Igniting a Passion for Learning

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Igniting a Passion for Learning

Passion for Learning• All children come to school with a yearningfor learning. Our aim should be to increasethe positives and decrease the negativesso all children keep their yearning forlearning.Edward Deming

Basic Beliefs• If children are not learning at high levels,the adults have not done their part–Parents have not created a system ofencouragement and support for learning–Teachers have teaching centered classroomsrather than learning centered classrooms–Principals have created adult centeredschools rather than learning centered schools–What about state and national leaders?

Basic Beliefs• The vast majority of adults want the bestfor children and want children to besuccessful• No one comes to work everyday andwants to fail• A passion for learning exists in all of us

Creating Conditions for ChangeThat Will Last• What DOES NOT Work–Facts alone–Fear–ForceSense of Urgency, John Kotter

Children’s Defense Fund Statistics• 4 children are killed by abuse or neglect• 5 children or teens commit suicide• 8 children are killed by firearms• 192 children are arrested for violent crimes• 383 children are arrested for drug abuse• 1153 babies are born to teen mothers• 1672 public school students are corporally punished• 1879 babies are born without health insurance• 2261 high school students drop out of school• 2383 children are confirmed as abused or neglected• 2411 babies are born into poverty• 4017 babies are born to unwed mothers• 4302 children are arrested• 17,132 public school students are suspended

Facts Alone Will Not CreateChange That Lasts• Aim for heart first then head• “Great Leaders win over the heartsand minds of others”

Belief and Expectations Are Fundamental• Pygmalion Effect–If we expect our actions to have an impact onstudent learning then we will impact studentlearning–If we do not think our actions can overcomeimpact of student demographics on learningthen we will not impact student learning

Hearts and Minds• Keith• Rodney• Andy• Call in to TV show• 100’s of former students• The one’s we failed – Brady,Statesville 7, dropout who murderedstore clerk

Force Will Not Work• No Child Left Behind• Top Down Management

18 points39 pointsSource: NEA Today

26 points 27 pointsSource: NEA Today

Creating Conditions for ChangeThat Will Last• What DOES Work–Relationships–Repeating small behavior changes–Reframing beliefsChange or Die, Alan Deutschman

ISS Story• Fired superintendent• Budget problems• Low student achievement• Low trust – community and staff• Low morale

Leadership Style?

Listening Process• Three Questions–What is getting in the way of student learning?–What do you need to help all children learn tohigh levels?–What do you expect from me assuperintendent?

Creating a Sense of Urgency• Bring outside in• Listen to employees who interact directlywith customers (students)• Publish results of listening• Public display of resultsSense of Urgency, John Kotter

Transparency of Data

Modeling by Leadership• Use of Quality Tools–Issue Bin–Affinity Chart–Light Voting–Budget Alignment• Plan Do Study Act Cycle

Results from First PDSA

Communication and Support

Implement Systemic andSystematic Process – That Work

Repeating Behavior Changes• You are more likely to act your way into anew way of thinking than to think you wayinto a new way of acting.• Start with small behavior changes tied tosystemic and systematic processes.Michael Fullan

I-SS Model to RaiseAchievement & Close GapsQuarterly PredictiveAssessmentsInstructionalFacilitatorsCurriculumGuides1. What do students need to know?2. How will they learn it?3. How will we know they’ve learned it?4. What will we do if they don’t learn it?5. What will we do if they already know it?ProfessionalLearningCommunitiesContinuous Improvement ApproachAligned Strategic Plans, PDSA, Systems Checks, Data Warehouse

Just DO IT

DO IT with FidelitySubjectHighDeploymentReading 3 - 5 11.05 -4.11Math 3 – 5 10.57 7.42Reading 6 - 8 -.98 -3.39Math 6 - 8 3.64 3.36LowDeployment


Vision was the KEY!!

New Vision• A school system committed to improvingstudent learning by igniting a passion forlearning–Students–Teachers–Staff–Administrators–Parents

New Vision• Create a Sense of Urgency–Bringing the outside in• BNQP Reviews• Raising the Bar–Listening to staff who interact with customers(students)–Share what we learn–Public display of data

My Challenge to You• Believe in the children• Believe in yourself• Believe in your leaders• Don’t give up on the children• Don’t give up on yourself• Don’t give up on your leaders• Don’t give up on education• Model the change that you want to see and by workingtogether - the messengers we send forward to that time wewill not see will thrive and carry forward a message of hopeand belief.

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