Advanced Controls and Drives - US Energy Saver

Advanced Controls and Drives - US Energy Saver

motor control and protection …It absolutely has to be from Benshaw.Rugged. Reliable. Ready.Benshaw has extensive experiencein the design, productionand installation of missioncritical controls for heavy dutycontinuous process industries …and that experience is reflectedin every product we build.We design our products fordurability, and we test themrigorously to ensure the highestdegree of reliability. Parts andmaterials are inspected, trackedand kitted per ISO 9001 protocolsto ensure timely, accurateprocessing of orders.Worldwide engineering,integration, retrofit and modernizationservicesBenshaw is widely recognizedas a leading provider of innovativemotor control technologies.We thrive on complex applicationsand work diligently tobring cost-effective engineeredsolutions to our customers.Benshaw’s custom engineering,integration, retrofit and modernizationservices are availableanywhere in the world:◆ Power system and motorstarting studies◆ Control integration◆ Engineered applicationspecificcontrols◆ Turnkey retrofit solutions◆ Project management forlarge scale modernizationinitiativesRegional supportWith production facilities,warehouses and technical servicecenters located all across NorthAmerica and beyond, Benshawis uniquely positioned to serveyour motor control andprotection needs.Dedicated, knowledgeabletechnicians are available toanswer your questions before,during and after the sale.Repairs, spare parts, fieldengineering, technical trainingservices—whenever and whereverneeded—are all part of ourcommitment.If you value 24/7 technicalsupport, on demand field servicecapability, convenient onlineordering and one- or two-dayground service shipping to anydestination on the continent,you’ll appreciate Benshaw’sregional support resources.By focusing our efforts on thedesign and production of highquality motor control productsand by exceeding your expectationsfor service and support, wehope to earn your confidence …and your continuing businessacross the full range of controlsand drives we manufacture.

Benshaw offers acomprehensive line ofadvanced motor controlsand drives …Pump panels …Benshaw pump panelsare all UL listed and areavailable as NEMAHP rated. NEMA 3R enclosuresmakes these panels ideal for awide range of heavy duty pumpingand irrigation applications,and all are backed by Benshaw’stwo-year factory warranty.Full voltagecontrols …Benshaw offers acomplete line ofcontactors, overloadrelays and full voltage starters.All units are UL listed, IECor NEMA rated, and backedby the industry’s only twoyearfactory warranty.Benshaw contactors havethe highest mechanical andelectrical operation ratings inthe industry and are designedwith user-friendly featuressuch as universal coils andextra auxiliary contacts.Contactors and overloadscan be packaged for anyelectro-mechanical application,including full voltage,wye-delta, reversing, partwinding and two speedapplications.Variable frequencydrives …Benshaw offers a widerange of standard andengineered variablefrequency drives from 1 to 700horsepower. Benshaw drives arerugged, reliable and easy touse, featuring intuitive menudriven programming and robustpower sections to support yourtoughest applications.In addition, Benshaw providesengineered solutions for anyvariable frequency drive application,including NEMA 12/4/3Rpackages, 18 pulse systems, twoand three contactor bypasses,custom control logic and anymodification you specify.Power factorcorrection units …Benshaw’s IPFusionpower factor correctionline combines presized,components in a compact,modular housing structure thatmates easily to your load—bothphysically and electrically.Each unit is engineered todeliver precise power factorcorrection, with plug-and-playconvenience. Units can bemanually or automaticallyengaged and may be remotelymonitored for status.

