Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. - Taxi

Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. - Taxi

Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. - Taxi


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Driver’s Ed Classes

(Teacher bios are located at the end of the class descriptions)

Friday, November 9 th

11:00am – 12:30pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• It’s About the Song with Judy Stakee – Lindbergh A Room (Lobby Level / 1st Floor) Judy will share with you her

vong>isong>ion on how to become a more successful songwriter by developing your own creative process. She will give you a unique

perspective into being an artong>isong>t; body, mind ong>andong> soul. She intends to spark your imagination ong>andong> vong>isong>ualization using your voice,

melody ong>andong> lyric.

• Pitching Your Country Songs Professionally with Chip Hardy – Lindbergh B Room (Lobby Level / 1st Floor)

An informational dong>isong>cussion based class on how to make your Country songs more competitive in the marketplace. Subject

matter will range from your initial song idea to developing a story line ong>andong> creating an emotional impact for long>isong>teners. Questions

ong>andong> open dong>isong>cussion will be welcomed throughout the entire class period.

• Multiple Streams of Music Income with Debra Russell – National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) More than

a marketing model – it’s a business model allowing you to capitalize on today's reality in the music business. Built on the

foundation of niche marketing, taking best advantage of the tools ong>andong> technology of the new music industry to create your 1,000

True Fans. Whether you're a performing musician, composer, producer, publong>isong>her or agent/manager, you can apply these concepts

to expong>andong> ong>andong> grow your music business. Following the Multiple Streams of Music Income Model will allow you to attract the

right fans (or music buyers) to you, the ones who will love what you uniquely do. And create a deep ong>andong> abiding relationship with

them that will keep them coming back ong>andong> bringing their friends with them.

• How to Achieve Incredible Career Success! with Kenny Kerner – O’Hare Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

So many people get into the industry without a plan; without an organized outline. There are dong>isong>tractions, mong>isong>takes, hard work ong>andong>

a host of other hurdles to keep an artong>isong>t from succeeding. Thong>isong> class will outline 18 steps for achieving incredible career success

ong>andong> overcoming the hurdles. If you're planning on a career—any career—don't mong>isong>s thong>isong> class!

• Website Demolition Derby with Dave Cool of Bong>andong>zoogle – Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong>

session will offer live critiques of musician websites. Each site's design, organization, content ong>andong> functionality will be assessed.

How does the website fit with the artong>isong>t's overall online strategy, ong>andong> how successfully does it achieve their goals? Dave Cool, the

Director of Artong>isong>t Relations at Bong>andong>zoogle, ong>isong> extremely knowledgeable about website best practices ong>andong> deeply allergic to bad

design, Flash widgets ong>andong> unreadable fonts. Reviews will be ruthless, ong>andong> diplomacy will be left aside, but all reviews will aim to

teach everyone in the room some website design best practices.

• Recording Vocals & Music in Pro Tools with Mihai Boloni of ProMedia Training, LLC – Logan Room

(Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong> course will offer people a chance to learn about different techniques used in the recording

process for vocals ong>andong> music. We will dong>isong>cuss using microphones, instruments, ong>andong> software to expose people to the possibilities

of making their music my engaging. Furthermore, we will look at editing ong>andong> working with material on how time can be saved

during the editing process ong>andong> spend more time creating using workflow in Pro Tools.

• Three Simple Mong>isong>takes That Stop Songwriters from Having Hits with Barry De Vorzon – Kennedy Room

(Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor Sometimes the difference between a good song ong>andong> a great song ong>isong> in the tiniest of details. Join

hit songwriter, producer, publong>isong>her Barry De Vorzon to find out what those little mong>isong>takes are ong>andong> how to avoid them. No other

class at thong>isong> year's Road Rally will be giving these three secret tips to it's students.

• Advanced Record Production with Rob Chiarelli ong>andong> Ron Harrong>isong> – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

Rob Chiarelli & Ron Harrong>isong> will reveal the hit-making tips & techniques that will make your project sound like a hit. Topics

include modern recording techniques, plug-ins, recording vocals, drums, instruments & mixing, as well as working with artong>isong>ts,

writers, A&R execs, producers & engineers, etc. Don’t mong>isong>s thong>isong> class. Rob & Ron always bring some very special classic multitrack

masters - very rare, once in a lifetime kind of stuff!

11:00-12:30pm (continued):

Friday, November 9 th continued

• Mastering Guitar Recording on Any Budget with Ronan Chrong>isong> Murphy – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd

Floor) Producer-Engineer Ronan Chrong>isong> Murphy will teach you a mix of technical ong>andong> production strategies for getting great

guitar sounds in any recording studio.

• Recording Your Demo - Home Studio vs. Pro Studio with Cliff Goldmacher – Sea-Tac Room (Mezzanine Level

/ 2 nd Floor) There’s no place like home... or ong>isong> there? As the quality of recording equipment rong>isong>es ong>andong> the prices continue to

drop, songwriters are constantly tempted by the option of setting up a home studio to record their demos. In Cliff’s class, he’ll

dong>isong>cuss the advantages ong>andong> dong>isong>advantages of home recording versus using a professional studio, session musicians ong>andong> vocalong>isong>ts.

Also, Cliff will explain how to integrate your home studio work into the professional studio process so you can save both time

ong>andong> money while creating broadcast quality demos that begin as home studio demos.

2:45pm-4:15pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Positive People Power: Networking Strategies for Songwriters with Dan Kimpel – Lindbergh A Room (Lobby

Level / 1 st Floor) “Who you know, what you know ong>andong> who knows you,” ong>isong> the mantra for lasting success in the music

business. Join author/educator ong>andong> networking guru Dan Kimpel for a powerhouse presentation on making positive impressions,

bringing others into your creative orbit ong>andong> establong>isong>hing the vital connections that will last throughout your career. Among the

topics to be covered: Tips on creating conversations, encouraging the power of positive people, communication basics,

schmoozing with sincerity, overcoming social challenges, opening up your body language, maximizing the music conference

environment ong>andong> following up without fear. Yes, songwriters are often more comfortable with lyrics ong>andong> melodies than meetings

ong>andong> cocktail parties, but the conversation you begin will open the door to an opportunity that knocks tomorrow. Join the

inexhaustible Dan Kimpel for a “Kimpelling” presentation guaranteed to stoke your networking fire.

• Music Licensing: An Inside-Out Look at Thriving Indie Music Publong>isong>hers with Ted Lowe – Lindbergh B Room

(Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Hear from Ted Lowe, a long-time Film/TV A&R Exec at Choicetracks Music Publong>isong>hing, ong>andong> a few

of hong>isong> close friends who work inside the Film/TV music world. Get an inside look at what types of songs ong>andong> instrumentals pique

the ears of one of the top A&R guys in the field, ong>andong> hear first-hong>andong> about what it takes to stong>andong> out ong>andong> stay on the A-Long>isong>t of

Music Supervong>isong>ors ong>andong> other creative executives in charge of selecting music for their projects.

• The Ins ong>andong> Outs of Song Licensing with Todd Brabec ong>andong> Jeff Brabec – National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd

floor) American Idol, The Voice ong>andong> Nashville on TV; Dance Central ong>andong> Guitar Hero video games; Apps taking over; Rock of

Ages ong>andong> Jersey Boys on Broadway; the Who CSI theme songs; Hunger Games tops U.S. film box office charts; ASCAP, BMI

ong>andong> SESAC reach 2 billion dollars in annual royalties; Adele album sells 10 million; e-cards, movie trailers, remixes, mashups,

samples, dolls ong>andong> toys, digital jukeboxes ong>andong> ringtones ong>andong> ringbacks. Thong>isong> ong>isong> the music business of today. Thong>isong> seminar reveals

the deal making structure, negotiations ong>andong> actual royalties ong>andong> fees involved in the Business of Licensing Songs.

• How to Get More Forwards from TAXI with Karl Louong>isong> ong>andong> Kevin Houlihan – O'Hare Room (Mezzanine

Level / 2 nd Floor) Welcome to thong>isong> in person, up close ong>andong> high-energy conversation with Karl Louong>isong> (TAXI, Mgmt. ong>andong>

Industry Veteran) ong>andong> Kevin Houlihan (TAXI, Music Coordinator, Artong>isong>t), as to what makes for a successful long>isong>ting pitch. Learn

the insights as to the small ong>andong> large mong>isong>takes that are common, as well as the behind the scenes nuances that stop Label,

Publong>isong>hing, Music Supervong>isong>ors ong>andong> Music Library executives in their tracks. Thong>isong> class covers all major commercial genres ong>andong> ong>isong>

sure to entertain, as well as enlighten you. Most importantly, it will give you the honest assessments you need to maximize your

odds of placement success.

• A&R: It All Begins With the Music - First The Music, Then The Business with Don Grierson – Midway Room

(Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) A focused look at the responsibilities of A&R (Artong>isong>t & Repertoire) personnel, whether at a

major label or in the active independent marketplace. Insight into how major ong>andong> independent music company A&R staff

function. How they hong>andong>le thong>isong> creative ong>andong> vital responsibility ong>andong> deal with artong>isong>ts, managers, producers ong>andong>

publong>isong>hers/songwriters. Finding, developing ong>andong> signing talent in the new millennium.

2:45pm-4:15pm (continued):

Friday, November 9 th continued

• Is it Time To Get a Manager? with Chrong>isong> “Hot Rod” Long – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Why do

some artong>isong>ts get great management ong>andong> others do not? What can I do to make sure I am doing what needs to be done to attract the

attention of management? Are you aware of the fact that before being able to ask the question “What should I expect from you as

my manager” that you need to be prepared to answer the question. What are you doing on your own to make me want to manage

you? With experience as an A&R rep, a record label “jack of all trades” (promotions, publicity, marketing) music journalong>isong>t,

concert promoter ong>andong> manager of an artong>isong>t with several #1 singles ong>andong> a platinum plus album, Chrong>isong> “Hot Rod” Long will try to

help you understong>andong> how Artong>isong>t Management ong>isong> a two-way street, ong>andong> what you can do to make your side of the street as

appealing for a talented manager as possible.

• Setting Up Your Home Studio with Ben Thompkins of Blue Microphones – LaGuardia Room (Mezzanine Level

/ 2 nd Floor) How to put together your home studio, including equipment, recording techniques, software, etc.

• SOUNDEXCHANGE: What It Is, Why It Pays, ong>andong> How to Get Your Share with Lauren A. Danzy – Kennedy

Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor SoundExchange will explain how regong>isong>tering (free!) with them can earn you royalties for

plays on satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels, ong>andong> other services that stream sound recordings.

SoundExchange ong>isong> a non-profit, ong>andong> an important source of revenue for all artong>isong>ts (big ong>andong> small) ong>andong> labels (indie ong>andong> major);

they’ve dong>isong>tributed over $800 million to artong>isong>ts ong>andong> labels so far. But thousong>andong>s of artong>isong>ts ong>andong> labels don’t know they need to

regong>isong>ter, ong>andong> millions in royalties haven’t yet been claimed. Interactive ong>andong> question-driven, thong>isong> workshop will also cover needto-know

info on copyright, licensing, metadata ong>andong> legong>isong>lation that will affect your career.

• FILM & TV SONGWRITING BOOTCAMP 2012: Capture the Contemporary Vibe the Film & TV Market

Loves!!! with Robin Frederick – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) When a Film & TV long>isong>ting asks for

"contemporary" "indie" "authentic" or "retro influence" do you scratch your head ong>andong> wonder what it all means? Are your songs

being returned with comments like "Not current sounding," "Could have more of the Indie vibe," or "Lyrics could be fresher/more

universal"? Join Robin Frederick for a fast-paced, 90-minute class that explores some of the biggest challenges in Film & TV

songwriting. You'll watch examples from current TV series, movies, ong>andong> commercials, then learn how to use the same techniques

of song craft, vocal performance, ong>andong> production to create songs in today's in-demong>andong> styles.

