Brand Standards Guide - Genome Canada

Brand Standards Guide - Genome Canada

Brand Standards Guide

IntroductionThis Brand Standards Guide helps designers accuratelyportray Genome Canada’s personality in external and internalcommunications. The aim is to present a strong, uniform brandmessage to employees of Genome Canada and Genome Centres,as well as to partners and the general public. From writingstyle to colour palette, typography,logos and layout, every element ofa communication should reinforcethe image of Genome Canada asa science-based organization — aworld leader in providing fundingfor genomics and proteomics research.

The specifications outlined within thisguide will help designers create a strongfamily look for Genome Canada, yetallow room for individual creativity.While this guide provides generalguidelines, it can’t anticipate every graphicapplication of the Genome brand. If youhave a project that requires unspecifiedgraphic treatments, please contactGenome Canada’s corporate office.

ColoursUsing colour consistently is essential instrengthening brand awareness. Our primarycolours are Genome corporate blue and red.Both are used in the Genome spiral and logotype.Primary ColoursProcess ColourMonitor ColourPantone ColoursCyan/Magenta/Yellow/BlackRed/Green/BlueC / M / Y / KR / G / BPantone 185 0 / 100 / 100 / 0 255 / 0 / 0Pantone 2758 100 / 80 / 0 / 30 0 / 0 / 102The two primary colours are specified for usein Genome Canada publications. The coloursshown should be used as main colours incorporate designs.Secondary ColoursProcess ColourMonitor ColourPantone ColoursCyan/Magenta/Yellow/BlackRed/Green/BlueC / M / Y / KR / G / BPantone 418 3 / 0 / 31 / 75 96 / 96 / 77Pantone 158 0 / 61 / 97 / 0 219 / 127 / 49Pantone 123 0 / 24 / 94 / 0 240 / 195 / 59The secondary colour palette may be used forhighlights on other communications campaigns.Here is an example applying secondary colours ona Genome Canada publication.Brand Standards Guide 3

TypographyThe fonts selected fit into the overall tone anddesign style of the Genome Canada brand andare intended to make the subject matter moreapproachable. Overall, the fonts exemplify ourcompany’s confidence and contemporary outlook.The headline typeface is Helvetica Neue —distinctive and recognizable.GenomicsProteomicsThe body copy font to be used is Optima —professional and easy-to-read.DistinctiveCONFIDENTContemporaryEX ESEQUISI TEM DIGNA CONSE EUI BLAM DOLENDIT iriustrud dolorperatincilis exercipisis alit luptat ing et atisim vel irit dolessisi blaoreet am, quipit doloreetaugait alit ad tat autpatet alis autatum zzrit nummod tat. Usciduisl enim dip eriuscillafeugait dolorero eu feui tionse dolore vel in ut vent wis autem duis nulla feu feugait.Writing StyleWhen speaking to diverse international audiences,the Genome voice is confident, concise anddirect. The writing style should incorporate plainlanguage, with easy-to-understand terminology.Because of the varied audiences, and the complexlanguage of genomics and proteomics, the writingstyle should stress clarity over formality.For communications specifically intended forindividuals, such as career ads, email or otherpersonalized communication, the first and secondperson (“we” and “you”) is to be used. For moreformal communications that reach out to diverseaudiences or the general public, such as factsheets, corporate brochures and media releases,the third person (“Genome Canada”) shouldbe used.Brand Standards Guide 5

What Not to DoThe following graphic examples indicate what notto do when designing Genome Canada materials.Always use the master files that have been supplied.Do not change the colour.Do not rotate the logo.Do not recreate the logo.CanadaDo not distort the logo.Register for our conference todayWe atare...Do not incorporate a tagline in the white space.Do not embed the logo in between text.Do not use the logotype by itself.Do not alter the size relationship of the elements.Do not reverse the logo on a light background.Do not place the logo on a busy background.Brand Standards Guide 6

ApplicationsThe following examples are designs that havealready been produced using various media.Genome Canada designs rely on the flexibleuse of limited elements to achieve a family look.WebReport CoverPowerPointBrochureBrand Standards Guide 7

Pen case and key chainNewsletterConference pouchContact InformationBefore considering a design that diverges significantlyfrom these precedents, please contact:GENOME CANADAVice-President, Communications and Public 751-4460www.genomecanada.caBrand Standards Guide 8

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