2ND QUARTER 2013 - Primus Electronics Corporation

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2ND QUARTER 2013 - Primus Electronics Corporation


Primus’ Outside Sales TeamBaBY PIcTurE CoNtESTRob MeneesMidwest RegionalSales ManagerAdam SeveranceMidwest/PlainsTerritory SalesManagerGordon NelsonNortheast TerritorySales ManagerDoug MelanderMidwest TerritorySales ManagerAdam CumminsNortheast BusinessDevelopmentManagerDiane MuellerOutside SalesRepresentativeGerry FritzkeRailroad DivisionSales ManagerChris PleibelNortheast RegionalSales ManagerGabe DixonBusiness DevelopmentManagerPiCtuRebaBy cONteSt wiNneRS:In our last newsletter, readers were asked to match babypictures to each of our Outside Sales Managers. Thank youto everyone who participated in this fun and challengingcontest. Congratulations to the winners who won a $75 Visagift card!CongratulationsWinners!Customer, IowaCustomer, PennsylvaniaCustomer, MichiganCustomer, New Hampshire2 PrimeConnection | 2 ND QUARTER 2013

PRIMUS ELECTRONICS4180 E Sand Ridge Road | Morris, IL 60450(800) 435-1636 tel | (800) 767-7605 faxPRESIDENTMichael JohnsonOUTSIDE SALESChris PleibelRegional Sales Manager - Northeast Region(610) 745-4491cpleibel@primuselectronics.comRob MeneesRegional Sales Manager - Midwest Region(217) 840-1887site-specific@comcast.netGerry FritzkeRegional Sales Manager - Northwest Region(360) 921-5945gerryfritzke@comcast.netDiane Mueller - Tower Sales Representative(815) 351-0355dmueller72@aol.comGordon Nelson - Territory Manager NE(301) 785-7740gnelson@primuselectronics.comDoug Melander - Territory Manager Midwest(765) 721-5580dougmelander@gmail.comGabe Dixon - Business DevelopmentManager National Programs(847) 732-5885gabe@primuselectronics.comAdam SeveranceTerritory Manager - Midwest/Plains Division(612)232-2326adam.severance@gmail.comSALES AND MARKETINGDoug Salvatori - Product Development ManagerRyan Dixon - Inside Sales ManagerShannon O’Connor - Marketing ManagerEDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORSDuraComm, Flash Technology, CommScope,MSA, Kaelus, FallTech, Otto, and GerryFritzke, Steven Larson, and Shannon O’Connorwith PrimusEDITORShannon O’Connor, Marketing ManagerON THE FRONT AND BACK COVERPrimus’ New 2013 T-Shirt DesignWANT A FREE PRIMUS T-SHIRT and aCHANCE TO APPEAR ON OUR COVER?Now available: Primus’ new 2013 exclusivelydesigned t-shirt honoring tower climbers. Getyours today by calling us with your companyname, address, and size requested. If youhave additional questions or comments, call(800) 435-1636.INSIDE THIS ISSUE64Trends in EyewearProtection58DC Power Solutions and CommScope AntennasLearn about DuraComm’s new solutions to their extensive rack mount products, andhow CommScope is using “sector sculpting” to carve out more capacity, maximizecoverage, and limit interference with their antennas.By DuraComm and CommScopeNew Innovative LED Lighting with Wi-Fi OptionThe new Vanguard TM LED lighting series incorporates new features not available beforesuch as SNMP or Modbus Monitoring Protocols as well as a Wi-Fi option that allowscommunication with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.By Flash TechnologyNext Generation Battery-Powered PIM Test Analyzer in Stock at PrimusThe next generation of PIM test analyzers is here and Primus has them. Kaelus’ newiPA is the first battery-powered PIM test analyzer versatile enough to support multipletest scenarios.By KaelusApril 1 through June 28, 2013on FallTech’s ComforTech(model 7084) Harnesses9Buy 3 Get 1FREE Sale!Primus Partnerswith FallTech10NOW ATPRIMUS:DTMFMicrophonesTHEY’RE HERESEE PAGE 9Get Yours Today: (800) 435-1636The Difference in Wireless DistributionPrimeConnection is published as a corporate communications magazine for customers and friends of Primus Electronics. Themagazine is published four times a year in January, April, July, and October by Shannon O’Connor, Marketing Manager, PrimusElectronics, at 4180 E Sand Ridge Road in Morris, IL. To change your mailing address or request additional copies, please call(800) 435-1636 or email shannon@primuselectronics.com.3

