A Guide to Transforming Your Newsroom


A Guide to Transforming Your Newsroom

Print-centricculture must end✤The industrial production can’tshape how we gather the news✤Decline in print circulation✤Advertisement market broken✤Audiences moving to mobile

What do we mean by Digital First?✤Moving the strategy beyond the Newspaper✤Changing the processes for journalists and the delivery of news✤More investment and effort towards digital✤Constant innovation at the center of the newsroom✤Same level of quality and standards as ever

And by engagement?✤Always consider the audience first✤Sincere conversation with your readers✤The stories don’t finish when you publish them✤Take the news where the readers are✤Spend as much time as you can with them

Tips for going Digital First✤Change the newsroom organization✤Start earlier, reschedule meetings✤New ways of producing a different newspaper✤Praise the work that is done online and exclusive online content✤More transparency with metrics✤Promote the culture of experimentation: failure is an option

Tips for a better engagement✤Say goodbye to the ‘The Voice of God’✤Answer questions, respond to the critics (not to the trolls)✤Address the audience’s needs✤Build individual brands, and promote them through the big brand✤Engage your audience in the process. Be as transparent as you can✤Engaging is not about self-promotion ✤Help the audience driving them to good stories (even to competitors)

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