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Tyne Bridge PublishingFor the best local history on TynesideCatalogue Autumn-Winter 2010

Tyne Bridge PublishingNewcastle Libraries & Information ServicePO Box 88Newcastle upon TyneNE99 1DXTelephone: 0191 2774174 direct lineFax: 0191 2774137email: tynebridge@newcastle.gov.ukUK postage: £1 per book for the first 3 books.But only £4 postage for 4 books or more.Cheques payable to ‘City of Newcastle upon Tyne’To order by credit card phone us weekdays 9.00am-4.30pmSee the full range of titles at Newcastle City LibraryFind us on the web!www.tynebridgepublishing.co.ukAll descriptions in this catalogue are correct at time of going to press.Prices are subject to alteration without notice.Bargain prices only apply to books sold through this catalogue,or at Newcastle LibrariesTrade discounts and special discounts for libraries,schools and colleges.© City of Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle Libraries & Information Service, 2010Be IN a New Book oN 1970s Newcastle!Remember ‘Get Carter’, the three day week, theJubilee, loons, space hoppers, and glam rock? Didyou live, work or play in Newcastle during thoseheady years, 1970-1979? If so, please get in touch!Send us your memories (500 words or less please, but asmany entries as you like); we’d love you to lend us yourphotos too (we promise to return them).2

new titles...A Cartoonist’s ChronicleGeoff LawsGeoff’s finest and funniest cartoonsfrom 35 years on Newcastle’snewspapers, his remarkable take onthe people and events that made thenews on Tyneside, and his accountof how it all came about.£10 paperback 120 pagesFully illustrated including full colourISBN 9781857952018Rescues in the Surf: the story of theShields lifeboats 1789-1939Stephen LandellsWho really invented the rowing lifeboat?What dangers faced the brave men whotackled the treacherous seas to rescueshipwrecked sailors? Plus the history of theTyne Lifeboat Institution and Volunteer LifeBrigades, and a full list of shipwrecks. With aforeword by the Duke of Northumberland.£12.99 paperback 300 pagesArchive photos, and mapsISBN 9781857951493Out November 2010Jesmond: from mines to mansionsAlan MorganDiscover the history of the leafysuburb of Jesmond through the eyesof City Guide Alan Morgan, on foot orby armchair. This new exploration isdedicated to the memory of locallegend Jimmy Donald.£8.99 paperback 120 pagesArchive photos, and mapsISBN 97818579520013

ecent titles...It’s My Life! 1960s NewcastleThe 1960s... In Newcastle, it was atime when everything was possibleand everything was changing. Fromthe Club A ‘Gogo to the newhighrise flats, people were on themove. Recapture that electrifyingatmosphere through this evocativemix of memories and pictures.Contributors include John Steel ofThe Animals and Lindisfarne’s RayLaidlaw.£10 204 pages, paperbackCrammed with photos, including full colour section.ISBN 9781857951387Beneath this Green and PleasantLandJohn GrahamFrom Pit lad to mining official, John Grahamsaw life at the coal face at first hand. Hisdramtic story tells of the dangers, thecharacters, the friendships and hard graft ofa working life underground.£7.99 220 pages, paperbackLine drawings and diagramsISBN 9781857951431Jimmy Forsyth: Photographs from the1950s and 1960sSelected and with an introduction by Anthony FlowersJimmy Forsyth bought his first camera in1954 and began to photograph the streetsand people around Scotswood Road. Hismoving images capture a working-classcommunity at the moment of itsdisappearance.In assocation with Tyne & Wear Archives£8.99 140 pages, paperbackover 150 photographsISBN 97818579513324

walking into history...Unlocking the Quayside: NewcastleGateshead’s historic waterfront exploredVanessa HistonThe story of Newcastle Gateshead Quays fromthe days when the docks were packed with shipsand goods, to the exciting transformations of the21st century. Take a walkon the quayside!Supported by Insite Environments and MottMacDonald£5.99 96 pages, paperback, full colourArchive and new photos, and mapsISBN 9781857951578Keys to the City: walks exploring Newcastle’s hidden historyVanessa HistonStep back into history with five linked walks.Explore the medieval defence system, discoverwhere the Georgians enjoyed themselves, followthe footsteps of Victorian shoppers, and findsome contemporary art. This book unlocks someof the clues to Newcastle’s past.Supported by Insite Environments£6.99 112 pages, paperback, fullcolourArchive and new photos, and mapsISBN 9781857951141The Buildings of Grainger Town: FourTownscape Walks around NewcastleDavid LovieExplore the history and architecture of TynesideClassical and the city centre..Published by Grainger Town Partnership inassociation with North east EnvironmentalEducation Forum.£8.95 96 pages, paperbackFully illustratedISBN 97809547538015

