July - Somerset Chamber of Commerce

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July - Somerset Chamber of Commerce

ChamberOf Commerce & Industry LtdREPRESENTING AND WORKING FOR SOMERSET BUSINESSESwww.somerset-chamber.co.ukSOMERSETJuly 2013Somerset Bucks the TrendLead Story“The performance of the Somersetmanufacturing industry can have asubstantial impact on the county’seconomy”SomersetManufacturing FirmsBuck the TrendSee page 3New MembersSee page 3 for full storyThis month’s NewMembersSee page 8SBA 2013Celebrity PresenterAnnouncedSee page 13Next EventsLadies Afternoon TeaSee page 20Scan this code withyour smartphone tovisit the Chamberwebsite.SOMERSETChamberBUSINESS DIRECTORYStarts on page 14

Rupert’s ReviewYou can find the Somerset Chamber of Commerceon Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.Feeling Your GrowingPainsWhen John Longworth, theDirector General of the BritishChambers of Commerce,addressed our annual BusinessLeaders Dinner in June, herightly surmised that on thewhole things are going ‘ok’ inbusiness at the moment.Nothing flash, but some good business to be done atthe right price. There are, however, several hotspotsaround the county where business is going rather well –and we are lucky enough to be in a building whereevery one of the businesses has grown in the last twoyears, including the Somerset Chamber, by increasingmarket share, increasing employment opportunitiesand increasing premise space, while managingincreasing overheads!As a Chamber, we are feeling the growing pains ofsome of our members that are in the same situation –and we have found that help is at hand. I have notalways been a fan of government sponsored supportprogrammes as they have often been aimed atdelivering government policy rather than what is rightfor a particular business, but it would appear that theGrowth Accelerator programme might just be different.Having been courted to promote the programme to ourmembers, I thought it prudent to first experience what ithas to offer, so the Somerset Chamber has enrolled onthe programme and it is stimulating not only thoughtbut also meaningful progress.Fundamentally, Growth Accelerator is a subsidisedmodel-based coaching programme with a few ‘bells andwhistles’ to help sell the product to sceptics like me!We are going through the process right now so it is tooOur Patronsearly to see if the programme will have a legacy, but sofar, so good. I was a bit cheeky in requesting theservices of two specialist coaches, but I knew theywould add value to the Chamber as both are membersand know our business, as well as having good trackrecords in the two areas that I knew needed someattention if we are to grow to the level that the Boardaspires – recruitment and retention of members, andchange in our business.Successes so far?Well, the Chamber is targeted to hit the 700 membermark by the end of 2015 (and 1,000 by 2020) and toachieve this we need to recruit 14 members everymonth and maintain our retention rates at 85%. Thelast four months have been quite startling with only 11out of 114 renewals cancelling membership (and thisincludes natural business losses) and a record 24 newmembers in May. This is a great start by the dedicatedChamber team that needs to be maintained for the next18 months.Help! What happens to the Chamber’s infrastructurewhen we hit all our growth targets?This is where the change management comes in, andalthough we are in the early stages of this work, we arenow boldly looking three years into our future anddeveloping ideas and solutions to manage our growingbusiness – turnover, profit, people, members, services,partners, projects and technology are all up fordiscussion as we work as a team to map out our future.Exciting and scary in equal measure!Our business is growing, like hundreds of our members’businesses, so we know what they are going throughand will be right there with them to mitigate some ofthose growing pains.Follow Rupert on twitter @rupert_scocA big thank you to the Patrons of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce whose continuedsupport is vital to the growth of the Chamber.2FRONT COVER IMAGE COURTESY OF THE SOMERSET COUNTY GAZETTE

Somerset Manufacturing Firms Buck the TrendThe manufacturing industry in Somerset isvast, covering many of our key sectorsincluding advanced engineering, energy,food & drink and creative sectors such asfashion.Consequently, the performance of the manufacturingindustry can have a substantial impact on the county’seconomy.It was interesting to note a couple of recent industryreports that appeared at first glance to givecontradictory data about the state of manufacturing, sowe dug a little deeper and found that Somerset’smanufacturing firms certainly do seem to be buckingthe national trend.The recent Index of Production figures published by theONS made disappointing reading, with a reported 0.5%fall between April 2012 and April 2013, and outputapparently decreasing over the period in ten of the 13manufacturing sub-sectors. More recently, it alsoreported a month-on-month fall of 0.2% between March2013 and April 2013.However, another recent survey, this time by theManufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), reported thatsmall to medium sized (SME) manufacturers in theSouth West are faring well against the nationalmanufacturing outlook. Over half (54 per cent) of the130 South West respondents reported an increase inturnover compared with six months ago, while exactlyhalf said order books had increased within the sameperiod.This sounds like very positive news for the South West,so we asked some of the Somerset Chamber membersinvolved in manufacturing, to find out how things lookfrom their perspective.Based in Yeovil, AgustaWestland is one of the world'sleading helicopter manufacturers. The company is a keyemployer inSomerset’shigh-techengineering sector.Head of Strategyand BusinessDevelopment,Simon Barker, toldus, “We work onvery long lead times, which can be up to three yearsfrom order to delivery, and single contracts tend to bevery high value. However, we are certainly not seeing adecline in output this year – we expect to deliver morethis year than last.”Numatic International,based in Chard andfamous for its Henryvacuum cleaner, isanother major employerin Somerset workingwithin the manufacturingindustry. SeniorExecutive Andrew Smith,said, “Numatic isenjoying record orderintake and output, andthat has been the casesince the beginning of 2013. We are not alone – fromspeaking to various contacts in manufacturing, I wouldsay that most people are very busy.”It certainly seems that Somerset’s major manufacturingcompanies are doing rather well – but what about thecounty’s SMEs?Templestone Masonry Ltd is a family run businessbased in Castle Cary. Its master stonemasons anddesigners produce real stone fireplaces andarchitectural natural stone work. Owner Steven Danielssaid, “The report stating that manufacturing figures aregoing down again would seem at odds to how we arefinding things at present and have been finding it forthe last 10 months or so. Over the past eight monthswe have had to take on a full time stone mason and anapprentice stonemason.”Another Somerset based manufacturer explained, “Weembarked on introducing the principles of Leanmanufacturing three years ago and have become farmore productive as a result, which in turn has seen usreduce cost and increase profit and employmentprospects. This business, in the last four years, isgrowing at a rate of over 4% year-on-year.”So the overarching message for Somersetmanufacturers and the county’s economy is thatalthough the economy is still challenging, business isgood. Better still, we’re bucking the national trend andthat’s great news for Somerset!3

