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Dear TravellerI founded Abercrombie & Kent in East Africa nearly 50 yearsago with little more than a Land Rover, a couple of tents and theall-important icemaker. Little did I know at the time I was creating ablueprint for a travel company that now takes people to every cornerof the world in comfort, style and absolute safety.The key to our success? We believe in leaving nothing to chance. Webelieve in service. We believe in getting to know our clients so wecan anticipate their individual needs. We believe that focusing on thelittle details can elevate a journey from being a great holiday into theexperience of a lifetime.We believe that by religiously following these principles, clients willkeep coming back to us for their holidays. They do.Now it’s your turn…Geoffrey KentFounder, Chairman and CEO

CHICAGOLONDONMOSCOWCHELTENHAMPARISPROVENCEDUBROVNIKFLORENCEBEIJINGMARRAKECHALEXANDRIACAIROAMMANSHARM EL-SHEIKHLUXORASWANABU SIMBELJAIPURDELHIAGRAyangonSIEM REAPSHANGHAIHONG KONGKOCHIBANGKOKPHNOM PENHGALAPAGOSLIMAQUITOCUSCONGORONGOROARUSHAKAMPALANAIROBIMOMBASAZANZIBARLUSAKAMAUNSANTIAGOBUENOS AIRESCAPE TOWNJOHANNESBURGMELBOURNEOur network of offices around the world means that whereveryou are, a member of the A&K team is never far away. Whatevertheir role, A&K staff set the standards of service and excellence.They are chosen for their absolute dedication to understandingthe personalised touches that make your holiday both distinctiveand individual.The best way to find out more about a place is to talk to someonewho’s been there. Our travel consultants have been to everycountry featured in this brochure. With in-depth, first-handexperience of the countries they specialise in, you can be sure theywill take time to find out exactly what you want from your journeyand create an itinerary that gives you exactly what you want.

We specialise in tailor-made travel. We go to great lengths tounderstand exactly what you want from your holiday. We discuss thedestination, style of accommodation, mode of travel and experiencesyou will have to ensure the combination is just right. For you.Landmark birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just a big family eventprovide the perfect excuse to celebrate in a memorable destination.We do these too.Whether finding the perfect retreat for a large family party, arrangingfor hundreds of guests to attend a wedding overseas or the mostromantic place on the planet to celebrate an anniversary, ourconsultants know exactly which hotels offer the extra touches thatwill ensure your celebration goes with a bang. Likewise we knowwhich strings to pull to ensure our travel partners push out all thestops for honeymoons.For those with families, we know how difficult it can be choosingthe right place to take children. Trying to find somewhere that willoccupy and engage a variety of ages, personalities and interests canbe a Herculean challenge. Because we have experience in so manycountries and have sampled the accommodation first hand, we areable to suggest destinations that will offer everything you need interms of entertainment, and also which places are the most familyfriendlyand flexible.

ContentsEgyptCountry introduction............................................. 10 – 13Lake Nasser and Nile Cruisingand the Red Sea...................................................... 14 – 15Accommodation.......................................................16 – 17LibyaCountry introduction.............................................. 18 –19Ghadames and Northern Cyrenaica.......................20 –21MoroccoCountry introduction............................................22 –23Atlantic Coast, High Atlas Mountainsand The South....................................................... 24 –27Accommodation.................................................... 28 – 29TunisiaCountry introduction............................................ 30 – 31Cap Bon, The Khroumiria and AncientTowns of Tell......................................................... 32 – 33IsraelCountry introduction........................................... 34 – 35Tel Aviv, The Galilee Regionand Mediterranean Coast..................................... 36 – 37JordanCountry introduction...........................................38 – 39Dana Nature Reserve and Petra........................... 40 – 43Accommodation.................................................... 44 – 45LebanonCountry introduction............................................46 – 47The North, The South andThe Beqaa Valley….............................................. 48 – 49OmanCountry introduction........................................... 50 – 53Sohar, Nizwa, Sur, The Eastand The Wahiba Sands......................................... 54 – 55SyriaCountry introduction........................................... 56 – 59The Hauran, The Euphratesand The Orontes.....................................................60 – 61EthiopiaCountry introduction............................................62 – 63Further InformationAirline partners.............................................................. 64A&K online.................................................................... 65Further information...................................................... 66A&K Philanthropy..........................................................67

EgyptFor millennia the iconic sights of Egypt have heldvisitors in their sway. From the pyramids of Giza tothe dazzling colours of pharaoh’s tombs.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP10 egypt

GIZAlibyaHIGHLIGHTSmediterraneanseasiwaAlexandriabahariyyahoasisEGYPTkhargasudanabu simbelcairoriver nilecairo Our guides will unpeel the layers ofhistory and legend in vibrant Cairo with itsancient citadels, museums and bazaars, hometo the majestic Sphinx and the last remainingWonder of the Ancient World, the GreatPyramids of Giza.luxor Mysterious Luxor is the world’sgreatest open air museum, a city wheremodern life is entwined with remnants ofthe ancient world and home to the Temple ofKarnak. It is also the gateway to the Valley ofthe Kings, site of Tutankhamun’s tomb.aswan Aswan, blessed with the mostbeautiful setting on the Nile, is characterisedby its distinctively African atmosphere. Here,the pace of life is slow, a place to enjoy aleisurely stroll along the Corniche or explorethe colourful souks, headily scented withspices and perfumes.red sea The Red Sea resorts offer superbsandy beaches and great diving experiences.WE RECOMMENDCruising to Dendarah Escape fromthe crowds and sail past beautiful Nilescenery enroute to Dendarah to explore thelakenassersharm el sheikhhurghadaluxorASWANjordanSAUDIARABIAwonderfully preserved Greco-Roman templeof the Goddess Hathor. From a quiet vantagepoint, enjoy the panoramic view of the riverand glimpse a way of life that has changedlittle in centuries.Memphis and Sakkara Sakkara served asthe necropolis to the ancient capital Memphis,and features numerous pyramids includingthe stepped pyramid of Zoser, the oldest stonestructure in the world, dating from 2650BC.Evidence of Memphis’ former glory remains insitu: one of Ramses II’s two colossi lies there,now accumbent, and the beautiful sphinxcarved from a single piece of alabaster.Ancient Thebes Now known as Luxor,Ancient Thebes was the capital of the NewKingdom. Our Egyptologists will take youon a journey of discovery through its twotremendous temple complexes dedicated tothe Theban Triad, taking in the obelisks, GreatHypostyle Hall and sacred lake of the Templeof Karnak. An avenue of sphinxes leads to thespectacular many-columned Temple of Luxor.Low Season 8 nights from £2,948 per personHigh Season 8 nights from £3,558 per personPrices include international flights.BEST TIME TO BE HEREWinter (October to April) forcultural journeys, when theweather is warm and dry –summer can be very hot inland.May to September is also idealfor the Red Sea. Watch out forchilly winter nights in Cairoand the dusty khamsin windsfrom March to May.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONSiwa Desert Safari Takea desert safari throughcosmopolitan Alexandriaen route to the oasis of Siwa,the most westerly of thefive major oases of Egypt.Alexandria, the ‘Pearl ofthe Mediterranean’, holdstreasures such as the Citadelof Bey, nearby Pompey’s Pillarand the eerie Catacombs ofKom el-Shuga. Papyrus scrolls,ancient perfume bottles andpainted mummy cases areshowcased at the NationalMuseum. Visit the famousintegrated cultural complex,Bibliotheca Alexandrina.Drive into the desert to ElAlamein, scene of one ofthe decisive battles of WorldWar II and the Allied WarCemetery. Explore fascinatinglandscapes and learn aboutthe unique desert culture withyour expert guide. Follow inthe footsteps of Alexander theGreat to visit the 2,700 yearold Temple of Amun; the ElGabel tombs on the Mount ofthe Dead await, complete withmummies from 250 BC.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukegypt P11

P12 EGYPTcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukTemple of Ra-HarakHTEAND Temple of Hathor, Abu Simbel

EGYPT P13call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uk

P14 EGYPTcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukTemple of Hathor, Abu SimbelMonasTEry of sT CaTHErine,SinaiLaKE NaSSEr CruISIngLake Nasser offers a plethora of archaeological sites while meandering between Aswan and Abu Simbel on a choice of twoluxurious boats. Two splendid Hathoric columns were erected at the Kiosk of Kertassi, erected in honour of Isis, goddess ofmotherhood, magic and healing. Explore the small rock-cut temple dedicated to the god Amun-Re, and the Tomb of Penout,burial chamber of the viceroy of Nubia under Ramses VI and the only one of its kind in existance.Sailing to Wadi El Seboua takes you past the Tropic of Cancer to visit the Valley of Lionesses, temple of Dakka, the sandstonetemple at Amada with its pillared court and the rock-cut temple of Derr. View the citadel of Kasr Ibrim from the ship’ssundeck – the only monument on Lake Nasser in its original location. The incomparable temples of Abu Simbel are a triumphof UNESCO’s campaign to salvage monuments that would otherwise have been forever lost beneath the waters of the Nile.Red SeaThe mineral-rich red mountain ranges flanking the clear coral waters inspired the name Mare Rostrum, or the Red Sea.Hermits seeking seclusion founded early Christian monasteries here, sharing the wilderness with camel-trading Bedouintribes. In one of the Sinai’s natural wonders, the Coloured Canyon, you can walk between dramatic sandstone canyon wallsstreaked with melting yellows, purples, magentas and golds that have been formed by the elements over time. Climb MountSinai to view the sunrise from the summit and visit St. Catherine’s Monastery, thought to be the oldest continuously inhabitedmonastery in the world.The Red Sea itself has a rich maritime history that stretches back to Pharaonic times but is now better known for some of thebest diving and fishing in the world. Relax on white sand beaches or snorkel among the reefs: the underwater wonder of theRed Sea remains a living tapestry of vibrant corals and exotic fish. For watersports enthusiasts, conditions of the surface of thesea are ideal for waterskiing, kite surfing and windsurfing.scuba diving, red sea

