Nuremberg, Germany 17th Annual Conference of the German ...

Nuremberg, Germany 17th Annual Conference of the German ...

Nuremberg, Germany 17th Annual Conference of the German ...

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Exhibition analysisNuremberg, Germany17th Annual Conference ofthe German Biogas Associationwith Biogas Trade Fair

Visitors survey2.2 Position of visitors in companyEntrepreneur 20%Farmer 22%Managing director, board member,head of an authority 10%Senior department head, other employeewith managerial responsibilities 2%Salaried staff 21%Lecturer, teacher,scientific member of staff 4%Student, trainee 4%Other position 5%Department head, group head 12% 100%2.3 Visitors according to industrial sectors (multiple answers)Agriculture 29%Biogas plant operator 28%Planner from biogas industry 12%Energy suppliers 1%Other company 32%Local authority, official agency 6%Institution, organization 4%Specialist publications 1%Banks, investors 5%2.4 Area of responsibility in company (multiple answers)Research, development, design 17%Planning, production planning 21%Manufacturing, production of biogas plants 5%Servicing, maintenance 8%Purchasing, procurement 10%Finance, accounting 13%Information technology, data processing 2%Official agency 5%Stock management, material management,logistics, transport 7%Agriculture 31%Energy management 20%Trainee, student 3%Other sectors 23%

Exhibitors survey3. Selected results of exhibitors survey(Figures for the 16th Annual Conference of the German Biogas Association 2007 in Leipzig in brackets)3.1 Associated with following product segmentsManufacturers /suppliers of plant components 60% (54%)Planners / manufacturersof biogas plants 18% (24%)Renewable raw materials 3% (4%)Information 3% (3%)No answer 2% (4%)Services 14% (11%)3.2 Aims of participation (multiple answers)General information 87% (81%)Information about new products 60% (55%)Cultivation of image/representation 85% (87%)Exchange of experience 63% (67%)Cultivation of customer relations 68% (77%)Winning new customers 88% (83%)Direct business 34% (22%)Observation of competitors 53% (46%)Other aims 4% (4%)No answer 1% (2%)3.3 New business relations95% (91%) of the exhibitors answering established new business relations.

Exhibitors survey3.4 The exhibitors received visitors from the following branches: (multiple answers)Biogas plant operators 84% (90%)Companies in the biogas industry 81% (83%)Farmers 67% (67%)Local authorities, official agencies 19% (17%)Energy suppliers 19% (*)Banks, investors 17% (*)Specialist publications 16% (27%)Institutions, organization 15% (21%)Other companies 13% (25%)Association 12% (13%)Other 2% (10%)No answer 3% (4%)* not requested in 20073.5 Assessment of professional qualifications/competenceof visitors to the stand(1 very satisfied ... 6 not satisfied)61%13%22%1% 1% 0%2%1 2 3 4 5 6 Noanswer

Exhibitors survey3.6 Target group accuracy (not requested in 2007)94% (*) of exhibitors were able to reach their most important target groups during Biogas Trade Fair 2008.3.7 Opinion of the present economic situation(at the time of exhibition in January 2008, not requested in 2007)Strongupturn4%Slightupturn15%Steady23%Slightdownturn32%Distinctdownturn19%Noanswer7%3.8 Satisfaction with organization and service97% (95%) of the exhibitors answering were satisfied with the organization and service.

Exhibitors survey3.9 Overall success of participationGood47% (56%)Satisfied38% (25%)Very good2% (7%)No answer5% (6%)Not satisfied8% (6%)3.10 Intention to exhibit at the next Biogas Trade FairEvery second exhibitor has already decided to participate in the 18th Annual Conference of the German BiogasAssociation and Biogas Trade Fair 2009 in Hanover.20 February 2008NürnbergMesse GmbH- Market Research -

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