VIDYA Mumbai Annual Newsletter 2012-2013


VIDYA Mumbai Annual Newsletter 2012-2013

VIDYAAnnual Report 2012-13

VIDYAIntegrated Development for Youth and AdultsHistoryThe story of VIDYA began in 1985 when founder Rashmi Misra opened her home to educate fiveyoung girls who couldn’t afford a school education. 28 years later, VIDYA has touched the lives ofchildren, youth and women of over 2 lakh families from the marginalized communities of Delhi,Mumbai and Bengaluru.The VIDYA CharterTo educate empower and transform – VIDYA’s commitment towards social betterment.We believe that a person’s empowerment is best reflected in his/her enlightened attitude towardshimself/herself, his/her work and the people around him/her. Society cannot be transformed fromthe outside- it must transform itself. So we will strive to develop programs which will aid thistransformation VIDYA intends to serve as a catalyst by bringing together different groups withcommon goals who collectively wish to make a difference.More than anything else our intervention is to teach; thus effectively reflecting our ownwillingness to learn and change ourselves.Our Mission“To educate and empower the less privileged through integrated methods and to initiate andimplement progressive social change”1 | P a g e

Founder’s addressEvery day at VIDYA is a day of joy! Wecelebrate education, empowerment andtransformation. Walk into a VIDYA centre; beit in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or the VIDYASchool in Gurgaon and you will be transportedinto another world -- a world of love, giving,enthusiasm and joyous learning. Our studentsare thirsty to learn, have big dreams in theireyes and are bursting with ideas andconfidence.The year gone by has brought to the foreseveral issues of development, empowermentand security of women, children and societyat large. The country and the world aremoving ahead at a frenetic pace, leavingbehind several weaker sections defencelessand silent. Legislation and campaigns are all apositive step forward, but the tools toimplement change will undoubtedly beeducation and employment.Thus it’s becoming increasingly imperative toequip the lesser privileged with new-age skillsfor further education, life skills andopportunities and skills for employment.These together can help nurture the youthdividend and make them enlightened citizensand leaders who will give back to theircommunities.Credibility Alliance for its quality processesand impact on the lesser privileged. Anhonour we will cherish and work harder toretain.Today, as VIDYA stands at the cusp of growth,impacting several more individuals andreaching greater heights and achievements,we would like to forge new partnerships, anddraw on each other’s expertise to movetogether toward a common mission ofprogressive social change.We call upon you dear reader, to come onboard and become a VIDYA Friend – to do inyour own small way what you can for thebetterment and progress of your country.Give women, youth and children, the wingsthey deserve. And in their flight, you will seeyour own.We look forward to your support and a great2013-2014! Visit us at orat any of our centres pan India!Rashmi Misra,Founder/ChairpersonVIDYA IndiaVIDYA’s integrated programs acrosscommunities and schools provide aneducation for children, women and youth,providing inputs that are both qualitative andcompetitive. It helps them enrich their ownskills as well as stand shoulder to shoulderwith the rest of society.The Team at VIDYA teach as they learn,create leaders as they become better leadersthemselves and give as they receive back inabundance. Recently VIDYA was endorsed by2 | P a g e

Our Mumbai CentreVIDYA Mumbai3 | P a g e

An introductionThe year gone by has brought to the foreseveral issues that are extremely pertinent tothe development, empowerment and securityof women, children and society at large. Thecountry and the world are moving ahead at afrenetic pace, leaving behind several weakersections defenceless and silent. Legislation,campaigns etc. all of which are a positive stepforward, but needs the [tools] to implement,to spread the awareness-and doing soeducate, empower and transformIt’s becoming increasingly imperative to equipthe lesser privileged with new-age skills forfurther education and employment, life skills,vistas, opportunities. It’s only this that canhelp nurture the young dividend? Or nurturetomorrow’s enlightened citizens, leaders whowill give back to their communities what theyreceived-safe and joyful environments.VIDYA’s integrated programs acrosscommunities and schools provide aneducation which addresses the child, themother and the youth, providing inputs thatare both qualitative and competitive. It helpsthem enrich their own skills as well as standshoulder to shoulder with the rest of societyas aware and empoweredstudents\mothers\professionals.The team at VIDYA teach as they learn, createleaders as they become better leadersthemselves and give as they receive back inabundance.Today, as VIDYA stands at the cusp of growth,impacting several more individuals andreaching greater heights and achievements,This cannot be achieved alone-strongpartnerships, where we draw on each other’sexpertise to move together towards thecommon mission, to bring about progressivesocial change.We call upon you dear reader, to come onboard and become a VIDYA Friend – to do inyour own small way what you can for thebetterment and progress of your country.Give women, youth and children, the wingsthey deserve. And in their flight, you will seeyour own.Every year success stories touch our heartsand inspire us to keep the good work going.Last year, two teenage girls from a family ofsix, with an alcoholic father and a mother whois a domestic worker, successfully passed theirSSC exams. They could have dropped out ofschool and joined the many who getexploited. But these girls, with the constantaid and encouragement of VIDYA’s BeyondSchool Program, have today enrolled forfurther education and even play goodfootball.A group of young people avail of VIDYA’sOpen School program. They live in a slumrehabilitation colony rife with vice. They couldeasily succumb to the criminal activities ofsuch environments. But this lot of schooldropouts decided instead to take a secondchance at education. Today, one of them is aB Com graduate and a teacher by profession –a role model for many. Another has a job in anIT company and is the first in his family tograduate.A mother who could not read or write is nowable to text her teenage children. She may notreceive much appreciation at home, but shecontinues to build on her knowledge ofentrepreneurship and budgeting through theVIDYA Margam program. What’s more shecan now use the computer to book her trainticket.4 | P a g e