DC POWER SOLUTIONS for Demanding ApplicationsBy DuraCommRack space is expensive, and just like availablepower, you can never have too much of either.DuraComm is excited to introduce new solutionsto their extensive rack mount line of products.The RLP-20012 and RLP-6048M offerenhanced power density, requiring just 3U of rackspace and provide 3000 watts of output in 12Vand 48V respectively.Both models offer Power Factor Correctionfor efficiency, enhanced operating temperaturesof -20 to +70 Celsius, and 1500 Watt N+1 redundancy.These 3kW switching supplies are readyfor use as the core building block for any demandingapplications from your new 15 channel12VDC DMR repeater site to the main NOC foryour WISP packed with 48VDC POE, carrierclass routers, and switches. As demand for on-sitepower increases, so do the battery requirements toback them up.The new LVD-12-130 and LVD-24-100Low Voltage Disconnect products are designed tokeep your batteries from being depleted belowsafe levels and protect your valuable equipmentfrom damage caused by a low voltage condition.Built using heavy-duty relays and diodes,these Low Voltage Disconnects automatically disconnectthe load when the battery reaches a presetlow voltage. The LVD’s then reconnect once thebattery has reached a safe voltage level.These new products have come to marketdue to the direct input and needs of DuraComm’svalued customers who have come to trust Dura-Comm as their go-to power partners.For pricing and availability of these excitingnew products, contact Primus today at (800)435-1636.LVD-12-130130 amp/ 12V Low Voltage DisconnectRLP-6048M60 amp / 48VDC Rack MountPower SupplyRLP-20012200 amp / 12VDC Rack MountPower SupplyCommScope Antennas Carve OutMore Wireless CapacityBy CommScopeAs wireless capacity continues to vex operators with concernsabout network overload, CommScope is using a creative antennapattern shaping technique it calls “sector sculpting” to carveout more capacity, maximize coverage, and limit interference.In sector sculpting, CommScope’s base stationantennas radiate multiple, tightly defined RF patternsfrom one antenna unit, effectively slicingone sector into multiple sectors. By better controllinginterference between these sectors andincreasing the number of accessible subscriberchannels, sector sculpting significantly boosts networkcapacity and strengthens coverage.“Sector sculpting antennas take a scalpel approach to cellsites, delivering finely trimmed and tailored RF patterns thathandle wireless traffic more efficiently,” said Philip Sorrells,vice president, Strategic Marketing—Wireless, CommScope.“CommScope continues to build on the historical leadership roleof Andrew remote electrical tilt antennas in delivering creativeRF antenna solutions.”Remote electrical tilt (RET) antennas enable operators to4PrimeConnection | 2 ND QUARTER 2013

