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Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Most innovative boothDigital Graphic System, the distributor which featured Teckwin and honeycomb board was the most innovative at the expo.Although the DGS booth was filled with stuff (which usually results in no award for booth design), the “stuff” in this booth wasmostly honeycomb material, which made the content interesting.Digital Graphic Systems booth the most innovative we observed at this tradeshow.3

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Nicest booth structureSometimes a simple booth structure looks nicer than a complex booth structure. The booth of Decorative Powdercoveringstood out and it deserves recognition.Decorative Powdercovering boothGreenwashing awardThere was less greenwashing at GoA + FESPA Americas this year than at all other trade shows in USA and Europe last year.But the PR release of one ink or substrates company (in the daily expo news if I remember correctly) did a beautiful job ofgreenwashing by showing greenery yet featuring solvent inks and PVC!4

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Layout of the expoSince this was the first year of GoA co-locating with anyone, and the first time FESPA Americas was staged, it is understandablethat there were some things that perhaps will change for 2012.At the beginning, I naively assumed that all the wide-format inkjet printers and related exhibits would be in the FESPA Americashalf of the hall; and that all the copiers, offset printers, and other kinds of equipment would be in the GoA half. Yes, the FESPAhalf did have most of the inkjet printers (and T-shirt printers). But there were inkjet-related booths at least every two aisles alsoin the GoA section. So by the second day I learned that to see everything you needed to walk up and down each aisle of bothexhibits (but not ISS; I did not have time to even get into that other hall).For example, the HP booth was still in the GoA section.UV printersGerber CAT had a nice booth. Sometimes I like it when a booth has no structure surrounding it. A structure often just blocksthe view of the main product.Gerber CAT UV flatbed printer.5

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Sun Innovation exhibited two printers. This is the first time Sun has exhibited in America for many years. The staff weredifferent than in past years. The new team is more international in their multi-language capability. I would give the booth staffhigh grades for hospitality and putting out the welcome mat for visitors to their booth. I noticed this the first time I ever sawa booth of Sun Novosibirsk, at Gulf Print and Pack, 2007.Agfa :Anapurna M2050, but had no Agfa label on the otherwise Dilli printer. In the booth of Celupal.Agfa Anapurna M2050 at CeluPal booth.6

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011I noted at least one Roland UV printer.Mimaki did not have any of their large flatbeds on display, and also not their hybrid UV-cured printer’ only their UJF-3042.Mimaki UJF-3042 printing some samples.7

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011HP Scitex FB500 in booth of Proveer distributor.HP Scitex FB 700 in the HP booth.HP FB700 at HP boothVUTEk GS2000 was associated with the extensive work area at the front middle end of the FESPA area.Chinese UV-cured printersThe CET flatbed has a new attractively designed exterior. Evidently the machine itself is the same system as before. Printersfrom EFI Rastek are engineered by EFI Rastek and contract manufactured by RTZ. Printers of CET come from the same factoryin the manufacturing hub of southern China and reportedly have several major components replaced in Atlanta: vacuumpumps, UV lamps etc.Human Digital is a large and growing company that engineers and manufactures their own printers in a substantial new factory.They had several models of solvent printers on display and one UV-cured printer. This had a transport belt, which I call acombo but most manufacturers dub a hybrid. I reserve hybrid for a pinch-roller on grit roller system.XUV-Jet, using LED curing, Konica Minolta printhead. The spec sheet was well designed in the sense that it presented theoutput-per-mode in an easy to understand manner and produced the rest of the specs in an easy to see tabulation.I will be curious to see if the LED system is from Sun or from elsewhere.8

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Teckwin had one UV-cured printer on display. This is an improved model over the earlier TeckStorm. Until we can do customer-sitevisit, we have no comments on this printer.At the back , at the center of the booth, Teckwin improved UV -cured printer.Flora, the brand name for RTZ the manufacturer, had a booth for receiving visitors. Their intent was for meetings (since theirprinter was already on the floor in another booth under another brand name).Flatbed cuttersKongsberg was clearly the king of the roost for cutters at GoA+FESPA Americas. They had one cutter in the live workflow areaand an additional cutter in their own substantial booth. One of these was the model XL20.Teckwin had a cutter. There was a CNC router in the booth of MultiCam (not their digital model).9