A SSC graduate student from a MunicipalSchool with an ambition and a dream learnsEnglish and imbibes Life Skills; today pursuinghis HSC, working in leading five star hotel inhis spare time and giving tuitions to studentsin his neighbourhood. He is preparing toappear for NDA entrance exams.The VIDYA SongSantosh BhadargeFirst VIDYA Mumbai GraduateI have six members in my family: mom, dad, elderbrother, his wife and my younger sister. My dad is adriver for Hiranandani Builders and my brotherworks as a pump operator in the same company.I moved from Powai to Thane after my 9 th Std andmy dad was against me travelling up and down formy studies. But my mom encouraged me and Icompleted my 10 th Std exams, securing 64%. Theentire VIDYA team helped me a lot and even thoughthere was a financial problem at home, I wasencouraged by Jayshree ma’am to join juniorcollege. I attended Night College, andsimultaneously started working with the companySyntel. I cleared my 12 th Std with 66% in thecommerce stream. Since I was working andfinancially not able to study further, VIDYA helpedme get admission into a reputed college. Theypushed me to develop a competitive mind set andtoday, I have successfully completed my graduation.I am now preparing for an MBA in Administration.VIDYA is a good platform for all those have couragebut are constrained by their financial circumstances.The teachers, volunteers and mentors are verysupportive. I feel proud that I am the first graduatefrom VIDYA Mumbai. If I get an opportunity to bringchange into the education system I would like toprovide support to all those who need it. This maynot be practically possible but if we all think frompositively, our India’s future will be bright. I want toend with a punch line: “Where there is VIDYA, thereis a way.”5 | P a g e

Beyond SchoolProgramOverall enrollment - UmangPresent in schools and communities, thisprogram address the lacunae in theeducational system. It is a support programthat tries to eliminate factors which interferewith completion of secondary and highereducation like socially disruptive behaviour,low self-esteem and first generation learnerstigmas. The program has successfully createdmore engaged learners and built selfconfidenceand skill enhancement among itsbeneficiaries; ultimately leading to stemmeddropout rates, increased number of schoolgraduates and more socially responsiblestudents.Boys,149,47%857948413629Girls,169,53%Vidya UmangThe Umang Beyond School Program issuccessfully running in three communities acrossPowai and is equally represented by boys andgirls. This academic year 17 students from theBeyond School Program appeared for Class 10exams with a passing percentage of 94.11%ChaitanyaNagarGautamNagarGirlsBoysPhule Nagar6 | P a g e

The Annual Science ExhibitionThe Annual Science Exhibition had for itstheme, “Aisa Kyon?” - Several weeks ofencouraging questioning. The focus was onthe environment. Students manned desks andpatiently explained to each one who came,the phenomenon behind global warming,medicinal plants, the effects of noise pollutionon the ear; parents showed their endeavourin the weeks gone by, by displaying plantsthat grew in organic waste. Close to 1000footfalls and it was inaugurated by theprincipal of Gyan Mandir, a neighbouringschool. The founder’s presence at this eventwas encouraging.Scenes from the Annual Science Exhibition at the Beyond School Centre7 | P a g e

Ancient WondersOne batch of students visited The Prince ofWales Museum to see an exhibition that hadtravelled all the way from London titled‘Mummy, the Inside Story’. Artefacts andactual Mummies from ancient Egyptiancivilization were on display here. In a 3D film,the children, teachers and volunteers wentinside the spine of a 3000-year-old Mummy. Apre-visit workshop on Egypt was conductedand at the end of it each child wrote theirnames in hieroglyphic script.Earth MelaWorld Wetland’s DayNehru PlanetariumStudents learned the importance of wetlandsand the need to conserve them in a field tripto the Sewri Mudflats, famed for itsmangroves, waders and especially theflamingos that visit annually from Gujarat.Nature trails, flamingo watching, aphotography workshop and art activities wereconducted by the host organization SPROUTS.Maharashtra Nature ParkOther memorable field trips included NehruPlanetarium, Earth Mela, and MaharashtraNature Park.8 | P a g e