tyne pride ...Crossing the TyneAWARD WINNING BOOKFrank Manders and Richard PottsAll the crossings of the Tyne fromthe river mouth to Ryton from theRoman Pons Aelius to theGateshead Millennium Bridge, 2000years of crossing the river (over andunder the water), great engineeringfeats are described.£8.50 128 pages, paperbackarchive and new photos plus 24 page colour sectionISBN: 9781857951129Supported by Gateshead Council, Edmund Nuttall Ltd., Mott MacDonald,University of Newcastle, Northumbria UniversityCinemas of NewcastleFrank Manders‘A step back in time through the circleand the stalls’ to revisit the varyingfortunes of the city’s cinemas from silverscreen days - the glory days, andthe decline of ‘going to the pictures’ inNewcastle.£12.95 168 pages paperbackarchive photosISBN: 9781857951523Tyneside’s Finest … a miscellanyIntroduced by John GrundyOver 100 pieces by 50 Tyneside writerscovering an extraordinary range of peopleplaces and things – industry, entertainment,philosophy, crime, culture, beer ...£9.99 208 pages, paperback, full colour,archive and new photosISBN 9781857951097Also available on audiotape or CD fromTyne Sound News: tel 0191 26141216

the victorian townscape...A City of Palaces: Richard Graingerand the making of Newcastle uponTyneIan AyrisThe story of Richard Grainger who transformedthe ‘coal hole of the north’ into the elegant classicalcity which is the pride of the region.£6.99 88 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN: 9781857950632Supported by the Grainger Town Project andEnglish Partnerships.John Dobson: Architect of the NorthEastThomas Faulkner and Andrew GregThe life and work of the North East’s mosteminent architect. This richly illustrated book isset to become the standard work on Dobson.£9.50 208 pages, paperback.Archive and new photos full colour sectionISBN: 9781857951318In association with Tyne & Wear Museums.Supported by the Grainger Town Project andFaulknerBrown Architects.Victorian Panorama: A Visit to Newcastle upon Tyne in thereign of Queen VictoriaAlan MorganExplore a vanished Newcastlethrough the eyes of Victorian artistJohn Storey. City Guide AlanMorgan explores the detailrevealed in the picture and takesyou on a time travelling tour.£9.99 108 pages, paperbackfull colour maps, plans, photosISBN 978185795104 27

grave thoughts ...Beyond the Grave: ExploringNewcastle’s Burial GroundsAWARD WINNING BOOKAlan MorganAn exploration of the burial grounds andgraveyards of Newcastle’s four parishchurches, the great suburban cemeteriesof the 19th century, their occupants, andtheir histories. An offbeat way of findingout about Newcastle in the past!£7.99 180 pages, paperbackArchive and new photos, maps and plans.ISBN 9781857951028 Supported by Strettle of Newcastle Ltd.A Fine and Private Place: JesmondOld CemeteryAlan MorganThe remarkable story of Newcastle’s ownnecropolis, this ‘Highgate of the North’contains a wealth of social history describingover 100 of the occupants of JesmondOld Cemetery.£5.99 80 pages, paperback.Archive and new photos, maps and plans.ISBN 9781 857951554Supported by Strettle of Newcastle Ltd.Otherworld North East: Ghosts and Hauntings ExploredTony LiddellForty chilling North East ghoststories including 16 accounts ofreal-life ghost investigations. Dareyou read this book...? Real ghostsinside...£9.99 128 pages, paperbackArchive and new photos, maps andplans.ISBN 9781 8579511278