EGYPT P15call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukNile CruisingCruising the Nile is undoubtedly the most romantic way to explore the monuments ofAncient Egypt. As the actual distance covered between Aswan and Luxor is only around200 miles, sailing the Nile is at a leisurely pace with ample time to explore the ancient sites.Our own Nile boats, Sunboat III, Sunboat IV and Sanctuary Nile Adventurer, offer a choiceof three, four and seven night voyages. Considered by many to be the most comfortable andstylish vessels on the Nile, our boats are particularly elegant with superb accommodationand sophisticated deck areas complete with refreshing plunge pools. WiFi is availablethroughout. The safety and hygiene standards on board are exacting and we have our ownprivate docks in both Luxor and Aswan. Egypt’s unrivalled legacy is brought alive by ourguides, authoritative Egyptolygists whose specialist knowledge and contacts ensure anauthentic insight into the country’s ancient history, customs and culture.Or, if you prefer the idea of a private charter, the latest addition to our Nile fleet could be justthe ticket. The Zein Nile Chateau is a dahabiya, a small sailing boat complete with captainand crew, ideal for a family or group of friends.Nile at evening, AswanTemple of HatsHEPsut,Ancient Thebes, Luxor

P16 EGYPTcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukThe pyramids at Giza, CairoFour Seasons at The First Residence, CAIROSuperbly situated on the west bank of the Nile, the Four Seasons offers dramatic views of the Nileon one side and the Pyramids of Giza in the distance on the other. The hotel offers everythingyou’d expect of a five star city hotel; sumptuous bedrooms, lavishly equipped bathroomscomplete with l’Occitane toiletries, excellent cuisine, fine wines and impeccable round-theclockservice. A choice of dining awaits at the Seasons restaurant or the Lai Thai restaurants orenjoy Lebanese by the magnificent pool and outdoor bar area. The luxurious spa has a rangeof rejuvenating treatments including its signature Cleopatra milk bath or a Papyrus Wrap. Taketime to enjoy a speciality tea under the magnificent stained-glass window illuminating the lobbylounge – complete with traditional scones, clotted cream and berry jam to remind you of home.Villa Belle EpoqueIn the leafy suburbs of the city’s Maadi area, Cairo’s first boutique hotel, Villa Belle Epoque,offers an independent way of experiencing the city. This restored 1920s townhouse has just 13air-conditioned rooms, designed with a fusion of contemporary and period styles, all withbalcony or terrace overlooking the tranquil lush gardens. Date palms and fruit trees surroundthe swimming pool, with mango and guava trees shading the seating areas. The restaurantsoffer a choice of Egyptian, Oriental, Italian and French cuisine. Within strolling distance is thelocal souk incorporating many small boutiques selling gold and silver where the locals willno doubt invite you to join them for an Arabic coffee. The Villa Belle Epoque is the perfectalternative to the larger Cairo city centre hotels if you prefer a more intimate base from whichto explore the sights, sounds and aromas of this bustling city.

EGYPT P17call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukSun Boat IIIPerfect for a relaxing journey along the River Nile, the stylish Sun Boat III is an elegantvessel with the discreet ambience of an exclusive club. Smaller than the typical Nile cruiserand with a highly personalised service, the crew on board take great pride in ensuringyou want for nothing. An A&K cruise is unlike any other, with private docks in Luxor andAswan exclusively for the A&K fleet and uniquely tailored sightseeing accompanied bya recognised Egyptologist who will take immense pleasure in sharing the secrets of theancient sites while avoiding the crowds.The 14 light and airy cabins, styled with contempory décor, are available as twins ordoubles and all are equipped with ensuite showers, hair-dryers, flat-screen television andair-conditioning. There are also two Royal and two Presidential Suites. The food on board isexceptional with a variety of gourmet menus and lavish buffets, and with our drinks packagethere is no need to sign for local wines, beers and soft drinks. The decks are furnished withplenty of sunloungers and parasols and the Cleopatra Oasis pool is perfect for a coolingdip. Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the boat and a multi-lingual library, gamesarea, exercise machines on the shaded deck, laundry facilities and a spa cabin provideevery small luxury.

libyaOne of Africa’s most underratednations, where the ancient cities ofPhoenicia and Rome gaze over desertedMediterranean beaches, Libya is acountry with a rich heritage.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP18 libya

Men Talking before Prayers,Karamanli Mosque, TripolitripolibenghaziLEPTIS MAGNAGHADAMESlibyaSABHAgermaGHATmediterraneanseaCYRENEtobrukal-kufrahegyptBEST TIME TO BE HERELibya enjoys a Mediterraneanclimate along the coast witha dry and extreme desertinterior. The hotter andwindier summer season isfrom May to September andthe cooler winter seasonis from October to April.Spring and Autumn are thebest times for touring, bit it isideal for short breaks allyear round.HIGHLIGHTSGHADAMES A World Heritage Site,chadGhadames is a picturesque oasis town setamong rolling hills with the superb Qasrstronghold on its impregnable hilltop.LEPTIS MAGNA Grand buildings and lavishdecoration await at Leptis Magna with itssplendid carved adornments depicting thetriumphal processions of the Arch of SeptimusSeverus, Hadrianic Baths and unparalled viewsof the Mediterranean.SABHA Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere ofgolden sand dunes, green palm trees and clearspring waters that surround Sabha, the largestoasis in the Fezzan region. The solitude of theSahara is best experienced from a tented camp.WE RECOMMENDApollonia Apollonia was founded by Greekcolonists in the 7th century BC and becamea significant commercial centre, remainingas the port for Cyrene for more than amillennium. With a beach cut by rugged rocksand surrounded by hills, its ruins consist ofthree churches dating back to the Byzantineera and outside the city walls lie the remains ofApollonia’s theatre carved into the rocks.sudanTripoli Wander through the labyrinth ofcourtyards, alleyways and houses in the RedCastle Fortress, looking out for the imposingarched stone gateway that was once theoriginal castle entrance. The Roman andPhoenician galleries at the Museum of Tripoliare well worth exploring and make time forthe galleries showcasing revolutionary Libya.Look out for the fine octagonal minaret of theKaramanli Mosque as you stroll around theold medina and observe everyday life from abustling coffee shop.Sabratha West of Tripoli lie the Roman ruinsof Sabratha, founded by the Canaanites in the6th century BC. The name is thought to be aderivation of a Libyan-Berber word meaning‘grain market’. The spectacular theatre, builtduring the reign of Emperor Commodes, hasa three storey backdrop of columns. Makesure you visit the sandstone Temple of LiberPater, the vibrantly coloured peacock mosaicof the Basilica of Justinian, and the Temple ofSerapes, one of the oldest temples in the city.Low Season 7 nights from £2,995 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £3,442 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONEgypt We recommnedcombining Libya with one ofEgypt’s great cosmospolitancities, Alexandria. Thecollection at the NationalMuseum houses thousands ofitems spanning the PharaonicEra through Greco-Romantimes to the Modern Era– papyrus scrolls, ancientperfume bottles and paintedmummy cases. See the eerieCatacombs of Kom el-Shuga,the Citadel of Bey and famedPompey’s Pillar. Drive into thedesert to El Alamein, sceneof one of the decisive battlesof World War ii. The MilitaryMuseum displays a collectionof uniforms, memorabilia andpictorial material relating tothe Battle of El Alamein andmany other North Africancampaigns. A visit to the AlliedWar Cemetery, last restingplace of thousands of British,Commonwealth and Alliedsoldiers who died in the 12 daybattle, is a moving experience.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uklibya P19

P20 LIBYAcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukTuareg on camel, GhadamisTraditional colourful shoes produced by theBen Yedder shoe workshop, GhadamesGhadamesAfter stopping for lunch in the desert en route, you reach the attractive oasis town of Ghadames.Situated near the Tunisian-Algerian border at the point where the three countries meet, Ghadameswas once the southern outpost of the Roman Empire, renowned on the caravan routes for the plentifulwater from its well. The picturesque old town is named after the spring that formed the foundation ofthe original oasis and has preserved its cultural purity. Explore the labyrinthine streets laden with mudbrick buildings, look out for Ward Three in the cultural Museum showcasing a collection of Tuaregitems and wander through the numerous squares to find the simple Yunis and Atik Mosques. In thenearby desert, the sand dunes change hue from gold to blazing red at sunset.Northern CyrenaicaQasr Libya is home to one of the best collections of Byzantine mosaics in the country wherecraftsmen from the Hellenistic school of mosaic drew inspiration from scenes of daily life. In Benghazi,explore the lively covered market, the Old Town Hall with strong traces of its former elegance, andthe World War II cemetery. Nearby Tokara is one of the five cities of the Greek Pentapolis with ruinsdating from 193 AD. The four equidistant towers along the ramparts stand alongside contrastinglarge and small entrance gates and the museum exhibits many regional discoveries. Travellingonwards to the palm-fringed setting of Ptolemais, stroll around this former seaport that was once thecapital of the Roman province, to see the remains of private palaces, including the unique semicircularcourtyard of Villa of the Four Seasons and the sunken swimming pool of the Villa of Columns.Explore two Roman theatres, compact Byzantine Church with its largely intact domed apse, and thehuge Hellenic graveyard used as a burial ground for the Ptolemaic rulers of Berce.Mosque in Ghadames Old Town

libya P21call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukQasr al Haj (grain store), Ghadames

moroccoThe names Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech hintof spice and the exotic; a world very different fromour own yet just over three hours’ flight away.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP22 morocco