Making a DifferenceSPROUTS, the environment partner of VIDYA,organized a hands-on activity for the VIDYAchildren on organic gardening at the campusof St. Catherine’s orphanage at Andheri.During their one-month stint of volunteeringat the orphanage, the children learned firsthandscientific ways of growing organic plants.When Magic kicks inIn an effort to address the issue of lack ofspace to simply play and be the children thatthey are, VIDYA joined hands with Magic BusFoundation, a not-for-profit organization thatteaches children through play various issueslike education, gender, and health.And Albert Sir’s football team shines onIn a developing nation like India, thousands ofchildren live in poverty and lack access toeducation, health care and nutritious foodand space to play. Poor economic conditionsalso deprives children socially, as they oftenmiss out on opportunities to play with otherchildren, form friendships and have fun. In aneffort to bridge this gap VIDYA joined handswith Magic Bus Foundation, a not for profitorganization which believes and teacheschildren about education, gender, health, andkey issues affecting them through play.The sports’ programs organized in the lastacademic year was a hug hit, seeing manyboys and girls come together to participate.Overall participationBoys,73,57%Girls,56,43%50302623Football by VIDYAGirlsMagic Bus ActivitiesBoys9 | P a g e

Summer CampThe Summer Camp held at Powai for 230beneficiaries had a medley of activities. Thestudents learnt the basics of mime fromIndia’s only clown magician, Mr PraveenTulpule. Puppet-making saw kids take it to thenext level on the creative front. First aid,home remedies and self-defence were taught,recycled waste was converted into beautifulcreations, math in the Vedic style wasintroduced, and toy making became ahighlight. Earth Day 2013 created awarenesson environmental issues while English and lifeskills were dabbled in through stories andpoems.The highlights were an NGO Live Jam’smusical and dance session that focused on theneed for a positive energy in children.”Jeetenge Hum”-all sang in unison! The SportsDay conducted by NGO Magic Bus that sawthe children kick the ball, just a little bithigher!Nityanjali from Chaitanya Nagar were selectedby the Nature Conservation Foundation fortheir future promotional calendars andpostcards.The artworks selected by the ArunachalHornbill Conservation Program, by PriyaShinde (above) and Nityanjali (below)Achievements and HighlightsThe Hornbill Conservation Program inArunachal Pradesh organized an onlinehornbill painting competition with invitationsto children from all over India. VIDYA’sBeyond School children eagerly participated.The art work of students Priya Shinde and10 | P a g e

Nikita PatoleFirst VIDYA RTE beneficiaryThe Right to Education fought a long battlebefore it got passed. Next came itsimplementation -- upholding the fundamentalright of education for every child. And finallyits impact on the common man! This yearVIDYA Mumbai aimed to help parents get theirchildren admission into schools under the RTEAct. Neelam and Vinod Patole, parents of fiveyear-oldNikita Patole, became the firstsuccessful RTE story for VIDYA. They waitedpatiently and did all it took to get admissionfor their girl child into a school under RTE.Finally, after a three-month long tediousprocess, success was achieved. Nikita nowenjoys free education for the next eight years.For the Patole family, which stays in an urbanslum community and has an annual income ofless than a lakh for 7 members, this comes as ahuge relief. VIDYA Mumbai aims to enrollmore and more children under RTE from thenext academic year.11 | P a g e

VIDYA Bhavishya-YaanBhavishya-Yaan by Rotary Club of Bombay inpartnership with VIDYA is a program inassociation with municipal schools in Mumbaiwherein spoken English, computer skills andlife skills are taught to students who study inregional languages. This three-prongedapproach looks at fast-tracking the educationof these students and making them moreready for future education and employability.In addition these students also take part inspecially designed camps and go on field tripsconducted by VIDYA and Rotary Club.A select 120 students from Standards 6-9 arechosen and taught beyond school hours.Bhavishya-yaan is currently running in 8schools in different areas in Mumbai likeColaba, Walkeshwar, Worli, Lower Parel,Parel, Byculla, Vile Parle and Chembur.Major AchievementsThe last academic year saw many new highs.We conquered new geographies and enteredtwo new schools, taking our count ofbeneficiaries to almost a 1000. We also sawour third batch of students graduate withflying colours at the SSC Exams. OmkarSonavane, Raksheeta Jadhav and Neha Javalefrom the Worli Ambedkar Municipal Schoolgot 87.82%, 84.40% and 82% respectivelywhile Rajeshwari Naikude, ManoramaLokhande and Rupesh Avhad from ColabaMunicipal Secondary School secured 84%,83.60% and 80.20 % respectively. In thecoming years, we wish to see many more likethem across all BY centres.Durgesh KanoujiaHe has a younger brother, a mother who is thesole earning member and a father who is largelyunder the influence of alcohol. But DurgeshKanoujia decided to soar, and so he did. Hecompleted his schooling from Colaba MunicipalSchool where he was part of the Bhavishya-yaanprogram. As he attended the classes, his worldview changed; he learned something new everyday. He actively participated in all the eventsand even built a good rapport with the teachers.With the support of the program and his owndedication, Durgesh did well at the SSC examsand joined a reputed college. He simultaneouslybegan giving tuitions to help with the expensesat home.Through VIDYA, he got introduced to the TajGroup of Hotel’s Dual Certification HospitalityTraining Course and successfully completed it,achieving certification from Taj Lands’ End andthe Government of India. He is now workingpart-time at Taj Land’s End in the housekeepingdepartment. He attributes his success toBhavishya-yaan and says, “It is my secondfamily”. He is also currently pursuing his HSCand preparing for NDA entrance exams as heaspires to join the armed forces. In the futureDurgesh wishes to give back to Bhavishya-yaanby conducting workshops to equip students forthe outside world.Major EventsBhavishya-yaan had an exciting year. Inaddition to the usual event calendar, severalother activities took place like field trips to themuseum, planetarium, Christmas parties,World Literacy Day and nature trails.Volunteers from across the city’s colleges andcompanies added flavor to the schools’classes. Two new partnerships with TheatreProfessionals and Nrityanjali, teaching drama12 | P a g e