• WAR STORIES OF DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION: Best Practices For Successful Digital Dong>isong>tribution ong>andong>

Services Promotion with Steven Corn – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) With the advent of digital

dong>isong>tribution, many artong>isong>ts ong>andong> labels had hoped that they would be able to send their music around the world with a flip of a

switch. Unfortunately, it ong>isong> often not that simple or easy. In thong>isong> panel, a group of experienced dong>isong>tributors ong>andong> artong>isong>ts will dong>isong>cuss

the lessons they have learned (many of which were obtained the hard way). They will share with you their insider’s secrets ong>andong>

experiences to help ensure a seamless process when sending your music for digital dong>isong>tribution, ong>andong> tips ong>andong> tools to help promote

on the services. Thong>isong> ong>isong> a practical dong>isong>cussion that deals with today’s ong>isong>sues. The goal ong>isong> to offer the long>isong>teners proactive advice on

what-to-do ong>andong>, perhaps more importantly, what-not-to-do to get your album dong>isong>tributed properly on all the digital services

worldwide. The panel will consong>isong>t of one war story per speaker to illustrate ong>isong>sues relating to: Achieving the desired retail price

for your album, Techniques to make your music more dong>isong>coverable, Importance of clean metadata, Release schedule strategy,

Album-Only releases, Obtaining promotional ong>andong>/or featured placements, Dong>isong>putes (from both sides of the table), Modifying

Exong>isong>ting Content, Album Design, Pricing Models on the Various Services, Helpful tools ong>andong> tips (finding the direct link to your

album on iTunes, the iTunes worldwide charts, creating artong>isong>t stores on Amazon, etc.), Dong>isong>tribution of ringtones, Dong>isong>tributing

video content – do you really need to sell your video?, Importance of reviews, Artong>isong>t names – do names like Ke$ha really effect

searching, tagging key words.

• Music Business ong>andong> Terminology Basics with Casey Hurowitz – Sea-Tac Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor)

Are you just starting out? Overwhelmed by all those terms tossed around such as reversion, exclusive, non-exclusive, re-title,

work-for-hire, etc? Confused about copyrights, performance royalties, etc? Thong>isong> ong>isong> the class for the totally green (though all are

welcome!). Casey Hurowitz ong>isong> a TAXI member who has grown by leaps ong>andong> bounds during hong>isong> membership, ong>andong> ong>isong> a very prolific

contributor to the TAXI forum. He ong>isong> highly regarded by the legions of newbies who are hungry for the music business basics.

Want to shave months, maybe years off your learning curve? Then join Casey to get a “101” primer ong>andong> all your questions

answered in plain, easy-to-understong>andong> language.

Friday, November 9 th continued

4:30pm – 6:00pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Personal Management 101: The Nuts ong>andong> Bolts with Karl Louong>isong> ong>andong> Rob “Blasko” Nicholson – Lindbergh A

Room (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Are you ready to take your career to the next level? If so, an artong>isong>t manager ong>isong> essential to

your needs. As an artong>isong>t, your main concern should be writing ong>andong> performing your music. A good manager will hong>andong>le all other

aspects of the music business for you. In thong>isong> class, take the time to learn when to hire a manager, what a manager can do for

you, ong>andong> numerous other topics related to the artong>isong>t manager ong>andong> their involvement in your career.

• A Hong>andong>s-On Lyric Master Class: What the #1s Did Lyrically—ong>andong> How You Can Do it, Too with Jason Blume

– Lindbergh B Room (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Thong>isong> class examines the tools ong>andong> techniques that hit writers used to craft

lyrics to take their songs to the top of the charts. Learn the “tricks” to evoking emotion, telling a story, grabbing your long>isong>tener with

opening lines, maintaining momentum in your 2nd verse; supporting your title; ong>andong> much more. Come ready to write because

you’ll be “trying on” some of the tools.

• Singers - Prepping for American Idol, The Voice ong>andong> More! With David Frangioni ong>andong> Willy Perez-Feria –

National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Today's artong>isong>t has more opportunity, to be dong>isong>covered, than ever before in

hong>isong>tory. In order to be ready, it takes more than just talent. Artong>isong>ts need versatility, focus, ong>andong> a true "mindset for success." Thong>isong>

clinic presents the steps for being "ready" to take your singing ong>andong> entertainment career to its highest level as quickly as possible.

Q&A welcome!

• Fett’s Top 12 Pro Recording Tips with Fett – O’Hare Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) In thong>isong> class, veteran

producer/engineer Fett reveals hong>isong> top 12 tips for getting professional-sounding recordings. Topics include capturing a

performance, mics vs. direct recording, multi- vs. single-miking, mic selection ong>andong> placement, correct use of

compression/limiting, EQ ong>andong> effects, setting correct levels, layering ong>andong> performance. Note: thong>isong> class focuses exclusively on

recording. For a similar class on mixing, see Fett’s Top 13 Pro Mixing Tips class being taught on Saturday.

• Reality 101: Getting Seen, Getting Heard, Getting Signed; Pursuing a Career in the New Music Business, 2012

ong>andong> Beyond with Bobby Borg – Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Are You Ready For That Big Recording

Deal? Do you understong>andong> what getting signed really means? Do you want to find out how to leverage your career to get what you

want? YES? Then thong>isong> course ong>isong> for you! Taught by a professional musician - for musicians. Learn invaluable tips for pursuing a

successful career in music that only someone who's lived THROUGH IT can reveal. “Real-Life Stories” ong>andong> in-class “Song

Critique Sessions” enhance thong>isong> presentation making it a true eye-opener. Bring your CDs ong>andong> get heard!

• “Sounds” Like a Winner! with Darlene Koldenhoven – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Learn how to

capture that Winning vocal "Sound," from GRAMMY Winner & 3 time GRAMMY nominee, MVP Session Singer ong>andong> touring

artong>isong>t Darlene Koldenhoven. As an award-winning producer, recording artong>isong>t, vocal contractor, songwriter, arranger, voice

teacher/coach, ong>andong> studio owner, Darlene brings her many years of experience ong>andong> expertong>isong>e on working from 'both sides of the

glass' as she addresses the solutions in technique ong>andong> dual communication to achieve that 'platinum' vocal sound. Her #1 albums,

Infinite Voice ong>andong> Heavenly Peace ong>andong> new book with 7 CDs, Tune Your Voice: Singing ong>andong> the Mind's Musical Ear, ong>isong> endorsed

by everyone from Juilliard to "American Idol" as well as releasing her 3 new albums in 1 year on which she sings, plays ong>andong>

produces, says it all … Stop by for a long>isong>ten.

• How To Make Your Home Studio Sound Like a Pro Studio with Brian Krawcykowski of Solid State Logic–

LaGuardia Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Explore the hong>isong>tory of Solid State Logic ong>andong> how it can help you get

better sounding recordings from home.

• Make Money from YouTube ong>andong> the Micro Sync Revolution with Kevin Breuner – Kennedy Room (Mezzanine

Level / 2 nd Floor) Over 4 billion videos are being viewed on YouTube every day. 60 hours of new video content ong>isong> uploaded to

YouTube every minute. Millions of content creators are posting their work online—ong>andong> they want to use your music! Learn about

emerging opportunities in the world of "micro sync" ong>andong> how to license your songs for use in videos, presentations, websites,

apps, ong>andong> more. Getting your piece of the pie might be easier than you think!

4:30pm – 6:00pm (continued):

Friday, November 9 th continued

• How to Get TV Placements with 8 Tracks on an iPad with Hayden Bursk– Theater Room (Mezzanine Level 2 nd

Floor) Hayden ong>isong> a publong>isong>hed singer/songwriter who will show you how to capture that moody, lo-fi singer/songwriter style that's

all the rage on many current TV shows. He'll play examples, then record an original song live during the class with nothing more

than an iPad ong>andong> 8-tracks! Who knows, he might even need a little help from an audience member on a harmony part! Thong>isong> class

will help you get over the "I think I need a big slick production to make money with Film ong>andong> TV placements."

• Directing Singers in The Studio with Jan Linder-Koda – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Directing

singers in the studio ong>isong> a class ong>isong> for vocalong>isong>ts, producers, engineers ong>andong> film/TV writers. How do you get the sizzle in the studio?

Do you know how to work together to ignite your sessions ong>andong> get a hot take? Singers, reach rock star level by telling a great

story ong>andong> record emotionally charged tracks even when you are under pressure. Producers ong>andong> engineers, get Jan's tricks of the

trade to capture that performance you're looking for. Grammy nominated singer / songwriter Jan Linder-Koda has worked with

20 Grammy winning clients ong>andong> will show you how to get your whole team working together in the studio. Thong>isong> class will give

you the language you need so everyone ong>isong> on the same page. It's a win-win for everyone who records. Jan has an uncanny ability

to put her finger on what the ong>isong>sue ong>isong>, so bring your instrumental track or your instruments - She will pick people from the class to

demonstrate what she's teaching. Jan's classes are usually stong>andong>ing room only so get there early to get your seat.

• The Pursuit of Excellence: Determining Winners from Others with Bob Mete – Sea-Tac Room (Mezzanine

Level / 2 nd Floor) The Pursuit of Excellence – Determining Winners from Others, ong>isong> a one ong>andong> a half hour presentation that

illustrates the traits ong>andong> qualities that separate Winners from all others. During thong>isong> presentation we will dong>isong>cuss topics such as:

Fear of Rong>isong>k, Failure ong>andong> Criticong>isong>m, Making Commitments, Fear of Change, Problem Solving, Setting Goals, Dealing with

Feedback, ong>andong> Doing a Personal Inventory. The topics above will be demonstrated using examples from the sports ong>andong> the music

industry. The class ong>isong> fast paced ong>andong> entertaining. Attendees will come away with a positive attitude toward work, their craft ong>andong>

their daily life

Saturday, November 10 th

9:00am – 10:30am: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Virtual Vintage ong>andong> Mobile Musicmaking with Stephen Fortner, Editor in Chief, Keyboard Magazine The

Hammond B3 organ, Rhodes ong>andong> Wurlitzer electric pianos, Hohner Clavinet, Moog synthesizer, ong>andong> other classic keyboard

instruments sound so timeless that getting their authentic sound ong>isong> still considered an essential ingredient of many a hit song.

They're also hard to find ong>andong> heavy to carry. Learn how to re-create these killer sounds using today's mobile technology, from

plug-ins on your laptop to apps for your mobile device. We'll also look at virtual orchestral instruments for film ong>andong> TV


• How To Market Your MUSIC ong>andong> Create a Buzz: Putting Together A Marketing Plan of Attack with Bobby

Borg – Lindbergh B Room (Lobby Level / 1 st floor) Want to get to that next level of your career? In thong>isong> class you’ll learn

step-by-step tips essential in putting together ong>andong> initiating your own “Marketing Plan of Attack.” And if money ong>isong> tight, we’ll do

thong>isong> from the perspective of having a “Zero To Limited Dollar Budget!” In-class marketing exercong>isong>es ong>andong> CD long>isong>tening sessions

make thong>isong> course fast-paced, interactive session, ong>andong> highly motivating. Make no mong>isong>take: Having no plan ong>isong> like planning to fail!

Having a plan, ong>andong> failing to execute it, ong>isong> equally as damaging. Bring your CDs!

• The Science of Switching On with Steven Memel – National Room / (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Most people

learn vocal technique from one teacher ong>andong> performance skills somewhere else – usually from trial ong>andong> error. But for the most

part, the other vital elements of being a master singer/performer/entertainer are left unaddressed or given small mention. “The

Science of Switching On” ong>isong> the first comprehensive voice technique ong>andong> performance system that teaches you everything you

need to know to master your art ong>andong> wow the crowd night after night without burning out your voice or your enthusiasm. The

results? Rock solid technique, unforgettable performances, a sense of unshakable well being ong>andong> whole new level of energy for

your art.

9:00am – 10:30am (continued):

Saturday, November 10 th continued

• Fett’s Top 13 Pro Mixing Tips with Fett – O’Hare Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) In thong>isong> class, veteran

producer/engineer Fett reveals hong>isong> top 13 tips for getting professional-sounding mixes. Topics include the 6 Primary Mixing

Tools, the Virtual Sound stage, building a mix from the ground up, how to take the long>isong>tener on a musical journey, mixing with

your ears vs. your eyes, ong>andong> how to long>isong>ten to the final mix. Note: thong>isong> class focuses exclusively on mixing. For a similar class on

recording, see Fett’s Top 12 Pro Recording Tips class being taught on Friday.

• How to Build A Professional Bong>andong> Website in Minutes with No WebDesign Skills! with Dave Cool of

Bong>andong>zoogle - Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong> workshop will show how you can use Bong>andong>zoogle to

build a professional bong>andong> website that does more -- sells music & merch, syncs with your social networks, ong>andong> puts you in front of

more fans. No coding or web design skills needed! Dave Cool, the Director of Artong>isong>t Relations at Bong>andong>zoogle, will build a bong>andong>

website from scratch ong>andong> show off Bong>andong>zoogle’s many powerful ong>andong> easy-to-use tools for artong>isong>ts.

• Songwriters Guide to Metaphor with Pat Pattong>isong>on – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Metaphor opens a

portal beyond what’s in front of you; it opens your vong>isong>ion, allowing you to see the world as something more. Thong>isong> seminar will

help you develop the most creative part of your voice: your ability to see one thing as though it were another your ability to

create metaphor. Arong>isong>totle called it, "the only truly creative human act." We’ll work interactively from prompts, learning to

dong>isong>cover, extend ong>andong> reverse metaphor. You’ll be writing, reading aloud, ong>andong> long>isong>tening. It’ll expong>andong> ong>andong> deepen your perspectives,

give you a remarkable set of new tools, ong>andong>, it may even change the way you look at the world.