New Innovative LED Obstruction Lighting with Wi-Fi OptionBy Flash TechnologyVanguard TM 370 LED SeriesPrimus is excited to carry a new lighting series from Flash Technology. The Vanguard LED Series isa new innovation in obstruction lighting that was designed, tested, and built by Flash Technology intheir Franklin, TN facility.The Vanguard LED Series incorporates new features not available before, such as SNMP orModbus Monitoring Protocols, LED by-pass circuitry for longer life, ability to exceed IEC 61000-4-5sure immunity, remote and onsite upgradable firmware, and future compatibility. This series alsooffers an available Wi-Fi option that allows communication with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.The FTS 370d is a white LED flashing light for daytime and a red LED flashing light for nighttimeto create FAA tower types E1 or E2 for structures between 200' and 500' AGL. The FTS 370w isa white LED flashing light for both daytime and nighttime to create FAA tower types D1 or D2 forstructures between 200' and 500' AGL.For FAA tower types A1 to A6 for structures taller than 150' AGL, Flash Technologies recommendsthe FTS 361X-4 lighting system. This red LED system utilizes the new Vanguard flashhead,and uses the legacy 361X controller.Flash Technology has been pursuing global leadership in obstructionlighting solutions and innovations since 1969 serving the telecommunications,broadcast, wind-energy, airport and utilities markets, as wellas specialty applications.For more information on the new Vanguard 370 LED lighting system,call Primus at (800) 435-1636. To view all of Flash Technology’scomplete lighting systems, upgrade/conversion kits, replacementparts, and more, visit pages 93-96 in Primus’ 3rd edition Tower DivisionCatalog. If you need a catalog, ask your sales representative orrequest one online at www.primuselectronics.com.manipulate the beam tilt of an antenna patternremotely, typically to improve thecoverage area. Andrew Corporation, thecompany acquired by CommScope in2007, was a leader in RET technology.CommScope enhanced its sector sculptingantenna portfolio by acquiring ArgusTechnologies in 2011. Sector sculpting antennasutilize a more intricate beamformingcapability that improves noisesuppression between sectors.In its Andrew portfolio of wirelesssolutions, CommScope offers five basestation antennas with sector sculpting capabilitiesand one microwave backhaul antennawith a similar pattern shapingability:• A Five Beam base station antennamodel available in 698-894 or 1710-2170 MHz• An 18 Beam unit with two rows ofnine beams (2x9) at different downtiltsin 1710-2170 MHz• The UltraBand antenna with threebeams that can support almost anywireless frequency range• A SmartBeam ® agile network antennawith three beam adjustment capabilities—tilting,fanning, and panning• The Sentinel microwave antennafor increasing capacity in microwavebackhaul systems. Sentinel deliversreliable European TelecommunicationsStandards Institute (ETSI)Class 4 performance at a reasonableprice• A soon-to-be-announced base stationantenna solution for sector splittingat the cell siteSector sculpting antennas are well-suitedto improve recovery efforts after naturaldisasters in COW (Cell on Wheels) andCOLT (Cell on Light Truck) deployments.Sector sculpting can help ease capacityconstraints at stadiums, concert venues,and other locations that experience datatraffic surges during popular events.CommScope’s Sentinel microwave antennaoften yields up to 40 percent higherlink density between microwave links, improvingefficiency in spectrum use.“In addition to more capacity andimproved network performance, sectorsculpting reduces tower loads, making iteasier for operators to gain approval forsite installations,” said Sorrells. “The abilityto support multiple frequency bandsalso means some of these antennas can bere-purposed in future technology deployments.”For more information about Comm-Scope’s quality antenna products, contactPrimus at (800) 435-1636.5