and dance respectively, ensured a busy yearfor Bhavishya-Yaan.Exploring the UniverseA Science Camp conducted in the month ofSeptember introduced students to thewonders of science by discovering conceptsthrough research and experimentation. Thishad as its objective the need to enhance thestudents’ vocabulary by introducing newterminology from various scientific conceptsand enabling them to question while theycreate. Each centre took up a different topicand came up with some ingenuous ideas andpresentations. The topics ranged from:energy, space, sense organs, human body andits functions, plant life and farming and foodprocessing.Jet-setting the world!This time the sounds of VIDYA Bhavishyayaan’sDiwali dhamaka went right across theglobe! Our little friends at BY lit up their liveswith the knowledge of newer cultures andglobal celebrations. The students danced todifferent beats, tasted different foods andspoke a different language. From lightfestivals to harvest celebrations, from Divinebirths to grand street carnivals, the studentslearned about the festivals of differentcountries like Sri Lanka, Greece, Brazil, Japan,Africa and Spain. The highlight of the campwas each school being trained by Nrityanjali inan authentic folk dance of a specific country.The finale of the Diwali Camp was a danceperformance in colourful costumes created bythe students themselves under the guidanceof Nrityanjali teachers.Need to ReadImagination and innovation came to the foreat an action-packed Summer School 2013. Theyear’s theme, Need to Read fostered instudents the importance of storytelling andlanguage. Popular fairy tales were juxtaposedwith new-age technology taking the kids to awhole new world of adventure and games.Students dabbled with words and phrases andparticipated in language-based activities.From short stories and small books to playsand movies, the summer camp touched uponthe many dimensions of storytelling. Itconcluded with each centre inviting theparents over to watch their children perform.Future PlansThe future of Bhavishya-yaan is to touch thelives of many more children in more schoolsacross the city. It is also looking at having amore meaningful and holistic impact on thestudents by not just teaching English,computers and life skills, but also bringing tothe fore their latent talents and dreams.Bhavishya-yaan wishes to nurture theseyoung minds and equip them for a bettertomorrow.13 | P a g e

Computer Learning& Resource Centre(CLRC)ICT4D (Information and CommunicationTechnology for Development) is the buzzwordin international development sector today.Experts agree that it is a powerful tool as wellas an effective medium to boost awareness,literacy and awareness among the masses.digitally empowered last year. The latestcentres of CLRC are at Milind Nagar andanother one at Chaitanya Nagar. The targetedoutreach for next year is a thousandbeneficiaries. A much-anticipated modulecalled GuruByte is being developed by theCLRC team, a technology module for VIDYAteachers and staff, to help them upgrade theircomputer skills as well as to enable them toapply technology in their work areas andpersonal lives. Plans for employability tie-upsare also in the offing.The CLRC, founded by VIDYA in the year 2011at Chaitanya Nagar, Powai, was started withprecisely this vision of equipping andempowering students with computer skills.From a program that started in 2011 with just4 hand-me-down computers, 2 VIDYA alumnistudents and a 10-day indigenously designedorientation course called FirstByte, CLRC hasmade rapid strides, reaching out to over 800beneficiaries in 2012. This was achievedacross 3 different community centres, using50 desktops, with a formidable team of 10trainers, a very successful partnership withNIIT Foundation to impart their certifiedcourses along with home-grown andcustomizable programs like BigByte, FunByte,Tally Byte. Each course provides students withcomprehensive knowledge on commonly usedapplications. The focus is not only on gainingknowledge but also in its application –ensured by relevant assignments and apresentation that is developed by eachparticipant.While CLRC courses are open for all membersof the community, conscious efforts are madeto propagate computer learning through allbeneficiaries of VIDYA. Be it a child at BeyondSchool, a woman coming for a Margam courseor a youth at the Open School program, eachpassed through the doors of CLRC and gotMohammad Hakim SiddiquiMohammad Hakim Siddiqui, a resident ofPhulenagar, and student of SY BCom, wascasually introduced to the VIDYA CLRC Big Bytecourse through a friend in December 2011. Aftersuccessfully completing the curriculum andfollowing it up with a Basic IT course (certifiedby NIIT), he is now a VIDYA computer trainer,shining in his new avatar. The usually reticentyouth is impressively confident while impartingcourses to his batches. At times, he clocks inalmost 12 hours a day with no strain. Whenasked about his secret of managing long hours,Hakim simply stated, “It’s the need of the houras two other trainers are on leave.”Hakim, from an underprivileged family, migratedfrom North India handles his house chores andthe role of a computer trainer with élan. Abright learner with a great assessment record,he is now a dedicated teacher, much soughtafterby his students. He works on a part-timebasis after his morning lectures and continueshis learning in computers on his own. His goal isto finish his graduation so that he can render hisservices as a full-time trainer at VIDYA and bringin courses on newer technologies and software.Margam14 | P a g e

