FSC - Forest Stewardship Council


FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship CouncilFrom forest to project, FSC is integrated® FSC, A.C. All rights reserved 3

Smallholders Group CertificateForest Stewardship Council• A mid-scale, highly selective, long term model• Active since 1999; 40,000+ acres, 40+ members• Managed out of West Virginia, central to region• Provides management plan, inventory and all otherFSC requirements• Updated every ten years• No direct cost to landowner• Commitment is to sell to CFP at market rates® FSC, A.C. All rights reserved 4

Forest Stewardship CouncilThinning after two years® FSC, A.C. All rights reserved 5

Models in the U.S.Forest Stewardship Council1. State run ‘super groups’ – Wisconsin and Indiana2. NGO or co-op groups – Ecotrust, NorthwestCertified Forestry, EOMF3. Industry outreach programs – CFP, Domtar,Mendocino Redwood4. Resource managers/Consulting foresters* Most new U.S. groups are hybrids® FSC, A.C. All rights reserved 6

Resources & AssistanceForest Stewardship CouncilFSC-US maintains a comprehensive set ofguidance documents and templates for groupformation• Regional and national staff can provide assistancein the U.S. or Canada• All documents will be on new website• Group formation and management isn’t easy andrequires a long term commitment• Plenty of other companies have cleared the trail® FSC, A.C. All rights reserved 7

Forest Stewardship CouncilThank youIan HannaDirector of Business DevelopmentFSC-USemail: i.hanna@us.fsc.orgphone: 904.333.1714www.fscus.org® FSC, A.C. All rights reserved 8

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