trends in eyewear protectionTrends in Eyewear ProtectionSusan Pingree, MSA, Product Line Manager, Eye/Face Protection andTrish Luedtke, MSA, Marketing Copy Writerprotective eyewear, more so than most other personal protective equipment(ppe), tends to be driven by fashion. Updated styles are constantly being introduced;however, many of the latest trends are also geared toward providing comfort to the wearer.ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010 StandardThe American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices (ANSI/ISEAZ87.1-2010, the Standard”) sets criteria related to the general requirements, testing, permanent marking, selection, care anduse of eye/face protectors to minimize the occurrence of injuries from such hazards as impact, and non-ionizing radiation inwork environments such as machinery operations, material welding and cutting, chemical handling, and assembly operations,to name a few. The nature and degree of any potential hazard in a work setting must be determined by that organization’ssafety personnel, who fully understands which eyewear is best-suited to protect in that particular environment.The Standard is organized by hazard (rather than protector type), and outlines requirements for eye and face protectorsas well as test methodologies that products must pass to comply.>>>2013 Tradeshow Schedule:nsc texas safety council and expo: april 8-9 in Galveston, tX, Booth 206enteLec: april 9-11 in Houston, tX, Booth 418asse: June 24-27 in Las Vegas, nV, Booth 1774apco: august 18-21 in anaheim, ca, Booth 1648rssi: september 29-october 2 in indianapolis, in, Booth 3331-3333aGL regional conferences: april 18 in orange county, ca | June 1 in st. Louis | sept. 9 in chicago, iLnovember 5 in Boston, MaAnritsu SiteMaster TM Certified Line Sweep Training 2-day course, $1,350 ppMay 14-15 in Joliet | June 25-26 in JolietCITCA Fall Protection TrainingMay 6: authorized climber | Kankakee, iL | $429 ppMay 7-9: tower rescue & competent climber | Kankakee, iL | $1,399 ppMay 10: train-the-trainer (for tower rescue or authorized climber) | Kankakee, iL | $799 ppMay 27: authorized climber | Kankakee, iL | $429 ppMay 28-30: tower rescue & competent climber | Kankakee, iL | $1,399 ppMay 31: train-the-trainer (for tower rescue or authorized climber) | Kankakee, iL | $799 ppAndrew/CommScope Training in Joliet, iLapril 23: connector attachment training & remote controlled Variable electric downtilt antennaapril 24: piM Fundamentals and Vswr Fundamentalsapril 25: terrestrial Microwave systems installation training6primeconnection | 2 nd QUarter 2013ODM Fiber, Harger, Bird Technologies, Kaelus Trainings also availableFor more information on any of these trainings or to register online, visit www.primuselectronics.com or contactshannon with primus at (800) 435-1636 or shannon@primuselectronics.com.

Eye/face protectorsclaimingcompliance withANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010 will have theapplicable markingsas shown in the Standard:• Each lens must be markedwith manufacturer’s identity (i.e.,MSA); and• All components must be marked“Z87.” A “+” is added ONLY if theprotector is impact rated (“Z87+”); and• Markings for lens features, type anduse, as claimed by the manufacturer,must be identified, including, but notlimited to: welding, Ultraviolet (UV)filter, visible light filter, IR filter, andsplash/droplet.The Importance of Worker ComfortWorker comfort is among the most criticalcomponents in reducing the risk of eye injury.As such, options that enhance thewearer’s comfort should be identified. If aworker does not like the look or feel oftheir protective eyewear, they may “adjust”or pull them down (to avoid fogging,for instance), or take them off altogether,thus defeating the purpose of wearingthem.AnthropometryOne of the latest forces driving comfort inthe design of eye protection products is thescience of Anthropometry, or individualhuman measurement. Using Anthropometry,forward-thinking manufacturers aredesigning protective eyewear (and otherPPE, too) that more closely align with thefacial contours and shapes of men andwomen across multiple ethnicities. Thesecorrectly designed products optimize fit,especially through the nose and cheeks,contributing to comfortable wear, andhelping ensure safety and complianceacross a varied workforce.Fogging and Safety Eyewear: A ProvenRelationship for Non-ComplianceThe relationship between anti-fog and theproper wearing of protective eyewear iswell documented. A study published inAccident Analysis & Prevention magazinein 2009 reported on research done withconstruction, manufacturing, service, andretail workers. All of the groups named“fogging” as the #1 factor for not wearingsafety eyewear. And, according to OccupationalHealth & Safety (OHS), more than55% of respondents suggested an anti-fogsolution to increase usage of personal protectiveeyewear.It was named more often than incentives,warning signs, eyewear cleaning stations,or as a condition of employment.Unfortunately, the Standard does not offerperformance criteria for anti-fog (or antiscratch)coatings, like the Standard’s Europeancounterpart (EN166) does, so there isno Standards-based comparison amongmanufacturers’ brands and their coatings.Selecting the Proper FramesVarious frame options are available, suchas vertical/horizontal adjustment temples,soft-tipped temples and ventilated browguards. Proper fit through the nose andcheeks is very important, so users shouldconsider whether an adjustable, integral,padded, or ventilated nosebridge would bebest to optimize comfort.Ultraviolet (UV) ProtectionAccording to the Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA), UV radiation increasesthe likelihood of cataracts, tissue growththat blocks vision, skin cancer, and degenerationof the macula. With eye protectionthat offers UV protection, filtering 99%-100% of UV rays, these problems can bedecreased. And many users, especiallythose working outside, are now requestingthat their safety glasses (and faceshields,too!) offer UV protection.If a manufacturer claims a productoffers UV protection, under ANSI/ISEAZ87.1-2010, the protector will be markedwith a “U” marking. An “U6” marking indicatesthe highest level of UV filteringmeasurable in the Standard. Users can(and should) request proof of UV protectionclaims from the manufacturer makingsuch a claim, especially as there are plentyof “urban myths” in the marketplace thatall polycarbonate offers UV protection.ConclusionEye and face injuries in the workplace arecommon and costly, though they can oftenbe avoided. Selecting eyewear that meetsthe needs of a varied workforce by offeringmultiple styles and features is important.Avoiding issues will also require asolid comprehension of the OccupationalSafety and Health Administration andStandard requirements, as well as a clearunderstanding of how to select proper PPEfor particular work conditions and hazards.MSA Products at PrimusPrimus is proud to inventory MSA’s qualitysafety eyewear as well as their entireline of safety products including harnesses,lanyards, head protection and somuch more, all of which will be featuredin Primus’ new 2nd edition Safety Catalogcoming soon. For more information aboutMSA products available at Primus, call(800) 435-1636.7