MargamWith women constituting 49% of theelectorate, it is no doubt then that the powerof women in influencing change politically andsocially is immense. VIDYA understood thegravity of empowering women 28 years agowhen the founder started working closelywith women. Once equipped with certain lifeskills for social and economic independence,women can impact the quality of their ownlives and of those in their family. The aim ofVIDYA’s women’s empowerment programsfocuses on the development of women andyoung girls through education, health,awareness and vocational training programsin order to provide them with opportunities toearn a livelihood, nurture their talents andestablish their identities in society.The Margam program at Powai runs with a trifoldagenda of awareness, literacy andlivelihood skills. Livelihood courses liketailoring, mehendi and beautician areintegrated with computer learning andfinancial literacy. In the computer sessions,relevant audio-visual clips are shown while inthe financial literacy sessions moneymanagementis taught along with otherbusiness aspects and skills forentrepreneurship. Every year more than 100women successfully pass out from theprogram.Other Margam initiatives include Warli art,creating handmade gifts used for internalpurposes, making eco-friendly clay Ganeshaidols, diyas for Diwali and ‘green’ paper bags.mastering it with the aim of preserving thisdying folk art. Days before the StandardChartered Mumbai Marathon last year,women from the Margam program spenthours happily creating almost 100 woodenWarli frames. These were then gifted to thedonors and supporters of VIDYA!Once again, at the Annual Science Exhibitionin the month of December, the Margam teamdesigned a huge Warli painting to depict thelink between globalization and its adverseeffects on environment. Warli cards designedon handmade paper are a regular productgiven to acknowledge our staff andsupporters.Legal LiteracyTo create awareness on the legal rights ofwomen in India, VIDYA organized a talkinviting a group of police officials from PowaiPolice Station. The session was attended byteachers from Phule Nagar. Aspects oncognizable/non-cognizable offenses, alimony,domestic violence etc were discussed indepth.God goes GreenCarrying forward the age-old tradition,Margam this year too organized an ecofriendlyGanesha workshop for children,youth, women and adults in and aroundMumbai. These specially designed Ganeshas,made from clay, can be immersed in a bucketof water and even used to water plantsthereafter.Warli ArtWarli painting, an ancient Indian folk art of aMaharashtrian tribe by the same name, is partof the Margam curriculum. VIDYA trainswomen in learning the art form and also15 | P a g e

16 | P a g eMargam activities

Summer SpecialIn addition to Powai, this year’s Margamactivities took place at Milind Nagar as well.The Summer Activities Sessions at bothcentres saw participation from almost 70women who came together for awarenesslectures, financial literacy, waste managementat home, eradicating superstitions, anutritious diet and activities like flowermaking and a session on cross-culturalsharing.The Beauty of EntrepreneurshipJayshree Naik and Seema Magar completed thebeautician course at VIDYA Margam and wentback completely charged. They began usingtheir skills and providing their services fromtheir homes itself. They are now earning enoughrevenue to keep investing in better productsand updating their skill sets. Today, bothJayshree and Seema are content entrepreneurs,happily shouldering financial responsibilities.17 | P a g e

National Institutefor Open Schooling(NIOS)The Open School Institute caters to the needsof a heterogeneous group of learners up tothe pre-degree level. It providescourses/programmes of study through openand distance learning mode. VIDYA joinedhands with NIOS and opened its study centrein Powai with the aim of giving an opportunityto schools drop-outs to complete theireducation, acquire requisite life skills and thusget more empowered and employable.D’FESTUMThe NIOS program has a Winter Camp everyyear, recently named DFESTUM. ‘D’ signifies‘Diversus’ or different while ‘FESTUM’ standsfor ‘festival’. DFESTUM is a three-day programwherein students participate in activitiesother than their regular studies. The main aimof this festival is for students to explorevarious new aspects of their personality andsimply enjoy themselves. Held from 18th-20thDecember 2012, the camp had skits,personality development programs andfinancial counselling among other activities.bags to facilitate recycling. Everyone found itto be a very meaningful activity and an eyeopeneron littering and waste management.“Protecting & conserving mother earth is ourconstitutional and personal responsibility;nature is to satisfy our need and not ourgreed,” said one of the students.This was followed by a sand-castle makingcompetition, highly enjoyed by the youth. Thetrip to the nearby Vasai fort gave a glimpse ofarchitecture and heritage, while educating thegroup towards responsible sight-seeing ofmonuments.Beach Clean-UpNIOS students volunteered for a day to cleanup the beach. This was done under theguidance of SPROUTS, as part of theirinitiative to give back to the environmentwhile enjoying the beauty of nature. Thestudents were split into groups and each teamhad to fill up as many gunny bags of debris aspossible in the shortest time. At the end, ahuge mound of debris was collected withfootwear, bottles, thermocol plates and otherwaste. This was then divided into separate18 | P a g e