• Audio Mastering for Film ong>andong> TV with Chas Ferry – Kennedy Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong>

workshop will show you how to easily set up ong>andong> balance your speaker system using tools you already have. We learn how

accurately compare the loudness ong>andong> frequency response of your audio files to current commercial recordings. We'll talk about

how to set up your work area so that whether your long>isong>tening from your iPhone, a CD Player or your DAW your reference long>isong>tening

level will always be the same. We'll dong>isong>cuss simple ways of mastering your audio files so that they will be competitively

loud without adding dong>isong>tortion.

• The Thin Line Between "Hit" ong>andong> "S***!" with Ralph Murphy – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

Pay attention to the little things! The wrong pronoun, lack of detail, unexplained details, writers assumption, wrong tempo, not

considering the song as a script, not remembering that you wong>isong>h to have your song compete in the "Music Business" are deadly

mong>isong>takes. You are expecting an industry to bet their careers on your song, ong>andong> that song better be ready for "prime time"! Thong>isong>

seminar shows you how to "detail" your song to make it showroom ready!

• Once More with Feeling with Jan Linder-Koda – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) “Once More With

Feeling” ong>isong> a class for singer/songwriters, performers ong>andong> producers. Have you been learning technique from a voice teacher ong>andong>

performance from a coach? You can accomplong>isong>h both with artong>isong>t development specialong>isong>t Jan Linder-Koda from Angel Diva Music.

Jan ong>isong> a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter with 20 Grammy winners to her credit. Find out how to reveal the who, what, ong>andong>

where of the song. Learn about the three dimensions of award winning performances. Understong>andong> how to stay fresh ong>andong> reveal

your inner voice; turn up the volume of your emotions! . Learn the difference between writing the song ong>andong> performing the song.

Explore how to be a great storyteller ong>andong> how to have great performances night after night. You'll get hong>andong>outs from her book,

"Once More With Feeling" ong>andong> she will teach her award winning techniques with hong>andong>s-on demonstrations using artong>isong>ts picked

from the class. Bring your instrumental tracks or instruments ong>andong> get ready to shine! Thong>isong> class ong>isong> usually stong>andong>ing room only ong>andong>

lots of fun, so get there early if you want a seat!

• The Organized Songwriter with Cliff Goldmacher – Sea-Tac Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Being creative

ong>isong>n’t all it takes to be successful in the music business. Thong>isong> workshop ong>isong> designed to help songwriters create a workflow from

when they first write a song all the way through pitching their finong>isong>hed demo so that good organizational habits become second

nature. In thong>isong> way, no opportunities will be mong>isong>sed or time wasted due to dong>isong>organization.

Saturday, November 10 th continued

2:30pm-4:00pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Music Publong>isong>hing: Developing Revenue Streams for your Music in 2013 with Robert Case – Lindbergh B

(Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Overview of what exactly music publong>isong>hing ong>isong>. Topics covered include Music Copyrights, ASCAP,

BMI, Co-Writing, Production ong>andong> more Thong>isong> class ong>isong> great for any songwriter to attend ong>andong> gives a clear understong>andong>ing of what

publong>isong>hers go through from beginning to end in the process of music publong>isong>hing ong>andong> that Robert uses in hong>isong> day-to-day business


• But It Sounded So Much Better at Home with Steven Memel – National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

Ever hear yourself say those words? Ever think them? Well if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human. And everyone, even the pros

have experienced it. We’ll reveal what’s at the bottom of the “tighten up” or “choke” syndrome. And you’ll dong>isong>cover how you

can minimize or eliminate it entirely.

• Internet Marketing ong>andong> Social Media - A Waste of Time or Your Path to Success in the Music Business? with

Debra Russell – O’Hare Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) The internet has paved the way for the Artong>isong>t Entrepreneur

to create your own career without waiting for the record deal, the publong>isong>hing deal or anybody to “dong>isong>cover” you. But learning what

you need for your business can be quickly overwhelming – do you need a website? What should be on it? What about Facebook

ong>andong> Twitter? YouTube ong>andong> Google+? Internet ong>andong> Social Media Marketing, for the people using it correctly, their success ong>isong> no

accident. So, how do you apply it to your business? What’s the best way for you to use the power of the Internet to build the

career YOU want?'

• 31 EZ Things Hit Songwriters Do That You Don't! with Jason Brawner – Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd

floor) Hollywood Music Awards 2011 Producer of the Year opens hong>isong> bag of tricks to reveal simple yet powerful techniques that

hit songwriters ong>andong> chart-topping artong>isong>ts do that you don't. Thong>isong> ong>isong> a career altering one-of-a-kind lecture!

• Understong>andong>ing Dubstep with Cory Bold – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Thong>isong> class will showcase ong>andong>

unveil the basics of achieving quality, bass heavy, ong>andong> IMPACTING dubstep production. We'll be touching bass on crucial

elements such as mixing with frequencies, compression on drums/snares, ong>andong> even a few key techniques that are easily

overlooked when looking to get those strong dubstep drops; ong>andong> let's not forget, most important, strong synth sounds/synth

melodies that'll leave your long>isong>teners craving for more!

• Recording Vocals with Ben Thompkins of Blue Microphones – LaGuardia Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

No matter what style, thong>isong> presentation will give you the tricks to getting that perfect vocal sound.

• Production Tricks for Major Impact with Ronan Chrong>isong> Murphy – Kennedy Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd

Floor) One thing that most experienced producers know ong>isong> that musical arrangements will have a huge influence on the impact,

emotion ong>andong>, ultimately, the sonic quality of a recording. Producer Ronan Chrong>isong> Murphy will share some tips for making big

improvements in your productions in any situation with any budget.

• How to Retire Using Your Creativity ong>andong> Songwriting with Barry De Vorzon – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level /

2 nd Floor) Hit songwriter, producer, music publong>isong>her Barry De Vorzon went from ground zero to being wildly successful ong>andong> it

all started out with just one song. Find out how Mr. De Vorzon leveraged the income from one hit into a globally recognized

publong>isong>hing company ong>andong> record label then wong>isong>ely invested the money he made from that in real estate. Thong>isong> ong>isong> a true rags to riches

story that you won't hear anywhere else! Join Barry, get the tools, define your path, get inspired, ong>andong> build the career you've

always dreamed of!

• Under The Hood: Vocal Mechanics with Clare McLeod - Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Your sound ong>isong>

the result of a dynamic process in which several parts of your body interact. In thong>isong> session, you'll deepen your understong>andong>ing of

the structures that make up the quality of your voice ong>andong> strengthen both your consong>isong>tency ong>andong> versatility. If you want to sing,

bring a song, or a section of a song that ong>isong> challenging for you. Bring a track to sing to if you like.

2:30pm-4:00pm (continued):

Saturday, November 10 th continued

• “Just Get Out There” – Tips for Artong>isong>ts, Songwriters ong>andong> Musicians to Achieve Success ong>andong> Self-

Empowerment as an Artong>isong>t Entrepreneur in the New Music Business Climate with Gilli Moon – Sea-Tac Room

(Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) In thong>isong> new dawn of the music business, achieving success means being an Artong>isong>t that ong>isong> unique,

in charge of your own destiny ong>andong> entrepreneurial. Gilli Moon, an Artong>isong>t ong>andong> Singer/Songwriter, plus Record Label owner ong>andong>

Author, takes you through her process, tips ong>andong> tools on getting out there as an Artong>isong>t which begins with getting clear with what

you are about ong>andong> what you want, creating clear ong>andong> tangible goals, ong>andong> defining success on your own terms. Her workshop (ong>andong>

accompanying book) provides enriching tools on creating your competitive advantage, balance the art with the business' through

time management ong>andong> prioritization, ong>andong> learning how to produce, release, market ong>andong> promote your music, all the while

achieving personal, financial ong>andong> professional success ong>andong> joy though her anecdotal stories (some about her personal life),

spiritually inspirations ong>andong> real, practical, tried ong>andong> tested strategies. "We live in a time where entrepreneurial excellence ong>isong>

paramount. It's time for artong>isong>ts to take control of their own destiny."

Saturday, November 10 th continued

4:30pm – 6:00pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Music Production in Pro Tools with Mihai Boloni of ProMedia Training, LLC – Lindbergh A (Lobby Level / 1 st

Floor) In thong>isong> more advanced course, we will dong>isong>cuss tools employed in the production process of a song, from initial idea

through recording ong>andong> into the mix. We will look at the different type of technologies used in modern record production, from

instruments to software.

• Successful Melody Writing in the 2010s with Jai Josefs – Lindbergh B (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Songwriting has

changed radically over the last several years. It’s a different ballgame now. Melody ong>isong> no longer just about choosing the right

notes. Successful modern melody writing has become all about the RHYTHM of the melody ong>andong> how it sits against the groove.

Songs with melodies incorporating thong>isong> principle will sound more contemporary ong>andong> as a result are the ones that more frequently

get signed to film/TV licensing deals. Ask my students, who have had close to a dozen placements since last year’s Road Rally.

In thong>isong> workshop, using examples from both today’s hit makers ong>andong> successful modern indie writers, we’ll examine how YOU can

start using these techniques right away to make YOUR melodies sound more fresh ong>andong> contemporary ong>andong> hopefully achieve the

same success.

• Intuition, Creativity ong>andong> Songwriting with Michael Anderson – National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor)

Thong>isong> class takes a look at the source of creativity in the artong>isong>tic temperament. Dong>isong>cussion will focus on using your dreams,

subconscious, spirit, emotions, ong>andong> reasoning powers, to write songs that connect with your long>isong>tener on a deeper level.

• Produce Me a Hit! with Kim Copelong>andong> – O’Hare Room (Mezzanine Level /2 nd Floor) - Thong>isong> class ong>isong> designed for

both Artong>isong>ts ong>andong> Songwriters. Kim’s twenty plus years of experience ong>andong> the insights she will offer will absolutely improve your

next demo ong>andong> master recordings! Are your songs good enough to make you money? Are they “almost” there, but not quite

cutting through the crowded commercial market? You may have a great song that ong>isong> lost in the presentation. What ong>isong> the

difference between a good recording of a good song ong>andong> a hit song? Music Producer, Kim Copelong>andong> will share five essential

steps for producing stronger, more commercial recordings!

• Producing a Broadcast Quality Master From a Simple Song Idea: A Producers Step by Step Process with Guy

Marshall – Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Put the manuals away ong>andong> get ready for a fast paced,

comprehensive class that focuses on the "craft" of dynamic songwriting production. No tech-talk or engineering terms spoken thong>isong>

time around... just the art of creating original music from a simple vocal/keyboard/guitar demo to a fully realized broadcast ong>andong>

marketable song. You'll hear before ong>andong> after recordings that will kick your creative juices into high gear. Thong>isong> class welcomes

your participation so put your producers hat on ong>andong> let's hear some of your creative ideas! It's all about the songs, not the


4:30pm – 6:00pm (continued):

Saturday, November 10 th continued

• Activate Your Inner Music Mogul! with Nancy Moran – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) The

difference between highly successful artong>isong>ts, composers, producers & writers ong>andong> their struggling counterparts ong>isong> rarely talent. The

difference ong>isong> that the highly successful ones have learned to tap into what veteran indie artong>isong>t Nancy Moran calls their "inner

music mogul." Thong>isong> powerful guide keeps them on track, alleviates time management ong>isong>sues, motivates ong>andong> inspires them, makes

the journey more fun, ong>andong> often gets them to their goal faster by attracting opportunities. In thong>isong> workshop, Nancy, a certified

artong>isong>t development/music life coach, will guide you through the process of finding & activating your own inner music

mogul...right now! Be prepared to write ong>andong> participate. Thong>isong> workshop ong>isong> about YOU. You've got the talent. Now, let your inner

music mogul show you what you can do with it.

• Recording at Home with Studio One with Chrong>isong> Gagon of PreSonus Audio – LaGuardia Room (Mezzanine

Level / 2 nd Floor) Studio One by PreSonus ong>isong> a powerful computer recording program that ong>isong> also easy to use. Learn some of the

basics of home recording ong>andong> the power of Studio One with Chrong>isong> Gagon, Product Specialong>isong>t for PreSonus.

• Think Like a Pro Guitarong>isong>t - Even If You're Not with Chrong>isong>ti Green – Kennedy Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd

floor) Would you hire yourself out as a studio guitarong>isong>t? If you answered no but you play on your own recordings then thong>isong> class

ong>isong> for you. Guitarong>isong>t/composer Chrong>isong>ti Greens shares insights on how to create better guitar recordings for your next project.

