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Parenting Support (pdf) - Families Link International

Parenting Support (pdf) - Families Link International

Look at outcomesfor

Look at outcomesfor children andyoung peopleMonitor andreview servicesand processLook at particulargroups of childrenand young peoplePlan for workforceand marketdevelopmentCommission –including use ofpooled resourcesProcessesfor jointplanning &commissioningDevelop needsassessment withuser & staff viewsIdentify resourcesand set prioritiesDecide how tocommissionservices efficientlyPlan pattern ofservices and focuson prevention6.2 Effective commissioningof parenting programmesThe messages from research regardingwhich parenting programmes are mosteffective are still emerging. However,some parenting programmes are alreadysupported by an evidence base and appearto be more effective than others. It isimportant that resources are investedin parenting programmes that have thegreatest effect. We know from discussionsthat local authorities are seeking moreinformation about parenting programmes.The DfES has funded Parenting UK todevelop a Commissioner’s Toolkit –a searchable database on parentingprogrammes which can be accessed This willequip commissioners with a greaterknowledge of the current range ofinterventions and includes informationon what research and evaluationsuggests may be most effective, sothat commissioners are better placedto make decisions to suit the needsof parents in their community.14 PARENTING SUPPORT GUIDANCE FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES IN ENGLAND

In July 2006 the National Institute forHealth and Clinical Excellence (NICE)published guidance on parentprogrammes in the management ofchildren with conduct disorders. 4The appraisal made a series ofrecommendations for those involved inthe appraisal of parent-training/educationprogrammes. It said they should:• be structured and have a curriculuminformed by principles of social-learning;• include relationship-enhancing strategies;• offer a sufficient number of sessions,with an optimum of 8-12, to maximisethe possible benefits for participants;• enable parents to identify their ownparenting objectives;• incorporate role-play during sessions,as well as homework to be undertakenbetween sessions, to achievegeneralisation of newly rehearsedbehaviours to the home situation;• be delivered by appropriately trained andskilled facilitators who are supervised,have access to necessary ongoingprofessional development, and are ableto engage in a productive therapeuticalliance with parents; and• adhere to the programme developer’smanual and employ all of the necessarymaterials to ensure consistentimplementation of the programme.6.3 Identifying a single commissionerof parenting supportLocal authorities have already been askedto identify a single commissioner ofparenting support services, in a letter sentby the Minister for Children, Young Peopleand Families in July 2006. This post shouldwork in the context of the children’s trustjoint commissioning unit (as described inSection 6 of the Joint Planning andCommissioning Framework for Children,Young People and Maternity Services)and could be incorporated within existingroles, where appropriate. The personwould be well placed to:• champion parenting support acrossthe authority;• commission parenting supportservices based on local need;• consider where services need tobe reconfigured and if necessarydecommissioned;• co-ordinate work on parenting supportacross agencies;• consider how best to develop earlyintervention and prevention services,whilst retaining the ability to copeeffectively with remedial work;• consider how services can best bedelivered, including through third sectorand private organisations;4 NICE technology appraisal guidance

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