Milind NagarOur New CentreIn the year 2011, VIDYA, in partnership withRotary Club of Mumbai Lakers and SackhumvitTrust, extended its work in the Milind NagarCommunity.About the communityMilind Nagar, situated off the JVLR Highway,houses a rehabilitated community of peoplewho were originally residing in slums.The running programs at Milind Nagarprograms are the Computer Learning &Resource Centre and the women’s programMargam.Computer BasicsThe CLRC program here imparts computerskills by offering them basic and advancedlevel computer programs.Women’s ProgramVIDYA Margam program runs in thiscommunity with the women being trained inskill development courses like beautician,mehendi and literacy. These courses areoffered at a minimum fee. In addition, womenare also taught to make eco-friendlyGaneshas, diyas for Diwali, and paper giftbags. The above courses are run under theguidance of efficient trainers and communityworkers.Certificates and CelebrationsVIDYA witnessed a colorful Republic Daycelebration and certification distribution inJanuary. Around 25 children were felicitatedfor successfully completing their computerprograms. As part of the Republic Daycelebrations, a skit on the importance ofwomen’s literacy was showcased on the sameevening. It also depicted how children shouldvalue civic sense.Adventures with NatureA memorable trip to Maharashtra Nature Parkwith the CLRC students was arranged byVIDYA in February. Participating children weredivided in groups by age and the groups tookon names of birds like Sunbird, Kingfisher,Blue Jay, Flamingo etc! An adventurous naturetrail, film screening, craft workshop, book fairand storytelling session kept the childrenenthralled. Refreshments for the childrenwere served under a banyan tree. In all, it wasa very productive and fun day where kidslearned much about the environment.Manju GuptaManju Gupta, a 40-year-old from Milind Nagar,enrolled in the Literacy course in the month ofApril. She uses the sign language tocommunicate with her children who are speechand hearing impaired. But since Manju is notthat well-versed with sign language, she oftenfinds it difficult to communicate with herchildren. With the ongoing literacy course inMilind Nagar, Manju has learned to read andwrite basic sentences in English. She can nowcommunicate with her children via textmessages without waiting for any assistance.She is further working toward polishing herproficiency!Future PlansVIDYA plans to open a Beyond School NIOScentre to cater to the growing number ofdrop-outs in the community and alsoencourage girls to continue their education atminimal cost.20 | P a g e

Annual HighlightsAt VIDYA MumbaiWorld Literacy DayVIDYA Mumbai celebrated World Literacy Dayon September 7 and 8 across all its programs.We joined hands with the Pratham’s ReadAloud event to mark the occasion. Teachers,volunteers and professionals joined hands tohold up books and read out aloud to thechildren. Often the sessions ended up withchildren reading to the rest of their friends.The use of shared reading, big books andactivities like drawing, singing and drama tookplace. At Powai 300 children were a part ofthe sessions Reading sessions were alsoconducted by VIDYA teachers at theneighbouring Gyan Mandir school. Whileanother 700 students from the Bhavishyayaanprogram benefited from the WorldLiteracy Day event.conflict, especially the man-leopard conflict,which is prevalent in Mumbai. After thesession, the kids created wonderful sketchesand drawings of images and scenes from theforest. The session also saw animateddiscussions on tree plantations, waterwastage, recycling and other importantenvironmental issues.Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 201320th January was a highly anticipated date atVIDYA and the whole of Mumbai. This wasbecause it was the day of the StandardChartered Mumbai Marathon. A contingent of25 - including students, volunteers, staff andmanagement team members representedVIDYA at this event. The contingent was led bythe chairperson herself, Rashmi Misra and herhusband Prof Ashok Misra.Joy of Giving WeekVIDYA collaborated with Last WildernessFoundation (LWF) to spread awareness aboutwildlife, environment and the need for theirpreservation. A hundred plus children wereshown movies on the Royal Bengal Tiger, Birdsand Tiger conservation and their role in theecosystem. This was followed by a talk onsteps to save the tiger as well as man-animalEarlier that morning, Manvi Singh, VMProgram Head had run the half marathon,after intense pledge rising-a mission in whichshe was supported generously by her friendsand colleagues. Pradeep Deshpande,volunteer, mentor ran the Half-Marathon forVIDYA, of 21 kms third year in a row.‘Fly VIDYA FLY’-chanted the Team, as theiryellow capes took to the breeze22 | P a g e