British Chamber of Commerce NewsModest unemployment fall reinforces hopefor recovery, says BCC In the three months to January 2013, unemployment fellby 5,000, and employment rose by 24,000 Youth unemployment fell by 43,000, but remains high In the first quarter of 2013, public sector employment fellby 22,000, while private sector employment increased by46,000David Kern, Chief Economist at the British Chambers ofCommerce (BCC), comments on the unemploymentfigures published by the ONS for June“This modest improvement in the labour market is verywelcome, especially as it reverses the decline seen inthe last couple of months. Despite the level of inactivityrising slightly, the UK labour market remains robust andis performing well by international standards. Howeverpay, excluding bonuses, remains well below inflation at0.9%, exacerbating the squeeze on real incomes.“The private sector is creating jobs while the publicsector shrinks, which proves that British businesses areable to drive the economic recovery whilecircumstances at home and abroad remain challenging.In this month’s Spending Review, the Chancellor shouldlook towards a shift of priorities away from currentspending and towards capital investment, to improvethe supply potential of the economy.”BCC Vice President named First Woman ofMedia 2013Nora Senior, Executive Chair of UK Regions & IrelandWeber Shandwick and Vice President of the BritishChambers of Commerce, has been honoured as FirstWoman of Media in the UK First Women/Real BusinessAwards 2013.According to the judging panel,there were some extremelyaccomplished womenshortlisted for this award, butNora “hit it out of the park.”Judges recognised hercommitment to internationalbusinesses through her rolewith the British Chambers ofCommerce and described heras “innovative, creative,diligent, and an excellent rolemodel for women in the mediaindustry.”4

Spending ReviewChamber lobbying behind the scenes onSpending ReviewBy the time you read this, the government’s SpendingReview will have been announced and its implicationsfor business mulled over in some detail.But did you know that in the run-up to the Chancellor’sannouncements on 26 th June, the British Chamber ofCommerce (BCC) was lobbying government on behalf ofBritish businesses, calling for a shift in spendingtowards capital investment that will help get theeconomy back on track?The points that the BCC raised with government werethe result of a poll of almost 1,800 firms back in April.The three main messages received from Britishbusiness via this survey were:1. Lower public spending matched by lower taxes woulddeliver the best outcome for the UK economy2. The top three areas that businesses would like thegovernment to prioritise were economicdevelopment, education and transport. Foreign aidand social security were the lowest.3. The present balance between capital investment andcurrent spending is far out of line with businessperceptions and expectationsIn line with this feedback, the BCC called on thegovernment to focus on the following priority areas,which would have a significant impact on economicgrowth. The suggestions were costed and could beoffset through cutbacks to other, less growth-focusedareas of spending.Promote access to finance for growing businessesImmediate infrastructure stimulus to boost housebuilding and road maintenancePromoting exportsLong-term commitment to renewing Britain’sinfrastructureDirector General of the BCC, John Longworth, said, “Thisis the Chancellor’s last chance to make a realdifference to the health of the UK economy, this side ofthe next general election. Our Spending Reviewsubmission, based on business opinion, is calling for aradical shift of focus towards areas like infrastructure,economic development and skills – the big enablers ofan enterprise-friendly economy. Our submission provesthat the government can have its cake and eat it. It cancontinue to reduce the deficit while investing heavily inmeasures that will support growth.“Businesses across the UK are crying out for moresupport to help them drive growth, boost trade overseasand create jobs and wealth. The Chancellor must bebrave and listen to the business community, and seizethis opportunity to go all out in the name of growth.”Somerset Chamber CEO, Rupert Cox, added, “From aregional perspective, the Somerset Chamber is lookingfor investment in the transport infrastructure, includingour long-term aspiration of enhancing the A303. This issomething we have been lobbying the governmentabout for some time, as improvements to the A303corridor are vital in order to ensure that Somersetremains a competitive place to do business.”As one of only five accredited Chambers in the SouthWest and 53 in the whole of the UK, the SomersetChamber works closely with the BCC to make sureSomerset businesses stay well connected at both alocal and national level, and that the voices of theSomerset business community are heard at all levels ofgovernment.Join the Somerset Chamber of CommerceMembership offers support andadvice to help you increase yourprofits and also helps the Chamberincrease its influence.Membership includes: Effective business lobbying andrepresentation at local, regional andnational levels through accreditation tothe British Chambers of Commerce andmembership of the South WestChambers of Commerce. A range of FREE services providedthrough the British Chambers ofCommerce. Access to nine exclusiveChamber offers from national andlocal Premier Providers. Business Networking events with theopportunity to network with up to 2,000Chamber Members from acrossSomerset and throughout the SouthWest. Informative seminars to share knowledgeand best practice including Meet-the-Buyer events. Initial FREE publicity for new Members inChamber News and on the websitewww.somerset-chamber.co.uk.For more details please call01823 444924, emailmanager@somerset-chamber.co.uk orvisit www.somerset-chamber.co.uk.5

Business Leaders DinnerSomerset business leaders gather forannual Chamber dinnerMany of Somerset’s most notable business peoplegathered at The Castle Hotel in Taunton for this year’sAnnual Business Leaders Dinner, joined by guestspeaker John Longworth, Director General of the BritishChambers of Commerce (BCC).67 peopleattended theprestigiousevent, which wasorganised by theSomersetChamber ofCommerceexclusively forthe county’slargestemployers. Representatives attended from a widerange of Somerset’s successful regional, national andinternational businesses, top educationalestablishments and Somerset County Council.Guests enjoyed a drinks reception and delicious threecourse meal made from locally sourced ingredients.They were given an update during the evening on theSomerset Chamber’s activities and introduced to someof its Patron members, as well as the event sponsors,Jelf Insurance, Strode College and Cognique.John Longworth gave an informative and entertainingafter dinner speech on the continued strength of theChamber network. He stressed that the BCC wasoptimistic about the economy and highlighted that ithas recently raised its economic growth projections toreflect this. Emphasising its positive outlook, he saidthat the BCC was the only business organisation toclaim there would not be a triple dip recession and theywere proved correct, adding that a future review of thefigures may well identify that in fact the UK has not hada double dip recession either.Somerset Chamber Chair, Sandra Wilson, said, “I wasdelighted to see a capacity audience including some ofthe key businesses that are contributing to theSomerset economy to hear from John Longworth, whois once again visiting Somerset. His keynote speechwas engaging and encouraging and would have leftguests with a positive feeling not just towards theChamber movement but also for the prospects in theeconomy generally.”Photos by Oak Barn PhotographyAffiliate Town ChambersAxbridge Chamber of Commerce01934 733078www.axbridgechamber.co.ukMike Sartain, mike.sartain@hale-events.ltd.ukBurnham-on-Sea Chamber of Commerce01278 238959www.burnham-on-sea.comDeryk Monaghan,chairman@burnhamonseachamber.orgBridgwater Chamber of Commercewww.bridgwaterchamber.org.ukSteve Leahy, talk@bridgwaterchamber.org.ukCrewkerne Chamber of Commerce01460 200115Jonathan Edgingtoncrewkernechamber@gmail.comFrome Chamber of Commerce07887 641469www.wessexchambers.org.ukNeil Howlettneil.howlett@fromeharris-harris.co.ukIlminster Chamber of Commerce01460 54364www.ilminsterchamber.org.ukSarah Calhaem, sarah@theteetree.co.ukLangport Area Business Group07763 955390www.langport-tc.gov.ukLynne Charlick labgmembership@gmail.comShepton Mallet & District Chamber01749 344995www.shepton.bizIan Jarmaine, ian@swanatshepton.co.ukTaunton Chamber of Commerce01823 322288www.taunton-chamber.co.ukColin Barrell, colinstearoom@hotmail.comWells Chamber of Commerce01749 670000www.wellsonline.org.ukinfo@identitykits.co.ukWellington Chamber of Commerce01823 661982www.wellingtonchamber.co.ukIan Stock, Ian.stock@wellingtonchamber.co.ukYeovil Chamber of Commerce01935 804999www.yeovilchamber.orgGina Farnborough, secretary@yeovilchamber.orgIS YOUR TOWN CHAMBER ORBUSINESS GROUP MISSING?Find out more about the benefits ofAffiliating to The Somerset Chamber.Call 01823 444924or email Vikki Waterman onmanager@somerset-chamber.co.uk.Alternatively visitwww.somerset-chamber.co.uk6