Attendees will gain insight to better playing tips, chord voicing, ong>andong> choosing the ‘right’ guitar for the ‘right’ sound. Chrong>isong>ti will

provide expert answers about ‘what those funny symbols mean’ after the chord name ong>andong> any other guitar thoughts that might be

on your mind.

• A Hong>andong>s-On Melody Master Class: What the #1s Did Melodically—ong>andong> How You Can Do it, Too with Jason

Blume – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Melodies that stick in the brain don’t happen by luck or accident.

Examine the melodic tools ong>andong> techniques that helped propel some of the biggest recent hits into the hearts of long>isong>teners—ong>andong> to

#1. Then “try on” some of the tools ong>andong> see how easy it can be to write melodies long>isong>teners CAN’T forget.

• Writing Songs for Your Original Act with David Cat Cohen – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong> ong>isong>

a workshop that helps you focus on writing custom songs for yourself as a performer by asking important questions to define

who you are as an original act from a long>isong>tener’s point of view. Who ong>isong> your audience? What ong>isong> your core message? What makes

you original? How would you describe your genre or style? Who will identify with you as a performer? When one thinks of

your act, what would someone say about you? Who are you a spokesperson for? Where on the radio, TV, or internet would

someone find you?

Sunday, November 11 th

9:00am – 10:30am: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Radio & TV Brong>andong>ing & Artong>isong>t Development with Jon Flanagan – Lindbergh A (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Radio

& TV Brong>andong>ing: Great Hook, Great Verse, Great Look! If your goal ong>isong> to build your Fan Base ong>andong> Increase Sales, Concert

Attendance ong>andong> Music Industry recognition then come on In. All questions will be answered regarding all music styles with lots

of specifics.

• Live Country Song Critiques with Chip Hardy – Lindbergh B (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) An informational dong>isong>cussion

on how to make your Country songs more competitive in the marketplace. Subject matter will range from your initial song idea

to developing a story line ong>andong> creating an emotional impact for long>isong>teners. Questions ong>andong> open dong>isong>cussion will be welcomed

throughout the entire class period.

• Taking Your Song to The Next Level with Jason Blume – O'Hare Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) So …

you’ve already got the basics down. You already know about structures ong>andong> rhymes, ong>andong> you’re writing perfectly crafted songs.

So why aren’t your songs on the radio—ong>andong> why ong>isong>n’t there a Mercedes parked in your driveway? Thong>isong> class analyzes some of the

tools that were used in “breakthrough” songs—songs that took a writer ong>andong>/or artong>isong>t from unknown, to the one everybody else

wants to be. Also looks at those “extra” things you can do to take your songs—ong>andong> your career—from “good” to “WOW!!!”

9:00am – 10:30am (continued):

Sunday, November 11 th

• How to Get High - A Session for Singers Who Want the Low Down on Achieving Consong>isong>tent Results with Clare

McLeod - Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Operating from a thorough understong>andong>ing of how the voice works,

Clare will help you to gain confidence in your ability to deliver performances you will be proud of, taking the fear ong>andong> guesswork

out of singing. She will help you develop both your craft ong>andong> artong>isong>try, deepening your connection to your instrument, your

material ong>andong> your audience. If you want to sing, bring a song, or a section of a song that ong>isong> challenging for you.

• Do You Have What It Takes For Commercial Success? with Susan Tucker - Logan Room (Mezzanine Level /

2 nd floor) As an artong>isong>t, do you have what it takes for commercial success? Susan Tucker has enjoyed success in artong>isong>t

management, music publong>isong>hing, song plugging, ong>andong> business marketing. She brings her experience to the table to help Indie artong>isong>ts

take charge of their career ong>andong> their destiny, ultimately helping them build a business that will succeed. From the very moment

you decide to record your CD, you need to start promoting yourself ong>andong> making wong>isong>e business decong>isong>ions. Susan will help you do

just that. What are the business ong>isong>sues you need to be aware of before ong>andong> after recording? How can you best promote yourself

with the little time, money ong>andong> manpower you have available? How do you choose the right producer? How to make your CD

look professional? How do you present yourself as a pro to radio, labels ong>andong> venues? All of these topics, ong>andong> more, will be

dong>isong>cussed in thong>isong> class.

• What Pro Songwriters Do When They Get Stumped with Barry De Vorzon – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level /

2 nd Floor) We've all been there. It's late at night ong>andong> you've got no idea how to come up with the next line for the best song

you've ever written. Join hit songwriter, record producer, music publong>isong>her Barry De Vorzon ong>andong> find out how the true masters of

the songwriting craft move past being stuck. Learn how to use the tools that are right in front of you to avoid writer's block ong>andong>

song block. Don't mong>isong>s thong>isong> class!

Sunday, November 11 th continued

10:45am-12:15pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Phrasing: The Body Language of Your Song with Pat Pattong>isong>on – Lindbergh A Room (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor)

Thong>isong> seminar will give you important keys to phrasing your lyrics for the most impact ong>andong> support of meaning. Working with

rhythms ong>andong> placements, you'll learn how to make sure that the line, like body language, helps to really deliver the emotion you

intend. Thong>isong> ong>isong> another "can't mong>isong>s" seminar -- it's bound to take your writing to the next level.

• Hub & Spokes: The Key to Gaining More Fans & Making More Money Online with Dave Cool of Bong>andong>zoogle -

National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) There’s no shortage of online promotional tools for musicians out

there, so it can be daunting to figure out just how to use them effectively to promote your music. Which social media

sites should you be active on? Do you still need your own website? Are mailing long>isong>ts outdated? Thong>isong> workshop will

explain the “Hub & Spokes” method of using all of these tools in a cohesive strategy to gain more fans, ong>andong> generate

more income for your career. Workshop given by Dave Cool (Director of Artong>isong>t Relations, Bong>andong>zoogle).

• “OBLA DI OBLA DA” Why The Words Don't Count with Jason Brawner - O'Hare Room (Mezzanine Level /

2 nd Floor) Thong>isong> daring class will teach you 5 music ong>andong> performance techniques from hit songs that are so powerful that the lyric

becomes almost obsolete. Master these tricks ong>andong> see how memorable your songs become. “Thong>isong> Sh** ong>isong> BANANAS!”

• How to Get MORE (ong>andong> Better) GIGS! with Nancy Moran – Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

Ticket sales to live performances are on the rong>isong>e ong>andong>, with recorded music sales declining, performance income ong>isong> quickly

becoming an increasingly important aspect of any musician's career. So, are you gigging? And are you looking for more gigs? Or

maybe just better gigs? Veteran indie artong>isong>t Nancy Moran has been performing for over 20 years in all types of venues--from

house concerts to festivals to theatres. In thong>isong> class, she'll give you the information that you need to get you out on the road. We'll

look at various types of venues, diversifying your act, packaging options, how to attract repeat bookings ong>andong> other ways that you

can start filling your calendar right now!

10:45am – 12:15pm (continued):

Sunday, November 11 th continued

• Songwriting for All Levels with Frank Fuchs – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong> class ong>isong> open to

songwriters of all levels, but can be especially helpful for artong>isong>ts, singer songwriters ong>andong> bong>andong>s looking to get their songs ready to

record. There will be a ong>limitedong> chance for people to play a tune ong>andong> get the song reviewed by the class, but mainly we'll be going

over the basic elements of song writing ong>andong> how to strengthen parts, lyrics, melodies ong>andong> chords. Additional focus on how to

approach ' the marketplace', with your particular genre of music.

• Recording Guitars with Ben Thompkins of Blue Microphones – LaGuardia Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

Different ways of micing both electric ong>andong> acoustic guitars.

• Crafting Music for Film, Televong>isong>ion ong>andong> Advertong>isong>ing in 2013 with David Trotter – Kennedy Room (Mezzanine

Level / 2 nd floor) Thong>isong> in-depth course will dong>isong>cuss the construction of background, source, theme, promo spots, ong>andong> songs

composed for entertainment purposes. Thong>isong> dong>isong>cussion will include A/B formats, quality of samples, counter point, tempo,

broadcast quality, builds ong>andong> hooks, mong>isong>takes composers make, knowing your market, ong>andong> other important factors that maximize a

composer’s opportunities.

• Real A&R with Rob Chiarelli ong>andong> Ron Harrong>isong> – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) If you have a song ong>andong>

you think it's a hit, bring it. If you're an artong>isong>t or producer in need of a hit, don't mong>isong>s it. Thong>isong> class ong>isong> about how the real world of

A&R works ong>andong> it's an eye-opener. Thong>isong> class ong>isong> not for the faint hearted. Special guests.

• Metadata… How Much, What Kind, ong>andong> How to Keep the Editor (And Everyone Else) Happy with You with

Chas Ferry – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Thong>isong> class will look at metadata from the perspective of the

owner of a Production Music Library. We'll learn how to create a description that will immediately tell an editor or music

supervong>isong>or if your cue ong>isong> what he's looking for. We'll talk about moods ong>andong> musical styles ong>andong> how to keep your data concong>isong>e.

We'll deal with the problem of using too many or inaccurate keywords. The final goal of thong>isong> class ong>isong> to show you how to avoid

wasting people’s time. Thong>isong> will help you earn the respect of decong>isong>ion makers ong>andong> increase the chances of them long>isong>tening to your

music the second time they see your name on a cue.

• Turning Passion into Profession with Ravi – Sea-Tac Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Ravi inspires all of us to

dream big ong>andong> chart a realong>isong>tic course for success. No smoke ong>andong> mirrors, deceptive marketing tactics, get rich quick schemes, or

spiritual guidance to blong>isong>s—perception no longer ong>isong> reality in today's socioeconomic environment. And while a fan of guerrilla

marketing, Ravi doesn't simply push a DIY (Do It Yourself) method of entrepreneurship or teach hong>isong> audiences how to make a

Plan B out of their Plan A. Instead, Ravi focuses on developing personal ong>andong> professional integrity, ong>andong> building a business model

on logic ong>andong> reason fueled by passion ong>andong> conviction. Thong>isong> includes smart brong>andong>ing, creative financing, positive long-term

associations ong>andong> business-to-business relationships, social responsibility, leadership ong>andong> teamwork, ong>andong> more.

Sunday, November 11 th continued

1:45pm – 3:15pm: ong>Seatingong> ong>isong> ong>limitedong> ong>andong> on a first-come, first-served basong>isong>.

• Mixing in ProTools with Mihai Boloni of ProMedia - Lindbergh A Room (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) Every song

needs to finong>isong>h at some point, ong>andong> in thong>isong> class we will dong>isong>cuss techniques ong>andong> tools used by Mix Engineers to make songs into

Records. We will dong>isong>cuss the tools ong>andong> mentality needed to approach mixing songs ong>andong> finding the right blend to allow the music

to impact the long>isong>tener.

• Adventures In Songwriting: A Journey into the Wong>isong>dom of all the Songwriters in "Songwriters on

Songwriting" with Paul Zollo – Lindbergh B Room (Lobby Level / 1 st Floor) What Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul

Simon ong>andong> all the others say about how to write great songs.

1:45pm – 3:15pm (continued):

Sunday, November 11 th continued

• The 5-Year Plan: A Film/TV Music Business Plan with TAXI Members: Matt Hirt, John Mazzei ong>andong> Dave

Walton – National Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor) Thong>isong> class will focus on the production music library side of Film

ong>andong> TV as well as the Underscore/Indie film side. Meet three TAXI members who are all at different stages in the "5-year plan" or

beyond. There will be a brief overview of what production music libraries do, the various models that exong>isong>t, where the money

comes from ong>andong> when, ong>andong> how much ong>isong> realong>isong>tic. Some of the questions that will be answered are: What are the different markets

that use library music? How to build your catalog ong>andong> how big should it be? Should you specialize in one style or do as many

different things as possible? How do you "research" a library to know if they do a good job? Should you find one library ong>andong> sign

all your tracks with them or put your eggs in many different baskets? Don’t mong>isong>s thong>isong> class to learn from your fellow members

who have been there ong>andong> done that!

• You Can’t Un-Ring The Bell with David Trotter – O’Hare Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) When making

public, ong>andong> sometimes private statements ong>andong> opinions you may be sending a message to the very people you are hoping to do

business with. Even though it may not be the message you intend.

• SongShop Live! with Jai Josefs – Midway Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Jai’s renowned Northern California

SongShop has produced record deals, production deals, ong>andong> dozens of film ong>andong> TV placements for its members. Now for the first

time Jai brings the format of thong>isong> breakthrough group to the TAXI Road Rally. Jai will long>isong>ten to songs from participants ong>andong> use

them as a springboard to share all aspects of hong>isong> knowledge of songwriting in the areas of melody, lyrics, chords, groove,

structure, ong>andong> marketing. Each participant will not only learn what he or she needs to improve the song they brought, but

SongShop members report they learn even more from what Jai says during hong>isong> feedback on others’ songs. To be eligible to have

your song chosen, you must bring a double spaced lyric sheet with chord symbols written above the lyrics along with a CD (or

live performance) of the song you want Jai to work with. Don’t mong>isong>s thong>isong> opportunity to get personal input on your music from

one of the top coaches in the business!

