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Parenting Support (pdf) - Families Link International

Parenting Support (pdf) - Families Link International

2. Introductionand

2. Introductionand summary ofkey messages2.1 IntroductionThe purpose of this guidance is to supportlocal authorities and children’s trusts intheir development of a continuum ofsupport for parents. It will be relevant toLocal Authority Chief Executives, Directorsof Children’s Services, those involved inthe development of Children and YoungPeople’s Plans and those responsible forthe process of commissioning and/orthe delivery of services for parents(including private and third sectorproviders). It begins with a summaryof what we know about the impact ofparenting on outcomes for children,and an overview of the policy context.It sets out the case for a strategic approachin designing and delivering parentingsupport services and explores the conceptof a continuum of support. Finally itdiscusses the plans the Government hasfor taking the parenting agenda forward.This guidance has been informedby two studies conducted byPricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): The Marketfor Parental and Family Support Servicesand Designing and Delivering EffectiveParental and Family Support Services.This guidance should be read togetherwith the Joint Planning and CommissioningFramework for Children, Young People andMaternity Summary of key messagesThe Government is asking localauthorities to:• develop a strategic and joined-upapproach to the design and deliveryof parenting support services, ideallythrough a parenting support strategythat informs the Children and YoungPeople’s Plans and takes account ofparents’ views;2 PARENTING SUPPORT GUIDANCE FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES IN ENGLAND

• see support for parents as a continuum,from early intervention and preventativeservices through to the use of enforcementmeasures; the whole range of servicesshould be used as appropriate; and”Third sector” encompasses voluntary andcommunity organisations, charities, socialenterprises, mutuals and co-operatives.• identify a single commissioner ofparenting support services, andcommission parenting programmesthat are evidence-based, drawingon relevant guidance and theCommissioner’s Toolkit (see page 14).2.3 Terms definedThroughout the guidance, the terms havebeen defined as follows:“Parents” has been used as shorthand toinclude mothers, fathers, carers and otheradults with responsibility for caring fora child, including looked after children.“Parent support services” are defined as:“any activity or facility aimed at providinginformation, advice and support to parentsand carers to help them in bringing uptheir children”.3

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