Low voltage solidstate starters …Benshaw is widelyrecognized as the worldleader in solid statestarter technology. Benshaw’slatest generation of intelligentlow voltage starters combine arugged, reliable power sectionwith the most advanced motorcontrol and protection featuresin the industry.◆ MX 2 - Single board designwith integrated motorprotection, communications,diagnostics, and highperformance motor control.◆ MX 3 - Multiple boardset with integrated motorprotection, communications,diagnostics, advanced motorcontrol, real time clock andadvanced motor controlalgorithms for the mostcomplex applications.Benshaw provides completeengineered low voltage packagesfrom 1 to 3,000 horsepower,120 to 600VAC.Medium voltagecontrols …Benshaw designed andmanufactured the firstproduction mediumvoltage solid state starter in 1988and today has over 4,000 unitsinstalled worldwide. As theglobal leader in 2300 to 15,000Vsolid state control, Benshaw haspioneered every major innovationin medium voltage powerelectronics.Benshaw medium voltagecontrols are fully integrated,programmable, NEMA Class E2,combination solid state starters.This UL listed design includescontrol and power electronics,bypass and isolation contactors,and a fusible load break switchto reduce maintenance andoperating costs compared toother starting methods.Benshaw engineers mediumvoltage starters and fully integratedcontrol lineups from 2,300to 15,000 volts, up to 60,000horsepower.Benshaw’s latestmotor control technologiessupport a wide range ofindustry standard networkcommunications protocols,including ModBus/RS485,Profibus, DeviceNet,Lon Works and webaddressableEthernet.

Serving your most demanding applications …Standard products …The Benshaw ExpressDirect Digital Warehouseprovides 24/7/365 accessto Benshaw’s extensiveinventory of products,parts, accessories andcomponents … withguaranteed same dayor next day shipmentavailable to any addressin North America.Benshaw offers an extensiveline of cost-effective standardcontrols and drives … serving abroad spectrum of industriesand applications:◆ Aggregate and mining◆ Oil production◆ Lumber◆ Metals◆ Agriculture◆ Power generation◆ Chemical processing◆ Food production◆ Paper manufacturing◆ Printing and packaging◆ Municipal fresh and wastewater treatment◆ TransportationBenshaw’s standard productsare stocked in warehouses acrossthe USA and Canada … ready forshipment around the world onvery short notice. In fact, moststandard products ship same dayor next day, and orderingcouldn’t be easier:◆ In the eastern USA call or faxPhone: 412-487-8235Fax: 412-487-4201◆ In the western USA call or faxPhone: 480-905-0601Fax: 480-905-0757◆ In Canada, call or faxPhone: 519-291-5112Fax: 519-291-2595www.BenshawExpress.comIf you prefer to order online, providesdirect digital access to ourcomplete inventory of standardcontrols, drives, spares andparts—24 hours a day, seven daysa week, 365 days a year.

With speed, precision and reliability …Custom-engineered products …When a standard productdoesn’t fit your requirements,Benshaw’s design and engineeringteams can help tailor asolution that does, no matterhow complex or demandingthe application.PREDATOR QuickShipBenshaw’s unique “build-toorder”capability is supported bya pre-engineered real-time engineeringdatabase, an automatedorder entry system, and anextensive inventory of controlcomponents, protective relays,circuit breakers, contactors,enclosures and other devices …all designed to ensure the quickestshipment of engineeredproducts in the industry.Control modifications◆ Over 250 modifications andaccessories are available fromBenshaw, including pilotdevices, PLCs, control powertransformers and switches,meters, relays, space heatersand protective devices.Combination starters◆ Circuit breakers◆ Non-fused disconnects◆ Fusible disconnectsBypass contactors◆ Integral or separate mountbypass contactors◆ Two or three contactor drivebypass packages◆ NEMA, IEC or DefinitePurpose ratedEnclosures◆ Standard designs - NEMA1, 12, 4, chassis◆ OEM/unit mount, customdesigns as specified◆ Special enclosures - 3R, 4X,7, 9 as specified◆ ABS/DNV approved formarine duty◆ Motor control centersCommunications modulesto match your network◆ ModBus RS232/485◆ Profibus◆ DeviceNet◆ Ethernet◆ Custom interfaces