• Using Structure to Help Your Songwriting with Michael Anderson – Logan Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd floor)

A look at using structure in your songwriting as a key to help develop your ideas ong>andong> build a song that tells a compelling story.

• Staying the Course ong>andong> Enjoying the Journey with Chuck Schlacter – Kennedy Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd

Floor) Creating a catalog of music takes many years of hard work. You are severely underpaid in the early years, with the hope

of being well paid at a future date. Many people quit before they reach the "critical mass" of music in the marketplace to generate

an income stream. Chuck will dong>isong>cuss how he has stayed focused ong>andong> on track to develop a catalog of 500+ music cues over a six

year period of time. Setting goals, time control, building trust relationships ong>andong> dealing with rejection, in addition to many other

topics, will be dong>isong>cussed. If you are new to production music, or a longtime pro, you will find a renewed sense of direction ong>andong>

focus from the information Chuck will share in hong>isong> presentation.

• Live Feedback Master Class with Michael Lloyd – The Theatre (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor) Legendary Producer

Michael Lloyd has made more than 100 Gold ong>andong> Platinum Records, produced countless hit singles, music supervong>isong>ed dozens of

films, ong>andong> has used songs from TAXI members numerous times over the last few years. Thong>isong> ong>isong> the first time Michael ong>isong> going to

do a live feedback class at the Road Rally, ong>andong> if you're lucky enough to get your CD drawn rong>andong>omly from the box during that

session, you're going to be learning from a true master of the craft. Michael also happens to be a partner in Curb Records. Blow

him away, ong>andong> you never know what could happen. Thong>isong> ong>isong> class you do not want to mong>isong>s!

• Long>andong>ing Sponsorship ong>andong> Endorsement Deals with Ravi – Orly Room (Mezzanine Level / 2 nd Floor)

It's about how to "sell out" while keeping your integrity intact. The secret ong>isong> to not sell out at all! Ravi teaches how to find the

right match in sponsors ong>andong> secure desirable artong>isong>t endorsement deals. He outlines the structure of an effective marketing

proposal, as well as the mutual expectations ong>andong> responsibilities of both the artong>isong>t ong>andong> product manufacturer. Learn how to create

added value ong>andong> market your career in a way that helps you garner the support you need.


Michael Anderson ong>isong> a songwriter, artong>isong>t, producer, ong>andong> author who has written songs for John Fogerty, Juice Newton, Pam

Tillong>isong>, Phil Seymour, Rebecca St. James, ong>andong> others in Rock, Pop, Country, ong>andong> CCM. Hong>isong> songs have been featured in films ong>andong>

televong>isong>ion, including the season finale of American Idol. He has been a staff writer for EMI ong>andong> BMG Publong>isong>hing in Nashville, as

well as MCA/Universal ong>andong> Criterion Music in Los Angeles. He wrote the #1 Country single, “Maybe It Was Memphong>isong>,” several

#1 CCM singles, ong>andong> won a Dove Award for “Hard Rock Song of the Year.” As a solo artong>isong>t he has released six albums ong>andong> ong>isong> the

author of Michael Anderson’s Little Black Book of Songwriting. He co-produced the documentary South Central Gospel about

gospel music in South Central Los Angeles for European televong>isong>ion; ong>andong> produced the music for Huell Hower’s special on the

Musicians Institute in Hollywood for the California Gold TV show. At the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, he teaches

professional songwriting ong>andong> artong>isong>t development, ong>andong> wrote the songwriting curriculum for the Independent Artong>isong>t ong>andong> Vocal

programs. He also teaches audio for film ong>andong> video in the Musicians Institute film department. He ong>isong> a member of the Greater

Mount Zion Mong>isong>sionary Baptong>isong>t Church in South Central Los Angeles ong>andong> sings in the Men’s Chorus.

Jason Blume Jason Blume’s songs are on three Grammy-nominated albums ong>andong> have sold more than 50,000,000 copies. One

of only a few writers to ever have songs on the pop, country, ong>andong> R&B charts, all at the same time--hong>isong> songs have been recorded

by diverse artong>isong>ts including Britney Spears, the Gipsy Kings, the Backstreet Boys, Jesse McCartney, the Nashville Chamber

Orchestra, Scong>andong>inavian star Chrong>isong>tian Ingebrigtsen, Japanese superstar Tomohong>isong>a Yamashita (#1 debut), ong>andong> country stars

including Collin Raye (6 cuts), the Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Azar, ong>andong> John Berry (“Change My Mind,” a top 5 single that earned a

BMI “Million-Aire” Award for garnering more than one million airplays). Jason’s latest (2012) recordings include a “Gold”

record in Norway by X-Factor star Endre, hong>isong> 6th recording by country music star Collin Raye, ong>andong> a song on the debut album by

Shuree Rivera. Hong>isong> songs have been included in films ong>andong> televong>isong>ion shows including “Scrubs,” “Friday Night Lights,” Dong>isong>ney’s

“Kim Possible” ong>andong> “First Kid,” MTV’s “Next Thing” ong>andong> “Taking the Stage,” “MVP,” “The Dating Guy,” “Barbie of Swan

Lake,” “Dangerous Minds,” “Kickin’ it Old Skool,” “Fame,” “The Guiding Light,” “The Mong>isong>s America Pageant,” ong>andong> many

more. Jason Blume ong>isong> the author of 6 Steps to Songwriting Success: The Comprehensive Guide to Writing ong>andong> Marketing Hit

Songs, Inside Songwriting: Getting to the Heart of Creativity, ong>andong> Thong>isong> Business of Songwriting, (all publong>isong>hed by Billboard

Books). Acknowledged as one of the world’s top songwriting instructors, Blume developed, ong>andong> ong>isong> in hong>isong> fifteenth year of

teaching the BMI Nashville Songwriters workshops. He recently presented an acclaimed master class at the Liverpool Institute for

Performing Arts (founded by Sir Paul McCartney) ong>andong> has taught at conferences, colleges, ong>andong> universities throughout the U.S.

ong>andong> in countries including Australia, New Zealong>andong>, Norway, Irelong>andong>, the U.K., Canada, Bermuda, ong>andong> Jamaica.

After twelve years as a staff-writer for Zomba Music, Blume now runs Moondream Music Group. For additional information,

vong>isong>it www.jasonblume.com.

Cory Bold ong>isong> a young, Grammy-nominated music producer/songwriter who has produced albums, songs, ong>andong> singles for Keri

Hilson, Letoya Luckett, Chrong>isong> Brown, Omarion, ong>andong> more.

Mihai Boloni ong>isong> a talented engineer ong>andong> long-time Pro Tools educator who has worked in music production for more than a

decade. An industry professional, who has been with AVID as an educational ong>andong> technical consultant, as well as a certified

expert Pro Tools engineer, he understong>andong>s first-hong>andong>, the benefit of Pro Tools mastery for artong>isong>ts, producers, ong>andong> engineers.

Mihai’s accomplong>isong>hments include songwriting ong>andong> production, ong>andong> working with Billboard topping artong>isong>ts. He was the studio

manager ong>andong> main engineer at Stankonia Studio B in Atlanta, ong>andong> ong>isong> founder of Dynamic Audio Commong>andong> which specializes in

Recording ong>andong> consulting. Some of hong>isong> clients include OutKast, West Five Records (London, UK), Stankonia Recording

(Atlanta, GA), Grammy Mixing Engineer John Frye, Jenna Drey, Bob Seger, ong>andong> many more. Mihai ong>isong> teaching the ProMedia

Training courses at the Rally. ProMedia Training ong>isong> the #1 largest authorized Avid Training provider for instructor-led, hong>andong>s-on

Pro Tools training, certification, ong>andong> bootcamp style Audio Engineering Courses.

Bobby Borg ong>isong> a Major label, independent ong>andong> DIY recording/touring artong>isong>t, serves as a music business educator at Musician’s

Institute ong>andong> UCLA, ong>andong> ong>isong> an A&R consultant to music supervong>isong>ors, labels, ong>andong> producers. He ong>isong> also feature magazine columnong>isong>t

ong>andong> the author of Billboard Publications bestseller: The Musician’s Hong>andong>book, A Practical Guide to Understong>andong>ing the Music


Jeff Brabec ong>isong> the Vice President of Business Affairs at BMG Chrysalong>isong>, where he represents the catalogues for such artong>isong>ts as

OutKast, David Bowie, My Morning Jacket, Sheryl Crow, John Denver, Paul Anka, Billy Idol, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ray

LaMontagne ong>andong> Cee-Lo Green, among others. He ong>isong> the co-author of the book MUSIC, MONEY, AND SUCCESS: The Insider’s

Guide To Making Money In The Music Industry (7th Edition) ong>andong> has been awarded the Deems Taylor Award for excellence in

music journalong>isong>m. He ong>isong> an Adjunct Professor at USC Thornton School of Music/Music Business Department ong>andong> ong>isong> a guest

lecturer teaching music publong>isong>hing for Berklee College of Music. Jeff ong>isong> also a contributing editor for Entertainment Law &

Finance Magazine.


Todd Brabec, was Executive Vice President of ASCAP for more than 37 years ong>andong> was responsible for signing most of

ASCAP’s successful songwriters ong>andong> film ong>andong> televong>isong>ion composers. He was responsible for initiating ong>andong> implementing payment

ong>andong> dong>isong>tribution changes within ASCAP that included significant payment increases for televong>isong>ion ong>andong> film theme songs ong>andong>

score; as well as hit songs on radio. He ong>isong> a Deems Taylor Award winning writer, as well as the co-author of MUSIC, MONEY,

AND SUCCESS: The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in the Music Business (7th edition). Todd ong>isong> an Adjunct Associate

Professor at USC where he teaches courses on music publong>isong>hing ong>andong> music licensing; as well as film, televong>isong>ion ong>andong> video game

song ong>andong> scoring contracts. He ong>isong> an Entertainment Law attorney ong>andong> graduate of the New York University School of Law. He ong>isong>

also a Governing Committee Member ong>andong> former Music Chair of the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment

ong>andong> Sports Industries.

Jason Brawner ong>isong> a multi-award-winning record producer whose artong>isong>ts have signed with nearly every major record label. Hong>isong>

songs have been featured on all major televong>isong>ion networks. Jason’s various credits include Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff, Tom

Petty, Steely Dan, Josh Groban, The Eagles ong>andong> recent Billboard chart-toppers Thompson Square.

Kevin Breuner has spent over 14 years working in the music business, both as an artong>isong>t ong>andong> an industry professional. A San

Diego native, Kevin went East to attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN where he studied Music ong>andong> Music Business.

After college, he joined the Atlanta based bong>andong> Smalltown Poets who later signed a recording contract with a major label under

the EMI umbrella. Their self titled debut album received critical acclaim selling over 200,000 copies ong>andong> long>andong>ing the guys with a

Grammy nomination plus multiple Dove Award nominations. Kevin now lives in Portlong>andong>, Oregon, home to great coffee,

independent thinking, ong>andong> 5 months of rain. He stays active in the music industry, managing CD Baby’s marketing efforts ong>andong>

hosting their popular DIY Musician Podcast, as well as within the local music scene. Hong>isong> bong>andong> Smalltown Poets

(smalltownpoets.tv) just celebrated the release of their sixth studio album titled Under The New Sun.

Hayden Bursk ong>isong> a software developer ong>andong> the Director of Mobile Apps at Sonoma Wire Works, makers of FourTrack ong>andong>

StudioTrack for the iPhone ong>andong> iPad, as well as RiffWorks ong>andong> DrumCore for the Mac ong>andong> PC. When not making music recording

software, Hayden writes ong>andong> records music targeted for televong>isong>ion ong>andong> advertong>isong>ements. He has had placements on ABC Family's

"Switched at Birth" ong>andong> has had songs in consideration for a very popular vampire franchong>isong>e.

Robert A. Case ong>isong> the President of New Pants Publong>isong>hing, Inc. (ASCAP), Old Pants Publong>isong>hing, Inc. (BMI), ong>andong> New Pants

Music, Inc. (SESAC) ong>isong> a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art (Denver), with an Associate's Degree in Business (emphasong>isong> in

Music ong>andong> Video). He completed studies at Community College of Denver in Business Adminong>isong>tration ong>andong> Marketing. Mr. Case

ong>andong> companies are proud members of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, The Recording Academy, NATPE ong>andong> The Association of

Independent Music Publong>isong>hers. Mr. Case ong>andong> hong>isong> companies have experience with promoting their music catalogs with

organizations including the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Minor League Baseball ong>andong> GNC Body

Building Competitions. Hong>isong> companies’ catalogs have also had successful placements with Lions Gate Pictures, CW Network,

A&E, Fox Sports, CBS/VHI/Universal HD (Love Monkey), NBC's Friday Night Lights, ABC/Soap Network (One Life to Live),

the Outdoor Channel, The Dong>isong>covery Channel ong>andong> Comedy Central (South Park).

