indie rocker matt mays at mipac in february - The Grapevine
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indie rocker matt mays at mipac in february - The Grapevine

3.431 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Oct Jan 28 - 27 Nov - Feb 11, 10, 20102011 Issue N 3.37 COMMUNITY COMMUNITY • AWARENESS • AWARENESS • INVOLVEMENT • INVOLVEMENT This This one is one of 1320 of 1315 issues issues!TWO-WEEK TWEETS 4EAT TO THE BEAT 5EVENTS CALENDAR 8,9THE FREE CLASSIFIEDS 12STARDROP 14Update on Greenwich - p 2Icewine Festival Events - p 6Homeopathic Treatment ofAnxiety -- p 14Who’s Baby is this?INDIE ROCKER MATT MAYS AT MIPAC IN FEBRUARY(Windsor, NS) Nova Scotia’s popular indie rock and roll export Matt Mays is returning to the Maritimes for ahandful of dates in February including a show at the Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre in Windsor.See Page 15Mays’ musical style is a blend of rootsy,heartfelt acoustic and down-home grittyrock that appeals to a wide variety of listeners.Born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in ColeHarbour, Nova Scotia, Mays’ was a member ofHalifax alt-country band The Guthries beforestriking out on his own. His solo debut MattMays caused quite a stir across Canada andwent on to be nominated for two Juno Awards(New Artist & Adult Alternative Album). Mattfollowed this up with the first Matt Mays & ElTorpedo album, recorded with the live band hehad formed to tour in support of the Matt Maysalbum. Matt Mays & El Torpedo had quicklyevolved into one of Canada’s best live acts.Produced with Grammy Award-winner DonSmith (Tom Petty, Keith Richards), the album’sfirst single “Cocaine Cowgirl” was a massive hitand the album went on to win four East CoastMusic Awards in 2006. Since then Matt hasbeen involved in a variety of critically acclaimedfilm and music projects. With the departureof a couple key members of El Torpedo in2009, Matt opted to retire the band name butcontinues to perform both solo and band shows.The MIPAC performance will take placeSaturday, February 19 at 8:00PM. This event willbe the eighth offering in MIPAC’s 2010/2011Entertainment Series, a vital program featuringa rich blend of music and theatre offerings forspectators of all ages.Ticket prices are $27 ($25 students and seniors).Tickets are available at Moe’s Place Music Sales, 129Gerrish St, Windsor, NS (798 – 5565) Taxes andservice fees are included.Brought to you by KathyWhitewoodof Keller William Realty | 902 691-3157kathywhitewood@kwvalley.comFife is a very beautiful girl inneed of a new home. She isa Domestic Long Hair, Calico,Spayed female, approximately 1year old. She has been with ussince the end of November and isvery friendly.Wolfville Animal HospitalDr. Peter BlighP - 902 542 3422Robin is stillneeding a homeas is one of her 4kittens (Reba).Update:Belle Darris,538-9075kingscountyspca@yahoo.caPlate XIII of “Studies among the Snow Crystals ...“by Wilson Bentley, “The Snowflake Man.” in 1902.Bentley was a bachelor farmer whose hobby wasphotographing snow flakes.Present this coupon for20% off all Lebanesemenu items. Seewww.joesfoodemporium.cafor menu details.Valid all Feb, 2011Established in 2004 Contact the Grapevine: grapevine.wolfville@gmail.comVisit us online:

2 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Update on the Greenwich Farmland Situation:The January 17th Public Hearing had an excellent turnout! Almost 300 persons packed the Kentville CouncilChambers and the crowd overflowed out into the hall. The Hearing lasted until approximately 11:40 pm.The Vote: Deferred until February 1st at 6 pm (Council Chambers,87 Cornwallis St., Kentville Municipal Building) in order to give counciltime to read all the letters and material presented to them on the nightof the hearing & attempt to answer numerous unanswered questionsraised by residents of Greenwich and Kings County.Speakers: 44 spoke against the proposal, plus 9 Raging Granniestook a turn singing out their opposition. 14 spoke in favour of theproposal.Letters: In addition to the 53 podium opposers, another 162individually-sent letters were received and recorded by the County. 131form letters and 29 individually-sent letters were received and recordedby the County from those in favour.Petitions: Against the development tallied 721 signatures (263residents of Kings County) and an online petition requesting a moratoriumon farmland development in Kings County and NS tallied 2,947signatures (1,301 residents of Kings County). A petition in favour of theproposal collected 490 signatures (addresses not collected).Lawsuit: David Daniels went on the record to state that a positiveConcordia, Part IV: RescueThe plane came in from the west,the drone of its engines buildingwith each passing moment.The change in mood in our lifepod in those few minutes wasremarkable. Signal flares fromour emergency supply werequickly readied and fired into thedarkening sky. The plane, nowclearly visible, changed directionand came directly overhead. Fromoff to starboard another flare wasspotted – the fourth life pod wasjust a few hundred meters away!After several passes the planedeparted, leaving us in highspirits and wondering what wasin store. Our exact position nowestablished, how close was arescue ship? The evening woreon with lots of conversation.Some tried to sleep – it was nowmore than thirty hours sincethe sinking and we were weary.I dozed off, to be awakenedat about 3:00 AM, with thereporting of spotlights from ahuge merchant ship close at hand.The Hokuetsu Delight, a 700 footfreighter heading from China toBrazil had been diverted to pickus up.As it turned out the next fewhours were the most difficult ofall. The ship was not equipped totake aboard persons at sea level.Their deck was 70 feet aboveus. They had to maneuver verycarefully as the life pods couldeasily be overturned and the seaswere running at 10-15 feet. Arope ladder was lowered to justabove our pod and two of thestudents managed to jump andcatch hold. They scampered up tothe deck but the danger inherentin accomplishing this feat, in thedark, convinced our captain todelay any further attempts fortransfer until first light. So wesettled in for our second night atsea, with the Hokuetsu Delightstanding off to windward.By dawn the swells had lessoned.The ship came in close once more.Each of us waited our turn: standvote would result in a lawsuit citing (amongst many other points in a 39page written submission) ‘Approval of the Draft Policies will benefit fiveprivate landowners and will provide no benefit to the public’. To see thisdocument, visit: and scroll down a bit.History: Mr. Elderkin, Mr. Forsyth and other applicants provideda glimpse into the barriers and roadblocks facing the farming operationson some of their lands. These issues (lack of water, sewer, buildingpermits, restrictions on livestock) have made farming the land lessprofitable and more challenging thereby providing a foundation fortheir proposal.Questions: Some of the common themes from the oppositioncamp include: unknown infrastructure and maintenance costs, the lackof demand for 2200+ new residential & commercial units, other existinggrowth centers providing ample opportunity on non-ag land and alack of regional planning.Vigil: For those wishing to provide their support against the proposal,there will be a gathering outside the chambers starting at 5:30pm.The 6pm council meeting is open to the public.Info: / www.nogrowthnofuture.comup (in itself not an easy task, after40 hours seated), move to theedge of the pod, time your jump(from a spongy ‘floor’) so as tograb for the ladder as the waveslifted the pod to the nearestpoint. Miraculously we all madeit. The students went first. Themedical officer was hoisted upon a back board. Fittingly, ourcaptain came last.The rope ladder took us to within15 feet or so of the deck. Atthat point we climbed over toa companion way ‘bridge’ thatsloped up to the top. A number ofthe crew positioned themselvesalong this path way to help us up;it took most of us a few minutesbefore our ‘land legs’ could befound.The crew members of themerchant ship were wonderful.They gave us their clothes, theirshowers, their cabins. We atechicken noodle soup, wrapped inblankets in their lounge. For theentire journey to Rio de Janeiro– a day or so - we had the run ofthe ship.Lots more could be said, but I willend by answering four questionsfrequently asked: We saw no signof sharks during our lifeboatexperience. The Concordia isunlikely to be revisited - it liesin 3.3 kilometer deep water. Tothis point no satisfactory answerhas been put forward to explainthe Brazilian authorities’ tardyresponse to our distress call - afterall, we were spotted within threehours of their finally commencingthe search. And sure, I wouldlove to go to sea in a tall shiponce more, but my family agreesthat I have had that particularadventure!~Maurice TugwellFor the complete story, visit ourblog: grapevine.wolfville.orgMovie RentalsFirst Anniversary Party!Prizes & Treats to be had!Sat Jan 29 at 2pm(across from the fire hall)360 Main St, Wolfville, 697-FILM (3456)www.cinematopia.caLose Inches in Minutes withHollywood Secret BodyWraps20 Grey Street Windsor.