Djemaa el Fna square, evening view,MarrakeshatlanticoceanoualidiaessaouiraAgadircasablancarabatmarrakechasni QuarzazateskouraMerzougahigh atlasmountainsTaroudantTangiermoroccozagoraTétouanfesmiddle atlasmountainsalgeriaBEST TIME TO BE HEREThough Morocco is warmand sunny year round, thebest time to visit is fromFebruary to June and fromSeptember to December.Coastal Morocco iscooled by breezes off theMediterranean and Atlantic.The peaks of the AtlasMountains are snow cappedfor most of the year.HIGHLIGHTSMOUNTAINS The foothills of the AtlasMountains afford wonderful scenery forguided mountain walks amidst the ruggedlandscape, softened in spring by thespectacular almond blossom.desert Riding camels across Erg Chebbi atsunset is a sublime desert experience – the raysof the evening sun turn the superb ridge ofgolden sand dunes that stretches into the vastSahara a deep golden red.medina It is easy to while away hoursin Marrakech’s famous medina, the mostexuberant marketplace in the world, alabyrinth of colour and bustle accompaniedby the sounds of snake charmers and pulsingGnaouan drums. Djemaa-el Fna Square isgreat for haggling for bargains amongst themyriad of stalls and sampling all manner offoods. The beautiful Majorelle gardens, bycontrast, are a haven of peace and tranquillity.WE RECOMMENDAtlas Mountains Traditionally consideredto be Berber territory, the Atlas Mountainsprovide 1,500 miles of breathtaking scenerybetween the coast and the Sahara Desert. Boththe High and Middle Atlas slopes have denseforests containing cedar, pine, cork and oaktrees and there are fertile valleys and tracts ofpasture where livestock can feed. The Anti Atlasrange furthest south is much less developedfor tourism and, although less dramatic in thesize of its peaks, it offers unique scenery and anopportunity to explore a part of Morocco thatis often overlooked.Marrakech The historic ochre-walled cityof Marrakech offers palaces, gardens andbustling souks. The Ben Youssef Medersais one of the jewels of Marrakech and thebiggest medersa (school) in the whole of theMaghreb. Opposite the entrance to the BenYoussef mosque, the Qoubba Almoravideswas the ablution centre for believers going tothe mosque. The complex was also one of thefirst fountains of the town and used to ensurea constant water supply for the inhabitants ofMarrakech and their animals. Prepare yourselffor a discovery in labyrinth souks, a maze ofcolourful alleys and small squares.Low Season 7 nights from £2,442 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £2,898 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONThe North Morocco offersa myriad of choices and theinput of our experts’ firsthand knowledge and insightis invaluable in designinga journey that suits yourinterests. One suggestionmight be to focus on theImperial cities of northernMorocco. Begin in Rabat,the present imperial capital,and explore the Kasbah desOudaias, taking in the city’smost famous site, the massiveminaret of Hassan datingfrom 1195. Discover thehistoric Nejjarine Fountain,fine palaces, mosques andmadrassas that are dottedthroughout Fes, and travelfurther to see the imperial cityof Bab Mansour El Alj, withone of the most well-knownand admired of Meknes’grand gates and the granariesand stables of Moulay Ismail.Or head to the ruined cityof Volubilis to view thespectacular Roman mosaics.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukmorocco P23

P24 MOROCCOcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukMoroccan teahouseBerber women in traditional dress singing onKik Plateau, Atlas MountainsATLANTIc CoASTSheltered by cliffs and bordered by green pastureland is theunique location of Oualidia poised on the edge of the ocean.Enjoy unforgettable walks along the sandy beaches or hire a smallfishing boat to cross the lagoon with its ballet of pink flamingos.Grand Mosque Hassan ii,CasablancaEssaouira offers ocean views, curving sandy beaches, historicarchitecture and cultural treasures, making it one of Morocco’smost beautiful and best-loved towns. Its narrow streets discouragecars, making it look much the same as it did in the days of seapirates. This laid-back town is where the likes of Jimi Hendrix andBob Marley enjoyed hanging out and is a perfect spot to unwind,eat delicious seafood and soak in the atmosphere.High ATLAS MountainsThe High Atlas is dominated by Mount Toubkal, North Africa’shighest peak at over 4,165 metres, an area that is all about theviews. Enjoy the spring almond blossom at Ouirgane, winter snowat Ouïkaimeden, wild nature, tiny traditional villages perched onthe sides of the mountain and refreshing mint tea all year round.However it is the warmth and hospitality of the Berber people thatwill leave a lasting impression on you.

MOROCCO P25call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukThe SouthMorocco’s southern region is a diverse landscape that spreads from Algeria all the wayto the Atlantic coastline. Nothing can prepare you for the panorama of semi-arid, snowtoppedmountains and serrated cliffs as you descend from the High Atlas Mountains. It iswell worth taking the time to explore this region of Morocco, it will be quite an adventure.We can arrange a private desert experience for you in A&K’s own uniquely locatedSahara Desert Camp – enjoy dinner around the campfire, spend the night under the starsin an Arab Caidal tent and early in the morning, set off on camels to absorb the scenery.Stop for a while at the Amredhyle Kasbah on the ‘Road of the Thousand Kasbahs’ beforecrossing the spectacular Valley of Roses to reach the Dades gorges. The houses piledup around decorated kasbahs in the fortified village of Kasbah Ait Benhaddou seem todefy the laws of gravity, perched as they are on a steep slope. Spend time in Ouarzazate,renowned for its pottery and carpets. The Glaoui Kasbah of Taourirt is considered tobe one of the most beautiful in all Morocco, a network of luxury apartments, simple clayhouses and crenellated towers beautifully decorated with geometric motifs.Erg Chebbi MerzougaCarpets, Marrakesh

P26 MOROCCOcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukAN Ancient kasbah near Midelt,Atlas region

MOROCCO P27call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uk

P28 MOROCCOcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukRiads and KASBAHSMorocco offers a plethora of riads and kasbahs that are a more intimate alternative to a hotel. The traditionalMoroccan houses with interior courtyard garden found in Marrakech, Fes, Essaouira and Tangier, are known asriads, the name deriving from the Arabic term for garden. Riads focus inwards onto gardens allowing privacyand protection from the weather. Rooms open onto a central atrium and gardens lined with orange or lemontrees, a fountain and in most, a small swimming pool. The mud brick walls of a riad are usually adorned withtadelakt plaster and zellige tiles.Kasbahs are old fortresses or palaces often found near the market area in the older part of towns and cities.A kasbah is traditionally located on top of a hill, making its high walls and exterior windows easier to defendwhen the city was under attack. The building of a kasbah was a sign of wealth and often the dwelling of the localleader. These buildings are particularly prevalent in the Atlas Mountains, the South of Morocco, and in andaround Marrakech.Sahara Desert CampingLeave the palm trees of the oasis of Erfoud to explore the fortified town of Rissani, the last visible point of theZiz River and beginning of the desert. Pause for a visit to Rassani’s quarry where fossilised fish have beendiscovered, before climbing aboard a 4x4 to explore the great sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Mint tea and pastriesawait at your tented campsite, located in an isolated spot close to these dunes that are the highest in the country.Your private Arab Caidal tent is decked out with colourful carpets with a separate loo and bucket shower tentare nearby. Camels are on standby to take you to the surrounding dunes to watch the sunset before returningto camp to enjoy your nomadic accommodation. Dinner is served around a campfire or in the private restauranttent, complete with traditional entertainment. Spending a night in the desert under the stars in absolute comfortis a wonderful way to appreciate the Sahara.

MOROCCO P29call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukRoyal MansourInside the walls of the medina in the heart of Marrakech, a stone’s throw away from the Koutoubia Mosque andJemaa El Fnaa square, stands this gorgeous property. Created to host guests of the Royal Family in Marrakech,this new hotel, comprised of riads in the style of a medina, illustrates the finest Moroccan interior architectureand design, with exquisite attention to detail. Andalusian courtyards, pools, fountains and gardens add to theambience. There are three restaurants to choose from, supervised by the famous Michelin star chef YannickAlléno, offering traditional Moroccan and gourmet cuisine. Or, if you prefer, dine in the privacy of your ownriad or on the roof terrace. Savour a cocktail created to your own taste by your personal barman in the lavishbar with its pink and gold mirrored walls and intricate silverwork ceiling. The extensive spa has two Hammamswith hot, mild and cold rooms, and ten treatment rooms arranged in phases throughout the building.Each riad in the complex has its own distinctive character, luxuriously furnished with silks and brocades,antiques and hand-crafted furniture, complemented by a private butler on hand to look after your every wish.The opulent bedrooms can be found on the first floor arranged around a central open-air courtyard. At the topof your riad, you will find a roof terrace complete with private pool and sunbeds.

tunisiaMuch underrated, Tunisia is captivating andcolourful with a wealth of classical heritage.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP30 tunisia

izertesicilyvillage of TamerzaalgeriatunisdouggaKairouan soussetunisiatozeurmatmatadouzTataouinemediterraneanseaBEST TIME TO BE HERETunisia has a warm moderateclimate year round. In thenorth, the summer season(May to September) is hotand dry, while winter ismild and characterised byfrequent rains. The southernregion experiences highhumidity in the summer.The best periods to tour arespring and autumn.HIGHLIGHTSANCIENT CARTHAGE Byrsa Hill is thelegendary site on which Carthage wasfounded. The open-air sanctuary TophetsPunic and the commercial and militaryharbours convey the scale of its maritimesupremacy in ancient times.KAIROUAN The sacred city of Kairouan isthe spiritual heart of Tunisia. See the Mosqueof the Barber and the imposing 9th centuryGreat Mosque. Wander around the livelymarket and admire the fine carpets for whichthe city is famous.tunis The colourful walled city of Tunisreflects a blend of colonial French andmedieval Arab heritage. Stroll through alleysoverhung by blue wooden porches and explorethe world’s largest collection of Roman andearly Christian mosaics in the Bardo Museum.WE RECOMMENDDougga Passing through a rich, fertilelandscape of rolling hills and green valleys,arrive at the remains of the 2nd CenturyRoman city of Dougga, now a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site. See the compass-paved Squareof the Winds, the imposing theatre, and thelibyatemples of Saturn and of Augustan Piety.El Jem In its hayday, the great Romanamphitheatre of El Jem seated more than30,000 spectators; the second largest of itskind in the world after the Colosseum inRome. Behind the museum are excavationswhere beautiful mosaics have been found.Sousse Climb atop the Ribat of Sousse, thedistinctive look-out tower, for views overthe courtyard of the Great Mosque and thegreen and white octagonal tiled minaret ofthe Zaouia Zakkat. The catacombs are a fineexample of the amazing architecture usedin the Christian period in the second half ofthe first century AD. Sacred artefacts carvedfrom marble are stored in the museum andyou can wander through the network ofunderground passages and chambers thatcomprise thousands of tombs.Tozeur This oasis and gateway to the desertis lined with extensive palm groves. The sanddunes at nearby Dungue-el-Jmel are the filmlocation of the Star Wars movies.Low Season 7 nights from £1,998 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £2,342 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONThe Oasis Southern Tunisiastarts with the pink hills of theJerid and to the south lies thechotts, crystallised salt lakes.Visit Douz, a large oasis andjust one of many picturesquedestinations in the region, toenjoy the weekly Thursdaymarkets trading carpetsand animals. This typicaldesert village is surroundedby flat desert which can beexplored by camel. Crossingthe barren but breathtakingChott El Jerid, the largestdry salt lake of the Sahara, inthe distance you will see theAtlas Mountains. Nothingdisturbs the vast expanse,save for mirages racingacross the surface. Arriveto the ochre-coloured townof Tozeur famous for it datesand geometric brickwork.Wander through the lushpalmerie on the edge of townor take a dip in one of Tozeur’s200 springs. Enjoy sunset atthe holy oasis of Nefta.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uktunisia P31