Town Chamber News—www.sheptonbiz.co.ukRecent NewsLightingWe have been involved in discussions concerningthe upgrading of the lighting in the town centre. TheTown Council is using section 106 money to improvethe Somerset utilitarian lights by upgrading them toa more sympathetic heritage style. The lighting willenhance the appearance of the centre.After pressing Mendip DC for a year, all the lights inthe town centre car park now work making it safer atnight.Traffic SignsThere are imminent plans to replace the traffic signsin and around the town centre to better promote theGreat Ostry car park and Market Cross. This shouldencourage more people into Shepton Mallet’scentre.Waste CollectionWe pressed Mendip DC to re-commence weeklycollection of the waste from the large bins used byflats above Town Street. This greatly improved theappearance of Great Ostry car park which wasbecoming an eyesore.Road GrittingWe are currently consulting with both the Town andDistrict Councils regarding the priority of high streetbusinesses for road gritting to ensure that day-to-daytrade is not affected by bad weather.New start-up business fundingShepton Mallet Chamber of Commerce has recentlysubmitted an application to the Town Council, tosecure grant funding that will encourage and assistnew start-up businesses in the local area. If theChamber is awarded the funding, the plan is to run aseries of seminars to support new business people,alongside a voucher system that allows applicants toutilise experts’ time to help grow their business idea.This will culminate in a New Business AwardsCeremony next year to celebrate and reward theefforts of the applicants.EventsShepton Show – Sunday 18 August 2013Have a stand inthe SheptonMallet Chamber ofCommerce tent,where you havethe chance topromote yourbusiness tothousands ofpeople from thelocal area.Christmas Lights ceremony – Friday 29 November2013.Contact DetailsChairman: Ian JarmaineEmail: ian@swanatshepton.co.ukPhone: 07843 230175Vice Chairman: Simon DaviesEmail: spdavies@gmx.co.ukPhone: 01749 342527Hon Secretary: Stacey LloydEmail:stacey.lloyd@oldmillgroup.co.uk7

New MembersJune’s new membersAcasWorkplace RelationsZoe Riddle0117 9065248www.acas.org.ukBeehive Self Storage LtdSelf Storage UnitsRichard Stone01823 323575www.beehiveselfstorage.co.ukC L Jenkins Bookkeeping ServicesBookkeeper ServicesCaz Jenkins01278 452411www.cljbookkeeping.comEden MaySales, Letting &ManagementJayne O’Brien01823 478575www.edenmay.co.ukEnvironments for BusinessCommercial InteriorSpecialistsTurner Dixon Brown01278 450411www.environments.forbusiness.co.ukHRHRHR and CoachingHelen Rook01460 242553www.hrhr.co.ukIntelligent EnterpriseProductsCloud Software ServicesJagtar Ner01935 385939www.intelligent-enterprise-products.comJames Arthur LLPConservation & Garden DesignJohn Heaton01749 860273www.jamesarthur.co.ukKjelgaard (UK) LimitedEconomic DevelopmentPhilip Sharratt07717 211422www.kjelgaard.co.ukMercedes-Benz of TauntonLuxury Motor CarsMatthew Scott01823 447555www.mercedesbenzoftaunton.co.ukWild Duck Productions offers fullevent serviceTom Pearson of Somerton based WildDuck Productions works UK-wideproviding technical event managementfor conferences, product launches, awardceremonies, sporting tournaments,charity balls and festivals – in fact, any size or type of event.Whether your event requires a single element such as a PA system,projector or first aider, or whether you require a complete ‘from conceptto debrief’ package, Wild Duck Productions provides a customised,budget conscious and ethical solution.He explains, “We listen to our clients, discover what they require, liaisewith their performers, thePowerbox International LtdTools/ Hardware ProcurementMike Byrne01935 382271www.powerbox.comQueenswood Natural FoodsNatural Food WholesalerPeter Burke01278 726613www.queenswoodfoods.co.ukRoger Moore & AssociatesIntellectual Property ConsultantRoger Moore01278 453333www.rgma.co.ukThatcher AssociatesTechnical RecruitmentSpecialistsChris Bull01823 210173www.thatcherassociates.comTransaction FocusCharles Smee01460 259861www.transactionfocus.comWessex Business to BusinessNick Gregory07773 975492www.wessexbusinesstobusiness.co.ukWild Duck ProductionsTom Pearson08712 182183www.wildduckproductions.comvenues and our suppliers, andensure that all the technicalaspects come together. Wecan work alongside a clientbefore, during and after theevent, giving them completepeace of mind.“But it’s not just the technicalmanagement services and thesupply of equipment that we’reinterested in – we look afterour clients’ budgets too. We'vespent nearly a decade buildingup relationships with hirepartners and can now pass ondiscounts of up to 20% onequipment hire to clients,which means they get industryleading kit at a great price!”From the hire of staging,lighting, PA and soundsystems, cameras and screens,projectors, televisions andcrew, to the organisation ofonsite communications,security, fire safety and first aidteams, all projects begin with aconversation.www.WildDuckProductions.com8

Project News - Hinkley Supply ChainBringing the supply chain to lifenot just their own businesses, but hundreds of otherSomerset companies.As the Hinkley C project comes ever closer, how canSomerset Chamber members registered on theHinkley Supply Chain portal get ahead of the game?Registration on the portal is free to any business inSomerset and beyond, but those that are also membersof the Somerset Chamber can create a uniqueadvantage by engaging with the Chamber team, and inreturn the Chamber team will make sure that Chambermembers are well informed of the progress with theproject and the opportunities available.Not only does the Somerset Chamber managewww.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk on behalf of EDF, it is theonly business organisation represented on theGovernment-chaired Hinkley Strategic Delivery Forum,whose role is to discuss how local opportunities intraining and business are fully exploited. It is also theonly business organisation with direct communicationwith the selected Tier 1 contractors, from where most ofthe local contracts will be awarded.Furthermore, as part of the Hinkley Supply Chainproject, the Chamber’s CEO, Rupert Cox, meetsregularly with EDF’s New Build Operations Director, KenOwen, to scope out innovative solutions for somecomplex supplier challenges in engineering, facilitiesmanagement and food, drink & catering supplies, toname just three capabilities being targeted for seriousconsideration.Over the next few weeks and months, SomersetChamber members – and only Chamber members – willbe asked to support a range of working groups in orderto turn these supply chain aspirations into reality.Somerset Chamber members will be at the heart ofdeveloping procurement processes that make itimpossible for Tier 1 and 2 contractors not to want tocontract with Somerset suppliers. Somerset Chambermembers can help shape the supply chain destiny ofAssuming the construction of Hinkley C commences inthe second half of 2014, Chamber members have 12months to get ready for the avalanche of opportunitythat will descend from the £14billion investment. Thistime must be well spent by positioning the business tobe in a good place to tender for work, includingconsidering which other companies (that on otheroccasions might be competitors) might make suitablecollaborators and how these collaborations might cometo fruition.The numbers are mind-boggling – 150,000 tonnes ofreinforcing bar; 400,000 cubic metres of concrete;20,000+ different people on site during life ofconstruction; 65 tonnes of red meat consumed peryear; and1,200,000 teabags required peryear. TheSomersetChamber is theonly businessorganisation inthe county withthe level ofintelligence tohelp businessesmake the most ofthis fantasticopportunity – andmembers of theChamber are bestplaced to takeadvantage of that opportunity.If you have not yet registered on the Hinkley Supply ChainPortal and are interested in being considered for work atthe new Hinkley Point C site, please register your businessat www.hinkleysupplychain.co.ukComing Soon… New Into Somerset WebsiteIn partnership with Somerset Chambermember Kontrolit.net9