3 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Herbal DetoxTea BlendI recently facilitated a workshopat the Harriet Irving BotanicalGardens at Acadia Universityentitled “Herbal Detoxification:Cleanse Your Body for theNew Year”. We discussedhealing foods, herbs, & othercomplementary therapies whichwould contribute to a postholidaycleanse. At the end of theworkshop, we created a HerbalDetox Tea Blend which I thoughtI would love to share with youall. This tea is designed to cleansethe blood, the liver, & the lungswhile killing off candida yeast ¶sites. And since winter is,in Chinese Medicine, the timeto nourish the kidneys & thebladder, I’ve also added someherbs for this function.Angie Jenkins, B.A.,CertifiedHerbalist• 2 pts Red Clover• 2 pts Juniper Berries• 2 pts Pau d’Arco• 2 pts Marshmallow (leaf)• 1 pt Wormwood• 1 pt Horehound• 1 pt Mullein• 1 pt Elder Berries• 1 pt Elder FlowersDirections: For every cup ofboiled water, steep 1 tsp of herbs.Let sit for 5 minutes. Strain.Drink 3 times a day.*Do not drink during pregnancyor lactation & consult with yourhealth care provider if you have anexisting health concern or are takingpharmaceutical medications.*Bulk herbs can be purchased atValley Natural Foods in Greenwood,on-line, or from naturopaths orherbalists.Tom ReganMemorial ConcertFeatures HalifaxBrass ProjectThe Acadia Performing ArtsSeries presents the AnnualTom Regan Memorial Concert,Saturday, February 12, 2011 at7:30 pm at the Festival Theatre inWolfville. The concert is namedfor a former Dean of Arts whowas a great supporter of thePerforming Arts Series. Theconcert showcases the wealthof talent at the Acadia School ofMusic through performances bySchool of Music students, faculty,alumni and friends.This year’s concert will featurethe Halifax Brass Project withRichard Simoneau and CurtisDietz, trumpet, Gina Patterson,horn, and Eric Mathis, trombone.This very accomplished quartet,two of whom are first chairs withSymphony Nova Scotia, will playselections by Giovanni Gabrieli,Pierre Passereau, Jan Koetsierand Bela Bartok.Other ensembles performinginclude the Adam-King-Walsh Trio with Mark Adam,percussion, Jennifer King, piano,and Eileen Walsh, clarinet, aswell as the Acadia PercussionEnsemble under the directionof Professor Adam. The AcadiaVocal Ensemble, directed byClaire Malin, will sing “Cloths ofHeaven” by M. Sirett.Solo performances by DavidPotvin, piano, and HannahStewart, mezzo soprano, willround out the program.Tickets are $26 ($20 students) and areavailable at the Acadia Box Office, 542-5500. For more info: Peter Smith 585-1282 / peter.smith@acadiau.caIce Wine Polar Bear Dip!Feb 12th, 11am, GaspereauCanal, $40/per, inc. 6 Icewines& Heart and StrokeFoundation Donation472 Main St. Wolfville 542 4315The Hip RoseCatering Companyfresh - inspired -funTake us home for lunch or dinner!Find us at the Wolfville Farmers’Market for fresh soups, saladsand savoury baked | 300-0606thehiprose@gmail.comLose Inches in Minutes withHollywood Secret BodyWraps20 Grey Street Windsor.

4 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Free Community Business Listings & Two-Week-Tweets brought to you by: Just Us! Coffee Roasters CooperativeMain St. Wolfville & Hwy #1 Grand Pre, 542-7474 “Every time you buy something, you have the power to make a statementabout what you value, and to help shape the future of your community – BALLE NS” www.ballens.caThese listings work on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Email every two weeks for your freeplacement. Or, reserve your place with a 5-issue minimum commitment at $10 per issue.Suggested Theme: One of BALLE NS’s objectives is to promote sustainable local living by encouraging a 10% shift in purchasinghabits from non-local businesses to Local Independents (locally owned and independent businesses). When you have an order to place orsomething to purchase, where do you look locally to fulfill your needs?boso Bamboo BoutiqueHarbourside Drive (Railtown) Wolfville, 542-7790 / boso.caBluenose II CompanyStore – 121 Bluenose Drive onLunenburg’s waterfront, 634-1963/ • The narrowestpoint of our province isbetween Windsor and Chester.We’re a short 35 km south ofChester. Clothing for all, books,DVDs, CDs by local artists, pictures,rope, unique gifts, BluenoseII mementos.Daniels’ Flower Shop – 40Water Street, Windsor 798-5337/ •When placing orders for freshfloral purchases, a large percentageof our flowers are grown inthe Maritimes and Ontario allyear ‘round! Who knew! Betteryet, our flowers purchased fromwholesalers in our own backyardensures work for people in ourown community! That makes a lotof SCENTS!Sister Lotus Body CareProducts, Belly Dance &Herbal Education – 680-8839 / • Weuse local beeswax & wildcraftedSAVE money at our SALE and have moremoney to spend on all the great productsoffered by the many small, locally ownedbusinesses.Business history: David (not shown) &Branaghlee Lane have been in business sinceNov 2008Quality long and short term accommodations in Wolfville:Nova Scotian plant material inour products whenever possible!The Valley Cat Hotel –1221 Hwy 341, Upper Canard,698-3827 / • We are pleased to announcethe completion of an expansionof the Valley Cat Hotel with a new“Master Suite” (5X10ft) with privatewindow & balcony and lots ofshelves. New clients are welcome!Designer Café – 373 MainSt. Kentville, 365-3322 / • A lot ofour ingredients come from localproducers. But we can do better.Our target is to reach 80% localfor 2011. We’re also proud to besupporting our local talent - artists,musicians, poets and more.Watch for details on upcomingSunday events at Designer Cafe.Pie r Squared – 697-2502/ • Pie rSquared is so proud to be part ofthis local community. When youbuy our pies you are buying “TheValley in a Crust”... Build communityand support LOCAL!!Aspinall Pottery – 9842Main St. Canning, 582-7028 •Both vendors and shoppers at theWolfville Farmers’ Market providean amazing resource of connectionsfor ordering and purchasingmany of our needs. ASPINALLPOTTERY weekly at the market,Saunders Tartans and Gifts, NewMinas or the Canning StudioYUM Bakery – 94 Cedar St.Windsor, 792-2727 /• Yum Bakery has beenlocal for the past 36 years andcounting! We use local ingredientsto make our locally-madebaked products. We encourageand support purchasing from ourNova Scotia Agri-based businesses.Visit our retail store whereyou will find only Nova Scotiaproduced products, we encourageeveryone to buy local, get in thehabit!PIER 101 Home DesignsInc. – 2428 Ridge Road, Hortonville,791-1963 / • We depend on complicatednetworks of skills, craftsmanship,and innovation. In our quest welook straight ahead, then checkour periphery, maybe even overour shoulder...if we still can’t findwhat we need we grab our binoculars...thereis a surprising wealthof talent in ‘our backyard’.Cinematopia Video – 360Main St., Wolfville, 697-FILM(3456) / •Cinematopia proudly announcesthe first anniversary of our openingday! To celebrate our inauguralyear in business, SaturdayJanuary 29th will be a day offood, fun, and give-aways! Thanksto all our loyal patrons for makingour little shop a success!The Tempest/PIAZZARestaurant – 117 Front St.Wolfville, 542-0588 /• Whether it’s a Tempesttasting menu, a Piazza pizza ora cooking class ingredient , wesource as much as possible fromour region, supporting our farmers,fishermen and winemakers.Support your local restaurant andjoin the circle!Applewicks – 10 GaspereauAve. Wolfville, 542-9771 / •We will be hosting The Kings-KikimaGrannies Valentines Sale ofPreviously Loved Jewelry. FridayFebruary 11th from 10am-4pm.Anchor Imports – • Retailerscome and visit us at the MaritimeGift Show, Feb 6-9, Booth 107at the Hfx Forum Complex! Weimport authentic amber and naturallinen products from Lithuaniawhere we lived for the past 14years! Mention “Grapevine” atour booth in the Gift Show andreceive a gift!143 Gerrish St Windsor NSwww.tommyguns.ca798-012432 Main St., Wolfville, 542-3420 |