P32 TUNISIAcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukidi Bou Makhlouf Mosque,Le KefHouse of the Hunt at dusk,Bulla RegiaCap BonKnown as the Garden Peninsula, Cap Bon is a lush segment of the northeastern part of thecountry with some of Tunisia’s richest farmland. At the tip of Cap Bon, El Haouaria is famousfor falconry and Roman caves carved out of sandstone close to the coast. Spend some timeexploring these caves, first mined by the Carthaginians and later by the Romans. Kerkouane,the most perfectly preserved Punic-Phoenician town in the world, was built in the 6th centuryBC and suddenly abandoned 250 years later. This horseshoe-shaped town was the base for themanufacture of Tyrian purple and a thriving community of craftsmen. Excavations have revealedthat Kerkouane’s luxurious homes incorporated underground sewers and stone bathrooms withmodern looking bathtubs, and their design of mosaic floors was copied by the Romans.The KHROumiria and Ancient tOWns of tELLThe wooded and hilly Khroumiria region bordering Algeria differs dramatically from the rest ofTunisia. Bulla Regia is the only site in the Roman world with semi-subterranean houses belongingto the Hadrianic period; the basilicas, temples and baths exhibiting the unique architecture ofthe region. El Kef enjoys a commanding location as capital of the northern border region. Thedragooned domes, octagonal minaret and whitewashed walls of the Sidi Bou Makhlouf Mosquemake it one of the most attractive towns in Tunisia. The UNESCO World Heritage archaeologicalsite of Dougga, a well preserved Roman town reflecting the high living standard of its 5,000inhabitants, is built on an elevated site overlooking a fertile plain. See its important marble quarries,the cluster of columns and semi-circular colonnade of the Temple of Juno Caelestis, and theTemple of Tellus’ villas with intact mosaic floors are well worth exploring.Woman troglodyte,Matmata

tunisia P33call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukPalms in the sandy desertnear Douz

israelIsrael is a compact country whoselandscapes reverberate with history thathas changed the world.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP34 israel

Tabgha Church at thewaterfront, Galileemediterranean seaHIGHLIGHTSegyptRosh Hanikraakkohaifatel avivMT.carmelJerichotiberiasnazarethjerusalembethlehemdead seaisraeleilatdead sea Enjoy year round sun, breathtakinglandscapes and therapeutic treatments. TheDead Sea, at 400 metres below sea level, isthe lowest point on earth. Floating in thewaters replenishes body and soul with uniquetreatments using local salt, mud and minerals.jerusalem Few places are as emotive asJerusalem. Throughout the city you will beoverwhelmed by a sense of the accumulatedhistory, from the Via Dolorosa to the Churchof the Holy Sepulchre, from the Wailing Wall tothe Holocaust Museum.masada Masada is situated on the top of amountain with steep sides and a flat top like aparapet overlooking the desert panorama. Thethrilling story of the site reveals the courageof the defenders of Masada and their battleagainst the conquering Romans and is one ofthe most compelling places to visit in Israel.WE RECOMMENDEDCaesarea A journey along the coast toCaesarea, ancient capital of the Romanprovince, takes in the impressive archaeologicalremains of the Byzantine city that oncedominated the region. This large walled townsyriajordanonce encompassed the hippodrome andsplendid theatre.Old City A drive to the Mount of Olivesprovides a wonderful view of Jerusalem. Passingby the foot of the hill under the ancient olivetrees of the Garden of Gethsemane, you enterthe Old City through the Dung gate to visit theWailing Wall, Al-Aksa Mosque and Dome ofthe Rock in the Temple Area. It is possible to seethe full length of the wall that Herod built, ona ‘Tunnels Tour’, a fascinating journey through2,000 years of history told by the undergroundexcavations of the remains of this Herodianroad that ran alongside the Temple Mount.Sea of Galilee Ancient villages filled withtreasures line the shores of Galilee, home to theancient synagogue at Capernaum and St. Peter’shouse which was later converted into a church.Explore the mystical city of Safed with itssynagogues and Artists’ Quarter and the mosaicof the Loaves and Fishes in the Church ofPeter’s Primacy at Taagha. Enjoy a boat ride onthe Sea of Galilee, stopping at Banias Springs.Low Season 7 nights from £3,294, per personHigh Season 7 nights from £3,689 per personPrices include international flights.BEST TIME TO BE HEREIsrael’s climate is pleasantthroughout the year, althoughthe ideal times are Spring(March to May) and Autumn(September to November).The milder temperaturesin these months make it theperfect time to explore.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONA Peek at Petra Follow theancient Kings’ Highway,famed for its scenic beauty asit crosses rugged scenery toonce-flourishing Byzantinetowns. See the delightful6th century map portrayingphysical characteristics ofthe Eastern Byzantine worldincluding Jerusalem and theChurch of the Holy Sepulchre.Put on your walking shoes fora trek through the ‘Rose-RedCity’ of Petra, accessible onfoot through a spectacularnarrow fissure in themountains, with the dramaticfacade of the Treasury carvedinto the pink and red cliff-faces.Explore the tombs, templesand exquisite monuments allhewn from solid mountainrock. An exhilarating 4-wheeldrive over the dramatic lunarlandscape of Wadi Rumevokes the time of Lawrenceof Arabia. At the Citadel nextto the Temple of Herculesadmire the grand view overdowntown Amman, the 5,000seat Roman amphitheatre andtwin minarets of the HusseinMosque.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukisrael P35

P36 ISRAELcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukNazarethCave at Rosh Hanikra in GalileeModern Tel Aviv and Old JaFFaAn important Israeli cultural icon, the White City of Tel Aviv is a section of the city constructed from the early1930s until 1948, reflecting modern organic planning principles. From the 49th floor of the Azrieli Observatorytake in the panorama of Tel Aviv’s street scenes; Tel Aviv’s trendiest area, Sheinkin Street; Carmel open-air marketselling fruits, vegetables and clothing; Nachlat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall; and the port, one of Tel Aviv’s mostpopular nightlife spots.asilica of the Annunciation,NazarethWith commanding views of the Mediterranean coast, Old Jaffa is said to be the oldest working port in the world.The picturesque narrow lanes and beautiful gardens of the Artists’ quarter in the renovated Old City offer aninteresting array of galleries, boutiques, theatres and restaurants. The nearby St. Peter’s Church, a 19th centuryFranciscan Church, is built on the ruins of a Crusader fortress, and the 18th century Libyan synagogue Beit Zunanais now converted into a museum.The Galilee RegionThe Old City of Acre, or Akko, is a World Heritage site not only because this historic, walled port-city has enjoyedcontinuous settlement from the Phoenician period, but also because the remains of the Crusader town datingfrom 1104 to 1291 lie almost intact both above and below today’s street level. This provides an exceptional pictureof the layout and structures of the capital of the medieval Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. At the same time, thepresent city is characteristic of a fortified town dating from the Ottoman 18th and 19th centuries, with typicalurban components such as the citadel, mosques, khans and baths. Visit the northernmost point of Israel on theMediterranean coast with panoramic views and a cable-car descent to the sea-carved grottos. Explore Nazareth,the largest Arab town in Israel and the childhood town of Jesus, including the Basilica of the Annunciation, St.Josephs, and the four waterspouts set in an attractive modern circular stone surrounding Mary’s Well.

ISRAEL P37call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukMediterranean CoastCaesarea National Park holds the remains of this former Roman capital andCrusader city, one of the great cities of the ancient world built by King Herod inhonour of Caesar Augustus. Here you can explore the remains of the 20,000seat hippodrome and the renovated port area, and enjoy the ‘CaesareaExperience’, a computerised presentation of the city’s history.A gourmet treat lies in wait touring the cellars, tasting the wines and savouringthe cheeses in the Carmel winery region. A tranquil hill road takes you to thesmall towns of Ussafiya and Daliat El Carmel on Mount Carmel for a taste ofDruze life, and culture accompanied by traditional Druze hospitality. Membersof this distinctive community wear striking black and white attire.Haifa is Israel’s third largest city and arguably its most appealing. It is the worldcentre of the Baha’i’ Faith and is characterised by its landmark gilded dome ofthe Baha’i’ Shrine and its beautiful hanging gardens. Breathtaking panoramicviews of the city and the bay are best appreciated from the Louis Promenade –which also sells the best falafel in town.terraced gardens and the Shrine of the Babon mount Carmel, HaifaLOCAL VILLAGERS, GOLAN HEIGHTS.