Rob Chiarelli ong>isong> a Producer ong>andong> Mix Engineer with more than 70 RIAA Gold ong>andong> Platinum albums which include Will Smith,

Kirk Franklin, Quincy Jones, Madonna, Chrong>isong>tina Aguilera, Luther Vong>andong>ross, Puff, Jesse McCartney, LeAnn Rimes, Yolong>andong>a

Adams, Charlie Wilson, Ray Charles, New Boyz, ong>andong> Janet Jackson, as well as numerous motion picture soundtracks, including

Men In Black I & II.

David Cat Cohen has had songs cut by Cheryl Lynn, Syreeta, Freddie Hubbard, Bo Diddley ong>andong> more. Has had hong>isong> music

featured in the HBO movie The Rat Pack, as well as the Universal feature film Undercover Brother. Is an author of several books

including Songwriting for Your Original Act, Road Poems USA ong>andong> Road Prose Southwest. Has taught at Songwriting School of

Los Angeles, UCLA Extension, Musician’s Institute ong>andong> Cal Poly Pomona. Has hong>isong> own CD entitled Songs of Survival ong>andong>

Sweet Surrender.


Dave Cool (yes, that’s hong>isong> real name) ong>isong> the Director of Artong>isong>t Relations for Bong>andong>zoogle, a website ong>andong> marketing platform for

musicians. Through blogging, social media, ong>andong> traveling to conferences, he keeps an open dialogue with the indie artong>isong>t

community about the challenges they face, ong>andong> what strategies they can use to advance their careers. Previous to hong>isong> work with

Bong>andong>zoogle, he served as Director of Member Services for the Canadian Independent Recording Artong>isong>ts’ Association (CIRAA),

ong>andong> Program Director for a music venue in hong>isong> hometown of Montreal, where he programmed over 500 events. In 2006, he

released a documentary film called What ong>isong> INDIE? A look into the World of Independent Musicians, which featured 20 artong>isong>ts

ong>andong> several leading experts in the music industry. Before that, Cool ran a small record label ong>andong> played in various rock/punk

bong>andong>s in the Montreal music scene.

Kim Copelong>andong> has long been recognized as one of Nashville’s top independent producers. Her production skills have helped

many of her indie clients attain publong>isong>hing ong>andong> record deals ong>andong> her reputation as a top-flight song troubleshooter has made her

one of the most sought-after speakers, consultants ong>andong> songwriting instructors in the country for organizations including TAXI,

The Songwriters Connection ong>andong> the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Perhaps the best indication of the respect in

which she’s held in the industry ong>isong> her inclusion in The Art & Science of Sound, the acclaimed video series on music production

ong>andong> recording put together by world-renowned producer/artong>isong>t Alan Parsons ong>andong> featuring legends like Michael McDonald ong>andong>

producer Tony Brown.

Steven Corn ong>isong> the CEO & co-Founder of BFM Digital, a digital dong>isong>tribution company specializing in representing

independent artong>isong>ts, labels, publong>isong>hers ong>andong> other content creators thru their current network of over 250 digital services worldwide.

Prior to forming BFM, he created Corn Music Services, Inc. an early licensor of audio ong>andong> vong>isong>ual content to the cellular industry

ong>andong> providingstrategic consulting services high profile online companies including Myspace, Fox Interactive, Universal Studios,

Oddcast ong>andong> kSolo.com. Hong>isong> experience includes Executive Vice President at Licensemusic.com, a pioneering online licensing

site, ong>andong> Vice-President/General Manager of Megatrax Production Music, a globally recognized production music library.

Lauren Danzy manages the artong>isong>t/label outreach marketing strategy for SoundExchange, the non-profit performance rights

organization that collects statutory royalties from satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels, ong>andong> similar platforms

for streaming sound recordings. The Copyright Royalty Board, which ong>isong> appointed by The U.S. Library of Congress, has

entrusted SoundExchange as the sole entity in the United States to collect ong>andong> dong>isong>tribute these digital performance royalties on

behalf of featured recording artong>isong>ts, master rights owners (like record labels), ong>andong> independent artong>isong>ts who record ong>andong> own their

masters. It takes a myriad of outreach efforts to get artong>isong>ts ong>andong> copyright holders regong>isong>tered to claim their digital performance

royalties ong>andong> Lauren assong>isong>ts SoundExchange’s Communications & Marketing department to realize thong>isong> goal by increasing

vong>isong>ibility of the SoundExchange brong>andong> ong>andong> raong>isong>ing awareness of the organization’s mong>isong>sion among the recording industry via

conference participation, webinars, sponsorship negotiation, advertong>isong>ing campaigns ong>andong> other marketing initiatives. While

admittedly not musically inclined, Lauren ong>isong> a self-professed music junkie ong>andong> drummer wannabe, claiming she’s “Sheila E. in

[her] head.” Her favorites range from hometown heroes Outkast (she’s a Georgia peach) to Dixie Chicks with a million stops in


Barry De Vorzon has long been a prominent name in the recording industry. He has written ong>andong>/or produced a total of twenty

hit records ong>andong> earned six Emmys ong>andong> a Grammy for hong>isong> work. He dong>isong>covered the highly successful group, The Association, ong>andong>

developed one of the most successful independent record ong>andong> publong>isong>hing companies of that time. He later sold hong>isong> record company

ong>andong> hong>isong> publong>isong>hing company “Tamerlane” to Warner Brothers. He was nominated for an Academy Award for “Bless the Beasts

ong>andong> the Children” ong>andong> won a Grammy for “Nada’s Theme”. Hong>isong> music for televong>isong>ion has earned him six Emmy ong>andong> numerous

nominations. In addition to composing, Barry has enjoyed a successful career as a recording artong>isong>t. Hong>isong> hit instrumental “Nadia’s

Theme” went Gold as did the L.P. by the same name. Earlier in hong>isong> career as Barry of Barry ong>andong> The Tamerlanes, he had a top ten

hit with “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight.” More recently, Barry had a hit with “No More Drama” recorded by Mary J.

Blige, which went Top 5 ong>andong> Platinum. Hong>isong> “Theme from S.W.A.T.” was featured in the motion picture, “S.W.A.T.” The original

music from “The Warriors” was used in the best-selling video game by the same name last year. Barry ong>isong> also the founder ong>andong>

President of MasterWriter Inc., the #1 used ong>andong> accepted software application for songwriters, poets ong>andong> creative writers.

MasterWriter was designed by songwriters for songwriters ong>andong> contains all the tools ong>andong> reference that are essential for the

modern songwriter.

Chas Ferry has been in the music ong>andong> film business for over 25 years. He worked at Cherokee Recording Studio's as the chief

engineer ong>andong> has worked on albums by artong>isong>ts ranging from David Bowie to Slaughter ong>andong> Steve Perry. As a mastering engineer

Chas has mastered dozens of film soundtrack albums. As a music editor, music mixer ong>andong> arranger he's been involved in many

films ong>andong> TV shows ranging from Repo Man to Big Brother. He worked for former Tangerine Dream member ong>andong> composer

Chrong>isong>topher Franke for 10 years, during which time he helped create the Chrong>isong>topher Franke Reality TV Library for Killer Tracks.

Currently Chas ong>isong> the owner of HollywoodTrax Music Library.


Fett ong>isong> an independent producer/engineer with more than 40 albums to hong>isong> credit, RHI-certified music career coach, owner of

Azalea Studios in Nashville, former Technology Editor for Performing Songwriter magazine, ong>andong> contributing author to CMA

Close-Up, Drum! ong>andong> Keyboard magazines. Clients include Davy Jones of the Monkees, Grammy-winning songwriter Don

Henry, ong>andong> international guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel.

Jon Flanagan Jon Flanagan founded Radio & Retail Promotions to help Musicians grow their Fan Base, Increase Sales,

Concert Attendance ong>andong> Music Industry Recognition. Jon worked at Columbia Records, Capitol Records, EMI Records, A&M

Records, ong>andong> Tower Records ong>andong> he was a Radio Music Director himself. Jon has been interviewed 5 times in Music Connection

Magazine regarding Artong>isong>t Development ong>andong> achieving Radio Airplay ong>andong> he has spoken at Music Conferences Nationwide.

Stephen Fortner ong>isong> the Editor In Chief of Keyboard Magazine, owned by New Bay Media. Stephen ong>isong> a world-class expert on

Virtual Instruments, having served as an editorial contributor, Technical Editor, ong>andong> Senior Editor of Keyboard Magazine. He’s

also been a working musician, composing incidental music ong>andong> jingles for a variety of advertong>isong>ing, corporate, educational, ong>andong>

independent creative projects.

David Frangioni ong>isong> a pioneer in music technology. As technical consultant, engineer, ong>andong>/or programmer, he ong>isong> the recipient

of dozens of Gold ong>andong> Platinum Albums. He mixed the first ever 5.1 CD release featuring Boyz-II-Men ong>andong> Seal, co-produced

ong>andong> programmed two of the best selling Sample CD's of all-time (Dance/Industrial I & II) ong>andong> has worked closely with Aerosmith

for more than 20 years. He ong>isong> a contributor to many magazines ong>andong> on-line forums as well as a mentor with the IDA Program.

Robin Frederick ong>isong> the author of the popular songwriting books Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting ong>andong> Shortcuts to Songwriting

for Film & TV. She’s a former Director of A&R for Rhino Records, executive producer of more than 60 albums, ong>andong> an indemong>andong>

lecturer on the music industry. She has written ong>andong> produced hundreds of songs for televong>isong>ion, records, theater, ong>andong> audio

products. Currently, she oversees the A&R/Screener Team at TAXI.

Frank Fuchs ong>isong> a two-time Grammy nominated Producer of more than 50 Woody Guthrie songs with various artong>isong>ts like Taj

Mahal, Joe Ely, Billy Bragg, ong>andong> more. Recorded ong>andong> wrote more than 40 songs for films ong>andong> current TV shows. Played guitar

with Cong>isong>sy Houston, Whitney Houston, among others. Had hong>isong> songs recently placed in A&E’s The Glades. Also was nominated

in the 2011 LA Music Awards for AC Song of the Year ong>andong> Album of the Year ong>andong> has played the Grammy Museum ong>andong> The

Steinbeck Center in Salinas to mark the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth.

Chrong>isong> Gagon ong>isong> a Product Specialong>isong>t for PreSonus Audio. He has been teaching home recording basics for 5 years with

PreSonus ong>andong> has been playing bass for 19 years.

Cliff Goldmacher ong>isong> a songwriter, producer, session musician, engineer, author, ong>andong> owner of recording studios in Nashville,

Tennessee, ong>andong> Sonoma, California. Hong>isong> songwriting collaborators include multi-platinum selling artong>isong>ts Chrong>isong> Barron (Lead

singer of the Spin Doctors) ong>andong> Long>isong>a Loeb. Cliff’s songs have been cut by major label artong>isong>ts in genres ranging from Country,

Pop, ong>andong> Jazz to classical crossover. Hong>isong> music has also been used on NPR’s “Thong>isong> American Life” ong>andong> in national advertong>isong>ing

campaigns. In 2010, Cliff's song “Till You Come To Me” spent 27 weeks in the top 10 on Billboard Magazine’s Jazz chart ong>andong>

finong>isong>hed as the Mediabase #1 ong>andong> Billboard #2 Jazz song of the year. So far in 2011, Cliff has a song on a compilation entitled

“Love Notes” which has reached #3 on the Billboard Jazz album chart ong>andong> another song, which opens the Hurly Burly show on

London’s famous West End.

Chrong>isong>ti Green holds a BM in Jazz Guitar Performance ong>andong> an MM in Classical Guitar Performance. She ong>isong> the Author of

Fretboard Theory A Chordal Approach, A Time Management Guide For The Practicing Musician, ong>andong> has developed the

curriculum for Northwest Music School.com. Chrong>isong>ti has been an active guitar instructor ong>andong> pro player for nearly 30 years, both

in the private studio ong>andong> at the University level. She ong>isong> currently preparing to launch her online instruction guitar series under her

name, Chrong>isong>ti Green Studios.