ISO 9001 certified quality …Benshaw’s commitment to real-time quality assuranceand operational excellence delivers the shortest lead timein the motor control industry …Accuracy, repeatability andon-time performance are criticalfactors for our customers—andtop priorities at Benshaw.Benshaw’s commitment toquality is evident in every oneof the company’s state-of-the-artproduction facilities. It’s evidentin Benshaw’s implementationof an advanced, industry-leadingworkflow automation system …and it’s evident in the company’sISO 9001 certification for qualityassurance systems, productioncontrols and business processes.In fact, with product cycletimes that are the fastest in themotor control industry, warrantyincidents running well belowindustry averages, and a customerretention rate of well over 98%,Benshaw’s abilities for rapidinnovation, operational efficiencyand high-volume, high qualityproduction—on demand—aredemonstrated on a daily basis.Benshaw’s assembly teamsperform a preliminary qualityassurance inspection beforedelivery is made to functionaltest cells. Starter and drive assembliesundergo a variety of testingprocedures, including motoroperation testing, control circuittesting, wire pull testing, electricalperformance checks, mechanicalalignment inspection, torquemeasurement and user interface/pilot device functionality.All test processes meet orexceed ISO 9001 requirements,and all test results are documentedand archived for qualityverification.After assembly, Benshaw’sQuality Assurance Departmentinspects each control unit forcompliance to design documentsand sales order descriptions.Full QA inspections include areview of functional tests, anoverall workmanship assessment,cosmetic assessments, and atechnical review of each configuredproduct. QA inspectionreports are archived prior toshipment.

Turnkey retrofit solutions …From applications engineering, installation andcommissioning services to retrofits and large scalemodernization programs—Benshaw is your sourcefor custom engineered control solutions.Benshaw offers an extensivearray of custom engineering andproject management services,from power system studies todesign consultation, installationsand commissioning.With more than 1,000,000man-hours of accumulatedengineering experience andcomplete production capabilities,Benshaw delivers all of theconvenience and value you’dexpect from a comprehensivesingle-source solution.Whatever your control needs,Benshaw’s engineering teams canhelp you find a cost-effective,reliable solution.Retrofits and upgradesIndustrial applications specialistsat Benshaw are available tohelp you evaluate current andfuture control system requirementsand develop a soundstrategy for retrofit, upgrade orreplacement. And when you’reready to make a move, Benshawcan follow through with acomplete design, production,field installation and testingservice package.

With REGIONAL warehouses, manufacturing …Regional facilities combine the convenience of localservice and support with the economies-of-scale andefficiency of a large global organization.Benshaw has developed anextensive network of regionalmanufacturing facilities andtechnical support centers acrossNorth America … all linked viacentralized engineering andorder management systems.Our regional manufacturingand service capabilities ensurerapid delivery times, reducedshipping costs and on demandfield service when needed.Repairs are made by trained,experienced personnel, using thelatest diagnostic and test equipmentto service printed circuitboards, power electronic controlassemblies and electrical subassemblies.Regional field engineeringresourcesBenshaw can dispatch experiencedfield-engineering expertson short notice to help youaddress and solve your toughestmotor control and protectionchallenges.Regional/on-site technicaltraining capabilitiesBenshaw’s regional technicalsupport centers regularlyconduct classroom and handsontraining sessions for basicelectrical maintenance, electronicmaintenance and diagnostics,new product orientations andcustomized maintenance oroperations based systems.Regional warehousingfor critical parts, spares andcomponentsCritical parts, packaged assembliesand components are stockedand ready to ship from severalstrategically located warehousesat a moments notice.