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Esko artwork booth.10

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Cutters other than flatbedFotoba exhibited one of their nice cutters for roll-fed material.Thick materialThe booth of FESPA Americas had all their furniture made from honeycomb sandwich board.Teckwin offered honeycomb sandwich board.But otherwise, the expo where I have seen the most of this material is consistently VISCOM Paris, especially 2009. You do not(yet) see much honeycomb sandwich board at North American or Latin American sign expos.FLAAR is very interested in doing evaluation projects on this interesting material: it can be used for signage and furnitureboth.Samples of honeycomb offered by Teckwin.11

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Solvent printersSamples of honeycomb offered by Teckwin.Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and Seiko printers were available. Roland had the most distributors around the show area.Tubelite showed two Roland printers: SolJet Pro III Print&Cut XC-540 and VersaCamm Print&Cut VS-540 (Roland namesare too long and thereby lose brand recognition)Mimaki booth had CJV30-60.Seiko H-104S in booth of Proveer distributor.12

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Latex printersAlthough HP has the only latex ink printer available today, there are several other latex inks available (behind the scenes). Plusyou can now get an after-market latex ink from Sam*Ink.HP Designjet L25500 in booth of Proveer distributor.Resin-ink printersAt present there is only one resin ink that is widely available. This futuristic ink was in two printers in the booth of GraphicsOne• A wallpaper printer• An Epson GO Eco Max, 24”There are already three FLAAR Reports that cover resin ink, so we defer to these longer reports.Epson GO Eco Max, 24” printer at Graphics One booth13

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Water-based printersEpson GO Eco Max, 24” at Graphics One booth.A few Canon, Epson, and HP water based printers were exhibited. The Chinese water-based printers (with either Lexmark (Encad),Lenovo thermal printheads or Chinese printers with Epson printheads) have not yet come to GoA or FESPA Americas.Cannon IPF 900DS at DTG booth.14

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Graphics One exhibited their (which if I remember correctly was a Mutoh DrafStation atop a disperse dye heat unit; probablya Century Star brand). We have not yet tested any of these printers.At SGIA there was an ink for Nylon being exhibited. Here at FESPA, this ink was nowhere to be seen. Instead the most interestingink was in the booth of Gans.Every year industry people mention that the silly patents for one single aspect of dye sublimation for wide-format inkjet printersare running out. There will probably be first a countdown, and then a celebration, when this illogical patent finally goesaway.GO Rip Pro Flagmaster at Graphics One booth.17

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Missing: which companies missed out on the opportunitiesOne company manager said they sold over one million dollarsworth of hardware. I know the company well and know themanager well so this was a real figure. This is not the fictionthat PR agencies put out in one sign expo that one headinginto-bankruptcycompany tried to bamboozle people with ateither SGIA or ISA 2009.That same bankrupt company was nowhere to be seen atGoA, neither their past models not their supposed futuremodel. But those companies that did attend were contentwith audience and sales.Agfa had no presence as a brand but there was one :Anapurnaon display in the booth of a distributor. It had no modeldesignation whatsoever on the front.HP had a small booth. I did not see anyone from HP Barcelona.Oce and Fujifilm both were absent.Aeromatrix was totally missing. I did not even see the owneror his wife walking the aisles. In over 10 years this is thefirst time they did not exhibit. Aeromatix is related to “InfinitiAmerica” and is the main Infiniti dealer to Latin America. Infinityand FY were conspicuously missing at this event. Thecause is partially the shifting partnerships back in China andthe changes in which factory is producing for which brandname.Neolt (from italy) was missing since their distributor, SIDSigns, was missing. Their UV printers are all either roll to rollor hybrid (pinch roller on grit roller). These are the two leastpopular kinds of UV-cured printers.D.G.I. was absent from several expos around the world lastyear. They were completely absent from this event this year.Dilli, the related company was also totally absent.After-market InkThe Sam*Ink booth stoodout, as did the AT Inks booth.These are the ink companies Iknow the best because I haveinspected their ink facilities.There were perhaps threeother after-market inks exhibited.As soon as it is possibleto visit their respective companies,then it will be realisticto make comparative comments.SAM*Ink booth.18