Members’ NewsUnwin Safety Systems forms joint venturewith Sweden’s AutoadaptUnwin Safety Systems, the UK’sleading supplier of wheelchairrestraints and flooring systems,has announced the formation ofa strategic partnership with Swedish companyAutoadapt. To this end, Autoadapt – a leadingmanufacturer of vehicle adaptation solutions for peoplewith limited mobility – has acquired a 50% stake inUnwin.The objective of the alliance is to facilitate theinternational development of both companies. Theirproduct ranges are complementary, with Autoadapt’slift and seating portfolio providing an ideal match forthe Unwin product range.Andrew Creese, CEO of Unwin, says, “We are delightedto have found an ideal partner to aid the continuationof the company’s success, growth and belief in thesafety of wheelchair users. Autoadapt’s internationalmarketing capability will allow us to reach many morepotential customers across the world.”Both companies are family-owned businesses, whichhave a long tradition of developing innovativesolutions for the improvement of safe, independentliving for wheelchair users.Thanks to a decision taken last year to invest in thenew Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex line at the SheptonMallet factory, the company is now the first UK contractpacker for the innovative Tetra Prisma Aseptic (200ml -330ml) with the new re-sealable DreamCap.Designed with the on-the-go market in mind, the shapeand size of the packaging makes it easy to use when onthe move and perfect for the grab-and-go market.Ian Harvey, Managing Director at Framptons, said, “Thedecision to invest in the new linecontinues our strong track recordfor investing in systems that candeliver innovative pack types,new carton shapes and packclosures.”www.framptons.ltd.ukR K Bell Group selected for EnvironmentalAgency dealThe R K Bell Group has been chosen by one of theworld’s leading equipmentrental companies, A-Plant,to partner them to supply the Environment Agency withoperated plant and machinery for the South West ofEngland.The Environment Agency has selected one nationalplant supplier to supply all of their requirements, fromhand tools to cranes, and has appointed A-Plant for thispurpose.www.unwin-safety.comSomerset firm leads the way with innovativepackagingFamily-owned contractpacking firm FramptonsLimited, based in Shepton Mallet, is leading the way inthe UK by being the first to offer brand owners a newinnovative pack and closure combination.Rob Sprankling, Commercial Manager at the R K BellGroup, says, “We have been the official operated plantsupplier to the Environment Agency for the South Westof England since 2008 and, being a regional familyowned and run business, we are very happy to continuethis relationship through A-Plant. We will be offeringthem our fleetof machinesthat already runon biodegradable oils,which are setup for theparticular anddemandingneeds of theAgency. www.rkbell.com10

Members’ NewsRecord numbers make this year’s Home Farm Fest the best yetRecord numbers of festival goers attended this year’s HomeFarm Fest music festival, making it the biggest and mostsuccessful in the event’s eight year history. The exceptionalweather saw twice as many people attend as last year, withalmost three times as much money raised.Around 1,400 people attended the sun-drenched festival in Chilthorne Domer near Yeovil from Friday 7 to Sunday9 June, which was completely sold out on the Saturday. Organised by the Piers Simon Appeal, the festival raisesmoney for the School in a Bag initiative, which provides rucksacks full of stationery, learning resources and eatingutensils to poor, orphan and disaster affected children.A grand total of £24,185.68 was raised over the course ofthe weekend, far exceeding previous totals. This will beused by the charity to fund 1,612 Schoolbags, sendingthem to vulnerable children across the world.Charity Liaison Officer, Luke Simon, says, “Someone,somewhere was certainly looking out for us this year, asfor the first time in three years we had fantastic weather,bringing festival goers out en masse. We are completelyindebted to all of the people who helped make it the mostsuccessful Home Farm Fest yet.”www.schoolinabag.orgPhoto Courtesy of Anna Taylor PhotographyFor Sale: Photocopier(Printer, scanner, copier)Olivetti MF250 colour multi-functionaldevice for sale for £600 onoThe machine is in good working order andwill be sold as seen with no warranty orservice agreement. It can be set up andconfigured for thenew owner shouldthis be required.Delivery can bearranged at no extracost withinSomerset,depending on thearea.For moreinformation contactVikki Waterman on01823 444924manager@somerset-chamber.co.uk11

Financial MattersMaking family businesses work – planningfor successionSuccession is widely believed to bethe central management issue infamily business. This is born out bythe accepted statistic in the UK that70% of family-owned businesses donot survive as such from the first tosecond generation and a further15% fail in the transition into thethird generation.However, where family businessesare aware of the need for asuccession plan and seek advice,90% succeed in passing their business on to the nextgeneration. The success of these businesses is becausethrough good advice they confront the challengingissues.Another common succession issue is the failure of thefounder to share information about the running of theircompany, resulting in the business being unable tofunction without them. The founder must put in place amanagement structure and ensure the transfer of theirknowledge.As a minimum family businesses must give themselvesat least three to five years to prepare for succession,whether it is to be through inheritance, a managementbuy-out or trade sale. This gives the founder or currentowners the time to build up management structuresand make sure family members or other members ofstaff are capable of running the business in theirabsence.Larger professional firms have only recently come to therealisation that family businesses require a differentlevel of skills and understanding. At Albert Goodmanthis is within our DNA. We view ourselves as a familybusiness.The majority of our clients are family businesses – sowe truly understand their unique characteristics andneeds. However, to improve our understanding and theskills of our staff, we became one of the firstprofessional members of the International Centre forFamilies in Business (ICFIB) and Albert Goodman is oneof only two South West accountancy firms taking part inthe national pilot of the Family Business GrowthProgramme. This innovative programme is co-ordinatedby Clinton Devon Estates, part-funded by DEFRAthrough the Devon and Somerset Rural Growth Networkand monitored by the University of Exeter.The programme aims to contribute towards asustainable rural economy byhelping rural family businessesto address key issues includingownership and managementsuccession and businessstrategy. Key outputs forparticipating family businesseswill be succession plans, familyconstitutions and familybusiness plans.Therefore we are seeking family businesses to take partin the programme. An initial consultation and report areFREE and the family businesses need not be an existingAlbert Goodman client.Somerset Business AwardsThe core of what we do at Albert Goodman is advisefamily businesses, so three years ago it was a naturalchoice for us to create the Family Business Award tocelebrate the achievements of well-run successfulSomerset-based family businesses.We are equally proud to sponsor the Family BusinessAward as we are to be main sponsor, once again, of theSomerset Business Awards 2013.If you would like to discuss the Family Business GrowthProgramme or are considering submitting an entry forthe Family Business Award category of the SomersetBusiness Awards 2013 please contactPaul Hake on 01823 286096or email paul.hake@albertgoodman.co.ukWWW.ALBERTGOODMAN.CO.UKPage sponsored by Albert Goodman12