5 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011EAT TO THE BEATBrought to you by Moe’s Music Place.Where you won’t get strung along.Music Sales & Service | 129 Gerrish St. / 798 5565/ www.moesplace.cathursdays:Spitfire Arms Alehouse (Windsor):Jam Session (27 th , 3 rd & 10 th )7pmPaddy’s Pub (Kentville): The HupmanBrothers (27 th , 3 rd & 10 th ) 9pmDooly’s (New Minas): Karaoke& DJ w/ Billy T (27 th , 3 rd & 10 th )9:30pmfridays:TAN Coffee (Windsor): Jay Hatfield(4 th ) 5pmBlomidon Inn (Wolfville): JazzMannequins (28 th & 4 th ) 6:30-10pmSpitfire Arms Alehouse (Windsor):Scotty MacNeil (28 th ), JimCochran (4 th ) 7:30pmUnion Street Cafe (Berwick):Open Mic w/Mike Aube (28 th ), w/Mushkat (4 th ) 8:30pmKings Arm Pub (Kentville): OpenMic Party (28 th ) 8pmWestside Charlie’s (NewMinas): DJ Looney Tunes (28 th ), DJEpic (4 th ) 9pmDooly’s (New Minas): DJ Billy T(28 th ), Ozone (4 th ) 10pmLIVE THEATREsaturdays:Westside Charlie’s (NewMinas): Open Mic Jam Party (29th)2pmKings Arm Pub (Kentville): RunningOn Empty (29 th ), John Duggan(5 th ) 9pmReservoir Lounge (Windsor): DJBeautiful Bobby (29 th ), Ladies Nightw/ DJ Beautiful Bobby (5 th ) 9pmDooly’s (New Minas): DJ Billy T(29 th & 5 th ) 9:30pmTommy Gun’s (Windsor): GoodFeelin’ Band (29 th ), Saucy Jack (5 th )9:30pmMud Creek Grill (Wolfville):Club Night w/ DJ Dieter (15 th ), w/DJ TBA (22 nd ) 10pmPaddy’s Pub (Wolfville): BarryMack (5 th ) 9pmsundays:Paddy’s Pub (Wolfville): CelticBand (30 th & 6 th ) 8pmmondays:Paddy’s Pub (Wolfville): OpenMic w/Jack MacDonald (31 st ) w/TripALady (7 th ) 8pmtuesdays:The Port Pub (Port Williams):Open Mic w/Jazz Mannequins (1 st& 8 th ) 7:30pmThe Wedding Singer – Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville Feb 9th – Feb 12th@ 7:30pm, as well as a 2pm matinee Feb 12th. • Based on the 1998 AdamSandler and Drew Barrymore film, “The Wedding Singer” follows RobbieHart, a talented musician who gave up his rock star dreams to performat weddings. With original music that pays homage to the pop classicsof the 80’s, “The Wedding Singer” is an entertaining romp througha time when parachute pants, and flock-of-seagulls hair were takenseriously. TIX: $12 adults advanced, $15at the door, $10 kids, $45group of 4 INFO: 697-2515 / jump_musical@hotmail.comThursdaysexhibitsWeekly EventsBabies & Books Drop In -Wolfville Memorial Library10-11am. Babies and caregiverscan join us for stories songs andplaytime. Newborn to 2 years.INFO: 542-5760Fun & Fables - Windsor Library10:30am. Ages 2-5, and their caregivers.Join us for some stories,songs and crafts. INFO: 798-5424In the Round Knitting Group -Gaspereau Valley Fibres 1-5pmINFO: 542-2656FridaysDrop-in Crafts – Wolfville Library10am-5pm. All ages, all day!INFO: 542-5760Fun & Fables - Windsor Library10:30am. Ages 2-5, and their caregivers.Join us for some stories,songs and crafts. INFO: 798-5424Wolfville Children’s Chorus -100 Sherwood Dr., Wolfville 5:15-6:15pm. INFO: 542-0649Teen Movie - Wolfville MemorialLibrary 6pm. Ages 13+ Come tothe C@P Site for a free movie onthe big screen. Popcorn included!INFO: 542-5760SaturdaysWolfville Farmers’ Market -Student Union Building, AcadiaUniversity 8:30am-1pm. Jan29th Music Guest: The HupmanBrothers. Feb 5th Theme: IceWine & Chocolate Tasting MusicGuest: Mushkat INFO: www.wolfvillefarmersmarket.comPeace Vigil - Post Office,Wolfville 12-1pmBroughtto you byTeen Lounge - Berwick Library7-9pm. Hang out with friends,play games, read, and meet newpeople. Ages 12-18. Every 1 st& 3 rd Saturday (Feb 5 th .) INFO:538-4030SundaysFitness for Geeks - WolfvilleLibrary 6-7:30pm. Fun exerciseincluding Tai Chi & Self Defensefor those “geeks” who spend a lotof time at the computer.MondaysMeeting: BestWord WritingGroup - Just Us! Wolfville 7pm.Small creative writing group opento all ages, genres, and writinglevels. Every 2 nd & 4 th Monday(Feb 7 th ) TIX: no charge INFO:jordandickie@bestword.caTuesdaysBook in the Nook - WolfvilleMemorial Library 10-10:30am.Curl up, relax and enjoy listeningto a story in our book nook.Suggested age range: 3-8 INFO:542-5760In the Round Knitting Group -Gaspereau Valley Fibres. 6 -9pmINFO: 542-2656Scottish Country Dancing -Wolfville Legion 7:30-9:30pmStarting Feb 1 st . All levelswelcome. No partner required;reasonable rates. INFO: 542-5320WednesdaysMountain Music Jam - Recreation& Culture Centre, BlackRock 7:30-10pm. All welcome toparticipate or to enjoy. TIX: $2INFO: 902.365.3322Earthly – Paintings by Basma Kavanagh – Designer Cafe, Kentville• Organisms unfurling in unnatural versions of themselves – lichens,pebbles, cracked earth – these are some of the animate textures thathold Kavanagh’s attention. Until February 16 th INFO: 365-3322 / www.designerkentville.comWhose Wives Are They Anyway? – CentreStage Theatre, Kentville.Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm until Feb 12th with a matinee Sunday Feb6th @ 2pm • With their wives safely off on a shopping spree, twovice presidents check into The Oakfield Golf and Country Club.Unexpectedly however, they encounter their new boss who requeststo meet the two ladies. Inevitably, everything goes wrong in this lightheartedcomedy by Michael Parker. Suitable for ages 13+. TIX: bydonation INFO: 678-8040Quality long and short term accommodations in Wolfville:Jack’s Gallery – Graphic novel/Comic Art – Back lobby, AcadiaCinema, Wolfville. • Currently featuring the work of Krista Battram,Haefen Hassinger, and Sarah Effenberger INFO: jacksgallerywolfville@gmail.comAcadia Art Gallery – Beveridge Arts Center, Acadia University • 20 thAnnual Art Show! Until Feb 25 th INFO: 585-1373/ / http://gallery.acadiau.ca32 Main St., Wolfville, 542-3420 |

6 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 20112011 marks the 4th Annual Winter Icewine FestivalCelebrate Nova Scotia’s internationally award-winning Icewines during the fourth annual NovaScotia Winter Icewine Festival taking place around the province from February 3 to 13, 2011.This is just a sampling of events. For the complete schedule, please visit: 3NSCC Kingstec Campus, Kentville.A gala evening showcasing localwine, beer, spirits and culinarydelights. The campus will betransformed into a Fire and Icewonderland. Tickets: 679-7425February 5,6,12,13:L’Acadie Vineyards, Gaspereau.Winemaker Bruce Ewert teachesTraditional Methods of sparklingwines that are new to Nova Scotia.12pm-5pm. $10Blomidon Estate Winery, Canning.Winemaker Simon Rafuse takesyou through the Icewine harvestwith a video presentation at 12pmand 2pm. Samples $3.50.Grand Pré. Wine and Icewinepaired with international cheesefrom Pete’s Frootique. 1pm -4pm.$15/person.- Go North Tours,Annapolis Valley. Go North Toursand Tattingstone Inn presentan evening of wine and romanceDinner and Wine Tour – a threecoursemeal and wine tastings atthree wineries in the AnnapolisValley.- InWolfville Luxury Bed and Breakfast,Wolfville. 5-course tasting menuwith paired wines from BlomidonEstate Winery as well as a3-course Sunday morning brunch,prepared by Chives CanadianBistro’s, Chef Craig Flinn.Pré,Grand Pré . Join us for a funafternoon of Paint Can Curling onour outdoor curling rink. No registrationrequired. 1pm - 4pm. $5- Herbins’, Wolfville. Sparklingspecials on diamonds andjewelry and wine & cheese make aperfect prelude to Valentine’s Day.1pm to 4pm.Presented by Library Pub & WineTavern at the Gaspereau River. Joinus for an invigorating 11am polarbear dip at the canal in Gaspereau.This year’s theme is “crazy hats”.$40/person (includes 6 Icewinesand donation to Heart and StrokeFoundation).Tempest Restaurant, Wolfville. JoinBenjamin Bridge winemaker Jean-Benoit Deslauriers on the deck atTempest . 12pm to 3pm.Fox Hill Cheese House,Port WilliamsSample our delicious, handmadegelato with local Icewinefor $5.Gaspereau Valley Fibres, Gaspereau.Visit our flock of Cotswold sheepand sit by the fire and enjoy ataste of wine from our neighbourL’Acadie Vineyards. 11pm-4pm.Lower Wolfville. Muir MurrayEstate Winery’s First Annual IceFishing Derby. A relaxing daysocializing by our pond stockedwith trout. 9am-3pm, bring yourrod. $7/personFebruary 5, 12- Wolfville Farmers’Market, Wolfville. Free samples ofIcewine and Chocolate at our tastingsbooth. 8:30am-1pm.February 6 & 13:- Gaspereau VineyardsGaspereauValley. The NoodleGuy and Gaspereau Vineyardshost a Spicy Icewine Seminar:11am and 2pm. Reservationsrequired. Tickets $25/personFebruary 11:- Tattingstone Inn,Wolfville. Domaine de Grand Préwine and Icewine paired with FoxHill Cheese at 6pm. $15My goal is to exceed your expectations in customer service.Proud to serve Wolfville and surrounding areas1600 Bedford HighwaySuite 220Bedford, NS B4A 1E8Cell: 902 691-3157Fax: 902 542-2335kathywhitewood@kwvalley.comKathyWhitewoodFree StagingAnalysisGaspereau Vineyards,GaspereauValley. The Noodle Guy and GaspereauVineyards demonstratehow premium ingredients createthe best foods and flavours. 4pm.Tickets $25/personFebruary 5:Benjamin Bridge and Tempest Restaurant,Wolfville. Riveting winesfrom Benjamin Bridge w/cuisineof Tempest/ Piazza. 7pm. $79.95/person (taxes and gratuity extra).February 12:- Domaine de Grand Pré,- Domaine de Grand