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Media & SubstratesThese materials were available from basic distributors. There were not many actual substrate manufacturers exhibiting.The combined expo was universally judged as successful“Nicholas, the attendees at this FESPA Americas event were prime buyers: not tire kickers”“Nicholas, we had more serious buyers at this show than last year.”This is what I heard in each booth: the sales managers in each booth that I asked (on the second day; I had to fly to Chinaon the third day because two gigantic sign printer trade shows open simultaneously the next days). The consensus was thatthere were many visitors the first day and even more the second day.The typical comment was “better than last year.” Another said “Busier than last year”In fact if the show continues to become more popular, I will need to send more assistants. For the really international expos,most of my own time is as a consultant to large corporations. So I need the assistants to go booth to booth to make a list ofthe products being exhibited, and do the photography. Last year the expo was so small I did not even bother to have one assistant.Next year I may need to bring two assistants.Many people said the expo should return to MiamiMiami has direct flights from Latin America. Orlando does not have many direct flights.In Miami almost everyone speaks Spanish. In Orlando many people speak Spanish but by no means everyone.Miami has a more Latin lifestyle and people from Mexico, Central America and South America say they prefer visiting Miami.Orlando is obviously a popular travel destination, especially for families.At least the event was not held in Atlanta (too much crime and not many attractions). At least the event was not held in NewOrleans: the city is dead and dull during the day and over-rated at night. Crime is infamous in New Orleans as well. Restaurantsovercharged and the feed was mediocre (food in Orlando was excellent).The week after GoA / FESPA Americas I spoke with one of the exhibitors who was also attending both the Dongguan and thesimultaneous Guangzhou expos. He too said that Miami is much much better for attracting buyers from Latin America. Hesaid they prefer to land in Miami, punto.ISS expo was essentially invisible (if you were attending GoA+FESPA)There were three shows co-habiting (the jargon is co-located).• Graphics of the Americas• FESPA Americas• ISSISS was in another hall. I have no idea what was there. I never set foot there.19

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011Who was there?No one from HP Barcelona (or at least not that I recognized) was in their booth.Zero from Agfa at any high level.VUTEk had one top manager and other key people (but not Global Imaging Inc distributor; or at least none that I noticed).Mimaki had one Japanese manager of appropriate level.Kongsberg and parent company EskoArtwork had key American managers present the entire time I was there (first two days;I had to be on airplanes the third day).GoA + FESPA Americas was international: more than just Latin AmericanWhereas the Dubai Sign & Grapics Imaging expo is the first major international signage expo on the world scene each year,GoA was for sure more international this year with the addition of FESPA. So I would rate GoA+FESPA Americas as the firstinternational sign trade show of the year. Indeed, it is essential that the date remain early in the year, and not drift back in thecalendar to conflict with ISA.In other words, a date in mid February is better than a date that encroaches into March.Competition and suvival of sign printer exposFive years ago all trade shows were prospering. But a combination of the Internet and economic recession resulted in tradeshows declining. 2008 was a year for DRUPA so many manufacturers pulled out. 2009 was the middle of the economic crisis.Both expos were substantially less than the heyday of 2007.SGIA had a great year in 2010 and should do well in 2011. GoA can now survive with the co-location of FESPA. ISA is strongand should also do well in 2011. As long as each expo can improve what they offer they should do okay. What will cause oneor more of these expos to decline is lethargy and mistakes rather than a competing expo.The survival of GoA is beneficial to the industry since GoA caters to the Latin American audience. Trying to make this Februaryevent into a generic sign expo is not a road to success. Being in Orlando is too close to attempting competition for ISA andSGIA: success for GoA + FESPA Americas will be in actual innovation, in real practice. This means a city other than SGIA and ISAand as much as possible new and exciting.The main competition to SGIA is not GoA or even FESPA, but GraphExpo. If SGIA could co-locate with GraphExpo, that wouldbe a mutually beneficial partnership.“United we stand; divided we fall” allowed the formation of the UNITED States of America. GoA+FESPA is one form of uniting.SGIA+GraphExpo is another form of uniting. ISA has no major competitors in the Spring time and should do okay.It would be nice if giclee, décor, or architectural decoration events could also co-locate, but that may be unrealistic. But sooneror later print shops will need to realize that signage will gradually go LED and LCD and the best hope for survival is to printthings other than signage.20