jordanJordan’s greatest legacy is undoubtedly theancient city of Petra, yet there is far more tothis compact gem than the rose-red city alone.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP38 JORDAN

lebanonsyriaRock bridge in Wadi Rum desertmediterraneanseajerusalemisraelegyptammanbethanykerakdanashobakpetrajerashmadabajordanazraqSAUDIARABIABEST TIME TO BE HEREMarch to May andSeptember to Novemberare the best times to visit,but Jordan’s Mediterraneanclimate is pleasant all yearround making Amman orthe Dead Sea an ideal shortbreak destination. The JordanValley, below sea level, iswarm during winter andextremely hot in summer.HIGHLIGHTSwadi rumaqabaPETRA Abandoned in the 4th century,Nabateans, Romans and Crusaders have all lefttheir mark on this World Heritage Site, wherethe tombs, temples and exquisite monumentshave been hewn from solid mountain rock.Only accessible on foot through a spectacularnarrow fissure in the mountains, the dramatictemple facade of the Treasury is carved intothe pink cliff-faces.WADI RUM In this place described by T.E.Lawrance as “vast, echoing and god-like’, hugesheer mountains of sandstone and graniteetched by the elements emerge from the desertwilderness to reach heights of more than 1750metres. It is spectacular for hiking, 4x4 safarior hot-air balloon flights.dead sea The lowest point on earth, rich innatural minerals and revitalising waters. TheDead Sea is a mecca for spa-lovers.WE RECOMMENDJerash Jerash lies on a plain surroundedby hilly wooded areas and fertile basins.Conquered by General Pompey in 63 BC, thecity’s golden age came under Roman rule,during which time it was known as Gerasaand was one of the ten great Roman cities.The site is generally acknowledged to be oneof the best preserved Roman provincialtowns in the world. Jerash is best known forits imposing Roman Forum and mile-longStreet of Columns – hence its epithet ‘City of1,000 columns’.Bethany Step back in time to visit the site ofJesus’s Baptism, with plastered pools and watersystems that were used for mass baptisms. Theexcavations here have uncovered a 5th-6thCentury Byzantine settlement with manychurches and a monastery.Madaba Famed for its scenic beauty, theancient Kings’ Highway criss-crosses ruggedscenery through once-flourishing Byzantinetowns. On arrival at Madaba the town’s skylineof church spires and minarets is a clue toits history. The delightful 6th century mapportrays physical characteristics of the EasternByzantine world including Jerusalem and theChurch of the Holy Sepulchre.Low Season 7 nights from £2,964 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £3,220 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONJordan in Depth Extendyour stay in Amman withan excursion to the desertcastles of Kharraneh andAmra, following in thefootsteps of T.E.Lawrence atAzraq. Kharraneh is the mostcomplete of the Omayyadcastles, where you can climbthe stone stairways leading tothe upper floor to see severalrooms displaying some oftheir original decoration ofarches, vaults, semi-domesand plasterwork medallions.Feel the mystique of OldAmman with a walk throughthe bazaars and Gold Market.The country’s heritage isbeing preserved by restoringthe beautiful architecturearound Darat al Funun.Meet the locals at one of themany coffee shops before atraditional falafel sandwichlunch and a walk around theold houses of Amman. Enjoya bath and massage at PashaTurkish Bath or enjoy dinner ina local Jordanian home.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukJORDAN P39

P40 JORDANcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukNubian ibex, Dana Nature Reservethe old village of DanADana Nature ReserveDana is all about appreciating the simpler things in life. Yet to say so does not do justice to the magic ofthe place. Staying overnight in the guest house at the unique Dana Nature Reserve is an opportunityto see mountain gazelles and Nubian ibex. Here you can enjoy the spectacular viewpoints above DanaVillage, explore the terraced gardens, meet local farmers and visit a traditional bakery. An easy two hourcircular walk around the campsite area is an excellent route for bird-spotting, especially in the migrationseasons. In the evening, enjoy dinner prepared and hosted by local women in one of the village houses.Dinner at Little PetraDana offers a range of walks to key points of interest for walkers of all levels. The trails are clearly markedwith intermittent piles of stones along the route, and can be hiked independently or with a guide. Thepeace and natural beauty of Dana is the perfect antidote to the jaw-dropping sights of Petra and Jerash.Petra by Night and Petra KitchenPetra by Night To describe Petra by night as impressive is an understatement; incandescent in the lightof thousands of candles, it is an out-of-this-world experience. Follow a candle-lit path through the Siq tothe Khazneh, absorb the atmosphere and sip tea to the haunting tune of Bedouin music emanating fromthe Treasury.Petra Kitchen Appreciate Jordanian cuisine in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Working alongsidelocal women, you create a meal with an experienced chef to gain an glimpse of the secrets behindthe famous regional cuisine of the Levant, before savouring the fruits of your labour and enjoying thecompany of the people who helped prepare it.

JORDAN P41call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukThe Monastery at PetraRoyAL PHOTOGRAPHIC TOURby helicopterAnd now for something completely different...meet Zohrab,personal photographer of His Majesty the late King Husseinand fly with him across Jordan on a Royal Army Super-pumahelicopter for a morning photo session over the mountains ofPetra. Upon landing at the rose-red city, you will be introducedto Petra and its ancient history by Dr. Barbara Porter, Director ofthe American Centre of Oriental Research in Jordan. This is allabout exclusivity and enjoying one of the world’s most famoussights in a very special and privileged way.Drive to the old site of Beida, known as Little Petra by the locals,where a path illuminated by small paper candles dancing in thewind will lead you to an open area surrounded by rocks for aspecial light and sound show and private dinner served in thisdelightful setting.Camel dromedary in Petra,Jordan desert

P42 JORDANcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukColondaded street at Petra

JORDAN P43call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uk

P44 JORDANcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukTHE dead seaMovenpick Resort PetraLocated just by the entrance to the magical site of Petra, this hotel is the best place to retreat to after a day of exploring.The Wellness Centre offers ample opportunity for unwinding, with steam baths, spa and fitness room – or take a dip in theheated outdoor pool. Mouth-watering treats such as the famous Movenpick ice cream made with refreshing lemon juice andfresh mint are served on the pool terrace in summer. During the winter months the exotic Al Baraka Tea Room is a splendidenvironment to enjoy afternoon tea.Beautifully decorated in Bedouin style with Arabic antiques and original artwork adorning its magnificent central atrium,the resort offers 183 bedrooms and suites, lavishly furnished in a style reminiscent of a private residence. There are sevenrestaurants to choose from, with Mediterranean cuisine served in the award-winning Al Iwan restaurant and sundowners andnight caps best enjoyed in the traditional Arabic setting of the roof garden bar, the perfect place to soak in the glorious sunset.Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead SeaOn the shores of the Dead Sea – the world’s oldest natural spa over 400 metres below sea level – the Kempinski is amagnificent Babylonian sanctuary set amidst lush gardens, lagoons, and winding rivers, where ancient olive trees mingle withpalm trees. The luxurious enclaves ensure absolute privacy in a serene setting and with four award-winning restaurants andtwo atmospheric bars offering plenty of choice. A private dinner under the stars or brunch on the beach can alsobe arranged.The resort’s luxurious and extensive Anantara spa is a labyrinth of whirlpools and steam rooms, meditation and yoga rooms,offering a range of treatments that harness the Dead Sea’s natural resources; facials, body scrubs, hammans, massages andbody wraps. The fitness centre is equipped with the latest equipment and a tennis court is located within the spa area. Carvedin natural stone and styled with contemporary fittings, all the bedrooms and suites have sea view balconies.

JORDAN P45call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukFour Seasons, AmmanThe hill top location of the Four Seasons Amman affords dramatic views of this livelycity. Contemporary in style yet classically elegant, the Four Seasons’generouslysizedrooms and suites all feature a large dressing area and are bright and airy. Thespacious bathrooms offer a walk-in glass walled shower and deep bath tub. Childrenare welcome special menus, crayons and colouring books in the restaurants, childsizedbathrobes and baby-sitting services.The hotel has a large indoor pool with adjacent whirlpool and an outdoor poolwhere chilled towels, water misting and fruit kebabs are on hand to keep youcool. Indulgent Dead Sea treatments and mud body wraps at the spa to cleanseand detoxify the skin using natural sea salts and minerals, followed by a relaxingaromatherapy massage or facial.The chef of the Seasons restaurant works in an open kitchen to create signaturedishes such as braised lamb shank with saffron rice, or enjoy classic Italian cuisine atthe Vivace or Chinese, Japanese and Thai at the Asia restaurant. Take afternoon teain the light and airy Foyer Lounge or indulge in a cocktail or two at the Square Bar.Byzantine Church Ruins,Amman

LEBANONA short flight away, Lebanon is a wonderfulmix of history, culture, coast, superb food,great wine and incredibly friendly people.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP46 LEBANON

Bread vendor on the corniche,Lebanon, Beirutmediterranean seasidontyrebyblosjeitabeirut MT.lebanonbeiteddinetripolilebanonbaalbeckl e b a n o nr a n G Ezahlehanti lebanonr a n G EsyriaBEST TIME TO BE HEREWith its Mediterraneanclimate, Lebanon enjoysthree hundred days of suna year and can be visitedthroughout the year. Most ofthe rainfall occurs betweenNovember and March; June,July and August are oftencompletely rainless. Themost pleasant seasons forexploring the sites of Lebanonare spring and autumn.HIGHLIGHTSisraelAaNJAR Most notable for the graceful stonearches and wide arcades, the 8th century ruinsof Aanjar at the southern end of the BéqaaValley are staggering in their beauty.BAALBEcK Baalbeck’s awe-inspiringcity ruins are among the largest and finestexamples of Roman architecture in the world.The grandeur of the columned temples, theintricately carved stonework and the sheer sizeof the stones used to construct the Temple ofJupiter are astounding.TYRE Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas,an island city of unprecedented splendour withher industry of purple-dyed textiles, extensivenecropolis, monumental arch and one of thelargest hippodromes ever unearthed.WE RECOMMENDBeirut Chic, cool and cosmopolitan, modernday Beirut is one of the must-visit cities oftoday. It has a wonderful ancient history andan ‘interesting’ recent past, but it is the energyand vibrancy that is most likely remain in yourmemory. Juxtaposed to ancient settlementsgoing back at least 5,000 years are new andcontemporary buildings. Next door to thebalustrades and balconies of the French era ofold are restaurants oozing wonderful cuisine,culture and class. On the Cornicle road stopfor a short walk in the favourite promenade ofmany Beirutis.Beiteddine The imposing palace ofBeiteddine is the best example of early 19thCentury Lebanese architecture, built over a 30-year period by Emir Bashir. While here, wanderthrough the palace complex and its museumsand see a fine collection of Byzantine mosaics.Byblos Built upon multiple layers of ruins, awalk through the annals of Lebanese history inByblos, uncovers the diverse cultures that havemade this area a mosaic of civilizations. Thispicturesque seaside town with its tiny circularharbour has a history that has been closely tiedto the Mediterranean for millennia. From thehigh keep of the castle, there is a superb viewover the Crusader town to one side and thePhoenician city to the other.Low Season 7 nights from £2,194 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £2,546 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONSyria Only a few hours drivefrom Beirut, Damascus is oneof the oldest continuouslyinhabited cities on earth,its authenticity a completecontrast to the modernityand vibrancy of Beirut. In itsOld City, you will experiencea generosity and hospitalityat odds with the ‘perceived’view of Damascus. Enjoywandering its historicstreets free of the ‘attention’that you get elsewhere inthe region. Further afieldare the museums andthe coloured bazaars ofMaaloula to explore. InPalmyra, you will see one ofthe most spectacular sitesof the ancient world, themost preserved Crusadercitadel on the planet andWorld Heritage Site, Krakdes Chevaliers. Turn southfrom here to the 2nd centuryRoman capital of Bosra,famed for its mosques andmagnificent amphitheatre.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukLEBANON P47