… Applications support and field servicesPittsburgh, PABenshaw’s headquarters andOperations Center in Pittsburgh,PA provides customer service,research and development, sales,support, engineering, logisticsand administrative services.The Pittsburgh ManufacturingCenter contains over 100,000square feet of warehouse, manufacturingand test space.Listowel, OntarioBenshaw Canada serves theCanadian and internationalmarkets with product engineering,research and development,purchasing, manufacturing andtesting, sales, customer serviceand administrative support.Pueblo, COThe Pueblo facility is a state-ofthe-artmanufacturing operationand technical support center forthe mountain states. This facilityhas achieved six sigma performanceas measured by customerquality systems.Rochester Hills, MIBen-Tech Industrial Automationprovides industrialautomation and drive systemsworldwide, including: integratedcontrol panels, material handlingsystems, production controlsoftware, integrated driveassemblies and machinecontrol solutions.High Point, NCBenshaw’s High Point facilityis one of the leading engineeredpump control design and manufacturingcenters in NorthAmerica. This facility builds acomplete range of control productsand serves as a regionaldistribution and technical supportcenter for the southeast.Fort Smith, AROur Fort Smith facility is ahigh volume assembly operationfor custom controls and drives.Continuous flow, kanbanassembly lines are combined withBenshaw’s fully integrated,automated test equipmentto achieve record levels ofproductivity in the industry.An expansion is planned to adda regional distribution andtechnical support center atthis facility.Scottsdale, AZBenshaw’s Phoenix operationscenter supports customers inthe Western United States withcustomer service, sales support,and applications engineeringcapabilities.Mobile, ALBenshaw Mobile supportsboth OEM and industrialcustomers in the Gulf Coastregion. In addition to providingassembly, distribution andtechnical support capabilities,the Mobile facility has beendesignated as Benshaw’s Centerof Excellence for theMarine Industry.

World-class aftermarketservice andsupport—whenever andwherever needed…7x24○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○Benshaw providescomprehensive support,with web-based tools anddedicated, knowledgeablestaff available 7-days-aweek,24-hours-a-day toanswer your questions,dispatch a field servicetechnician or coordinate anemergency parts request.Repairs, spares, fieldengineering, retrofits andtraining services—wheneverand wherever needed—are all part of Benshaw’scommitment.www.BenshawExpress.comoffers a guaranteed two-houremergency response on manystarters and drives fromwarehouses around the country◆ 7x24 same day shipment.◆ Air or truck delivery.◆ Airport pick-up or door-todoorservice.7x24 Phone Support fromBenshaw operations centers inPittsburgh, Listowel (Canada),Detroit and Phoenix provides:◆ Technical assistance.◆ Overnight parts shipment.◆ Service dispatch.Benshaw, RediStart and Predator are trademarks of Benshaw, Inc.Training courses are availablein a classroom or a hands-onenvironment:◆ Basic electrical maintenance.◆ Electronic maintenance anddiagnostics.◆ New product orientations.◆ Customized systems(maintenance- or operationsbased).Regional/InternationalField Service by a skilledtechnician, engineer or completeteam, if needed, is available for:◆ Start-up commissioning.◆ Field repairs.◆ Field analysis/datacollection.◆ Preventive maintenance.Repairs are made by trained,experienced personnel, usingthe latest diagnostic and testequipment to service:◆ Printed circuit boards.◆ Power electronic controlassemblies.◆ Electrical sub-assemblies.Sales and ServiceUnited StatesPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaIndianapolis, IndianaSyracuse, New YorkBoston, MassachusettsCharlotte, North CarolinaBirmingham, AlabamaLos Angeles, CaliforniaDetroit, MichiganChicago, IllinoisPhoenix, ArizonaSeattle, WashingtonDenver, ColoradoHouston, TexasMobile, AlabamaPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaCanadaListowel, OntarioToronto, OntarioMontreal, QuebecCalgary, AlbertaBrazilEcuadorVenezuelaColumbiaPeruChileArgentinaChinaAustraliaPhilippinesKoreaSingaporeGermanyMexicoRussiaTurkeyEgyptSaudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesBahrainKuwaitBENSHAW Inc.1659 East Sutter RoadGlenshaw, PA 15116Phone: (412) 487-8235www.benshaw.comBENSHAW Canada550 Bright Street EListowel, Ontario NW4 3W3Phone: (519) 291-5112Ben-Tech IndustrialAutomation2904 Bond StreetRochester Hills, MI 48309Phone: (248) 299-7700BENSHAW High PointEPC Division645 McWay DriveHigh Point, NC 27263Phone: (336) 434-4445BENSHAW PuebloTrane Division1 Jetway CourtPueblo, CO 81001Phone: (719) 948-1405PUB 10-06 3M

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