and Surinder Ghog, Mill &Timber Products, Surrey, B.C.Mike Wilson, Cedar Creek Wholesale Inc., Little Rock, Ark.; Bobby Crowley,Richardson Timbers, Dallas, Texas; Don Dickey, Gator Joist LLC, Fort Smith,Ark.; and Kevin McGaughey, Cedar Creek Wholesale Inc., Milan, Tenn.Clark Spitzer, Snavely Forest Products Inc., Westminster, Md.; Kevin Hynes,Hancock Lumber Co., Casco, Maine; and Jim Robbins, Robbins Lumber Inc.,Searsmont, MaineAlden Robbins, Robbins Lumber Inc., Searsmont, Maine; Steve Snavely,Snavely Forest Products Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Win Smith Jr., LimingtonLumber, East Baldwin, Maine; and Jim Coll, Snavely Forest Products Inc.,Smithton, Pa.Kerlin Drake, Anthony Forest Products Co., El Dorado, Ark.; SusanFitzsimmons, Snavely Forest Products Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.; and AubraAnthony and Russ Anthony, Anthony Forest Products Co.

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