P48 LEBANONcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukfishing in harbour,Sidon, LebanonBaalbeck, LebanonLebAnESE VILLAGERThe NorthAs you drive along the coastal highway towards Chekka, you gain altitude as you ascend east throughbeautiful mountain landscapes and spectacular views of peaks and gorges in the Qadisha Valley. See theCedars of Lebanon, the oldest trees in the Middle East – some over 1,000 years old – before returning toBcharre to visit the museum of the writer and poet Gobran Khalil Gobran. Take time to walk around theQadisha Gorge, inhabited from the 3rd millennium BC to the Roman period. Over 800 cave chapels,rock shelters and monasteries from the Maronite church scatter the area, and commemorative inscriptionshave been left behind by conquering armies at Dog River. A cable car will take you to the beautiful naturalwonder Jeita, principal source of the River, to visit the lower galleries by boat and upper caverns on foot.Enjoy the refreshingly cool temperature, the sound of rushing water, and the columns and sculptures thathave been formed by water and time.The SouthThe island city of Tyre became wealthy from her far-reaching colonies and industry of purple-dyedtextiles, historical importance that has earned it World Heritage status. Historically, this island city ofunprecedented splendour attracted the attention of jealous conquerors, among them, Alexander theGreat and the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Today you can visit the excavated ruins which consistof three parts: the colonnades, public baths, mosaic streets and rectangular arena on the south side, thenorthern ruins and the east site with extraordinary archaeological remains including the Roman necropolisand one of the largest hippodromes ever found. On a promontory along the coastal road lies anotherimportant Phoenician town, Sidon. Take time to visit its Sea Castle, covered souks and old soap factory. Onthe city’s northern gate stands the Phoenician Temple complex of Echmoun in a lush valley of citrus groves.

LEBANON P49call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukThe Beqaa ValleyThe Beqaa Valley is a vast isolated upland suspended between the Lebanonand Anti-Lebanon ranges. Patterned wheatfields lie next to vineyards andwalnut, apricot and mulberry rooted in the rust-red soil – this was the breadbasket of ancient Rome. In the southern part of the plain you can visit theOmayyad ruins at Aanjar. Take time to savour a wine tasting in the worldfamous vineyards of Ksara, followed by a meal at one of the local restaurantsthat can be found in this mouth-watering centre of Lebanese gastronomy.After crossing the Mount Lebanon range, drive through the plain towardsLebanon’s greatest Roman treasure, counted among the wonders of theancient world. The city of Baalbeck originated in Phoenician times as a placeof worship to the Phoenician Sun God Baal. Renamed City of the Sun duringthe Hellenistic period, Baalbek entered its golden age in 47 BC when JuliusCaesar made it a Roman colony. Unforgettable in their artistry and colossalin size stand the temples of Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus that served as amonument to the wealth and power of Imperial Rome.Vineyard of Chateau Ksara at Mansoura,Beqaa ValleyThe antique town of Baalbeck (Heliopolis),Beqaa Valley

omanOman is a country unlike any in the region.Our expert team will ensure you get thevery best from this sophisticated country.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP50 oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,muscatsaudi arabiaarabiangulfu n i t e d a r a bemirateskhasabmusandamsoharSawadinakhalNizwaomangulf ofomanmuscatbimmah sinkholesurwahibasandsarabianseaBEST TIME TO BE HEREOman’s climate differs fromone area to another. In thesummer months betweenMay and August, the coastalareas are hot and humid, whilethe interior is hot and dry.The higher mountains enjoy amoderate climate year round.September to April is the besttime for touring.HIGHLIGHTSsalalahforts The massive structure of Bahla in theinterior, the restored impressive Jabrin Fort, andthe small watchtowers that cluster atop mostjebels are a reminder of Oman’s troubled past.TURTLES Ras al Junayz is the main turtlenesting beach where you can watch themcome ashore at night and lay their eggs. Taking60 days to hatch, the tiny turtles burrow theirway to the surface and head quickly for thesafety of the sea.WAHIBA SANDS This region running southfrom the Eastern Hajars to the Arabian Seais one of the largest deserts in the world.Shimmering dunes that rise up to 150 metresturn a stunning deep amber in the earlymorning and late evening sun; a wonderfulplace to dine out under a canopy of stars.WE RECOMMENDMuscat Muscat is an enchanting city with afriendly atmosphere and an excellent place tobe based for a few days to explore the environs.Enjoy the sights of this port city with the 16thcentury Portuguese forts of Jalali and Miraniguarding the harbour. Muscat is home to themagnificent splendour of the Sultan QaboosGrand Mosque and the incredible display ofOmani antiques at the Bait Al Zubair museum.Tantalise your senses with a visit to the Houseof Amouage which creates some of the mostexpensive perfumes in the world.Nizwa A drive through the rugged interiortakes you to the historic village of Nizwa and itsspectacular fort. See the old crafts in the souqworkshops made by men clanking away overanvils amidst an array of other old antiquesand handicrafts.Salalah The surrounding countryside ofOman’s southernmost city is seasonally verylush and green thanks to the annual summermonsoon. Drive into the Qara Mountainswest of Salalah to visit Job’s Tomb and enjoy apanoramic view over the Al Garbib plain. Passgroves of frankincense trees as the aroma ofthe incense follows you to the open-air souq,an excellent place to purchase this spice, soldby Omani women in vibrant traditional dress.Low Season 7 nights from £2,848 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £3,192 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONMusandam PeninsulaMusandam is a peninsula ofsteep rocks that jut north fromthe Arabian mainland towardsIran. Separated from the restof Oman by a tribal decisionin the late 1960s, it remains anisolated region known for itsstunning fjords. The main townof Khasab was only recentlylinked by road to the rest ofthe region and just a few othervillages cling to bays at the footof near-vertical rock walls thatsoar to over 2,000 metres.Deep fjord-like channels cutinto this rock and provide aplayground for divers. Coastalvillages are settled by thesemi-nomadic Shihuh tribe,a hospitable people who livein a way found in few otherplaces on earth. At the villageof Qada pre-historic rock artcan be seen depicting camels,ships and warriors dressed forbattle. Experience some of thebest seascapes with abundantsea life and steppe eagles onour leisurely dhow cruise.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukoman P51

P52 OMANcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uk

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P54 OMANcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukCeramic crafts,Souk,NizwaFort of NakhalSohar and the Batinah CoaSTThe fertile and flat Batinah Coast north of Muscat leads to Sur, once the most important trading centreon the Arabian Peninsula and today famous for its dates. Drive along the coast through the date palmsand sparkling springs to the soaring Bait Na’aman Fort at Nakhl. This restored 300-year-old fort is nowa beautifully furnished country house, its time-honoured artefacts such as Khanjars, artillery, jewelleryand chinaware still intact where you will learn how the Imam and his family lived. Enjoy a dramatic drivethrough the sedimentary mountains from Al Awabi to Wadi Bani Auf, stopping en route to hike throughthe wonderful canyon. Explore the old world appeal and enjoy a picnic lunch in tranquil Bilad Sayt with itspatchwork of terrace farming and traditional houses laid out against the rocky slopes. Head on to WadiSahtan to meet local beekeepers tending their hives in the date palms, to understand the art of honeyproduction and to explore the Al Hazm Fort with its two high cylindrical towers.Nizwa and the InteriorHistorically the power base of the Imamate, the Interior is a rich and rewarding region to visit, extendingfrom the rugged central Al Jauf plateau to the arid expanse of Al Wusta. Here, visit the large Nizwa RoundTower Fort, built to guard the Sumail Gap, and the fascinating Nizwa Souk famed for its silverwork andantique jewellery. Drive on to the pretty village of Birkat Al Mauz to enjoy a walk through the lush greendate plantations. Winding roads take you to the green jewel of the Al Hajar mountain range to enjoy thecool mountain climate. It is famed for its fruit orchards laid out in terraces along the slopes of mountainswhich are endowed with natural springs and aflaj. The villages of Saiq, Wadi Bani Habib (‘Village of the OldHouses’) and Al Ain dot the landscape, overlooking a spectacular landscape of dramatic peaks, gorges andwadis. Explore the beautifully executed woodcarvings of 17th century Jabrin Castle, one of Oman’s finest.Al Hazm Fort

OMAN P55call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukSur, the East and the Wahiba SandsThis region offers a beautiful coastline, the old ship building city of Sur and the greatWahiba Sands. A drive through the stark mountain terrain takes you to the fishing townof Quriyat with its 400 year old fort and picturesque waterfront complete with flamingosand eagles at the inland stream. Towards the coast the blue-green water of the spectacularBimah limestone crater awaits. Follow the winding mountain road to Wadi Arbayeen withits deep pools of water set among the date palms, stopping here for a picnic lunch before avisit to the mausoleum of Bibi Miriam at Qalhat, standing as testimony of a bygone era.The Wahiba Sands, a vast sea of undulating red and white sand and rising dunes arehost to a variety of flora and fauna. Travelling off-road deep inside the sands you reach atraditional Bedouin encampment tucked at the foot of a large sand dune, surrounded byhardy desert acacia trees. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner on Bedouin carpets on the sands;the ever-changing patterns of the dunes are a photographer’s delight. Small pretty villagesembedded in the mountains at Wadi Bani Khalid stand in stark contrast to this wilderness.This region also plays host to the Ras Al Hadd headland, the coastline home to greenturtle nests.wahiba sandsWater pool in Wadi Bani Khalid

syriaSyria is rich in exquisite ancient sites, dramaticscenery and its people are celebrated for theirfriendliness and hospitality.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP56 syria