next generation pim test equipment in stock at primusPrimus is excited to annouce availability of Kaelus’, a Smiths Interconnectbusiness, iPA Series PIM Test Analyzer, which is the next generation in aline of industry leading Passive Intermodulation (PIM) test equipment.The iPA is the first battery powered PIM Test Analyzer versatile enough tosupport multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower,rooftop, and in-building for DAS systems.The iPA is an IEC compliant high-power instrument that is highly portable,rugged, and reliable. Each iPA comes equipped with a protected touch screen interfacefor local control as well as an iPad Mini for remote control allowing the operatorhands-free testing to ensure an easy and efficient portable field testing experience.“As the industry leader in PIM test equipment we have again delivered an innovativesolution that is several steps ahead of what is in the market today”, said JacquiMcLaughlin, President of Kaelus. “The iPA is the first piece of PIM test equipmentthat is sufficiently rugged and yet lightweight enough to use at the top of a tower,while flexible enough to support the testing of in-building DAS systems.”Some of the features of the lightweight iPA include its multiple measurementmodes and powerful reporting capabilities suited for fault finding and site close.Currently available in four models which address major frequency ranges including850MHz, EGSM900, DCS1800 and PCS with more frequency bands to follow,the iPA comes enabled with Range to Fault Technology (RTF) allowing theend-user to accurately pinpoint the source of a PIM problem within a site.The iPA is one of many state-of-the-art products brought to market by Kaelus,which was recently recognized with the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Global Market LeadershipAward in Passive Intermodulation Test Equipment.Be among the first to purchase this next generation PIM test gear. Primus has afull inventory and offers same day shipping for all of your product needs. For moreinformation or to place an order, call (800) 435-1636.8 primeconnection | 2 nD quarter 2013Kaelus Launches Next GenerationPIM Test AnalyzerBy Kaelussome of the features of the ipa include:• Lightweight: less than 12kg (26 lbs)• powerful reporting capabilities suited for faultfinding, and site close-out• multiple measurement modes- pim vs. frequency- pim vs. time- spectrum monitoring- unique overlay of pim and return loss on asingle chart (rtF mode only)modelnumbercarrier 1start/stop(mHz)carrier 2start/stop(mHz)ipa-0707a 728/731.5 741/766receivestart/stop(mHz)rx Low: 698/716rx High: 778/804ipa-0850a 869/873 885/894 837/849ipa-0900a 932.5/937.5 948.5/960 903/915ipa-1800a 1805/1817.5 1855/1880 1730/1755ipa-1900a 1930/1937 1965/1990 1855/1880