Graphics of the Americas co-located with FESPA AMERICAS 2011FLAAR Reports encourages and supports trade showsAlthough FLAAR Reports has continued to grow during the recession, we still feel that both trade magazines and trade showshave a valid place in our industry. But too many trade shows turned into Dullsville: same old ra-ra-ra “how to sell” type lectures;same old vehicle wrap seminars (still popular, but not very innovative).There are several simple basic mistakes that help trade shows go extinct: first and foremost is being too many days. DRUPA isan absolutely perfect example of two major mistakes actually: first, they assume since they are “DRUPA” they can do whateverthey want and exibitors will put up with it. Second, DRUPA is too many days. It is a waste of money in every way, shape, andform.Plus DRUPA makes no attempt to have hotels cease gouging and totally screwing attendees with excessive rates. The recentD-PES expo in China provided cut-rate hotel (first class, better than many US hotels) but about $40 per room per night. PlusD-PES intelligently provided VIP guests with free lodging etc. D-PES is huge international event and worth attending on itsown merits (even without freebies).All of us witnessed Seybold go from a huge international wide-format printer expo to bankruptcy (they lost their focus). Wesaw DPI disappear. VISCOM Madrid almost evaporated in 2008 and evidently has not recovered. VISCOM Italy held up wellin 2008 and 2009 but was hit so hard in 2010 that the expo hall looked silly with the wide-aisles that tried to hide how manyexhibitors did not show up. I would prefer one true hall rather than two fake halls of which 75% is 8-lane wide walkways andareas with chairs for people to rest (but whose real job is to hide how many booths are no longer being booked).This was the first year of the hopeful trend of co-locating: Graphics of the Americas and FESPA Americas (plus the third kind ofsilent partner in the adjacent hall). I hope they can find giclee, fine art, and décor partners for a Miami venue.GraphExpo tried hard but has failed to hold on to most wide-format inkjet exhibitors. Plus they lost Heidelberg (which allowedHP to move into their space in 2010!). I stopped going to GraphExpo after 2009 because there were too many dayslong and their lectures lost focus on wide-format and turned into primarily on offset printing. The sad result is that our millionreaders, most of whom are in North America, Central America, and South America, will no longer see any more FLAAR Reportson or about GraphExpo. We can’t write about an expo if we don’t attend.So we hope that Graphics of the Americas + FESPA Americas can find additional partners and can avoid the problems thathave caused too many other trade shows to lose attendance. I have many ideas how things can be improved, but FLAAR doesnot wish to get into the trade show business ourselves; we wish to support the expo organizers that already exist.GoA and FESPA Americas Exhibitor List 2012We look forward to having Graphics of the Americas and FESPA Americas co-located in Miami in 2012. And we look forwardto an even larger exhibitor list now that people realize this exposition was successful.The one company which had booked sales of over one million dollars by the second day is clearly the best example. But obviouslythey were not selling desktop printers; they were selling big-ticket items. Since I was not present the third day, I don’thave their actual total sales for the full three days. I know only what they sold the first two days (well over a million dollarsworth).The companies that did not exhibit at Graphics of the Americas + FESPA Americas lost out on their share of that one million+dollars, and there products were simply one part of the workflow.First issued the week after the expo. Updated several times since then.21

These This are is a some sample of the of most theRecent FLAAR Reports (2008-2010)FLAAR Reports on UV for 2010-2011There are also even more available from 2009 (some of which are still pertinent).Introduction to UV Curable Inkjet Flatbed PrintersMost recent UV Printers

Here are examples of the TRENDS level ofFLAAR These Reports are some for of the 2010-2011mostRecent FLAAR Reports (2008-2010)There are also even more available from 2009 (some of which are still pertinent). Comments on UV Inkjet Printers at Major Trade Shows 2007-2009TRENDS in 2010TRENDS in 2010Sign & Digital UKWide-format printersFlatbed CuttersWide-format printersand related TRENDSWide-format printersand related TRENDSViscomMilan 2010Reklama Moscow 2010VISCOMFrankfurt 2010UV Printers Manufactured in China, Korea and Taiwan

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