7 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011have long been a person who isI fascinated by what I like to callrhythmology - studying the ways inwhich rhythm influences, shapes,informs and “moves” music, andhow our own perceptions andpreconceptions of rhythm andtime shape our understandingof music itself. I am fortunatein that most of the courses Iteach at Acadia (World Rhythmand Drumming, Gamelan, andAdvanced Rhythm) allow methe opportunity to incorporate,explore and share these ideasabout the numerous aspects ofrhythm.I am a musician who iscomfortable in many styles andinformed by multiple influences.I have studied (and continue tostudy) South Indian, Indonesian,The Acadia PageAcadia University - 15 University Ave, Wolfville. 542-2201Staffed Switchboard 8:30am-4:30pm. – General InquiriesProfessor’s Perspectives: Ken ShorleyInstructor, School of MusicArab, Turkish and WesternEuropean musics. I am invariablydrawn to forms of music whichhave a strong sense of grooveor rhythmic drive. Conversely(some would say ironically) I alsohave a weakness for a beautifultune. Therefore, the musics whichmost inspire and influence meas a performer and composerare those which combine strongmelodies and powerful rhythms,including Karnatak (classicalSouth Indian) music, Sundanesegamelan degung, the classicalArab takht, Rom music fromRajasthan to Istanbul to Seville,the string quartets of TerryRiley and Leos Janaček, andpretty much anything the OscarPeterson Trio (with Ray Brownand Ed Thigpen) ever recorded!Who we are: Open Acadia is Acadia University’s initiativeto offer flexible programming and learning opportunities to Acadiastudents and the greater community. Our programming goes beyondthe scope of the conventional university experience to offer educationto youths, seniors, and working professionals. Our programs aredelivered in ways that match the preferences of our client groups,whether it be on-campus, off-campus, or online.What’s in a name? Formerly known as the Division ofContinuing & Distance Education, we became Open Acadia to betterconvey the breadth of our audiences and programs. “Open” signifiesour imperative for Acadia to reach different audiences and exploredifferent educational methods, media, and programs.Our Programs:Credit Studies: Open Acadia’s courses and programs provideflexible education options for today’s student. Students can participatein Spring and Summer courses on campus, or study anywhere, anytimewith our open-entry Online courses. A number of flexible options arealso available for our Master of Education students.Professional Development: Drawing from Acadia’s industryconnections and faculty of talented educators, Open Acadia presentsa selection of high-quality Professional Development courses andcertificates, ranging from Human Resources to Elder PlanningCounselor Certificates. Our programs are geared towards professionalslooking to enhance their overall skills and knowledge of the latestmanagement techniques and strategies in their fields.English Language Studies: Open Acadia offers severallanguage programs to both students and teachers. We provide an EAPOne of the projects at AcadiaI’m most excited about is thenew gamelan program. As wellas directing the Acadia GamelanEnsemble, I also teach an Intro toGamelan course, which is open tomusic majors. This term will beespecially exciting as one of mygamelan teachers, Ade Suparman(a fabulous instrumentalist andcomposer from Bandung, WestJava), will be visiting Acadia asa guest artist for two weeks inApril. He will be working with ourstudents, and performing in theend-of-term gamelan concert (andwill also be a special guest at the“World in Wolfville” Drum Night).If you’d like to learn more aboutgamelan at Acadia, I invite you tostop by the lobby of Denton Hallbetween 10am and 10pm for theWelcome to Open AcadiaGamelan-a-Thon on Saturday,February 5th. We will be playingcontinuously for 12 hours (!) tohelp raise funds to bring our guestartist.www.kenshorley.comprogram for future undergraduate students who seek to improve theirEnglish before undergraduate study, as well as a Teaching English toSpeakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate, for educators.Community Programs: Outreach beyond the university is alongstanding commitment of Open Acadia. We welcome seniors inour Acadia Lifelong Learning program, and high school students withan interest in science and the environment take part in the innovativeHuggins High School Science Seminar.Acadia Lifelong Learning (50+) Centre:A university is more than just a campus, it’s a network of people andgroups drawn together by community spirit and a desire for personalgrowth. In 2000, we formed the Acadia Lifelong Learning (ALL) Centreas a way of sharing the intellectual and cultural resources of Acadiawith the Annapolis Valley’s growing population of senior adults. Today,hundreds of community members participate in ALL and contribute toAcadia’s vibrant presence in our local area.The Acadia Lifelong Learning Centre offers a variety of courses andevents designed for a senior audience, from wine tours and adventureseries to painting and photography. Members can also audit coursesfrom Acadia’s large breadth of undergraduate academic offerings.Through ALL programs, participants pick up old talents, explore newskills, make social connections, and learn from a number of engaginglocal experts.Each year, we collect the upcoming courses in a program calendaravailable online and through various locations in our communities,featuring cover artwork from one of the ALL members. For thiscalendar and more information on Open Acadia, please contact us: 585-1434 / /

8 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011What’s Happening from Jan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Send your event listings to for publishing in this listThursday, 27Zumba for L.I.F.E — Mackeen Room,Acadia 7pm.• Come out for an evening offun and music in support of a great cause.Proceeds go to the Wolfville School l.I.F.EFund. Tix: $10 per person/$25 per familyinfo: 542-3813Celtic Bodyworkart Dance Class— Sheffield Mills Hall, Sheffield Mills 8:30pm. •Ladies only. This is a mixture of Irish stepswith workout movements presented in anexquisite Irish choreography style. Info: gib@oricom.CaFriday, 28Sledding Under the Lights Party— Memorial Park, Kentville 5:30-9pm • Sleighrides, snowshoeing, coasting, hot chocolateand fireworks at 8pm mark Kentville’syearlong 125 th birthday celebration tix:no charge info: 679-2500 / recreation@kentville.CaAcadia Athletics: Mens Hockey —Acadia Sports Complex, Wolfville 7pm. • Acadiavs. Dal tix: $10 adult $5 external studentinfo: 542-5500Saturday, 29Breakfast — Royal Canadian Legion,Wolfville 7-10am. • Tix: $5 adult/ $2 kids 10and under info:542-5869Ceilidh — Canning Fire Hall, Canning6-9:30pm. • Celebrate Scotland’s great, latepoet, Robert Burns with an evening of tunesand dance. Music by North Mountain CeilidhBand and dances called by Niamh Websterof the Tir Na Nog Irish Dance Academy. Allages welcome and all ages will enjoy! Tix: $8,under 5 no charge info: 582-1786Kitchen Party — Civic Center, 9209Commercial St. New Minas 7pm • An eveningof traditional classic country with: Randy &Friends, Carroll Edwards, Harold Hunt, Gordie& Terry. 50/50 Draw tix: freewill offeringHupman Brothers & Friends — OldO Barn, Greenwich 8-midnight • The nightwill feature Kimberly Matheson, CalebMiles, Dungaree Brothers, & The HupmanBrothers. Tix: $15 @ Box of Delights info:hupmanbrothers@hotmail.ComSunday, 30Music in the Garden Room — K.C.Irving Centre, Acadia University, 2pm. • Thevalley branch of the Acadia University AlumniAssociation presents pianist Pierre-Peter Allenand violinist Robert Uchida. The 6th concertin this series held in the Garden Room. Tix:no charge info: 542-5520Deep Roots Annual GeneralMeeting — K.C. Irving Centre, AcadiaUniversity, 2pm. • Everyone welcome. Tix:no charge info: Film Screens: The King’sSpeech — Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 4 &7pm. • King George VI, “Bertie” (Colin Firth),reluctantly assumes the throne after hisbrother abdicates. Plagued by a stutter, andconsidered unfit to rule, Bertie works with anunorthodox speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush)to find his voice and boldly leads the countrythrough war. With Helena Bonham Carter ashis wife, Elizabeth. See ad page 15 tix: $8 atthe door info: 542-5157Monday, 31Soup Luncheon — New Minas UnitedChurch, New Minas. 11:30Am - 1pm. • Homemadesoups and chowders, fresh rolls, dessertand beverages. All welcome! Tix: $6 info:681-0366Tuesday, 1Greenwich Town Council Meeting— Council Chambers, Kentville 6pm. • Chancesare, a decision on the Greenwich land debatewill be announced. All are welcome. Tix: nocharge info: 670-2500Wolfville Newcomers Club —Room 244, Beveridge Arts Centre, Acadia7-9pm. • Speaker Ingrid Blais will talk aboutL’arche Homefires. An introduction to acommunity which celebrates differences andhonours all abilities. Tix: no charge info:wolfvillenewcomers@hotmail.ComWednesday, 2Acadia Athletics: WomensBasketball — Acadia Sports Complex,Wolfville 6pm. • Acadia vs. Dal tix: $10 adult$5 external student info: 542-5500Fundy Film Screens: Force ofNature — Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville7pm. • David Suzuki, Canadian scientist,activist, environmentalist and educator, givesa distillation of his life, thoughts and legacy.With Suzuki’s blueprint for sustainability andsurvival, Sturla Gunnarsson’s penetrating filmalso shares the personal side of this Canadianicon. Tix: $8 at the door. See ad page 15info: 542-5157No Place to Call Home — Legion,Windsor 7-9pm. • Community meetingto discuss the homeless situation inWindsor. Hear various presenters talk abouthomelessness and help develop an action planto provide a solution. Everyone is welcome.Tix: no charge info: 300-2325Fundraiser: Crescendo — FestivalTheatre, Wolfville 7-8:30pm. • A gala fundraiserfor Wolfville School Music Program bringstogether established and up & coming artists.All proceeds go toward Wolfville concertband and Wolfville grade 9 band trips to theAtlantic Festival of Music in April. See articlepage 14 tix: free will offering (suggesteddonation $12, children are free). Info:wsbandtrip@gmail.ComAcadia Athletics: Mens Basketball— Acadia Sports Complex, Wolfville 8pm. •Acadia vs. Dal tix: $10 adult $5 externalstudent info: 542-5500Friday, 4Valley Hub Meeting — email for timeand location • Meeting to get in contact withwork-from-home professionals who wouldbe interested in an office hub based out ofWolfville where they can rent office space,conference rooms, equipment etc. Pleasecontact Dr. Elizabeth Kosters for informationand to get involved. Info: eckosters@hotmail.ComSaturday, 5Winter, Wool & Wine — GaspereauValley Fibres, Wolfville 11am-4pm. • Take partin the Annual Nova Scotia Ice Wine Festival!Drop in to the shop and see what you canknit, spin, or weave with the beautiful fleecefrom our flock of Cotswold sheep. Sit by thefire and enjoy a free sample of wine from ourMIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Train to Fight, train for fitness, train for funAges 4+, Greenwich, 542-1666,