turkeyyoung shepherd, Qasr Ibn Wardan,Syrian desertmediterraneansealebanonaleppolattakiaapameahamadamascusbosrahomsmaaloularasafehsyriapalmyrajordanal hasakaheuphratesriveriraqBEST TIME TO BE HERESyria has a mildMediterranean climate of hotdry summers and mild wetwinters. July and August arethe hottest months with veryhigh temperatures duringthe day and cooler evenings.November and Decemberare the coldest monthsand often rainy. Spring andAutumn are pleasant andcomfortable.HIGHLIGHTSALEPPO At the centre of Aleppo is the citadel,a vast 12th century fortress with roots thatdig deep into a hill and into history. Belowthe citadel’s awesome walls lies the medievalsouq, its labyrinthine alleyways crammed withcolourful stalls.DAMASCUS Damascus is full of atmosphereand surprises, epitomised by the vastHamidiyya souq, offering a mindbogglingvariety of handicrafts, jewellery and deliciousfood. This is a microscosm of Damascenelife: men in keiffiyehs and cloaks absorbed inconversation, women in veils searching forbargains while children play around them.PALMYRA The ancient ‘city of a thousandcolumns’, Palmyra conjures up images ofcaravans laden with silks and spices. Theenigmatic if redoubtable Queen Zenobiaallegedly conquered this ancient world.Destroyed by an earthquake in 1089, it isconsidered Syria’s prime historical site,dominated by the ruins of the temple of Baal.WE RECOMMENDDamascus Entering the old souk is like ajourney back in time, where history comesalive as you stroll along Straight Street passingsilk weavers at work on their wooden looms,just like their ancestors thousands of yearsago. The remarkable beauty of the majesticOmayyad Mosque combines Roman and Arabelements in its impressive courtyard, peacefularcades and mosaics. Enjoy the legendaryhospitality of the locals, learning to cookthe Syrian way with a Damascene family, orexplore the separate quarters of the imposingAzem Palace.Krak des Chevaliers Admire the Homs Gapfrom the architecturally impressive Krak desChevaliers, the finest and most picturesque ofthe Holy Land’s Crusader castles. Explore the 13towers of this large citadel, the gargantuan talusand the barrel vaulted 12th century chapel.Maaloula Bright white and pale blue housescling to the escarpment forming a glimmeringmosaic as you approach Maaloula. Visit theChurch of St Sergius, wander through thenarrow gorge and emerge by the monasteryand chapel of St Thecla. The inhabitants stillspeak Aramaic, the language spoken by Christ,although Arabic is quickly gaining ground andthe old language is more understood than putto daily use.Low Season 7 nights from £2,998 per personHigh Season 7 nights from £3,342 per personPrices include international flights.EXTENSION SUGGESTIONJordan or Lebanon Syria caneasily been combined witha visit to Jordan or Lebanon,or both if you have the time.A journey on Jordan’s Kings’Highway from Amman toPetra takes in the ByzantineChurch of Mount Nebo withits spectacular outlook overthe Jordan Valley. From hereexplore the once-flourishingtown of Madaba to see aunique mosaic of the HolyLand, before arriving atthe famous rose-red city ofPetra, accessed through aspectacular narrow fissurein the mountains. Beirutis just four hours’ drivefrom Damascus, vibrantand fashionable withcontemporary nightlife andworld famous cuisine. Stop enroute to explore the Romansite of Baalbeck.call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uksyria P57

P58 SYRIAcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukArchaeological Site,Apamea (Afamia)

SYRIA P59call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uk

P60 SYRIAcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukStone relief with solarswastika, Roman temple ofHelios, QanawatMarsh Arab weaving reedsThe HauranSouth of Damascus lies the Hauran, a fertile region possessing some of the finest Roman remainsin Syria. You will pass fields of watermelons as you travel south to the ancient Roman city of Bosra,dating back some 3,400 years and once the capital of the Roman Province of Arabia. Its wellpreserved Roman amphitheatre once seated more than 6,000 spectators.At Qanawat, the ruined walls and graceful columns of the Serai temple are intricately decoratedwith wreaths of vines and flowers. This is also home to the temple of Zeus and the scant but richlydecorated remains of a small temple dedicated to the sun god Helios. Passing through the northerngate of the ghost city of Philippopolis at Shahba, you will see ancient steps with basalt columns, oldwalls and the huge arches of the ancient baths.The EuphratesFlowing southeasterly across northern Syria, much of the Euphrates runs in a wide deep valleywhere mounds of debris mark ancient towns and cities, testament to the region’s fertile ground. Onthe dusty plains of northern Syria, unique beehive-shaped houses made of mud brick are clusteredinto villages. Cross the causeway to the Jaabar Citadel, a Seleucid fortress surrounded by two wallswith thirty five towers of differing shapes and richly decorated facades with ornamentations andinscriptions. At Rasafeh lie some of the most spectacular remains in the Euphrates valley includingthe triple north gate of the city with its five arches. A pilgrimage destinations for the Byzantines,Rasafeh showcases a forbidding rectangular circuit of walls defended by 50 bastions and towers.Here, twenty thousand tablets with their cuneiform inscriptions were found recounting the politicaland diplomatic life of the 3rd century BC Kingdom of Mari.

SYRIA P61call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uklocal man diving from water wheel,Orontes River, HamaThe Orontes and the Central PlainRunning along the central Syrian plain, this fertile crescent is the country’s principal agriculturalarea with fields of grain and sugar beet interspersed with pistachio trees and olive groves. Manyimportant cities, past and present, lie en route. In Hama, you will see the famous water wheelsused to irrigate the surrounding fields from the bridge in the town centre. Across the river liesthe Mosque and Mausoleum of Abu al-Feda, also known as the Mosque of Snakes, a referenceto the interlaced stonework in its windows. As you drive through the northern plains towardsAleppo, there is ample opportunity en route to explore the Hellenisitic ruins of Apamea, suchas the enormous Ottoman khan that is now an archaeological museum housing Apamea’smosaics. This is where Cleopatra romanced Mark Anthony into making his fatal bid for theImperial purple.Homs is on the direct caravan route between Palmyra and the sea and only one citadel remainsin the south of the city. The traditional atmosphere is evident in the Christian quarter passing bya number of churches and here also lies one of the few surviving stretches of Arab wall.The Khan from the 16th century was built to service the pilgrimage trade to Mecca. Longvaulted chambers enclose the courtyard (filled with flowers, vines and palms) on all four sides.Palmyra, Homs Governorate, Syria

ETHIOPIAWith a mixture of culture and history datingback to 1000BC, Ethiopia is a country thatoffers surprises around every corner.call 0845 0700 611 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukP62 ETHIOPIA

Priests Dancing at Bete Mariam,LalibelagondArgoreERITREAjimaaxumsimienmountainsbahar darAddis AbabaETHIOPIAAWASAHAWZIENlalibelayemengulf ofadenSOMALIAarabianseaBEST TIME TO BE HERETemperatures varythroughout but peak at nomore than 25 degrees inmost places thanks to thehigh altitude. In the northernregions the main rainyseason runs from June to theend of September, and insouthern parts from Marchthrough to June.sudanugandaHIGHLIGHTSomo vallEykenyaAxum Axum is one of the holiest towns inEthiopia. Legend has it that in the helms ofthe Church of St Mary lies the Ark of theCovenant. On the outskirts are the remains ofthe Queen of Sheba’s palace.Lalibela Impressive rock-hewn churchesfrom the late 12th and early 13th centuries wereeach carved by hand out of a single block ofstone with roofs at ground level, many joinedtogether by secret underground passages.GondAr Gondar is famous for its manycastles and churches, including the 17thCentury walled compound of The RoyalEnclosure and the beautiful Debre BirhanSelassie church decorated with some of thefinest wall art in Ethiopia.WE RECOMMENDBahar Dar Bahar Dar enjoys a picturesquelocation on the shores of Lake Tana, thelargest lake in Ethiopia and perfect for visitinglakeside villages and the many monasterieson secluded islands within the lake. It is alsothe base from which to see the Blue Nile Falls,one of Africa’s most spectacular falls. Theriver above measures a depth of 400 metres.Simien Mountains One of Africa’s largestmountain ranges with peaks reaching as highas 4,000 metres, the mountains are home tothree endemic mammals: Gelada baboons thatare known to graze in groups 400 strong, theEthiopian Wolf that is now very rare and theendangered Walia Ibex.Addis Ababa Addis is the world’s thirdhighest capital city sitting at an altitude of2,400 metres at the foot of Mount Entoto.The Mercato is the largest open-air market inAfrica, offering a vast array of colours, aromas,jewellery and locally-grown agriculturalproducts – most notably coffee. The NationalMuseum of Ethiopia houses a replica of ‘Lucy’,the skull of a woman hominid that is 3½million years old. Discovered in the Hadarin 1974, this skull proved that our ancestorswere walking 2½ million years earlier thanoriginally thought.Pricing 12 nights from £4,125 per person,including international flightsEXTENSION SUGGESTIONOmo Valley Ethiopia’s OmoValley is home to some 20different tribes. This areadepicts Africa as it oncewas with each of the tribesfollowing tribal traditionswhich have remainedunchanged for generations.One of the most well knowof these tribes is the Mursiwhose women wear a clayplate inserted in their lowerlip. Other tribes includethe Ari, the Karo andthe Hamer-Bena whosetraditions include bodypainting. The area is also oneof Ethiopia’s most fertile asit falls within the Great RiftValley which offers amazingscenery and beautiful lakes.The Nechisar Park is hometo a wide range on animalsand birds. Accommodationhere is relatively basic – theexperience is the reason tocome here.call 0845 0700 611 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukETHIOPIA P63