Somerset Business AwardsWell known broadcaster announced as hostfor Somerset Business Awards 2013Well known Heart FM broadcaster Cormac MacMahonhas been announced as the host for this year’sSomerset Business Awards.Cormac will bring kudos and humour to the Awards,which is now in its ninth year. Commenting on his rolefor the Awards evening, Cormac says, “I am delighted tobe hosting the Somerset Business Awards for 2013. Itis an enormous privilege to play a part in recognisingand celebrating the outstanding achievements ofcompanies, big and small, from across the county. Withbusinesses having to work even harder to succeed inthe current economic climate, the Awards are a greatway to reward and raise a glass to all those whocontribute to the prosperity of Somerset."Growing in popularity each year, the Somerset BusinessAwards attracts entries from businesses of all shapesand sizes from across Somerset. This year, theglittering black tie Awards ceremony will be held at anew venue, the newly refurbished Westland Conferenceand Leisure Complex in Yeovil onThursday 24 October, toaccommodate the rising number ofentries and sponsors.Heart FM is theofficial Radio Sponsor for this year’s SomersetBusiness Awards. Be sure to listen out for theSomerset Business Awards advert on Heart FM overthe coming monthsEnter the awards atwww.somersetbusinessawards.org.ukProfiting from AwardsBreakfast EventTuesday 30th July07.45 - 09.00Monkton Elm Garden Centre,TauntonJoin us to learn how to write agreat Awards application and howto maximise the possible publicityfor you and your company.Hear from previous winners andthis years sponsors, plus take theopportunity to ‘Meet the judges’.somersetbusinessawards.org.uk13

