The Old Kingdom
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The Old Kingdom

Chapter 4Section 2The Old Kingdom

Outcome 1: comprehend cultural factors in organizations.Outcome 2: strengthen interpersonal relations and discover and understand applicabledecision making theories and strategies.Outcome 3: gain insight of an agency policy development.Objective B: The student will have the ability to apply administrative techniques and strategiesto lead an organization and/or its units e.g. (financial, human resource, marketing, and legal).The student will:Outcome 1:Outcome 2:Outcome 3:apply basic accounting practices to support organizational success.utilize basic administrative skills in an organizational setting.demonstrate software packages to support unit/departmental needs.Goal 3: PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES – Demonstrate and practice professionalcompetencies needed for a career in administration.Objective A: The student will gain the knowledge and have the ability to demonstrate variouscompetencies in various profit and/or non-profit profession. The student will:Outcome 1:Outcome 2:Outcome 3:Outcome 4:comprehend professional and environmental ethics and practices.identify professional behaviors in the workplace.explain the roles of related professional associations.advocate multicultural diversity in the organizationObjective B: The student will communicate, design, and deliver presentations by using softwaretechnology. Therefore, the student will:Outcome 1:Outcome 2:Outcome 3:demonstrate intelligible verbal presentation and communication skills.validate enhanced written communication skills.substantiate proper technical writing skills (i.e. professional businessletters and emails.)Goal 4: CONCENTRATION OUTCOMES

The First 2 Kingdoms of EgyptUPPER EGYPT‣ Southern NileRiver Valley‣ High WhiteCrownLOWER EGYPT‣ North Delta‣ Shallow RedCrown

The Double Crown

Menes• Wore a double crown• “Lord of Upper & Lower Egypt”• “Wearer of Both Crowns”• “Lord of the Two Lands”• Capital: MEMPHIS – bordered UE/LE

Menes: Dynasty• DYNASTY: A family of rulers inwhich the right to rule passeson within the family• In more than 2,500 years ofAE(Menes – 300 BC) about 30Egyptian dynasties rose & fell

HOMEWORK• “Egyptian Homes Read” and write a 5-7sentence paragraph comparing ourhomes to Egyptian homes. Include adiscussion of climate in your response.• On the back, draw your home & identifyat least 5 things on it that are necessaryfor the climate in which we live.

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