tyneside heroes ...The Ingenious Mr Avison: MakingMusic and Money in Eighteenth-Century NewcastleRoz Southey, Margaret Maddison, DavidHughesCharles Avison (1708-1770) was a talentedcomposer whose long-neglected music hasenjoyed a revival by the internationallyfamous Avison Ensemble. This timely bookbrings Avison’s world to life and tells hisfascinating story.£10 148 pages, paperbackArchive and new photos, some full colourISBN 978 1857951295In assocation with The Avison EnsembleThomas BewickDouglas Glendinning, Anna Flowers,Anthony FlowersA fully illustrated biography of thefamous artist and engraver for thegeneral reader. Includes beautifulcolour reproductions of the rarelyseen watercolours.£6.99 60 pages paperbackArchive illustrations and engravingsISBN: 9781857951714 Supported by Heritage Lottery FundCollingwood: Northumberland’s Heart of OakMax AdamsAdmiral Lord Collingwood wasNorthumberland’s own hero at theBattle of Trafalgar. His life story iscrammed with tales of dramaticshipboard life.New edition for the bicentenary£7.99 84 pages, paperbackArchive and new illustrationsISBN 97818579513259

working lives ...The Great Northern MinersKen and Jean SmithFrom the earliest days to theclosure of Ellington in 2005, thisbook tells the story of the menand boys who toiled undergroundbeneath the streets and fields ofNorthumberland and CountyDurham to win the coal.£12.95 192 pages, paperbackarchive and new photosISBN 9781 857951196Supported by Thompsons SolicitorsAn Alarming Accident, or every glasstells a story: the forgotten engraved glassof North East EnglandJohn Brooks and William CowanModest memorials on Victorian glasswareprovide fascinating insights into the lives ofNorth East working communities of the late19th century. A treat for the curious and thecollector.£7.99 96 pages, paperback,archive photosISBN 9781857951240Stephenson Power: George and Robert StephensonKen SmithTyneside-born George Stephenson,and his son Robert, were pioneersof the steam locomotive andrailways, earning a lasting place inhistory for their achievements.Stephenson Power tells the story ofthese great North East engineers.£4.99 paperback 40 pages.Fully illustrated.ISBN: 978185795186810

engineering giants ...Emperor of Industry: LordArmstrong of CragsideKen SmithKen Smith’s life of Lord Armstrongtells the story of Newcastle’sindustrial giant who founded ElswickShipyard, built the Swing Bridge,and made his home at Cragside inNorthumberland£4.99 48 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN: 9781857951271Armstrong’s River Empire: Tyne Shipyards that supplied theWorldDick Keys and Ken SmithThe story of the revolutionaryicebreakers and many otherships delivered all over theworld from Elswick and LowWalker shipyards. Includes 12pages of unique colourreproductions of launch cards.£10 108 pages, paperbackArchive photos, colour sectionISBN 9781857951486Turbinia: Charles Parsons and his Ocean GreyhoundKen SmithThe exciting tale of the world’s firststeam-turbine driven vessel and itsremarkable inventor, engineerCharles Parsons.£6.99 54 pages, paperback.archive and new photos, plus colourISBN: 9781857951394Expanded new edition, with Tyne &Wear Archives & Museums11

tyne ships and the sea ...Lost Shipyards of the TyneRon French and Ken SmithFrom the earliest days, the skill ofTyne shipbuilders went unrivalled.This thrilling account draws uponthe memories of workers to tellthe story of the now vanishedshipyards, including the WalkerNaval Yard, Hawthorn Leslie,Readhead’s, Cleland’s, T. & W.Smith and many others.£6.99 96 pages, paperbackarchive photosand maps AWARD WINNING BOOKISBN 9781857951226 Supported by Swan Hunter (Tyneside) LtdSwan Hunter: The Pride and the TearsIan Rae and Ken SmithThe story of the Tyne’s mostfamous shipyard is told here, withillustrations from the official SwanHunter Archive, and memories ofthe workers.£5.99 48 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN: 9781857951066Supported by Swan Hunter(Tyneside) LtdPalmers of JarrowJim Cuthbert and Ken SmithThe history of the famous Tyneshipbuilding company whichlaunched over 900 vesselsbetween 1851 and 1933. As wellas the ships, the spotlight isthrown on the lives of theworkers of Jarrow.£5.99 48 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN: 978185795196712