AACCOUNTANCYAC Mole & Sons Accountants01823 624450www.acmole.co.ukAJM Accountancy Bookkeeping LtdAccountancy & Bookkeeping01823 414454www.ajmaccountancy.co.ukAndika Partnership01823 444682www.andikapartnershipAlbert Goodman01823 286096www.albertgoodman.co.ukBJ Dixon Walsh Ltd01823 462400www.bjdixonwalsh.comBurton SweetChartered Accountants & BusinessAdvisers01749 342255www.burton-sweet.co.ukCL Jenkins Bookkeeping ServicesBookkeeping Services01278 452411www.cljbookkeeping.comFrancis ClarkChartered Accountants01823 275925www.francisclark.co.ukIvan Rendall & Co01935 422793www.rendalls.co.ukJRP Accountancy07770 757410www.jrpaccountancy.co.ukLentells Limited01823 286274www.lentells.co.ukThe Local Bookkeeper Wells01749 372004www.thelocalbookkeeper.co.ukMilsted Langdon01823 445566www.milsted-langdon.co.ukMonahans01458 836810www.monahans.co.ukMoore Scarrott LtdAccountants/Business01823 282100www.moore-scarrott.co.ukOld Mill Accountants LLP01935 426181www.oldmillgroup.co.ukPhillips Dinnes01823 275300www.phillipsdinnes.co.ukProbusiness LtdBusiness Accountants & Advisers01749 677989www.probusinessuk.comChamberSOMERSETBUSINESS DIRECTORYMembership as of 20th June 2013. If you feel your companyhas been place in an incorrect category or your details needupdating, contact jennchidley@somerset-chamber.co.ukQuartz ABS Ltd07891 636899www.quartzabs.co.ukSmith & Williamson0117 3762000www.smith.williamson.co.ukARCHITECTSAlchemilla Architects Ltd01460 234149www.alchemillaarchitects.co.ukO2i Design Limited01458 253050www.o2idesign.comPrime Meridian01749 346699www.prime-meridian.co.ukBBUSINESS CONSULTANTSAds Distribution Ltd (Costgard)01460 282925www.costgard.co.ukBuckley Young Associates Ltd01935 509768www.buckleyyoung.comBusiness Hat Ltd01460 248450wwwbusinesshat.co.ukCareers EQ Ltd01823 240018www.careerseq.co.ukCharles Edis LimitedPrivate Company Support01823 672858www.charlesedis.comConcentric Partners Ltd01823 423352www.concentricpartners.comCore Business Design01823 421739www.core-business-design.comDeborah Wilkes and Associates01823 490606www.deborahwilkes.co.ukEmma Hubbuck Associates Ltd07814 950476www.peopleaddvalue.comHarmonic LimitedIntegrated Project Delivery01460 256500www.harmonicltd.co.ukHayne Consulting Ltd01278 723538www.hayneconsulting.comHeurisco LtdProject Management Development07721 303548www.heurisco.co.ukHRHRHR and Coaching01460 242553www.hrhr.co.ukImpact Corporate Development01460 241918www.icduk.bizJohn Pepper Consultancy Ltd01823 325045www.johnpepperconsultancy.comKjelgaard (UK) LimitedEconomic Development07717 211422www.kjelgaard.co.ukKmG Management Consultants Ltd075355 21115www.kmgmanagement.comThe Langdon Partnership08451 214710www.langdonpartnership.co.ukMaryanne Stokes LtdMarketing, PR, Business Improvement07747 676833www.maryannestokes.co.ukNavarm LimitedConsultancy Management Support07875 458388www.navarm.comNewton ConsultingRetail Products Experts078254 28212www.newtonconsulting.orgORConsulting LtdManagement DevelopmentConsultancy01934 714120www.orconsulting.uk.comPortfolio Directors Limited01460 477774www.portfoliodirectors.comRaith Associates01935 420400www.raithassociates.co.ukRebel Publishing01749 860100www.spartangames.co.ukRoger Moore & AssociatesIntellectual Property Consultant01278 453333www.rgma.co.ukSomerset Business Agency01458 211272www.somersetbusinessagency.orgSomerset West Business AgainstCrime07795 561290www.swbac.org.ukStraight Forward SuccessBusiness Coach01271 378108www.straightforwardsuccess.comThe Bid Coach LtdPresentation Skills Coaching07970 694814www.thebidcoach.comThe HSQE Department01934 610168www.thehsqedepartment.comTouchline Consulting08452 578578www.touchlineconsulting.co.ukTsiolkovsky Solutions Ltd07811 513052www.tsiolkovsky.co.ukWessex Commercial Solutions01935 385929www.wessexcommercial.comYTKO01392 911013www.ytko.comCCHARITYAge UK Somerset08456 434709www.ageuksomerset.org.ukAster Communities01749 832115www.astercommunities.co.ukBrainwave Centre Ltd01278 429089www.brainwave.org.ukCompass Disability ServicesDisability Equality Charity01823 282823www.compassdisability.org.ukMacmillan Cancer SupportCancer Support Charity01823 327503www.macmillan.org.ukNational Trust07919 695604www.nationaltrust.org.ukNational BlindChildrens Society01278 764778www.nbcs.org.ukPiers Simon Appeal01935 849160www.pierssimonappeal.orgSaBRE South WestSupport Reservists & Employers01823 254571www.sabre.mod.ukSomerset Community Foundation01749 344949www.somersetcf.org.ukSomerset Rural Youth Project01278 722300www.syrp.org.ukSomerset Wildlife Trust01823 652449www.somersetwildlife.orgSt John Ambulance01278 726740www.sja.org.uk/somersetSt Loye’s FoundationTraining & Development01392 255428www.stloyesfoundation.org.ukSt Margaret Somerset Hospice01823 365615www.somerset-hospice.org.ukTaunton Assoc For Homeless01823 271326www.tah.org.ukYarlington Housing GroupAffordable Housing Provider01935 404500www.yhg.co.ukCONSTRUCTIONA&R Contracting Limited07811 210389Avalon Surfacing & Construction01458 241611www.avalonsurfacing.comBAM Construct UK Ltd01179 448800www.bam.co.ukBradfords Building Supplies01935 845245www.bradfords.co.ukBrick Peers Limited01749 683110www.brickpeers.comNot in the directory? 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Hi-Reach Access01793 766755www.hi-reach.co.ukInca Flooring & Structural LtdResin Flooring Contractors0844 272 3830www.i-fs.co.ukIVMJapanese Knotweed Eradication07889 634237www.knotweed-uk.comJE Webber07811 086940Morgan Sindall Plc01935 403700www.morgansindall.comPlantForce Rentals LtdPlant Hire Solutions07000 606606www.plantforce.comR G Spiller Ltd01460 62881www.rgspiller.comR K Bell GroupComplete Construction Package01278 424883www.rkbell.comSetsquare Recruitment LtdConstruction Recruitment Specialists01823 270917www.setsquare.uk.comSherwoodsElectrical & Mechanical Engineers01803 292933www.sherwoodonline.co.ukSomerset Construction TrainingLimited01395 270769www.somersetconstructiontraining.comSun Traffic Signals LtdTemporary Traffic Management01458 274100www.suntraffic.comWillmott Dixon Construction Ltd01179 349214www.willmottdixongroup.co.ukDDESIGN AND PRINTCharacter Graphics01823 279008www.charactergraphics.co.ukCogniqueMarketing by design01458 448882www.cognique.co.ukGlyder LtdDesign. 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Macerators. Systems01935 472376www.seepex.comSewtech01458 835 375www.sewtech.co.ukSmedegaard Pumps Ltd01278 458686www.smedegaard.co.ukSouth West Galvanizers LtdHot Dip Galvanizing01363 774574www.wedge-galv.co.ukTaunton Fabrications Ltd01823 324266www.tauntonfab.co.ukTrig Engineering LtdPlastics Precision Engineering01278 440007www.trig.co.ukUnwin Safety Systems01935 827758www.unwin-safety.comWaldeck08450 990285www.waldeck-engineering.comWestern Air Ducts UK LtdEngineering LEV Testing01761 416700www.wadlev.co.ukWilliam Haley Engineering Ltd01278 760591www.haleyengineering.co.ukENVIRONMENTCommon Sense UK LtdEco Lighting & Ventilation01460 61824www.commonsenseuk.co.ukFirst EcologyEcological Consultant01823 652425www.firstecology.co.ukFFINANCEAtom Financial SolutionsIndependent Financial Advisers01823 442214www.atominsurance.co.ukBank of England01179 273909www.bankofengland.co.ukBarclays Business Banking07755 546101www.barclays.co.uk/businessbankingBrewin DolphinInvestment Management01823 445785www.brewin.co.ukBrook Financial Management Ltd01460 259852www.brook-financial.co.ukClydesdale Bank01392 442519www.cbonline.co.ukCooper Associates Ltd01823 273880www.cooperassociatesltd.comFredericks Foundation01823 680042www.fredericksfoundation.orgHandelsbanken07854 412764www.handelsbanken.co.ukLloyds TSB01823 446614www.lloydstsb.co.ukLondon House Services01934 863616www.londonhouseinternational.com/tauntonOrigen Workplace SolutionsFinancial Advisers07528 861617www.origenws.co.ukPilgrim Financial Planning01749 670087www.pilgrimfp.co.ukPositive Wealth Creation Ltd01278 788646www.pwcltd.co.ukTorFXForeign Exchange Provider07825 837549www.torfx.comWessex Business to Business07773 975492www.wessexbusinesstobusiness.co.ukFOOD AND DRINKThe Bay Tree Food Company01749 831705www.thebaytree.co.ukCup of Tea Ltd01761 239162www.cupoftea.uk.comFramptons Limited01749 341000www.framptons.ltd.ukGerberEmig Group Limited01278 441600www.gerberjuice.comMagners GB Limited01749 334000www.magners.comMinistry of Cake LtdFrozen Dessert Manufacturer01823 257922www.ministryofcake.co.ukOscar Mayer Foods01460 63781www.kraftbrands.com/oscarmayerQueenswood Natural FoodsNatural Food Wholesaler01278 726613Www.queenswoodfoods.co.ukSomerdale International Ltd01823 322180www.somerdale.co.ukNot in the directory? 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Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream01984 640255www.stylesicecream.co.ukWraxall Vineyard01749 860331www.wraxallvineyard.co.ukFOOD AND DRINK(ANIMAL)Crown Pet Foods Ltd01963 353044www.crownpetfoods.co.ukHilton Herbs01460 270720www.hiltonherbs.comProbiotics International Ltd01460 243230www.protexin.comGGOVERNMENTACASWorkplace Relations0117 906 5248www.acas.org.ukSomerset County Council PATRON01823 355661www.somerset.gov.ukThe Rifles Taunton Office01823 333434www.the-rifles.co.ukHHEALTH AND LIFESTYLEAvalon Leisure Ltd01458 446878www.avalonleisure.co.ukBow House Physiotherapy01458 253388www.bowhousephysiotherapy.co.ukEnable Support ServicesAdvise, Support, Educate01935 385960www.essdorset.co.ukHolateConfidential Telephone Counselling0844 3570770www.holate.comNew Leaf Life Design07590 684888www.newleaf.uk.comNuffield Health01823 286991www.nuffieldhospitals.org.ukSASP01823 653990www.sasp.co.ukSOH Vanilla07967 193077www.sohvanilla.co.ukSomerset Care Group01823 448150www.somersetcare.co.ukHEALTH AND SAFETYC2 Safety LimitedSimple Safety Advice01278 671995www.c2safety.co.ukConcept Products Ltd01458 274020www.conceptproductsltd.co.ukSomerset Safety01823 282401www.somersetsafety.comSouth Western Ambulance ServiceNHS Foundation Trust01305 257643www.swast.nhs.ukThe Wilkins Safety Group01458 253682www.wilkinssafety.co.ukHOSPITALITY ANDCONFERENCEAspen Maintenance Services LtdCommercial Catering Solutions01278 410104www.aspenservice.co.ukBCC Huntworth Somerset01278 