The running spree continued as this event wasfollowed by a mini-Marathon of 7 km on 27thJan, arranged by Deutsche Bank, who alsosupports the VIDYA Mumbai Sunday Sportsprogram. An enthusiastic group of 25 VIDYAstudents along with their trainer Ganesh andManvi breezed over the seaside route.coordinators on the “DevelopmentalApproach to Literacy Acquisition via SharedReading”.Neelima Naik, State Coordinator, Room toRead, was overwhelmed by this effort andsaid, “Words fail to express what you broughtout from my team through your workshop.They created big books without even beinginstructed to do so. This was a real gift to me,as I strongly believe that self-inspired outputis always amazing. Thanks for the transfer ofpassion!”Manvi Singh“Over my last 4 years with VIDYA, I have alwaysbeen inspired to think beyond the mundane.Hence I did not surprise myself when I decidedto train for the half-Marathon during SCMM2013. Or when I found myself registering as aDream Maker! Thanks to all my friends andfamily members who believed in the cause Irepresented - enabling me to cross myfundraising target and also encouraging me tocross the finish-line on 20th Jan 2013!”Summer Reading CornersReading Corners came alive with more booksin English, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu beingloaned by Room to Read, who also trained ourchildren and community mothers to managethe libraries. Students from the BeyondSchool and Open School Program enjoyedreading, borrowing and discussing the books.Sangeeta Gupta and Jayshree Muraliconducted a workshop for all the MumbaiArpan Workshop on Child Sexual AbuseAwarenessIn June, a workshop was conducted for theteachers on the sensitive issue of child sexualabuse by Arpan, an organization towardsfreedom from sexual abuse. The main focus ofthe training was to provide the teachers witha better understanding and knowledge of thesubject. Participants were provided with skillsand tools to handle with better care anydisclosures and disturbances in individualcases.Corporal PunishmentA workshop on Corporal Punishment andMental Harassment of Children was held inthe month of June under the guidance of Ms.Gul Ghadiali, Principal of Gopal SharmaSchool.23 | P a g e

This workshop focused on perceptions ofCorporal Punishment and its ill effects andwas attended by the major stakeholders ofVIDYA, the teachers.From Policy to PracticeOne of the biggest hindrances towardsrealization of the Right to Education or RTEAct is the lack of awareness regarding itsprovisions and their subsequentimplementation. Shirley Paul, Principal of MAInternational School, Mulund, conducted aone-day RTE workshop with VIDYA teachersand staff. The Act and its different aspectswere analyzed. The training gained currencywhen Nikita Patole, a 5-year-old girl fromGautam Nagar was admitted to KendriyaVidyalaya School in March 2013 with the helpof VIDYA.24 | P a g e

ScholarshipsScholarship at VIDYA was started to providefinancial support for higher education and forenrichment to fast-paced learners who justneeded the required impetus to completetheir course at Solapur overcoming allhis fears!Collection Drive by BG India EmployeesBG Employees organized a collection drivetoward the cause of education. With theirtimely contribution, many school-goingchildren received scholarship support. Thissurely binds as a strong factor in continuingtheir education and preventing dropouts inthe future.Sanjay GaudWith spiraling educational costs and a suddenburden on the family to pay fees, when earlierpublic school education was free, thetendency among these children to dropoutfrom the educational system altogetherbecomes higher. VIDYA’s objective is to bridgethis gap and encourage students to pursueacademic excellence. The scholarship isprovided to those who have shownmotivation and potential in their intellectualand career pursuits but need financial supportto avail the opportunities of higher education.More than 50 deserving students havebenefited from the scholarship schemeoffered by VIDYA.Samadhan AhireSanjay Gaud, a student Phule Nagar centre’sBeyond School program has been regularlyattending the class for years. This year isundeniably special for him -- he cleared his SSCexams securing 80%. A resident of an urbanslum colony, with few facilities conducive toacademics, Sanjay managed to fight against theodds and rise high! Indeed an inspiration andleader for the other children.!”Tata’s TributeVIDYA was referred to Tata Services by SirDorabji Tata Trust as the Ngo selected toreceive the floral contributions that TataGroup showers on the Founder’s Day onMarch 03. VIDYA is grateful for therecognition and appreciation. The VIDYAMumbai team is inspired to continue themission of educating, empowering andtransforming the lives of less privileged withan added vigour.The impact of losing a parent on a young childmay lead to distress. It is an irreparable lossthat the child faces. Samadhan Ahire wasenrolled with one of the VIDYA programs formore than 5 years. With academic,psychological and financial support fromVIDYA, Samadhan became more and moregoal oriented. Today he is pursuing an25 | P a g e

Alumni SpeakVIDYA Mumbai“I enrolled in VIDYA when I was in class 5. Today Ihave successfully passed SCC exams with flyingcolours. Once I have finished my engineering courseand secured a job, I would like to sponsor theeducation of a few VIDYA children.”Manoj Gaikwad“I have been associated with VIDYAfor five years. VIDYA has been a bigplatform in my life. It has given mecourage, skills and mostimportantly a path to follow in mylife journey. All of my sisters areenrolled with VIDYA and I can see abright future awaiting them too! Iam pursuing BCA and will becomeand engineer soon”Raju Yede“I enrolled in VIDYA four years agoand my biggest learning has beenthat, “nothing is impossible.” I thankVIDYA for imbibing this quality in me.Today I am pursuing a commercecourse and wish to complete an MBAand give back to my family andVIDYA.”Prema Ghoderao“The three years I spent at VIDYA will always be cherished as a golden timein my life. Learning with the mentors was always and I gained interest inacademics purely because of their encouragement. I would like to studymedicine in the future”Prashant Vishwanath26 | P a g eLiteracy student