9 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Valley is dedicated to promoting events in the AnnapolisValley. Sign up for their weekly email so you never miss an event.neighbour L’acadie Vineyards, some localcheese and chocolate. Tix: no charge info:542-2656Grow with Art Workshop — KingstecCampus, Kentville 1pm • Collage with TerryDrahos for children aged 4 to 14. Tix: $2 perchild info: tdrahos@mac.ComCinderella—Ashenputel—Adelita— Public Library, Berwick 2:30 – 4pm • Explorethe perfect love story. Join retired librarian,Julia Llewellyn, in exploring some of thehundreds of Cinderella fairy tales from aroundthe world. For ages 15 years plus, and adults.Tix: no charge info: 538-4030Acadia Athletics: Basketball —Acadia Sports Complex, Wolfville 6pm for women& 8pm for men. • Acadia vs. UNB tix: $10adult $5 external student info: 542-5500Newfoundland Musical Show —Legion, Wolfville 7:30Pm • Entertainers: RonGarland & Dot Rogers, Stan Drake & CecilPoole, Charlie Purcell. Proceeds for Legion,50/50. Tix: $5Night Kitchen Monumental— AlWhittle Theatre, Wolfville 8-10pm. “I love thesenights! They’re like a high-end variety show” –Jeremy Novak. See ad page 13 • tix: $8 inadvance, $10 @ doorFundraiser: Winter Carnival Dance& Silent Auction — Legion, Windsor9Pm-1Am. • Join us for a night of dancingand fun organized by the 2011 Windsor WestHants Cancer Relay Committee with DJGerald. All proceeds for the 2011 Relay. Tix:free will donation info: 300-2325Sunday, 6: SUPERBOWL Sunday!Winter, Wool & Wine — GaspereauValley Fibres, Wolfville 11am-4pm. • SeeSaturday, February 5th. Tix: no charge info:(902) 542-2656Concert: Music. Play for Life — UnitedChurch of St. Stephen and St. Paul, Kentville2Pm. • We do not stop playing because wegrow old; we grow old because we stop playing.Music is important to growing minds and sois play. With this in mind, the concert is insupport of the new KCA playground. (Stormdate Feb 13). Tix: $15 adults, $10 students/seniors, $40 for a family of 4 @ Phinney’s oremail/call. Info: 678-1562Fundy Film Screens: Soul Kitchen —Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 4&7 pm. • A likablebut disorganized restaurateur, Zinos, runs acafé that is a second home to a motley crewof lovable eccentrics. When girlfriend Nadinemoves to Shanghai, a lovesick Zinos decidesto go after her, leaving his restaurant in thehands of his unreliable ex-con brother Illias.A “shaggy, messy, screwy comedy” set to anirresistibly soulful soundtrack. German/Greekwith subtitles. See ad page 15 tix: $8 at thedoor info: 542-5157Monday,7Committee of Council Meeting —359 Main Street, Wolfville 1:30-4pm. • Open tothe public tix: no charge info: 542-5767Tuesday, 8Woodland Hike - Ice Art — HarrietIrving Botanical Gardens, Wolfville 12-1pm. •Discover the year-round hiking opportunitiesin Acadia’s backyard. Join us for a series offree woodland hikes. Meet in the main lobbyof the KC Irving Centre. Wear warm clothingand boots suitable for winter hiking. Tix: nocharge info: 585-1916Wednesday, 9Ladies Heart Warming Luncheon— Old Orchard Inn, Greenwich 11:30am-1pm. •Discuss “facing change with optimism” withShirley McNally, enjoy music by DonnaConohan and enjoy the Eau Spa. Please makereservations or cancellations by Feb 7th. Tix:lunch $15 info: 678-0466VWBN Valley Women’s BusinessNetwork —Kings Riverside Court, Kentville7-9:30pm. • Guest speaker Craig Place willdiscuss making environmental sustainabilitya part of your business. Many businesses inNova Scotia already consider the environmentwhen it comes to doing business - but how dothey make it a part of an ongoing strategy andhow can they get employees involved? PleaseRSVP. Tix: Members & 1st time guests: nocharge, repeat visitors: $5 @ door info:tlfisk@ns.sympatico.caWe have raised$38,820 of the $200, 000from the community$500, 000 raised throughGov’t sources and $100, 000committed by vendorsMIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Train to Fight, train for fitness, train for funAges 4+, Greenwich, 542-1666,

10 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Horoscopes for week of January 27, 2011 © Copyright 2011 Rob Brezsnyaries (march 21-april 19):what rewards do you deservefor all the good living and thehard work you’ve done sinceyour last birthday? and whatamends should you make for themediocre living and the workyou’ve shirked since your lastbirthday? if you choose this week to take care of these two matterswith purposeful clarity, you will ensure the best possible outcomes. thereward you earn will be the right one, and the amends you offer willprovide the proper correction.TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Sometimes I fly in my dreams. Theecstasy is almost unbearable as I soar high above the landscape. Butthere’s something I enjoy dreaming about even more, and that’srunning. For years I’ve had recurring dreams of sprinting for sheer joythrough green hills and meadows, often following rivers that go onforever. I’m never short of breath. My legs never get tired. I feel vitaland vigorous and fulfilled. Does it seem odd that I prefer running toflying? I think I understand why. The flying dreams represent the partof me that longs to escape the bonds of earth, to be free of the sufferingand chaos here. My running dreams, on the other hand, express thepart of me that loves being in a body and exults in the challenges of thisworld. Given your astrological omens, Taurus, I think you’re ready forwhatever is your personal equivalent of running in your dreams.GEMINI (May 21-June 20): An interviewer asked me if there’s anyspecial ritual I do before writing these horoscopes. I told her that Ioften say a prayer in which I affirm my desire to provide you withthese three services: 1. that what I create will be of practical use toyou; 2. that it will help you cultivate your relationship with your innerteacher; 3. that it will inspire you to tap into and use the substantialfreedom you have to create the life you want. I hope I’m doing a goodjob, Gemini, because in the coming weeks your inner teacher will beoverflowing with practical clues about the art of liberation.CANCER (June 21-July 22): “Spring dawn: Turning toward thestorm cloud, I lost sight of the bird.” Let this haiku-like poem byJulius Lester serve as a cautionary tale, Cancerian. You’re at risk ofgetting so fearfully fixated on a storm cloud that you may lose track,metaphorically speaking, of a rare and beautiful bird. And the thing is,the storm cloud isn’t even harboring that big a ruckus. It will pour outits flash and dazzle quickly, leaving virtually no havoc in its wake. That’swhy it would be a shame for you to let your perverse fascination with itcause you to get separated from a potential source of inspiration.LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Shockwaves of toxic misinformation pulsethrough the Internet on a regular basis. One of the latest infectionsattacked the subject of astrology. An astronomer in Minneapolisproclaimed that due to the precession of the equinoxes, everyone’sastrological sign is wrong. He was perfectly mistaken, of course, forreasons I explain here: But few journalists inthe major media bothered to check the accuracy of the sensationalistallegation before publishing it, and soon the collective imagination wason fire. Hundreds of thousands of people suffered unnecessary identitycrises and felt emotions that were based on a fallacy. In the comingweek, Leo, you should be on high alert for a comparable outbreak ortwo in your personal sphere. Be vigorously skeptical -- not just towardthe stories other people tell, but also toward the theories and fantasiesthat rise up in your own brain. Don’t believe everything you think.VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You are usually conscientious aboutattending to the details. It’s one of your specialties to take care of littlenecessities. You often know what to do in order to fix mistakes andmesses caused by the imprecision of other people. For now, though, Iencourage you to take a break from all that. In my opinion, you need toregenerate and replenish yourself, and a good way to accomplish thatis to let your mind go blissfully blank. At least consider it, please. Giveyourself permission to space out about the intricacies. Steep yourself inthe primordial ooze where everything is everything.LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): I’ll be interested to see how you shift yourattitudes about love in the coming weeks, Libra. Fate will be bringingyou good reasons to move away from long-held opinions about thenature of romance and intimacy. Your subconscious mind will bestirring with new dispensations about how best to deal with andexpress your life-giving longings. All in all, the process should be prettyenjoyable, especially if you relish psycho-spiritual riddles that impel youto probe deeper into the mysteries of togetherness.SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “Dear Rob: I am a professional obsesser. Imean I obsess on things a lot. But here’s the thing. When I do obsess onsomething and work with manic intensity to achieve it, I am changed inthe process -- frequently to the point of no longer desiring what I wasonce obsessed by! This makes me crazy! Any advice? - Flagrant Scorpio.”Dear Flagrant: This is a gift, not a problem. Figuring out what you don’twant is a key factor in developing self-knowledge. And often the onlyway to do that is by pursuing what you think you want. Ultimatelyyou’ll be purged of your lesser longings and superficial wishes and beable to crystallize a clear vision of what you truly desire more thananything else.SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): “The greatest challenge to anythinker is stating the problem in such a way that will allow a solution,”said philosopher Bertrand Russell. In other words, the words you useto describe your dilemma are crucial. If you’re lazy or pessimistic aboutframing your big question, you minimize your chances for findinga useful answer. If you’re precise and creative, you’re more likely toattract the information and inspiration you need. This is always true, ofcourse, but especially so for you right now.CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): A “karma whore” is someone whoperforms an abundant number of favors and acts of kindness in thehope of accumulating extra good karma. Judging from the astrologicalomens, I’m thinking this week will be prime time for you to flirt withbeing such a person. Why? Because the blessings you bestow in the nearfuture are more likely than usual to generate specific blessings comingback your way. You don’t necessarily have to go to ridiculous extremes-- holding the door open for five people behind you, allowing ten carsto merge in front of you on the highway, flinging out casual but sincerecompliments with reckless abandon. But from what I can tell, the morehelp you dole out, the more you’ll get in return.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You may have no idea of how muchpower you have right now to start fresh -- to escape the muddle ofmurky old failures. Your imagination might not yet be sufficientlylubricated to glide you into the expansive version of the future youdeserve. But I’m hoping that this little horoscope of mine changes allthat. I’m praying that you are already registering the pleasant shock I’mtrying to jolt you with, and are awakening to the rampant possibilities.On your mark. Get set. Go!PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): I’ve never been a fan of gurus. My viewis that everyone should be his or her own guru. But there was oneguy whose antics were pretty entertaining. He was one of those crazywisdom types who borrowed liberally from the trickster archetype.This is what he told his followers about how to interpret their dreamsin which he appeared. “If you dream of me and I’m not kicking yourbutt, it wasn’t really me.” I’ll say the same thing to you, Pisces: The onlyteachers worth listening to, studying, and dreaming about in the nexttwo weeks will be those who kick your butt.Heard of the new Horoscope Calendar? Wewere curious as well, so we asked Rob Brezsnyabout it. To hear his rebuttal please visit usonline: grapevine.wolfville.orgAs the Grapevine is a bi-weekly paper, you will have to get next week’s horoscopes at