456545www.bcch.co.ukBright* Productions01823 339908www.brightbluelight.comClevedon Hall Limited01275 795895www.clevedonhall.co.ukDillington House01460 52427www.dillington.comJon PG LtdSound Equipment Hire/Construction01458 210326www.jonpg.co.ukJunction 24 Ltd01278 662200www.junction24ltd.co.ukRumwell HallBusiness Community & Conferencing01823 462345www.runwellhall.comTaunton & Pickeridge Golf Club01823 421537www.tauntongolf.co.ukTaunton School Enterprises01823 349244www.tauntonschoolevents.co.ukThe GreenwoodCountry Guest House01278 795886www.the-greenwood.co.ukThe Monks Yard01460 200020www.themonksyard.co.ukWoodlands CastleConference & Wedding Venue01823 444955www.woodlandscastle.co.ukKings CollegeConference. Events. School.01823 328216www.kings-taunton.co.ukHOTEL AND RESTAURANTBest Western Shrubbery Hotel Ltd01460 52108www.shrubberyhotel.comThe Castle at Taunton01823 272671www.the-castle-hotel.comClavelshay Barn Restaurant01278 662629www.clavelshaybarn.co.ukCross Lane HouseHotel, Restaurant & Afternoon Tea01643 863276www.crosslanehouse.comExpress by Holiday Inn Ltd01823 624000www.hiexpress.comHoliday Inn Bristol Airport01934 861123www.hibristolairport.co.ukHoliday Inn Taunton01823 281680www.holidayinn.comMount Somerset HotelAccommodates, wines & dines01823 442500www.mountsomersethotel.co.ukThe Old Vicarage01278 458891www.theoldvicaragebridgwater.comBest Western Swan Hotel01749 836300www.swanhotelwells.co.ukThe BattleboroughGrange Hotel01278 760208www.thebattleboroughgrangehotel.co.ukThe Walnut Tree Hotel01278 662255www.walnuttreehotel.comIICT/WEBAvalon Telecom &Technologies01458 448226www.avalontele.comBlueloop Ltd01460 271055www.blueloop.netBootUp PCIT Sales, Support 7 Repair01823 210010www.bootuppc.co.ukCETSAT Ltd0845 0948 777www.cetsat.comCF Business Solutions LtdTotal Business Solutions01460 279550www.cfsolutions.co.ukCJ Systems Ltd01823 478515www.cjsystems.co.ukDatamine International Ltd01749 683350www.datamine.co.ukData Path Network Services Ltd01460 279030www.data-path.co.ukDouble V DesignIT Support/Consultancy01749 871104www.doublevdesign.co.ukEloquent Technologies07766 900244www.eloquent-technologies.netEvosite01823 278 500www.evosite.co.ukHigherSites Group Limited01823 444442www.highersitesgroup.comIndigo GroupICT Specialists01823 445555www.indigo-group.co.ukIntelligent Enterprise ProductsCloud Software Services01935 385939www.intelligent-enterpriseproducts.comKontrolit.net Ltd01935 434734www.kontrolit.netMediatopiaDigital Media & Marketing01823 429081www.mediatopia.co.ukMorphsitesBespoke Website Development01460 984284www.morphsites.comProCo ITBusiness IT Services01823 663535www.proco-it.comSitemakers Ltd01458 253290www.sitemakers.co.ukSocial Media Analysis LtdSocial Media StrategyAudio Visual Specialists0789107 6927www.social-networks-analysed.co.ukSolutions AVAudio Visual Specialists01458 252000www.solutionsav.comSomerset Web Services01823 353760www.somersetwebservices.co.ukYlem Ltd01398 322000www.ylem.co.ukINSURANCEHigos Insurance Services Ltd01749 834799www.higos.co.ukJames Brown & Sons (Somerset) LtdGeneral Insurance Brokers01278 555041www.jamesbrownandsons.comJelf Insurance Brokers Ltd01823 365640www.jelfgroup.comJo Pavey Insurance Services01823 252198www.jpinsurance.co.ukWPA (MCQ Ltd)01934 748292www.wpa.org.uk/philippamcqueenLLAWAmicus Solicitors and Advocates01278 664060www.amicuslaw.co.ukAshfords LLP01823 232302www.ashfords.co.ukBattens Solicitors01935 846156www.battens.co.ukBeviss And Beckingsale01460 269700www.bevissandbeckingsale.co.ukClarke Willmott01823 445202www.clarkewillmott.comNot in the directory? 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411191www.rebeccabevins.co.ukPardoes Solicitors01823 446230www.pardoes.co.ukPorter Dodson01935 424581www.porterdodson.co.ukStokes Partners LLP01460 279279www.stokespartners.co.ukLEISURE AND TOURISM1610 LtdLeisure Facilities01823 410228www.1610.org.ukButlins Skyline Ltd01643 700501www.butlins.comCleve Hotel and Spa01823 662033www.clevehotel.comFleet Air Arm Museum01935 842624www.fleetairarm.comGlastonbury Festival01749 890254www.glastonburyfestivals.co.ukGlastonbury Abbey01458 832267www.glastonburyabbey.comLangford FiveheadLuxury Period Hotel01460 281159www.langfordfivehead.coRoyal Bath West of England SocietyCharity, Shows, Showground01749 822200www.bathandwest.co.ukSomerset County Cricket Club08453 371875www.somersetcricketclub.co.ukWells Cathedral01749 674483www.wellscathedral.org.ukWild Duck ProductionsTechnical Event Management01458 888101www.wildduckproductions.comWincanton RacecourseHorse Racing01963 32344www.wincantonracecourse.co.ukYeovil Town Football Club01935 423662www.ytfc.netMMANUFACTURINGEtavoni LtdEngineering Solutions01761 420774www.etavoni.comGriffin NuuMed Ltd01458 210324www.nuumed.comMinsterstoneArchitectural Stone01460 52277www.minstersone.ltd.ukMoor Services (UK) Ltd01934 751600www.moorservice.co.ukPowerbox International LtdTools/Hardware Procurement01935 382271www.powerbox.comSustainable Drainage Systems LtdWater Management Systems01934 751303www.sdslimited.comTact Enviro Ltd01458 253395www.tactltd.comTemplestone Masonry LtdBespoke Stone Masonry01963 350242www.templestone.co.ukThales Group PATRON01963 372558www.thalesgroup.com/ukMARINEAtlantas Marine01935 426000www.atlantasmarine.comCory Brothers Shipping Agency LtdShips Agency & Logistics0117 938 2323Dean Marketing CompanyInnovative Online Marketing01749 880198frank-short.comDome Marketing LtdPR & Marketing01460 30785www.dome-marketing.comFirst One On LimitedSEO Website Marketing0117 230 1880www.firstoneon.comJuice Images01935 848593www.juiceimages.comMark Wall Communications LtdPR, Marketing & Media01823 271508www.markwall.co.ukMODA Design & Marketing01823 601260www.modadesign.co.ukOxygenFull Service Marketing Agency01823 619095www.oxygencreative.co.ukRichenda Oldham PR01460 64717www.info@ropr.co.ukRSH Copywriting01823 674167www.rshcopywriting.co.ukTickbox Marketing01749 347315www.tickboxmarketing.co.ukThe Writing Hut Ltd01460 54182www.thewritinghut.co.ukTransaction Focus01460 259861www.transactionfocus.comMEDIAAllerton Video ProductionBusiness Video Production01934 886499www.allertonvideo.co.ukArchant LifeMagazine Publishers01803 860761www.somerset-life.co.ukThe Breeze Radio Station—CeladorRadio LtdLocal Radio Station01935 848488www.thebreeze.co.ukHeart Somerset01179 843200www.heart.co.uk/westcountryLive Action MediaCorporate Video Production0845 0178174www.liveactionmedia.co.ukLittle Big FilmAffordable Video Production01823 400059www.littlebigfilms.co.ukOOFFICE SERVICESBT PATRONwww.bt.com1st Office Equipment Ltd01225 337600www.1stofficegroup.co.ukCargocall South WestFreight Forwarding Agents0800 731 1117www.cargocall.comCrispin Associates( UK) LtdCopiers and printers07836 518385www.crispinassociates.co.ukFiloFileDocument Management0845 6027006www.filofile.co.ukJAE Telemarketing Services01935 315042www.jaetelemarketing.comM & J Bowers Ltd08000 276255www.mjbowers.co.ukParagon Laundry Yeovil08458 732477www.simplybetter.laundry.comSamson Office Supplies01460 55000www.samsonofficesupplies.co.ukScan Film or Store Limited01935 479998www.scan-film-store.co.ukSDS Ltd01278 724012www.sdsltd.uk.comTCI BG Ltd01237 470288www.tcofficeinteriors.co.ukPPHOTOGRAPHYOak Barn Photography01458 251058www.oakbarnphoto.co.ukPLANNING SERVICESAB Heritage LimitedArchaeology Design Consultants03333 440 206www.abheritage.co.ukAllbrooks Consultancy LtdChartered Quantity Surveyors07827 321142www.allbrooksconsultancy.co.ukClive Miller & Associates Ltd01458 252806www.clivemillerassociates.comDickson Powell Partnership01179 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Upcoming EventsLadies Afternoon TeaDate: Thursday 11th JulyTime: 14.00Venue: Woodlands Castle, TauntonCost: Members discount Cost £20.00 (Inc. VAT)Non-Members £25.00 (Inc. VAT)Food Provided: Sandwiches, cakes and teaKate Doodson of Cosmic is back by populardemand to discuss the positive benefits ofan effective e-marketing strategyWhether you are new to networking, new in business,or just want an opportunity to meet new contacts,customers and suppliers, the Somerset Chamberladies events are an ideal way to raise the profile ofyour business.E-marketing can be so much more effective if it isn’tseen in the silos like SEO, SM, PPC & affiliateadvertising. Find out how an effective e-marketingstrategy can help your marketing efforts become morecoherent, less costly and more measurable.Leave with a template to write your own strategy andideas to fill it!Overcoming your barriers towinning more businessDate: Tuesday 23rd JulyTime: 07.45Venue: Monks Yard, IlminsterCost: Members Discounted Cost £20.00 Non-members£25.00 (Inc. VAT)Food Provided: Full English BreakfastAre you an owner/manager or seniordecision-maker involved in thedevelopment, marketing or sales for yourbusiness?Take away strategies and management tools forimmediate implementation in your business to makeyou become more effective in growing and developingyour business.This event will include:Preparing you, your team and your company for winningmore business:• The line in business between success or failure• The BIGGEST secret in business• Proven system to guarantee a dramatic increase in profit• 10 steps to prepare your business for success• Gain real control of your timeEffective communication fuels profitability:• Understanding client drivers and real needs• What is effective communication?• Understanding the decision making processBlue Skies and Green Lights - Innovation and Horizon ScanningDate: 9 th July / 09.30 – 16.00Venue: Dillington House, IlminsterCost: FREEDon’t miss this free inspirational and informative event, the latest from the Open Innovation Project. The day willinclude presentations from a BT futurologist, a motivational speaker and an expert on new business models, whichcould help you up your game and improve your bottom line. The workshops will include accessing finance,addressing legal collaboration issues and making the most of Superfast Broadband.www.blueskiesgreenlights.co.ukFor more information on any of our events, including sponsorship opportunities,please email Sue on events@somerset-chamber.co.uk or call 01823 44492419