Don Grierson ong>isong> a legendary A&R Executive where he held Sr. Vice President titles at Major labels such as Epic, Capitol, ong>andong>

EMI. He was directly responsible for signing some of the world’s biggest artong>isong>ts including Celine Dion, Heart, Iron Maiden,

Sheena Easton, Joe Cocker, Wasp, Bad Englong>isong>h, George Clinton, J.Geils Bong>andong>, Kate Bush, among many others. He has also

worked with Gloria Estefan, The Jacksons, Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Queen, Indigo Girls, Kenny Rogers, Alice Cooper, ong>andong> an

extensive long>isong>t of other hit artong>isong>ts. He ong>isong> now a consultant to artong>isong>ts, managers, independent labels, etc., as well as being a teacher at

Musicians Institute in Hollywood ong>andong> the co-writer (with Dan Kimpel) of the publong>isong>hed book “It All Begins With The Music”.


Chip Hardy ong>isong> a songwriter with songs recorded by Dionne Warwick, Conway Twitty ong>andong> Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, the

Whites (3 top 10 Country singles) ong>andong> many more. He served as part of the MCA Records A&R team for six years ong>andong> produced

projects on Loretta Lynn, Dann Rogers, The Vegas Bros., ong>andong> Joe Barnhill. Chip was also Assong>isong>tant Producer ong>andong>/or worked on

projects by George Strait, Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, The Oak Ridge Boys, Mac Davong>isong>, ong>andong> Barbara

Mong>andong>rell. Most recently he served as Vice President, Creative for Hamstein Music Group ong>andong> Evergreen Copyrights. Chip ong>isong>

currently involved in record ong>andong> demo production in Nashville ong>andong> ong>isong> also active in individual songwriter consultations ong>andong>

speaking at various songwriter seminars.

Ron Harrong>isong> ong>isong> a former A&R Executive for Epic ong>andong> Sony Records ong>andong> Producer whose credits include Chrong>isong>tina Aguilera,

Hoku, Chrong>isong>toper Williams, Adina Howard, Orianthi, ong>andong> Allong>isong>on Irehata.

Matt Hirt ong>isong> a highly versatile ong>andong> prolific composer with almost 1500 unique publong>isong>hed songs ong>andong> instrumentals in

nearly every musical style imaginable to hong>isong> credit. Matt’s songs have been featured in 4 number 1 box office motion

pictures (Limitless, Rogue/Virgin 2011, Tropic Thunder, Paramount 2008, Rush Hour 3, New Line Cinema 2007, ong>andong>

Mr And Mrs Smith, 20th Century Fox 2005). Hong>isong> music ong>isong> also heard daily on network ong>andong> cable tv on shows such as

Hawaii Five O, How I Met Your Mother, CSI, Parenthood, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, America’s Next

Top Model, The View, Access Hollywood, The Dr Oz Show, ong>andong> the Beijing, Vancouver ong>andong> London Olympic Games On

NBC, among many others.

Kevin Houlihan has worked as both a touring musician ong>andong> a music coordinator for major studio films such as "The Love

Guru," "All About Steve," ong>andong> "Gracie" ever since signing as an artong>isong>t ong>andong> songwriter to MCA Records/Universal Music

Publong>isong>hing Group. Hong>isong> music has been licensed for feature film releases including "Firehouse Dog," "Little Manhattan," ong>andong>

"Gossip," as well as several televong>isong>ion shows including "Army Wives," ong>andong> "The League." Kevin continues to be active as a

music coordinator for films, an artong>isong>t, ong>andong> a producer.

Casey Hurowitz ong>isong> a TAXI member ong>andong> a non-performing songwriter who writes mainly for film/TV. He has signed

numerous music publong>isong>hing ong>andong> library deals ong>andong> frequently offers advice ong>andong> information on the TAXI forum. Hong>isong> music has

been heard on NBC, MTV, E!, TLC, The Food Network, ong>andong> others. Through hong>isong> own music placement company, Casey has

placed music for other artong>isong>ts on HBO ong>andong> Canadian TV.

Jai Josefs ong>isong> a nationally renowned songwriting coach many of whose students have been signed to major label publong>isong>hing ong>andong>

artong>isong>t deals. He has taught songwriting at UCLA, as well as at dozens of seminars ong>andong> conferences throughout North America.

Hong>isong> book Writing Music for Hit Songs has been endorsed by hit writers including Diane Warren ong>andong> ong>isong> used worldwide in

colleges ong>andong> universities as a text on modern music writing. He ong>isong> coach ong>andong> mentor of the Northern California SongShop ong>andong>

under hong>isong> guidance many members have had film ong>andong> TV placements within the last several years. He has also been a successful

songwriter/producer in hong>isong> own right. Hong>isong> credits include more than 30 songs recorded by artong>isong>ts from Jose Feliciano to Pam Tillong>isong>

ong>andong> with such companies as Universal, RCA, Motown, ong>andong> Dong>isong>ney. Hong>isong> songs have been used in TV shows on every major

network (CSI, Supernatural, Brothers ong>andong> Song>isong>ters, Monk, Cold Case etc.) ong>andong> over a dozen major motion pictures with such stars

as Harrong>isong>on Ford, Jessica Lange, ong>andong> Billy Bob Thornton.

Kenny Kerner dong>isong>covered ong>andong> produced KISS! He also produced Badfinger, Gladys Knight, Jose Feliciano, ong>andong> many more.

He was Senior Editor at Music Connection magazine, ong>andong> as a music journalong>isong>t has interviewed such artong>isong>ts as John Lennon, Cher,

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, ong>andong> Ringo Starr. Currently, Kenny ong>isong> Director of the Online Music Business program at

Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Dan Kimpel author of six best-selling music business books including Networking Strategies for the New Music Business, has

conducted recent interviews with Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo ong>andong> Dr. Luke. Writes, interviews, ong>andong> produces

music segments for Delta Airlines inflight audio programming. On faculty at Musician’s Institute ong>andong> lectures across the U.S.,

Canada ong>andong> Japan.

Darlene Koldenhoven ong>isong> a GRAMMY award winner, three-time Grammy nominee, award-winning producer, recording

artong>isong>t, vocal contractor, songwriter, arranger, voice teacher/coach, studio owner, ong>andong> author of a new book Tune Your Voice:

Singing ong>andong> the Mind’s Musical Ear ong>andong> ong>isong> endorsed by everyone from Julliard to American Idol.


Jan Linder-Koda ong>isong> a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, ong>andong> specializes in artong>isong>t development. Her studio Angel Diva

Music ong>isong> designed to lift artong>isong>t abilities to Rock star level. She ong>isong> the author of the guide Directing Singers for an Actor’s

Perspective. Angel Diva Music has a roster of 20 GRAMMY winners. Her songs have been heard in many films, TV, ong>andong> online


Michael Lloyd was Vice President of A&R for MGM Records by the age of 20, ong>andong> for more than 45 years has been

producing hit records ong>andong> soundtracks, earning more than 100 gold ong>andong> platinum records along the way. Some of the artong>isong>ts he’s

worked with include, Lou Rawls, Barry Manilow, Dionne Warwick, Shaun Cassidy, The Moody Blues, The Monkees, The

Osmonds, Stryper, Sammy Davong>isong>, Jr., The Righteous Brothers, Debby Boone, Pat Boone, Air Supply, ong>andong> Frank Sinatra, just to

name a few. Was also the Music Supervong>isong>or for the film Dirty Dancing ong>andong> produced the Dirty Dancing soundtrack album. He’s

also done the scoring, music supervong>isong>ion, songwriting, song placement, ong>andong>/or music producing for well over 100 motion pictures,

22 TV movies, 13 TV specials, ong>andong> 37 televong>isong>ion series. Hong>isong> chart records span six decades, from the ’60s to the present.

Chrong>isong> “Hot Rod” Long ong>isong> a former music journalong>isong>t ong>andong> concert promoter who has managed two bong>andong>s he found through

TAXI – Platinum-selling, Crossfade (Columbia) ong>andong> Jonah, among others. He has been the Director of Creative Development for

the short-lived new music portal Fuzz.com. He did A&R at Chameleon Records where he was responsible for signing Kyuss ong>andong>

bringing highly acclaimed techno/rock trio Ethyl Meatplow to the label. He was also an A&R consultant for Delicious Vinyl,

assong>isong>ted the President ong>andong> Marketing Director at Fuel 2000 ong>andong> has worked with such bong>andong>s as Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against

the Machine, ong>andong> Ice T’s Body Count. He also spent five years in the marketing department at the Los Angeles Times. Recently,

he helped long>andong> South Carolina-based bong>andong> Weaving the Fate a deal with Universal/Republic Records ong>andong> also helped Atlantic

Records’ newest superstar Chrong>isong>tina Perri find a top-ranked music attorney who ong>isong> an important part of the team that has helped

her become one of the biggest success stories of the last 10 years.

Karl Louong>isong> ong>isong> the former A&R/Promotions rep for Limp Bizkit at Flip Records. He also served as a manager at Warren Entner

Management whose clients included Deftones, Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine ong>andong> more.) He worked in the

Promotions Department at KROQ-FM ong>andong> was a writer/marketing rep for the leading trade publication HITS Magazine. He also

was the Creator/Writer of the A&R column for the industry trade magazine The Album Network. Karl has shopped many label,

publong>isong>hing ong>andong>/or management deals for artong>isong>ts such as Matchbox Twenty, Creed, the Atarong>isong>, Test Your Reflex, Sixpence None

the Richer, Hoobastank, Firekills, Collective Soul, Weezer, ong>andong> many more. He currently teaches Personal Management courses

at Musician’s Institute ong>andong> ong>isong> part of the TAXI A&R screener staff. He owns ong>andong> operates hong>isong> own management ong>andong> development

consulting business, Moral Compass Management.

Ted Lowe ong>isong> the President of Choicetracks, Inc., an independent music publong>isong>her, ong>andong> founder of Recurrent Records, home to

Mong>isong>s Amani, Jess Penner, Astoria Kings, ong>andong> The DNC. Founded in 2000, songs from Choicetracks/Recurrent Records artong>isong>ts

have been featured in TV campaigns for blockbusters including Rio, Up, Karate Kid 2, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, as well

as recent campaigns for Soul Surfer, What’s Your Number?, Monte Carlo, ong>andong> Dirty Girl; ong>andong> in ad campaigns for Days Inn,

Pantene, Jergens, T-Mobile, Payless Shoes, Edong>isong>on Electric, ong>andong> many more. He ong>isong> the Executive Producer of music compilations

in partnership with Position Music. Thong>isong> popular series ong>isong> heard on TV around the world each ong>andong> every day in such shows as

American Idol, America's Got Talent, America’s Next Top Model, ong>andong> dozens of other shows that don’t have the word "America"

in them. Ted was a former music supervong>isong>or ong>andong> A&R executive for Sony Music’s Epic Records, ong>andong> Warner Bros. Records.

Guy Marshall ong>isong> a gold ong>andong> platinum award winning songwriter/producer ong>andong> a 29+ year veteran of the music industry. He

has written or produced music for artong>isong>ts such as Pat Benatar, The Tuesdays, Robert Tepper, ong>andong> for film ong>andong> televong>isong>ion shows

including Baywatch, Rocky IV, The Cobra, Lionheart, the LA Kings, Turner Broadcast Network, Dr. Laura ong>andong> others.Marshall

also teaches ong>andong> lectures at The Musicians’ Institute, Pierce College, The Los Angeles Music Academy, the Learning Annex, ong>andong>

The Songwriters’ Guild of America, UCLA, Santa Monica College ong>andong> Pierce College to name a few. He has done screening for

TAXI ong>andong> has been a guest teacher ong>andong> panelong>isong>t at their annual ROAD RALLY for over 8 years.

John Mazzei ong>isong> a San Francong>isong>co-based composer of production music for libraries, film, TV, ong>andong> games. Since 2006 he has

been getting music placed on TV shows, mostly through library ong>andong> publong>isong>her deals signed as a result of TAXI forwards. He first

formulated hong>isong> five-year plan in 2004, which makes thong>isong> year seven of the plan! The realization that a five-year plan ong>isong> really a

constantly evolving ong>andong> living roadmap ong>isong> the focus of hong>isong> segment of the class thong>isong> year.


Clare McLeod ong>isong> an Assong>isong>tant Professor in the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As Head of Voice at

JMC Academy (a Music College in Melbourne, Australia), from 2009-2011, Clare taught Voice as well as Composition,

Arranging, ong>andong> Professional Practice. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2004, ong>andong> received a

Graduate Diploma from Monash University in Australia in Education. A member of the Australia National Association of

Teachers of Singing, she holds a Certificate of Figure Proficiency from the Estill Voice Training System ong>andong> continues to study

developments in the voice research field.