11 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Mike Uncorked: The WeddingSinger: “I DO”… and so should you!Who doesn’t love the 80’s?I mean, besides thepeople who lived through it? Iwas an 80’s child and have fondmemories of acid wash pants,slap bracelets, zipper ties and mysister’s gigantic crimped hairdo.I remember staying up late onSaturday nights to watch TheLove Boat, Fantasy Island and theWWF Main Event, learning all thedance moves to Thriller, drinkingthe “New Coke”, watching LiveAid and listening to bands likeCulture Club, the Eurythmics, thePolice and the Bangles. Oh, thecountless hours I spent beltingout Tina Turner hits, watchingJem, the Smurfs and He-Mancartoons, and playing the latestedition of Trivial Pursuit aremind-boggling. But I don’t regretit in the least because it all helpedme prepare for my latest play. Forthe 80’s child in all of us, this is amust-see!From Edelane Theatre, thecompany that brought you “BrandNew Year” and “Little Shop ofHorrors”, comes their next greatstage effort “The Wedding Singer!”Based on the Adam Sandler-DrewBarrymore film, this Broadwaymusical tells the story of RobbieHart, a talented performer whosings at weddings surroundinghimself with love and affectionuntil he’s jilted at the alterbelieving love is a crock. With thehelp of his band mates, Sammy(James Bentley) and George (ME!)and a new lady in his life namedJulia, Robbie begins to rebuild hislife one crazy day at a time.The Wedding Singer starsthe incredibly talented MikeHampson (yes, the Eastlink guy!)as Robbie and the beautiful andgifted Sam Whynot as Julia, witha supporting cast of exceptionaland groovy locals that fill thestage with hilarious charactersand mind-blowing dance moves.The Wedding Singer is under thedirection of Kerri Leier, (thisissue’s Who’s Who girl!) withfast-paced choreography by TracyNasson Fritz and brilliant musicaldirection from Melissa Vidito. Thesetting is New Jersey 1985, soprepare yourself for smoking 80’sinspired music, dance numbers,and costumes guaranteed tohave you laughing until you wetyourself!The Wedding Singer is beingperformed at the Al WhittleTheatre at 450 Main Street,Wolfville from February 9 th -12 th . Evening performancesstart at 7:30pm with a matineeon the 12 th at 2:30pm. Ticketscan be purchased at the dooror by calling 697-2515. Emailjump_musical@hotmail.comfor more details or if you havequestions. Take note that thisshow is rated PG-13 for somelanguage and suggestive content(makes you want to REALLY see itnow, doesn’t it?) Come out for anevening of laughs, love and greatentertainment. Let us show youthat love is a battlefield, sweetdreams are made of these and letus tell you what love has to dowith it!~Mike Butlercrosswordcreated by Manda MansfieldThe Grapevine crossword is now being sponsored by ProntoPizza (Main St, Wolfvile)! Drop off a completed crossword foryour chance to win one free slice of pizza, a pop and a hug fromWally (if requested).THEME: Eagle Watch and IcewineAcross4. This begins the last weekendof ___5. ___ Watch 20117. the attribute of being unusually0 effective and simple8. ___wine Festival 20119. Type of eagle found in NorthAmerica11. Eagles usually lay two ___13. This festival takes place overthe first two weekends of ___(abbr.)16. Pepsi’s rival17. Lightbulb above head19. ____ Mills20. man; storm or ball1 2 3Down1. Type of eagle found in NorthAmerica2. Feb 14th mascot3. country consisting of 29islands, north of Cuba6. drivers; hunters or marriage10. red, white or green12. used to make wine14. ____ gloves used in hospitals15. flying animals18. yell into a vast space4 5 69 107811 12 1314 1516 17 1819Name:Contact:Delivery Starts at 4pm542-4100542-7171Winner of last Crossword: Wally gave a freeslice and pop to Mike DeRoseroll, but the hugwasn’t requested.20Solutions: Visit our blog or Pronto PizzaLocally-sourced loans forlocally-impacting entrepreneurialideas.Inquire at: www.thedandelion.caRobbie’s Towing & Auto Service - 9718 Hwy 1, Greenwich. Licensed Mechanic on Duty, 24-hours. Towing: 542-0510/670-9404

12 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011CLASSES:The Vocal Zone: Masterclasses, workshops and privatetuition for singers. INFO: /680-6170 /info@thevocalzone.caMusic Education: Voice &Piano Lessons w/Susan Dworkin.Over 20 years teaching experience,beginner to advanced.INFO: 542-0649 / susan_dworkin@hotmail.comPiano Lessons: Acadia U.Bachelor of Music in PerformanceGraduate. Reputable instructorw/10 years teaching experience.Variety of musical levels. INFO:Matt 697-2767 / valleymusicteacher@gmail.comRed Apple Music: JennyMacDonald is now acceptingregistrations for 2011. Including:singing, guitar, piano, songwriting& more! Mondays & Wednesdayin Canning. INFO: / Regardless ifyou’re new to this Brazilian artcombining elements of fight,music and acrobatics or if you’dtrained in the past please contactAl for training times and location.INFO: .Beginner Belly Dancing:w/Julie Page. 6 MondaysStarting Jan 31 st from 5:30-7pm @ Retro Runway Fashions,Wolfville. TIX: $60 INFO: 542-3670 / www.retrorunway.comYoga in the Gallery: w/Heather Pierce, RMT. Open LevelTuesdays 5:30-6:45pm, Level IIWednesdays 5:30-7pm. Classesat the Acadia Art Gallery. Drop inrates available INFO: Heatherpierce33@hotmail.comWORKSHOPS:Entering the Heart ofthe Lotus: w/Carol Fellowes& Angie ‘Oriana’ Jenkins. SacredYoga, Belly Dance & Herbal Medicinefor the Heart @ 55 WoodlandDrive, Wolfville. Sunday, Feb 6 th10am-5pm, $100 includes lunch/dessert/tea. INFO/Reg: Angie680-8839 / oriana@sisterlotus.comWinter WellnessWorkshop: w/AmandaDainow. Thurs. Feb 10 th 7-8:30pm@ Berwick Town Hall & Wed. Feb16 th 7-8:30pm @ Kentville Library.Learn how to make natural homeremedies for the cold & flu season(syrups, hot drinks) and othernatural remedies. INFO: 538-3662 / singingnettles@hotmail.comMiddle Eastern DrummingWorkshop: w/Ken Shorley. Sunday, Jan 30 th1-3:30pm @ Studio-Z, Wolfville. Abeginner/intermediate workshopfocusing on Middle Eastern bellydancerhythms. Fun, interactive,non-competitive. Space is limited.Bring your own drum (darabuka,doumbek, or similar), few drumrentals available. TIX: $35,$45 w/drum rental INFO/Reg:http://www.kenshorley.comQiGong Exercises forHealth: w/Elements ofHealth’s Bob Cook. Sunday Feb.6 th 9am-4pm @ CentreStageTheatre’s Upper Auditorium,Kentville. The Bear & the Crane– two sets of gentle, yet powerful,healing exercises you cantake home with you. Meditation& self-massage also taught.TIX: $75 INFO: 866-792-1229 /info@elementsofhealth.caWatercolour Painting:w/Williams Rogers @Wolfville Lions Club, Saturday,Feb. 12 th 9:30am-4pm. Willinclude techniques and portraitstudy. TIX: $75 INFO/Reg: Cathy 860-3453 / cpoole@ns.sympatico.caWatercolour Painting:w/J’Anna Jacqulyn @Wolfville Lions Club, Saturday,March 26 th 9am-4pm. Amongstother techniques, she will demonstratehow to create the vividcolour of lilacs in a rich background.No experience necessary.TIX: $80 INFO/Reg: Cathy 860-3453 / cpoole@ns.sympatico.caPie r Squared “The Valley in a crust”Like the Free Business Listings, this page works on a first come, first served basis(limit 1 listing per person). Or, to reserve a placement, pay $5 per issue (3-issueminimum commitment). Please keep listings to 35 words or less.Group Cleanse: w/MaryBethMiles, RHN. Thursdays,continuing Jan 27 th @ 7pm. Getthe bounce back in your step withguidance, recipes, taste-testingand more. TIX: $150 INFO: 670-9355 / wellness@marybethmilesrhn.comTango: Newcomers Saturday,Feb 12 th 3-6pm & AdvancedBeginners Sunday, Feb 13 th1-3:30pm TIX: $30 INFO:852-2500 / martina.sommer@ns.sympatico.caPROFESSIONAL:Elderly Care: CountryCompanion Enhanced IndependentLiving seeks to supportseniors with everyday tasks allowingthem to stay living in theirown home. VAC Health IdentificationCards Accepted. INFO:Flora 692-1077 / poetess011956@yahoo.caEditing & Design Services:Professional editinglayout & design of books, reports,essays, flyers, brochures, etc.Japanese to English translationalso available. INFO: David 697-2824 / /www.textanddesign.comGENERAL:Gala at Greyhaven:Early notice for classical/operatic/jazz concert May 15 th in Coldbrook.80 seats available. Performedby Susan Dworkin, Jossée& Swingology. TIX: $50 INFO:susan_dworkin@hotmail.comRomantic Latin Music:For lovers this Valentine’s.Book Frederic & Csabafor special occasions / romanticlocations. INFO: 542-9770Wolfville CommunityRadio: We’ve started testinga new interactive service – liveTV and Chat. Join us Monday –Friday from 11am-4pm to hearwhat’s going on. INFO: ‘All-Or-Nothing’ FundraisingCampaign: Support JennyMacDonald’s latest CD recordingproject by buying it before it’scompleted. The goal is $3000 in30 days. INFO: media@jennymacdonald.comTeddy the 3-LeggedDog: Rottweiler/Lab with asweet personality and a recentlyamputated leg. Available at theKings County SPCA. INFO: 538-9075 / kinduhaven@xcountry.tvBlackie & the RodeoKings Show Cancelled:Performance scheduled forThursday, Feb 3 rd at the MermaidImperial Performing Arts Centreis cancelled due to schedulingconflicts beyond our control.INFO/Refunds: 798-5831 ext. 7Looking for StudioSpace?: Ideal room for: yoga,dance, classes, painting, sculpture,photography, etc. Let meknow your needs and we candiscuss schedules and costsINFO: Bill william.zimmerman@greatisland.caGreen Party AnnualGeneral Meeting: Monday,Feb. 21 st 7-9pm @ WolfvilleLibrary. Join the Green Partyif you’re not already a member.Speakers TBA. INFO: Sheila sheilarich60@hotmail.comFind us at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market 697-2502