Somerset Chamber Events Calendar 2013For more information on our events, including sponsorship opportunities, please email Sue Higgins onevents@somerset-chamber.co.uk or call 01823 444924 (All prices include VAT)Somerset Young Professionals - Cheese and Cider Tasting - Thursday 4th JulyJoin us for an evening of cheese and cider tasting in Cheddar CavesTime: 18.30 Venue: Cheddar Caves, CheddarMembers Discounted Cost: £20.00 Non Members Cost £25.00Ladies Afternoon Tea - E-marketing - Thursday 11th JulyKate Doodson of Cosmic is back by popular demand to discuss the positive benefits of aneffective e-marketing strategyTime: 14.00 Venue: Woodlands Castle, TauntonMembers Discounted Cost: £20.00 Non Members Cost £25.00Winning Better Business - Tuesday 23rd JulyOvercoming your barriers to winning more business - including useful strategies and managementtools. Time: 07.45 Venue: The Monks Yard, IlminsterMembers Discounted Cost: £20.00 Non Members Cost £25.00Partner/SponsorPartner/SponsorPartner/SponsorSponsorship AvailableSocial Media in the Work Place - An Essential Guide - Thursday 12th SeptemberAn essential guide to social media in the work place leading you through recent legaldevelopments. Time: 07.45 Venue: Clarke Willmott offices, TauntonMembers Discounted Cost: £20.00 Non Members Cost £25.00Annual Charity Golf Day - Thursday 26th SeptemberPartner/SponsorPartner/SponsorThe Somerset Chamber’s 7th Charity Golf Day, this year in aid of School in a BagTime: 10.00 Venue: Taunton and Pickeridge Golf ClubCost: £50 per playerCustomer Service TrainingA group of Somerset business people from the hospitality and catering industries assembledat The Canalside on Tuesday 11 June for a practical, interactive training session on theimportance of good customer service.Organised by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Chamber members, HIT Training, theworkshop advised businesses on the importance of customer service, guiding them through the fundamentalrules for delivering exceptional service in order to ensure that customers return time and time again.Scheduled to help improve performance prior to the busy summer season, the workshop highlighted theimportance of making sure all staff recognise why good customer service is imperative to a company, as badcustomer service can cost a business in terms of turnover, reputation and staff morale.Somerset Chamber Events Manager, Sue Higgins, says, “It was pleasing to see that so many employersrecognised the value in their staff attending this event. Whilst many of these businesses do already provide goodcustomer service, this event showed them how to deliver great customer service in order to stand out amongstcompetitors and ensure customers return.”Toni Millership of HIT Training says "It was a pleasure to work with Somerset Chamber of Commerce and toexperience excellent participation from everyone who attended the course. The concept of customer servicebeing used to give a competitive edge was really embraced by everyone as the way forward in keeping andbuilding a solid customer base."Call 01823 444924Email events@somerset-chamber.co.uk

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