Alumni are always the best yield of anyinstitution’s framework and best equipped towork with it! At VIDYA it’s raining alumni whoare returning to help out with the teachingand training the younger generations!To name a few: Ronak Postandel, SunitaSharma, Ganesh Khirsagar and Madhuri Ghadihave been instrumental in handling therelatively new Milind Nagar community since2011 and have also been assisting with thecomputer programs. Geeta Joshi, Rita SahaniandDipali Mohite joined the Beyond Schoolprogram to teach children, after passing outfrom the very same centre!Siddharth Gawai, Kiran Gupta and HakimSiddiqui who passed out from the CLRCprogram have now become efficient trainers,helping hundreds of students and thusbridging the digital divide!And their mothers too!intervention and helped grow the programfrom a small group of 40 to about 400. Hebrings to VIDYA his admin skills as anorganizer and his community connects withthe local schools and parents add depth tostakeholder involvement. Alive toimplementing new ideas, VIDYA sees in him abridge to make learning more robust!Manorama GaikwadManorama, mother of three teenage children,joined the NIOS program through VIDYA a yearago. Later she joined VIDYA as an office assistant.She says, “Few months ago I was not even awareof my own neighborhood. But now I travel backand forth independently and I thank VIDYA forthis development. I am currently pursuing myClass 12 exams and I wish VIDYA all the success infuture.”VIDYA welcomes this arrival of alumni studentsand mothers returning to help out and give back,and hope that the future generations that passout will also continue to join in!Shweta Jhadav and Varsha Sonawane decidedto join VIDYA as teachers. Inspired by themethods of teaching, they both startedteaching at the Beyond School Centre atGautam Nagar.Swetha says “I have seen my life changing forthe better and I feel much more confident.”Both of them have now enrolled with NIOS forClass 12!Building BridgesIn the journey of VIDYA’s first teacher Mr.Sudhakar Pednekar, can be heard the echoesof a vibrant Beyond School Learning Program“Umang“.From a self-study academic assistanceprogram in borrowed premises, he networkedwith the teaching community who believed inthe VIDYA mission of a holistic education27 | P a g e

“I have been teaching Spoken English to the youth and ladies of thecommunity at VIDYA. Interacting with my students has been a joyand I feel a deep sense of fulfilment when I see the kind of impactthe programme has on the students. My work has given me a totallydifferent perspective to life. My problems feel insignificant when Isee most students come from unimaginably difficult backgroundsbut still happy and willing to work hard and make something of theirlives. I feel extremely happy that my ex-students are still in touchwith me and always grateful to VIDYA for the Spoken EnglishProgramme. I hope I have enriched their lives in a small way, just asthey have enriched mine!” ‘Vasihnavi VaidyanathMaria Fernanda Boue, Graphic Designing, Art, Craft & Photography“I am proud to be in an organization filled with so many wonderfulemployees and volunteers who give everything of themselves and with joy. Ilove spending time with everyone and have made some very good friends.Taking photos of every event and designing new material makes me feeluseful at VIDYA. I have a great life and have extra time and there is nothing Iwould rather do than volunteer with VIDYA! Thank you so much for all thesupport that you always give me, I am full of life experiences with you. I LOVEVIDYA”Shalini Sinha, Teaching,Margam“I joined VIDYA fewyears back and startedteaching womentailoring, embroideryand different types ofhandicrafts. Later Ishifted to teachingEnglish to women whichI am enjoying a lot.When I see thesewomen being able toread, write and speakEnglish, I feel very proudof them. Overall myexperience has beenthrilling and I havelearned a lot from mystudents as well.”28 | P a g e

Volunteer SpeakKavita Poddar, Teaching, Bhavishyaan“I’m new at Bhavishya-Yaan but every classI’ve been to has enriched me as a humanbeing. I think I’m learning more from theseever-smiling kids than I’m able to teach them.The enthusiasm shown by the kids makes mewait for my days at the school. I want to giveas much as I can to these wonderful kids. If I’mable to bring about a change in the lives ofeven a few, I will carry the joy with me forever.Thank you Bhavish-Yaan”Suranjan Sen, Teaching (IIT Bombay)I joined VIDYA Umang as a volunteer teacher inJanuary 2009. It was my first seriousvolunteering effort and I’m happy to say thatthe past four and a half years of volunteeringhere have been extremely enriching. Myvolunteership here has helped me to grow inconfidence and ability, both as a teacher and aperson. India needs many more organizationslike VIDYA, where each child is encouraged tofulfill her potential. I have always found VIDYAteachers and staff helpful and friendly and Ienjoy working with them. My long-standingrelationship with VIDYA is undoubtedly due tothe children whom I teach. They aretremendously bright, ever-mischievous butalmost always eager to question and learn.They ensure there's never a dull moment inclass!VIDYA is doing a great job in the field of literacy. They have afocused approach and it was a pleasure to be an intern over there.Chandrakala Waghmare, Intern, Sinhagad Institute of ManagementDonate Now!In doing so you will be a partner with VIDYA Educate Empower Transform! is dedicated to educate, empower and bring about a social change. We have taken an oath tostand for the less privileged and are doing a lot of things to achieve our mission and goals. If youfeel that even you might want to contribute for the cause, then take your first step! Your kindcontribution would be a significant force to empower and change the lives of the less privileged29 | P a g e

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