New PARTNeRSHIP: FALLTeCH SAFeTy PRODuCTS NOw AvAILAbLe AT PRIMuSPrimus Partners with FallTech toprovide high profile safety productsto customersIt is with great pleasure that Primusannounces the addition of a new, highprofile safety products line in Fall-Tech.FallTech gives Primus a competitiveedge and a wider array of products to satisfycustomer’s fall protection needs andnow Primus has a full inventory of thesequality safety products.Work related falls are a leadingcause of accidents in the workplace thatcan result in a loss of life, or millions ofdollars in other fall related expenses. Providinga safe working environment beginswith finding fall hazards and getting rid ofthem. If these hazards cannot be fixed, thenext option is to choose what fall protectionsystem is appropriate. Primus’ salesstaff can help you choose equipment thatis lightweight, economical, and easy to use.FallTech’s line of full body harnesseshas been developed into seven differentseries that are available in dozens ofsizes and configurations to address the demandsof almost any jobsite. Whether youare looking for comfort, basic compliance,or to overcome extreme weather conditions,Primus has the FallTech harness thatyou need!“We are very excited at Primus to beable to represent the FallTech line of productsto our customers for the quality fallprotection materials that are offered,” saysDoug Salvatori, Primus Product DevelopmentManager.FallTech is headquartered in LosAngeles, CA with warehouse locations inIndiana and Houston. Their personal protectionequipment line includes lanyards,harnesses, retracting lifelines, vertical lifelines,horizontal lifelines, ladder climbingsystems, and emergency decent devices.Be sure to check out all of the Fall-Tech products Primus has to offer in thenew Primus Safety Catalog, due out inmid 2013! For more information or to requestmore information on FallTech products,call Primus today at (800) 435-1636.SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFERApril 1 through June 28, 2013on FallTech’sComforTech(model 7084)HarnessesAs a special introductory offer, buy three FallTech ComforTech harnesseslisted below (model 7084) at Primus and get a fourth harness free fromApril 1 through June 30, 2013. The ComforTech offers a perfect balance ofseat and back support with a full-range adjustability throughout the rig.- 6 D-rings at back, chest, side, and seat- Tongue-buckle legs and quick-connect at chest- Lumbar-supporting waist pad- Padded work seatBUY 3 GET 1Mfr Part # Size7084SFREEFallTech7084M7084L7084XLTake advantage of this incredible savings offer!Call Primus today at (800) 435-1636.SmallMediumLargeX-LargeOffer valid on FallTech ComforTech harness (model 7084) sizes small through extra-large purchased April1 through June 30, 2013. The savings will be discounted at the time of purchase. Offer not valid on purchasesmade before April 1, 2013. No limit on the quantity of harness purchased during the offer.9

NOW AT PRIMUS:DTMF Microphones for Clean CabLocomotive Radio and ConductorSide Control ApplicationsPrimus is the Exclusive Supplier of the Railroad MicrophoneBy Gerry Fritzke, Railroad Regional Sales Manager10 PrimeConnection | 2 ND QUARTER 2013

