Travelling Light

Travelling Light

Travelling Light

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TravellingLightJames Archer

2Narrator 1:This is the story of a life transformed as a result of God'sAWESOME power - and the beginning of the missionarychurch.Paul was a Jew born in Tarsus, the capital of Cilicia.His given name was Saul and we know him as such until the13th chapter of Acts where he is renamed Paul.He was of the tribe of Benjamin and we first hear of him whenhe was seen supporting the stoning of Stephen.Who am I? I am SaulXylophonePiano Flute Chorus Saul, Saul, Saul, Saul. James Archer I amXylo.Chorus9 Saul, I am Saul and I am a Jew; I am Saul, born in Tar- sus, I am a Jew. I was Pno. Copyright © t2music

4Xylo.Chorus49 threat- en all of His dis - ci - ples , I will mur - der if I must. I am Pno.Xylo.Chorus53Pno. Saul. Saul, Saul, Saul, Saul, Saul. Narrator 2:God in his wisdom chose to use this intelligent ......sharp ......deadly.........persecutor to promote his kingdom.Narrator 3:But first this Pharisee of darkness had to see the light!!Acts chapter 9 records the showdown between Sauland the Christ he persecuted.

5The Blinding LightFluteLivelyC Am Dm G C C James Archer Xylophone Chorus CFlash,bang, canPianoLively Fl.Xylo.61F G7 C ChorusFsomeG7 - one turnCthe lightoff?CWhojust toldAm the sunD7to turn the pow- er on for us?GPno.

6Fl.64C F G7 C FineXylo. ChorusPno.C Flash,bang, did some one seeF CC it com- ing? Were you trav' lling onAmDmthe road to Da - mas - cus? GCChorus68Pno.CSaulhe was a nas - ty man,therewasFno goodC a boutChim, co- lect - ing taxFDm- es ev G- ery day,butChorus72Pno.CFCGod had got His eye on him, his ev - il days were nu bered,He sent a blind ing light to showthe er - or of c F C F G7Chis ways.

'Saul is on his way', they said, 'I hope he is arrested'.Nearer, nearer to his prey.The Shepherd heard the cries of all the flock who were a'trembling,And sallied forth to meet the wolf and help him on his way.7CHORUSSuddenly at midday as our man was getting nearer,Riding 'neath the Syrian sun,A light, so bright, 'AMAZING SIGHT!' shone round and round about themSent a shockwave travelling toward them like a gun.CHORUSNarrator3: Flash, bang?Well, it certainly had an impact on big, brave Saul.Did he know what was going on?I bet he was frightened out of his socksor whatever the Romans wore.And when he heard the voice of God.................Why are you persecuting me?ChorusPno.mfGod PianoSlowSlowSaul,Saul,Saul, Saul,why are you per -se-cut-ingme? Saul, Saul, Saul. 83mp James Archerrall.............................

8Saul: "Lord, Lord, what would you like me to do?"Narrator 1: Now that's a turn-up for the books.We thought Saul was a hard man.God: "Get up and go to Damascus. Once you are there you willbe told exactly what to do".Narrator 2:His fellow travellers led him by the hand and brought himto Damascus.He was three days without his sight and three days...............without anything to eat and drink.Narrator 3:[I bet that was more effective than the Atkins diet][Piano play the last 2 bars of 'Flash, Bang' as the scene closes.]

9Narrator 3:It was now time for Strategic plan 2 orCaptains' Log Star date 55ADas they say in another story.The Lord calls upon Ananias to giveSaul a bit of a hand and help give him back his sight.Receive your sightq = 130Flute James Archer XylophonePiano Chorus q = 130 Nowthe Lord He saysCopyright © t2musicGod "An-an- i - as I need you now!

10Fl. 12Xylo.Chorus Pno. Go to thestreet, and en-terthe house of Saul. Lay yourhands ongostraight to Straight street anden-terthe house of Saul. Fl.23 Xylo.ChorusPno. him, lay your hands and say,"Bro - ther Saul, Je - sus the Lord will ap- pear to you and save you,my lay yourhands and say,"Bro - ther Saul, Je - sus the Lord will ap- pear to you and save you,my Fl.34 Xylo.ChorusPno.Ananias bro- ther Saul. Say God sent you to res- tore his sight, God has bro - ther Saul. to res- tore his sight. God has

11Fl.Xylo.Chorus Pno.Fl.Xylo.ChorusPno.Fl.Xylo.ChorusPno.47 sent me so yourworld will have light, re - stor-ingyour sight. sent me so yourworld will have light, re - stor-ingyour sight;then the Lord will say be bap- 57 tised with the Ho - ly Spi - - rit.O - pen your eyes, look 63 up to the skies and be known as Paul.

