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SWINGING ACROBATYou will need: two empty matchboxes two wood battens, about 2 x 25-cm string,scissors, nail, glue, sticky tape, pencil, ruler and colouring materials.BEND1. Push part of onematchbox tray fromits casing and cutaway the end.2. Cut into the sides ofthe tray, above theedge of the casing.3. Bend the bottomof the tray as shown,so that the side flapsoverlap….4 ....and fasten themtogether with a spot of glue.This forms the acrobat’shead. Now make two holesin each side of the box witha nail.5. Cut two pieces of stringat least 12-cm long. Neatlywrap a small piece ofsticky tape around one endof each (to stop the endsfrom fraying), and threadone through the top twoholes and one through thebottom two holes.6. Tie a knot in eachprotruding end, closeto the side of the box.7. Take the tray fromthe other emptymatchbox and cut it inhalf lengthways.8. Then cut each halfas shown to make foursimilar pieces.9. These will becomethe acrobat’s arms andlegs. Pierce a hole inone end of each asshown. In two of thepieces, pierce anothertwo holes, 1-cm apart,at the other end.10. Slip the arms and legson to the string ends. Tiea knot in each string closeto the arm or leg….78

11…. and cut offany surplus.12. Prepare the handles by piercingtwo holes, 1-cm apart, in one endof each of your battens.13. Place the acrobat ona table, head down,between the two handlesas shown. Take a pieceof string, about 20-cmlong, and wrap stickytape around one end.Thread this end throughthe uppermost holes inthe handles and arms….14…. then takethe string backthrough the lowerholes and tie aknot to completethe loop. Cut offany surplus string.AB16. Pull the two handles apart andthe acrobat should swing up andaround with his legs flying.15. Bring down the acrobatto lie between the handles.Draw in the face and perhapsa colourful costume.IMPORTANT: Before using thistoy make sure the strings arecrossed at points A and B as infig 15. Sometimes the stringsbecome twisted, or crossed thewrong way, and this prevents thetoy from working properly.79

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