PPrimus Electronics is pleased to announcerenewed availability of DTMFMicrophones for Clean Cab Locomotiveradio and conductor side control applications.We have gone through nearly a year of nomicrophones being produced by any of our domesticmanufacturers until establishing our relationshipwith OTTO for the supply ofruggedized DTMF generating mics for the railmarket.We knew it had to be durable for rail environmentsand OTTO came through with aunit that should perform very well over time ina locomotive. The VM10044/R Microphonemeets mil specs for humidity, vibration, salt,fog, and dust. Standard heavy-duty coil cordand railroad connector are supplied with eachmicrophone.Primus is excited to be a distributor of thecomplete OTTO line and especially proud to bethe exclusive supplier of the railroad microphone!For more information and/or pricing andavailability of the DTMF microphone, contactGerry Fritzke, Railroad Regional Sales Manager,at (360) 921-5945.SPECIFICATIONSELECTRICALPARAMETER UNITS MIN TYP MAXMICROPHONETEST PROCEDURE:EQUIPMENT: B&K ARTIFICIAL VOICESOURCE POSITION: CENTERED, 8mm IN FRONT OF MICROPHONE GRILLSOURCE OUTPUT LEVEL: 94dB SPLMICROPHONE OUTPUT: CONTINUOUS (HOT MIC)OUTPUT VOLTAGE (1kHz, 25 C) dBV -20 -18 -16PTT SWITCH1.5 SEC PTT DELAY WITH DTMF KEYPRESSRESISTANCE Ω 10DTMFOUTPUT VOLTAGE -18 -16 -14 dBVMECHANICALPARAMETERPTT SWITCH LIFE(@ 18VDC, 250mA RELAY LOAD)CYCLES 1000000CABLE PULL FROM CONNECTOR,AXIALLBS 40CABLE PULL FROM MIC HEAD,AXIALLBS 40CABLE ELONGATION(5:1 EXTENSION)CYCLES 11000CABLE FLEX AT MIC END(2 lbs LOAD)CYCLES 18000HOOK SWITCH LIFE CYCLES 250000WEIGHT (W/O CABLE) GM 220ENVIRONMENTALPARAMETEROPERATING TEMPERATURE °C -30 +80STORAGE TEMPERATURE °CHUMIDITY250 HR, 90-95%RH @50 C W/O FAILUREVIBRATION3 HR/AXIS, .075mm @ 10-500Hz FOR 30 MIN.; MIL-STD 810CMETHOD 514.2 PROC. 8, CAT F., CURVE W, 3 HRS/AXIS, SINUSOIDALDUSTMIL-STD 810, METHOD 510.4 PROCEDURE I (NON-OPERATING)SALT FOGMIL-STD 810, METHOD 509.4 (NON-OPERATING)11

4180 E Sand Ridge Rd.Morris, IL 60450First Class PrsrtU.S. PostageP A I DGary, INPermit No. 87Return Service RequestedJohn Q. Public1234 Main StreetAnytown, USAPrimus2013 T-SHIRT INSPIRATIONOur Twist on Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”Son, we live in a world that has towers, and those towers have to be built by men andwomen with tools. Who’s gonna do it? You Mr. Desk Jockey?TOWER CLIMBERS have more responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep forfaster YouTube videos, and you curse your service provider. You have that luxury. You havethe luxury of not knowing what a TOWER CLIMBER does. That land line phone service’sdeath, while tragic, was inevitable. And that our existence, while barely known to you,saves lives.I know deep down in places you don’t talk at parties, you don’t know we’re on those towers,you need us on those towers! We use words like azimuth, plumb, and sweep. We usethese words as the backbone of a life spent to allow wireless communication. You usethem as “LOL” in a text message.I have neither the time nor inclination to explain myself to a person who texts and tweetson the RF signal of the very freedom we provide, then question the manner in which weprovide it. I’d prefer you said thank you, put on your Bluetooth® headset and went on yourway. Otherwise, I suggest you put on a harness and climb a tower. Either way, I don’t give adamn what you think “signal lost” really means!You want Four Bars?I think I’m entitled.You want Four Bars?I want to make a call!YOU CANT HANDLE THE CALL!

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