P64 airline informationcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukDeparting from London Heathrow’s Terminal 5, British Airwaysflies a World service to Cairo, Dubai, Muscat, Tel Aviv, Tripoli anddeparting from London Gatwick, British Airways fly a Europe service to Sharm el Sheikh and Tunis. WorldTraveller has a 32” seat pitch, World Traveller Plus 38” and Club World a 6’ flat bed and in First you canrelax in a 6’6” bed. Audio visual on Demand is available in all cabins with 200 channels of entertainment.Complimentary meals and drinks are served, or if travelling Club World, help yourself to the Club Kitchenand in First choose between formal or informal dining.Departing from London Heathrow’s Terminal 1, bmi flies to over 30 destinations worldwideincluding Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Tripoli and Addis Ababa offers a flexible servicepersonalised to your requirements. Business Class customers enjoy a separate PremiumCheck-in area, a welcoming glass of champagne or orange juice on board, bmi Business Lounge access,where available, luxurious, ergonomically designed seats with 50” legroom, inflight entertainment and noisecancelling headsets, a full and varied selection of modern, international cuisine with a comprehensive selectionof premium spirits and wines (bmi has a choice of 5 wines and Champagne). In Economy experience seats with31-32” legroom and adjustable footrest & headrests, a wide variety of entertainment and a choice of hot meals.For your in-flight comfort, Royal Air Maroc has thought of everything tomake your time in flight a genuine pleasure. The hub of Casablanca facilitatesconnections throughout Morocco. Direct flights operate from London Gatwick(operated by Atlas Blue) and London Heathrow to the popular city of Marrakech.Royal Air Maroc combines functionality, refinement and service quality. A&K canalso offer regional add-ons.Royal Jordanian’s Crown Class is the epitome of luxury and comfort in air travel.We have merged our First and Business Classes to offer you a premium service.The ‘sleeper seats’ in Crown Class on our Airbus A330 aircraft are equipped withAVOD with 14 video channels and 8 audio channels and 62” legroom. Choose between a sumptuousfour-course meal from the on-board menu, accompanied by a fine assortment of alcoholic or softbeverages. In economy class enjoy 32” seat pitch with AVOD and complimentary wines and soft drink,complemented by a choice of hot meals and entertainment.”

a&K online P65call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.uka&K maGaZineOur magazine, published threetimes a year, in January, May andSeptember, lets you in on the travelsand experiences of our consultantsas they journey to exotic locationsbuilding their knowledge andinsight, checking out new hotels,destinations and experiences. Ithighlights our favourite places andbrings you closer to the world ofA&K. If you would like to receive acopy, please let us know by callingus or registering on:www.abercrombiekent.co.uk/enquiryWeBSiteThe A&K website opens up aworld of ideas. It is brimming withinformation, news, special offers andexamples of the kind of itinerarieswe create. It’s a great place to findout more about our team, browsefor ideas or see more detail of aparticular destination or hotel. Weconstantly update it with our latestproducts, events and blogs from ourconsultants as they travel the worldexperiencing new places.Here you can make an initialenquiry, chat online with one ofour consultants in real time orlook through our other brochures,which you can order via the post,download as a pdf or flip through asan electronic book.www.abercrombiekent.co.ukSoCial meDiaWe invite you to step into the worldof A&K by joining us on Facebookor following us on Twitter, whereyou will be among the first to hearour latest news, share experienceswith other A&K travellers and keepabreast of our travels.e-neWSletterSIf you would like to be kept up todate with the latest from A&K, newhotels and special offers, you cansubscribe to receive our e-news.Each month we send an email toour subscribers sharing our insightsand thoughts on the ever-changingworld of travel. We also send amonthly bulletin detailing savings tobe made and the best offers fromaround the globe.To subscribe, please visit:www.abercrombiekent.co.uk/enquiry

P66 further informationcall 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukBOOKING YOUR HOLIDAYTo discuss your holiday with our experiencedSales Consultants please telephone us anytimeMonday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.00pm.To book your holiday. You should completeand sign a Booking Form (hard copy or online),and send it, together with a deposit as specifiedand the relevant details of your insurer. You mayalso book your holiday through an ABTA TravelAgent, who will then be responsible for allcommunication with us on your behalf. Pleasemake sure you read our booking conditionsbefore confirming.Confirmation & Payment. After receipt ofyour Booking Form a contract will come intoexistence on the date on which we accept yourbooking in writing and issue a confirmationinvoice. Any outstanding balance shown on thisand any amended invoice issued will be due forpayment eight weeks (56 days) before departure.If your booking is made within eight weeks ofdeparture, you should forward full payment foryour holiday with your Booking Form. Yourholiday tickets and travel documents will bedispatched 10-14 days prior to your departure.BROCHURE DESCRIPTIONSThe information shown in this brochure hasbeen compiled as accurately as possible andhas been checked at the time of publication.We are not responsible for facilities outside theaccommodation in which you are staying andcannot guarantee that these will be availableall year round. Maps shown are for generalinformation only and may not accurately showexact locations.FOREIGN OFFICE ADVICEThe Foreign Office (FCO) provides informationfor British nationals. For the latest information,before you book your holiday, you shouldtelephone their Travel Advice Line on 0845 8502829 or visit their website at www.fco.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougoYOUR SAFETYAt Abercrombie & Kent we pride ourselveson selecting the highest quality hotels andservices available to make your holiday thebest. However, because we travel to interestingdestinations, often off the beaten track, it is notalways possible to find standards that matchthose we take for granted in the UK. The safetystandards and regulations which apply overseasare those of the country you visit. Generalstandards of safety and hygiene, fire precautionsetc. can be a different standard to those whichwe expect in the UK. Please be careful when youare in unfamiliar buildings or surroundings.Do not let non-swimmers or children jumpinto swimming pools, or swimmers dive intoswimming pools without first checking thedepth and how to get out. Get to know theescape route from your room in the case of fire.Any change to your diet may cause an upsetstomach and local water, ice and salads may nothelp. You can reduce the risk of insect bites byusing repellents and dressing in clothing thatcovers the skin especially when insects are atthere most active – at dawn and dusk. Crimesagainst people and property are a fact of lifethroughout the world and you have the sameresponsibility for your own safety as at home. Inall countries it is important to take care of yourown safety and avoid attracting unwelcomeattention by not wearing expensive jewelleryand accessories.HOLIDAY DOCUMENTATIONPassports. A full passport valid beyond theduration of your holiday and for entry to allcountries included in your holiday is essential.Most countries now insist upon at least sixmonths’ validity beyond the date of your returntravel. Names entered on your Booking Formmust agree with those on the passports you willbe using. This will enable us to ensure that yourair tickets carry your correct identity.Honeymooners. Newly-weds should alsoensure that they carry a copy of their marriagecertificate.Visas. Visas are required for UK passportholders for Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Oman andSyria. On average, a minimum of one week (percountry) is necessary for obtaining a visa. Visarequirements can change at short notice.Vaccinations. You should familiarise yourself,before departure, with the up-to-date healthprecautions recommended for your holidaydestination. You should seek professional advicefrom your medical practitioner or from thefollowing:• ‘MASTA’ (Medical Advisory Service forTravellers Abroad) offer a ‘Health Brief’specifically tailored to your journey Visit www.masta-travel-health.com.• Department of Health ‘Health Advice forTravellers’ publish information, visit www.doh.gov.ukDRIVING WHEN ABROADIf you plan to drive whilst abroad you mustensure that you have a valid licence. For somecountries you may require an internationaldriving licence. You should also make sure youare aware of the local driving laws.YOUR RESPONSIBILITIESPassport, visa and health requirements canchange at any time. It is your own responsibilityto ensure that you seek advice from a professionalsource and comply with all requirements.Abercrombie & Kent will not be held responsiblein any circumstances for the consequences –whether financial or otherwise – of any failure onthe part of the client in this respect.HOLIDAY INSURANCEAbercrombie & Kent clients are required tohave adequate insurance protection againstcancellation, medical and other expenses. Youmust ensure that you have taken out insuranceand confirm this to us, with details, in writingon your Booking Form. If undertaking activitiesconsidered by some insurers as ‘hazardous’, forexample scuba-diving or other watersports,you should ensure that your insurers includecoverage. Please note that travel insuranceoffered by credit card companies rarely providesfull and effective cover for cancellation/curtailment risks.A&K AND ONE NAMEThroughout this brochure, you will see referenceto Abercrombie & Kent (or simply A&K). Thisis our shorthand for the many independentA&K companies that work with Abercrombie &Kent Ltd, to provide travellers with a consistentstandard of expertise and excellence in travel.AIRLINE PARTNERSYour holiday begins at 30,000 feet which is whywe use only scheduled flights and handpick ourairline partners with your contentment andcomfort in mind.To insulate our clients from the stresses oftravel, flight upgrades to premium cabins canbe arranged at competitive prices. Typicallythese cabins include larger seats with morelegroom and extras such as the use of airportlounges so that you arrive more refreshed andrelaxed. Many of these cabins are available atspecial limited rates. Please check our dedicatedflight offers page www.abercrombiekent.co.uk/flightoffers for up-to-date savings.

A&K PHILANTHROPY P67call 0845 0700 619 to speak to an expert or visit www.abercrombiekent.co.ukA&K PHILANTHROPY HELPS SUPPORTSTREET CHILDREN IN MOROCCOWe believe that travel should not only inspire but also respect the naturalenvironment and benefi t the indigenous peoples whose lands we visit. Throughour charitable division, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP), we have beensupporting conservation projects around the world for over three decades.With a ‘high yield, low impact’ policy, we seek to address pressing environmental, educational and public health needsand give more back to the communities in the regions where we operate. This makes a difference to the lives of thousandsof people around the world – for example, following the devastating destruction to Myanmar by Cyclone Nargis in 2008,leaving thousands in the Irrawaddy Delta suffering from disease and starvation, A&K rallied to collect over US$340,000for essential supplies while our teams on the ground ensured that these went directly to those in need.We currently support 30 different projects across the world, from large-scale relief efforts following natural disasters,such as Un Techo Para Chile (A Roof for Chile) following the terrible 2010 earthquake, to initiating local communityprogrammes such as beekeeping in Tanzania or Sam’s Brothers Clean Water project in Cambodia.For every booking we take, a donation is made to A&K Philanthropy and you are welcome to visit our projects whentravelling with us. A full list of our projects can be seen on www.akphilanthropy.com

SAFARIMIDDLE EAST, NORTH AFRICA AND ETHIOPIAINDIA, HIMALAYA AND SRI LANKAAUSTRALASIA AND THE FAR EASTLATIN AMERICACITYSCAPEESCAPEANTARCTICAVOYAGEAbercrombie & Kent Ltd, St George’s House, Ambrose Street,Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3LG, UKTel: 0845 0700 600 • Fax: +44(0)1242 547 707 • abercrombiekent.co.ukYou are welcome to visit us in our Cheltenham offices or alternatively visit:Abercrombie & Kent Private Travel, At Harrods,87 – 135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL, UKTel: +44(0)20 7173 6440 • Fax: +44(0)20 7173 6441

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