13 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Wearing Pearls in the Kitchen – Happy Holidays!Happy 2011! Yes, I know I’m a bit late out of the starting gate, I tried hibernating through the winter but I can tell you that bears make it lookeasy. It’s hard to sleep through en entire season when you have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom every few hours. Oh well, I’m gladI’m awake anyway. 2011 is off to a roaring start and no negative thermometer reading is going to stop me from making this the best year ever.Who’s with me?! What’s your resolution? I resolve to laugh more, live more, read more, and eat more of what makes me happy! Within reason ofcourse, everything in moderation. 2011 is the year to be good to yourself, your friends and your family. Why not invite them over for a meal andconversation? Snuggle with your sweetie more. Go out dancing with the girls. Go out drinking with the boys (just be responsible, skip the drunktexting and don’t drive!) Have fun! Live it up! Ok, with that, here’s a down home recipe that’s sure to warm you, body and soul. It’ll get you readyfor those wild nights out on the town. ~Victoria ComeauAcadian Stew Chicken Fricot• 3 lbs. chicken pieces, skin removed• 2 large onions, chopped• 2 Tbsp. butter• 1 Tbsp. flour• 6 large potatoes, peeled and cubed• 2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced• 10 cups water• 1 Tbsp. salt• 1 tsp. pepper• 1 Tbsp. summer savouryIn large pot simmer the chicken pieces in boiling water for 30 minutes.Remove pieces, save the cooking water and let the chicken cool slightly.Stir-cook onions in butter for one minute. Add the flour and stir-cookfor another 1 to 2 minutes. Remove the bones from the chicken and cutthe meat into bite size pieces. Put all ingredients into the saved cookingwater and simmer for another 30 minutes. Test and adjust seasoning.Dumplings:In a bowl mix 1 cup of flour with 1/2 tsp. of salt and 1 Tbsp. of bakingpowder. Gradually add 1/2 cup of cold water. Drop the mixture into thestew a spoonful at a time, 7 minutes before the fricot is ready to serve.Homeopathic Treatment for “People with Anxiety”What is anxiety? The rootmeaning of anxiety is“to vex or trouble”.I’ll say! It certainlycreates troublein many lives, especiallytoday. We are living in a societywhere anxiety is an epidemic!When I see a patient with acuteanxiety or anxiety disorder (morechronic), they are truly suffering.Sometimes the anxiety arises asa result of a stressful situation,but more often than not, peoplesuffering from anxiety try to find“reasons” why they are anxious,and often cannot. There is astigma attached to anxiety, andit’s really unfortunate becauseit is a disease, and more oftenthan not, the “reason” for itis unexplainable; it is nearlyimpossible to “talk yourself outof it”!Homeopathic treatment ofanxiety is a wonderful optionbecause it addresses the root ofthe anxiety, in addition to treatingthe health of the patient as a“whole”, without the risk of sideeffects. When I treat someonewith anxiety, I look at everything;the health history, body temperature,time of day, physicalsymptoms, emotional symptoms,behavioural changes, likes anddislikes, fears/phobias and the listgoes on. It addresses the anxietyand the “person” experiencingit. For example: each anxietylooks and feels different and eachperson is unique, and thereforerequires a specific remedy tailoredto them. To illustrate this, I haveprovided a case of anxiety belowbut this prescription was specificto this individual case and willnot work without the supervisionof a homeopathic doctor.Case #2- Male, age 15 yrs, chiefcomplaint is anxiety and fearfor the last 2 years. It is worsein the evening once the sungoes down, fear of somethingbad happening, and fear of thedark. Anxiety is felt in chest,causing a heavy, audible pulse,and heaviness in the chest. Hegets heated up in the body withthe anxiety, is sensitive to noise,and easily startled. He can’t liedown, it makes the anxiety worse,and has to prop up to sleep,breathing is shallow. Triggers forthe anxiety are darkness, largegroups of people, and twilight(when the sun is going down). Heis thirsty for ice cold water, andcraves salty food and ice cream.No other health complaintsexcept occasional heartburn afterspicy food. Prescription wasPhosphorus 2 pellets (single dose)Follow-up: No more anxiety, andsleeping much better at night.Still on the nervous side whengoing to be in a large group ofpeople, but fine once gettingthere, no more anxiety in thedark, and feeling “overall backto self again”. Redosed 2 pellets,anxiety completely relieved- norecurrence of anxiety in 2 years.“Before trying homeopathic treatmentI was tired all the time,could not concentrate and felt anoverall sluggishness. Homeopathictreatment changed this. Now, sixmonths later I still feel better, canget out of bed in the morning feelingclear and ready to take on my dayand I can get things done. I wouldrecommend Sarah Trask to anyone.”Amanda, Toronto, ON~Sarah Trask, HD (RHom)Pie r Squared “The Valley in a crust”Find us at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market 697-2502

14 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011A Gala Fundraiser for Wolfville School Music ProgramOn February 2, 2011 at 7:00The Spinney Brothers willbe one of the special guests at theWolfville School music programfundraiser, Crescendo. The musicprogram is raising money in orderto participate in a music festivalat Mount Saint Vincent Universityin Halifax on April 29.“Allan and I both attendedWolfville School when we werekids,” says Rick Spinney, banjoplayer for the band. “We havea lot of memories of our timethere. We jumped at the chanceto give back, especially to themusic program. Who knows,maybe there’s another “SpinneyBrothers” in the making”.The Spinney Brothers are just oneof a stellar line-up of local talent.The Wolfville School Jazz Band,the Acadia Percussion Ensembledirected by Mark Adam, and agirls’Glee Club from WolfvilleSchool will also be performing.“It’s an opportunity to show-offour local celebrities and supportour future ones,” says Suzie Blattco-president of the WolfvilleSchool Band Parent Association.“We wanted our kids to have achance to perform with a varietyof musical groups from our areaso that they know they are partof a musical community, biggerthan their own school band. Thisspecial evening and the musicfestival in April will do that.”The music program is raisingmoney to help cover the cost offestival registration, overnightaccommodations, meal expenses,and other costs. “It’s importantto us that all of our kids be able toattend the festival and experiencethis wonderful opportunity. Thefundraiser will help to ensurethat all the students will be ableto participate, regardless of theirown personal contributions. Wedon’t want anyone left out,” saysBlatt. Admission to the eveningis a free will offering, with asuggested donation of $12.00.The entire community is behindthe Wolfville School Band. AcadiaUniversity has donated the useof the Festival Theatre facility,all the artists are donatingtheir time, Ardith Haley of theDepartment of Education andAcadia University is the emcee,and the band students will beselling refreshments duringintermission.“We want everyone to come outand enjoy the music,” encouragesRick Spinney. “The key to a greatgig is great attendance.”For more information aboutthis press release please contact:Angela Clair at 542-3115 /theclairs@eastlink.caStardrop - by Mark Oakley: www.iboxpublishing.comHeather Pierce, R.M.T.Massage TherapyTo book an appointment please call:542.5380Direct Billing{Gift Certificates AvailableWolfville Chiropractic Center Ltd.Massage Therapy Services.21-112 Front St, Wolfville, NS{Stardrop is brought to you by The Box of Delights - A Delightful Little Bookshop on Main St