Steven Memel ong>isong> an internationally acclaimed vocal technique ong>andong> performance coach. Hong>isong> clients have won Grammys,

Emmys ong>andong> Tony Awards ong>andong> have been nominated for Academy Awards ong>andong> Golden Globes. Hong>isong> clients have also recorded on

Sony, BMG, Jive, Epic, J Records, Dreamworks, A&M, Atlantic, Warner Bros., ong>andong> more. Steven has also lectured ong>andong> taught at

various conferences across the country as well as international programs ong>andong> has coached actors, public speakers, ong>andong> presentation

skills for business professionals.

Bob Mete ong>isong> a musician well known for hong>isong> dedication to ong>andong> promotion of Jazz, especially with young musicians. Bob studied

Business ong>andong> Jazz at Western Connecticut State University, ong>andong> furthered hong>isong> studies in music at the Hartt School of Music. He

has received several music-inspired awards, such as Outstong>andong>ing Jazz Educator of the Year from the National Bong>andong> Association,

ong>andong> ong>isong> a member of the Board of Directors for the Charlottesville Jazz Society. Bob Mete’s song “Raindrops & Moonbeams” has

been selected as the music for a worldwide advertong>isong>ing campaign for Donna Karan’s new fragrance PUREDKNY, PUREDKNY

Verbena. Hong>isong> music has appears in Showtime's "Californication" ong>andong> Telemundo's "Coravan Valiente".

Gilli Moon ong>isong> a Singer/Songwriter/Artong>isong>t/Producer. Has worked with highly respected artong>isong>ts such as Simple Minds, Placido

Domingo ong>andong> Eric Idle. Is a songwriting award winner in the Netherlong>andong>s, U.S. ong>andong> Australia. Her songs have been featured in

independent films ong>andong> network U.S. televong>isong>ion programs. President of Songsalive! (non-profit songwriters organization), CEO of

record label Warrior Girl Music, ong>andong> also a certified professional coach. She also has two books out, the latest called Just Get Out


Nancy Moran ong>isong> an Independent Folk-Rock, Americana Singer/Songwriter with four critically acclaimed solo albums, a

former member of the national touring group, The Four Bitchin’ Babes (two CDs with them), ong>andong> an accomplong>isong>hed harmony

vocalong>isong>t. As co-owner of Azalea Music Group ong>andong> an RHI-certified artong>isong>t development / music life coach, Nancy teaches music

business workshops, e-courses ong>andong> webinars, ong>andong> mentors artong>isong>ts, writers, composers ong>andong> aspiring music moguls in career

development ong>andong> marketing skills. She ong>isong> a regular speaker for organizations such as NSAI, Indie Connect, ong>andong> SGA, a

contributing writer to CMA Close Up magazine ong>andong> the former Asstong>isong>tant Editor of American Songwriter Magazine.

Ralph Murphy ong>isong> an artong>isong>t, songwriter, producer, ong>andong> music business executive ong>andong> has worked extensively on both sides of

the Atlantic during hong>isong> music career. Hong>isong> first #1 song in Europe was “Call My Name” by James Royal (1966). After several years

as an artong>isong>t ong>andong> producer, Ralph moved to New York in 1969 to produce the bong>andong> April Wine (two gold albums; one platinum). In

1971, Ralph had hong>isong> first Country hit in Nashville with “Good Enough To Be Your Wife,” #2 for Jeannie C. Riley. By 1976,

Ralph ong>andong> business partner Roger Cook opened Pic-A-Lic Music in Nashville. During the decade of its exong>isong>tence, the company

prospered, more of Ralph’s songs became hits (“He Got You” for Ronnie Milsap; “Half The Way” for Crystal Gayle), ong>andong> Ralph

served as president of NSAI, as well as VP, International/Domestic Membership Group for ASCAP, Nashville. He ong>isong> currently a

consultant to ASCAP via hong>isong> company Murphy Music Consulting.

Ronan Chrong>isong> Murphy ong>isong> a producer/mixer/artong>isong>t who has worked with artong>isong>ts such as King Crimson, Terry Bozzio, Jamie

Walters, Steve Stevens, Nels Cline, Tony Levin ong>andong> many more. He ong>isong> also the founder of Recording Boot Camp.

Rob “Blasko” Nicholson ong>isong> the bass player for Ozzy Osbourne ong>andong> previously played bass for Rob Zombie. He ong>isong> the

president ong>andong> co-owner of Mercenary Management, Inc., where he manages the career of Black Veil Brides among others. He ong>isong>

the director of Music Relations for Affliction Clothing ong>andong> ong>isong> a music consultant for Monster Energy Drink.

Pat Pattong>isong>on ong>isong> a professor at Berklee College of Music, where he has developed four online courses for their website – three

on lyric writing ong>andong> one on poetry – also available through hong>isong> website. He ong>isong> the author of three books: Writing Better Lyrics, The

Essential Guide to Lyric Form ong>andong> Structure, ong>andong> The Essential Guide To Rhyming. Hong>isong> new book, Songwriting Without

Boundaries, will be out in January. Pat continues to present songwriting clinics across the U.S., Canada, ong>andong> internationally.

Several of hong>isong> students are multiple Grammy winners, including John Mayer ong>andong> Gillian Welch.


Willy Perez-Feria has sold well over 18 million records in the course of hong>isong> versatile music songwriting/production career,

first with Estefan Enterprong>isong>es, & currently with Universal Music Publong>isong>hing, working with such music giants as Jon Secada,

Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Rudy Perez, The Bee Gees, Inner Circle, James Brown, Paul

Simon, Jimmy Buffet, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Julio Iglesias, Jose Luong>isong> Rodriguez, Alejong>andong>ro Fernong>andong>ez, Charlie Zaa, Shalim,

Roberto Blades, Alih Jey, Daniela Guzman, Ektor, Liliana Marquez, Vanessa Di Gennaro ong>andong> many others. Along with hong>isong>

thriving music songwriting/production career, Perez-Feria ong>isong> also currently the Director of IDA (Inspire & Develop Artong>isong>ts)

Program (IDAprogram.com). IDA ong>isong> a 7-Day program for singers & singer/songwriters that pairs them with superstar producers

& artong>isong>ts in a boot-camp environment in order to educate, inspire & develop them into the next level of their artong>isong>tic career. To

learn more vong>isong>it hong>isong> website at www.willypop.com.

Ravi ong>isong> a singer/songwriter/guitarong>isong>t who shot to worldwide fame as a member of the 90's bong>andong> Hanson, performing in front of

millions of screaming teenage fans in scenes reminong>isong>cent of "Beatlemania." Their triple Grammy nominated chart-topping song

"Mmmbop" catapulted the bong>andong> into the music stratosphere, taking Ravi to stages at the White House, Jay Leno, David

Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Today Show, Good Morning America, Madong>isong>on Square Garden, ong>andong> others. Hong>isong> autobiography

written on tour as guitarong>isong>t of that year's top-selling bong>andong> in the world was publong>isong>hed by Simon & Schuster, ong>andong> multiple

magazines have publong>isong>hed hong>isong> artong>isong>t-entrepreneur advice columns. Ravi continues today to tour regularly under hong>isong> own name with

over 200 days on the road annually. "The Raviator" ong>isong> also a pilot who gives inspiring presentations on the many reasons why one

should participate in one of humanity's greatest achievements–the magic of flight. Blending hong>isong> passions, he wrote the new theme

song for the world's largest air show ong>andong> ong>isong> a founding member of the Flying Musicians Association.

Debra Russell ong>isong> the Certified Business Coach ong>andong> Owner of Artong>isong>t’s EDGE, works with professionals in the Music Industry

to create their success in their chosen field. A business coach, workshop leader ong>andong> keynote speaker, Debra has delivered several

innovative programs for entertainment industry trade conferences in the US, Europe ong>andong> Australia.

Chuck Schlacter Chuck Schlacter ong>isong> a guitarong>isong>t ong>andong> composer living in Brentwood, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

Schlacter graduated from SUNY at Oswego with a degree in music. He writes instrumental music for TV ong>andong> Film. Schlacter

draws on hong>isong> broad performance experience when composing. Hong>isong> compositions include world beat, orchestral, jazz, ong>andong>

dramedy, as well as genres as diverse as film noir, spy music, bossa nova ong>andong> surf guitar. Chuck has been a TAXI member since

2006 ong>andong> has over 500 compositions signed with 15 production music libraries. Hong>isong> music has been heard on SyFy, Oxygen,

Animal Planet, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, E!, Dong>isong>covery ong>andong> A&E

Judy Stakee ong>isong> the owner ong>andong> founder of the Judy Stakee Company. She has more than 30 years of experience as an executive

in the music industry ong>andong> specializes in all aspects of development of artong>isong>ts ong>andong> songwriters. Her belief ong>isong> that it all starts with a

song. A veteran of the music industry, she held numerous positions including 20 years at Warner Chappell Music as Senior VP of


Ben Thompkins ong>isong> the Western Region Technical Sales Representative for Blue Microphones, ong>andong> also spends time

performing with various bong>andong>s ong>andong> writing for film/televong>isong>ion. a California native,Ben was raong>isong>ed up in the music industry.

Playing in various bong>andong>s, at age 20 Ben was signed to Velvet Hammer Music ong>andong> Management Group where he toured ong>andong>

recorded with some of the top people in the music industry. He attended the University of Southern California ong>andong> earned a Music

Industry degree.

David Trotter ong>isong> the Co-founder ong>andong> Executive Producer of Studio 51 Music. Since 2004 Studio 51 has made tens of

thousong>andong>s of placements on many of the largest shows on televong>isong>ion, while using TAXI exclusively to meet their need for

composers. Studio 51 provides the largest share of music to Harpo Productions. Harpo Productions ong>isong> the primary source of music

for Dr. Oz, ong>andong> The Oprah Winfrey Network, ong>andong> previously The Oprah Winfrey Show, ong>andong> Nate Berkus Show. Studio 51

Provides the second largest collection of music to Pacifica Music under the name Noong>isong>e Cloud resulting in major network,

advertong>isong>ing, ong>andong> film placements since 2010. Studio 51 Music ong>isong> recognized as a unique new business model that provides music

only to other highly respected libraries ong>andong> production companies with a respected stable of professional ong>andong> exceptional

composers. Over 97% of the Studio 51's 150 Composers come directly from TAXI Long>isong>tings ong>andong> Road Rally or TAXI member



Susan Tucker Music Industry Professional with experience in Artong>isong>t Management, Publong>isong>hing, Music Production ong>andong>

Business Marketing. Susan Tucker moved to Nashville over 20 years ago from Texas. Very soon after arriving in Music City, she

was a publong>isong>hed songwriter ong>andong> found herself totally engrossed in studying how commercially successful songwriters achieve

their success. So engrossed in fact, that she wrote two successful books on the subject, The Soul of a Writer (Journey Publong>isong>hing

Company, Nashville, TN) ong>andong> The Secrets of Songwriting (Allworth Press, New York, NY). Thong>isong> helped launch Susan’s next

chapter as a respected ong>andong> sought after lecturer ong>andong> mentor. Susan ong>isong> a member of ASCAP, NSAI, NARAS, AMA, Folk Alliance,

CMA ong>andong> the founder of The Songwriters Connection, an organization formed to educate, inform ong>andong> connect songwriters all

over the world. She publong>isong>hes a weekly e-zine. www.songwritersconnection.com. She has been a force in the music industry for

twenty years ong>andong> her passion for artong>isong>ts ong>andong> songwriters ong>andong> the business ong>isong> still strong. In recent years Susan has focused her

attention on helping indie artong>isong>ts with development, production ong>andong> promotion.

Dave Walton Dave ong>isong> a full-time composer/musician. After a long time away from music, he joined TAXI in 2004 with ideas

ong>andong> sounds that were “out of date, out of style”. Since then he has managed to evolve hong>isong> ideas ong>andong> sounds into something more

current ong>andong> modern. He has hundreds (ong>andong> hundreds) of placements on network ong>andong> cable televong>isong>ion mostly through direct TAXI

deals with libraries ong>andong> publong>isong>hers. Hong>isong> daughter thinks hong>isong> music placements are cool but rolls her eyes when he mentions having

music in “Bad Girls Club”.

Paul Zollo ong>isong> a singer/songwriter, Trough Records recording artong>isong>t, ong>andong> author of several books including Conversations with

Tom Petty ong>andong> Songwriters on Songwriting, which the New Yorker called “the songwriter’s bible” ong>andong> features in-depth

interviews with such legendary songwriters as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Rong>andong>y Newman, James Taylor, Willie

Dixon, Pete Seeger, Sammy Cahn, Carole King, Laura Nyro, Frank Zappa, Townes Van Zong>andong>t, ong>andong> Neil Young. Currently he ong>isong>

the senior editor at American Songwriter Magazine ong>andong> chief editor of Bluerailroad. Hong>isong> songs have been recorded by Art

Garfunkel, Severin Browne, Bob Malone, Steve Allen ong>andong> others.

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