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Read newsletter nr 2 in english

www.samot.kau.sesamot.kau.seNewsletter2/2010A VINN EXCELLENCE CENTER AT CTF, KARLSTAD UNIVERSITYFrom idea to research and real customer benefit – how to do it!What approach should we use in order to morequickly inform the industry of our research findings?How can researchers, consultants, and industryactors collaborate in order to developthe industry and achieve the goal of doublingpublic transport’s market share? These weretwo of the questions raised during the Samotseminar at the conference Persontrafik 2010.The conference Persontrafik 2010 (PassengerTransportation 2010) was held in Stockholm,Sweden, on October 26-28. The trade fairoffered inspiration for new ideas, meetings,contacts, and business.Samot researchers were there to meetthe industry and listen to thoughts and ideasconcerning public transport. Samot also helda seminar, a discussion about implementingresearch findings within the industry.– Getting researchers, consultants, andindustry actors to sit down together bringsthe opportunity to discuss how we want ourcollaboration to look and how we will jointlyremove obstacles and find possible paths ofdevelopment. How can the collaborationprocess between industry and research be developedin such a way that everyone can contributetowards the vision of public transportas a self-evident part of the journeys made bya sustainable society? In order for the industryto achieve the target of doubling the marketshare of public transport, the traveller musttake centre stage. “Our work is to support thedevelopment of service- and market-orientedpublic transport based on the customer’sneeds”, said Margareta Friman, Head of Samot.Anna Grönlund, SwedishBus and Coach Federation,opened the seminarby saying that the publictransport industry is facingmajor and positivechanges, and that there isa need for fresh and correctthinking, as well as findingnew collaboration formsto be able to cater for themarket.Lars Nordström,Gothenburg University,has lengthy experience ofchange work in the transportationsector as well astransportation research,both nationally and internationally.He said therehas to be a combined endeavourin Swedish research.He also said therehad to be patience; it takestime for research findingsto reach the industry. Heurged researchers and theindustry to enter into thepolitical debate and to participatemore in the publicdebate; this in order to giveresearch more attention. Inanswer to the question ofwhat is crucial in order to succeed in research,he said:– “Funding, close collaboration with theindustry, good long-term target formulations,Pictures from the Passenger Transportation 2010.Photo: Mikeal Johnson and Linda Fridberg.and the opportunity to present both researchand findings; find interesting areas that heightenmedia interest.”Evaluation of stage 2On November 22-23 2010, Stage 2 of Samot was evaluated by an international group ofexperts. This evaluation group will review both the content and the working methods,with the emphasis on the latter. Read more about the evalutation of Samot in our nextnewsletter or on our website during next year.Transportforum 2011Take the opportunity to meet the Samotresearchers at the Transport Forum onJanuary 12-13 2011 in Linköping, Sweden.For more information, visit >>

Professor Margareta Friman.Picture: Maria Obed.Visiting researcherPD Dr. Heiko Gebauer from the departmentof Innovation Research in Utility Sectors ofthe Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of AquaticScience and Technology), Switzerland, visitedSamot for a week in November. HeikoGebauer's research interests are broadly inthe fields of services in manufacturing companiesas well as in services in infrastructuresectors.Heiko Gebauer is currently collaboratingwith Bo Enquist and Mikael Johnson,from Samot, on research about value creationin public transit services, capabilities forvalue network formations in public transitservices, as well as, the role of social structuresin value creation. The research results arecontinuously presented at the various serviceresearch conferences (Frontiers in Services,QUIS or Servsig). Future activities are directedat sustainability issues and service innovationsin public transit services. Bo, Mikael,Professor in Service ResearchMargareta Friman has been promoted Professor of Service Researchat Karlstad University. She is also an Assistans Professor in Psychologyand the Head of Samot. Her research focuses on travellersatisfaction with public transport.– “When choosing research problems, I’ve been guided by aresearch tradition that focuses on people’s values; what I’ve seen asthe contribution of psychology towards other social sciences andthe will to influence developments in the transport sector”, saysMargareta Friman.and Heiko arecurrently in theprocess of finishingor revisingvarious manuscripts.In addition,they workon case studiesof the ZurichVerkehrsverbund,FreiburgRegional Trafic, PD Dr Heiko Gebaurer.the SBB (SwissFederal Railway Operator), as well as, onthe whole public transit service system inSwitzerland. In the collaboration with CTF,Heiko will be using the opportunity to workclosely with the Samot team. Together, theywill further develop existing manuscripts andcase studies towards their eventual publication.Member of international scientific councilNew brochureSamot has produced yet another brochureon the theme implementation; this timewith an international focus. Samot is partof a European collaboration in public transport– BEST. This collaboration providesresearchers with, among other things, opportunitiesto work with a database containingmultiyear measurements concerning publictransport in Barcelona, Manchester, Geneva,Oslo and six other cities in Europe.For more information, visit, where the brochure will beavailable shortly.SAMOT in thespotlightThe ICAP2010 conference, with 3,400 participants,took place in Melbourne, Australiain July 2010. From Samot, Margareta Frimanand Lars Eriksson took part. They presentedresearch about soft policy measures, i.e.using information and persuasion to gettravellers to change their travel behaviour,the significance of remembered satisfactionwith previous journeys, and factors leadingto travellers choosing public transport insteadof their cars.Read about the conference visitMargareta Friman, Head of Samot, has been elected as a member of the UITP AcademicNetwork Steering Board, an international scientific council. The council leads and developsUITP’s academic network. UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, is aninternational network for public transport operators and authorities. The network alsoincludes decision-makers, researchers, suppliers, and the industry.– “Implementing research findings in public transport is good for both the researcherand the practitioner and working together means that the practitioner will be able to makeuse of the latest research. This enables developed and relevant research themes”, says MargaretaFriman.In October, Samot was visited by representativesof the Gadjah Mada University and theTransport Ministry of Indonesia. The GadjahMada University is a very well-renownedstate university and Indonesia’s biggest.During this visit, the current collaborationin education was discussed, as well as futurecollaborations in research.SAMOT newsletterPublished twice a year.Legally responsible publisher:Margareta Friman; margareta.friman@kau.seEditor: Linda Fridberg; linda.fridberg@kau.seSome factsSAMOT, the Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group, is a VINN Excellence Center at KarlstadUniversity which conducts high-class public transport research. The centre was established in 2006 and isbeing financed by Vinnova over a ten-year period. Today, SAMOT has 30 or so active researchers and researchstudents. The Director of SAMOT is Margareta Friman. For more information, visit

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