15 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Who’s Who - Kerri Leier: All Her World’s A Stage!After I graduated from HighSchool I never thoughtI’d set foot on a stage again. Ibelieved my theatrical endeavorswere complete when gradetwelve drama classes ended andI thought the curtain was closedon my acting career forever. Cutto me ten years later performingeight plays in 15 months and whodo I have to thank… Kerri Leier!Truth be told, her mother Marionfound me (Thanks Marion), but itwas Kerri who refueled my interestin performing and has been aninfinite support to me since ourmeeting. I am thrilled to the gillsto tell you about her. Our interviewtook place in the backseat ofher car, so I will entitle this “Mikein the Rear with Kerri Leier”.Kerri grew up in Port Williamsand doesn’t remember a timewhen she wasn’t involved in theatre.Her grandmother and fatherwere thespians of the stage whenthey were young and Kerri continuesthe tradition. Kerri performedseveral shows at CentreStage inher youth (she sings and dances)and began directing when she wasin elementary school, yes, elementaryschool, and hasn’t stopped!In grade 11 Kerri directed a stageversion of John Hughes’ TheBreakfast Club and this solidifiedhergoal tocontinuea lifeworkingin theatrearts.Kerri: thebrilliantdirector isonly surpassedbyKerri: thebrilliantwriter.She wroteher first play in High School andtook it to the Nova Scotia DramaFestival. She attended York Universityand obtained a degree intheatre studies and her BEd.After Kerri graduated she wasfortunate to work as an instructorat Neptune Theatre where she metchoreographer Tracy Nasson Fritzand the pair came up with “Jump:An 80’s Musical”, a vibrant andenergetic show set to hits fromeveryone’s favorite decade. Withthe support of the cast, friends,family and the help of manysold out shows; Edelane Theatrewas born. Kerri’s grandmother,who has since passed away, was“Jump’s” original producer andhas always been a source ofinspirationforKerri’sotherprojects.“Greatthingscome inthrees”said…someone…and inKerri’scase, thethreewould be the magnificent theatricaltriple threat of her, Tracy andMelissa Vidito, Edelane’s musicaldirector, whom Kerri met in 2007.To date they’ve done 8 productions,including two of Kerri’soriginal scripts, as well as, threesummer theatre camps for youth.Contact Kerri if you wish to be apart of upcoming productions ortake part in the summer youthcamp at currently works forLandmark East, who has addedPerforming Arts to their coursesand she is also chin-deep intoEdelane’s current production of“The Wedding Singer” playingFebruary 9 th -12 th 2011 at the AlArdyth and Jennifer’s “Longest Night” ConcertWho could have predicted theexquisite music two angelslike “Ardyth and Jennifer” wouldshare with mere mortals like us,on December 21 st “Longest Night”concert, at Kentville’s St. JamesAnglican Church?Good news! They`ll be returningwith Rachel MacLean and manyothers, Sunday February 6 th , 2pmat Kentville’s United Church for aKCA playground benefit concert.As well, CD’s and clips of theiroriginal songs can be found atwww.ardythandjennifer.comAll evening, Ardyth createdentrancing vocal and woodwindharmonies to complementJennifer’s clear-crystal melodies.Both have an uncanny talentfor making even ancient songssound new: never had I heard amore beautiful vocal treatment of“Silent Night”! Violin/cellist ClaraWhitman combined with thembeautifully: “In the Bleak Mid-Winter” alone was worth manytimes the price of admission.Jennifer Wyatt’s song-writingabilities are formidable, yet she isunassuming. Her song “LongestNight” told the true story ofa Newfoundland lighthousekeeper’s wife, who had lost herhusband to the roaring sea onanother December 21 st . Pregnant,she and her three children waitedwithout electricity ‘til ChristmasEve to be rescued. Long beautifultones on Ardyth’s flute, playedover Jennifer’s harp, were like ahealing balm for a grieving heart.Reverend Lynn Uzans, aconsummate story-teller in herown right, wove a charmingAppalachian Christmas tale aboutovercoming poverty, followed by“Hold On”, a tribute written byWyatt in honour of the prolificfolksong-writer Pete Seeger,“who at 89 is still writing songsand believes that music canchange the world for the better.”The experience of “Ardyth andJennifer’s” faithful and sincereChristmas music went deep, andseemed to move the audiencespiritually — even on thelongest night of the year!If you would like to have a tasteof Ardyth and Jennifer`s music,don’t miss them Feb. 6 at 2p.m. at the United Church ofSt. Stephen and St. Paul, MainSt. Kentville--for their guestappearance in the “Music. Playfor Life” concert.Peter Piper, freelance reviewer 542-4122sean_alexanderm@hotmail.comFundy Film SocietyWhittle Theatre in Wolfville (seeMike Uncorked for details). Sheis confident that Edelane willcontinue to thrive because of thetalented youth of the area and thesupportive nature of Wolfville andthe surrounding region. Kerri hasdirected me in four productionssince December 2009; “BrandNew Year”, “Little Shop of Horrors”,“Cinderella, Cinderella” andnow, “The Wedding Singer”. Herbelief in my capabilities and thefun she injects into her productions,has inspired me to wearmyself out with as much theatreas I can do. I thank you Kerrifor these things: Giving me theopportunity to explore the talentyou insist I have, surroundingme with the greatest and mosttalented people imaginable whohave become not just my fellowcast members, but also my friendsand family, and for never makingit feel like work! Can’t wait untilthe next show…. KERRI ON!Who’s Who Brought to you byFundy Film SocietyThe world's best films in Wolfvillefilms subject to change without noticePete Seeger: The Power of Song6-Packs now Wednesday, on sale September at all 23: 7 pmThe world's best films in screenings Wolfville through6-Packs: $36 (sixFebruarypre-paid tickets) - Autumn13!Series onlyfilms subject to change without noticeAcadia Cinema's Al Whittle Al Theatre Whittle Theatre450 Main Street, Wolfville 542-5157542-5157 ButlerAcadia The Cinema's Kingʼs Al Whittle Speech Theatre450 Main Street, WolfvilleSunday, Jan 30: 4 & 7pm542-5157www.fundyfilm.caForce of NatureWednesday, Feb 2: 7pmAutumn Series begins!Soul Kitchen AdorationSunday, September 13: 4+7pmSunday, Feb 6: 4 Empties & 7pmSunday, September 20: 4+7pmavailable 30 minutes before screenings through Oct 11! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! General admission: $8 30 minutes before screeningsAutumnASunday, SSunday, SPete SeegWednesday6-Packs: $36 (sixavailable 30 minut! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! General admissio

16 The GrapevineJan 27 - Feb 10, 2011Scotian Hikertrivia1. In what province or territorycan you find Mount Nova Scotia?MariposaInteriors112 Front St.(next to EOS)www.mariposainteriors.caVote For Us!For the EKCC's Best Of KingsIn the category: Specialty Shopvisit: us be part of the Best Of Kings!2. What Nova Scotian sings‘Nowhere With You’?3. Who was the first black worldboxing champion in any weightclass?4. What is the largest snake inNova Scotia?Main St., Wolfville, January, 2011. Photo by Melissa KellyBrought to you by: Daniels’ Flower Shop Ltd. 40 Water St, Windsor798-5337 www.danielsflowershop.com2 Medium Donairs $8.50 + taxLarge 16’’ Pizza w/Works $12.99 + tax(Pick-up or delivery)5. Who admitted in October 1967that there ‘could be somethingconcrete in Shag Harbor UFO’?solutions:1. Yukon Territory; 2. Joel Plaskett;3. George Dixon (born in Africville);4. Maritime Garter Snake; 5. RoyalCanadian Air ForceBrought to you by Jeremy Novak,Jocelyn Hatt with contributions byManda Mansfield, Laura MacDonald,Mike Butler & Lisa HammettVaughan. Printed at the AcadiaPrint Shop 585-1129Contact 692-8546•Don’t want to miss a Grapevine?Subscribe for $2.00 an issue.•AlsoThankavailableyou to Flowercartonline:and thewww.grapevine.wolfville.orgWolfville United Church for helpThank with Grapevine you for the construction. deliveries:When it comes to living in a retirement home, homesickness canbecome an issue. Sure, it might be where you live, but it can stillhave that institution-like feel. Quite frankly, it can take some timebefore a single room feels like home.There was a retired school teacher who lived next door but, due tofailing physical health, he moved into a retirement home. Althoughhe’s been there for a long time and despite him being a very wellmanneredgentleman, he certainly has had no issue letting youknow that he’s still missing the familiar, comforting features ofhome. Recently however, while visiting a dear friend, we noticed abeautiful, quilted wall hanging at the head of his bed. It has 12 squaresand every square contains a hand-sewn picture and the name of each ofthe 12 one-room school houses he taught in during his career. I’m notsure who made this home-made gift but it certainly would have takenhours of work and oodles of consideration. It recognizes the yearswhen he touched the lives of many and is a daily reminder of where hecame from. Hopefully, more than anything, it keeps him smiling.Lorna MacLeanGrapevine Advertising Rates: (per issue)Ad Size 1 Issue 4 Issues 13 Issues 26 Issues1 Block $40 $36 $34 $322 Blocks $80 $72 $68 $643 Blocks $110 $99 $94 $884 Blocks $130 $117 $110 $104Footer Ads: $25 an issue, min. 4-issue commitment{Submission Deadline for February 10th issue, February 8th95% of all businesses in Wolfville, Grand Pré , Gaspereau& Port Williams receive at least 1 hand-delivered copy.Additional papers can be found at these fine locations:Wolfville: The Post Office, EOS, Pita House, Muddy’s Convenience,Cinematopia, the public Library, Just Us! Cafe, WolfvilleFarmers’ Market, T.A.N., What’s the Buzz? Rolled OatGreater Wolfville Area: Grand Pre - Convenience Store,Just Us! Coffee Roasters. Gaspereau - Valley Fibres, XTR Station,Port Williams - Wharf General Store, Tin Pan Bistro. Canning- Art Can, Al’s Fireside Café, Aspinall Studios.Windsor - Moe’sPlace Music, Yum Bakery, T.A.N. café Hantsport - R & G’s FamilyRestaurant, Ship’s Landing Berwick: Black Trumpet Café, Kate’sPantry, Rising Sun Café, Drift Wood Restaurant{Tide Predictions atCape BlomidonSource: Canadian Fisheries & Oceanswww.waterlevels.gc.caJan2728293031Feb01020304050607080910High6:17am7:17am8:20am9:21am10:20am11:14am12:03pm12:49pm*1:31pm2:11pm2:49pm3:27pm4:06pm4:48pmLow12:30pm1:33pm2:37pm3:39pm4:37pm5:29pm6:16pm6:35am7:17am7:57am8:35am9:13am9:51am10:33am5:35pm** 11:18am* Highest High: 40.7 feet** Lowest High: 34.4 feet

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