12Narrator 1:Having his sight restored, Saul is baptized, recovers,and at once........Narrator 2:Get this, everyone .........Narrator 1:Begins to preach!Narrator 3:He grows more and more powerfuland baffles the Jews living in Damascusby proving that Jesus is the Messiah.He goes to Arabia[Arabian music and dancing]He goes to Jerusalem[A little tableau depicting Jerusalem].... to Tarsus........ and then to Antioch.Here's a good bit of knowledge for you.The disciples were called Christians for the first timein Paul's hometown - Antioch

14Fl.22 Xylo. Pno. Fl.27 Xylo. Pno. Narrator 1: And so Paul's famous travels began.In total he covered 20,000 miles in these journeys.First of all he spent three years in that Arabian desert justthinking about what was going on and what he was going to do.Narrator 2: Perhaps this is part of the key to the whole thing.Instead of rushing into new ventures perhaps we should bemore like Paul and spend time thinking .......and planning ...........before we try to inflict our change on other people.

15Travelling here, travelling there.LivelyJames ArcherFlute ChorusPianoC Flash,LivelyFbang, can some-oneturn the lightG7Coff?Who just told the sun CAm D7to turn the pow- er on for us? G

Off he went with Barnabus to start the big conversionThrough the towns and in the hills.Sailing into Antioch where they'd been recommendedBy the grace of God for work which they had all fulfilled.17CHORUSNext they went through Syria confirming in the churches.Preaching, teaching as they go.On and on they travelled helping strengthen the disciples.Philip the evangelist he kept them in the know.CHORUSGod wants us to be like Paul, he wants us to be faithful.Dont do wrong, learn to do right.Show mercy and compassion to the stranger and the homeless,He wants us all to love Him, He wants us to see the light.CHORUSNarrator 3: Be like Paul? But he was SO special.or was he?He was described as a sturdy, bald headed little man withmeeting eyebrows and a big nose [bring on a caricature]How special was that?Narrator 2: Be like Paul? But he was CHOSEN by Godto do a special job.He had seen the lightNarrator 1: Did you know that Paul was the ONLY New Testamentexample of someone being converted.Even the apostles did at least meet Jesus face to face.Narrator 3: So there's hope for all of us who haven't seen a blinding light?All the cast:YES!!Narrator 2: But we are all like Paul, chosen by God for some special purpose.The only thing is ..........We are not always clear about what it is we are called to do.But, like the crew of the Starship Enterprise, we are on a MISSION.All the Cast: To boldly go ............Narrator 1: Well, you know the rest, don't you?

18Flute A dazz-a-dazz-a-dazz'ling lightJames Archer Xylophone Chorus Piano There's a light, a dazz-ling Fl.6 Xylo. Chorus light, see the dazz-a- dazz-adazzl-inglight. Can it be oh can it be that Je-susPno. Copyright © t2music

19Fl.Xylo. 11 ChorusPno. lives in you and me? Saul was a Ro - manPaulhewasa writ - erHe wrotetothe be liev - ers,God took a sit - u - a - tion Saul he was aPaul, heworkedsoHewroteto thoseinandturnedit in - toJew.hard.Rome.good. Fl. 16Xylo. To Coda ChorusPno. Saul hehat- ed Je - sus,What did he do?Preachinga - bout Je - susTell - ing all the crowds.Wrote totheEph es - iansand wrote to thembackhome.Took a use-lessRo - manand taught him to do good. To Coda Fl.Xylo.21 ChorusPno. Slau ghteredallthe Chris - tians,He was im - pris - onedWrote the great Ep - is - tles, He threat ened to kill.for help - ing to tellhewrote in pri-sontoo.

20Fl.C 25Xylo. CodaChorusPno. But he found Je - sus,all a bout Je - susTit-usand Phi-le- man, to provehehadthewill!andsaveusall fromhell.and ev-enwrote to you!It's a CFlash, bang, can Fl.Xylo.30F G7 C C ChorusPno.FG7 some-oneturn the lightCoff?CAmWho just told the sunD7to turn the pow - er on for us?GCFlash, bang, did Fl.34F G7 C Xylo. ChorusPno.F some - one see it comC- ing? Were CAm you trav' - lling onDmthe road to Da GC- mas - cus?

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