tyne ships and the sea ...Queens of the Tyne: theriver’s great liners 1888-1973Ken SmithCelebrating the 100th birthday ofMauretania this book tells thestories of many superb Tyne-builtpassenger ships.£6.99 72 pages, paperback.archive photosISBN 9781857951134Wallsend ReflectionsJean and Ken SmithThe famous ship-building town at theend of the Wall, with memories fromthe people who worked there.£6.99 80 pages, paperback.archive photos and mapsWith North Tyneside Libraries.ISBN: 9781 857951424Tales from the TyneDick Keys and Ken SmithWork and play on the river in thedays when the Tyne was a thrivingport at the heart of the great North-East coalfield - tugs, colliers, steamers,pilot cutters and floating cranes.£6.99 84 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN:9781 857951585Tall Ships on the TyneDick Keys and Ken SmithThe story of the Tyne’s graceful tall shipsfrom the earliest days.£3.99 (was £6.99)72 pages, paperback, archive photosISBN: 978185795137013

hidden histories ...Hidden Chains: the Slavery Businessand North East England 1600-1860John CharltonFrom bonded labourers to wealthy plantationowners, and sailors on the slave ships, NorthEast people were involved with the Atlantictrade. They also played a vital role in thefight for Abolition. This book tells the wholecompelling story.£10 180 pages, paperbackfull colour new and archive illustrationsISBN 9781857951233With Tyne & Wear MuseumsVictorian Villains: Prisoners fromNewcastle Gaol 1871-73Barry RedfernCase studies and fascinating accounts ofcrime and punishment from Newcastle’s earliestpolice photographic records. RetiredChief Superintendent Barry Redfern explorescriminals, victims and police detection work.£6.99 156 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN 9781857951080With Tyne & Wear ArchivesDown our Streets: Newcastle’s street names exploredJack and John LeslieThe stories behind over 100 ofNewcastle’s street names.Introduced by John Grundy whosays ‘this excellent guide … willsave my bacon and satisfythousands of enquiring minds,including my own’.£5.99 48 pages, paperbackarchive photosISBN: 978185795191214

stories and tales ...The Lambton WormIllustrated and retold by Joan HendersonA favourite traditional tale brought to life inverse with colourful illustrations. Includes themusic and all the traditional words to this wellknownsong.£2.95 24 pages, paperbackfull colour throughoutISBN: 978 0902653689Dancing with the Devil and Other TrueTales of Northern WitchcraftJo BathEyewitness accounts andhistorical sources explore casesof bewitched children, mysteriousillnesses and terrifyingapparitions from the 17th century.Plus spells, charms, and hocuspocus from the dark days ofhistory.£3 (was £5.99) 48 pages,paperbackarchive illustrationsISBN: 9781857951660For the younger readerWalking with Witches (a satisfyinglycreepy read ... Jill Murphy)Lynn Huggins-CooperEleanor and Isabel investigate a mysteriousmessage, a witch’s jewel … and a dangerouspresence from Newcastle’s 17th century. Canthey outwit the shadowy figure from the past?A fast-moving adventure for ages 9-14.Illustrations by Nigel Brewis£3 (was £5.99) 160 pages, paperbackISBN 978185795128815

ygone times ...Old photographs reveal the past.Bygone Bell’s Close & Lemington £1.25Bygone Benwell Revisited £1.50Bygone County Durham (large size) £1.50Bygone High Heaton £1.25Bygone Kenton £1.50Bygone Lower Ouseburn £1.95Bygone Newburn £1.25Bygone Sandyford & Cradlewell £1.95Bygone Scotswood £1.25Bygone Shieldfield £1.95Bygone West Quayside and the Close £1.95Bygone Walbottle £1.50Bygone Westgate Road £1.95210 x 147mm, 24 pages, 21 photosBygone days of Longbenton Vol 2W.G. ElliottA look back at Longbenton, Benton,Forest hall, West Moor, Killingworth andPalmersville through old photographs.Price: £5.99 paperback, 88 pagesISBN: 0953563316These little bookletsare going out of printbut new booklets onthe suburbs will be inpreparation soon.History of the Parish of WallsendWilliam RichardsonA facsimile reprint of William Richardson’sHistory of Wallsend first published in 1923,this book is a standard tool for local historyresearchers. All aspects of Wallsend,Howdon, and Willington Quay, the rise anddecline of local industries are documented,alongside vignettes of local families.Price: £18.99 hardback, 538 pages withfoldout maps and plans, and illustrations.ISBN: 9781857950342Please add £2 postage for this large book.16

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